Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                                           2016 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016


                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
Isaiah 21:6
For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.

We are entering a season of introspection and final preparations for a winter that is not too far off now. The days will get shorter and likely colder. Many family gatherings will be planned weeks in advance. This fall however, will not be all pumpkin pies and roasted turkey with sweet cranberry sauce on the side for everyone. As we stated in previous updates, the weeks leading up to the Jewish Feast called Tabernacles would take us into another contraction that would continue well after the feast. Last month we documented that there was an uptick in disturbances in human affairs in late August. The contraction gets more intense in just about every phase of human activity.
Those who have been following the updates have been informed that it would be prudent to plan for more than just a family gathering where folks position themselves to swipe that last piece of granny’s sweet potato pie. Based upon the news events that have presented themselves thus far, this fall, it would be prudent to plan for challenging and life-changing events. Matthew 24:43 lends a word of caution to the wise: But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. These dark times can definitely be symbolically considered as “night.” Each one of us has a responsibility to “keep watch” (as much as we’re able) to guard ourselves and our neighbors to live in peace and safety. We see the increase in human anger manifesting in terror strikes, and mass shootings. We see storms and quake related circumstances ravaging lives both where we live and abroad. There are those who now have bio-engineering technology, whether CERN, HAARP, Chemtrails, Fracking, etc. to play god. We see many layoffs taking place nationwide, and yet we hear that the unemployment rate in the US is good. Things have been quickly heating up, but if we’re not paying attention we will not see it. However, if we are watchful and prayerful we can make preparations to navigate through the stormy waters of the time.
In the month of the US election the chaos that is rampant upon human affairs will not spare this spectacle that has been cast in order to captivate the people. Don’t be surprised if there is an unprecedented twist to the US presidential season that leaves us with no inauguration in January and our mouths wide open. This is all due to the war that we have mentioned to you.   
In each update, we remind you – our readers, of the trouble spots that we said to pay close attention to when we first started compiling the 2016 Global Forecast. Here they are once more.

An election cycle that has certainly not been the norm, and is unlikely to become so
Increases in the amount of record natural disasters
Escalating oil prices sometime this year
Great scandals emerge that cause great men and women to step down
Great companies and nations of renown may topple 
Terror strikes in USA and other nations
The human population becoming increasingly angry
Increases in diseases
Global financial unrest
Possible food shortages
And disruptions in travel (sea, road, air and rail)

In the Book of Hosea 4:1-3 we see: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.” Can any of us deny that the inhabitants of the land commit all sorts of atrocities in addition to the unethical behavior sited in Hosea chapter four? The answer must be a resounding “No!” Therefore, it should be no big surprise that the cattle and their various species, the birds and their various species, and the fish and their various species are disappearing at record amounts. The following headlines are just part of the result (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):


                                                                 ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING AT RECORD PACE

Sept. 1st    Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes
Sept. 2nd    Thousands of dead fish wash up in a harbor in Mississippi, America
Sept. 5th    Eastern gorillas threatened with extinction
Sept. 5th    Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach near Vokolida, Cyprus.
Sept. 5th    Thousands of dead fish found in a temple pond in Tamil Nadu, India
Sept. 6th    Hundreds of dead fish found washed up along a river in Fuengirola, Spain
Sept. 6th    Fish kill strikes a river in North Dakota, America
Sept. 7th    8 Dolphins dead after stranding in Florida Bay, Florida, America 
Sept. 7th    Tons of fish die in a river in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam
Sept. 7th    Hundreds of dead fish and crabs found in a harbor in Baltimore, America
Sept. 7th    15 Tons of dead fish found washed up in Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombia
Sept. 8th    23,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Guizhou province, China
Sept. 8th    Dozens of birds fall from sky and die in Boston, America
Sept. 9th    Thousands of frogs dying due to deadly fungus across California, America
Sept. 9th    14,000 chickens already incinerated in the Western Region of Cameroon due to bird flu
Sept. 10th    50,000 fish dead due to 'mystery disease' in Bardiya, Nepal
Sept. 10th    47 tons of dead fish found in aquatic farms in Central Vietnam
Sept. 10th    Massive amount of dead fish found along a river in Fujian, China
Sept. 11th    Thousands of dead fish found in Snake River in Idaho, America
Sept. 11th    Millions of fish have suddenly died in fish farms in Beihai City, China
Sept. 12th    2,500 cattle dead due to drought in Machareti, Bolivia
Sept. 12th    140 dead turtles found washed up this year, 'cause unknown' in Baja California, Mexico
Sept. 12th    Mystery over why dozens of birds fell from sky in Massachusetts
Sept. 13th    Dozens of sea birds found dead along beaches in the Gulf Coast, America
Sept. 14th    Classical swine fever outbreak kills hundreds of pigs in South Korea
Sept. 14th    40 ducks found dead of botulism near Indian Trail, North Carolina
Sept. 15th    Thousands of dead fish found along a river in Paradip, India
Sept. 15th    500 dead Horseshoe crabs have 'mysteriously' washed up in Kitakyushu, Japan
Sept. 16th    Tons of dead sardines washing up on a beach in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Sept. 17th    Thousands of dead fish wash up on Bozcaada Island in Turkey
Sept. 19th    6 dead seals found washed up on a beach in Mangystau, Kazakhstan
Sept. 19th    Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Mersin, Turkey
Sept. 21st    Hundreds, maybe thousands of dead fish washed up along beach in Massachusetts, America
Sept. 21st    Thousands of dead fish washing up in Longboat Key, Florida, America
Sept. 21st    Tons of fish have died in a lagoon in Serra, Brazil
Sept. 22nd    6,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France
Sept. 23rd    Hundreds of dead fish found washed up in Hingham, Massachusetts, USA
Sept. 23rd    10,000 dead fish found in Centerport Harbor, New York, USA
Sept. 24th    Large number of dead fish washing up, 'due to red tide' in Florida, USA
Sept. 24th    Thousands of dead fish wash up, 'due to red tide' in Matamoros, Mexico
Sept. 24th    22 sea lions found dead on a beach in Callao, Peru
Sept. 27th    Hundreds of dead fish wash up in a lake in Arlington Heights, Illinois, America
Sept. 27th    34,000 birds killed due to avian flu in West Region, Cameroon
Sept. 27th    30 sea lions and dolphins and 1 whale found dead on a beach in Chiclayo, Peru
Sept. 28th    Avian Flu Kills 500 Birds on Backyard Holding in Taiwan
Sept. 28th    200 birds found dead around lake de Grand-Lieu, France
Sept. 30th    Mass die off of fish in the Haderslev fjord, Denmark
Sept. 30th    32,000 cattle dead due to drought in Beni, Bolivia

                                                                                   EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Scrolling through the next set of headlines one might think: Sure glad I wasn’t in Indonesia or New Zealand this past September. It’s true Indonesia has had more than their fair share of earth shaking moments, but those of us here in the U.S. (especially on the west coast) should make necessary preparations for – The Big One. As a matter of fact, not too long ago it was reported on the news that experts warned of the possibility of a significant quake striking along the San Andreas Fault. Once again the holy scriptures do not leave us in the dark as to what to expect in what is known as the last days. We are warned that earthquakes will strike in place after place.  The USGS recorded 8,835 earthquakes during September 2016. Seven hundred, seventy-eight were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following 45 did not make the mainstream news in September however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Sept. 1st    Powerful 7.1 magnitude quake jolts New Zealand, tsunami warning issued
Sept. 1st    5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Opotiki, New Zealand
Sept. 1st    5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Gisborne, New Zealand
Sept. 1st    Another 5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes NNE of Gisborne, New Zealand
Sept. 1st    5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Opotiki, New Zealand
Sept. 1st    6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Opotiki, New Zealand
Sept. 1st    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Opotiki, New Zealand
Sept. 1st    Second 5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Opotiki, New Zealand
Sept. 1st    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes SW of Padangsidempuan, Indonesia
Sept. 1st    Third 5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Opotiki, New Zealand
Sept. 2nd    5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes WNW of Visokoi Island, S. Georgia & the S. Sandwich Islands
Sept. 2nd    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Pangai, Tonga
Sept. 3rd    5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes W of Ferndale, California
Sept. 3rd    5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes NW of Pawnee, Oklahoma
Sept. 3rd    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands
Sept. 4th    5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes WSW of Lapinigan, Philippines
Sept. 5th    5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Opotiki, New Zealand
Sept. 5th    6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes ESE of Nikol'skoye, Russia
Sept. 6th    5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes SSE of Lata, Solomon Islands
Sept. 7th    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes ESE of Nikol'skoye, Russia
Sept. 9th    6.3 magnitude earthquake hits Australia’s Macquarie Island
Sept. 9th    5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes W of Salsacate, Argentina
Sept. 9th    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Sept. 10th    6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes N of Moyobamba, Peru
Sept. 10th    5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Nsunga, Tanzania
Sept. 14th    6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Mutata, Colombia
Sept. 14th    6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes W of Honiara, Solomon Islands
Sept. 15th    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes SE of Saparua, Indonesia
Sept. 16th    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Southwest Indian Ridge
Sept. 17th    5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes NNW of Jayapura, Indonesia
Sept. 17th    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes SW of Pagaralam, Indonesia
Sept. 17th    6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Norsup, Vanuatu
Sept. 18th    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes NNW of Jayapura, Indonesia
Sept. 20th    6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Izu Islands, Japan region
Sept. 22nd    Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits SW of Bristol Island, S. Sandwich Islands
Sept. 22nd    Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits SSE of Chipinge, Zimbabwe
Sept. 23rd    Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits ESE of Katsuura, Japan
Sept. 23rd    Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits SE of Tamisan, Philippines
Sept. 23rd    Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits W of Nereju, Romania
Sept. 24th    Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits SE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand
Sept. 24th    Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits N of Jayapura, Indonesia
Sept. 24th    Second Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits N of Jayapura, Indonesia
Sept. 24th    Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits WNW of Neiafu, Tonga
Sept. 24th    Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Hits NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji
Sept. 25th    Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits SE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand
Sept. 26th    Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits NNE of Nago, Japan
Sept. 28th    Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits NE of La Paz Centro, Nicaragua

