Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                                    2016 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE NOVEMBER 2016


                                                                                                            NOVEMBER 31, 2016

Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7 
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me".

As the year ends, it seems a bit unnerving that events we forecasted to come to pass at the beginning of January 2016, for the most part have been spot on. The startling accuracy has nothing to do with peering inside a crystal ball. It’s more a matter of paying attention to the world around us and searching scriptures to fit the puzzle pieces. The heavens do not leave us clueless as to why the earth is in a tailspin. For those who believe in the sacred writings of scripture, repeated warnings have been issued concerning the anguish of the earth because of waywardness. Of course, there are no guarantees that even those who do strive to live uprightly will not fall upon hard times. In all actuality, it is through the trials we face that we find the opportunity to grow. However, not all calamities are made from the same circumstances, nor experienced for the same reasons. If we suffer for doing the right thing our lives are working out for our spiritual development. If, on the other hand, we are suffering because somewhere in our life we have violated the universal principles of peace and love, then heaven is trying to get our attention to make the necessary changes in our life so we too can eventually experience bliss.
As we move close to the end of the proclaimed year of man we can look back to see that we have had quite a bit of problems this year so far. Taking a magnified viewpoint of what has befallen us in the earth and why it would be wise to consider that it’s simply time for us to enter into a new phase of existence. According to the Hebrew culture there is a civil year, or new cycle that, begins on Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement). This day began on the 11th of October at sunset in 2016, which also began the 10th day of Tishri, the 7th Hebrew moon (Leviticus 23:26). It is the most sacred of all days in the Jewish year and this year’s Yom Kippur began the Jubilee year. This is not just any Jubilee year it is the final Jubilee year of this age. Great changes are being set up in order to return many of us to an awareness that we lost many lifetimes ago. It is a heavenly command, that in the Year of Jubilee each child of YHWH shall return to his possession (Leviticus 25:8-13). Therefore, this final Jubilee begins a new era where many will find what is commonly called redemption. This will not happen overnight as we must enter into our possession through a period of great tribulation (Acts 14:22). That means that globally we are at the threshold of the greatest time of trouble of this age (Matthew 24:21). 
In previous updates we said that there was an unseen war being waged that was manifesting in the earth as great unrest in various areas of mankind’s activities. We stated that many powerful people would resign, and or disappear from the world scene because of this war. We have seen just that. Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the stepping down of many political leaders from office is only the symptoms of the dominos falling. We saw some of the latest dominos to fall in the resignations of Italian Prime Minister, Zealand Prime Minister John Key the stepping aside of French President Francois Holland, European Parliament President Martin Schulz, the defeat of Hillary Clinton and Nicolas Sarkozy and the impeachment of South Korean leader Park Geun-hye.
In our August and October updates we stated that Donald Trump was not in the presidential race to win as much as he was in it to help set up the kings of the east (Revelations 16:12) and expose certain criminal elements that have a strangle hold on the US Government, and are trying to control the world.  The kings of the east are mainly China and Russia. The king of the south in Daniel 11 is an ancient elite force that is behind the kings of the east. The king of the north in Daniel 11 is an ancient elite force that is behind the kings of the west. These opposing forces were destined to play a pivotal role in earth’s history even from Rebekah’s womb. We pointed out in our original forecast, that the kings of the east will rise and the US, which is of the west, will be sacrificed. While both of these forces are setting mankind up for the most troubling time of this age we can look to Daniel 11:44 to understand that reports from the east and from the north will trouble this very powerful and wealthy collective force (Daniel 11:43) that controls and uses others to invades sovereign nations (Daniel 11:40-41). Using Jerusalem as the focal point of prophecy, if we were to go north of Jerusalem we would end up in Moscow. If we go east from Jerusalem we would end up in the most populous city in the world, Shanghai, China. China also borders Russia just to the south. These are mainly the kings of the east and resistance from them will cause those who are secretly behind the global bullying of the west, who are collectively referred to as the King of the North (Daniel 11:40; Jeremiah 10:22), to strike the nations with a very hard destructive blow. 
These kings are being manipulated by invisible forces today to bring forth a very problematic time period that will usher in that great day of YHWH (Revelation 16:13-14). We are seeing disruptions in human activity on all levels around us as we enter into the jubilee year. We alerted our readers to expect disruptions in the election year that may even delay the US presidential elections or the inauguration. There were attempts to disrupt the cycle but Donald Trump was elected. However, expect the possibility of unprecedented disruptions, or a turn of events up until the time of inauguration that may even keep Trump out of the White House, as there is a super elite that is pulling the strings. The ground work is being laid. We are seeing attempts to recount votes, news about disparity in the popular vote, and reports that Russia interfered in the US elections. Additionally, we saw protests over the results of the election. There have even been reports of voting machine irregularities in some states and Electoral voters 'deluged' with death threats in multiple states. Much of the news is inaccurate, however when it is kept up with we are able to identify what the powerful are trying to put in the minds of the collective. Much of the media is set up in such a clever manner that if it is not watched you’re are uninformed and if it is watched the watcher is misinformed. This is more reason to remember that as we see the problems of this age intensify, it becomes crucial to seek to connect to our Source to balance, find inner peace and not to be led captive by the beastly machine. 
We’re not left clueless on how to connect to our Source. To love our fellow human as ourselves and to respect all life is to connect to our Source, everything else is commentary. 

In each update, we remind you – our readers, of the trouble areas that we said to pay close attention to when we first started compiling the 2016 Global Forecast.

We have said, and you have seen:

  • An election cycle that has certainly not been the norm, and is unlikely to become so
  • Increases in the amount of record natural disasters
  • Great scandals emerge that cause great men and women to step down
  • Great companies and nations of renown may topple 
  • Terror strikes in USA and other nations
  • The human population becoming increasingly angry
  • Increases in diseases
  • Disruptions in travel (sea, road, air and rail)
  • And Possible food shortages

We have not yet seen:

  • Escalating oil prices sometime this year
  • Global financial unrest

However, we believe that they are more likely than not in the very near future, barring heavenly intervention. We don’t claim to be prophets we simply take all the information that heaven has pointed our attention to and report on what we see accordingly.

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.” The following headlines give testimony to the devastation that has befallen our land and animals. Because we do not hear of these events on a nightly news basis, we are missing the signs that show us the end looms near. Not necessarily the end of our lives, but more like, the end of life as we experience it today. The end as we know it is not a bad thing, but for those who are not prepared it will be very bad indeed. (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                                      ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING AT RECORD PACE

Nov. 1st    Thousands of dead fish found in a dam in Ayala, Mexico
Nov. 1st    Massive die off of fish and birds along the Edward River system in New South Wales, Australia
Nov. 1st    Hundreds of water birds die along lake Michigan, America
Nov. 2nd    Thousands of dead fish found washed up along Brewster Flats in Massachusetts, America
Nov. 3rd    100,000 ducks to be killed due to avian flu in Kerala, India.
Nov. 3rd    Dozens of bighorn sheep dead after disease outbreak in National Bison Range, Montana, America
Nov. 3rd    2,500 dead sea birds found on a beach in Araucania, Chile
Nov. 3rd    55 TONS of dead fish have been removed from Longboat Key canals, Florida, America
Nov. 3rd    317 dead seals found washed up, reason unknown, along the coast of Dagestan, Russia
Nov. 8th    Hundreds of Puffin birds washing up dead, 'scientists alarmed' on Pribilof Islands, Alaska, America
Nov. 9th    Hundreds of dead fish washing up on beaches of Reunion Island
Nov. 11th    Masses of wild salmon turning up dead, 'a mystery', along the Cedar River in America
Nov. 12th    Tens of thousands of birds being killed due to avian flu outbreak throughout Europe
Nov. 12th    Hundreds of dead fish washing up along a lake in Chennai, India
Nov. 13th    70 GIANT stingrays found dead in Mae Klong River, 'scientists puzzled', in Thailand
Nov.14th    30,000 chickens culled in Germany after bird flu detected
Nov.14th    1,250 water birds found dead in Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Nov.14th    Massive die off of fish found in Shinnecock Canal, New York, America
Nov.14th    Hundreds of thousands of lobsters dead 'due to flooding' in Phu Yen Province, Vietnam
Nov. 15th    Anthrax kills over 150 wildebeest in Selela corridor, Tanzania 
Nov. 15th    40 tons of fish have died in Chiapas, Mexico
Nov. 16th    Dozens of fur seals washing dead or dying along bay shores in California, America
Nov. 16th    Starvation killed 80,000 reindeer after unusual Arctic rains cut off the animals’ food supply
Nov. 16th    Namibia loses 4,000 chickens to Newcastle disease
Nov. 17th    Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Matlacha, Florida, America
Nov. 18th    62,000 birds killed due to avian flu in central and southern South Korea
Nov. 20th    Large die off of fish found washed up in Chiclayo, Peru
Nov. 20th    Thousands of geese and chickens killed due to avian flu in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Nov. 21st    3 dolphins found dead in Merigomish, Nova Scotia, Canada
Nov. 21st    5,000 water birds found dead along lake Michigan, America
Nov. 22nd    283,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Tehran, Iran
Nov. 22nd    Thousands of dead fish found floating in the Malacca River in Malaysia
Nov. 23rd    Thousands of dead starfish found washed up on a beach in Portsmouth, England
Nov. 24th    Berlin, Germany Culls 16000 Turkeys After Detecting An Outbreak Of Bird Flu
Nov. 24th    Sweden Slaughters 200000 Hens After Bird Flu Detected
Nov. 26th    Thousands of dead fish are washing up, 'scientists puzzled', in Nova Scotia, Canada
Nov. 27th    190,000 ducks culled after bird flu found in Dutch farm in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
Nov. 27th    Mass die off of fish washes up along the coast of Khanh Hoa, Vietnam
Nov. 28th    Scientists chart a 400-mile zone of coral devastation at the Great Barrier Reef
Nov. 28th    South Korea Culls Thousands Of Ducks After Bird Flu Outbreaks
Nov. 28th    320,000 birds killed due to avian flu in North Japan
Nov. 28th    1 million lbs of dead fish wash up in Southamption, New York, Dead fish in New YorkAmerica
Nov. 29th    2,000 deer are dead due to disease in South Dakota, America
Nov. 30th    Thousands of 'strange jelly like' creatures washing ashore in California, America
Nov. 30th    300 blackbirds found dead, 'a mystery' in Stow Creek Township, New Jersey, America

