Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                                     2016 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE AUGUST 2016

                                                                                                                          AUGUST 31, 2016
Isaiah 21:6
For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.

Though the thick heat of summer may be drawing to a close, situations and conditions on the world’s stage continue to get hotter. All sorts of challenging events have been lining the news headlines, and some, tucked well beneath the radar of the average nightly news viewer. For those of us who want to get a clearer picture of just what is going on in the world around us: here it is – the August 2016 update to our 2016 Global Forecast. 
In the western culture, we envision summer as a time of lazy hot days spent running up and down the beach littered with people, sea shells, and dried starfish.  Family picnics where there is always another watermelon to be carved, and enough fried chicken and potato salad to feed three generations of uncles, aunts, cousins, as well as everyone else in the family (including the family dog). Planes to catch, trains to board, gas tanks to fill, as the family heads off to yet another overpriced vacation spot. Wow! Summer is a time to have a blast; but if we’re not watchful and prayerful, that’s just what we may find ourselves caught up in: a blast! We’re about to take a look at a blast of headlines that have rocked our nation and world – for that matter.
We as a people have been, and will continue to, experience the sticky and pressing heat of a stressed economy, a torrid of brutal weather, and other violent earth shaking events, people, and the governments they live in, behaving more than just a little badly, growing famine, and deadly diseases that educated minds have so skillfully crafted in the laboratories. Of course all the above mentioned conditions take the joy out of summer, and out of life, for that matter – but a word to the wise: a curse causeless does not come. We, collectively as a people, with our erroneous thinking – that we are truly separate from everything and everyone else, have acted selfishly and disobediently.  We have dishonored the land and everything upon it – including one another. We have disobeyed the life giving principles of our Creator, Father, and Friend. We have activated a curse. Now some may think: I’m not the one in the lab coat contriving deadly diseases in order to contain this out of control population of useless people. Here’s the thing: if in any shape or form, we express less than the axiom: do unto others as you would have done to you, we do indeed lend our energy to that self-serving notion that – if I, or we, get rid of them, there’s more for us. 
The good news is: we’re not left clueless on how to begin to repair the damage that has already been done. Just like, given the correct conditions the body has a beautiful way of healing itself, we, as a world- body, have the potential to do the same. The rod of correction is already set and the swing has been initiated. Our cosmic spanking is on the way, and in all actuality has already begun. It is up to us to take steps to do our best to lessen the sting of our correction. A spanking does not last forever and if we humble ourselves it is most definitely an opportunity to learn. Changing how we view ourselves and our relationship to all life is of paramount importance.
In each update, we remind you – our readers, of the trouble spots that we said to pay close attention to when we first started compiling the 2016 Global Forecast. Here they are once more.

An election cycle that has certainly not been the norm, and is unlikely to become so
Increases in the amount of record natural disasters
Escalating oil prices sometime this year
Great scandals emerge that cause great men and women to step down
Great companies and nations of renown may topple 
Terror strikes in USA and other nations
The human population becoming increasingly angry
Increases in diseases
Global financial unrest
Possible food shortages
And disruptions in travel (sea, road, air and rail)

As we read the following update, let’s reflect upon how we spent the hot days of summer. Was the experience more like leisurely walking through the lush green grass of a state park smelling every rose a bee was not busy occupying, or was it explaining why our child got arrested for rioting? Perhaps it was more like perusing the aisles of the local grocery store looking for the perfect ingredients for the family barbeque; or, was it more like picking up the broken pickle jars in an aisle after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake rocked our local grocery store. Was it like double checking the water bill to see which days to set the in-ground sprinkler in order to keep the lawn extra green, or was it more like making funeral arrangements for our mother who happened to be one of the victims washed away in the floods? This year has been filled with many life-changing events and this summer was no different. If happy reflections are what you were met with, then take a moment in gratitude to give thanks. Also, take a moment to offer prayers for those who suffered devastation and loss and prepare as there are dark elements still working to change many more lives before the year is over. 
In Matthew 24:4-8 Yahshua’s apostles asked Him: “What will be the sign of Your coming and the end of the age?” Yahshua replied: “Be on guard, so that no man deceives you.” He goes on to tell His apostles the areas where the deception would come from. He said: “Many will come in My name saying I’m anointed and will deceive many.” Remember this is a warning on how not to be deceived, therefore, they were not truly coming in His name; this is part of the deception. He goes on to say: “you will hear of wars and rumors of war” this is also part of the deception. The reason behind us seeing nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom is because Heavenly kingdoms waged war (Rev. 12:7); as a result certain authorities were displaced (Rev. 12:9). These fallen ones are now influencing the inhabitants of the earth (Rev.12:12) and they are using the leaders of the earth to bring forth their bidding through various forms of misinformation/deception (II Thess. 2:9; Rev. 16:13-14). This is the reason we see at this time, nations of the earth rising up, destroying, and overthrowing other nations during this time (Dan. 11:40-41). There is nothing that anyone could have done about it as this must come to pass (Matt. 24:6). To get to this point we had to fall far from the knowledge of our Heavenly Father (II Thess. 2:3). This is exactly the position that the inhabitants of the earth have been herded into. It is not very hard to see the result of losing the guidance of our Source. 