                                                                                     OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS
The earth has more to offer than just shaking things up – in the way of calamitous events. Not by any means to trivialize the devastation that earthquakes bring, but we also see mudslides, volcanoes, sinkholes, and even meteors can literally turn our lives upside down. In the book of Psalm, it is written that those who put their trust in YHWH will dwell in safety. As we take a closer look at what has been unfolding we see these intensifying. If ever there was a time to believe it – this is it, we see: 

Sept. 2nd    Activity at the Sinabung volcano in Sumatra remains elevated
Sept. 5th    Mudslides sweep through Austrian mountain village
Sept. 7th    At least 9 dead following Guatemala mudslides
Sept. 7th    Homes in Afritz as See Austria swamped from mudslides
Sept. 8th    Alert level has been raised at the Mayon volcano in the Philippines
Sept. 8th    Klyuchevskoy volcano in Russia’s Far East spews ash 7.5 km high
Sept. 10th    Scientists warn of coming massive eruption of Philippines volcano
Sept. 10th    Activity at the Nyiragongo volcano in DR Congo remains intense
Sept. 10th    Exploding Meteor in the Sky Shakes the Ground in Cyprus, Shocks Locals
Sept. 11th    A new eruption has begun at the Piton de la Fournaise volcano in La Réunion this morning
Sept. 13th    A small eruption occurred this morning from the White Island volcano in New Zealand
Sept. 17th    Major Volcanoes Along The Ring Of Fire Are Going Off Like Firecrackers
Sept. 19th    Shiveluch and Kliuchevskoi volcanoes strongly explode in Kamchatka
Sept. 21st    Strong Turrialba volcano eruptions close two airports in Costa Rica
Sept. 25th    Mexico’s Colima volcano erupted with towering cloud of ash, pyroclastic flow
Sept. 26th    Indonesia raises danger status as activity of East Java volcano intensifies
Sept. 26th    Costa Rica volcano erupts in picturesque display of smoke and ash
Sept. 27th    Meteor hits off the coast of Australia
Sept. 27th    Nearly 200 earthquakes hit near SoCal's Salton Sea, USGS says
Sept. 28th    Spectacular fireball lights up the skies over southern Spain
Sept. 28th    Indonesia evacuates tourists after volcano erupts with no warning
Sept. 29th    Surgical Strikes: Panic in Srinagar as falling meteorite confused for missile attack
Sept. 29th    Spokane photographer captures incredible photo of meteor

                                                                                   “NATURAL” WEATHER EMERGENCIES

Man is notorious for trying to conquer everything from one another to the stars. We have an uncanny ability to attempt to dominate everything outside of ourselves which often ends badly for all involved. A wise man once observed and understood that water, with its softness, fluidity, and yielding characteristics, when amassed will overcome the rigid and the hard. With all of our technological advancements, financial acquisitions, and intellectual accomplishments, when water chooses to ravage the land, anyone in its path is at its mercy. It is safe to say that mankind’s rigid and stubborn tendencies will not protect him from the wrath of nature or bio-engineered storms. As a matter of fact, when we act against the very principles of nature we are sure to lose every time. It is by yielding to the Voice of our Heavenly Father that we will find the protection that loving parents offer to their children. We see the intensification in the amounts and severity of weather emergencies that have struck the world in September. The following is just a glimpse:

Sept. 1st    Chaur Communities of the Teesta River Living With Floods
Sept. 1st    Over 200,000 Now Affected, 98 Dead in Sudan floods
Sept. 2nd     Hurricane Hermine leaves power outages, downed trees, in its wake
Sept. 2nd     First hurricane to hit Florida in 11-years leaves one dead and more than 200,000 without power
Sept. 2nd     Storms and Floods in North Iran Leave 4 Dead
Sept. 4th    Mandatory evacuations orders issued for some Pasco County
Sept. 5th    Deadly Floods Hit North Korea, Eastern China and the Russian Far East
Sept. 5th    Hermine Causes Flooding and Storm Surge in Florida
Sept. 6th    Floods, heavy rains kill 60, displace 44,000 in N Korea
Sept. 6th    Deadly Floods in Chiapas and Guerrero, Hurricane Newton Approaches West Coast, Mexico
Sept. 6th    Flash Floods Hit Phang Nga Province, Thailand
Sept. 7th    At least 4 killed in flash floods in Greece
Sept. 7th    Tropical storm Newton is headed for the US after battering 
Sept. 7th    Cars Washed Ashore in Greece After Drifting to Sea During Flash Flood
Sept. 7th    Flash flooding rocked Greece
Sept. 7th    Hurricane Newton proves deadly for Mexico
Sept. 8th    Drone Shows Scale of Flood Damage in Coleraine, Australia
Sept. 9th    Extreme Weather and Flash Floods in South-Central Kansas
Sept. 12th    133 dead, 395 missing following flooding in N. Korea
Sept. 12th    North Korea makes rare public appeal for flood relief
Sept. 14th    Tropical Storm Julia first to ever form over land in Florida
Sept. 14th    Over a half a million households suffer blackout as Super Typhoon Meranti hits Taiwan as Category 5 storm
Sept. 14th    Floods in Victoria and South Australia Prompt Rescues and Evacuations
Sept. 14th    Tropical storm Julia bringing heavy rain to Florida and Georgia
Sept. 15th    Typhoon Meranti kills 1, injures 51 in Taiwan
Sept. 15th    2 killed, several missing as heavy rains cause floods, landslides in central Vietnam
Sept. 15th    1 dead in strongest Fujian storm since 1949
Sept. 15th    Floods Continue in Victoria and South Australia After Record Rain
Sept. 15th    Flood warning across five states after drenching rains in Australia
Sept. 16th    Flash Floods Cause Widespread Disruption in Southern and Eastern England
Sept. 17th    Typhoon Meranti death toll in China, 28, 15 missing
Sept. 17th    Typhoon Meranti death toll rises to 28 in Fujian, Zhejiang Provinces
Sept. 17th    Deadly Typhoon Meranti Dumps 200 mm of Rain in 24 Hours in China and Taiwan
Sept. 17th    183 flights canceled in Taiwan due to Typhoon Malakas
Sept. 18th    1 missing, thousands evacuated in southwest China mudslides
Sept. 20th    Storms in China’s Sichijan Province leaves 6 dead, 10 missing
Sept. 20th    10 killed 3 missing after flashfloods and landslides in west Indonesia
Sept. 20th    Typhoon Malakas Causes Severe Flooding in Japan
Sept. 21st    Floods in Guerrero and Chiapas, Mexico Leave 13 Dead
Sept. 21st    Deadly floods waters kill at least 2 in Wisconsin 
Sept. 22nd    Man killed in Vernon County mudslide; heavy rains trigger flooding, road closures
 Sept. 22nd    Severe storms triggers flash flooding in Minnesota
Sept. 22nd    Flooding and evacuations after storm in  Northern Iowa
Sept. 22nd    2 Dead After Floods and Landslides in Trabzon and Giresun Provinces, Turkey
Sept. 22nd    26 dead, 19 missing in landslides and floods on Indonesia’s Java Island
Sept. 23rd    27 bodies recovered, 22 still missing in floods following landslides in western Indonesia
Sept. 23rd    Rain washout cause train derailment spilling diesel fuel into the Mississippi River
Sept. 24th    Severe Flooding in 3 Midwestern States, 2 Dead in Wisconsin, USA
Sept. 25th    Megi is third typhoon in the Fujian area in two weeks
Sept. 25th    Floods in South and Central Texas Leave Schools and Roads Closed, Dozens Rescued
Sept. 25th    At least 36 dead, 20 missing in Indonesia floods and landslides
Sept. 26th    At least 4 dead, 524 injured by typhoon Megi in Taiwan region
Sept. 26th    100s Evacuated as Lachlan River Overflows in New South Wales
Sept. 27th    Typhoon Megi made a deadly, Category 4 landfall in Taiwan. Now it heads to China.
Sept. 28th    11 Dead in Telangana, India Floods, Dams Remain Dangerously High
Sept. 28th    27 missing in landslide in E. China's Zhejiang Province
Sept. 29th    Floods in Andhra Pradesh, India Leave 17 Dead and Thousands Displaced
Sept. 29th    Roads wash out amid North Carolina floods 

                                                                      ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62: 
“If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
It’s one thing to receive our cosmic spanking at the hand of Mother Nature, but we, ourselves, have also taken part in creating our own doom. Within the confines of secret laboratories, scientists – some might well be considered as mad – have conjured up all sorts of plagues, viruses and diseases to use as biological weapons against the so-called enemy, be it man, insect, or pathogen. This is all part of the war for control of the people and resources of the planet. Many will fall victim to these heinous creations as the express purpose is for reduction of the population and population control. Below we can see some of the issues that we face today: 