                                                                   EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

One of the portents to end times is the shaking of the earth to and fro, and out of its place (Is. 13:13; 24:20). We have said that the end of the age was in 2012 and from that point we entered into a period of transformation that will lead us to a much better way of life. However, it comes after a time of trouble (Matthew 24:3, 21). Since that time, we have seen a new island emerged from the ocean offshore of the city of Gwadar, Pakistan, after a strong magnitude 7.7 earthquake shook the country on September 25, 2013. On February 25th 2014 we saw 5,000-year-old oak and pine trees emerge on a beach in Mid Wales after a severe storm. Last year a new one-mile island mysteriously appeared in the Pacific Ocean after a volcano exploded underwater. This month a New Zealand earthquake was so powerful that the sea floor lifted two meters and exploded through the sand. Things are happening at a more severe and frequent pace. Reading these headlines one might shake their head thinking: Wow! That’s a shame. What we may not realize is that there is more than the earth being shaken up when many of these earthquakes occur. People’s lives, emotions, nerves get more than a little jangled. The economy and infrastructure may get hit with a severe blow as well depending on the strength and location of the quake. In November 2016 the USGS recorded 7,775 earthquakes. Seven hundred, forty-eight were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following 40 did not make the mainstream news in November however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Nov.1st        Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits W of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea
Nov.1st        Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits WNW of Sola, Vanuatu
Nov.2nd    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits WSW of Nikol'skoye, Russia
Nov. 4th    Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits ESE of Curico, Chile
Nov. 7th    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits SSW of Tugu Hilir, Indonesia
Nov. 8th    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits WNW of Talcahuano, Chile
Nov. 9th    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits NNW of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea
Nov. 11th    Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits ENE of Ishinomaki, Japan
Nov. 12th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits South of the Fiji Islands
Nov. 13th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits E of Tinogasta, Argentina
Nov. 13th    Magnitude 7.8 earthquake hits NNE of Amberley, New Zealand
Nov. 13th    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits NW of Kaikoura, New Zealand
Nov. 13th    Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits NNW of Kaikoura, New Zealand
Nov. 13th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits SSE of Blenheim, New Zealand
Nov. 13th    Magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits NNW of Kaikoura, New Zealand
Nov. 13th    Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits N of Kaikoura, New Zealand
Nov. 13th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits N of Chilecito, Argentina
Nov. 14th    Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits WSW of Kaikoura, New Zealand
Nov. 14th    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits ENE of Kaikoura, New Zealand
Nov. 16th    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits ESE of Pangai, Tonga
Nov. 16th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits SSW of Kepanjen, Indonesia
Nov. 16th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits SE of Ndoi Island, Fiji
Nov. 17th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits NNW of Saumlaki, Indonesia
Nov. 18th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits NE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
Nov. 20th    Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits SSW of Zonda, Argentina
Nov. 21st    Japan's Fukushima region rocked by 6.9 magnitude earthquake
Nov. 22nd    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits ENE of Castlepoint, New Zealand
Nov. 23rd    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits W of Chichi-shima, Japan
Nov. 23rd    Magnitude 5.1 earthquake hits SE of Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska
Nov. 23rd    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits SE of Namie, Japan
Nov. 23rd    Magnitude 5.1 earthquake hits WSW of Chernabura Island, Alaska
Nov. 24th    Magnitude 5.2 earthquake hits SW of Hachijo-jima, Japan
Nov. 24th    Magnitude 5.2 earthquake hits S of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand
Nov. 24th    Magnitude 7.0 quake at sea shakes SSW of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador
Nov. 24th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits W of Nikol'skoye, Russia
Nov. 25th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits NE of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia
Nov. 25th    Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits ENE of Karakul, Tajikistan
Nov. 25th    USGS: 6.5 magnitude quake hits China's Xinjiang region
Nov. 29th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits N of Nuku`alofa, Tonga

                                                                            OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS

In addition to earthquakes – sinkholes, landslides, and deadly explosions have also increased by leaps and bounds since 2012 and have done their part to wreak havoc in the lives of many. In Deuteronomy 28 we see that if we, collectively, live in cooperation with the universal principles we are promised protection and a life well lived for cooperating to universal principles. This promise of protection is repeated many times throughout the book of Psalm. At this point in time, the only thing we can be sure of is: that heaven is proven true and every man a liar. Therefore, it behooves each of us to demonstrate and instill the teachings of peace that will afford our world safety and liberation from these dark times.

Nov. 1st    Colima volcano in Mexico has new lava dome growth, increased activity
Nov. 2nd    Ash tornado during strong eruption at Sinabung volcano again
Nov. 5th    At least 1 dead, 5 missing in Russia gas explosion
Nov. 5th    At least 20 Dead In Pakistani Shipbreaking Yard Blasts
Nov. 6th    Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica continue ash emissions
Nov. 6th    Mass causalities reported after Arizona apartment complex explosion
Nov. 8th    Giant sinkhole swallows Japan’s city street
Nov. 10th    Massive sinkhole leaves several families without homes
Nov. 11th    Sheveluch volcano exploded with ash plumes as high as 19,700 ft. with hot avalanches
Nov. 14th    Earthquake Followed by Landslides and Severe Weather Warnings in New Zealand
Nov. 15th    Landslide kills 4 in Indonesia
Nov. 16th    Deadly house explosion in Spencer Indiana
Nov. 16th    New Zealand's earthquake was so powerful the sea floor lifted two meters and exploded through the sand
Nov. 16th    Ash from Dukono volcano rose 7,000-10,000 ft. and drifted in multiple directions.
Nov. 16th    Explosions at Fuego volcano generated ash plumes 650-950 m above the crater rim
Nov. 16th    Ash plumes from Sangay volcano rose to an altitude of 20,000 ft. and drifted as far as 290 km SE
Nov. 16th    Ash plume from Nevado del Ruiz volcano rose to an altitude of 22,000 ft. and drifted NE.
Nov. 16th    Ash plumes from the Ulawun Volcano rose to altitudes of 9,000-10,000 ft. and drifted over 30 km SE, SW, and W
Nov. 16th    Explosions at Suwanosejima Volcano generated ash plumes that rose to an altitude over 4,000 ft. and drifted S.
Nov. 16th    Ash from Langila volcano in Papua New Guinea rose to 14,000 ft.
Nov. 16th    Ash from Kerinci volcano in Indonesia rose 14,000-15,000 ft. and drifted almost 30 km
Nov. 16th    Steam-and-ash plumes rose from Copahue volcano to 11,000-12,000 ft.
Nov. 16th    Explosion and ash plumes at Sabancaya volcano in Peru
Nov. 17th    Ash from Klyuchevskoy volcano rose to an altitude of 16,400 ft. drifted almost 60 km WNW.
Nov. 17th    Explosion at Ubinas volcano generated a plume of ash that rose 500 m above the crater rim and drifted W
Nov. 18th    Ash puff from Nevados de Chillán volcano was recorded by the webcam. The plume rose 1.2 km above the crater rim.
Nov. 20th    Huge sinkhole opens up on Algiers road: 5 cars swallowed, at least 11 people injured
Nov. 20th    Ash from Zhupanovsky volcano rose to altitudes 19,700-26,200 ft. and drifted 73 km E.
Nov. 20th    Ash plumes from Sinabung volcano rose to altitudes of 11,000-13,000 ft. and drifted E.
Nov. 20th    Ash plumes from Suwanosejima Volcano rose to an altitude of 6,000 ft. and drifted E.
Nov. 21st    Ash plumes rose as high as 4.5 km above the crater rim of Sabancaya Volcano
Nov. 22nd    Collapse at power plant kills 22 in East China’s Jiangxi province
Nov. 23rd    Copahue volcano diffused steam-and-ash plumes up 11,000-17,000 ft.
Nov. 24th    Giant sinkhole cluster discovered in China’s Shaanxi’s province
Nov. 28th    A large explosion seems to have occurred at Chirinkotan volcano in Northern Kuriles, Russia
Nov. 28th    GeoNet reported a small hydrothermal eruption in Lake Rotorua volcano on 28 November
Nov. 28th    Man found in Durham sinkhole was 'uncontrollably shaking
Nov. 28th    Insecticide factory explosion in Brazil injured at least 8
Nov. 28th    That Monster Sinkhole in Japan is sinking again
Nov. 30th    Popocatépetl volcano activity closes Poblano Airport in Mexico for ash cleaning

