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                                    2016 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE OCTOBER 2016


                                                                                             OCTOBER 31, 2016​
Isaiah 21:6
For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.

As we prepare for winter, reflecting back on our original forecast we stated that the weeks leading up to the Jewish Feast called Tabernacles would take us into another contraction that would continue well after the feast. The feast began at sunset on October 15th and we documented that there was an uptick in disturbances in human affairs in late August. The contractions got more intense in just about every phase of human activity.
Those who have been following the updates have been informed of the contractions. As we see the news events that have presented themselves thus far, this fall, it would be prudent to plan for challenging times ahead. This year we have seen a great increase in human anger manifesting in protests against authorities. We have seen storms, quakes and other earth shaking events ravaging lives. We have seen greater fears being broadcasted especially in the areas of terror and disease. These are all happening globally. Things have been quickly heating up for those who are paying attention, but for those who are not paying attention it’s not. A brief time of relief may seemingly present itself before long, but in that, we will soon see that what we thought to be the true – is not, and what we thought to be false – was indeed true. This is already taking place, and will become more evident as we continue through the near future. Those preparing to navigate through the stormy waters of the time will find their efforts very rewarding before long.
Next month is the US elections, and the chaos that is rampant upon human affairs will not spare this spectacle that has been cast in order to captivate the people. Don’t be surprised if there is an unprecedented twist to the US presidential elections that leaves us with an unexpected situation, or no, presidential inauguration in January, or something that will leave us with our mouths wide open. This is all due to the war in heaven that we have mentioned in past forecasts.   
In each update, our readers of the trouble spots that we believe need some attention. These have not all come to pass yet, and they all may not due to the fact that covert, overt, seen and unseen factions are at war. However many have come to pass and we believe they all will. Here they are once more:

An election cycle that has certainly not been the norm, and is unlikely to become so
Increases in the amount of record natural disasters
Escalating oil prices sometime this year
Great scandals emerge that cause great men and women to step down
Great companies and nations of renown may topple 
Terror strikes in USA and other nations
The human population becoming increasingly angry
Increases in diseases
Global financial unrest
Possible food shortages
And disruptions in travel (sea, road, air and rail)

In the Book of Hosea 4:1-3 we see: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.” If we are paying attention it’s hard to deny that the inhabitants of the land commit all sorts of atrocities in addition to the unethical behavior sited in the above scriptural quote. It should be no big surprise that the beasts of the field, birds of the air, and fish of the deep are disappearing at record levels. The following headlines are just part of the result (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                          ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING AT RECORD PACE

Oct. 3rd        60 tons of fish have died in a lake in Hanoi, Vietnam
Oct. 3rd        Avian Flu Kills Thousands Of Pullets In Nigeria
Oct. 3rd        Return of bird flu: 14,000 chickens already incinerated in the Western Region of Cameroon
Oct. 3rd        Large die off of fish found in Arkansas, America
Oct. 4th        Large number of fish die in a river in Neembucu, Paraguay
Oct. 5th        Dozens of dead birds turning up at Weeks Bay, Alabama, America
Oct. 6th        Large die off of fish washing up along the river Ljungan, Sweden
Oct. 6th        Mass die off of fish in the waters of Corrientes, Argentina
Oct. 7th        69,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Oct. 7th        Large amount of dead fish washing ashore in Naples, Florida, America
Oct. 9th        Hundreds of thousands of poultry killed due to avian flu in China
Oct. 10th    Millions of fish dead after typhoon in fish farms in Jeju, South Korea
Oct. 11th    Avian flu kills dozens of ducks in North Sulawesi, culling in order, Indonesia
Oct. 11th    Thousands of dead fish wash up in Louisiana, America
Oct. 12th    7 dead dolphins found washed up in Boyd's Cove, Canada
Oct. 12th    1.5 million fish have died 'due to pollution' in fish farms on Buyuk Menderes River, Turkey
Oct. 13th    20 Tons of fish 'died suddenly' in fish farms in Paminggir, Indonesia
Oct. 13th    Millions of chickens dead from flooding in North Carolina, America
Oct. 15th    Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Oct. 15th    Thousands of dead fish washing up on beaches in Ceredigion and Gwynedd, Wales
Oct. 15th    12 whales have washed up dead during the past couple weeks in Taipei, Taiwan
Oct. 16th    10 dead sea lions and dolphins found on the coast of Chimbote, Peru
Oct. 17th    10,000 endangered frogs die in Peru
Oct. 18th    Hundreds of dead fish washing up in Marco Island, Florida, America
Oct. 18th    Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Bahia, Brazil
Oct. 20th    Mass die off of fish in the waters of Mugla Province, Turkey
Oct. 23rd    Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up on a river in Louisiana, America
Oct. 23rd    100 sea birds found dead on a beach in Tome, Biobio, Chile
Oct. 25th    Mass die off of sunflower starfish along the coast of British Columbia, Canada
Oct. 26th    10 TONS of fish die in the river Jucu in Brazil
Oct. 26th    Mass die off of mussels along 50 miles of Big Darby Creek in Ohio, America
Oct. 26th    2,000 dead fish found washed up on a beach in Praia do forte, Brazil
Oct. 26th    Hundreds of dead sea birds found on a beach in Araucania, Chile
Oct. 27th    World on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020
Oct. 27th    1,000+ ducks killed due to avian flu in Alappuzha, India
Oct. 27th    Thousands of fish die in a lake in Hanoi, Vietnam
Oct. 27th    100+ sea birds found washed up in Salaverry Harbor, Peru
Oct. 28th    17,000 birds killed due to avian flu in North Brabant, Netherlands
Oct. 28th    Thousands of dead fish found in a reservoir in Girardot, Colombia
Oct. 28th    Dozens of dead dolphins found along the coast of Kuakata, Bangladesh
Oct. 29th    Large number of dead turtles found washed up on beaches in Pescara, Italy

                                                    EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Many of us have read or heard that in the last days there will be earthquakes in place after place. Once again the holy scriptures do not leave us in the dark as to what to pay attention to in preparation of the last days. The USGS recorded 8,204 earthquakes during October 2016. Six hundred and forty one were above a magnitude 4.0.  More than 90% of the following 32 did not make the mainstream news in October however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Oct. 2nd      Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits WNW of Balingasay, Philippines
Oct. 4th        Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits NNW of Chichi-shima, Japan
Oct. 6th        Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits ESE of Taitung City, Taiwan
Oct. 8th        Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits NE of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands
Oct. 8th        Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits NE of Opotiki, New Zealand
Oct. 9th        Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits W of Tobelo, Indonesia
Oct. 12th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits SSE of Taron, Papua New Guinea
Oct. 12th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits SSE of Ndoi Island, Fiji
Oct. 15th    Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits NNE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea
Oct. 15th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits NNW of Rodotopion, Greece
Oct. 17th    Magnitude 6.9 earthquake hits WNW of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea
Oct. 17th    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits NE of Dartang, China
Oct. 18th    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits South of the Fiji Islands
Oct. 18th    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hits W of Pointe Michel, Dominica
Oct. 19th    Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits N of Indramayu, Indonesia
Oct. 20th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Oct. 20th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits NNW of Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands
Oct. 21st    Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits S of Kurayoshi, Japan
Oct. 23rd    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits E of Shikotan, Russia
Oct. 26th    Magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits WNW of Hihifo, Tonga
Oct. 26th    Magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits W of Visso, Italy
Oct. 27th    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits E of Bitung, Indonesia
Oct. 27th    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits S of False Pass, Alaska
Oct. 27th    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits WSW of San Antonio, Chile
Oct. 28th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits SSE of Taron, Papua New Guinea
Oct. 28th    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits NNE of Ustica, Italy
Oct. 29th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits Prince Edward Islands region
Oct. 30th    Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits N of Norcia, Italy shakes Rome
Oct. 31st    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits SE of Sur, Oman

