Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


​                                         2016 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE DECEMBER 2016


                                                                                       DECEMBER 31, 2016
Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me."

Two thousand sixteen has come to an end. We have declared what we have seen in the headlines and shared this information with the readers of our report. This forecast was not created to ignite fear, nor was it created for us to be labeled as another wacky conspiracy theorist group. It was compiled because of a sense of duty. The entire teaching of the scriptures can be summed up as: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Clearly, anyone who has the inkling to want to preserve their life would want to be warned of danger. Whether the danger is ready to strike within the next 5 minutes, or if it is rolling around the corner ready to strike within the next couple of months we want to know. Danger is danger. Preparation will make the difference between how severely one may be impacted by the eminent danger that looms around our planet. If our readers who have followed this forecast have taken a spiritual inventory of what changes need to be made in order to draw closer to their only Source of life – YHWH – and have actually taken steps to make those changes – then we have succeeded. If our readers have begun making physical preparations for a rough road ahead, to ensure that they, and their families, will continue to have the necessities in life, then we have succeeded. If, instead of believing everything the powers that be want us to believe, our readers begin to question and search out the answers for themselves, then we have succeeded. The object was never to draw attention to ourselves. Additionally, it would never be our position, or intention to demonize any person, country, culture, or government. Part of our mission is to watch for world signs and events, and then, to point others to the sources so that each one can judge for themselves. 
So here it is, one final time for 2016 the trouble areas that we said to pay close attention to in our original 2016 Global Forecast from January 2016. We have said, and you have seen it come to pass:

  • An election cycle that has certainly not been the norm, and is unlikely to become so
  • Increases in the amount of record natural disasters
  • Great scandals emerge that cause great men and women to step down
  • Great companies and nations of renown may topple 
  • Terror strikes in USA and other nations
  • The human population becoming increasingly angry
  • Increases in diseases
  • Escalating oil prices sometime this year
  • Global financial unrest
  • And Possible food shortages 
  • And disruptions in travel (sea, road, air and rail)

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.” It seems a bit unfair that the animals suffer because of humanities’ unwillingness to observe universal principles. If we were in the practice of following the heavenly teachings things would be a lot different. For example: the land would get her well needed rest every 7 years in terms of agricultural practices, rather than being stripped and depleted of her vital strength. Today, we as a people have thrown natures dynamic out of balance through our selfish and inconsiderate activities, and all who dwell upon the earth and seas suffer because of it. Below we see one of the results of a selfish and inconsiderate generation. (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                                     ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 

Dec, 1st    Massive fish kill, 'state of calamity' declared on lake Buhi in Camarines Sur, Philippines
Dec, 1st    Thousands of dead fish continue to wash ashore, 'reason unknown' in Nova Scotia, Canada
Dec. 1st    About 2500 Wild Birds Found Dead from Bird Flu in Germany, Egypt, Ukraine, and Romania,

Dec. 4th    540,000 chickens killed due to avian flu in Niigata, Japan
Dec. 4th    Thousands of dead fish wash up, 'a mystery' on a beach in Cornwall, England
Dec. 5th    5,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in the Tarn Department, France
Dec. 5th    700 geese found dead, due to avian flu in Lubuskie Province, Poland,Outbreak-of-bird-flu-in-Poland
Dec. 5th    3.4 MILLION poultry killed due to avian flu in various areas of South Korea
Dec. 6th    Thousands of Birds Culled in France as Bird Flu Virus Spreads to Tunisia, Iran and Poland
Dec. 7th    Thousands of Montana snow geese die after landing in toxic, acidic mine pit in Montana, USA
Dec. 8th    Giraffes face extinction: Added 'vulnerable' list after population shrinks 40 percent
Dec. 8th    100 tons of fish have died in Lake Maninjau, Indonesia
Dec. 12th    Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Espirito Santo, Brazil
Dec. 12th    Dutch Destroy 63000 Hens In Response To Bird Flu Outbreak
Dec. 12th    More Than 8 Million Birds Culled In Fight Against Avian Flu, South Korea
Dec. 13th    9.8 million poultry killed due to avian flu in various areas of South Korea
Dec. 16th    Dozens of dead eels found washed ashore in a lake in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Dec. 16th    16 million poultry killed due to avian flu in various areas of South Korea
Dec. 16th    5,000 turkeys to be killed due to avian flu in Lincolnshire, England
Dec. 17th    200,000+ chickens to be killed due to avian flu in Hokkaido, Japan
Dec. 17th    Schools of dead herring are still washing up on beaches in Nova Scotia Canada
Dec. 18th    Bird flu found at 6th Dutch farm, 300,000 ducks and hens slaughtered so far, Netherlands
Dec. 19th    Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up again in Cornwall, England
Dec. 19th     About 30,000 turkeys and ducks were culled in Germany due to bird flu
Dec. 20th    Thousands of dead crayfish found floating down a river in Putaruru, New Zealand
Dec. 20th    Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach in Phuket, Thailand
Dec. 21st    Bird Flu Cull Soars to 20 Million Head of Poultry
Dec. 22nd    Massive die off of fish in a lake in Xiamen, China
Dec. 26th    Iran has killed hundreds of thousands of birds as avian flu spreads
Dec. 27th    55,000 chickens killed in China’s Xinjiang region after bird flu
Dec. 29th    13,500 turkeys culled after bird flu found on German farm
Dec. 29th    Nigerian state culls 9,000 birds to curb bird flu
Dec. 29th    Tens of thousands of dead starfish wash up on a beach in Callantsoog, Netherlands
Dec. 30th    60,000 lbs of dead fish found in reservoir in Poyang County, China
Dec. 30th    Hundreds of crabs wash up on a beach in Oaxaca, Mexico
Dec. 30th    15 dead turtles found washed up on South Padre Island, Texas, America
Dec. 31st    Thousands of sheep and hundreds of Llamas dead due to drought in Yunchara, Bolivia
Dec. 31st    15,000 birds to Be Culled in Bulgaria's Stara Zagora over Bird Flu epidemic


                                                      EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Imagine the crystal clean snow crunching crisply underneath your red rubber boots. All is calm. All is bright. All is bright – that is, until the ground begins to shake violently underneath your red rubber boots. Take your pick of places: New Zealand, Russia, Solomon Islands and Alaska. These places like others are examples of the scriptural prophecy of earthquakes happening in place after place. We have documented that strong earthquakes are increasing in magnitude and frequency today. Isaiah 13:13 informs the reader that because of Yahweh’s wrath, the earth will be shaken and tremble. Upon seeing this trend as we have published, it would be wise to consider how a natural disaster may affect us in the regions of our countries, neighborhoods of our cities and homes that we live in and prepare accordingly. In December 2016 the USGS recorded 9,118 earthquakes. Nine hundred seventy two were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following 51 did not make the mainstream news in December however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Dec. 1st    Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits NE of Huarichancara, Peru
Dec. 3rd    Magnitude 6.0 earthquake hits S of Shemya Island, Alaska
Dec. 3rd    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits SSW of Vaini, Tonga
Dec. 4th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits SE of Pondaguitan, Philippines
Dec. 5th    Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits NNE of Palue, Indonesia
Dec. 6th    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits SW of Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Dec. 6th    Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake hits SE of Sigli, Indonesia kills at least 97
Dec. 8th    6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes W of Ferndale, off California coast
Dec. 8th    Magnitude 7.8 quake hits Solomon Islands, region at risk of tsunami
Dec. 8th    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits SSE of Shihezi, China
Dec. 8th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits W of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 8th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits WSW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 8th    Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits WSW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 9th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits WSW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 9th    Magnitude 6.9 earthquake hits WSW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 9th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits SW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 9th    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits SW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 9th    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits W of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 10th    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 10th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits SW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 10th    Magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits WNW of Arawa, Papua New Guinea 
Dec. 11th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits Central East Pacific Rise
Dec. 14th    Magnitude 6.0 earthquake hits NNW of Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands
Dec. 14th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits NNW of Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands
Dec. 17th    7.9 earthquake strikes off Papua New Guinea; tsunami alert issued
Dec. 17th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits E of Taron, Papua New Guinea
Dec. 17th    Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits SE of Taron, Papua New Guinea
Dec. 18th    Magnitude 6.0 earthquake WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 18th    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits W of Panguna, Papua New Guinea
Dec. 18th    Magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits ESE of Ngulu, Micronesia
Dec. 18th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 18th    Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits S of Tarauaca, Brazil
Dec. 19th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits E of Namie, Japan
Dec. 19th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits WNW of Santa Monica, Philippines
Dec. 20th    Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 20th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 20th    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits SSW of Qiemo, China
Dec. 20th    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Dec. 20th    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits SE of Honiara, Solomon Islands
Dec. 21st    Magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits ENE of Dili, East Timor
Dec. 24th      Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits SE of Taron, Papua New Guinea
Dec. 24th      Second magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits SE of Taron, Papua New Guinea
Dec. 25th      Magnitude 7.7 earthquake hits SSW of Puerto Quellon, Chile
Dec. 25th      Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits SSW of Puerto Quellon, Chile
Dec. 27th      Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits W of Nereju, Romania
Dec. 28th      Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits WSW of Hawthorne, Nevada
Dec. 28th      Second magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits WSW of Hawthorne, Nevada
Dec. 28th      Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits SW of Hawthorne, Nevada
Dec. 28th      Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits NNE of Daigo, Japan
Dec. 29th    Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits S of Tolotangga, Indonesia
Dec. 30th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits ESE of Namie, Japan