                                                                     NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES

Balance is coming to the earth. It has already started, but at this point there are forces that are being purged and they are putting up quite a resistance. When you think about it, we should live in harmony with our environment. When things are in balance we all learn to get along. Here’s the thing. After years and years of abusing our environment, ourselves, and one another, subtle changes take place that can drive our inner, as well as, outer environment out of whack. Sure we have always experienced earth changes, some of mega proportion. Now, however, we are seeing more natural disasters that are fueled by angry energy. Let’s take a look at the following headlines and keep in mind what has been reported on so far in this update: 

Nov. 2nd    President Issues Federal Disaster Declaration for September Floods in Iowa
Nov. 3rd    Further Floods Hit South Australia, More Evacuations in New South Wales, Australia
Nov. 3rd    Using Drones to Locate Displaced Landmines After 2014 Bosnia Floods
Nov. 6th    Canada's Windsor Floods Cause Over $100 Million in Insured Damage
Nov. 6th    Floods in Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Chihuahua Mexico Leave 2 Dead
Nov. 6th    Further Flooding in Central Provinces, Vietnam Leaves 2 Dead and Thousands of Homes Damaged
Nov. 7th    Death Toll Rises as Floods Affect 13 Provinces in Vietnam
Nov. 7th    Further Flooding in Central Provinces of Vietnam Leaves 2 Dead and Thousands of Homes Damaged
Nov. 7th    Further Flooding Leaves 10 Dead in Haiti
Nov. 8th    Floods and Landslides Affect Thousands in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand
Nov. 9th    Floods Force Hundreds to Evacuate Albania, Montenegre, and Serbia, 2 Dead in Albania
Nov. 10th    Floods Leave 1 Dead, 1 Missing in Saint Vincent
Nov. 10th    Deadly Flash Floods Hit Johannesburg, South Africa
Nov. 10th    Over 20,000 People Displaced by Floods in Dominican Republic
Nov. 10th    Gauteng Premier, S. Africa to Declare Disaster Following Floods, 6 Fatalities Confirmed
Nov. 11th    Using Drones to Assess Damage in Vanuatu After Cyclone Pam, 2015
Nov. 15th    18,000 Remain Displaced by Floods in Dominican Republic, National Emergency Declared
Nov. 15th    6,000 Displaced by Floods in West Java, Indonesia
Nov. 18th    Panama and Costa Rica – Floods Prompt Rescues and Evacuations
Nov. 20th    Floods in Licata, Sicily, After 160 mm of Rain in 3 Hours
Nov. 20th    NASA Analyzes Heavy Rainfall Over Hispaniola
Nov. 20th    First Winter Storm of the Year Kills Two, Causes Hundreds of Crashes
Nov. 21st    Nova Scotia Floods Caused Over $100 Million in Insured Damage
Nov. 21st    Further Flooding Reported After Heavy Rain in Wake of Storm Angus in UK
Nov. 21st    Evacuations After Storm Angus Brings Flooding to Parts of Wales and South West England
Nov. 22nd    237 flights affected by snow in capital of China’s Henan Province
Nov. 22nd    Hurricane Otto heads towards Central America, kills 3 in Panama
Nov. 22nd    Landslides and Floods Leave 5 Dead, 3 Missing in New Caledonia
Nov. 22nd    Further Flooding Reported After Heavy Rain in Wake of Storm Angus. UK
Nov. 23rd    1 Missing After Rivers Overflow in Piedmont, Italy
Nov. 24th    Hurricane Otto bears down on Central America unusually late in season
Nov. 25th    Hurricane Otto kills at least 9 in Costa Rica
Nov. 26th    Extreme Weather May Affect Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers Returning Home
Nov. 28th    Floods Ease in North, 2 Missing After Storm in Sicily
Nov. 28th    Severe Storms Hit the Midwest, South; Damage, Thousands Without Power in Mississippi
Nov. 29th    Floods in Central and Western Areas of Greece Leave 1 Dead
Nov. 29th    Odd pattern brings rare November tornadoes to Iowa, Nebraska
Nov. 29th    Tropical Cyclone Tokage Forces 12,400 to Evacuate in Philippines
Nov. 30th    Floods in Terengganu, Malaysia After 250 mm of Rain in 24 Hours
Nov. 30th    Alabama Tornado Slams Church and Daycare Center; Weather Kills 5

                                                                ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62: 
“If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolong disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
As you read this next section it will become painfully obvious that people are tormented by many fearful plagues and lingering illnesses. Diseases like Zika, Dengue fever and Cholera are on the rise. We were alerted that they would be increased at the end of the age. It is all part of a plan to herd the people into much greater dangers through fear. By no means are we saying that’s it’s all for fear and that one doesn’t have to be concerned about these monsters. With transportation systems connecting the world, we never know if the person who is standing next to us in Wal-Mart has recently returned from a trip to India, or Ghana hosting one of these deadly diseases within themselves. However, these diseases are among us that the word of heaven might be fulfilled. And if we return to our Source, even though we may die because of one of these diseases, we will live. The following headlines will help us to see that there are diseases rampant all around the world, many of which are genetically engineered viruses and bacteria from a lab:

Nov. 1st    Boy's death linked to polio-like 'mystery illness'
Nov. 1st    Dengue Claims Young Cricketer In UP Lucknow, India- Fresh Cases Continue To Surface
Nov. 1st    New England drought adds to calls for Farm Bill relief
Nov. 1st    Extensive flooding of Nile threatens Egyptian drinking water
Nov. 1st    Deadly Alabama pipeline explosion
Nov. 2nd    Children in WA State sick with Polio like illness
Nov. 2nd    President Issues Federal Disaster Declaration for September Floods in Iowa
Nov. 2nd    Dengue count soars to 2,855 in Mohali, India
Nov. 2nd    Cholera outbreak: 157 cases recorded in Cape Coast, Ghana
Nov. 2nd    China warns against travel to Maldives due to Zika epidemic
Nov. 2nd    Dengue Fever - Over 2600 Test Positive In Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Nov. 3rd    IOM reports 78 suspected cholera cases in Bentiu PoC, South Sudan
Nov. 3rd    Cholera threatens millions in Yemen
Nov. 4th    Only 1800 Dengue Cases Reported In Haryana, India
Nov. 4th    More than 1,700 dengue cases in Solomon Islands,700-dengue-cases-in-solomon-islands
Nov. 4th    IOM reports 70 suspected cholera cases in Unity State, South Sudan
Nov. 4th    Fresh cases of Japanese Encephalitis, Chikungunya detected, Tripura, India
Nov. 5th     India orders 3 day school shutdown due to smog
Nov. 5th    13 dengue deaths in Mumbai, India last month, 9 in MMR alone, India
Nov. 5th    Worst outbreak of chikungunya in past nine years in Rajasthan, India
Nov. 6th    Norovirus Suspected At Mexican Restaurant Chain In UK - 350-plus Sickened
Nov. 6th    2,000 dengue fever cases surfaced in Sindh this year
Nov. 6th    Over 200 cases of dengue reported in Damak, Nepal
Nov. 7th    Palau, Micronesia Records First Zika Case
Nov. 7th    81-year-old man dies from dengue in Singapore
Nov. 7th    From Kentucky to Florida, the Southeast Is On Fire
Nov. 8th    75 cholera cases confirmed in Yemen: Health Ministry
Nov. 8th    Dengue cases in Guwahati, India reach 3,442
Nov. 8th    Dengue fever claims 2 more lives in Islamabad, Pakistan
Nov. 9th    Tanzanian herders, hit by drought, trade firewood for food
Nov. 9th    An Outbreak Of Cholera Has Spread Nationwide in Yemen
Nov. 9th    2 Die Due To Dengue In Varanasi, India
Nov. 9th    Boy Dies Of Dengue in Jharsuguda, India
Nov. 10th    Rare bed bug re-emerges in Florida after 60 years
Nov. 10th    Dengue Cases Tops 3200 Figure In Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Nov. 11th    Dengue deaths in Negros Oriental, Philippines reach 31 - 4500 Cases Reported
Nov. 11th    109 more dengue cases surface in Sindh Province, Pakistan
Nov. 13th    Eight-year-old dies of dengue in Egmore, India
Nov. 13th    Melioidosis Fatality Confirmed In Peru
Nov. 14th    Patrons, staff at Washington homeless shelter sickened by norovirus
Nov. 14th    2016 will be the hottest year on record, UN says
Nov. 15th    27 wildfires remain in southeastern Kentucky
Nov. 15th    200 cholera cases recorded in Central Region, Ghana
Nov. 15th    Cholera outbreak hits Mwenezi, Zimbabwe
Nov. 15th    Another child succumbs to dengue in Bacolod, Philippines
Nov. 15th    Cookie dough recall over listeria now affects Cedar Crest ice cream, Weight Watchers dessert
Nov. 16th    Hundreds hospitalized in Southeast fires
Nov. 16th    33 wildfires burning in Southeast
Nov. 17th    193 Dengue cases detected in Aizawl, India
Nov. 17th    Rift Valley Fever kills 32 in Niger
Nov. 18th    Two dengue deaths in three days in Chitwan, Nepal
Nov. 18th    Over 2K more dengue cases recorded in Cebu
Nov. 19th    Sabra recalling hummus products over listeria concern
Nov. 19th    Woman dies of dengue in Pindi, Pakistan
Nov. 19th    Sweden raises alert levels as bird flu spreads to neighboring Denmark
Nov. 19th    Taiwan issues travel alert for Palau over Zika virus
Nov. 19th    Drought: 100 Million Trees Dead in Ca.
Nov. 21st    Bolivia declares state of emergency due to drought, water shortage
Nov. 21st    Cong worker who RaGa visited dies of dengue in Sahibabad, India
Nov. 21st    Cholera kills 44 people in South Sudan in six months
Nov. 22nd    Terekeka, Sudan leads death in new cholera cases
Nov. 23rd    Dengue fever kills 20 in Burkina Faso
Nov. 24th    China research shows drug resistant bacteria found in air pollution
Nov. 24th    Four-year-old Dies Of Dengue At ICH, Egmore, India
Nov. 24th    Meteor lights up skies in Venice, Florida
Nov. 25th    Over 1300 Dengue Cases At DMCH, Ludhiana, India Alone
Nov. 26th    Cape Coast, Ghana cholera outbreak toll increases
Nov. 28th    Dengue claims 26 lives in state, India
Nov. 28th    Puerto Rico Reports Nearly 500 New Zika Cases Amid Epidemic
Nov. 29th    More die of dengue fever inflammation, Pune, India
Nov. 29th    Haiti cholera cases up since Hurricane Matthew, 729,000 people vaccinated
Nov. 29th    65 Botulism Cases With 3 Fatalities Reported In Kyrgyzstan In 2016
Nov. 28th    14 counties in New Jersey remain under drought warning
Nov. 28th    Christie Could Soon Declare Statewide Drought Emergency
Nov. 30th    Ninth case of polio-like illness confirmed in Washington state

                                                                    SIGNS AND WONDERS OF THE TIMES 

In addition to natural disasters, extreme weather events, and debilitating diseases, there were also other signs of the times that paint a foreboding picture of the times that we are living. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Nov. 1st     Edible sensor allows doctors to track prescription
Nov. 4th    Paris climate change deal becomes international law
Nov. 4th    Kim Davis Legal Bill of $233K Sought by 3 Gay Couples
Nov. 7th    Tesco Bank halts web trades after 40,000 accounts hacked
Nov. 10th    November's Supermoon Is Closest Since 1948: 5 Surprising Facts
Nov. 10th    First center opens to receive refugees in Paris
Nov. 10th    Panic, anger and a scramble to stash cash amid India’s ‘black money’ squeeze
Nov. 11th    Two Russian banks say they were hit by cyber-attacks this week
Nov. 11th    Global Health Security Agenda’: Blackout On Executive Order Concerning Infectious Disease Threats
Nov. 12th    Computer Outages Briefly Grounds Flights
Nov. 14th    Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order To Advance Global Vaccinations
Nov. 14th    Depression on the rise among U.S. teens, especially girls
Nov. 14th    Supermoon elevates flooding in South Florida
Nov. 15th    Marrakech climate conference starts high level segment, with focus on Paris agreement
Nov. 16th    Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Global vaccination agenda,
Nov. 17th    War On Cash: Citibank To Stop Accepting Cash At Some Branches (moves toward cashless society)
Nov. 18th    UK passes bill which allows authorities to access people’s internet history
Nov. 18th    Residents File Class-Action Suit Over Man-Made Earthquakes
Nov. 18th    Scientists tweak plant genes to enhance photosynthesis
Nov. 20th    Japanese Self-Defense Force soldiers in South Sudan, wearing United Nations blue helmets
Nov. 22nd    Why is there a Humpback whale in the Hudson River?
Nov. 23rd    Secessionists formally launch quest for California's independence
Nov. 23rd    Navy: Personal data for more than 130,000 sailors hacked
Nov. 23rd    Cash Ban the Best Thing to Happen to Indian Digital Payments (moves toward cashless society)
Nov. 25th    Scientists Use Bacteria To Forge Silicon-Carbon Bonds
Nov. 29th    Power Outage at Raleigh–Durham International Airport, NC
Nov. 29th    All systems restored after major network outage at Auckland Airport, New Zealand
Nov. 29th    Dutch parliament votes to ban the burka on public transport and in public buildings
Nov. 30th    OPEC Agrees to Cut Production

                                                                            GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

Jeremiah 17:5:    
This is what YHWH says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from YHWH.”
As we stated at the beginning of this month’s update, we haven’t seen global financial unrest to the degree that we expected. To this point we can still see that something is happening, but the climax has not yet arrived. When it does it will be painful, but it will be for our learning and growth. We see a cash crisis in Venezuela and India and we will be seeing others. To get the attention of an unruly child a parent may have to direct their discipline where it will make a difference to the child. If Lola loves to paint but won’t clean up her toys from the living room floor, mom might take the paint brushes away until Lola or impose some kind of restriction until Lola – gets to cleaning. Adults generally are not that much different from children when it comes to discipline. Our heavenly teachers know that to get our attention so we will turn from our unruly ways, we too, sometimes need to have the things that matter to us taken away or restricted. Undoubtedly, money and economic resources are 2 of those things. So here we see that things are being shaken up a bit in the financial sector. We would do well to heed the warning and put more time, attention, and love into the things that really matter: loving your neighbor as yourself and loving YHWH with all your heart, soul, and might. Those ideals don’t crash, unlike the economic markets. Let’s look at the following warnings:
Nov. 2nd    Venezuela's Currency Disintegrates
Nov. 8th    Onondaga County NY - Approves 11 Layoffs 
Nov. 10th    New Jersey Moves to Take Control of Atlantic City to Stave off Bankruptcy
Nov. 11th    Rock Island County Contemplating Layoffs
Nov. 12th    $221,692,000,000: Fed. Taxes Set Record for October
Nov. 18th    Pennsylvania Labor / Industry Dept. to lay off up to 600
Nov. 24th    German economic growth falls by half to 0.2 in third quarter
Nov. 29th    City of Troy NY - 90 layoffs Possible
Nov. 30th    Surviving India's cash crisis

Nov. 1st    St. Louis Archdiocese are proposing to close two St. Louis Catholic schools
Nov. 1st    Career Point College files for bankruptcy
Nov. 3rd    Heritage College closing all 10 of its Campuses
Nov. 5th    Dayton Public Schools send out 77 Layoff Notices
Nov. 10th    Maplewood Schools Ohio - Considers closing Elementary School
Nov. 21st    County College of Morris will close its Morristown location at 30 Schuyler Place 
Nov. 22nd    Superintendent recommends closing 2 St Louis Public Schools
Nov. 23rd    San Juan College - Layoffs Possible 
Nov. 28th    2 Plattsburgh College NY - Some Layoffs Possible
Nov. 29th    Dowling College files for bankruptcy
Nov. 29th    Lincoln University - Layoffs Possible
Nov. 30th    Colorado Heights University closing
Nov. 30th    McCann School of Business and Technology closing in Dickson City