                                                      “NATURAL” WEATHER EMERGENCIES

Today we see a great deal of natural disasters. Some are natural and some bio-engineered. Despite our many technological advancements, financial acquisitions, and intellectual accomplishments, it is safe to say that mankind’s rigid, stubborn and savvy tendencies will not protect us from the wrath of nature or from our bio-engineered storms. In every manner, when we act against the very principles of nature we are sure to lose every time. It is by yielding to our Source that we will find the protection from our Heavenly Father much like any loving parent would offer to his or her children. We see the intensification in the amounts and severity of weather emergencies that have struck the world in October. The following is just a glimpse:

Oct. 3rd        Deadly hurricane Matthew blasts Caribbean
Oct. 4th        Cuba declares a state of emergency in six provinces as hurricane
Oct. 4th        US braces as Hurricane Matthew slams Haiti and Jamaica
Oct. 4th        Floods in Durango, Mexico Leave 5 Dead
Oct. 5th        Hurricane Matthew pounds Haiti and Cuba, moving towards Bahamas and US
Oct. 5th        Typhoon Chaba batters S. Korea, disrupts ports and kills 3
Oct. 5th        At least 11 dead as Hurricane Matthew wreaks devastation across Caribbean
Oct. 5th        South Korea: Deadly Typhoon Chaba flips cars, floods homes
Oct. 6th        Typhoon Chaba hits S. Korea, at least 5 killed, 4 missing
Oct. 6th        Hurricane Matthew kills at least 108 in Haiti
Oct. 6th        Hurricane Matthew forces mass exodus from Florida, South Carolina 
Oct. 3rd        Hurricane Matthew Causes Deaths in Haiti and Dominican Republic
Oct. 3rd        Further Floods Hit South Australia, More Evacuations in New South Wales, Australia
Oct. 6th        7 Dead After Typhoon Chaba Dumps 280 mm of Rain
Oct. 6th        Death toll in Haiti from Matthew now 339
Oct. 7th        Hurricane Matthew Leaves 11 Dead, Flooding in 4 States, USA
Oct. 7th        Hurricane Matthew - Florida 300,000 Lose Power
Oct. 7th        Hurricane Matthew - Florida 300,000 Lose Power
Oct. 8th        Typhoon Aere, 19th this year, moves west to China’s Hainan Province
Oct. 8th        Almost 900 people dead in Haiti from Matthew
Oct. 8th        Hurricane Matthew's US Death Toll Rises to 13; Nearly 2 Million Without Power
Oct. 9th        Cities and towns across Europe are warned to adapt to extreme weather
Oct. 11th    Evacuations ordered after threat of Woodlake Dam failure
Oct. 11th    Rain From Storm Matthew Floods North Carolina, Rivers Still Rising, Thousands Stranded
Oct. 12th    Floods Leave 1 Dead in Albania, Hundreds Evacuated in Romania
Oct. 13th    Record Rain Causes Floods in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Canada
Oct. 13th    Severe Flooding in North Carolina Breaks 14 Peak Flow Records, USA
Oct. 13th    Deadly Floods in Catalonia After 25cm of Rain in 24 Hours, Spain
Oct. 13th    Major Hurricane Nicole unleashes 120-mph winds in rare strike on Bermuda
Oct. 13th    More than 650,000 adversely affected by drought in Sri Lanka
Oct. 14th    Wind, rain wallop Pacific Northwest as storm approaches
Oct. 14th    Back-to-back storms to wallop Pacific Northwest, Saturday’s could be ‘historic’
Oct. 14th    Floods and Storms in Odessa Leave 3 Dead, Ukraine
Oct. 17th    Torrential Rain and Floods Leave 24 Dead in Vietnam
Oct. 17th    Typhoon Sarika Prompts 40,000 Evacuations in Philippines
Oct. 17th    2 Dead After Floods in Eastern Region, Ghana
Oct. 19th    Aid Groups in Philippines Ready Food, Shelter to Respond to Super Typhoon
Oct. 19th    Super Typhoon Haima hits Philippines as equivalent of Category 4 hurricane
Oct. 20th    Typhoon Haima leaves at least 5 dead in northern Philippines
Oct. 20th    Typhoon Haima: Philippines hit by second storm in a week
Oct. 20th    Several Dead After Floods and Landslides in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
Oct. 20th    Flooding Causes Further Fatalities as Tropical Cyclone Sarika Approaches, Vietnam
Oct. 21st    Hong Kong shuts down as Typhoon Haima lashes city
Oct. 21st    Heavy rains bring flooding, school closures, evacuations in PA
Oct. 21st    Over 90,000 people flee Philippines as Typhoon Haima slams northern part
Oct. 21st    4 Dead, 13,000 Families Affected by Floods After Rivers Overflow in Chocó Department, Columbia
Oct. 21st    1 Dead, 1000s Evacuated as Floods Affect Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama
Oct. 21st    Heavy Rain and Floods Prompt Evacuations in Pennsylvania
Oct. 24th    Seymour becomes a major Category 3 hurricane in the Pacific
Oct. 24th    Floods in Bandung, West Java, Leave 1 Dead, Indonesia
Oct. 24th    Deadly Floods in Andalusia, Spain 120mm of Rain in 24 Hours
Oct. 27th    Floods in Gorontalo Force Thousands to Evacuate
Oct. 27th    Farming Areas Devastated After Floods in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Oct. 28th    Heavy Rain Causes Damaging Floods and Landslides in Jamaica
Oct. 29th    Deadly Flash Floods in Red Sea and Sohag Areas of Egypt

                                                       ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62: 
“If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
Activities of those playing god have effectively caused sicknesses and diseases, mental and physical alike to cling to the inhabitants of the earth. There are orders who have worked in secret by getting their operatives into positions of authority through any means necessary. If we had the opportunity to investigate we would find their agents in high positions in the military, banking, government, business, medicine, education, science, media, entertainment, agriculture and religion. The network of actors is loyal to their dark initiation and is behind a plot to depopulate the earth, effectively fulfilling the scripture: “Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
Through secret laboratories, scientists are funded, and laws are passed by governments to secretly infect certain classes of the population with all sorts of plagues, viruses, and diseases (biological weapons). Their activities have also triggered a natural effect that is being manifested in an increase in meteors, in our planet being heated up from its core, which is causing an increase in volcanic activity. These effects have also caused a disturbance in the earth’s poles that cause an increase in earthquakes and sinkholes, and will prove to be devastating for the entire planet. Below we can see some of the issues that we face today:

Oct. 2nd    90 hurt in cafe gas explosion in Velez-Malaga in Spain
Oct. 2nd    Southern California Issues Major Earthquake Warning
Oct. 3rd        US says climate change threatens Glacier Nat'l Park insects
Oct. 3rd        South African summer to be hotter than normal due to drought
Oct. 3rd        Gas explosion kills 3 in China’s northeastern city of Harbin
Oct. 3rd        US says climate change threatens Glacier Nat'l Park insects
Oct. 4th        Natural Gas Line Ruptures at Private Business Des Moines Airport, Iowa
Oct. 4th        Blast destroys 2 homes, damage 15, 10 injured in New Jersey
Oct. 5th         A sinkhole that swallowed a car in South Australia
Oct. 5th        Massive Fireball Streaks Across US East Coast and Canada, Prompts Plane Crash Fears
Oct. 10th    At least 20 killed, several missing after 4 buildings collapse in China’s Zhejiang Province
Oct. 10th    Pollutants under alert levels after E. China pharmaceutical factory explosion
Oct. 11th    7 in 10 Americans have Less Than $1,000 in Savings
Oct. 12th    Sunrise meteor breaks apart over Mississippi and Alabama, US
Oct. 12th    US Air Force Probes Classified Computer Network Outage at Drone Base, in Nevada
Oct. 13th    More than 650,000 adversely affected by drought in Sri Lanka
Oct. 13th    Obama signs executive order on space weather events
Oct. 14th    Droughts and Floods: India’s Water Crises Demand More Than Grand Projects
Oct. 17th    More Fatalities Reported in North Carolina, Some Rivers to Remain Above Flood Stage for 1 Week, USA
Oct. 18th    Hospital Fire in India Kills at Least 20
Oct. 19th    King Tide floods the streets of South Florida
Oct. 19th    King Tides Will Continue to Swamp Atlantic, Gulf Coasts This Week
Oct. 19th    What’s a king tide and why are they flooding Boston’s waterfront?
Oct. 19th    Eight people injured in natural gas explosion in NW Portland
Oct. 21st    New Mysterious Loud Booms in Idaho and California
Oct. 23rd    Huge sinkhole swallows car in Sicily
Oct. 23rd    Guacamole runs short as avocado prices surge
Oct. 24th    Chromium-6 was found in 75% of Drinking Water
Oct. 24th    Global CO2 Concentration Passes Threshold of 400 ppm—And That’s Bad for the Climate
Oct. 24th    Radioactive leak reported in Norway
Oct. 25th    11 feared dead as gold mine collapses in western Indonesia
Oct. 26th    Landslide in Columbia kills at least six
Oct. 26th    Siberia, Russia meteor
Oct. 27th    140,000 Still Homeless After Hurricane Matthew
Oct. 28th    Zimbabwe dam levels at record lows after drought
Oct. 28th    Alabama's 'Worst Drought In Memory' Is About To Get Even Worse
Oct. 31st    13 Chinese coal miners dead, 20 missing after gas explosion
Oct. 31st    UNICEF says 2 billion children breathe toxic air
Oct. 31st    Apparent gas line explosion rocks Helena, Alabama
Oct. 31st    10 Killed, 6 Missing in Antioquia Landslide
Oct. 31st    Mysterious object appears over Japan may be meteor or satellite

