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                                          2020 FORECAST

                                     THE INTENSE TRANSFORMATIONAL PERIOD CONTINUES


 As we continue to move through this transitional period the subtle setting up of a super world government is in the making. It will develop, however, it will not last very long. Before this government is set up the current political climate must first be clearly seen as ineffective and dysfunctional upon the Earth. For this reason we see a great increase in rebellion against the authorities globally. These are the symptoms of the Earth opening her mouth.  If we are paying attention we know that one government after another is losing control of their people. The people are waking up to the fact that the corruption in their governments is deep and their leaders are not interested in serving the people. Nations that are seeing civil unrest include, but are not limited to: 
Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chile, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Palestine, South Africa, Spain, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

The effects are bringing and will bring further changes to:

  • United Nations (UN)
  • The Paris Accord on Carbon Tax
  • The European Union (EU)
  • NATO 
  • The Queen’s Commonwealth 
  • The International Monetary Fund

As this time of transformation is being birthed into reality, it will first give way to the prelude of the greatest deception which will be an attempt to enslave humanity before the redemption of those who will be found ready.

In this deception we may very well see a global monitoring system that rewards or punishes according to the activities of a moral code that will be enacted by all governments. This will not be the moral code of the Creator, but it will be very close. With a few major, but subtle changes to the Creator’s laws that the overwhelming majority will not notice. Those who notice the difference and do not comply will be looked upon as indifferent and punished by this system.  This may very well lead to some not being able to buy or sell unless they comply. This arrangement is set to be piloted in China this year under the guise of the Social Credit System.

In China’s pilot system, each citizen is assigned 1,000 points and is consistently monitored and rated on how they behave. Behavior is planned to eventually be tracked on just about every level including: social media, smart appliances, facial recognition monitoring, RFID chip, biometric identifiers such as  fingerprints, facial patterns, and voice recognition to name a few. Points are earned through what they deem as good deeds, and lost for what they deem to be bad behavior. Users increase points by doing things like donating blood or money, praising the government (the image of the beast), and helping the poor. Rewards for such behavior can range from getting a promotion at work fast-tracked, to receiving priority status for children’s school admissions. In contrast, not visiting one’s aging parents regularly, spreading what they deem to be rumors (true or false) on the internet, and cheating in online games are considered antisocial behaviors. Punishments include public shaming, exclusion from booking flights, or train tickets, and restricted access to public services, which may very well amount to not being able to buy or sell.
Other nations have credit systems in place that have been subtly implemented and they will continue to strategically improve them as they monitor the test child, China.

Chile’s Directory of Commercial Information (DICOM) has been featured prominently in the economic life of the country. People who have poor DICOM scores find it harder to find housing, start new businesses, and get loans. Though not the intended usage of the system, many find it hard to secure jobs, since employers tend to check scores as a part of the selection process.

Germany’s universal credit rating system, Schufa, geolocation, and health records is used to determine access to credit and health insurance.

Russia will reportedly get a digital profile that will document personal successes and failures in less than a decade under the government’s comprehensive plans to digitize the economy.

The United Kingdom is using data from a citizen's credit score, phone usage, rent payment, etc. to filter job applications, determine access to social services, determine advertisements served, and more.

The United States has an increasing number of societal "privileges" related to transportation, accommodations, communications, and the rates we pay for services like insurance. They are either controlled by technology companies or affected by how we use technological services. We also see Silicon Valley's rules getting stricter for being allowed to use their services.

Venezuela started developing a smart-card ID system known as the "carnet de la patria", or "fatherland card", with the help of Chinese telecom company ZTE. The system also includes a database which stores details like birthdays, family information, employment and income, property owned, medical history, state benefits received, presence on social media, membership of a political party, and whether a person voted.

When this system is globally deployed, be on guard because there will likely be laws in place to deal with offenders. In the United States, President Trump’s Executive Order (EO) 13825, signed on March 1, 2018, cleared the way for the use of civilian courts and lawyers in military tribunals. The real reason for this order is that all U.S. civilians shall be subject to military justice whenever they decide to enforce the martial law enacted during the national emergency of 911, which is still in effect today. Presently the EO is seen to be fighting against corruption, but it will fall into the hands of others who may very well act contrary to what is being seen now.

This period of transformation will lead to the end of much delusion and deception especially in health, politics, and religion. The year of 2020 will be another intense year as we move into the great delusion, the great time of trouble, and the great awakening. During this period we are likely to see:

  • Great Economic stress and transformation
    • Market crash
    • Federal Reserve/IRS issues
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry
  • Extreme natural disasters (heat, cold, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes)
  • Further extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings
  • Scandals cause powerful individuals to leave office, some arrested, some die
  • More and more women step into powerful roles
  • New technologies in many areas, “cures” found to eradicate many diseases
  • Increase in crashes in travel (road, rail, sea and air)
  • Food shortages, before there is a so-called solution
  • An event that causes many to die

Freedom is on the way, but before we get there, an attempt to capture and control us will take place. Be On Guard!

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