Greetings Fellow Believer;

We are no doubt coming to the end of the age.  In Luke 21:7, the apostles asked Yahshua to tell them about the sign of His coming at the end of the age. His reply to them was this, “When you hear of wars and uprisings do not be frightened…..Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.”. He told them that believers would be persecuted by the state of unbelievers on account of his name. In Luke 21:28 Yahshua said: “when these things BEGIN to come to pass, THEN LOOK UP, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near.

Let us start with the matter of wars and rumors of wars, as well as nations and kingdoms rising up against the next. Almost every night the news programs shows us how one brother’s hand is turned against the next. Officers are brutalizing civilians that they are intended to protect and the civilians are reciprocating. Riots are taking place. School and church shootings are taking place. There is great tension between the U.S. and Russia. Turmoil abounds in the Arab world. China is not making friends with its neighbors, which rumor has it, may also lead to yet another crisis. The question left to be answered is this: Are we not at war with one another?

Earthquakes and other land altering natural disasters have been on the rise as well. On September 16th of 2015 residents in Chile experienced a magnitude 8.3 earthquake. On April 25th of 2015 Nepal experienced the worst earthquake to hit their nation in nearly a century, and felt the results well into the next month, due to the violent aftershocks. Parts of California are experiencing serious drought, earthquakes, and severe wildfires while other sections are being plagued with floods. Parts of the Midwest are drowning in torrential rains. Mother Earth is taking back what she has so graciously given us.

In the scriptural passage we referenced at the beginning of this letter it says that famines, and pestilences would be seen as we come to the end of the age. The major natural disasters that have been experienced have had a tremendous effect on the land and on those who live on it. Many crops are negatively affected and large amounts of livestock have been wiped out leading to a decline in farming productivity. Deadly diseases that we thought were a thing of the past, such as measles, polio, bubonic plague, and scarlet fever, are making a comeback all over the globe.

We were also warned that those who believed the message would be persecuted for the sake of righteousness. On September 8th, 2015 Clerk Davis was released from jail. Why was she put there in the first place? She read her bible that says, “If a male lies with a man as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination..”, and she decided that she was going to uphold that scriptural law. If we are a nation that totes around the locution we are all so familiar with, “In God We Trust”, why are we persecuting someone for taking steps to trust in that very deities law?  Clerk Davis is not the first to be oppressed because she upholds the law laid down by Yahweh, nor will she be the last.

Lastly, we would like to bring your attention to the scripture where Yahshua says “when these things BEGIN to come to pass, THEN LOOK UP, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near. When we physically look up, we see the stars (constellations), the moon, the sun, etc.  If we have been paying attention to the heavens we would have been seeing undeniable occurrences. During the years 2014 and 2015 there are four consecutive scheduled full lunar eclipses:  Passover, April 15 2014, Tabernacles, October 8 2014, Passover, April 04 2015 and Tabernacles, September 28 2015 (a super moon/moon appears closer). These are known as “Blood Moons” and when they are consecutive they are called a “Tetrad”. But wait, there is more. Jupiter and Venus came together in Leo at its brightest star, the King star of Leo, Regulus. This was the same sign that the wise men saw at Yahshua’s first coming. The sign is that says the King of Kings has risen and would be on the world scene soon.

It is a most critical time for every believer to prepare themselves, mentally, physically and spiritually to bring forth the proper fruits that will be acceptable to the King. LIGHT has been called to shine the magnified message into the hearts of the believers, to rouse them to wake up and become proactive in specific activities that will assist in making the way of Yahshua ready as midnight quickly approaches.

Please accept our enclosed bookmark as a gift to accompany you in your reading material. In addition, we would like to offer you a free copy of the brochure “A Peaceful Resolution for Building the Third Temple in Yerusalem”. We also published a book “The Life Times and Teachings of a Savior” that restores many of the teaching that has been lost for more than 1800 years, due to misinterpretation, mistranslation, misconceptions, to book burnings over the centuries and other attacks on the faith in an attempt to blot out of the minds of the people the ordained salvation of Yahweh. However the Spirit of Yahweh must and does prevail. The material that is offered in this book is not for just any reader, but for those who are truly seeking truth, light and clarity on the teachings of Yahshua.

During this most critical time the LIGHT of righteousness would rise to do its part in making the path straight for He whose coming will render true judgment to all of humanity, by focusing attention on the true teachings of the Savior that leads to true reverence of our Heavenly Father. As it is prophesied in the Book of Malachi 4:2: “But for you who reverence My (Yahweh’s) Name, the LIGHT of Righteousness will arise with healing (spiritual, mental and physical) in its wings and you will go out leaping like calves released from a stall”. You will go out leaping like calves released from a stall, because you will know the truth, and that truth will truly set you free from the captivity to joyfully serve Yahweh (John 8:32). It is also prophesied in the Book of Isaiah 6:1-3: “Arise, shine; for your LIGHT has come, and the glory of Yahweh has risen upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but Yahweh rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your LIGHT, and kings to the brightness of your dawn”. This could only happen in these last days as Yahshua’s coming is according to the energy of the evil one that cast darkness over the whole earth (II Thessalonians 2:8-9). You will not hear what is in this book from the average minister, nevertheless it is true and 100% backed up by the Holy Writ.

So join us today. Visit our website at, download your free brochure “A Peaceful Resolution for Building the Third Temple in Yerusalem”, and get your copy of “The Life Times and Teachings of a Savior”. This book is being sold for more than $22.00 on Amazon and other online book retailers, but you may have it for a $15.00 donation to our ministry today. If you have a ministry, please incorporate the teachings from these subjects to them. If you don’t have a ministry, you will have one now if you believe. Read the material and speak about it to your friends and family members. If they hear the words you speak, you would have won them, if they don’t, just move to someone else until you are received. It is Yahweh who calls, everyone else is His instrument for whatever purpose He chooses.


Peace be to you,


Shining LIGHT to a darkened world