                                                        SIGNS AND WONDERS OF THE TIMES 

In these final days we are promised to see many signs and wonders, so much that if it were possible it would fool the very elects. Much of what we see and hear from our various media outlets is designed to manipulate the collective thought processes of the masses who have been captivated through fear and lower passions and desires. Through a multitude of false information the entire planet has been deceived on one level or another to fall into pockets of a created matrix filled with thickets to hitch the unsuspecting. There are signs in the heavens and the earth, sun, moon, planets and stars that are hardly noticed. There is increasing persecution for certain classes of people. There are more electronic and power grid issues than ever before and strange creatures are being documented as seen. Before long we will be forced to re-think some of the things we thought were myths and legends. Much of what we thought was true we will soon find to be false and vise versa. Below is only a small example of the signs that are subtly creeping in: 

Oct. 2nd    Cairo airport security plan to include retinal scan of employees
Oct. 5th        Iraqi Transport Minister Kazem Finjan: 5,000-Year-Old Sumerian Airport Served for Space Travel
Oct. 5th        Aliens built space base on Earth 7,000 YEARS AGO to discover PLANET X, minister claims
Oct. 13th    Satanic Temple plans to open state’s first after school club at Tacoma elementary school
Oct. 13th    Satanic Temple asks City Council for OK to give invocation
Oct. 14th    Boston-based Satanic Temple wants to perform City Council invocation
Oct. 14th    Israel freezes UNESCO ties for 'denying Jewish holy sites'
Oct. 14th    United Airlines System wide Computer Glitch Leads to Delayed Flights, Paper Tickets, Long Lines
Oct.18th    Scientists discover two mysterious ‘chambers’ in the Great Pyramid of Giza
Oct.18th    'UFO orb' spotted flying over active volcano sparks fears of imminent eruption
Oct. 24th    Christian bakers who refused to make 'gay cake' lose discrimination appeal
Oct. 25th    German police carry out nationwide anti-terror raids
Oct. 26th    Elementary school parents battle 'After School Satan Club'
Oct. 31st    Alaska's mysterious "Ice Monster" sparks comparisons to Loch Ness

                                                          GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

Jeremiah 17:5:    
This is what YHWH says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from YHWH.”
We have written about the unseen war that is being waged in the unseen world that is being manifested in the earth as global unrest in many forms. One of these forms is economical. There is a shift in economic power taking place and we will soon see the full effect of this change. There will be a false relief that the unsuspecting will welcome, but until then we see financial pressure on various sectors. As we look below we see nations, cities and organizations that are being forced into drastic changes. These changes trickle down to people to create financial instability, so when relief is offered there will be only one choice for most: 
Oct. 1st`    China is Cutting off Cash to Venezuela
Oct. 3rd        Grand Junction Colo. - Seek Volunteer for Layoffs
Oct. 4th        Philadelphia Housing Authority to lay off 126 
Oct. 4th    IMF Cuts Growth Forecast for US and Neighbors
Oct. 5th    Nigeria lowers 2016 forecast, expect economy to shrink 1.3%
Oct. 6th        City of Joplin to lay off 8
Oct. 11th    Greece to receive 2.8 billion euro bailout loans from Eurozone creditors
Oct. 20th    Omaha Public Power Fort Calhoun set to lay off workers
Oct. 20th    Minnesota Power announced closing two small coal-fired generators in northern Minnesota
Oct. 29th    Onondaga County NY - Budget may = 13 Layoffs
Oct. 29th    Maine - 12+ DHHS Worker Layoff Notices
Oct. 26th    IMF cuts 2016 Sub-Sahara Africa outlook to 1.4% from 3%

Oct. 3rd        ING (International) - 7,000 Layoffs Some Branch Closings
Oct. 4th        Chicago Public Schools to lay off 250
Oct. 6th        University of Illinois 500+ layoffs in Last 18 Months
Oct. 13th    Wayne Central School District - Considering closing 2 Elementary Schools
Oct. 14th    St. Joseph Central High School closing in Pittsfield MA
Oct. 17th    Career Point College in San Antonio closing
Oct. 18th    Little Rock School District Ark. - Considers School Closing / Staff Cuts

Oct. 1st`    Minnesota Hiking O.Care Premiums at Least 50%
Oct. 4th        UC Irvine Health to lay off 175
Oct. 4th        Muscogee Creek Nation Dept. Health to lay off 123
Oct. 4th        Greatbatch Medical facilities closing in Clarence NY
Oct. 5th        Pfizer in Rocky Mount - Layoffs Coming
Oct. 5th        Emergent BioSolutions in Lansing to lay off 91
Oct. 6th    Theranos will close labs and Walgreens testing sites, laying off hundreds of employees
Oct. 6th        Summa Health will have layoffs
Oct. 8th        Detroit East Health Services located at Mack and Mt. Elliott on Detroit's east side
Oct. 8th        Samaritan Health Announces Layoffs
Oct. 13th    Oak Grove Residential Care in Chatham VA
Oct. 13th    St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma to lay off 36
Oct. 13th    Community Westview Hospital to lay off 187
Oct. 14th    Cook County Hospital Network -200 Layoff Notices
Oct. 18th    NC Blue Cross Rate Increase of  24.3% for ACA Plans
Oct. 18th    Rising O.Care Premium Anger those paying Full Price
Oct. 18th    DentalOne Partners to close Independence HQ - 53 Layoffs
Oct. 20th    KV Supply closing David City pharmacy, retail store
Oct. 21st    Baptist Memorial Hospital in Union City, Tennessee closing Business Office 
Oct. 23rd    Obamacare Premiums to Increase by Double Digits in 2017
Oct. 28th    Athenahealth to lay off 100+
Oct. 28th    Winn-Dixie is closing pharmacies in 6 of its Jacksonville grocery stores
Oct. 29th    Meda Pharmaceutical to lay off 94

Oct. 3rd    Illinois will suspend business with Wells Fargo
Oct. 3rd    Sham Account Scandal Costs Wells Fargo $30 Billion Of Investment Activity With The State Of Illinois
Oct. 13th    Coldwell Banker First Realty, 2731 12th Ave. S. in Fargo ND
Oct. 14th    Deutsche Bank to lay off Another 10,000
Oct. 15th    Deutsche Bank mulls Partial US Retreat to Cut Costs
Oct. 17th    Pres. Admin: Budget Deficit Increases to $587B
Oct. 21st    Bombardier to lay off 7,500 over 2 Years
Oct. 21st    Comerica Bank closing 16 Michigan Branches
Oct. 25th    Goldman Sachs to lay off 20 more
Oct. 26th    Citizen’s Bank close on North Main Street in Ashley
Oct. 27th    BOK Financial to lay off 100

