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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Intensification of Volcanoes, Since Feast of Trumpets (Sept. 13th 2015)

January 2018 


Jan. 22nd          Alert level raised as Philippines’ most active volcano explodes

Jan. 22nd          Fiery Philippine volcano Mount Mayon forces thousands to evacuate

Jan. 23rd          Avalanche kills one in Japan ski resort after volcanic eruption 

February 2018

Feb. 20th          Volcanic blast reshaped summit of Indonesia's Mount Sinabung

March 2018

Mar. 6th           Japan’s 'James Bond' volcano erupts, prompting flight cancellations 

April 2018

Apr. 20th          Volcano in southern Japan erupts for 1st time in 250 years 

May 2018

May 3rd           Volcano Eruption Watch in Hawaii as Six Hundreds of Earthquakes Hit Island in Less 4 Days

May 4th            Nearly 1,500 Hawaii residents ordered to evacuate after volcano erupts

May 7th            ‘Go now,’ Hawaii residents warned as eruptions spread 

May 17th          Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts from its summit

May 19th          Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues to erupt as officials airlift residents to safety 

June 2018

Jun. 4th            Guatemala's Fuego volcano eruption kills dozens, injures hundreds 

Jun. 28th          Mt Agung volcano: Bali flights cancelled as volcano erupts

July 2018

Jul. 2nd            Bali's Mount Agung spews orange lava in fresh eruption