                                                           OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS

Many see December as a festive time. Families and friends gather to enjoy special meals and each other’s company - stories, hot chocolate, and creamy eggnog. We have seen that many families had another experience during this time. For some families their houses have exploded from right underneath them. Clearly, earthquakes and Aunt Sherry’s belly shaking fruit cake were not the only hazards to watch out for. Gas explosions, volcanoes, and sinkholes are some other earth shaking events that have caused heart aches and damage in the lives of many. In December we saw:

Dec. 3rd    17 dead, many trapped in coal mine blast in Inner Mongolia region
Dec. 3rd    Building collapse kills 3 in eastern Chinese city of Jinan
Dec. 5th    2 Cars Submerged in San Antonio Sinkhole; 1 Man Rescued
Dec. 6th    Driver injured as school bus nearly plunges into Brooklyn sinkhole
Dec. 6th    70-Mile-Long Crack Opens Up in Anatarctica
Dec. 12th    Erosion causes dangerous sinkhole on cliff in Pacifica
Dec. 13th    More than 400 evacuated in China after cracks open up old mining land
Dec. 18th    20 feared dead in gold mine collapse accident in eastern DR Congo
Dec. 19th    Volcano erupts twice, spews ash, lava in Mexico
Dec. 20th     Mexico fireworks market blast kills dozens, hurts scores
Dec. 20th     Volcano eruption in Aleutian Islands sparks aviation alert
Dec. 22nd    Ohio Gas Explosion Latest in Series of Recent Gas Explosions
Dec. 24th    Volcanic ash advisory issued for Shiveluch volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
Dec. 25th    Sinkhole collapses house, forces evacuations, closes road in Detroit
Dec. 26th    Volcanic ash advisory issued for Klyuchevsky volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
Dec. 29th    Volcanic ash advisory issued for Bulusan volcano, Philippines
Dec. 29th    Volcanic ash advisory issued for Sabancaya volcano, Peru

                                                    NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES

The energy of water is somewhat paradoxical. We cannot live without it; sometimes though, lives are lost because of it. It is refreshing and can be useful in healing therapies such as hydrotherapy. Yet, when amassed it can ravage the land and everything that dwells upon it with its fury.  In the book of Matthew, one of the greatest teachers of all time had so aligned Himself with the omnipotent principles of the universe that He was able to control, and subdue winds and water. This very same Teacher told His students that those who followed the path would perform works even greater than that. Imagine that. If you believe the promise of the Word, powers to subdue the wind and water could rightly belong to you. What would you do with such power? Certainly, it could be used to save many that perish in floods and other natural weather disasters such as we’re about to look at. There are forces who have not followed the right path of loving their neighbor as themselves and who have amassed the secret to manipulate many elements. Through these technologies, and the natural process, we have seen the intensification in uncharacteristic patterns in nature. Here are a few cases:

Dec. 1st    Snow in paradise? Up to a foot of snow forecast in Hawaii
Dec. 1st    Floods in Cali Leave 6 Dead in Colombia
Dec. 1st    Houses Destroyed as Rains Trigger Floods and Landslides in eastern Caribbean
Dec. 2nd    More Frequent, More Intense and Longer-Lasting Storms Cause Heavier Spring Rain in Central US
Dec. 4th    Storm, tornado descends on Russia's Olympic city of Sochi
Dec. 5th    Last Winter’s UK Floods Among Most Extreme in a Century, Says Study
Dec. 5th    Record Rains Scuttle UK Floods Strategy
Dec. 5th    Floods in South Leave 11 Dead and 350,000 Affected, Thailand
Dec. 5th    Torrential Rain and Floods Leave 2 Dead in Spain
Dec. 5th    Deadly Floods Strike Central Region of Vietnam for Third Time in 8 Weeks
Dec. 6th    14 killed following 6 days of widespread floods in Thailand
Dec. 7th    Floods in North and Central Departments Bolivia Leave 4 Dead
Dec. 8th    Portland winter storm leaves 6,000 without power
Dec. 9th    Back to back winter storms slam U.S., blamed for multiple deaths
Dec. 9th    Flood Warnings Issued Across the Country of Zimbabwe
Dec. 11th    More than 1,340 Chicago flights canceled as winter blast rolls east
Dec. 12th    Cyclone Vardah hits south Indian coast killing at least four
Dec. 12th    Floods Wreak Havoc on Roads in Northern Parishes in Jamaica
Dec. 13th    10 Dead After Cyclone Vardah Hits Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, India
Dec. 13th    Cyclone Vardah overturn City Bus & Car
Dec. 14th    Hundreds Evacuated After Floods in Matabeleland North Province, Zimbabwe
Dec. 16th    3 killed as heavy rain floods thousands of houses in central Vietnam
Dec. 17th    First winter storm wreaks havoc across Baltimore region, with deadly 67-vehicle pileup on Interstate 95
Dec. 17th    Major storm lashes south-east Queensland
Dec. 19th    5 Dead After Floods and Landslide in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Dec. 19th    Hundreds Evacuate As Tropical Depression Causes Floods and Landslides in Fiji
Dec. 19th    NASA Finds a Lifetime of Heavy Rainfall From Tropical Cyclone Vardah
Dec. 19th    Floods in Samar, Philippines Leave One Dead, 50,000 Displaced
Dec. 20th    Deadly Floods in Valencia and Murcia, Spain After Days of Torrential Rain
Dec. 23rd    NASA Finds Heavy Rainfall Area Increasing in Tropical Cyclone Yvette
Dec. 23rd    NASA Spots Tropical Storm Nock-Ten Intensify
Dec. 24th    100,000 Evacuate Floods in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Dec. 25th    Over 6,000 Filipinos displaced by Typhoon Nock-Ten on Christmas day
Dec. 27th     Massive Storm Causes Waterfalls on Ayers Rock in Australia
Dec. 27th     7 missing after freak rains drench Australia's outback
Dec. 27th     Several Dead as Typhoon Nock-Ten Brings Strong Winds and Flooding, Philippines
Dec. 27th     Record Breaking Rain Causes Floods in Northern Territories, Australia
Dec. 28th    Floods in Santa Fe and Buenos Aires Force Hundreds to Evacuate, Argentina
Dec. 28th    Democratic Republic of the Congo – Floods in Boma Leave 50 Dead, Thousands Homeless
Dec. 29th    Huge winter storm barrels into northern New England
Dec. 30th    Heavy snowfall, deadly flash flooding hits hit Mersin Province, Turkey
Dec. 30th    Winter storm clobbers northern New England, knocks out power

                                              ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62: 
“If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolong disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
Not only did our Teacher, Yahshua command the wind and water, but He also healed the sick from their maladies. We posed the question: what would you do with power to calm the water? Likewise, imagine that you have so purified yourself that you are able to tap into the infinite powers of the universe. These powers would undoubtedly include the power to assist the earth, as well as, the human body to heal. In the next section we will see an array of illnesses that our neighbors are suffering from, some of which pronouncing the name alone is enough to make one sick. Diseases such as chikungunya, encephalitis, melioidosis, norovirus, and cholera are doing their part to damage the well-being of many. If cleansing our thoughts, words, and actions would bestow upon us the power to heal many from their afflictions, would we do the work? Would we want others to do the work for us? In December we see a snapshot of what our environment needs to be healed from:

Dec. 1st    First-person account inside the Gatlinburg fires: Apocalyptic wasteland
Dec. 1st    Princess Cruises to plead guilty to polluting ocean
Dec. 1st    Yemen: Number of Suspected Cholera Cases Increases amid War
Dec. 2nd    American Airline workers demand 'full recall' of uniforms that workers claim made them sick
Dec. 2nd    Mystery tree disease ravaging willows
Dec. 2nd    Cholera Outbreak Kills Four Children in Central Somalia
Dec. 2nd     Queensland weather: Heat wave begins for state’s central and southern regions, BOM warns
Dec. 2nd     Johnson Utilities' water in Pinal unsafe for infants
Dec. 3rd    Rising temperature causes melting of glaciers in Himalayas
Dec. 3rd    9 dead, 25 missing as fire rips through warehouse
Dec. 3rd    17 dead, many trapped in coal mine blast in Inner Mongolia region
Dec. 3rd    At least 9 dead, around dozens missing after blaze at nightclub in Oakland, California
Dec. 3rd    Ten-alarm fire raging in Cambridge engulfs eight buildings
Dec. 3rd    Building collapse kills 3 in eastern Chinese city of Jinan
Dec. 4th    20,000 stranded as heavy smog grounds flights at Chengdu airport
Dec. 4th    Brucellosis spreads, 22 heads of cattle, 5 humans affected, India
Dec. 4th    Brucellosis spreads, 22 heads of cattle, 5 humans affected, India
Dec. 4th    Yemen reports 82 cholera fatalities in recent outbreak
Dec. 5th    Bubonic Plague Kills 31 In Southern Madagascar
Dec. 5th    First Human Case Of Encephalitis In Arkansas Causes Teens Death
Dec. 5th    Outbreak Of Bird Flu In Poland,Outbreak-of-bird-flu-in-Poland
Dec. 5th    South Africa Reports Further ASF Outbreaks
Dec. 6th    Climate change could make extreme downpours 3X more likely, says study
Dec. 6th    Paris imposes vehicle restrictions to combat air pollution
Dec. 6th    France Raises Bird Flu Risk Level To High
Dec. 6th    Myanmar Dengue Case Tally Tops 8000
Dec. 6th    Dengue claims 23 lives in Bonkal, India; heath officials refuse to acknowledge deaths
Dec. 6th    Ahmedabad reports 74 dengue cases in one week
Dec. 6th    EU Bans Imports Of Ukrainian Poultry Due To Bird Flu
Dec. 6th    Avian Flu Outbreaks Hit More Farms in South Korea
Dec. 6th    Ukraine Reports Further ASF Outbreaks
Dec. 6th    Students sickened by gummy bears, hospitalized
Dec. 7th    1473 People Have Been Infected With Dengue In 5 Months in Kathmandu, Nepal
Dec. 7th    Bird flu warning across the UK, new rules issued
Dec. 7th    Baby teether study finds many contain potentially harmful chemicals
Dec. 7th    Extreme Downpours Could Increase Fivefold Across Parts of the US
Dec. 7th    U.S. tourist killed by lightning strike in Australia
Dec. 8th    20,000 passengers stranded at Chengdu airport, China, due to smog
Dec. 8th    Fresh cholera outbreak hits Tana River, two reported dead, Kenya
Dec. 8th    Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey under quarantine on suspicion of swine flu
Dec. 9th    Fukushima radiation has reached US shores
Dec. 12th    Surge in methane threatens climate targets, scientists say
Dec. 12th    Cholera death toll rises to four in Tana River, Kenya
Dec. 12th    Dengue Cases In Dimapur, Iraq Rise To 134
Dec. 13th    24 Dengue Deaths Recorded In South Cotabato, Philippines
Dec. 13th    Norovirus outbreak at Gifford Middle School
Dec. 14th    Widespread outbreak of norovirus closes Centennial school
Dec. 14th    Schmallenberg Virus Reported In Wales And West Of England
Dec. 15th    Top stories of 2016: Mystery illness in kids, including 1 Whatcom child, stirred up fear in parents
Dec. 15th    Rare bird flu strain infects 45 cats in single Manhattan shelter and may have spread to recently adopted felines
Dec. 15th    Norovirus outbreak prompts school closure
Dec. 15th    Medical experts say largest outbreak of mumps in 10 years
Dec. 15th    Corpus Christi Turns to Emergency Bottles After Chemical Taints Water Supply
Dec. 15th    MTS cell tower catches fire at Winnipeg airport
Dec. 15th    Fire At Ibis Budget Hotel at Auckland Airport
Dec. 16th    Fire Breaks Out At Hong Kong International Airport Lounge
Dec. 17th    24 cities in N China remains on red alert due to dangerous smog
Dec. 17th    Doctors puzzled by unknown viral disease in Karachi, Pakistan
Dec. 17th    Sanaa, Yemen Cholera Outbreak Tops 10,000
Dec. 17th    Doctors Still Confused By Child Cases of Polio-Like Virus
Dec. 18th    Czech paper mill burns down, one seriously injured
Dec. 18th    Lightning kills 2 children in central Tanzania
Dec. 19th    Mysterious disease affects 30,000 people in Karachi, Pakistan
Dec. 19th    China chokes under heavy smog with worsening conditions ahead
Dec. 20th    Viera Charter Closing Early Due To Norovirus Outbreak
Dec. 20th    Norovirus outbreak closes 3 Denver schools
Dec. 20th    Dangerous smog returns to N. China, 8 cities on highest alert shut factories, stop cars
Dec. 20th    Chilling temperatures leave birds froze to a rail in Chelyabinsk
Dec. 21st    2016 on track to be the hottest year on record
Dec. 21st     Mexico fireworks market explosion leaves 35 dead
Dec. 21st    First swine flu death in Kashmir, India
Dec. 21st    Dengue kills 4-year-old, Bacolod City, Philippines
Dec. 21st    Many More Bird Flu Outbreaks Reported Around Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, Serbia and Montenegro
Dec. 22nd    145 cases reported in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Dec. 22nd    Ohio Gas Explosion Latest in Series of Recent Gas Explosions
Dec. 22nd    Catastrophic fire engulfs 140 buildings in Japan
Dec. 22nd    New York Veterinarian Catches Rare Form of Bird Flu From a Sick Cat
Dec. 22nd    Lurking on Facebook can make you miserable, study shows
Dec. 24th    100 more patients diagnosed with Chikungunya virus in Karachi
Dec. 25th    Cholera outbreak kills seven in Dodoma, Tanzania
Dec. 26th    Patient Dies from AH1N1 Influenza in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka
Dec. 26th    Dengue kills 2 from Narhe, Mundhwa, India
Dec. 27th    Brucellosis found in humans in Karnataka, India
Dec. 29th    Bill Gates: World 'vulnerable' to deadly epidemic in next decade
Dec. 29th    After Delhi and Paris, Madrid imposes restrictions on car usage in bid to address rising air pollution
Dec. 30th    Fire forces two-hour shut down at Khartoum airport, Sudan
Dec. 31st    Cholera outbreak kills three in Tanganyika, western Tanzania

                                                      SIGNS AND WONDERS OF THE TIMES 

The following section highlights other signs of the times that many will not pay attention to. However, some of these wonders will soon be changing our way of life. In the near future we will see a rise in sea levels and an increase in meteors passing, exploding in, and hitting the earth. It is true that scripture says no one knows the exact day, or hour, of the coming of Messiah. Another thing the overwhelming majority of us do not know is the exact day, or hour of our very own death. While there is still breath animating our body, searching to fulfill the will of our Father in heaven would be a most important undertaking. After all, you never know when something like the following signs and wonders we are about to read may affect your very life. 

Dec. 3rd    Rising temperature causes melting of glaciers in Himalayas
Dec. 6th    Meteor explodes over Siberian city, turning night into day
Dec. 6th    London City Airport cancels half of all flights as the capital wakes up shrouded in thick fog
Dec. 9th    Fog strands air passengers in Xinjiang Region and Jiangxi Province, China
Dec. 13th    Uber has been spying on users and lying about it for years
Dec. 13th    Hottest Arctic year on record triggers massive ice melt
Dec. 15th    Facebook unveils new plan to try to curb fake news
Dec. 18th     US plan to put state-sponsored media under full federal control
Dec. 18th    Germany to fine Facebook for 500,000 euros for each fake post
Dec. 21st    2016 on track to be the hottest year on record
Dec. 22nd    China forms standby UN peacekeeping police force for use abroad
Dec. 22nd    Lurking on Facebook can make you miserable, study shows
Dec. 23rd    Russian Deputy PM's plane makes unscheduled landing in Budapest, Hungary, due to heavy fog
Dec. 30th    Obama unleashes 3,853 regulations, 18 for every law, record 97,110 pages of red tape costing billions

                                                            GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

Jeremiah 17:5:    
This is what YHWH says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from YHWH.”
History has seen its share of currency changes. The one currency that remains constant is the fruits of the spirit. Putting our trust in the riches of men is like building a house on the sand. All it takes is one big wave and the whole thing comes crashing down along with your hopes and dreams. Developing the fruits of Yahweh’s Holy Spirit guides us safely to a life of peace and true prosperity even during troublous times. A high paying job on Wall Street can’t grant peace and security. When the wave of economic instability hits and that high paying job is snatched away, if the heart and soul have not been aligned with the principles of peace – peace of mind is washed away with it. We believe that very soon we will see more nations in economic turmoil. Afterwards all the problems being created will be put in place to deceive the people into trusting in a government that is soon to be revealed. Below we see the bite of an economy that is being presented to us as working, but that is truly failing:

Dec. 3rd    Peoria County Ill - 40 to 50 Layoffs possible
Dec. 3rd    Venezuela to Issue Bigger Notes 'Very Soon' as Inflation Surges
Dec. 6th    Zimbabwean President Mugabe appeals for calm amid economic crisis
Dec. 8th    Fort Wayne Indiana WP TA - Some Layoffs
Dec. 9th    Garfield County Library District to layoff 8
Dec. 15th     United Services, Inc Newark City Hall to lay off 41
Dec. 16th    MBTA to lay off 100
Dec. 20th    520 Pennsylvania Jobless Center Workers Lose Jobs?
Dec. 21st    Italy approves 20 billion Euros to bail out banks
Dec. 26th    Town of Hempstead is closing the East Meadow Senior Center on Dec. 28
Dec. 27th    Pennsylvania Gas Tax to rise 8 Cents a Gallon on Jan 1
Dec. 28th    7 states will have higher Gas Taxes Jan. 1

Dec. 2nd    Austin Independent School District consider closing 11 Schools
Dec. 2nd    Da Vinci Academy closing in Elgin
Dec. 5th    Utica School of Commerce NY is closing
Dec. 7th    Colby-Sawyer College to lay off 18
Dec. 8th    San Juan College to lay off 12
Dec. 8th    Comet School Supplies closing in Westwood
Dec. 11th    San Diego United School District - Layoffs Possible
Dec. 12th    The Archdiocese of Philadelphia closing 4 churches - two in the city, one in Montgomery County, and one in Chester County
Dec.14th    Queen Esther's School of Cosmetology closing in Northport AL
Dec. 21st    Randolph County School W. Va. - Layoffs Possible
Dec. 21st    Globe University and Minnesota School of Business closing campuses by end of January
Dec. 27th    Connecticut Culinary Institute closing in Hartford Connecticut
Dec. 30th    St. Mary School in Newington CT closing
Dec. 31st    School Street Bistro eatery closing in Downtown Lodi CA

Dec. 1st    Hennepin County Medical Center - Layoffs in 2017
Dec. 1st    DeKalb Medical Center to lay off 60
Dec. 2nd    Good Shepherd Health System to lay off 50
Dec. 4th    University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Possible Lay offs
Dec. 4th    Planned Parenthood is closing three clinics in Pennsylvania
Dec. 6th    Mylan Pharm. To lay off about 10% of non-union positions
Dec. 6th    Baxter Healthcare's Bloomington facility to lay off 12
Dec. 7th    Mylan to lay off up to 3,500
Dec. 8th    Express Scripts will close its Harrisburg-area pharmacy in early 2017
Dec. 9th    Hennepin County Medical Center to lay off up to 275
Dec. 12th    Sanofi to lay off 20% of  US Diabetes Sales Force
Dec.14th    US Health Spending in 2015 - Avg. $10,000 Person
Dec.14th    Bristol Myers-Squibb closing Wallingford facility, leaving Connecticut
Dec.14th    Baptist Hospital will close its Orange ER next month
Dec.14th    Biogen in Cambridge Somerville to lay off 200+
Dec.15th    Hennepin County Medical Center - up to 275 Layoffs
Dec.15th    Pocono Medical Center to lay off 61 RNs
Dec.15th    MD Anderson Cancer Center - Layoffs Possible
Dec. 15th     Ashmann’s Pharmacy, 209 East Main St. in Collinsville IL
Dec. 15th    Hospitals say 'Show me the money' before Treatment
Dec. 16th    CVS closing 70 Stores in 2017
Dec. 17th    Conemaugh Health System is closing its Jennerstown Rural Health Clinic
Dec. 27th    Florida Hospital Medical Group to lay off 67 employees next year
Dec. 27th    The Cotton O'Neil clinic closing in Lyndon KS
Dec. 28th    Medina Memorial Hospital to close Intensive Care Unit
Dec. 29th    Duane Reade closing all of its New York City walk-in clinics

Dec. 4th    Citizens Bank Closing Office On Maple St. in White River Junction
Dec. 6th    Italy readies state bailout for Monte dei Paschi bank
Dec. 7th    JPMorgan among 3 banks fined by EU over rate market rigging
Dec. 7th    HSBC among a trio of big banks fined a total of €485mln by the EU for rate-rigging
Dec. 7th    EU fines Agricole, JPMorgan and HSBC $520 million over Euribor
Dec. 8th    Banks Conspired to Rig Silver, Complaint Claims
Dec. 13th    UniCredit (Italy Bank) to lay off 6,500 more - Total of 14,000
Dec. 23rd    Deutsche Bank to Settle US Mortgage Probe for $7B Credit Suisse

Dec. 1st    Rolls-Royce to lay off 800 in Marine Business
Dec. 2nd    DreamWorks Animation to lay off 170
Dec. 2nd    Transamerica in Cedar Rapids Office to lay off 120
Dec. 2nd    Macy's closing its flagship department store in Nicollet Mall Minneapolis
Dec. 2nd    Ford recalls 680,000 cars on fears over front seat belt safety
Dec. 3rd    Arrow Ace Hardware closing in Rochester's Miracle Mile Shopping Center
Dec. 5th    Home Depot to close Charles City County facility - 70 Layoffs
Dec. 5th    JCPenney's store closing at Huntsville's Madison Square Mall AL
Dec. 5th    General Mills Announces Global Restructuring, Will Cut 400-600 Jobs
Dec. 6th    SeaWorld Entertainment to lay off 320
Dec. 6th    Transamerica insurance to lay off 800, Closing Offices
Dec. 6th    American Apparel - Warns of 3,500 Layoffs
Dec. 7th    Britain fines Pfizer record $107 million for huge drug price hike
Dec. 7th    SunPower to lay off up to 2,500
Dec. 7th    Guelph’s Hitachi plant (International) closing - 129 Layoffs
Dec. 7th    The Kmart closing in New Iberia LA
Dec. 8th    The Koch brothers to lay off 81
Dec. 8th    Sears is planning to close more stores as Sales Plunge
Dec. 8th    American Apparel LLC plans to close nine of its stores
Dec. 9th    AT&T to lay off 50 in Phoenix
Dec. 9th    Caterpillar Denison Plant to lay off 15
Dec. 12th    Goody's closing Cookeville location TN,18714
Dec. 13th    Wells Fargo fine trouble again
Dec.14th    Caterpillar Inc. - More Layoffs Are Coming
Dec.14th    Volvo Trucks at Dublin Plant to lay off 500
Dec.14th    Sears Home Appliance Showroom closing at 8320 N. Michigan Road
Dec.14th    Sears Appliance & Hardware closing at 5425 E. Thompson Road
Dec.14th    Sears Appliance & Hardware closing in Fishers Indianapolis Area
Dec.15th    Toyota in N. Kentucky Issues 650 Layoff Notices
Dec.15th    Sears Holdings closing call center in High Point - 325 lost jobs
Dec.15th    Sitel, closing a call center in Opp and Andalusia AL
Dec. 16th    Staples store closing at 626 Front St. N. in Issaquah
Dec. 16th    The Staples store closing at 2636 N. Kansas Expressway in Springfield MO
Dec. 16th    Sears Hometown Store closing in Prattville AL
Dec. 17th    Goody’s, closing 3105 W. Broadway Blvd in Sedalia MO
Dec. 17th    Princess Cruises - Outsourcing 61 IT Jobs
Dec. 18th    Sitel Corp. in Pompano Beach to lay off 804 in February
Dec. 18th    Boeing - More Job cuts ahead next year
Dec. 20th    GM cutting 1,300 jobs at only plant inside Detroit
Dec. 20th    GM, Fiat, Chrysler idles 7 Plants - 10,000 workers affected
Dec. 21st    Ericsson (Italy) - 1,000 Job Cuts Possible
Dec. 23rd    Layoffs in Boeing’s 777x Program in Everett WA.
Dec. 23rd    American Apparel - Closes 12 of its 13 UK Stores 
Dec. 23rd    Montevideo Sears Home Âtown Store MN
Dec. 26th    VW offers Canadian government $2.1 billion
Dec. 27th    The Stein Mart store closing in Orchard Park NY
Dec. 27th    Sears Hometown Store closing in Oshkosh WI
Dec. 28th    Write down fears wipes $5B off Toshiba's Value
Dec. 28th    The Sears department stores and Auto Centers closing at Walden Galleria and Boulevard mall NY
Dec. 28th    Sears Store closing at Meadowbrook Mall W. Virginia
Dec. 28th    Sears store and Sears Auto Center closing at 5101 Hinkleville Road in Paducah KY
Dec. 28th    Toys "R" Us Store closing in Marrero La
Dec. 28th    Airbus Cuts A380 Production Plans in 2017
Dec. 30th    Toys "R" Us location closing in east Tulsa