Oct. 1st    Brass House, a Jazz and blues bar is closing on San Jacinto Boulevard in Austin Texas
Oct. 2nd    TJ's Frozen Yogurt and Gourmet Coffee closing north San Angelo TX location
Oct. 3rd        Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. files for bankruptcy
Oct. 4th        Red Robin Burger Works is closing all of its Chicago fast casual locations
Oct. 4th        Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. closing 20 to 30 Stores
Oct. 5th        Craft Brew Alliance Woodinville Wash. to lay off 12+
Oct. 5th        Smart Yogurt closing in Ithaca NY
Oct. 5th        Spoke Wine Bar is closing in Davis Square
Oct. 6th        Souplantation will close up to 30 Restaurant
Oct. 6th        Mex Restaurant at 295 Alexander St. in Rochester NY
Oct. 6th        Sakura Tokyo Restaurant closing in Worchester MA
Oct. 7th        Golden Corral closing in New Bern NC
Oct. 8th        Brown's Root Beer and Sandwich Shop in South Lyon Michigan
Oct. 8th        Alchemy Bar & Grill, 5413 S. 72nd St Omaha NE
Oct. 11th    Ponzo's Italian Food  Houston TX Closing
Oct. 11th    The Andersons Fresh Market closing in Sylvania Ohio
Oct. 12th    Nature's Bin closing in Lakewood Ohio
Oct. 13th    The Century Grill, 318 Pearl St. in Buffalo NY
Oct. 14th    San Diego-based Stone Brewing - Some Layoffs coming
Oct. 14th    Denninger's closing its Jackson Square Deli
Oct. 15th    Boloco restaurant closing on Burlington’s Church Street in VT
Oct. 17th    Bootleggers Café closing in Rocky Mount VA
Oct. 18th    O’Malia’s Food Market, closing at 8904 S. Meridian St. Indianapolis IN
Oct. 18th    Lucille's piano bar closing in Milwaukee WI
Oct. 18th    Si Italian Bistro closing in Las Cruces NM
Oct. 18th    Lo-Cost Meat and Fish Market closing in San Francisco CA
Oct. 18th    Berri Yummi closing Pike Creek shop DE
Oct. 20th    Rocket 88 Doughnuts is closing both its locations: Fountain Square and SoBro
Oct. 21st    Sammy T's restaurant closing in Fredericksburg VA
Oct. 21st    Sigel's Beverages files for bankruptcy
Oct. 24th    Mrs. Green's Natural Market - Closing Stores
Oct. 24th    Taco J's closing in Haysville KS
Oct. 25th    Apple Market 903 N 36th St, St Joseph, MO
Oct. 25th    Fiesta Restaurant Group Inc. closing eight stores in Texas including New Braunfels, two others Nashville and Atlanta
Oct. 26th    The Ghost Town Restaurant West Yellowstone Highway stop WY is closing
Oct. 26th    Lucky LuLu’s closing at 691 Higuera St. in San Luis Obispo Ca. 
Oct. 26th    Seattle Old Spaghetti Factory WA closing
Oct. 28th    John Bozeman’s Bistro close in Bozeman MT
Oct. 28th    Top That Restaurant closing in Palmyra PA. 
Oct. 29th    John Hawks Pub closing in Milwaukee WI

Oct. 2nd    Souplantation chain files for bankruptcy
Oct. 4th    Don Pablo's files for bankruptcy
Oct. 7th    Quintess LLC files for bankruptcy
Oct. 17th    Channel Technologies Group LLC files for bankruptcy
Oct. 24th    Offenbachers files for bankruptcy
Oct. 24th    Empire Schuylkill LP files for bankruptcy
Oct. 25th    U.S. Light Energy files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Oct. 30th    Performance Sports Group Ltd. Files for bankruptcy 

Oct. 1st`    Subaru Recalls 600k Cars for Windshield Wiper Issue
Oct. 3rd    Samsung Top Loading Washer may Explode
Oct. 4th        Ericsson (Sweden) to lay off 3,000
Oct. 4th        Cypress Semiconductor to lay off 500 worldwide
Oct. 4th        AT&T - Manager Layoffs by End of Year
Oct. 7th        Exxon disagrees with court's $75 billion fine for its Chad consortium
Oct. 7th        Aéropostale is calling all Capital Region Stores NY - Crossgates Mall, Colonie Center and Wilton Mall to close
Oct. 8th        Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City closing Monday
Oct. 9th        Verizon - Cutting Jobs in Stores Across the Country
Oct. 11th    Fujitsu (UK) to lay off 1,800
Oct. 11th    GM Defiance, Ohio Foundry to lay off 150
Oct. 11th    Faurecia closing 2 Plants in Detroit Michigan - 348 Layoffs
Oct. 11th    IEC Electronics Corp. - Sells Plants, Cuts Jobs
Oct. 11th    Waseca's Dollar General closing MN
Oct. 12th    Toyota recalls 340,000 Prius hybrid cars for faulty brakes
Oct. 12th    Samsung Estimates $2.3 Billion Loss Over Galaxy Note 7 Troubles
Oct. 12th    Volkswagen - 25,000 Job cuts over Next Decade
Oct. 12th    Daewoo Shipbuilding to lay off 3,000
Oct. 12th    Hanjin HQ to lay off 127
Oct. 13th    Verizon Wireless will close Call Centers in Lincoln Nebraska. - Total of 5
Oct. 13th    Verizon Wireless closing 2 Connecticut Call Centers in Wallingford & Meriden
Oct. 13th    Verizon Wireless closing its Rancho Cordova Customer Service & Call Center in January
Oct. 13th    Verizon to lay off 250 in Orangeburg Facility by May
Oct. 14th    HP Inc. plans to cut 3,000 to 4,000 jobs over the next three years
Oct. 18th    Harley-Davidson - Layoffs Coming
Oct. 18th    Gap closing down all its UK Banana Republic Stores
Oct. 19th    Fiat Chrysler recalls 74,833 vehicles in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
Oct. 19th    Boeing Plant on Avondale Mill Road in Macon Ga - 100+ Jobs Lost
Oct. 20th    Hyundai recalls Sonata because sunroof could fly off
Oct. 20th    Ford Motor - 13,000 Temp Layoffs
Oct. 21st    Hewlett Packard Co in Des Moines to lay off 30+
Oct. 21st    Honeywell Aerospace - Job Cuts coming
Oct. 22nd    Boeing to lay off 180 Layoffs
Oct. 22nd             Hastings closing at 1425 George Washington Way in Richland WA
Oct. 23rd    Office Max closing store on Menaul near Carlisle Albuquerque NM
Oct. 23rd    Wal-Mart closing stores in Piedmont and Caruthersville Missouri
Oct. 24th    Gannett to lay off 2% of Workforce - 350+
Oct. 24th    Yokohama Tyre Plant USA to lay off  50 from Salem Facility
Oct. 24th    The Sears Appliance and Hardware store closing on Mahoning Avenue in Austin town Ohio
Oct. 24th    Sears Canada will be closing their store at Penhorn Mall in Dartmouth
Oct. 24th    Richard Simmons Beverly Hills Studios is closing
Oct. 25th    Farmers Insurance Hillsboro Facility to lay off 90+
Oct. 26th    Subaru recalls 100K vehicles over air pumps that can catch fire
Oct. 26th    Toyota recalling 5.8 million cars over Takata air bag
Oct. 26th    General Dynamics NASSCO to lay off 700 Poss. in Jan
Oct. 26th    Sears Operations Center in High Point NC closing
Oct. 27th    Ford Recalls 329,000 Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs for Fuel Leaks
Oct. 27th    TCEH to lay off 500
Oct. 27th    Offenbachers closing 8 Stores
Oct. 27th    Sears closing stores in Edwardsville and Collinsville
Oct. 27th    Walmart to close Piedmont Store
Oct. 28th    Twitter to lay off 350
Oct. 28th    BMW recalls 154,472 various models with fuel pump issue
Oct. 30th    Metro's proposed budget plan cuts 1,000 positions