Sept. 1st    Cholera cases reported in South Sudan’s Nimule town
Sept. 1st    200 chikungunya cases reported in pvt hospitals, Gurgaon, India
Sept. 1st    Residents at Indiana housing complex being forced to relocate due to lead
Sept. 1st    24 dengue deaths reported in Negros Occidental since January 2016
Sept. 2nd    Cholera kills 517 in DR Congo, jab drive planned: WHO
Sept. 3rd    First locally transmitted Zika case in Sabah, Malaysia
Sept. 3rd    One dead, two hospitalized in Bauchi, Nigeria
Sept. 3rd    Cholera outbreak in Sheopur district in India leads to 17 deaths
Sept. 4th    Terengganu, Malaysia records dengue death
Sept. 4th    Firefighters battle wildfires in Portugal, Spain
Sept. 5th    Cholera spreads in Lanjigarh block; 11 hospitalised, Kalahandi, India;-11-hospitalised-Cholera-spreadsOdisha.htm
Sept. 5th    WHO confirms 3rd case of polio in Nigeria 
Sept. 6th    100 cholera patients confirmed in Kathmandu valley, Nepal
Sept. 6th    Kenya to enhance border surveillance in order to curb polio outbreak 
Sept. 6th    Seven suspected of anthrax infection in central Myanmar
Sept. 7th    ‘Neurotoxin’: being used to spray Zika Mosquito
Sept. 7th    Woman dies of dengue in New Caledonia
Sept. 7th    The deadly superbug epidemic America is ignoring
Sept. 8th    Man dies of Congo fever in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Sept. 8th    New Virus Found In A Pig in S. Dakota Officially Named Influenza D
Sept. 8th    Protesters Continue To Call For Halt To Naled Spraying On Miami Beach
Sept. 8th    Bats invade Haines City School building forces relocation
Sept. 9th    Africa drought leaves 14 million needing food aid
Sept. 9th    10 Percent of the World’s Wilderness Has Disappeared in Just 20 Years
Sept. 9th    Summer Nights Of 2016 Are Hottest In 121 Years, Fall Will Be Typical
Sept. 9th    Dengue outbreak in Biliran, Philippines
Sept. 10th    19-year-old dies of dengue in India
Sept. 10th    Serious Case of Cholera Outbreak in Eritrea
Sept. 10th    Malaria Cases On Increase In Nimba County, Liberia
Sept. 10th    Woman dies of suspected dengue
Sept. 10th    Zika arrives in Bangkok's central business district
Sept. 12th    19-year-old girl who contracted brain-eating amoeba 
Sept. 12th    At least 1,500 New Dengue - Chikungunya Cases In Delhi In 10 Days 
Sept. 12th    At least 11 die of cholera in eastern Tanzania
Sept. 13th    Over 27k dengue cases in country, claim 60 lives, India
Sept. 13th    Three die of chikungunya in Delhi, India
Sept. 13th    September ties July for hottest month on record
Sept. 13th    Chinese man confirmed as first person with Zika in Henan, China
Sept. 13th    Villager dies of dengue in Gwalior, India 
Sept. 14th    Two die, more than ten infected with Cholera in Rayagada’s Muniguda, India
Sept. 14th    Malaysia Ministry Identifies 2 Types Of Zika Virus Strains
Sept. 14th    First dengue death in Mumbai, India 122 test positive in September alone
Sept. 14th    95 test positive for chikungunya, dengue, malaria in Faridabad
Sept. 15th    Indonesia dispatches over 22,000 personnel to fight forest fires 
Sept. 15th    Shigellosis strikes Zephyrhills school; several students ill
Sept. 15th    Hand, foot and mouth disease hits Florida State University
Sept. 15th    Five Dengue Deaths In AIIMS, Number Of Deaths Climbs To 14
Sept. 16th    322 dengue, 6,695 malaria cases reported in Haryana, India
Sept. 16th    Five more deaths take Chikungunya toll to 18, India
Sept. 16th    Congo virus claims another life in Quetta, Pakistan
Sept. 16th    Africans choking on toxic fuel in health ‘ticking time bomb’ 
Sept. 16th    Arctic sea ice shrinks to 2nd-lowest mark on record
Sept. 16th    Fertilizer plant leak leads to massive sinkhole in Florida
Sept. 17th    Alabama pipeline spill leaks at least 252,000 gallons of gasoline
Sept. 17th    Two siblings die of dengue in Anantapur, India
Sept. 17th    200 cases of chikungunya alarm Ghaziabad, India
Sept. 18th    75-year-old man succumbs to dengue in Rajkot, India
Sept. 18th    2 more die, dengue sees 2nd spurt with new symptoms, in Kolkata, India
Sept. 19th    Cholera breaks out at Lukanga Swamps, Zimbabwe
Sept. 19th    Southeast Asian haze crisis killed over 100,000
Sept. 20th    Cholera spreads to two more sub-counties in Adjumani, Uganda
Sept. 20th    19 die of dengue in southeast Delhi locality, but civic body refuses to believe, India
Sept. 20th    St. Kitts-Nevis records first case of Zika virus
Sept. 20th    Tularemia Confirmed in Mesa County, Colorado Resident
Sept. 21st    United Nations pledges to fight drug-resistant superbugs
Sept. 21st    4 deaths, over 3,000 dengue cases reported in Uttar Pradesh, India
Sept. 21st    Floods in Florida Led to Increase in Respiratory Problems,
Sept. 21st    Adapting to rising seas in Australia
Sept. 22nd    Local Public Health office issues Tularemia warning, Custer County, Colorado
Sept. 22nd    Leprosy Case Confirmed at Riverside County School
Sept. 22nd    Cholera outbreak in Lagos kills 6, Nigeria
Sept. 22nd     Dengue cases rise in Zamboanga City; at least nine die in Bicol, Philippines
Sept. 23rd    Drinking Water of two Thirds of 218M Americans Contaminated With Cancer Causing Chromium-6
Sept. 23rd    Chromium-6 in Delaware tap water
Sept. 23rd    Monkey pox outbreak reported in Mingala, Central African Republic
Sept. 23rd    Congo virus claims six lives in Punjab, Pakistan
Sept. 23rd    Anthrax scare in Jharkhand, India, 30 people killed and more than 100 infected
Sept. 24th    Zirakpur, India resident dies of dengue, toll 13
Sept. 24th    Woman dies of Congo fever in Lahore, Pakistan
Sept. 24th    Another Congo patient dies in Peshawar, Pakistan
Sept. 25th    Another dengue death in Mohali district, India
Sept. 25th    12 infected with Anthrax in Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Sept. 25th    Aligarh Muslim University student dies of dengue in India
Sept. 25th    Gas leak causes explosion in central Budapest, 2 people injured
Sept. 26th    Adams Farm Slaughterhouse Recalls Beef, Bison And Veal Due To E-coli
Sept. 27th    Twenty now infected with anthrax in Rajshahi, bangladesh
Sept. 27th    Typhoid Outbreak Hits Zalewa, Malawi
Sept. 27th    Death Toll From Cholera Outbreak In South Sudan Rises To 31
Sept. 27th    One die of dengue in Kaithal, India
Sept. 27th    Second dengue death in Uttarakhand, India
Sept. 27th    NYC house blast kills fire battalion chief
Sept. 27th    WHO: 9 out of 10 people breathing excessive air pollution
Sept. 27th    California heat wave intensifies wildfire threatening homes
Sept. 28th    Blast at Chinese coal mine leaves at least 18 dead, 2 missing Sept. 28th    First dengue death confirmed in Ghaziabad, India
Sept. 28th    Dengue death toll reaches 100 in Lucknow, India, more people test positive
Sept. 28th    10 people die from monkey pox disease in the Central African Republic
Sept. 29th    Malaria stings 802 in Thane, India, 251 down with dengue from June to September
Sept. 30th    Malaria, dengue rampant in Kadapa, India
Sept. 30th    Rift valley fever outbreak in Niger
Sept. 30th    296 Malaria cases reported in GB Nagar, India
Sept. 30th    Women are being poisoned by toxic chemicals from feminine hygiene products 

                                                                            SIGNS AND WONDERS OF THE TIMES 

Much of what we see and hear from our various media outlets is designed to manipulate the collective thought pattern of the masses who have been captivated to wonder after this fascinating system of government called ‘the beast’. The US government has quietly handed control of the internet over to international management. At the same time we see the US president and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, and current National Security Advisor 'deliberately snubbed' in China. We see hackings like we have never seen before, we see the US president’s veto overridden by Congress. These issues are only priming the consciousness of the unsuspecting to greater traps that open them to further loses of the ‘freedom’ they believe they have. Below is only a snippet of the signs that are not so subtly creeping in: 

