Shining LIGHT to a darkened world

Diet:During this time eat only foods from the vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Meats (including fish), eggs, and any other dairy products are off limits. This diet does not lend much strength to the physical body, though if you're looking to shed some pounds this will definitely help. The point of this diet is to accentuate the energy that can be provided to our spiritual bodies. The higher the animal’s consciousness is will determine the amount of energy the body needs to digest it. The body will need to expend more energy to digest meats with more consciousness, such as beef. The body needs less energy to digest Chicken than to digest beef. These meats also have protein to build mass on the body. However, this challenge isn't about body-building, it's about spirit building, so save the meat for after the challenge. Daniyl set his mind to eat of the mineral and vegetable kingdoms for a time and was proved to be wiser than those who had indulged in meats (Daniel 1: 12, 15).