Oct. 9th        Goldman sees shock potential for US and Europe stock this year
Oct. 11th    Hurricane Matthew could cost $25-30 bln
Oct. 11th    7 in 10 Americans have Less Than $1,000 in Savings 
Oct. 12th    US Job Opening Fall to Lowest Level in 8 Months
Oct. 12th    Hoekstra's True Value Hardware closing in Kalamazoo MI
Oct. 12th    Payless Shoes closing in Fairview Shopping Center in Centralia IL
Oct. 13th    2 out of 3 People in Detroit have Debt in Collections
Oct. 13th    Yorkville OfficeMax store is closing
Oct. 13th    Paoli LLC closing Orleans Plant, 467 Layoffs
Oct. 14th    AppNexus to lay off 150
Oct. 14th    Charter Communications closing in Charlotte NC to lay off 258
Oct. 15th    Jacobsen to lay off 200 in Charlotte
Oct. 17th    Luminant to lay off 132 Northeast Texas Mine
Oct. 17th    Rexnord Corp - Moving 300 Jobs to Mexico
Oct. 20th    Enbridge to lay off 160 in US, 370 in Canada
Oct. 21st    International Automotive Components to lay off 500

                                                                         GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

As we stated at the beginning of our 2016 forecast, the inhabitants of the earth are becoming angrier and angrier and it will get worse. Unsatisfied, because they have separated from the peace that comes from their source we see the manifestation in protest and bloodshed across the globe.  The nations are angry and YHWH’s wrath has now drawn upon us. Clearly the Spirit which administers the fruits of peace is not prevalent in our world today. As we look at the following headlines it is clear to see that something is happening with the inhabitants of the earth:

Oct. 1st        Police use water cannon against pro-migrant activist in Calais, France
Oct. 1st        Charlotte protesters rally at jail to support those arrested
Oct. 2nd    Dozens killed in stampede during Ethiopia protest
Oct. 2nd    Union logs patient safety concerns during Allina nurses strike
Oct. 2nd    Protesters gather after Los Angeles police fatally shoot man following car chase
Oct. 3rd        Women Go On Strike In Poland To Protest Proposed Anti-Abortion Law
Oct. 4th        Police clash with protesting students in Johannesburg, S. Africa
Oct. 9th        Ethiopia declares state of emergency after months of protests
Oct. 11th    Man drives through crowd of Columbus Day protesters in Reno
Oct. 12th    Police, students clash in fees protest in South African capital
Oct. 12th    Hundreds rally against planned austerity measures in Brazil
Oct. 17th    Thousands take part in anti-government protest in Hungary
Oct. 17th    Thousands march in protest against same sex marriage in Paris
Oct. 18th    Jim Beam whiskey workers strike at 2 distilleries in Kentucky
Oct. 19th    Philippine police van rams protesters in front of US Embassy
Oct. 19th    Pennsylvania Faculty Members at 14 State Universities Go on Strike
Oct. 20th    Thousands join ‘Black Wednesday’ protests worldwide after brutal gang-rape and death of 16-year-old girl
Oct. 22nd    Dozens of demonstrators arrested at North Dakota pipeline
Oct. 26th    Protesters halt George Washington Bridge traffic into Manhattan; cops arrest 10
Oct. 26th    Venezuela opposition escalates anti-Maduro protests, dozens injured
Oct. 27th    Dakota Access Pipeline: Protesters Ousted From Camp as Police Use Pepper Spray
Oct. 27th    Hundreds Protest Trump at Opening of His Hotel
Oct. 30th          Controversial CETA deal signed as protesters storm European Council in Brussels
Oct 31st    Protesters seek resignation of ROK President over corruption scandal

Oct. 3rd        Suicide bombing on Kurdish wedding in Syria’s Hasakah kills 30
Oct. 3rd        10 killed, 30 wounded in suicide bombings in two Shite areas of Baghdad
Oct. 3rd        Border guard killed in militant attack on Indian army base in Kashmir
Oct. 3rd        Libyan government forces say 80 jihadists killed in Sirte
Oct. 3rd        2 killed, 12 wounded in twin blast in Syria’s Hama City
Oct. 3rd        6 killed, 35 wounded in blast in crowded marketplace in northern Afghan border province
Oct. 5th        Terror fears after knife-wielding man stabs two Belgian police officers
Oct. 5th        Suicide attack explosion in Afghan capital leaves at least 4 wounded
Oct. 5th        3 killed as gunmen attack a public transport van in Mexico
Oct. 6th        Terror attack on residential area kills at least 6 in northeast Kenya
Oct. 6th        At least 22 soldiers killed in Niger in attack on refugee camp
Oct. 8th        4 Police officers suffer burn injuries in Molotov cocktail attack in France
Oct. 8th        2 Suicide bombers explode during anti-terrorism ops in Ankara, Turkey
Oct. 8th        Egyptian man arrested in Kuwait after failed attack on American soldiers
Oct. 9th        Nine Myanmar police killed in attack on Bangladesh borders
Oct. 10th    Thai police step up security following Bangkok bomb attacks warning
Oct. 11th    At least 14 killed, 26 wounded in lone gunman attack Shite shrine in Kabul
Oct. 12th    At least 8 killed in car bomb in Nigeria’s Maiduguri
Oct. 13th    Rebels bomb school and bus stop killing at least 7 children in Aleppo
Oct. 15th    Three Kansas men arrested in terrorism plot
Oct. 15th    ISIS suicide bomber strikes Baghdad funeral tent, killing 46
Oct. 19th    Two Americans Killed in Attack Near Afghan Capital
Oct. 21st    ISIS attacks Kirkuk amid Mosul fight
Oct. 23rd    1 dead, 3 hurt after 2 explosions hit Japanese city; suicide suspected
Oct. 24th    1 dead, 17 injured in bomb explosion in southern Thailand
Oct. 24th    At least 60 now dead, scores wounded in Quetta attack
Oct. 25th    61 killed in police training center attack in SW Pakistan
Oct 31st    Palestinian gunman opens fire on West bank checkpoint wounding 3

Oct. 1st        Security guard shot by gunman in attack on Moscow synagogue
Oct. 5th        Sheriff's sergeant dies after being shot in Lancaster; 1 in custody
Oct. 8th        3 Palm Springs, CA Police officers were shot
Oct. 9th        Police officer and civilian killed, 4 wounded in Jerusalem vehicular terrorist attack
Oct. 13th    Gunman killed after wounding 11 Boston cops, 2 critically
Oct. 15th    Chicago female police officer being beating
Oct. 24th    Two killed, 2 Oklahoma officers shot, manhunt underway

Oct. 1st        Russia Warns US Military ‘Aggression’ In Syria Would Lead To ‘Terrible, Tectonic’ Consequences
Oct. 2nd    Russia said to send more warplanes to Syria, diplomacy 'on life support'
Oct. 3rd        US suspends negotiations with Russia over Syria ceasefire
Oct. 3rd        Russia slams US for trying to shift blame over Syria’s ceasefire suspension
Oct. 3rd        Russian president orders suspension of plutonium cleanup deal with US
Oct. 4th        Russian Defense Minister: S-300 air defense systems sent to Syria
Oct. 4th        Russia tells Citizens ‘Nuclear War with the West could Happen Soon’
Oct. 4th        US Military Told Prepare for Tactical Nuclear Exchange with Russia in Syria!
Oct. 5th        U.S. Army Chief Threatens War with Russia
Oct. 5th        US led air strikes on Syrian village kill 20, injure 40
Oct. 5th        Israel aircraft attack Hamas in Gaza after rocket hits Israel town
Oct. 6th        US considering strikes against Syrian government
Oct. 6th        Russia Warns US Not to Intervene in Syria
Oct. 6th        Russia warns of apocalyptic consequences of attacking Assad
Oct. 6th        Russian Defense Ministry: We will shoot down all unrecognized air craft over Syria
Oct. 6th        Russia Posts Provocative Tweet Warning US on Syria, Mocking Earnest
Oct. 7th        US accuses Russia of hacking campaign to influence 2016 elections
Oct. 8th        Russia: US allegations on hacking are groundless
Oct. 8th        Saudi-led coalition airstrike hits Yemen funeral, kills 82
Oct. 10th    US Navy ship targeted in failed Yemen missile attack
Oct. 12th    Yemen rebels fire two missiles at US ship; both miss
Oct. 13th    US launches strikes in Yemen after missiles aimed at American ships
Oct. 16th    Russia reveals ‘unmatched’ new DEATH RAY to blast NATO jets
Oct. 17th    In Somalia, U.S. Escalates a Shadow War
Oct. 20th    Philippine President Duterte announces separation from U.S.
Oct. 21st    UK Sends Warships to Watch Russian Ships in English Channel
Oct. 25th    Pakistan Army: Indian forces killed 2 civilians, wound 8
Oct. 28th    Saudi Arabia: Yemen rebels fire missile toward Mecca