Nov. 1st    Cumberland Healthcare - up to 76 Layoffs Possible
Nov. 3rd    Humane Society of the United States to lay off 55
Nov. 3rd    CVS Health to lay off 600, including 250 in RI
Nov. 3rd    Brockton Hospital face 64 Possible Layoffs, closure of transitional care unit
Nov. 3rd    American Cancer Society is closing its Johnson City location TN
Nov. 7th    Central Iowa Family Planning Services is closing
Nov. 9th    Hallmark Health System of Medford Hess to lay off 57
Nov. 9th    PGXL Laboratories files for bankruptcy
Nov. 11th    Northside Medical Center Ohio Announces Layoffs
Nov. 11th    Sharon Regional Health System Announces Layoffs
Nov. 11th    Select Specialty Hospital plans to close its Fort Wayne operation
Nov. 14th    Easton Hospital - Furloughs . Hours Reduced
Nov. 15th    Gordonsville Pharmacy in VA
Nov. 21st    Brookdale to lay off 100
Nov. 23rd    Seton Healthcare Family hospital Texas to lay off 100+
Nov. 23rd    Ridgeway Place assisted living facility closing in Waterloo IA
Nov. 29th    St. Charles Health System Center for Women’s Health to close in Bend
Nov. 30th    Detroit Medical Center - Some Layoffs

Nov. 2nd    Suffolk County National Bank to lay off 76 in Riverhead
Nov. 3rd    SunTrust Bank closing its Chilhowie branch in January 2017
Nov. 8th    Friedman’s Loan Office Inc.  Closing in Richmond VA
Nov. 17th    Visa to lay off 213 at Foster City Campus
Nov. 17th    Citizens Bank Guyana Inc is closing its Charity, Essequibo Coast branch

Nov. 1st    Thomson Reuters to cut 2,000 jobs
Nov. 1st    Starwood Hotels to lay off 163 in Stamford by end of Year
Nov. 1st    Giant Eagle up to 350 Corp. Buyout Layoffs
Nov. 2nd    MassMutual to lay off 150
Nov. 3rd    VW - Board meets Friday to Discuss Cost Cuts,+deal+may+be+weeks+away/12201292.html 
Nov. 3rd    ING Group to lay off 7,000
Nov. 3rd    Frontier Communications to lay off 1,000
Nov. 3rd    Marvell Technology to lay off 900
Nov. 3rd    150 Layoffs Reported at Angie’s List
Nov. 3rd    Wall Street Journal - Layoffs Begins
Nov. 3rd    Office Depot to close 65 Stores in Q4
Nov. 3rd    Barnes & Noble to close Metro Pointe store in Costa Mesa
Nov. 4th    The Sears Store is closing in Corbin's Corner
Nov. 5th    Yelp to lay off 175 in Sales and Marketing
Nov. 7th    Ace Hardware is shutting its store in Bloomfield
Nov. 8th    Lord & Taylor closing downtown St. Louis office - 77 IT Jobs Lost
Nov. 9th    GM to lay off 800 in Lansing
Nov. 9th    eBay Inc. (India) to lay off entire product / technology team
Nov. 9th    GM Hess to lay off up to 2,000 due to Slowing Sales
Nov. 9th    The Super Target store closing in Indio CA.
Nov. 10th    Macy's closing downtown Portland Ore. Store
Nov. 10th    Hess to lay off 10% of workforce or 238
Nov. 11th    Comcast SportsNet Chicago to lay off 11+
Nov. 11th    Ethan Allen Interiors is closing its store at 512 Main Ave. in Norwalk, Conn
Nov. 11th    Duracell Battery packing plant in Cleveland TN will wind down operations by 2018
Nov. 11th    The Tyrone Square Sears store is closing
Nov. 12th    Kenneth Cole Productions closing 63 Outlet Stores over next 6 months
Nov. 13th    Kidde Hard-Wired Smoke/CO Alarms Recalled
Nov. 15th    Stride Rite closing shoe store at Pembroke Lakes Mall
Nov. 15th    Selway Corp. - Major Layoffs Coming
Nov. 15th    Boeing Inc to lay off 500
Nov. 15th    Boeing - Consolidating Several Facilities, Closing El Paso Facility
Nov. 15th    Mazda recalls 70,000 cars for fuel leaks that may cause fire
Nov. 16th    Farmers Insurance Group to lay off 103
Nov. 16th    The BP Whiting Refinery - up to 80 lay offs
Nov. 17th    AOL to lay off 500
Nov. 17th    Univision to lay off 200 to 250
Nov. 17th    First Solar to lay off 1,600
Nov. 18th    VW to cut up to 30,000 jobs worldwide
Nov. 18th    DuPont to end pension contributions, freeze benefit plans
Nov. 19th    Bloomberg LP to lay off 30 in US, Europe, Asia
Nov. 19th    Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Roseville to lay off 115
Nov. 19th    The Gap store at the Kenwood Towne Centre and Liberty Center
Nov. 21st    Intel - Layoffs in Wearable Business Dept.
Nov. 22nd    Retailer Pumpkin Patch (International) - closing all stores / 1600 Jobs Lost
Nov. 22nd    Staples is closing its Brownwood location Texas
Nov. 23rd    Beverage maker Nestle Professional closing Tampa office, eliminating 77 jobs
Nov. 23rd    Toyota recalling 744,000 minivans in U.S. for sliding door danger
Nov. 23rd    PotashCorp's Cory mine (International) to lay off 140
Nov. 26th    Aeropostale closing Melbourne mall store
Nov. 28th    Standard Chartered Plc (International) to lay off 10% of Staff
Nov. 29th    Airbus to lay off up to 1,100
Nov. 29th    Intel to lay off 84 in Santa Clara CA
Nov. 29th    RadioShack to close in Ruidoso NM
Nov. 29th    7 More Kmart Stores closing in Michigan
Nov. 29th    Amazon will be closing a book-making warehouse in North Charleston SC
Nov. 30th    GoPro to lay off 15% of Jobs = About 200
Nov. 30th    DreamWorks Animation Glendale Campus to lay off 170
Nov. 30th    Home Depot will close Pico Rivera store in two years
Nov. 30th    WNWO TV, NBC affiliate Station Will Have Some Layoffs

Nov. 2nd    DirectBuy files for bankruptcy
Nov. 2nd    Hellbender Brewery files for bankruptcy
Nov. 7th    Kre8 Media files for bankruptcy
Nov. 8th    Erickson Incorporated files for bankruptcy
Nov. 10th    Nasty Gal is expected to file for bankruptcy
Nov. 11th    Backwoods files for bankruptcy
Nov. 14th    American Apparel to file for bankruptcy
Nov. 16th    Spice Modern Steakhouse files for bankruptcy
Nov. 16th    PMC Services LLC files for bankruptcy
Nov. 20th    Transtar Holding Co. files for bankruptcy
Nov. 20th    Big Apple Circus files for bankruptcy
Nov. 28th    Excel Management Services Inc files for bankruptcy

Nov. 4th    Carnival Foods Grocer closing in Central Ohio
Nov. 7th    The Kroger close inside Shively's Southland Terrace Louisville
Nov. 7th    Noodles & Company - Considers closings some under-performing restaurants
Nov. 8th    The Smiling Bison closing Orlando Location FL
Nov. 8th    Kona Coffee and Cakes is closing in Twin Falls ID
Nov. 8th    Carnitas’ Snack Shack closing in San Diego Ca.
Nov. 10th    The Plumb's grocery store closing in Newaygo Michigan
Nov. 12th    The Barrel Family Restaurant in Spring Brook Twp. PA.
Nov. 13th    Mountain View Deli and Samurai Subs in Linden PA
Nov. 16th    Saffron Restaurant & Lounge is closing in Minneapolis
Nov. 16th    Ozumo restaurant closing in Oakland
Nov. 16th    Mrs. Green's Neighborhood Market is closing five of its northeast stores NYC, CT
Nov. 17th    Twang restaurant closing at 342 Rose Ave Macon GA
Nov. 17th    C Street Restaurant is closing in Carytown VA
Nov. 17th    Mrs. Green's Markets closing its stores in Tarrytown, Rye, Greenwich Village, Stamford and Fairfield
Nov. 17th    Vine & Dine is closing in Algiers Point 
Nov. 18th    The Hungry Cat restaurant on Chapala Street Santa Barbara CA
Nov. 19th    Santisi’s IGA Marketplace closing in Girard Ohio
Nov. 22nd    Cafe Helios closing in Raleigh NC
Nov. 22nd    Spudnuts Coffee Shop closing in Charlottesville VA
Nov. 22nd    The Shanty Café closing in Seattle WA
Nov. 22nd    Pizza Hut closing at 2160 Center Ave. in Bay City MI
Nov. 22nd    The Glory Days Grill restaurant closing in Woodbridge VA
Nov. 22nd    S&M Sausage & Meat closing in San Diego CA
Nov. 23rd    Buffalo Wild Wings closing at the Summit Sierra Mall in Reno Nevada
Nov. 23rd    Wild Wing Cafe closing downtown Charleston SC
Nov. 23rd    The Cape Cod Room Seafood Restaurant is closing at Drake Hotel Chicago IL
Nov. 23rd    Moo Cluck Moo, 8606 N. Telegraph Road closing in Dearborn Heights MI
Nov. 27th    Shoney's family restaurant closing at 7101 Staples Mill Road in Henrico Country VA
Nov. 28th    Doc’s Motorworks Bar & Grill is shuttering its South Congress location
Nov. 29th    The Orange Leaf frozen yogurt shop to close in Springboro Ohio
Nov. 30th    Reinhart Foodservice is closing its Jacksonville facility - 66 Jobs Lost
Nov. 30th    John's Grocery closing in Moravia NY
Nov. 30th    Mr. Chicken closing in Watkins Glen NY