Dec. 1st    Lodge Holdings Co. files for bankruptcy
Dec. 2nd    Rattlesnake Bar & Grill Inc. file for bankruptcy
Dec. 4th    Endless Jewelry North and South America file for bankruptcy
Dec. 7th    La Paloma Generating Co LLC Files for bankruptcy
Dec. 8th    Jennifer Lopez-branded jewelry company files Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Dec. 13th    Stone Energy Corp. Files for bankruptcy
Dec.14th    Illinois Power Generating Co. Files for bankruptcy
Dec. 17th    Gracious Home files for baknruptcy 
Dec. 18th    Lensar Inc. files for bankruptcy
Dec. 19th    Central Iowa Healthcare files for bankruptcy
Dec. 19th    Yoga Smoga Inc. files for bankruptcy
Dec. 20th    Argon Credit files for bankruptcy 
Dec. 21st    Kane Co. files for bankruptcy
Dec. 26th    Industrial Ride Shop files for bankruptcy

Dec. 1st    Erie County Farms closing in Erie PA
Dec. 1st    The Den closing in Downtown Iowa City 
Dec. 2nd    Kroger said it will close its Walnut Hills store at 954 E. McMicken St Ohio
Dec. 3rd    Gorilla Coffee will be closing its 97 5th Ave. location Park Slope Brooklyn
Dec. 3rd    Anthony’s Beach Café closing on Spokane’s South Hill
Dec. 5th    TLC Muffins closing in Wichita Kansas
Dec. 5th    Panera Bread closing Westfield NJ Location
Dec. 7th    Francis Canteen closing at 1004 Fourth St in Sioux City  IA
Dec. 7th    Martin’s Food Markets closing 4 more Stores VA
Dec. 8th    Ko Palace restaurant closing on Menaul and Washington in Albuquerque NM 
Dec. 8th    Berkeley’s Cafe closing in Rouge CA
Dec. 9th    Wolfgang Candy Co. is closing retail outlet in North York
Dec. 9th    Flashback Smoothies and Grill closing at 1003 Brookstown Ave. in Winston Salem NC
Dec. 9th    ThumbCoast Brewing Company closing in Port Huron
Dec. 10th    Feast restaurant in Bucktown closing for good on New Year's Eve
Dec. 12th    Toms River Diner closing in Toms River NJ
Dec. 12th    The Au Bon Pain closing on Thayer Street in Providence RI
Dec. 12th    RedBrick Pizza Kitchen Cafe, located at 5150 E. Main St. in Farmington NM - May Close
Dec. 12th    CafePress Louisville HQ to lay off about 10
Dec. 12th    New China Cafe closing in Galesburg IL
Dec. 13th    Cuisinart food processors recalled due to laceration hazard
Dec. 13th    FiveGuys restaurant, closing at 720 Loucks Road York PA
Dec. 13th    The Classic Norms closing on Pico CA
Dec. 13th    Hershey's Chocolate World Chicago IL closing
Dec. 13th    Adrian's Market closing in Hopwood PA
Dec.14th    Friendly's closing on Main Street in Bel Air MD
Dec.14th    Jobot Coffee and Dining closing in Phoenix AZ
Dec.14th    Magnolia Bakery closing its Ala Moana Center location
Dec.14th    The CherryBerry closing in Mitchell SD
Dec.15th    Anthony's Fish Grotto closing in San Diego CA
Dec. 15th     Bloomingdale bakery Grassroots Gourmet Washington DC
Dec. 16th    Kroger offers buyout to 2,000 workers
Dec. 16th    Beans Boro Coffeehouse and Roastery closing in Greensboro NC
Dec. 16th    Atlanta Bread Co. will be closing its West Columbia location SC
Dec. 16th    Taki's restaurant closing at 2933 W. 12th St. in Erie PA
Dec. 16th    Mr. Chicken closing in Watkins Glen NY
Dec. 16th    Midnight Farm closing in Vineyard Haven MA
Dec. 17th    Florentine restaurant closing in Franklinton Ohio
Dec. 18th    Aubrey’s Bakery closing its doors
Dec. 20th    The Bruegger’s bagel restaurant closing on North Water Street, downtown Milwaukee
Dec. 20th    Buffalo’s café located on Alps Rd. in Athens, GA is closing
Dec. 21st    Olde English Tea Room closing in Wake Forest NC
Dec. 23rd    Cow Tipping Creamery's East Dallas Ice Cream Shop is Closing
Dec. 23rd    Joey's Seafood & Grill, closing at12455 W. Capitol Drive, Brookfield WI
Dec. 23rd    Eric's San Jose Restaurante Mexicano in Columbia SC
Dec. 23rd    Rector's Cherry Reproduction in Bowling Green KY
Dec. 26th    NORMS Restaurant on Pico and Camden Avenue CA
Dec. 27th    Bull & Bear is closing after New Year’s Eve in River North.IL
Dec. 27th    Stay Classy Bar closing on Rivington Street NY, NY
Dec. 27th    Ladysmith Citgo convenience store closing in Ladysmith VA
Dec. 28th    Hoffman’s Chocolates closing in downtown Lake Worth FL
Dec. 28th    Pioneer Pies closing in Oklahoma City
Dec. 29th    Big Daddy’s Sports Bar closing in Glenwood Spring CO
Dec. 30th    Big Apple Bagels closing in Waynesboro Virginia
Dec. 30th    Fusion Grille closing in Helena’s Great Northern plaza
Dec. 30th    Carnegie Deli closing in Midtown Manhattan
Dec. 31st    Country Kitchen is closing in central Columbia MO
Dec. 31st    School Street Bistro eatery closing in Downtown Lodi CA
Dec. 31st    Lula Brazil beach eatery closing on Rehoboth Beach DE
Dec. 31st    La Petite France closing in West Hartford CT

Dec. 2nd    Americans Not In The Labor Force - Record 95.1M
Dec. 3rd    Limited Stores Columbus HQ to lay off 240
Dec. 6th    Alliance Castings Co. to layoff more than 400
Dec. 6th    Union Tank Car Co Texas to lay off 106
Dec. 8th    AstraZeneca in Delaware to lay off 120
Dec. 8th    SNC Lavalin (Canada) to lay off 405
Dec. 8th    Government Shutdown Looms Over Stopgap Spending Measure
Dec. 9th    The Kane Co – Closing, 1,000 jobs lost 
Dec. 9th    Endo Chesco Sales Staff to lay off 375
Dec.14th    Fed Raises Rates, Boosts Outlook for Borrowing Costs in 2017
Dec. 16th    Seagate in Shakopee to lay off 155
Dec. 16th    Etailz Inc to lay off 8% of workers
Dec. 17th    The Ardagh Group to lay off 150,77865
Dec. 21st    Total Losses from Disaster Events Rise to $158 billion in 2016 Says Swiss Re
Dec. 23rd    BMR No. 1 West Allis location - Massive Layoffs  Possible
Dec. 27th    The Limited is closing all of its Central Florida stores
Dec. 29th    Chep Recycled Pallet Solutions LLC - 165
Dec. 29th    Godahl General Store closing in Minnesota after 122 years

                                                                    GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

Sure would be nice if we could all just get along. Sounds simple and yet seems so difficult to do. Be it the toddler fighting tooth and nail for her stolen pacifier, or somebody else’s pacifier, to the government official who fights for someone else’s office, the unrest can be felt on all levels. The people and governments of the world seem to have gone mad. Well, that is because the wrath of YHWH is at hand (Revelation 11:18), in which the governments of this world are taken away and given to those who will bring forth the fruit to replenish the earth (Daniel 7:26-27; Revelation 11:15). This doesn’t take place overnight. In fact before it is set up there will be a false flag savior (Revelation 6:2), who is currently on the scene (2 Thessalonians 2:3) and working through a global organization who will soon seem to deliver hope to all humanity. We tend to call this YHWH’s enemy but YHWH has commissioned the spirits who are leading the nations to His judgment (Zachariah 6:1-5, 8; Revelation 16:13-14). In any event the headlines below are but part of the chaos that will be quieted in order to establish this agenda: 

Dec. 2nd    Thousands of Muslims protest against Jakarta governor
Dec. 3rd    ROK residents rally against deployment of US missile system
Dec. 4th    Thousands take part in anti-austerity protest in Madrid, Spain
Dec. 4th    Demonstrators march in Brazil to support corruption crackdown
Dec. 5th    Kenyan doctors go on strike, demand honoring of 2013 peace deal
Dec. 5th    Kenya Airways technician strike disrupts flights
Dec. 6th    Violence clashes erupt between protesters and riot police in Greece
Dec. 7th    Fiery clashes between military police and protesters erupt in Brazil
Dec. 14th    Protests Erupt in Poland Over New Law on Public Gatherings
Dec. 15th    Indiana town's entire police force resigns in protest
Dec. 16th    Protesters blocked all exits from the Polish parliament
Dec. 17th    Police quell protesters that blocked Polish parliament building after controversial vote
Dec. 20th    Protest demanding DRC leader Joseph Kabila step down
Dec. 20th    Congo forces kill 26 protesters against leader Kabila