Sept. 4th    Susan Rice told “this is our airport” by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20
Sept. 5th    Barack Obama 'deliberately snubbed' by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20
Sept. 6th    UK radical preacher Choudary gets five and a half years in prison
Sept. 6th    4 year old begins gender transition before starting kindergarten
Sept. 7th    Children must now have finger scanned
Sept. 8th    Group asks courthouse to take down Ten Commandments painting
Sept. 12th    China, Canada pledge to boost security corporation after high level dialogue in Beijing
Sept. 12th    China and Japan to hold maritime talks
Sept. 12th    Atheist Group Demands Texas School Paint Over Ten Commandments Mural 
Sept. 12th    Power outage at UA tower leads to big delays at Newark Airport, New Jersey
Sept. 13th    NCAA to relocate 7 championships from N. Carolina over LGBT law
Sept. 13th    Russian Hackers Leak U.S. Star Athletes’ Medical Information
Sept. 13th    Colon Powell email hacked
Sept. 14th    Researchers have bred a litter of mice without using fertilization
Sept. 14th    Hacker 'Guccifer 2.0' releases more DNC docs in new leak
Sept. 15th    FBI chief: Put tape over your webcam
Sept. 15th    FBI chief warns spies could watch you at home
Sept. 15th    CIA wants to spy on you through your TV
Sept. 15th    US proposes Deutsche Bank pay $14B to settle securities probe
Sept. 15th    World record 199-mile-long lightning bolt
Sept. 16th    Election hacking threats prompts US to hasten aid to states
Sept. 19th    Power restored at Norfolk International Airport, Virginia 
Sept. 19th    International criminal court censures Kenya for non-cooperation
Sept. 20th    Satanic temple opens headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts
Sept. 21st    MIT researchers have figured out a way to detect emotions by using wireless signals
Sept. 22nd    Donald Trump Comes Out Against Obama’s United Nations Internet Takeover
Sept. 22nd    House Panel Holds Clinton IT Aide in Contempt
Sept. 22nd    Yahoo confirms 500 million accounts compromised in huge data breach
Sept. 23rd    UPS Testing Drones for use in its Delivery System
Sept. 28th    Bank of Russia to forgo buying foreign currency (especially US) through 2019
Sept. 28th    Alabama's top judge could be removed from bench — again for ruling against same-sex marriage
Sept. 28th    U.S. FDA Approves “Artificial Pancreas” for Diabetes Treatment
Sept. 29th    Arch of Baal raised and dedicated in NYC 
Sept. 30th    Bulgaria bans full face veils in public
Sept. 30th    CA. Governor Approves Gender Neutral Restrooms
Sept. 30th    There's a black moon on the horizon
Sept. 30th    AGs file suit in last-ditch bid to stop hand-off of internet control 


                                                                                  GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

Jeremiah 17:5:    
This is what YHWH says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from YHWH.”
For those who may have watched the epic film Titanic you may remember the scene where the wealthy guy tries to offer money to secure a spot on the life raft, as the mammoth Titanic makes its untimely descent into the bowels of the ocean. Another character gives him a reality check admonishing him that his money is no good here. There comes a time when we begin to realize that our jobs, currency, and financial advancements can be as fleeting as the blade of grass that is here today and withers under the hot sun tomorrow. As this war is waged we will soon find that the US economy and currency muscle has changed. Now we have two scenarios: a controlled landing or an out of control crash. We are at the threshold of the next stage of a global currency in which the US dollar will likely not be king of the hill, but share influence based upon a point system, based upon assets (gold being the backbone). The point system may look something like this: 


CHINA     20.09
US         17.89
EU         11.61
RUSSIA       7.53
INDIA          4.1
JAPAN        3.79
OTHER     34.99

If the currency is paper, it will only be in place to transition to a more centrally controlled global system. Much of the economic problems that we see today were designed for implementation of this monetary system. A system of relief is being set up, that on the surface will seem to eradicate poverty, but the devil will be in the details. As we look below we see some who are being forced to change and others who are positioning themselves to help force the change:

Sept. 1st    Baltimore Water, Sewer Rates to increase by 33%
Sept. 1st    City of Jackson MS to lay off 28
Sept. 5th    French president: Brexit weighs heavily on world economy
Sept. 8th    German growth expected to halve in 2017 as Brexit bites
Sept. 9th    Brazil’s annual inflation in September is nearly double the central bank’s target
Sept. 9th    Omaha Public Power District to lay off up to 400 over 3 years
Sept. 9th    Iberia Parish Sheriff's office to lay off 26
Sept. 10th    Kohler Union City Plant in Tennessee to lay off 100
Sept. 16th    Nigerian government to inject more than $1billion into collapsing economy
Sept. 21st    OESD slashes 2017 UK growth rate forecast in Half due to Brexit
Sept. 23rd    Europe’s economy sees no traction as Germany loses momentum
Sept. 27th    Montcalm County Michigan to lay off 20
Sept. 27th    World Trade Organization cuts global trade growth forecast by one third
Sept. 28th    Nigeria's shrinking economy puts sale of oil fields in play
Sept. 28th    Pound set for longest losses since 1984 on Brexit woes
Sept. 29th    World Bank: African economic growth to dip to 1.6 pct. this year
Sept. 30th    Historic takeover of Puerto Rico's finances, agencies begins


Sept. 1st    College ITT won't Enroll New Students Next Quarter
Sept. 6th    ITT Technical Institute closing all campuses nationwide, about 8,000 jobs lost
Sept. 12th    For Profit College Ordered to Refund Student Loans
Sept. 16th    Penn State endowment joins large colleges in posting losses
Sept. 20th    North Dakota State University Losing 95 Positions on budget cuts
Sept. 21st    South Elementary School is closing in Mt. Carmel
Sept. 22nd    College of St Rose NY - 23 Possible Layoffs
Sept. 23rd    Harvard's Endowment Takes $1.9 Billion Hit
Sept. 26th    Chicago Schools - Teacher Layoffs Possible
Sept. 27th    Chicago State U. enrolls just 86 freshmen this fall


Sept. 1st    ObamaCare Premium set to rise, Even for Savvy Shopper
Sept. 1st    Church Hill Emergency Medical Services files for bankruptcy
Sept. 7th    QVC W. Chester HQ to lay off 100, Adding more layoffs at other locations
Sept. 8th    Lafayette General Medical to lay off 70
Sept. 12th    Citizens National Bank of Athens to lay off 55 in Tennessee
Sept. 16th    Medical Costs jump in Aug. by Largest in 32 Years
Sept. 16th     St. Mark’s Medical Center to lay off 9
Sept. 16th    Saskatoon Health Region (International) to lay off 70
Sept. 20th    KentuckyOne Health to lay off Several Top Executives
Sept. 21st    Layoffs for Health Care Service Corporation IT Positions
Sept. 21st    Mercy Hospital to lay off 31
Sept. 21st    Tulare Regional Medical Center to lay off 29
Sept. 24th    Cary's Biologics to lay off 132
Sept. 24th    Pushmataha Hospital in Antlers, OK files for bankruptcy
Sept. 25th    New West Health Services closing
Sept. 28th    Signature Healthcare LLC plans to close 2 Area Facilities - 200+ Layoffs
Sept. 29th    Quitman County Hospital closing in Quitman County MS
Sept. 30th    ImmunoGen to lay off 65
Sept. 30th    Harken to exit Illinois Obama Care Exchange


Sept. 2nd    Northwestern Mutual - Some Layoffs
Sept. 8th    Capital One will close Jacksonville Branch in October & Tyler branches in December
Sept. 14th    Fifth Third Bank closing 44 Branches
Sept. 22nd    OneMain Financial to lay off 29
Sept. 23rd    Goldman Sachs (Asia Investment Banking) to lay off 90
Sept. 23rd    First Allied Securities is closing its Chesterfield office
Sept. 26th    Commerzbank (Germany) fires 9,000
Sept. 28th    The Deutsche Bank crisis could take Angela Merkel down – and the Euro
Sept. 29th    German's second largest lender Commerzbank to cut 9,600 jobs
Sept. 29th    Deutsche Bank Run Begins as Hedge Fund Clients Withdraw Excess Cash
Sept. 29th    Northwestern Mutual - 100 layoffs this year, More Coming
Sept. 30th    ING Group (International) 1,000's of Layoffs, Monday


Sept. 6th    Falcon Genomics Inc. files for Bankruptcy
Sept. 7th    Zio's Italian Kitchen restaurant files for bankruptcy
Sept. 9th    RJ’s Bar and Grill files for bankruptcy
Sept. 14th    Golfsmith files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Sept. 16th    Fansteel files for bankruptcy
Sept. 18th    NJOY files for bankruptcy
Sept. 28th    US restaurant chain Cosi files for bankruptcy protection
Sept. 28th    Logan’s Roadhouse closing 21 locations - after filing bankruptcy


Sept. 2nd    DLA Piper (UK) to lay off 180 
Sept. 2nd    L-3 Communications to lay off 120
Sept. 2nd    Rent-A-Center closing store in Astoria
Sept. 3rd    World of Beer closing all 3 Locations in AZ - Tucson, Tempe and Gilbert
Sept. 6th    TGI Friday's is closing in Dewitt NY 
Sept. 8th    1 in 6 Working Age Males has No Job
Sept. 8th    Dell - EMC Deal - At Least 2,000 Layoffs
Sept. 8th    Sykes Enterprises will close its Eugene call center Oct. 30, - 438 Layoffs
Sept. 9th    Dartmouth-Hitchcock to lay off 270 to 460 by end of 2016
Sept. 9th    Whiting Petroleum Corporation to lay off 100+
 Sept. 14th    Ford moving all of its US small car production to Mexico
Sept. 14th    Trinity Marine Products Inc. said it will shut down its Brusly plant - 283 Layoffs
Sept. 14th    Staples closed its Hermitage store at 5100 Old Hickory Blvd TN
Sept. 15th    Retail Sales, Like economy still in Slow Lane
Sept. 16th    Coal Layoffs cause Home Foreclosures in Gillette
Sept. 16th    The Guardian to lay off 50
Sept. 20th    Volvo Group in Hagerstown MD to lay off 143
Sept. 20th    Aeropostale in Lyndhurst to lay off 105 
Sept. 20th    OfficeMax closing at 4250 N. Elizabeth St in Pueblo CO.
Sept. 22nd    SolarWorld (Germany) to lay off 500
Sept. 23rd    Bath Iron Works to lay off 160 Positions
Sept. 24th    EnerNOC to lay off 200+
Sept. 26th    Insured Losses From Hurricane Hermine Estimated Under $400 Million
Sept. 27th    Wolseley UK to lay off 800+
Sept. 27th    Smith’s True Value Hardware closing in Massena NY
Sept. 27th    Cast-Fab Technologies in Oakley will close its foundry operation - 100 Layoffs
Sept. 28th    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Goes Digital to lay off 106
Sept. 28th    Buehler's Fresh Food closing Brunswick Store - 125 Layoffs 
Sept. 28th    Lionbridge Tech. - Laying off all Union Employees
Sept. 28th    Devon Manor - Sale = 124 Layoffs
Sept. 28th    Metropolitan Museum of Art NY to lay off 34
Sept. 28th    The Missouri Flats Inn and the Marquis Plaza and Suites closing in Williston ND
Sept. 29th    Frontier Communications to lay off 250 in Management