Oct. 1st        India relocates 10,000 from around Kashmir as tensions rise
Oct. 1st        2 dead, 17 others wounded in city shootings
Oct. 3rd        Taliban says it has raised flag over Kunduz as civilians flee city
Oct. 3rd        6 people injured in two downtown Minneapolis shootings
Oct. 4th        Russian embassy in Damascus hit by mortar
Oct. 5th        Casualties reported after rebel rocket attacks hit Aleppo University
Oct. 5th        African Union troops kill 7 militants in Al-Shabaab ambush in S. Somalia
Oct. 6th        Clashes in Central African Republic leave 11 dead, 14 missing
Oct. 7th        India to seal entire border with Pakistan by Dec. 2018
Oct. 9th        1 killed, 8 others injured after shooting at Grand Rapids party
Oct. 10th    Over 32,000 people fleeing north Afghan city of Kunduz amid fighting
Oct. 10th    Russia plans permanent navy base in Tartus
Oct. 10th    S. Sudan says rebels killed 21 civilians in Ambush
Oct. 12th    Airstrike hits market in Syria's Aleppo, killing 15
Oct. 15th    West Adams mass shooting leaves 3 dead, 12 wounded at restaurant
Oct. 16th    Kerry: Situation in Aleppo worst humanitarian catastrophe since WWII
Oct. 16th    Tyson Gay’s teenage daughter Trinity killed in Kentucky restaurant shooting
Oct. 17th    Republican headquarters in North Carolina firebombed — ‘Nazi Republicans leave town or else’
Oct. 18th    Inmates beheaded in Brazil prison riots: police
Oct. 21st    From Cellphone Tracking To Facial Recognition: Minority Report Is Here
Oct. 22nd    Emmett Till memorial in Mississippi riddled with bullets
Oct. 22nd     Israel thanks Italy for stance on UNESCO Jerusalem resolution
Oct. 23rd    UNESCO adopts resolution over Jerusalem likely to anger Israel
Oct. 28th    Two shot at Townville Elementary School
Oct. 25th    Concern over Election Day chaos has some US schools canceling classes
Oct. 26th    Some 9,000 Iraqi’s displaced in military operation in Mosul
Oct. 26th    Syria airstrikes kill 26, mostly children, outside school
Oct. 27th    Polarizing campaign raises fear of violence at polling stations
Oct. 28th    West Ham vs Chelsea fan violence leads to seven arrests after 'unacceptable' behavior
Oct. 28th    Rebels launch offensive against government forces in Aleppo Syria
Oct. 28th    ISIS kill 232, seize 10,000 human shields near Mosul, Iraq
Oct. 29th          Trump rally in Brazil turns violent

                                      NATIONS ALERTED TO WATCH FOR SOCIAL UNREST

Throughout the publishing of the forecasts we have asked you to keep a close eye on Iran and Turkey, and this time is no different. Developments in Iran and Turkey continue into the year plagued by social mayhem. We stated in our first forecast that the Israeli government will be playing a covert role in the development of what we are seeing in the Middle East. Here is a peek at events in Iran and Turkey this month:

Oct. 1st        Iran's new attack drone modeled on captured US aircraft
Oct. 3rd        Iran warns US against direct military intervention in Syria
Oct. 5th        Turkish soldier and Syrian opposition fighters die in clashes
Oct. 5th        Iran-Allied Shiite Houthis Attack UAE Ship Carrying Aid to Yemen
Oct. 5th        US: Iran arming Yemeni Houthi who attacked UAE
Oct. 5th        Iran warns Saudi navy joining Gulf military drills to avoid its waters
Oct. 5th        Iraq warns Turkey military presence could trigger a regional war
Oct. 8th        Turkey suicide bombers blow themselves up after being stopped by police
Oct. 9th        Truck bomb attack kills 18 in southeast Turkey
Oct. 12th    Turkey purges NATO military Envoys after failed coup
Oct. 13th    Iran deploys warships to Yemen after US trades fire with Houthis
Oct. 20th    Turkey escalates campaign against Syrian Kurds killing at least 200
Oct. 23rd    US warns citizens of potential risk of 'attack' or 'kidnapping' in Istanbul
Oct. 26th    Bomb attack wounds 4 in eastern Turkey
Oct. 28th    Iran and Russia broadly cooperative on regional issues

We also drew attention to what would happen in Europe, especially with the government and refugee crisis. Terror attacks have been blamed on the refugee undertaking, that was designed to ferment anger and create religious unrest and opposition in the people to their governments (further unrest). As the unrest spills over we see news events from around Europe showing the growing agitation and unrest that has hit a global epidemic. Angry forces now roam the earth and Europe is an open sore. Let’s take a look at what is increasing:

Oct. 5th        Bomb thrown at the airport and train station in Balgium
Oct. 6th        UKIP frontrunner hospitalized after 'altercation' in EU parliament
Oct. 9th        German Police Detain three Men in Chemnitz manhunt, find explosives
Oct. 11th    Putin cancels visit to Paris as France accuses Russia of war crimes


As the unseen war rages on individuals of renowned names will continue to be rocked by all sorts of problems, forcing them to be removed from their offices in one way, or another. This month we saw CNN part ways with Donna Brazile after debate questions were provided to Hillary Clinton. We saw S. African finance minister face fraud charges. We saw Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf step down amid bank sales scandal. There were even reports that Obama, Bush and Cheney were charged for war crimes. The scandals will get worse and more powerful people will be forced to step aside or just simply disappear as judgment is being brought upon the children of the gods who are in high offices. Below we can see further evidence of the phenomena:

Oct. 2nd    Spain’s Socialist Workers' Party leader Pedro Sanchez resigns after losing vote
Oct. 6th        Zambian opposition leaders arrested, charged with sedition
Oct. 7th CEO arrested on sex trafficking allegations
Oct. 11th    S. African finance minister to face fraud charges, rand plunge
Oct. 11th    Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Face Criminal Contempt Charge
Oct. 12th    Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf steps down amid sales scandal
Oct. 17th    Retired Marine General Pleads Guilty To Lying In Leak Investigation
Oct. 18th    Pennsylvania mayor accused of racist posts resigns
Oct. 19th    Visa CEO Charles Scharf Is Stepping Down
Oct. 20th    Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano arrested, faces bribery charges
Oct. 21st    Obama, Bush and Cheney charged for war crimes?
Oct. 24th    Kathleen Kane, Former Pennsylvania Attorney General, Is Sentenced to Prison
Oct. 25th    Venezuela’s assembly to open trial against President Maduro
Oct. 28th    Philippines mayor among 10 killed in clash with anti-drug police
Oct. 28th    FBI reopens Hillary Clinton’s email probe after new messages found
Oct. 31st    Valeant ex-CEO, ex-CFO focus of criminal probe
Oct. 31st    CNN parts ways with Donna Brazile after debate questions were provided to Clinton
Oct. 31st    Former Argentina President Cristina Kirchner appears before judge in corruption probe