Dec. 9th    At least six police killed in Cairo bombing near Pyramid
Dec. 10th    Twin suicide bomb blasts near market in Madagali Nigeria killing 56 Wounded 177
Dec. 11th    Bombing at Egypt's main Coptic Christian cathedral kills 25
Dec. 12th    Sunnis in Pakistan attack mosque of Ahmadi religious minority
Dec. 18th    Evacuation buses in Syria attacked, burnt
Dec. 18th    10 killed, 27 injured as gunmen take tourists in Jordan attack
Dec. 18th    5 killed, 14 wounded in separate bomb attack in Iraq
Dec. 20th     Four Jordanian Police Officers Killed in Karak Shootout
Dec. 22nd    Islamic State claims suicide car bombs that killed at least 23 in Mosul
Dec. 22nd    ISIS claims three suicide bombings in Mosul suburb that killed at least 23
Dec. 22nd    Taliban attack home of Afghan lawmaker in capital, killing 8
Dec 22nd    Explosion at Christian group headquarters in Australia
Dec. 23rd    ISIS puts out holiday attack list of US churches
Dec. 23rd    Police foil alleged Christmas Day 'terrorist plot' in Melbourne
Dec. 24th    2 suspects killed in suicide bombing in Bangladesh raid
Dec. 24th    Seven police and Taliban commander killed in Afghanistan
Dec. 24th     12 hurt in Christmas Eve blast near church in southern Philippines
Dec. 24th     2 killed by suicide bomber at Christmas market in Cameroon
Dec. 26th    3 Moscow train stations evacuated after bomb threats
Dec. 31st    ISIS claims responsibility for Baghdad bomb blasts, at least 28 killed, wound 54
Dec. 31st    2 suicide attackers kill at least 2 in Syria’s coastal Tartous city

Dec. 1st    Washington police officer fatally shot after responding to domestic dispute
Dec. 7th    Police officer killed, another critically injured in shooting near Georgia college campus
Dec. 19th    Sheriff: Arkansas Jail Employee Dies After Attack by Inmate
Dec. 29th    Number of police killed in line-of-duty shootings skyrockets in 2016
Dec. 30th    Pennsylvania trooper shot dead; search continues for suspect

Dec. 6th    Israel attacks Damascus military airport near Assad’s palace
Dec. 8th    Obama waives restrictions on military assistance to foreign forces in Syria
Dec. 9th    Aleppo: Hundreds of Syrian Men Feared Missing After Rebel Defeats
Dec. 10th    US to deploy up to 200 more troops to Syria
Dec. 14th    NBC News: Intelligence officials say Putin personally involved in election hack
Dec. 14th    China installs weapons systems on artificial islands
Dec. 15th    Obama vows 'action' in response to Russian hacking
Dec. 21st    Chinese UN peacekeepers deployed to Darfur Region and South Sudan
Dec. 22nd    Russia gives US cold shoulder, saying relations between countries 'frozen'
Dec. 22nd    Putin urges Russia to step up military power
Dec. 22nd    Trump calls for strengthening and expanding US nuclear capability
Dec 22nd    Putin: Russia’s military is stronger than ‘any potential aggressor’
Dec. 23rd    Obama Administration Allows UN Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements To Pass
Dec. 23rd    Netanyahu: Israel rejects UN resolution and will not abide by its terms
Dec. 24th    Israel to ‘reassess’ ties with UN, says Benjamin Netanyahu
Dec. 24th    Netanyahu blasts U.N., Obama over West Bank settlements resolution
Dec. 24th    Netanyahu Takes Diplomatic Action Against Sponsors of UN Resolution
Dec. 26th    Chinese warships led by its aircraft carrier enters S China Sea amid renewed tension
Dec. 27th    Defying UN, Israel prepares to build more settlements
Dec. 29th    Obama sanctions Russian officials over election hacking

Dec. 2nd    ISIS shifts focus to soft targets for attacks in Europe
Dec. 2nd    South Korea political crisis could derail U.S. priorities in the region
Dec. 3rd    A USC grad student fatally stabbed his mentor after a ‘personal dispute’
Dec. 5th    Man takes gun to D.C. eatery to investigate 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theory
Dec. 6th    20 gunmen killed in shootout with Mexican troops in Veracruz State
Dec. 6th    UN: 82 Iraqi people displaced by Mosul offensive
Dec. 7th    Knife wielding Student at School Shot by Officer
Dec. 17th    India UN troops deployed after 3 killed in Kashmir militant attack
Dec. 18th    Boy, 3, killed in Arkansas road rage shooting over slow driving, police say
Dec. 25th    Mount Vernon nightclub shooting leaves owner dead, five wounded
Dec. 26th    Malls across the country were shaken by mass brawls and reports of gun shots
Dec. 26th    40 shot in Chicago over the weekend, 12 dead
Dec. 31st    Silent March Through Downtown Chicago Marks City's Deadliest Year

                                            NATIONS ALERTED TO WATCH FOR SOCIAL UNREST

You’d think that by now the turmoil brewing in Turkey and Iran would have burned itself out, but you’d be wrong. Throughout this year volatile events have taken place in these two areas and now that we’re nearing the end, they continue to do so. What we see coming forth from these nations is only a part of a much greater global plan that is currently in place and is being executed one step at a time. Below is this month’s part of the script:

Dec. 4th    Turkey wants trade with China, Russia, and Iran in local currency, no US dollars
Dec. 11th    38 dead and 155 wounded in twin bomb attack near Istanbul stadium
Dec. 12th    Police Raids Across Turkey After Deadly Bombing Attack
Dec. 13th    Iran to work on nuclear powered ships claiming US deal breach
Dec. 13th    Iran, S. Africa sign agreement to boost military ties
Dec. 17th    Attack on bus with soldiers in Turkey's city of Kayseri kill 13 injury over 50
Dec. 20th    Russia, Iran and Turkey meet for Syria talks, excluding US
Dec. 31st    Istanbul attack: Gunmen 'dressed as Santa' open fire at nightclub in Turkey

This past year Europe has also been a hot spot for more than its share of mayhem. Clashes with migrants, protests, and threats of imminent attacks have all been signs of the systemic issues that plague a planet devoid of following the universal laws of peace. The following headlines point to the peace that is being taken from Europe which is also part of the script:

Dec. 9th    Russia Seen Moving New Missiles To Eastern Europe
Dec. 13th    US commander says 4,000 troops to be deployed to Poland
Dec. 14th    US to speed up deployment of troops to Poland, Romania and the Baltic
Dec. 15th    Boy, 12, 'attempted to blow up nail bomb at German Christmas market'
Dec. 18th    Up to 1,750 ISIS jihadists have returned to Europe with orders to carry out attacks
Dec. 19th    Berlin Christmas market: 9 dead, at least 50 injured in truck crash
Dec. 19th    3 people hurt in shooting near Zurich Islamic center
Dec. 23rd    Terrorist recruit children to carry out bombings in Europe


Servant leader is a marvelous term used to delineate a leader who doesn’t lord over others, sitting behind a desk and barking orders, but rather, leads through service to others. Yahshua was just such a leader. He clearly told his students that He did not come to be served, but to serve. He left that example both for them, and for us. We’re willing to bet that if powerful people in leadership positions led in a spirit of humility there would be little, or, no reason for them to fall, save it was part of the plan for their spiritual development. Spiritually speaking pride comes before the fall. Today we are seeing many people who for one reason or another, directly or indirectly, find themselves affected by the judgment of balance that is being manifested as a result of an unseen war. This war is no doubt displacing many world leaders and they are in turn sacrificing their pawns and others who may be able to implicate them in various ways. Below we see the evidence of this:

Dec. 1st    France's Francois Hollande says will not seek re-election
Dec. 1st    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to step down
Dec. 2nd    Gambia’s president, in Power 22 Years, loses election to property developer in shock result
Dec. 3rd    US Electoral College electors pledged to Trump, gets death threats ahead of December 19 votes
Dec. 3rd    VA dentist resigns after possibly infecting 600 veterans with HIV and hepatitis
Dec. 4th    Philippine vice president to quit Cabinet, stay on as VP
Dec. 4th    Philippine Vice-President Leni Robredo says there is a plot to oust her
Dec. 4th    New Zealand prime minister announces surprise resignation
Dec. 4th    Renzi to resign as referendum routs tips Italy into Turmoil
Dec. 5th    Egyptian billionaire Sawiris in surprise exit as Orascam CEO
Dec. 7th    Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigns
Dec.8th        Korean president Park Geun-hye faces impeachment vote
Dec.8th        SEC top cop Ceresney says he's leaving ahead of Trump's takeover
Dec. 9th    Hong Kong Gets Chance to Heal Divisions as Leader Steps Aside
Dec. 9th    Dutch opposition politician Geert Wilders found guilty of hate speech charges
Dec. 9th    South Korea Impeachment of President Park Is Latest Hit to Global Political Order
Dec. 11th    IMF Chief Christine Lagarde To Stand Trial For Negligence In France
Dec. 12th    Chipotle CEO Monty Moran to step down
Dec. 12th    Chaka Fattah, former Pennsylvania congressman, gets 10 years in prison for corruption
Dec. 13th    Lupe Fiasco abruptly announces retirement from music
Dec. 15th    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to Step Down
Dec. 15th    Ethics panel investigate California Rep. Duncan Hunter
Dec. 17th    General demoted after affair, "swinging" lifestyle revealed
Dec. 19th    Platinum Partners execs charged in $1B mini-Madoff fraud
Dec. 19th    IMF head Christine Lagarde convicted in French negligence trial