Nov. 2nd    ESCO closing entire Portland main production facility in Oregon - 168 Jobs Lost
Nov. 3rd    Connect Transit Illinois delivers 150 Layoff Notices
Nov. 3rd    Rubicon Project to lay off 125
Nov. 4th    ArcBest Corp to eliminate 130 Positions
Nov. 5th    ADESA KAR Auction Services to lay off 133
Nov. 8th    WSP Global (Canada) to lay off 450 this year
Nov. 9th    Shaw Communications (International) to lay off 200 total
Nov. 11th    Saskatchewan Valley News (Canada) closing
Nov. 11th    Masonite Corp. Algoma Hardwoods to lay off 180 Jobs
Nov. 13th    Thai farmers struggle as rice prices drops to lowest in 14 months
Nov. 13th    Itron Inc. plans to close its Owenton Ky. plant - 400+ Layoffs
Nov. 15th    Richemont to lay off 250
Nov. 16th    Garco Building Systems is closing its Airway Heights factory - 112 Layoffs
Nov. 17th    Spa Sydell closing 3 Metro Atlanta Locations GA
Nov. 19th    Vantiv Inc. plans to close a call center in Louisville - 200 Layoffs
Nov. 21st    Trinity Lutheran Church in Appleton WI Closing
Nov. 22nd    Oil patch recession wipes out more than $4 billion in wages
Nov. 23rd    Yodle to lay off about 100
Nov. 28th    Gulf Marine Fabricators at Aransas Pass Facility to lay off 251
Nov. 30th    6 million have stopped paying their Car Loans
Nov. 30th    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review to lay off 106

                                                                                        GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

Social unrest is nothing new. Since the time when Cain murdered his brother Abel we have seen bloodshed, bullying, and brawls. It is important to understand that every action causes a reaction to ripple throughout the universe (Proverbs 26:2). It may take a while. We as individuals may not see the outcome, but rest assured there is one. Scripture tells us specifically that the outcome for bloodshed is a polluted land. Numbers 35:33 reads: You are not to pollute the land where you live, because blood pollutes the land…”
As we look at this month’s headlines we can clearly see a land that desperately needs to be cleansed of great pollution:

Nov. 4th    Indonesian Muslims protest against Jakarta’s Christian governor
Nov. 5th    One dead, several injured, as Muslims protest alleged insult to Islam in Indonesia
Nov. 9th    Protests Flare Against Donald Trump's Election
Nov. 9th    Thousands across US take to streets to protest against Trump’s victory
Nov. 11th    Police try to dispose anti-trump riots in Portland, Oregon, dozens arrested
Nov. 13th    Shooting of Black Man by Off-Duty White Police Officer Sparks Protests in Chicago
Nov. 16th    Brazil anti-government protesters occupy Congress, call for coup
Nov. 20th    167 injured as police used tear gas, water cannon at rally protesting controversial ND pipeline
Nov. 28th    Protest across India over withdrawal of large value banknotes
Nov. 29th    Dozens arrested across US in protest for $15/hr minimum wage
Nov. 30th    U.S. veterans to form human shield at Dakota pipeline protest

Nov. 4th    US intelligence officials warn of possible Al Qaeda attacks around Election Day in New York, Texas, and Virginia
Nov. 4th    Albania and Kosovo arrest 11 accused of plotting terrorist attacks and recruiting for ISIS
Nov. 5th    9 killed in car bomb blast at northern Nigeria checkpoint
Nov. 5th    Car Bomb Goes Off Near Parliament In Somali Capital: Police
Nov. 6th    39 killed, 40 wounded in triple bombings and gunfire attack in Iraqi province Salahudin
Nov. 6th    7 Iranians killed, 61 injured in two suicide bombings in Iraqi city of Samarra
Nov. 7th    At least 13 football fans killed in bar shooting in S. Sudan
Nov. 7th    Man stabs airport guard to death in Bangladesh, wounds several
Nov. 8th    Gunmen kill 30 gold miners in Northern Nigeria
Nov. 10th    Taliban car bomb hits German consulate in northern Afghanistan
Nov. 21st    Suicide bomber kills dozens at Shi'ite mosque in Kabul
Nov. 22nd    Package explosion injures Philadelphia man
Nov. 24th    More than 60 dead in ISIS terror attack south of Bagdad
Nov. 26th    Somalia bomb blast at Mogadishu market kills over 10 people
Nov. 28th    Attack in Ohio State University, 9 injured
Nov. 28th    Manila police detonate improvised bomb near US Embassy

Nov. 2nd    2 Police Officers Shot, Killed in Ambush Attacks in Iowa
Nov. 4th    2 New York police officers shot, 1 dead, 1 wounded
Nov. 7th    2 Georgia Sheriff's Deputies Shot Responding to Neighborhood Dispute, 1 Killed
Nov. 8th    Arizona police officer shot, killed; suspect on the loose
Nov. 10th    2 Police Officers Ambushed and Shot in Pennsylvania, 1 Killed
Nov. 18th    Deputy US marshal, fugitive killed in Georgia shootout
Nov. 20th    San Antonio police officer fatally shot while writing ticket; suspect at large
Nov. 20th    Gladstone police officer shot in traffic stop; 2nd Missouri officer shot
Nov. 20th    Police Officer Shot in Sanibel, Florida – 3rd Ambush Shooting Today
Nov. 21st    St. Louis police kill gunman who ambushed officer
Nov. 23th    Wayne State University police officer dies in shooting

Nov. 3rd    NATO confirms operation in Afghanistan that killed over 30 civilians
Nov. 4th    3 US military service members killed in Jordan shooting
Nov. 6th    Bangladesh police tighten security, arrest scores after Hindu attacks
Nov. 6th    2 Indian soldiers killed, 2 wounded in clashes between India and Pakistan in Kashmir
Nov. 6th    Montenegro blames Russian nationalists for trying to start coup
Nov. 7th    Israel Rejects Middle East Peace Conference in Paris

Nov. 1st    8 civilians killed and 9 wounded by Pakistan shelling in Kashmir
Nov. 2nd    Vandals paint 'Vote Trump' on black church in Mississippi
Nov. 6th    At least 6 children reported dead after shell hits kindergarten in northeastern Damascus, Syria
Nov. 7th    Person dead after being pushed onto NYC subway tracks
Nov. 7th    Thousands of civilians displaced in battle for Mosul, Iraq
Nov. 8th    1 dead, 3 injured in shooting near California polling station
Nov. 10th    The Latest: 2 critical, 3 satisfactory in Seattle shooting
Nov. 11th    Russia Prepares to Block LinkedIn After Court Ruling
Nov. 11th    After LinkedIn Ban, Russia Warns Facebook And Twitter
Nov. 13th    Israel moves forward with legislation that would ban mosques from using loudspeakers for calls to prayer
Nov. 13th    Myanmar: 28 killed in new violence in Rakhine state
Nov. 14th    37 shot in Chicago over weekend as 'enforcement teams' are deployed
Nov. 14th    FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims up 67 percent in 2015
Nov. 15th    21 aid workers abducted from UN compound in South Sudan
Nov. 15th    War in Yemen claims more than 10,000 lives
Nov. 15th    Oklahoma City Airport On Lockdown Following Shooting
Nov. 15th    Five students stabbed at Utah high school; teen in custody
Nov. 17th    1 killed several injured in shooting at child's birthday party in Tennessee
Nov. 18th    Increasing number of refugee fleeing Mosul, Iraq
Nov. 19th    Russian plane carrying delegation to summit intercepted by Swiss fighter jets
Nov. 20th    Clashes at Kashmir separatist funeral in Pulwama, India
Nov. 20th    Myanmar unrest: Eight killed in fighting in towns bordering China
Nov. 20th    China puts army on high alert in border area
Nov. 21st    Russia to deploy S-400 and Iskander missiles at west’s border in Baltic enclave Kaliningrad
Nov. 22nd    3 Indian soldiers killed along Kashmir’s line of control
Nov. 23th    Russian Defense Minister signs $3bn military contract during meeting in Beijing
Nov. 24th    Hong Kong seize Taiwan military vehicles bound for Singapore
Nov. 26th    Yemen’s Houthis fire ballistic missile at Saudi border military base
Nov. 26th    12 Egyptian soldiers confirmed dead after Sinai attack 
Nov. 27th    New Orleans French Quarter shooting leaves 1 dead, 9 injured
Nov. 28th    Israeli air force strikes ISIS-linked group in Syria
Nov. 28th    China urges caution as Japan considers THAAD anti-missile system
Nov. 29th    Kashmir clashes: Indian soldiers killed in Nagrota camp attack
Nov. 30th    Hate incidents in US rose sharply after Trump win

