Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                                 Cultivate Compassion to Facilitate Healing


Cultivate a spirit of compassion to facilitate healing. This idea works for us in addressing our own maladies, as well as, for a friend whom we are assisting in the healing process. We are sentient beings and the electrical currents that permeate our environment do indeed affect our bodies on many levels. We affect one another by the electrical impulses that circulate around and through us. Every emotion, thought, and feeling generates energy. That energy affects us inwardly, and affects our environment outwardly.

            The spirit of compassion ignites an energy current that opens a conduit to facilitate the healing process. Thousands of years ago, one of the greatest Teachers of all time traveled across land and sea, moved by the spirit of compassion to heal others. Many trekked miles to receive a touch of His hand, or the breath of His mouth uttering the simple phrase: “your faith has made you whole.” It is recorded in the holy writings that Yahshua was moved by compassion. With this: He restored vision, healed skin diseases, removed unclean spirits, and even brought the dead back to life. Permit us to share two such stories, for they clearly illustrate the moving power of compassion.

            Yahshua traveled southwest into a city called Nain, and many of His disciples, along with others accompanied Him.   As He approached the gate of the city, the people were carrying a dead man out of the city.   The dead man was the only son of a widow, and many people wept as they walked with her.   When Yahshua saw her, He knew her circumstances and was moved with compassion, knowing that she was now without any immediate family. He said to her: "Do not weep." Then, as those who transported the bed with the dead man stood still, Yahshua stepped forward and touched it.   "Young man," He said, "to you I say: Wake up!" and the dead man sat up, and began to speak.   Then, He delivered him to his mother.


Notice in the preceding story, knowing the woman’s circumstances was not enough. The electrical current of compassion is what moved Yahshua to act. Let’s take a look at another story. In this next account we see a blind man named Bar Timaeus who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.


As Bar Timaeus was sitting by the road, he heard a great multitude pass by; the blind man asked what the noise was about.  He was told that Yahshua of Nazareth was passing by.  When he heard that it was because of Yahshua, he then began to cry out: "Yahshua! O Ruler, Son of David! Have mercy on me." Many in the crowd tried to keep him quiet, but he cried out all the more: "Son of David! Have mercy on me!" 

            Those in front of the group became agitated at the man’s persistence and rebuked him in an attempt to silence his voice; not being dissuaded, he cried out even more: "Have mercy on me, O Ruler, Son of David!" Hearing him, Yahshua stopped, and commanded that the beggar be brought to Him.  So they called the blind man, say: "Be of great comfort.  Rise up, He calls you." The man, laying aside his garment, rose up and was led toward Yahshua.  When he came near to Him, Yahshua spoke to Him saying: "What do you want Me to do for you?" The blind man replied: "My Ruler, Teacher, that I might receive my sight, let my eyes be opened."  So Yahshua, moved with compassion touched his eyes.  Then He said to him: "Go your way, and receive your sight, for your faith has made you whole and saved you," Then immediately his eyes received their sight, and he followed Yahshua on the way to Yersalem glorifying Yahweh.  When the people saw this they praised Yahweh.


In the preceding stories we saw examples of how Yahshua touched and changed lives in a profound way. We used the example of an icon like Yahshua, but in all actuality, we don’t have to look back thousands of years to see the art of compassion igniting a healing response. Any nurturing parent or guardian can attest to the fact that sometimes a sobbing child with a boo-boo really just needs a hug and a kiss, fueled by the spirit of compassion to make things “all better.” In this case, is it the feeling of compassion that the parent demonstrated, that made the child feel better, or the perception of the child that: all is well now, that made the difference? Many times, both play a part in the swift recovery of the little one.

            Let’s consider the power of prayer. We don’t have to belong to any one religion to tap into the power that a sincere prayer generates. Each religion may tout their unique doctrines and way of looking at things. Some may be more closely aligned with each other than others, but an important underlying thread that unites them is that the believers tend to look to something higher and purer than their base personalities to save them, and those they care about, from their woes. Sickness, in its many forms and faces, fits into the category of woes that we seek to pray away. Herein again, compassion seems to be the ingredient that turns the healing switch on. If we don’t much care for the guy who lives in the blue battered house at the end of the block, who always revs his car engine at three in the morning, when we learn that he has fallen ill with a serious case of diarrhea and vomiting, you may not be sparked with a spirit of compassion to reach out to him with a prayer and thought of healing. If on the other hand, we can reach beyond the personality with its likes and dislikes, we may just be in the right place to send forth healing energies to assist your neighbor. 

            We’re willing to bet that if anyone is reading this article they are more than familiar with the universal axiom: “love your neighbor as yourself.” This law is very powerful. It is worded in many ways by many different belief systems, but the energy it unleashes when practiced with a spirit of sincerity and truth is the same. If, with all the flaws that any one of us possesses at any given time, we still want others to have our well-being in mind, then it would serve us well to practice ways to become kinder and more compassionate beings toward others. This idea includes our environment and all the creatures upon it, (but we’ll save that discussion for another article). Compassion can be created in the space of “no ego.” An untamed ego finds it difficult to deeply care about the needs of others. It can play the game for a while, but when tested, it protects the separate self to the detriment of others. The compassionate soul has come to realize that the “other” comes from the same stuff that makes it up. That soul learns to want for others what it wants for the self. In realizing this universal principle, the compassionate soul doesn’t half-heartedly want the well-being for others. It can push forth a powerful prayer to resonate within the vibrational field of the neighbor needing the healing. Where two or three are gathered in the characteristics of Yahweh, there the spirit of His character is in their midst. When the compassionate soul meets in agreement with the neighbor, sister, brother, friend (you get the point) needing healing the spirit of Yahweh can enter. That Spirit is unity, that brings with it wholeness. The body now can regain its equilibrium and healing can begin.