Sept. 1st    Wal-Mart to lay off 7,000
Sept. 1st    Caterpillar is closing its Monkstown factory to lay off 200 to 250 Job Lost
Sept. 1st    Xerox closing Lewiston Operation
Sept. 1st    Food Lion closing store by Commonwealth Boulevard and Virginia Avenue Martinsville VA
Sept. 2nd    Brazil’s Petrobras 11,704 accepted Vol. Layoffs
Sept. 2nd    Caterpillar considers closing Belgian Site (International) - 2,000 Layoffs Possible
Sept. 3rd    Caterpillar to lay off 300 Support Management Jobs
Sept. 7th    Solar City to lay off 108 in San Mateo, San Francisco Ca
Sept. 7th    Insurer AIG to lay off 70 at Springfield Facility
Sept. 8th    Hanjin Shipping’s Troubles Leave $14 Billion in Cargo Stranded at Sea
Sept. 8th    Nissan Recalls New Minivan over idling Stop Problem
Sept. 8th    Ford recalls 1.5M more cars over doors that can fly open
Sept. 8th    Mercedes-Benz (Brazil) to lay off 370
Sept. 8th    Well Fargo fires 5,300 for Creating Phony Account
Sept. 9th    GM recalls 4.3 million vehicles over air bag defect
Sept. 10th    Honeywell in Orlando - 52 Layoff Notices
Sept. 10th    Samsung Note 7 - Turn off Phones Due to Fire Risk
Sept. 12th    ConocoPhillips Canada to lay off 300
Sept. 13th    General Mills closing Plant in Vineland in 2018 - 370 jobs to be Lost
Sept. 13th    Food Lion grocery store on South Enota Drive in Gainesville GA
Sept. 15th    NBC/Universal to lay off 200 DreamWorks Glendale
Sept. 15th    Lockheed Martin to lay off 330
Sept. 15th    CenturyLink - 3,500 Layoffs Coming
Sept. 15th    Disney to lay off 250 in Consumer Products / Digital Unit
Sept. 15th    Sony San Diego Studio to lay off 50 
Sept. 15th    Samsung recalls 1M Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones
Sept. 15th    Pepsi plans to close a distribution center in Reading Pa.
Sept. 16th    Fiat/Chrysler recalling 1.9 million automobiles
Sept. 18th    Microsoft closing Skype Office in London
Sept. 19th    CPX Inc. to lay off 214
Sept. 19th    Rolls-Royce to lay off 200 Management Roles
Sept. 19th    Kmart is closing 64 Stores in Dec.
Sept. 19th    Indonesian says Google owes almost $380m for back taxes and fines
Sept. 21st    Spain’s Banco Popular to lay off up to 3,000
Sept. 21st    AT&T in Birmingham to lay off 190 Technicians
Sept. 21st    L'Oreal USA laid off 120 in Kent, Redmond
Sept. 22nd    Caterpillar call center closing in downtown Bluefield
Sept. 22nd    Krogers Highland Village Store close at Highland Village Road & FM 407
Sept. 23rd    Ruby Tuesday to lay off 19 at Support Center
Sept. 23rd    Ricoh to lay off 68 in Tempe AZ
Sept. 23rd    GM is recalling 3.6 million vehicles for an airbag software defect
Sept. 26th    The Spaghetti Warehouse closing in Ybor City
Sept. 27th    AG Barr to lay off 10% of Workforce
Sept. 27th    Motorola Mobility to lay off 700+
Sept. 27th    Tyson recalls 130,000 pounds of chicken nuggets
Sept. 28th    Fujifilm Corp.’s closing Hawaii regional office
Sept. 28th    End of an era as Blackberry stops making phones
Sept. 29th    Walgreens closing 2 Stores in Staten Island NY its  Victory Boulevard location, and one in Rosebank 
Sept. 29th    Novo Nordisk to lay off 1,000
Sept. 29th    Moscow's government ditches Microsoft for Russian software

                                                                                      GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

It is hard not to see the intensification in unrest of human affairs. This month we saw that Chicago homicides exceeded over 500 homicides from the previous year. From Iran to China, to Chicago and Fort Worth, Texas we see a plethora of unrest, violence and debauchery among the citizens. We like to think of the human race as a collection of civilized beings, but the sad truth is our barbaric tendencies put us on par with the caveman who exhibited a penchant for clubbing his neighbor with little or no provocation – at least according to Hollywood’s portrayal. The nations are angry and YHWH’s wrath has now drawn upon us. We see super powers now in conflict, they may bring great suffering, but they can’t bring the end. The way of YHWH is now far removed from the affairs of mankind. Whereas YHWH is slow to anger, and abounds in mercy and compassion, we have come to the point that this most powerful way of living is considered as weakness in our world today. Clearly the Spirit that administers the fruits of peace is not prevalent in our world today. As we look at the following headlines it is clear to see that something is happening with the inhabitants of the earth:


Sept. 1st    Venezuela: Tensions high as protests loom
Sept. 4th    Oil pipeline protest turns violent after American Indian burial sites destroyed
Sept. 6th    Black Lives Matter protesters close London City Airport runway, UK
Sept. 6th    Police arrest Black Lives Matter activists who disrupted London City Airport
Sept. 15th    Protesters demand president's ouster on Mexico's Independence Day
Sept. 20th    At least 17 dead amid opposition protests in Congo's capital
Sept. 20th    9,000 protesters in Brussels march against EU trade deal with US, Canada
Sept. 21st    Protests erupt in Charlotte after police kill man; 12 officers hurt
Sept. 21st    Police chief of US city of Charlotte says one person killed during protest
Sept. 22nd    South Africa student protest S. African police clash with students in tuition fees protest
Sept. 22nd    9 injured, 44 arrested during 2nd night of riots in Charlotte, NC
Sept. 23rd    Protesters in Charlotte ignore curfew, holds peaceful rally in North Carolina
Sept. 27th    Nairobi police use live rounds to disperse protesting students
Sept. 28th    Police shoot, kill black man in San Diego area; protesters gather
Sept. 28th    Protesters take over El Cajon streets, gather at site of fatal police shooting


Sept. 2nd     Suicide bomb in NW Pakistan kills at least 18
Sept. 2nd     Weapons storage blast in Baghdad set off rockets killing 4
Sept. 2nd     At least 10 killed, 60 wounded after explosion at night market in Davao, Philippines
Sept. 4th    Suspected Boko Haram militants kill 5 in Niger
Sept. 5th    Multiple bombings hit key Syrian cities, killing at least 43
Sept. 5th    Isis claims responsibility for five suicide attacks on government-held and Kurdish cities
Sept. 5th    24 dead, 91 wounded in Kabul twin blast
Sept. 5th    Taliban claims responsibility for twin blast in Kabul that killed at least 24
Sept. 6th    Gunmen killed after storming international charity in Kabul
Sept. 6th    ISIS car bomb in Iraqi capital kills at least 12 and injures dozens
Sept. 7th    Australian Prime Minister issues terror warning
Sept. 8th    Bicycle bomb in Afghan capital Kabul kills 1, wound 3
Sept. 9th    Dump site explosion in Benin capital kills 100, injures at least 200
Sept. 10th    At least 13 dead in Baghdad after shopping center blasts, dozens injured
Sept. 10th    At least 25 die in factory explosion and fire in Bangladesh
Sept. 11th    At least 2 civilians killed in attack on Niger refugee camp
Sept. 15th    Man with cleaver attacks police in New York
Sept. 16th    Suicide bomber kills at least 25 in mosque in northwestern Pakistan
Sept. 17th    Suicide blast in NW Pakistan kills 36
Sept. 17th    Pipe Bomb Explodes in Jersey Shore Town Ahead of Charity Run
Sept. 17th    Explosive device in Manhattan injures at least 29 people
Sept. 18th    8 injured in Minnesota mall stabbing
Sept. 18th    ISIS claims responsibility for Minnesota mall stabbing
Sept. 19th    Abducted priests found murdered in Mexico
Sept. 19th    Somali anti-terror general killed in suicide bomb attack
Sept. 22nd    4 Dead in Shooting at Mall in Washington State
Sept. 23rd    ISIS blamed for deadly triple suicide attack in Iraq
Sept. 26th    8 Nigerian soldiers killed in Boko Haram attacks in NE Nigeria 
Sept. 26th    Roadside blast kills 3, injures 8 in southeastern Turkey
Sept. 27th    Iraq: ISIS bombings in Baghdad kill at least 17
Sept. 27th    Bombs hit mosque, congress center in Dresden
Sept. 27th    FBI director warns of upcoming massive “terrorist diaspora” like we've never seen before