In the Book of Hosea 4:1-3 we see: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.” There is no doubt that our leaders seem to have gone mad today. These same leaders incite the people into error through media and pass laws to keep the unaware socially enslaved and detached from their Father. The following headlines are just part of the result (To read the articles or copy and paste link into your browser):

                                                                ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING AT RECORD PACE

Aug. 1st    Mass die off of fish in the waters of Lakeport, California, America
Aug. 2nd    Massive die off of marine life is 'unprecedented' off the Gulf coast of Texas, America.
Aug. 2nd    Tons of dead fish found washed up in a lake in Da Nang, Vietnam
Aug. 2nd    Hundreds of fish found floating in Abilene’s Nelson Park, Texas
Aug. 3rd    29,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Cote d'Ivoire
Aug. 3rd    Thousands of dead fish wash up along a river in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Aug. 3rd    Thousands of fish have died due to pollution in the river Faughan, Northern Ireland
Aug. 3rd    Thousands of fish in fish farms dead in Pinrang, Indonesia
Aug. 3rd    20 tons of fish have died in fish farms in Bandung, Indonesia
Aug. 4th    Hundreds of birds found dead, 'due to disease' in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Netherlands
Aug. 4th    Large die off of fish in a lake in Jinjiang, China
Aug. 4th    1,000 dead starfish wash up on beaches near Fremantle, Australia
Aug. 4th    Thousands of fish die in the waters of Kleinmachnow, Germany
Aug. 4th    1,000 dead starfish wash up on beaches near Fremantle, Australia
Aug. 5th    Hundreds of dead fish wash up in a lake in Georgia, America
Aug. 6th    Massive fish kill in the waters of Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombia
Aug. 7th    Thousands of dead fish wash up, 'a mystery' in the Strait of Messina, Italy
Aug. 8th    Hundreds of dead fish washing up in Ganjam, India
Aug. 8th    10,000 dead fish wash up along the coast of the Sea of Azov, Ukraine
Aug. 12th    Hundreds of dead starfish and other fish washing up dead in Coogee, Australia
Aug. 12th    Hundreds of dead fish found in Yellowstone River, Montana, America
Aug. 12th    Tons of dead fish wash up on a beach in Sanya Bay, Hainan, China
Aug. 13th    Tons of fish die in fish farms in Thang Binh District, Vietnam
Aug. 14th    12.5 Tons of fish die in a lake in Xiamen, China
Aug. 15th    Thousands of fish and other marine animals wash up dead on the coast of Morowali, Indonesia
Aug. 15th    Tens of thousands of fish have died in two rivers in Sioux County, Iowa, America
Aug. 15th    28 dolphins and 4 sea lions found dead on beaches in Lambayeque, Peru
Aug. 16th    Large die off of fish in a lake in Volyn, Ukraine
Aug. 16th    Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Pattani Province, Thailand
Aug. 16th    55 dead turtles found in La Paz, Mexico
Aug. 17th    Neonic pesticide link to long-term wild bee decline
Aug. 17th    1,100 chickens die in a farm in Odisha, India
Aug. 18th    Hundreds of dead fish found in a pond at National Mall, Washington, USA
Aug. 19th    Thousands of fish die in the waters of Rio Hondo, Texas, USA
Aug. 19th    Hundreds of dead fish turn up in a river in the Bronx, New York, USA
Aug. 20th    Thousands of fish die due to 'unprecedented parasite' in Yellowstone river, USA
Aug. 22nd    150,000 lbs of fish turn up dead in a lake in Qingdao, China
Aug. 22nd    Thousands of dead fish found in a river in North Carolina, USA
Aug. 23rd    18,000+ cattle die due to 'cold temperatures' in Arequipa, Peru
Aug. 24th    Millions of Dead Fish Found in New Jersey Marina, USA
Aug. 25th    Hundreds of tons of fish 'suddenly die' in a reservoir in Sragen, Indonesia
Aug. 27th    Thousands of dead fish wash up in Portland Harbor, Oregon, America
Aug. 27th    11,000 fish found dead in Huntington, New York, America
Aug. 27th    Hundreds of thousands of dead mussels wash up on a beach in Jamesport, New York, America
Aug. 27th    20,000 dead fish wash up in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, America
Aug. 28th    Thousands of dead fish wash up in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, America
Aug. 28th    11,500 chickens killed due to avian flu in Lome, Togo
Aug. 29th    Mass die off of fish 'due to pollution' in the River Seyhan, Turkey
Aug. 29th    Tens of thousands of fish die in a river in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam
Aug. 29th    322 Reindeer found dead, 'probably killed by lightning' in Hardangervidda, Norway
Aug. 29th    Large die off of fish, 'a mystery' in a lake in Cordoba, Argentina
Aug. 30th    Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Boyolali, Indonesia
Aug. 30th    Thousands of dead fish found is 'unprecedented' in a lake in Sverdlovsk, Russia
Aug. 30th    100 tons of fish have died suddenly in Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Aug. 31st    Thousands of dead fish wash up 'causing shock' on a lake in Alberta, Canada
Aug. 31st    Masses of dead anchovy wash up on the coast of Chanaral, Chile