                                                                        POLITICAL UNREST

We stated in our August update that we don’t believe that Trump is in the political game to win as much as he is in the game to assist the kings of the East in exposing certain political criminals who have been used to enslave and deceive the people. We have seen Trump speak out on many of the Clinton’s alleged indiscretions, as well as scolded a biased media for their reporting, or lack of, on certain events as they assist the corrupt system in playing down what is brought to light. If Trump wins we believe the way for the kings of the East to rise is in its advanced stages. If Clinton wins the way for the kings of the East is not as far along. Whichever candidate wins we may very well see staged related unrest and protest against the other. In any event, before the election, be prepared for anything to happen to disrupt it some way. This may not take place. However, with the forces that are now at war for control of this planet anything could be expected.  We should expect anything after the election that may possibly disrupt the inauguration. We stated that this election cycle would be anything but normal, therefore expect the unexpected. Let’s look at some of the political headlines we saw in the month of October:

Oct. 1st        Conservative newspapers breaking tradition to abandon Trump
Oct. 2nd    Donald Trump appears in unearthed 2000 Playboy porn video
Oct. 7th        Hillary Told Bankers 'I Favor Open Borders' in Speeches
Oct. 8th        Republicans calling on Donald Trump to step down as nominee
Oct. 8th        Carly Fiorina among Republicans turning away from Trump
Oct. 8th        John McCain Withdraws Support for Donald Trump After Disclosure of Recording
Oct. 9th        Condoleezza Rice calls for Trump to drop out: 'Enough!'
Oct. 11th    Top US Republican Ryan distances himself from Trump
Oct. 13th    Two women accuse Trump of sexual assault
Oct. 22nd    Democratic heads roll after video shows agitators planted at Trump rallies
Oct. 28th    FBI reopens Hillary Clinton’s email probe after new messages found
Oct. 30th    Hillary Become the Definition of 'Pathological Lying' on Google

                                                       DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

We’ve mentioned in the past that disruptions in the magnetic field of the earth are currently causing it to move to and fro (Is. 24:20). This may seem a bit far-fetched however, pay attention to increases in power surges and outages, as well as, gas and oil line ruptures. These problems are due to crustal pressure build up and shifts. As this happens methane gas trapped deep within the earth is released causing masses of fish to die off, birds to mysteriously fall out the sky, and other wildlife to die. As the plates shifts gas lines are ruptured causing buildings to explode in many cases. Railroad tracks become warped causing more and more problems in derailments.  This is also causing the magnetosphere to become charged, which is causing malfunctions in electronic equipment. When the equipment is transportation we find accidents of all kinds. The following will increase as we continue into the upcoming years:

Oct. 1st        Officials: No survivors found after plane crashes in Alaska
Oct. 1st        Plane crashes after take-off near Stearman Fly-In in Jennings, Louisiana, USA
Oct. 1st        Intage aircraft crashes into Long View BB&T Bank killing one, N. Carolina
Oct. 1st        Pilot, 8-year-old daughter injured in small-plane crash in Taylor, Texas
Oct. 2nd    Man dies in light aircraft crash near Norfolk airfield, UK
Oct. 2nd    Two small planes crash around Boundary Bay, Canada
Oct. 3rd        Jaguar aircraft of IAF crashes in Rajasthan, India
Oct. 4th        Malaysia military helicopter crashes into school, 23 injured
Oct. 4th        One killed in small plane crash in Hitchcock, Texas
Oct. 5th        Israeli Air Force pilot killed in F-16 crash
Oct. 6th        2 confirmed dead in helicopter crash, Minnesota
Oct. 6th        FAA probing small plane crash in Plymouth that left 1 hurt in Connecticut
Oct. 6th        Pilot killed in plane crash in Blackfalds, Canada
Oct. 7th        2 people killed in Minnesota helicopter crash, officials say
Oct. 8th        Small plane crashes in Argylen, New York
Oct. 9th        8 killed in Afghan helicopter crash, Afghanistan
Oct. 9th        Plane crash in Cajamarca kills three in Peru
Oct. 10th    Man suffers minor injuries in plane crash in Brant County, Canada
Oct. 10th    Two killed in Iran plane crash, Iran
Oct. 10th    Well-known Sask. mining contractor Leonard Banga dies in B.C. Canada plane crash
Oct. 10th    Two killed, one injured in Mexico military helicopter crash
Oct. 11th    One Person Unaccounted For After Plane Crashes On Main Street In East Hartford, Connecticut
Oct. 11th    Plane crash reported in Thorngrove, Tennessee
Oct. 11th    Leicestershire farmer killed in Bungay plane crash in Suffolk, UK
Oct. 12th    2 people in serious condition following plane crash, Arizona
Oct. 12th    Crash pilot ID’d; FAA investigates, in Indiana
Oct. 13th    Small plane crashes near Kelowna, B.C., Canada leaving 4 dead
Oct. 13th    Island focus: Cessna plane crash-lands in Papua, Indonesia
Oct. 13th    Two killed in Jozini plane crash, S. Africa
Oct. 15th    Pilot, passenger walk away from small plane crash in Pennsylvania
Oct. 16th    Man, young girl injured in plane crash near Henry County airport in Georgia
Oct. 16th    Small plane crashes in Warren County, Ohio killing two people on board
Oct. 16th    3 people on missing Niagara-bound plane found dead in Pennsylvania crash
Oct. 16th    Sudan Air Force Training Helicopter Crashes
Oct. 16th    Two injured in plane crash after losing power at McAlester Regional Airport in Oklahoma
Oct. 16th    Man, young girl injured in plane crash near Henry County airport in Georgia
Oct. 16th    Small plane crashes in Warren County, Ohio killing two people on board
Oct. 16th    3 people on missing Niagara-bound plane found dead in Pennsylvania crash
Oct. 16th    Sudan Air Force Training Helicopter Crashes
Oct. 17th    Man killed and second seriously injured in plane crash in Cambridgeshire, UK
Oct. 18th    Vietnam helicopter crashes with three on board
Oct. 18th    Pakistan Air Force Mirage Fighter Jet Crashes, Pilot Killed
Oct. 19th    IAF's Mi-17 Helicopter Crash-Lands in Uttarakhand, India 15 Onboard Safe
Oct. 20th    Small plane crashes near Leesburg airport, Florida
Oct. 21st    Private plane crashes into Ilocos sea, Philippines
Oct. 18th    Man dies after light plane crash, New Zealand
Oct. 18th    Nine Killed in Uzbekistan Defense Ministry Helicopter Crash, Ukraine
Oct. 19th    Small Plane Crashes In Backyard In Camden County, New Jersey
Oct. 22nd    Plane crash kills two in Philippines
Oct. 22nd    Two Killed In Airplane Crash At Lake Of The Ozarks State Park, Missouri
Oct. 22nd    Pilot injured after small plane crash lands in Alberta Canada cemetery
Oct. 23rd    District head: all people on board crashed helicopter in Transbaikal, Russia dead
Oct. 24th    5 dead as French reconnaissance plane crashes at Malta airport
Oct. 27th    Two injured in military helicopter crash in Rwanda
Oct. 28th    Plane crashes near West Middlesex Airport, Pennsylvania

Oct. 29th    Helicopter pilot in hospital after Wanaka crash, New Zealand
Oct. 29th    Colombian interior minister unharmed after plane crash-lands in Bogota
Oct. 31st    Man killed in De Doorns plane crash, South Africa
Oct. 31st    2 dead in Northland chopper crash, New Zealand
Oct. 31st    Cargo plane go missing in eastern Indonesia
Oct. 7th        Emergency landing from smoke in the cabin interrupts father-son flight from OKC to Chicago
Oct. 9th        Cockpit smoke cause plane to make emergency landing in Sterling, Alaska
Oct. 12th    Intel company jet makes emergency landing in Hillsboro, Oregon due to smoke in cabin
Oct. 16th    Flight to Laredo Makes Emergency Stop in New Mexico, due to smell of smoke
Oct. 18th    Plane makes emergency landing at Willard after reports of smoke in cockpit
Oct. 19th    Cockpit Smoke Causes Lufthansa Emergency Landing in Canada
Oct. 19th    Twin-engine plane crash lands on belly, catches fire at Fort Lauderdale Executive, Florida
Oct. 22nd    American Airlines flight makes emergency landing at LIT, Arkansas due to smoke in cockpit
Oct. 23rd    Pilot makes emergency landing at IAH, Texas after fumes flood cockpit
Oct. 26th    Airplane carrying Taylor Hicks makes emergency landing after engine explosion 
Oct. 28th    FedEx plane catches fire at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Florida
Oct. 28th    American Airlines Plane Fire Prompts Major Response at O'Hare Airport
Oct. 30th    American Airlines flight diverted to Denver International Airport due to smoke in cabin