Sept. 3rd    New Mexico police officer, suspect shot and killed after exchange of gunfire
Sept. 8th    8 Police officers wounded in bombing in Peshawar Pakistan
Sept. 10th    NC Officer Shot While Serving Warrant
Sept. 13th    Man Attempts to Run Over 3 Phoenix Police Officers; 2 Hospitalized
Sept. 17th    Two Fort Worth police officers shot responding to suicide call
Sept. 17th    Detroit Police Sergeant Dies Days After Being Shot On City’s East Side
Sept. 23rd    Bomb kills 3 Thai police officers in southern ambush


Sept. 5th    US Intelligence officials suspect Russia of plot to disrupt US election
Supt. 5th    Obama cancels meeting with Philippine leader after being sworn at by him
Sept. 7th    Russian fighter jets intercept US spy planes near border
Sept. 10th    Israel bombs Syria post after stray mortars hit Golan Heights
Sept. 12th    Philippine president Duterte says US forces in South must leave
Sept. 12th    China says US should take blame for N. Korea nuclear issues
Sept. 13th    US bombers fly over South Korea as warning for North Korea
Sept. 13th    Israel planes attack Syrian army in Golan Heights
Sept. 15th    Russia accuses Washington of failing to meet obligations under Syria Truce
Sept. 16th    China critical of Japan training patrols with US in S. China sea
Sept. 16th    Violence against Israelis flared in the West Bank and Jerusalem on Friday with attacks involving knife and car ramming
Sept. 17th    Syrian military: US led coalition forces targeted and hit our position killing 62, injuring 100
Sept. 18th    Russia accuses US of supporting ISIS after air strike hits troops
Sept. 18th    Russia says strikes on Syrian army threatens US-Russia ceasefire plan,7340,L-4856306,00.html
Sept. 18th    Russia calls for emergency UN council session on Syria
Sept. 18th    Russia, U.S. Tensions Spill Over At UN Security Council Meeting
Sept. 19th    Syria’s army declares end of cease-fire, accuses rebel groups of violations
Sept. 20th    Australia to continue air strikes in Syria despite botched operation
Sept. 21st    Philippine President Duterte Lashes Out at European Union
Sept. 25th    At least 10 Yeminis killed, 11 wounded in Arab coalition airstrikes
Sept. 26th    East China Sea: Japan scrambles jets as China flies fleet near disputed islands
Sept. 27th    Philippine president seeks closer ties with Russia and China
Sept. 28th    US threatens to sever cooperation with Russia over Syria unless attacks on Aleppo stop
Sept. 29th    2 Pakistani soldiers killed in cross border firing by Indian army


Sept. 1st    Violence breaks out in Gabon after presidential election results announced
Sept. 1st    Gabon authorities report 1,000 arrests over 2 days of violence
Sept. 2nd     Grenade explosion in Ecuador kills 1, injured 13
Sept. 5th    N. Korea fires three ballistic missiles into eastern waters
Sept. 6th    Chicago 2016 homicides exceed 500 more than all of last year
Sept. 6th    Milwaukee police: September homicides highest in 25years
Sept. 6th    Brazilian bank workers begin indefinite strike
Sept. 6th    Up to 100 killed in post-election in Gabon
Sept. 6th    Labor Day weekend sees 22 shot in Baltimore from Friday afternoon to Monday
Sept. 7th    Wall to start on UK funded Calais wall to keep migrants out
Sept. 7th    Mexico: Gunmen in hotbed of drug cartel activity shoot down police helicopter, kill 4
Sept. 7th    Ferguson protester Darren Seals found shot dead in burning vehicle
Sept. 8th    Taliban storm Afghan city, government officials flee
Sept. 8th    At least one dead, one hurt in Texas school shooting
Sept. 9th    N. Korea carried out its 5th and most powerful nuclear test causing magnitude 5.0 quake
Sept. 11th    China, Russia naval drill ‘Joint Sea 2016’ in South China Sea to begin Monday
Sept. 11th    Forces of opposition commander take all three key Libyan oil ports
Sept. 12th    Shooting at peace rally in Alabama kills one, injures five
Sept. 12th    Arson suspected in fire at Florida mosque attended by Pulse shooter Omar Mateen
Sept. 16th    Philadelphia shooting leaves 2 dead, 5 wounded, including 2 police officers
Sept. 17th    China, Russia navies stage air defense, anti-submarine drill
Sept. 19th    Fire breaks out at Greek migrant camp on Lesvos Island
Sept. 20th    Video shows Tulsa man had hands up before police shooting
Sept. 20th    UN halts all convoys in Syria after attack on aid trucks
Sept. 21st    Texas threatens to 'exit' the Fed. Refugee Program
Sept. 21st    Majority of US soldiers oppose overseas military interventions
Sept. 22nd    3 dead, including gunman, after shooting at Athens, Tennessee factory
Sept. 22nd    At least 32 people killed in DR Congo violence
Sept. 22nd    North Carolina governor declares state of emergency following Charlotte unrest
Sept. 22nd    National Guard patrols Charlotte after 2nd night of violence
Sept. 23rd    5 people shot and killed Friday night at Cascade Mall in Bellingham, Washington
Sept. 23rd    Syria conflict: Air strikes leave Aleppo 'without water'
Sept. 23rd    8 People shot, 4 in critical condition in Baltimore, Maryland
Sept. 23rd    Austrian city puts curfew on migrants after sexual assaults at beer festival
Sept. 24th    1 person dead, 5 injured in shootings near Univ. of Illinois campus; suspect at large
Sept. 26th    Gunman opens fire at shopping mall in Houston before being shot
Sept. 26th    Israeli forces shoot Palestinian girl at West Bank checkpoint
Sept. 26th    8 Nigerian soldiers killed in Boko Haram attacks in NE Nigeria 
Sept. 28th    Man kills 12, wound 18 at daughter’s wedding in Yemen
Sept. 28th    Two hospitals hit by air strikes in rebel-held Aleppo
Sept. 28th    Swiss parliament paves way for nationwide burqa ban
Sept. 28th    3 Injured in Shooting at Elementary School in South Carolina
Sept. 28th    US to boost military presence in Iraq for battle for Mosul
Sept. 29th    19 killed in a homicide in Qujing, southwest China’s Yunnan Province
Sept. 29th    At least 96 children killed in north Syria since last Friday
Sept. 30th    Russian, Syrian missiles pound Aleppo, destroy hospital: rebels and aid workers
Sept. 30th    Clown Threat Closes Ohio Schools After Woman Reports Attack

                                                                             NATIONS ALERTED TO WATCH FOR SOCIAL UNREST

Throughout the publishing of the forecasts we have asked you to keep a close eye on Iran and Turkey, and this time is no different. Developments in Iran and Turkey continue into the year plagued by social mayhem. We stated in our first forecast that the Israeli government will be playing a covert role in the development of what we are seeing in the Middle East. Here is a peek at events in Iran and Turkey this month:

Sept. 2nd     Turkish police use tear gas on protesters near Syria border
Sept. 6th    Iran vessels harass another US Navy ship in Persian Gulf
Sept. 11th    Violent protest in Turkey over ouster of elected leaders
Sept. 11th    Protests erupt in Turkey after government boots 28 mayors from office
Sept. 12th    Large car blast in Turkey’s Van Province wounds at least 48
Sept. 13th    Iran threatened to shoot down US Navy spy planes in the Persian Gulf
Sept. 13th    Iran warns US planes: You will be targeted by missiles
Sept. 15th    Top Russian general to discuss Syria military cooperation with Turkish officials in Ankara
Sept. 21st    Man wounded after trying to enter Israeli Embassy in Turkey with knife
Sept. 25th    Tehran starts production of Iranian designed ballistic missile
Sept. 26th    Roadside blast kills 3, injures 8 in southeastern Turkey
Sept. 26th    2 Kurdish rebel attacks in Turkey leave 10 troops dead
Sept. 28th    Iran vows all out support for Syrian govt. against terrorism
Sept. 28th    Turkey sacks 87 spy agency staff over failed coup attempt

We also asked you to look at Europe, especially with the government and refugee crisis. Following is a continuation of news events from around Europe showing the growing agitation and unrest that has hit a global epidemic. In the book of Psalm, we are told that the statutes of Yahweh rejoice the heart. Today, the human heart has been so far removed from the life giving principles of truth that many experience temporary and fleeting moments of happiness, but the lasting condition of joy eludes us. As we look at what took place in September, we see police and protesters clashed in France, UK, Italy, and Germany. The Czech government told its citizens to ‘prepare for the worst’ as they expect a very turbulent Europe to explode. Angry forces now roam the earth and Europe is a festering ground. Let’s take a look at what is about to spread:

Sept. 1st    Czech government tells citizens to ‘prepare for worst’
Sept. 2nd     Blockupy Berlin: Anti-capitalist, pro-refugee rallies end in clashes with police, arrests in front of German Labor Ministry, Berlin
Sept. 4th    Thousands of French Chinese protest against racial attacks
Sept. 5th    Protesters against migrant camp block highway near Calais
Sept. 6th    Police arrest Black Lives Matter activists who disrupted London City Airport
Sept. 6th    Black Lives Matter protesters close London City Airport runway, UK
Sept. 7th    Wall to start on UK funded Calais wall to keep migrants out
Sept. 9th    France arrested 3 women suspected of planning imminent attacks
Sept. 11th    France arrests 15-year-old boy for planning 'imminent' Paris attack: Sources say
Sept. 11th    Protesters rally against Italian and Swiss migration policies.
Sept. 11th    Catalonia National Day draws mass protests, calling for independence
Sept. 11th    Violent protest in Turkey over ouster of elected leaders
Sept. 11th    France's premier warns of new attacks, 15,000 people on police radar
Sept. 13th    Police and protesters clash in Italian city of Naples during visit by Prime Minister
Sept. 14th    Flights cancelled as French air traffic controllers strike
Sept. 15th    Police clash with protesters of labor reform in France
Sept. 16th    Explosion in French city of Dijon, multiple injuries
Sept. 19th    Fire breaks out at Greek migrant camp on Lesvos Island
Sept. 20th    9,000 protesters in Brussels march against EU trade deal with US, Canada
Sept. 20th    Danish fighter jets attack in Syria
Sept. 21st    Philippine President Duterte Lashes Out at European Union
Sept. 22nd    Police tear gas migrants in Calais as they try to board trucks heading to UK
Sept. 28th    Swiss parliament paves way for nationwide burqa ban


As the unseen war rages on people in prestigious places continue to be rocked by all sorts of problems that are forcing them to be removed from their offices by one way or another. The IMF figure head Christine Lagarde and Ex AIG boss Greenberg were set to go on trial on fraud charges. Below we can see further evidence of the phenomena:

Sept. 2nd     Turkey dismisses over 540 judges and prosecutors
Sept. 2nd     President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov reportedly died of a stroke
Sept. 2nd     David Brown, Dallas Police Chief, Announces Retirement
Sept. 5th    Former French Budget Minister on trial for tax fraud charges
Sept. 6th    Two Nobel judges dismissed over medical ethics scandal
Sept. 7th    Mexico finance minister out in shakeup after Trump visit
Sept. 7th    ND police issue arrest warrant for 2016 presidential candidate 
Sept. 8th    Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan resigns
Sept. 8th    Sri Lankan politician sentenced to death over 2011 murder of another politician
Sept. 9th    3 ex-Tesco executives charged in UK accounting scandal
Sept. 9th    FIFA opens bribery case against Blatter
Sept. 9th    Ex-ENRC Africa boss interviewed by UK prosecutors in bribe case
Sept. 9th    Mississippi police chief kills himself just after being suspended
Sept. 12th    Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron resigns from parliament
Sept. 12th    IMF boss Lagarde to go on trial in France on December 12
Sept. 12th    Weight Watchers CEO resigns
Sept. 13th    Ex-AIG boss Greenberg goes on trial on 2005 fraud charges
Sept. 13th    Stumpf, Mr. Clean of banking, finds himself mired in scandal
Sept. 13th    China disqualifies 45 lawmakers for electoral fraud
Sept. 15th    Brazil's ex-president hit with corruption charges
Sept. 17th    Indonesian top legislator arrested on bribery charges
Sept. 19th    Years after gridlock, New Jersey 'Bridgegate' case goes to trial
Sept. 21st    Rapper Shawty Lo killed in fiery car crash in Georgia
Sept. 21st    Hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman charged with insider trading
Sept. 21st    Iraq removes finance minister over corruption allegations
Sept. 22nd    Turkey sacks 785 Labor Ministry staff following failed military coup
Sept. 22nd    Brazil’s ex Finance Minister Guido Mantega arrested in probe
Sept. 25th    Former IMF head Rato begins defense in ‘Black Card’ trial
Sept. 27th    Ex-Morgan Stanley trader caught in SEC mortgage bond probe
Sept. 28th    Poland fires finance minister, vows to stick to his budget
Sept. 28th    Och-Ziff unit said expected to plead guilty over bribes
Sept. 29th    Burundi opposition leader arrested for 'endangering state security'
Sept. 29th    Mozambique’s energy minister sacked ahead of huge gas deal
Sept. 30th    Yosemite chief official resigning amid harassment allegations
Sept. 30th    Hedge fund Och-Ziff to pay $412M to settle Africa bribery charges

                                                                                          POLITICAL UNREST

By now, if you have been following the U.S. presidential campaign you get the sense that this show is playing out like a soap opera more than anything else. We’ve seen it take incredible twists and turns, with always another cliff hanger to keep the viewer wondering: what is going on?  We stated that this election cycle would be anything but normal, but it is heading for greater issues that may very well lead to the delay of the election. Let’s look at what we saw last month:

Sept. 7th    ND police issue arrest warrant for 2016 presidential candidate 
Sept. 11th    Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign
Sept. 11th    Hillary Clinton cancels California trip due to health issues
Sept. 13th    Clinton’s Private Server Crew Pleads The Fifth Before Congress
Sept. 13th    Ex-Clinton staffer again refuses to answer questions on email server, skips hearing
Sept. 13th    Lawmaker issues subpoena to FBI for Clinton probe records
Sept. 14th    New York attorney general opens inquiry into Donald trump’s non-profit foundation
Sept. 20th    Fallout after report that George H.W. Bush will vote for Clinton
Sept. 24th    Hillary Clinton’s aide left classified papers in hotel in Russia
Sept. 30th    Top central banker's Clinton donation puts Fed in political crosshairs

                                                                           DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

Though summertime travel has come to a close, the disruptions in transportation continue. We’ve mentioned in the past, disruptions in the magnetic field that are currently causing the earth to move to and fro (Is. 24:20). Some may think this to be a bit far-fetched, however pay attention to increases in power surges and outages, gas line ruptures (which leads to explosions of buildings), oil pipeline ruptures, malfunctions in rail, road, water, and air transportation. The following will increase as we continue into the upcoming years: 