                                                         NATIONS ALERTED TO WATCH FOR SOCIAL UNREST

Since the beginning of publishing our forecasts we have drawn the reader’s attention to take a closer look at events in Turkey and Iran. The following headlines show that this trend continues with no hint of slowing down:

Nov. 4th    Terror probe, deadly car bomb rocks Turkey
Nov. 6th    Pro-Kurdish party to boycott Turkey parliament after MP arrest
Nov. 11th    More Violations And Dogfights As Turkish Fighter Jets Enter Greece’s Airspace
Nov. 21st    Russia to conduct observational flight over Turkey
Nov. 22nd    Turkey sacks 15,000 more public workers in coup investigation
Nov. 23rd    Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran will retaliate if U.S. violates nuclear deal
Nov. 29th    Iranian vessel points weapon at US military helicopter
Nov. 29th    Turkey announces start of military operation in Syria to oust President Assad

This past year Europe has also been a hot spot for more than its share of mayhem. Clashes with migrants, protests, and threats of imminent attacks have all been signs of the systemic issues that plague a planet devoid of following the universal laws of peace. The following headlines point to the peace that is being taken from Europe:

Nov. 1st    Russia A Threat To UK, Warns MI5 Chief
Nov. 15th    Greek police use tear gas, stun grenades to quell anti-Obama protesters in Athens
Nov. 22nd    Europe on alert after U.S. travel warning of possible attack
Nov. 22nd    Euro Parliament votes for EU army to operate where NATO won’t
Nov. 23rd    Migrants clash with police in Bulgarian refugee camp after attempts to seal it off
Nov. 23rd    Protesters gather in front of British Parliament Saying Brexit progress too slow
Nov. 23rd    US issue Europe travel alert after ISIS threatens attack on Disneyland Paris and Christmas markets
Nov. 25th    France arrest suspect planning imminent attack in Paris
Nov. 25th    Woman and child killed in Greece refugee camp prompting clashes with police
Nov. 27th    Bordeaux Airport in France Evacuated After Bomb Alert


Month by month powerful people in high places have been displaced by one means or another. Sadly, some of the leaders that we look to, to solve our issues have been the very ones who have caused them. History testifies that corruption has always existed among some of the elite. At this point in history the scandals that many have created in the dark are now being brought to light. Global organizations such as the UN, NATO, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, etc., which were created, and presented to the populous as well-intentioned campaigns, has been taken over. Some may wonder by whom.  They have been taken over by those who were anything but benevolent, by those whose ideal is to enslave the inhabitants of the earth, who steal control by starting wars to increase territorial influence. These evils are cloaked as a helping hand before the people of the earth (Matthew 7:15), however their time is up and YHWH is beginning to expose them for all to see (Is. 25:7). Many are now trying to hide behind the deployment of “fake news”, but it won’t work. Below we can get a glimpse of what is taking place globally and we will likely see that here:

Nov. 4th    Guilty verdict reached in NJ's 'Bridgegate' trial
Nov. 4th    South Korean prosecutors arrest 2 ex-presidential aids as scandal continues
Nov. 7th    Political calls mount for S. Korea’s President Park to leave ruling party
Nov. 10th    Twitter’s Chief Operating Officer to Step Down
Nov. 10th    Former 'Downton Abbey' congressman indicted for wire fraud
Nov. 11th    Former top official in China's Inner Mongolia sentenced to death
Nov. 15th    Russian economic development minister charged with bribery
Nov. 15th    West Virginia mayor resigns after response to racist Facebook post
Nov. 18th    Lisa Lynn Masters dead at 52 after apparent suicide
Nov. 21st    In Surprise Win, Fillon Defeats Sarkozy in French Primary
Nov. 21st    Former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar charged with sex abuse in Michigan
Nov. 23rd    South Korea prosecutors raid National Pension Service over Samsung C&T deal
Nov. 24th    South Korean investigators raid Lotte and SK offices
Nov. 24th    EU Parliament Chief steps down, setting stage for Angela Merkel challenge
Nov. 24th    Brazilian minister resigns amid corruption scandal implicating President Michael Temer
Nov. 25th    Possible impeachment charges against S. Korean president next month
Nov. 29th    Lapo Elkann, scion of powerful Agnelli family, charged with faking own kidnaping
Nov. 29th    Embattled South Korean president offers to step down

                                                                                    POLITICAL UNREST

The political climate this year has been one of turbulence and unrest all over the world. We saw impeachments and nation leaders resign from their post. In the US, a campaign election that certainly offered many unconventional twists and turns. The outcome left more than a few people with their mouths wide open. The fun isn’t over yet. Now we should probably brace ourselves for the aftermath. More will resign and in the US we have not yet reached the inauguration of the president. Let’s peek at what took place in November:

Nov. 2nd    Sen. Ron Johnson plans to impeach Clinton if she wins office
Nov. 2nd    Donald Trump Is Accused Of Raping A 13-Year-Old.
Nov. 3rd    FBI launches internal investigation after its long-dormant Twitter account randomly posts about a Bill Clinton presidential pardon
Nov. 3rd    Sources: FBI's Clinton Foundation investigation will 'likely lead to an indictment'
Nov. 5th    Donald Trump rushed off stage by Secret Service in Reno, Nevada
Nov. 5th    Democratic Presidential Elector Robert Satiacum Says He Won't Vote For Hillary Clinton
Nov. 8th    Voting machines changing ballots from Trump to Clinton
Nov. 8th    Voting Machine 'Irregularities" Reported in Utah, PA
Nov. 10th    Donald Trump could be called to testify in Trump University fraud trial
Nov. 15th    Russia begins ban Clinton cabal from Russia
Nov. 16th    Putin pulls Russia out of International Criminal Court
Nov. 17th    Electoral voters 'deluged' with death threats in multiple states
Nov. 26th    Clinton campaign to participate in Wisconsin vote recount
Nov. 26th    US president elect Trump says vote recount bids are a scam
Nov. 28th    Electoral College voter to resign rather than vote for Donald Trump

                                                                           DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

As transportation continues to be a source of concern we have seen an increase in devastating crashes including air crafts, buses, and trains. Not only are fires and mechanical issues troubling the friendly skies, but the unfriendly dispositions that we said would increase has been taken into the skies and have also caused disruptions in travel. See for yourself if you can discern that something out of the ordinary is happening:

Nov. 6th    Flames spew from Jetstar plane's engine forcing landing moments after take-off from Brisbane, Australia
Nov. 7th    Passengers evacuated from SMOKING plane on emergency slides in Colombia
Nov. 8th    Cessna forced to land at Eppley Airfield in Nebraska after smoke in the cabin
Nov. 8th    Fire crews investigating smoke in plane at Christchurch airport
Nov. 9th    Firefighters called to burning smell on aircraft at London's Heathrow Airport, UK
Nov. 11th    Plane Catches Fire, Forces Emergency Landing On Hwy 378 In Marion County, South Carolina
Nov. 15th    Commercial Alliance flight from Olympic Dam to Adelaide diverted to Whyalla for emergency landing, after detecting smoke and fumes, Australia
Nov. 23rd    Heathrow flight forced into emergency landing after FIRE breaks out onboard