Dec. 20th    U.S. judge orders unsealing of Clinton email probe search warrant
Dec. 20th    South Korea court issues arrest warrant for daughter of President Park's friend
Dec. 22nd    Brazil’s Oderbrecht and Braskem to pay $3.5B fine in international bribe case
Dec. 22nd    China corruption inspectors expose 8 cases involving officials
Dec. 25th    S. Korean prosecutor says it may raid presidential office
Dec. 26th    Argentina finance minister fired amid stalled economy
Dec. 26th    Key officials raided in S Korean scandal probe
Dec. 26th    Singer George Michael dies of heart failure at 53
Dec. 27th    'Star Wars' actress Carrie Fisher dies of heart failure at 60
Dec. 27th    29 lawmakers quit South Korean President's party amid scandal
Dec. 27th    S. Korea state pension fund chief detained in corruption probe
Dec. 27th    Argentina’s ex-president Kirchner prosecuted for embezzlement
Dec. 28th    Debbie Reynolds dies one day after death of daughter Carrie Fisher
Dec. 28th    Actor and comedian Ricky Harris, who worked alongside the greats, dies at 54
Dec. 28th    Appeals court revives suits over Hillary Clinton emails
Dec. 28th    Israel's Attorney-General Orders Criminal Probe involving Benjamin Netanyahu
Dec. 30th    Former minister of state security expelled from China Communist party
Dec. 30th    Greek ambassador to Brazil killed near Rio
Dec. 31st    UN head Ban Ki-moon bids farewell after 10 years

                                                                     POLITICAL UNREST

The past 12 months have been a firestorm in the political arena. We saw leaders across the globe forced out of their positions, some under the threat of pending litigation. The U.S in and of itself probably experienced one of the most unusual presidential campaigns ever. Though the year has come to a close, this is probably the beginning of what will continue to be a dark circus of events in the world of politics that we may very well see manifested in the exposures and arrests of powerful people. Following, is a sample of our political circuit in December:

Dec. 1st    Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump aides
Dec. 3rd    South Korea’s president half-offers to resign
Dec. 3rd    US Electoral College electors pledged to Trump, gets death threats ahead of December 19 votes
Dec. 4th    Austria votes in presidential election re-run
Dec. 6th    Texas GOP elector announces he won't vote for Trump
Dec. 6th    Florida Voters Say Hillary Clinton Won The State, File Lawsuit For Recount
Dec. 10th    Schumer wants full investigation of election interference by Russia
Dec. 13th    Press encouraged to turn up heat on Trump
Dec. 15th    Trump Electors Flooded with Death Threats
Dec. 15th    Hillary Clinton and President Obama are increasingly blaming Russia for her loss
Dec. 19th    Trump secures victory in Electoral College, as bid to flip electors flops
Dec. 21st    Gambian President Yahya Jammeh says he will not step down


                                                     DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

December, well known as a festive time of travel for families and friends to reunite, saw its share of deadly crashes both in the air and on the ground. Many would hope for safe travel for themselves, as well as their loved ones, but it seems like more than hope is needed in this day and age. We’ve said repeatedly what we’ve seen in the holy writings, and it is no different here. In order to have any true degree of safety we must look beyond ourselves to something that is greater than ourselves. Yahweh is faithful to protect those who put their trust in Him. Putting our trust in Yahweh is not merely praying and hoping for the best. It’s trusting in His inspired teachings to practice them with sincerity and truth. Then we can have true confidence that whether we are in the air, on the ground, or the sea, we will not put down the physical body while in our immoralities. The following headlines show some narrow misses of disaster, and some that did not miss:

Dec. 5th    Asiana Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Russia after smoke alarm 
Dec. 9th    Passengers evacuated from PenAir flight on tarmac in Oregon after smoke indicator light turned on
Dec. 14th    American Eagle Flight Makes Emergency Landing at RDU, NC due to a smoke indicator warning
Dec. 18th    Glasgow, UK to Tenerife flight forced to land after take-off due to burning smell

Dec. 19th    Small plane makes emergency landing in Micco, FL cabin filled up with smoke
Dec. 20th    El Al flight makes emergency landing in Toronto after engine fire
Dec. 27th    Spirit jet makes emergency landing at PBIA, Florida due to smell of smoke in cockpit
Dec. 27th    Jet Airways Flight Mysteriously Veers Off Goa's Dabolim Airport Runway, India
Dec. 29th    Plane catches fire at Craig Airport, Florida
Dec. 29th    A safe emergency landing in Canada after smoke alarm went off on plane
Dec. 30th    Plane evacuated at IAH, Texas after reports of smoke in cockpit

Dec. 1st    American Airlines flight 730 declared emergency due to possible engine problem
Dec. 3rd     Jet flight makes emergency landing at Hyderabad airport, India due to Hydraulic system problem
Dec. 3rd     Pilot and passenger safe after emergency landing on a field in Goshen, Indiana due to engine failure
Dec. 3rd     Pilot had to land the plane on its belly in Texas due to landing gear issues
Dec. 4th    Plane’s nose collapses during emergency landing in San Antonio
Dec. 5th    Flight from McCarran forced to turn around due to a navigation issue
Dec. 5th    Flight school plane makes hard landing at Oakland County International Airport after landing gear failed
Dec. 5th    Kelowna plane sticks emergency landing in Kamloops after nose gear failed
Dec. 5th    AF plane flying President Pranab Mukherjee to Chennai returns after mid-air technical snag
Dec. 6th    Delta flight bound for Atlanta makes emergency landing in Ohio due overheating engine
Dec. 8th    Eglin Air Force plane crash lands with landing gear issues following in-flight emergency, Florida
Dec. 9th    Military Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing at Yorktown High School after mechanical warning light went on
Dec. 10th    Safi Airways plane makes emergency landing in Kabul airport, Afghanistan due to landing gear malfunction
Dec. 11th    Twin-engine passenger plane lands safely with just one engine in Joensuu, Finland
Dec. 12th    Emergency over Paris: Vueling makes emergency landing in Orly, France due to technical difficulties
Dec. 12th    Easyjet plane makes emergency landing due to technical issue
Dec. 12th    Charlotte flight forced to make emergency landing due to loss of reservoir pressure, Arizona
Dec. 13th    Stuck Landing Gear Causes Tense Moments At The SAI Airport, Texas
Dec. 13th    Landing Gear Issues Cause Emergency Landing At SA Airport, Pennsylvania, USA
Dec. 13th    Close shave for NAC Boeing 757 after hydraulic system failure, in Nepal
Dec. 15th    Pilot Makes Emergency Landing at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, due to engine trouble 
Dec. 15th    Safe landing after United Airlines plane landing gear failed to deploy at Bush Intercontinental Airport, Texas
Dec. 18th    Diverted Azur Air Flight Lands At Bermuda Airport due to technical problem
Dec. 18th    Plane makes emergency landing after engine failure, New Zealand
Dec. 18th    Plane makes emergency landing on street in Blaine, Minnesota after losing power
Dec. 19th    Air Force F-16 executes emergency landing at CCK airport due to mechanical malfunction, Taiwan
Dec. 19th    Passenger plane makes emergency landing at Iran’s Ardabil Airport due to technical failure
Dec. 19th    PIA flight makes emergency landing after developing hydraulic fault
Dec. 20th    Horizon flight makes emergency landing at Spokane airport due to mechanical issues
Dec. 20th    Plane lands safely at Hyannis airport, Massachusetts after reported landing gear issue
Dec. 21st    Shaheen Air jet makes emergency landing in Lahore after technical fault, Pakistan
Dec. 22nd    Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing Along Highway 99 Near Porter, Texas due to engine trouble
Dec. 22nd    Plane forced to make emergency landing at Bush Intercontinental Airport, Texas due to maintenance issues
Dec. 22nd    No injuries reported in emergency landing of plane off Capers Island, SC, due to mechanical problems
Dec. 23rd    Light aircraft performs emergency landing near Herzliya, Israel due to an engine failure,7340,L-4897501,00.html
Dec. 26th    Air Canada flight makes emergency landing in Winnipeg due to cabin air malfunction
Dec. 27th    Light aircraft made emergency landing in UK after suffering engine problems
Dec. 27th    An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing at L.F. Wade International Airport
Dec. 27th    Small plane made emergency landing after suffering engine problem in UK
Dec. 28th    Pilot makes emergency landing on Highway 12, Wisconsin due to engine failure
Dec. 28th    Flight to Minneapolis Makes Emergency Landing in Chicago due to Mechanical problems
Dec. 29th    Malfunction forces small plane to land with gear up at Long Beach Airport, California
Dec. 29th    Aircraft lands safely after one engine goes out in Mississippi
Dec. 29th    RDU flight forced to land by mechanical problem in N Carolina
Dec. 30th    Indian Air Force chopper carrying BSF IG makes emergency landing in India
Dec. 31st    Butler basketball team plane forced to make emergency landing in Pennsylvania after plane lost cabin pressure and dropped 20,000 feet in minutes