Oct. 2nd    Plane makes emergency landing at Barnstable airport due to engine trouble, Massachusetts, USA
Oct. 4th        Moscow flight made an emergency landing in "Vnukovo”, due to chassis problem
Oct. 6th        Jet2 Plane Forced To Return To Airport With Technical Fault For A 4th Time
Oct. 6th        Nok Air returns after a brief takeoff from Mae Sot airport, Thailand, due to faulty cabin air system 
Oct. 6th        Close call at Hagerstown Regional Airport, Maryland due to engine trouble
Oct. 7th        Pilot, plane OK after emergency landing on farm due to loss of power, Tennessee
Oct. 8th        Small plane makes emergency landing in Ocean Springs, due to mechanical issues
Oct. 10th    Airport Closed After Plane Lands With Gear Up, Australia
Oct. 11th    S92 Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing Due to Engine Problems in Scotland
Oct. 11th    Brisbane-bound passengers endure 36-hour diversion due to engine problems
Oct. 11th    Air cargo plane flying from Minot to Sioux Falls, makes emergency landing in SD due to engine problem
Oct. 12th    DPS Helicopter Forced to Land on Donna School Grounds, Texas due to mechanical issue
Oct. 12th    Air India plane makes emergency landing at Delhi due to technical glitch 
Oct. 12th    American Airlines jet flying from Shanghai to Chicago makes unexpected landing in Alaska, due to engine issues
Oct. 13th    Plane crashes in Great Salt Lake, Utah, due to engine failure
Oct. 13th    Riyadh Flight Makes Emergency Landing At Hyderabad, India due to technical problems
Oct. 13th    Saudi Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Cairo airport, due to technical malfunction
Oct. 14th    Glitch grounds AI plane carrying Union minister due to engine problems, India
Oct. 16th    Two injured in plane crash after losing power at McAlester Regional Airport in Oklahoma
Oct. 16th    Pilot praised for averting disaster after landing gear fails, UK
Oct. 17th    Brake problem results in emergency landing at Hayward Executive Airport, California
Oct. 19th    Flight from Alicante to Cardiff declares emergency in UK due to technical issues
Oct. 19th    Plane landing at Oklahoma airport after nose gear fails
Oct. 19th    Allegiant Air emergency landing at JIA, Florida due to mechanical issues
Oct. 19th    Shipyard plane forced to make emergency landing after take-off from Walney, UK due to technical problems
Oct. 20th    Man airlifted following plane crash in Morristown, Minnesota as a result of mechanical issues
Oct. 21st    Delhi-bound Air India flight makes emergency landing minutes after takeoff due to engine problems
Oct. 22nd    Flight from Chicago makes emergency landing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin due to mechanical problem
Oct. 23rd    Copter carrying President Pranab Mukherjee’s entourage makes emergency landing due to technical problem in India
Oct. 24th    Belfast to US plane in emergency landing at Shannon, Ireland due to mechanical problems
Oct. 25th    Marine Fighter Pilot Survives Mysterious Ejection at Southern California Base Airfield
Oct. 25th    Engine failure forces Dreamliner to make emergency landing at Paine Field, Washington
Oct. 25th    Airplane makes 'successful emergency landing' at Lancaster Airport, Pennsylvania, due to problems with landing gear 
Oct. 27th    Virgin America plane diverts to DFW Airport after taking off from Love Field, Texas due to cockpit message of technical issue
Oct. 27th    Small plane leaves runway on landing at Nantucket Memorial Airport after its landing gear collapsed

Oct. 28th    Firefighters on scene after Aerolineas Argentinas flight makes emergency landing after flames spotted emerging from engine
Oct. 28th    Colorado pilot is unhurt after plane lose altitude and crashes in New Mexico
Oct. 28th    F15s make emergency landing at HSV International Airport, Alabama, due to mechanical issues
Oct. 29th    Plane crashes into Neuse River near Union Point Park after something went wrong
Oct. 29th    Mechanical problem delays PM from signing free trade deal, Canada
Oct. 29th    Helicopter crashes in Iraq's Salahudin due to technical problem, Iraq
Oct. 30th    Plane makes emergency landing near railroad tracks in South Anchorage, Alaska after losing engine power
Oct. 31st    United Flight Bound For Paris Returns To SFO, California With Mechanical Issue

Oct. 20th    Twenty Passengers Report Feeling Ill On Atlanta-To-LAX Flight, USA
Oct. 24th    Sick crew forces US-Britain flight to divert to Canada
Oct. 28th    Air horror UK-bound Monarch Airlines plane makes dramatic emergency landing in Canary Islands ‘after passenger sets themselves ON FIRE and tries to burn stewardesses face’

Oct. 3rd        F15 fighter runway temporary closure of the emergency landing Komatsu Airport, Japan
Oct. 4th        Copter makes forced landing on Kohala Mountain, Hawaii 
Oct. 4th        Illinois pilot escapes injury when plane developed engine trouble in Wisconsin emergency landing
Oct. 6th        Flight to Tel Aviv makes emergency landing in Munich
Oct. 6th        Small plane makes emergency landing in Jackson County, Alabama
Oct. 6th        American Airlines flight make emergency landing at QC airport, Illinois
Oct. 11th    LAPD Helicopter Makes Precautionary Landing at Grade School, California
Oct. 15th    Private jet comes down in field next to airport in UK
Oct. 17th    No Injuries As Plane Lands On Maize Field in Tanzania
Oct. 17th    Sea Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood Airport, Florida
Oct. 17th    Small plane forced to land on Hanford island, Washington
Oct. 17th    No Injuries As Plane Lands On Maize Field in Tanzania
Oct. 18th    Flight in Spain makes request for emergency landing
Oct. 26th    Delta flight makes emergency landing Sea-Tac Airport, Washington
Oct. 27th    Plane carrying Pence skids off runway at LaGuardia Airport

Oct. 3rd        3 dead, 7 missing in shipwreck in Central Mozambique
Oct. 5th        Freight train derailment in New York disrupts Amtrak service
Oct. 8th        LIRR suspends service after train derailed in New Hyde Park station, 29 injured
Oct. 17th    2 buses collide head-on in central Pakistan, killing 24
Oct. 23rd    Cameroon train crash kills more than 70, injures 600
Oct. 23rd    At least 13 killed in California tour bus crash
Oct. 24th    1 killed, over 200 injured in South Africa head-on train collision
Oct. 31st    20 killed after MLK tanker and bus collide in Brazil

So here we have it: The October 2016 forecast update. We continue to see troubling events that should be preparing us for the challenges that our planet is moving toward. We are only messengers that have been given the commission to shine light in certain areas to spur those who hear to action. Most of the world is in the “normalcy syndrome” - if it hasn’t happened before, it won’t - is the common stance. This report is for those who believe what is clearly being presented from events that are taking place all around us, as well as, believing the holy writings that cautioned us of the same activities. After some turbulence ahead our planet will wake up to live more cooperatively with the universal principles of our Source. We can and will choose for ourselves a better way of life to create for ourselves and others on this earth. Each one of us individually, as well as collectively is responsible for the changes that are made to this world. As of October 10th the things that are to be set in place are in place for the great change of 2016. Now moving forward over the next seven years implementation comes on the scene. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” send the message to your friends and family, and join us next month as we highlight headlines that take place next month in the 2016 Global Forecast Update for November.