Sept. 1st    Midair plane crash kills five over Alaskan wilderness
Sept. 1st    Helicopter makes emergency landing due to electrical malfunction in Peabody, Massachusetts
Sept. 1st    British Airways flight from Istanbul to Heathrow declares mid-air emergency after a technical issue
Sept. 1st    Three die in small plane crash near Bovec, Slovenia
Sept. 2nd    Two dead in small plane crash in rural Turner County, South Dakota
Sept. 2nd    Pilot injured in helicopter crash near Canim Lake, Canada
Sept. 2nd    Pilot expected to survive after helicopter malfunction caused crash in Kamloops, Canada
Sept. 2nd    No injuries after plane crash in Forest County, Wisconsin
Sept. 3rd    2 dead after single-engine plane crashes into Trinity River, Texas
Sept. 3rd    2 dead in small plane crash off Dania Beach coast, Florida 
Sept. 3rd    Pilot dies in plane crash near Sarnia, Canada
Sept. 4th    Plane makes emergency landing near Mt Barker after experiencing engine problems
Sept. 4th    Helicopter crash kills 2 in east Canada
Sept. 4th    Two dead in N.B. helicopter crash including Quebec baseball team co-owner, Canada
Sept. 4th    Light plane crashes near Mount Barker, pilot and passenger escape serious injury, Australia
Sept. 4th    FAA investigating plane crash after emergency landing in northern New Mexico
Sept. 4th    1 injured in small plane crash in Central Ohio
Sept. 4th    Plane crash on Mississippi River due to landing gear issues confirmed, Minnesota
Sept. 4th    34 die in bus-truck road crash in S. Afghanistan
Sept. 4th    Eight sent to hospitals after ride malfunction at Tennessee fair
Sept. 5th    Emergency Landing at AVP due to fuel imbalance, Pennsylvania, USA
Sept. 5th    Woman killed, two injured in chopper crash south of Fox Creek, Canada
Sept. 5th    Plane makes emergency landing in Tennessee after passenger breaks door, shouts in Arabic, USA
Sept. 5th    Pilot dead in plane crash in Powell River, Canada
Sept. 5th    Small Plane Crashes in Cass County, Texas
Sept. 5th    No injuries in emergency landing after engine failed, South Dakota, USA
Sept. 5th    Plane Makes Emergency Landing in San Luis Obispo County, California, USA
Sept. 6th    Two injured in morning plane crash at Lindsay airport, Canada
Sept. 6th    1 injured in South Lake Tahoe plane crash, California
Sept. 6th    3 dead in helicopter crash in Brevard County, Florida
Sept. 7th    21 Suffer Minor Injuries When Metrolink Train Crashes Into Big Rig
Sept. 7th    Man killed in light plane crash in Gippsland, Australia
Sept. 7th    2 planes crash mid-air, 3 dead in Carroll County, Georgia
Sept. 7th    Emirates flight EK432 makes emergency landing in Adelaide Airport, Australia due to engine trouble
Sept. 7th    Plane crash injures 2 at Meridian Naval Air Station, Mississippi
Sept. 7th    Jet with 5 people onboard makes emergency landing in Rochester, New York after cabin would not pressurize
Sept. 8th    One Dead as Aircraft Crashes in Naivasha, Kenya
Sept. 8th    Chopper crashes after developing mechanical problems, passengers in stable condition, Kenya
Sept. 8th    Helicopter crash, search for victims in Slovakia
Sept. 8th    SkyWest flight makes emergency landing at Mitchell Intl. Airport, Wisconsin due to mechanical issue
Sept. 8th    Austrian stunt pilot Hannes Arch dies in helicopter crash
Sept. 9th    At least 4 dead as train derail in northern Spain
Sept. 9th    4 seriously injured in light plane crash in Arizona due to mechanical trouble
Sept. 9th    Training plane crashes because of technical failure in Alborz province, Iran
Sept. 9th    Jet2 plane forced to land again after suffering landing gear problem twice in two days, UK
Sept. 10th    Pilot critically injured after plane stalled and crashed north of Esperance
Sept. 10th    Emergency declared on board WestJet flight from London to Canada due to mechanical issue
Sept. 11th    Royal Nepal Plane Makes Emergency Landing At IGI following a wing flap malfunction
Sept. 11th    Plane makes emergency landing in Cedar Lake, Indiana, US
Sept. 11th    Emergency Landing ABSA Cargo In Aruba, due to engine trouble
Sept. 12th    Helicopter crashes and rolls in attempted snow landing near Queenstown, New Zealand
Sept. 12th    Plane makes emergency landing at FWA due to landing gear issues, Indiana
Sept. 12th    School bus suddenly runs off road killing driver at airport
Sept. 12th    3 dead as small plane crashes in Reno airport parking lot
Sept. 13th    Flight Returns to JFK to Remove 'Disruptive' Passenger: Officials, New York
Sept. 13th    Light plane crash at Terminal Drive, Australia
Sept. 13th    Plane carrying Foreign Minister makes forced landing at TIA, Nepal due to landing gear issues
Sept. 13th    Small plane crash at Springbank Airport in Canada
Sept. 14th    2 killed in small plane crash near Arcanum, Ohio
Sept. 14th    Aircraft collided in Tirol with rope of cable car and crashed: pilot dead, Australia
Sept. 15th    Indonesia ferry explosion kills 2, injure 13
Sept. 15th    Indonesia speed boat blast kills 2
Sept. 15th    At least 6 dead, 150 injured in train collision in central Pakistan,-150-injured-in-train-collision-in-Pakistan
Sept. 15th    Kenya: Light Aircraft Crash-Lands in Malindi
Sept. 15th    Small plane crashed on a street outside the market Primavera, Bolivia
Sept. 15th    Light aircraft crashed during air show in Shijiazhuang, China
Sept. 15th    Delta flight from JFK to SFO makes emergency landing In Ohio due to engine issues
Sept. 15th    Sita Air plane witnesses engine failure, makes safe landing at TIA, Nepal
Sept. 15th    BA passenger jet from Barcelona to London is forced to make an emergency landing in Toulouse after 'technical issue'
Sept. 15th    Emergency landing closes runway at Yokota Air Base in Japan due to “complications with the aircraft”
Sept. 16th    Officials respond to fatal plane crash in Alapaha, Georgia
Sept. 16th    Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib narrowly escapes copter crash
Sept. 16th    Mid-air emergency forces flight to return to Glasgow
Sept. 16th    Small plane makes emergency landing due to engine problems west of Missoula, Montana
Sept. 16th    Pilot, wife unhurt after plane scare in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina
Sept. 16th    Army helicopter crash-landing in Thailand, due to hydraulic system issues
Sept. 16th    Small plane makes mysterious landing on East Palo Alto Peninsula shoreline, California
Sept. 17th    Three Hurt in Early Morning Helicopter Crash in Alexandria, Minnesota
Sept. 17th    Small plane makes an emergency landing in Huntsville, Alabama due to engine problems
Sept. 18th    Pilot suffers minor injuries after small plane lost power and crash on Eastern Shore, Maryland
Sept. 18th    No survivors in Northern Door plane crash, Wisconsin
Sept. 18th    Small plane crashes near Spirit Airport in Chesterfield, Missouri
Sept. 19th    Authorities investigate plane crash in Lake Champlain islands, Vermont
Sept. 19th    2 army pilots killed in helicopter crash in Al-Sharqeya, Egypt
Sept. 19th    JetBlue Plane Diverted to Logan Airport After Lightning Strike, Massachusetts
Sept. 20th    U-2 Spy Plane Crashes In Sutter County; Pilots Ejected, California
Sept. 20th    Pilot Lands Private Plane On French Highway
Sept. 20th    2 dead following airplane crash at Lee's Summit Municipal Airport, Missouri
Sept. 20th    Plane makes emergency landing on CTH H in Washington County, due to loss of power
Sept. 20th    MiG-21 fighter jet crash-lands in Indian-controlled Kashmir, India
Sept. 20th    Greek army helicopter crash lands in northern Greece; pilots unharmed
Sept. 21st    Plane makes emergency landing due to landing gear problems at airport in Cahokia, Missouri
Sept. 21st    Russian EMERCOM Helicopter Crashes Near Moscow, 3 People Feared Dead
Sept. 21st    Plane makes emergency landing at airport in Cahokia, Missouri
Sept. 21st    Small plane crashes at McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport, due to engine malfunction, Tennessee
Sept. 21st    American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to malfunction at Tampa International Airport.
Sept. 21st    American Eagle Flight Lands Safely at DFW Airport After Issue with nose gear Reported
Sept. 21st    Twin-engine plane lost power and crashed near airport, Texas
Sept. 21st    Plane makes emergency landing at Air Refueling Wing, Wisconsin with gear problems
Sept. 22nd    Turkish Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Trabzon, Turkey
Sept. 22nd    Disruptive passenger on AA flight 'subdued' by other passengers before emergency landing in Lubbock, Texas
Sept. 22nd    US Marine jet crashes off Okinawa, Japan
Sept. 22nd    Aircraft Crashes at Nairobi National Park, Kenya
Sept. 22nd    Small plane makes emergency landing in northeast Wichita, Kansas
Sept. 22nd    Plane crash lands at Merredin Airport, east of Perth, Australia
Sept. 22nd    Plane makes emergency landing in Pictou County, Canada
Sept. 23rd    Helicopter 'comes down with a bump' in turnip field in Bishopstone, UK due to engineering difficulties Sept. 23rd    Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Chehalis-Centralia Airport Washington after its alternator failure
Sept. 23rd    Czech pilot dies in small plane crash
Sept. 23rd    Small aircraft crashes at Hampton Roads Executive Airport, Virginia
Sept. 23rd    52 die after migrant boat capsize off Egypt
Sept. 23rd    More than 14 people injured after school bus overturns in Texas
Sept. 24th    PAF fighter jet crash, Pilot martyred, Pakistan
Sept. 24th    Reports of small plane crash on Watson Road, Canada
Sept. 24th    Husband, wife injured in plane crash near Pearland, Texas due to mechanical failure
Sept. 24th    Russian airliner overshot runway crashed into busy motorway broke into three pieces killing 4 in Russia
Sept. 24th    Plane makes emergency landing at Dulles after nose gear problem, Virginia
Sept. 24th    1, dead, 11 injured in California bus crash
Sept. 25th    Plane crash kills 2, injures 1 in Côte-Nord region, Canada
Sept. 25th    Plane stalled while trying to land and crashed into a field killing 2 in Hunterdon, New Jersey
Sept. 25th    Pilot rushed to the hospital following plane crash in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Sept. 25th    Person reportedly killed in mid-air collision, New York
Sept. 25th    Mountain Air chopper crashes while making forced landing in Solukhumbu, Nepal due to engine problems
Sept. 25th    American Eagle Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Kentucky, USA due to mechanical issues
Sept. 26th    Plane makes emergency landing at BNIA, New York after engine fire
Sept. 26th    South Korean Navy helicopter crashes at sea in ROK-US joint drill
Sept. 26th    Four dead in helicopter crash en route to Chevron Angola oil platform,-at-least-four-dead/
Sept. 26th    Plane crash reported on Tangier Island, Virginia due to equipment malfunction
Sept. 27th    More than 40 reported hurt after 2 buses bound for NYC crash
Sept. 27th    Helicopter crashes in Andover, New Hampshire
Sept. 27th    Plane With Mechanical Issues Lands Safely At Wiley Post Airport, Oklahoma
Sept. 27th    Brazilian bus-truck crash kills 4, injures 43
Sept. 27th    Small plane crashes in Montgomery County, Maryland killing 1
Sept. 27th    Light plane crashes in central France, two dead
Sept. 28th    15 air rage a worsening problem, airlines say
Sept. 28th    Air rage incidents up 16 percent
Sept. 28th    Ryanair flight makes emergency landing at Dublin Airport, Ireland due to technical issues
Sept. 28th    Warbird makes emergency belly landing at Ardmore Airport, New Zealand due to landing gear problems
Sept. 28th    Swiss army helicopter crashes in Alps, accident latest in string of crashes to befall the Swiss air force.
Sept. 28th    Police: Single engine plane goes down in Hurt, pilot not injured, Virginia
Sept. 29th    At least 3 dead, 100 injured in New Jersey train crash
Sept. 29th    47 Children hurt in Abu Dhabi school bus accident
Sept. 29th    Federal Aviation Administration to Investigate cause of Survival Flight Helicopter Emergency Landing in Oklahoma

So here we have it: The September 2016 forecast update. The areas of interest that were noted in the first forecast continue to be filled with troubling news events; and troubling is putting it lightly. If we’ve been paying attention, then we’re not completely clueless as to how to create a path of peace in this land of chaos. The key is to live cooperatively with the universal principles of our Source. Back in the Garden of Eden, it was a lack of cooperation to the same principles that caused the unraveling of a life in paradise. In Deuteronomy 28, a scripture we’ve referenced many times before, we are plainly shown the blessings and curses that come from depending on our cooperation with these principles, it’s called obedience in the Christian Bible. We can choose for ourselves the kind of life that we want to create for ourselves and others on this earth. Each one of us individually, as well as collectively is responsible for the changes that are made to this world. As of October 10 the things that are to be set in place are in place for the great change of 2016. Now moving forward over the next seven years implementation comes on the scene. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” tell your friends and family, and join us next month as we highlight headlines that takes place next month in the 2016 Global Forecast Update for October.