Dec. 1st    55-year-old pilot of Weather Modification plane dies in crash south of Fargo, North Dakota
Dec. 2nd    One Dead In Posey County, India Plane Crash
Dec. 3rd     Plane carrying 16 police loses contact off Indonesia
Dec. 3rd     Thirteen people feared dead in plane crash as wreckage found in Indonesia
Dec. 3rd     A second Russian plane crashes attempting to land on carrier near Syria
Dec. 4th    Light Plane Crash Lands In WA Bushland due to technical difficulties
Dec. 4th    Bi-wing plane crashes nose-down in New Hampshire, Hampton woods
Dec. 4th    Four dead in Toledo plane crash in Spain
Dec. 4th    One dead, two hurt in plane crash near Constanza, Dominican Republic
Dec. 5th    Jordan military plane crash kills pilot
Dec. 5th    Plane crash kills 1 in Mitchell County, Georgia
Dec. 5th    Plane crash due to landing gear issues at Blue Ridge Regional Airport Virginia
Dec. 5th    Seaplane makes dramatic emergency landing, Dalmeny, Australia
Dec. 6th    Chopper Crashes in Lake in Tehran, 2 Killed in Iran
Dec. 7th    Search Underway After Marine Corps Jet Crashes Off Japan: U.S. Military
Dec. 7th    No survivors in Pakistan commercial plane crash with 48 aboard
Dec. 7th    Arsenal fans stranded in Switzerland following Basel Airport plane crash
Dec. 7th    Aircraft crashes in forest area and leaves dead in Manaus, Brazil
Dec. 7th    Small plane goes missing in Alaska
Dec. 7th    Small plane crash kills 1, separate small plane goes missing in Alaska
Dec. 8th    Plane Crash At Serpentine Aerodrome, Australia
Dec. 10th    Pilot dead after small plane crashes in Marengo, Illinois
Dec. 10th    One injured in private plane crash in Isle of Wight, Virginia due to engine trouble
Dec. 10th    Pilot, passenger walk from plane crash, due to sudden engine failure, Carrsville, VA
Dec. 10th    Helicopter Crashes near Tynan, Texas, One Person Transported to Hospital
Dec. 11th    1 dead, 3 injured in helicopter crash in Goregaon near Mumbai, India
Dec. 11th    Passengers survive small plane crash in Long Island Sound, NY
Dec. 12th    F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes In Southeastern Turkey
Dec. 12th    Plane crash reported near New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Dec. 12th    Reports of light plane crash near Gisborne, New Zealand
Dec. 12th    Man killed in plane crash near Moab, Utah
Dec. 13th    US Marine Osprey crashes off japan, 2nd crash of Marine aircraft in the area in less than a week
Dec. 13th    Light airplane crashes at Lanseria Airport, Florida
Dec. 13th    Helicopter crashes into canal near Valleyfield, Canada
Dec. 16th    2 people believed dead in plane crash near Bethel, Alaska
Dec. 17th    Three generations saved in chopper crash landing in Australia due to engine failure
Dec. 17th    Pilot hurt in single-engine plane crash in Flagler County, FL
Dec. 18th    Pilot, passenger suffer minor injuries in Cessna crash in Apple Valley, California
Dec. 18th    Helicopter crash injures two people in Hatcher Pass, Alaska
Dec. 19th    13 killed in Indonesian military plane crash
Dec. 19th    Russian military plane crashes in Siberia, injuring 32
Dec. 21st    RMAF aircraft crashes at Butterworth base, one dead, Malaysia
Dec. 21st    Five killed in Boeing 727 cargo jet crash in Colombia
Dec. 22nd    Two dead in Libyan fighter jet crash
Dec. 22nd    Small plane crashes at Shreveport Downtown Airport, Louisiana
Dec. 23rd    Person Killed in Fiery Plane Crash in Middlebury, Vermont
Dec. 23rd    Helicopter crash lands at Green Mountain Golf Course, Washington
Dec. 25th    Russian plane crash killing 92 people including at least 60 Red Army Choir members
Dec. 26th    Afghan Air Force Helicopter Crashes At Shendand Airport, Afghanistan
Dec. 26th    Helicopter Crash Lands Near Stellenbosch, S. Africa
Dec. 26th    Two Dead After Plane Crashes Near Sierra Sky Park, California
Dec. 26th    Afghan Air Force Helicopter Crashes in Building At Shendand Airport, Afghanistan - Third in 2 months
Dec. 27th    Crop-duster plane crashes at Willows airport, California
Dec. 27th    Indian passenger plane skids off runway, injuring 15
Dec. 27th    Small plane crashes at local airport, Missouri
Dec. 27th    Sunbathers in miracle escape after pilot crash lands plane onto crowded Tenerife beach, Spain
Dec. 27th    No serious injuries as small plane crashes near Fort McMurray airport, Canada due to engine trouble
Dec. 28th    Three dead in Tennessee plane crash
Dec. 28th    Recovery effort underway after military aircraft goes down in water in Texas
Dec. 29th    Crews search for missing plane in north Hood Canal, Washington
Dec. 29th    Small plane crash reported at Tune Airport, Tennessee
Dec. 29th    1 Injured After Helicopter Crashes in Mount Baldy Area, California;-injuries-unknown/1678107/
Dec. 29th    Coast Guard searching for missing plane that took off from Burke Lakefront Airport
Dec. 30th     Three People Missing After Plane Flying Over Hawaiian Islands Disappears
Dec. 30th    Venezuela searches for missing military helicopter
Dec. 31st    Three Killed in Midair Plane Collision Near McKinney, Texas
Dec. 31st    4 People Dead In A Plane Crash In Southern Illinois
Dec. 31st    Man injured in small plane crash in Lee's Summit Park, Missouri after experiencing trouble with aircraft

Dec. 16th    Plane forced to return to Beijing airport after two passengers get into bloody brawl on board
Dec. 23rd    Hijacked Libyan plane lands in Malta with 118 people aboard
Dec. 28th    Unruly Couple Causes Plane's Return to Minneapolis Airport, Minnesota

Dec. 3rd     US pilot makes emergency landing during exercise in South Korea 
Dec. 11th    China Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Wake Island, Micronesia
Dec. 22nd    Biman flight makes emergency landing, Bangladesh

Dec. 1st    18 Killed in China as Bus Plunges Into a Lake
Dec. 3rd     1 killed, 7 hurt in cheerleader bus crash in Texas
Dec. 5th    10 children among 12 dead in bus crash in rural district Russia
Dec. 10th    7 killed, 29 injured in Bulgarian tanker train explosion after derailing
Dec. 26th    30 drown after boat carrying football team capsizes on Lake Albert
Dec. 31st    Riders stuck 130 feet in the air on malfunctioning ride at Knott's Berry Farm

Dec. 2nd    Transatlantic flight forced to make emergency landing at Shannon, Ireland after passenger falls ill
Dec. 2nd    Flight diverts to Shannon, Ireland with hydraulic issue
Dec. 24th    Tragedy as girl aged 10 dies after transatlantic jet diverted to Shannon, Ireland
Dec. 25th    Another flight has been diverted to Shannon, Ireland because of a medical emergency
Dec. 26th    Transatlantic jet diverted to Shannon Airport due to rest room malfunction
Dec. 30th    Plane diverts to Shannon, Ireland over medical emergency

Now, with another year that has come to a close, we can look back and see what kind of planet we lived on in 2016. There were many beautiful happenings in 2016, but who needs to be warned about the good things. Each one can take stock in his or her own life for the many blessings that 2016 brought. Remember those things with a spirit of humility and gratitude. Give thanks for the small and big things alike. Keep in mind as well that many suffered over the past year; perhaps you can send out a silent prayer for the many lives that were devastated in the headlines that were covered. 

There is work to do as we enter into 2017. We have been given the information. It is up to us what we do with it. Seek diligently the face of Heaven while It may still be found. Pray the earnest prayer of faith and as much as it is given to you shine forth the light that you have received. 2017 will not give us a break, at least it won’t during the time that the year of release is in process, it is also the year of the rooster and many chickens will be coming home to roost before we are released. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” tell your friends and family, and join us next month as we begin highlighting headlines that takes place in the 2017 Global Forecast Update for 2017.