Nov. 1st    Helicopter crashes in Moore County, NC due to mechanical problems
Nov. 1st    Plane lands at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, Georgia without landing gear
Nov. 1st    Emergency landing at Cessnock airport, Australia due to engine problem
Nov. 2nd    Saudi plane in Cairo airport landing drama, due to mechanical failure
Nov. 2nd    Private plane makes emergency landing due to engine problem at Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport, Virginia
Nov. 5th    Emergency landing by China Southern airline at Auckland International Airport after engines lost power
Nov. 6th    Small aircraft made emergency landing at Laredo International Airport due to mechanical issues.
Nov. 7th    Pristina-bound plane makes emergency landing in Belgrade due to engine malfunction
Nov. 8th    Air Force Chopper With 13 Police - Military Men Crashes In Palawan due to mechanical issue
Nov. 9th    Small Plane Emergency at Fort Lauderdale, Florida Executive Airport after landing gear issues
Nov. 10th    2 injured when airplane lost power and was forced to land on Soboba Reservation, California
Nov. 11th    Emergency landing at Auckland Airport, New Zealand due to engine issue
Nov. 12th    Eagle One makes emergency landing due to a malfunction at Camp Edison, California
Nov. 12th    Pilot hits SUV during failed engine emergency plane landing
Nov. 13th    Plane makes emergency landing off Alligator Alley, Florida after losing power
Nov. 14th    Afghan army helicopter makes emergency landing in Afghanistan's Ghor province due to technical issues
Nov. 14th    Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Natrona County International Airport after losing engine power
Nov. 15th    Afghan army helicopter makes emergency landing in Afghanistan's Logar province due to technical issues
Nov. 15th    Pilot Makes Emergency Landing Near From Melbourne, Australia Freeway after engine failure
Nov. 15th    Flight with 69 on board makes safe landing at Lindbergh Field after reporting a "system issue''
Nov. 16th    Plane makes emergency landing outside of Cairo, Nebraska after losing power
Nov. 16th    Plane makes emergency landing in Augusta, Kansas due to landing gear issues
Nov. 16th    Plane makes emergency landing in Pilbara, Australia after a mechanical failure
Nov. 17th    Plane crash lands at Santa Barbara Airport due to landing gear issues, California
Nov. 17th    Cargo jet makes emergency landing at Shannon, Ireland due to complete loss of cockpit instruments
Nov. 17th    Fire engines scrambled to Heathrow as a British Airways flight BA752 is forced to land due to a 'technical fault'
Nov. 18th    Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Fresno due to power issues
Nov. 19th    Qatar Airways flight from Miami to Doha makes emergency landing, due to mechanical problem
Nov. 20th    Army Black Hawk Forced To Land In South Salem Because of Mechanical Problems
Nov. 21st    United Flight makes emergency landing at S.A. airport, Texas due to maintenance issues
Nov. 22nd    Technical issue grounds Virgin Atlantic flight in Goose Bay, Canada
Nov. 22nd    WestJet flight bound for Terrace, lands safely after emergency due to landing gear
Nov. 23rd    Air-India flight makes emergency landing following technical glitch, India
Nov. 23rd    2 hurt in Bridgeport, Texas after plane lost power and crashed
Nov. 25th    North Sea helicopter in emergency landing at Sumburgh, Scotland after alarm triggered cockpit
Nov. 25th    Trini editor aboard, as plane makes emergency landing, Costa Rica due to electrical problem
Nov. 25th    Plane makes safe emergency landing at Prince George Airport, Canada due to landing gear related issue
Nov. 25th    Plane engine fail, makes emergency landing in Neshoba County, Mississippi
Nov. 25th    Llanberis helicopter emergency landing after warning light came on, UK
Nov. 26th    Solo student pilot makes emergency landing at Archerfield Airport, Australia due to landing gear problems
Nov. 26th    Edinburgh to Gdanksk Ryanair flight forced to return shortly after take-off due to autopilot issues 
Nov. 26th    Light plane crashes at Wangaratta Airport due to engine failure, pilot, passenger escape injury
Nov. 27th    Biman 777 flight carrying PM Hasina makes emergency landing at Turkmenistan due to problem with fuel pressure
Nov. 27th    Coast Guard helicopter makes emergency landing in Hawaii during rescue operation due to mechanical malfunction
Nov. 27th    Mid-air engine failure forces Las Vegas-bound plane to make emergency stop in New Mexico
Nov. 27th    Oil Rig Chopper Crashes Into Caspian Sea due to technical malfunction, Killing 5, Iran
Nov. 28th    Mid-air drama! Easyjet flight from Edinburgh to Hamburg lands in Newcastle after emergency declared on-board due to technical issue on-board
Nov. 29th    Avianca flight makes emergency landing due to ventilation system problems, Brazil
Nov. 29th    Flight heading to Dallas diverted to Kansas City International Airport, Missouri due to flap failure
Nov. 29th    Passengers Injured After Flight Hits Severe Turbulence, Australia

Nov. 1st    One dead, 5 injured in helicopter crash in Sochi, Russia
Nov. 2nd    Seminole County Florida sheriff's helicopter captures plane crash on camera
Nov. 4th    Scout plane crashes in southern Turkey
Nov. 4th    Man treated for injuries after small plane crash at airport, Kansas
Nov. 5th    Man killed in NSW plane crash in Australia
Nov. 8th    Small plane crashes off Kenney Hill Road, Rockville, CT
Nov. 9th    Plane crash lands in Putnam, Florida; FHP says they were told "no survivors"
Nov. 9th    Two killed in small sport plane crash in Czech Republic
Nov. 9th    Plane crash in Tweed Heads, Australia under investigation
Nov. 9th    2 men injured in small plane crash in central Florida
Nov. 9th    2 hurt in Flagler County, Florida plane crash
Nov. 10th    2 uninjured following Greene Co. NC plane crash
Nov. 10th    Two dead following plane crash in Greenwich Town, Jamaica
Nov. 10th    Small plane crashes at Blairstown Airport, New Jersey report says
Nov. 10th    Two Marine fighter jets collide in waters near San Diego
Nov. 11th    Helicopter Crashed on Managua Neighborhood in Naciones Unidas, Nicaragua
Nov. 12th    AST Airplane Crash Lands Shortly After Takeoff in Bethel
Nov. 13th    Female Chinese fighter pilot dies in crash, China
Nov. 14th    US officials: Russian fighter jet crashes near its aircraft carrier
Nov. 15th    Attorney Galiher, female passenger, killed in copter crash on Molokai, Hawaii
Nov. 17th    2 killed in Pike County, Georgia plane crash
Nov. 18th    Pilot found alive after helicopter crash in Queensland, Australia rainforest
Nov. 18th    Nevada Ambulance Plane Crash Kills 3 Crews And Patient
Nov. 18th    Small Plane Crashes In Moss Beach Near Half Moon Bay, California
Nov. 19th    Plane Bound From Maryland Found Downed In New Jersey Forest
Nov. 19th    PM helicopter crashes in West Zone of Rio, Brazil and four policemen die
Nov. 21st    Pilot dead in plane crash in Narromine, Australia
Nov. 22nd    Taiwan’s TransAsia Airways to close following 2 fatal accidents
Nov. 22nd    Plane crashes during takeoff at the Mercer County Airport, West Virginia
Nov. 22nd    Pilot dies in San Bernardino Co. California plane crash
Nov. 23rd    Pilot survives plane crash in Mpumalanga, S. Africa
Nov. 23rd    Presidential plane crashes in Makurdi, Nigeria
Nov. 24th    Indonesian army helicopter carrying four soldiers missing in Borneo
Nov. 25th    IV plane crash claims life of one person, California
Nov. 25th    Two pilots killed in tourist plane crash in French Alps
Nov. 28th    Two killed in helicopter crash in Crimea, Ukraine
Nov. 28th    Pilot killed as CF-18 crashes near Cold Lake, Canada
Nov. 29th    Brazil Chapecoense soccer team's plane crashes in Colombia; 75 dead
Nov. 29th    Top Afghan Army General Killed In Helicopter Crash
Nov. 30th    Army helicopter crashes near Sukna in West Bengal, 3 officers dead

Nov. 2nd    Man arrested at JIA Florida after whipping out genitals on flight, slapping crew members
Nov. 5th    Huge traveller brawl forces Ryanair to land in Italy
Nov. 20th    Plane forced to land at Manchester Airport after passengers block all toilets
Nov. 25th    Russian plane makes emergency landing in Iqaluit, Canada, because of unruly passenger
Nov. 29th    Woman jumps from taxiing airplane at Houston airport

Nov. 3rd    Emergency landing in Coweta County, Georgia
Nov. 12th    Small plane makes emergency landing near Taylor, Arizona, 2 people onboard
Nov. 21st    JetBlue flight headed to Richmond makes emergency landing in Charleston, South Carolina

Nov. 1st    6 dead after school and city bus collide in Baltimore
Nov. 2nd    Out of control school bus crashes into house in San Antonio
Nov. 9th    7 killed, more than 50 hurt in early morning London tram derailment 
Nov. 11th    Train derailment triggers evacuation in Minnesota
Nov. 20th    Desperate search for survivors after India train crash kills 120
Nov. 21st    At least six children killed, 23 hurt in Tennessee school bus crash
Nov. 25th    Train collision in northern Iran kills at least 44

With one month left in 2016 there is an important question we pose: what kind of tomorrow do we – as a race want to experience? Our thoughts and practices today will shape the future of the planet we all share. At this point we must wonder: how many tragedies will it take for humanity to finally realize that our selfish ways have devastated our home. It is time to awaken to the reality of One. When we stop promoting our own separate agendas, and live in a manner that promotes the well being of all, then we and our planet will finally heal.