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Loving Individuals Generating Healing Today:
Numerous works have explored the historical life of a man named Yahshua under the name "Jesus", considering his embodiment of the Spirit of YHWH ,his mission, his teaching, and the great works he performed among ancient people. The Life, Times, and Teachings of a Savior differs in that it not only chronicles historical and biblical events but also goes beyond, digging deeply into many of the esoteric meanings of events in those days and the relationship between Yahshua's teaching and his environment. It meshes the first four books of the New Testament into one unbroken story and blends it with selected writings from other holy books, such as the Upanishads and the Dhammapada. In doing so, the study seeks to reveal Yahshua the man and explain why the errors of humanity became his responsibility. Moreover, it links the man commonly known as the Messiah to who the Bible calls the first man -Adam- showing how Adam fell short of bringing light to a world hat became darkened and formless, while Yahshua fulfilled his mission, leaving an example for all to follow out of the darkened and formless world to an illuminated word of abundant life. The Life, Times, and Teachings of a Savior will no doubt magnify the teachings of the Bible, and shine light on prophesies, while unveiling man's purpose on the earth. Intended for anyone seeking truth in light -whether Christian or not- this study considers the life of Yahshua through a unique and spiritually expanded perspective.

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