                                                                              EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

We cautioned our readers to look out for another contraction around the time of late August/early September. In the previous headlines we saw millions of dead fish found in a New Jersey Marina in the USA on the 24th of August. On the same day we saw a 6.2 magnitude quake reduce the ancient cities of Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto in Italy to rubble. We saw on that same day a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook central Myanmar, a 5.8 magnitude quake struck WSW of Sungaipenuh, Indonesia, and a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Izu Islands in the Japan region. That is four major quakes in one day in late August. Something is happening if it hasen’t happened to you let’s not wait until it does before preparation is sought.  
While speaking of the various ways that they would try to deceive, Yahshua said in Matt. 24:8: “There will be earthquakes in place after place.” This is all part of the war that we have been writing about. Daniyl was told that in the end knowledge would be increased (Dan. 12:4). This is both technical and spiritual knowledge. For roughly 5,850 years, humanity had not moved beyond the horse and buggy. However, in the last 150 years we have gone from the horse and buggy to launching robots on other planets. This is by design, we had help. Knowledge has been increased because it has been given to us by other beings. In Rev. 16:14 we see that spirits of demons will go to the leaders of our planet in order to manipulate them into a great fall. These are the ones who have been allowed to seed man with great knowledge during this time. Great scientific breakthroughs have been made - two of which are being used to engineer earthquakes. This is not openly admitted. However, the CERN programs which have been developed to explore the "GOD” particle have the potential to manipulate the forces of the earth to cause earthquakes. We can make it quake where we choose to today and earthquake events are climbing steadily. Fracking is also a technology that is linked to earthquakes in the US. The USGS recorded 8,522 earthquakes during August 2016. Eight hundred, ninety-eight were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following 33 did not make the mainstream news in August however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Aug. 1st    6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes South Indian Ocean
Aug. 2nd    5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Bristol Island, S. Sandwich Islands
Aug. 4th    6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes WSW of La Quiaca, Argentina
Aug. 4th    6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Iwo Jima, Japan
Aug. 5th    5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes South Indian Ocean
Aug. 12th    7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes E of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia
Aug. 12th    6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes South of the Fiji Islands
Aug. 14th    5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes S of Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinskiy, Russia
Aug. 14th    5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes S of Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska
Aug. 18th    5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Bowen, Australia
Aug. 18th    5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Southern East Pacific Rise
Aug. 19th    7.4 magnitude earthquake strikes South Georgia Island region
Aug. 19th    5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes South Georgia Island region
Aug. 19th    5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes ESE of Grytviken, S. Georgia & S. Sandwich Islands
Aug. 20th    6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Miyako, Japan
Aug. 20th    2nd 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Miyako, Japan
Aug. 21th    6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes South Georgia Island region
Aug. 22nd    5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes Izu Islands, Japan region
Aug. 23rd    6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes N of Nebe, Indonesia
Aug. 24th    6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Norcia, Italy, blackouts and damage reported, at least 120 dead
Aug. 24th    Italy quake caused damage in Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto
Aug. 24th    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes NE of Norcia, Italy
Aug. 24th    At least 3 dead after powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes central Myanmar
Aug. 24th    5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes WSW of Sungaipenuh, Indonesia
Aug. 24th    5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Izu Islands, Japan region
Aug. 28th     5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes SSE of W of Abepura, Indonesia
Aug. 29th    7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes North of Ascension Island
Aug. 30th    5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes NNW of Constitucion, Chile
Aug. 30th    5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes NW of Visokoi Island, S. Georgia & the S. Sandwich Islands
Aug. 31st    6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes E of Namatanai, Papua New Guinea
Aug. 31st    5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes NNE of Gisborne, New Zealand


                                                                                      OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS

Again we bring attention to the contraction that began in late August. On the 23rd there was a terrifying moment that a giant sinkhole opened up on a busy pedestrian street swallowing people in China. The 26th and 28th brought the US similar occurrences as we saw a Phoenix city bus get stuck in sinkhole on a city street and an even larger sinkhole snarled traffic on a turnpike in Miami-Dade County. It was recorded on the 26th that there was a rare, deep-earth tremor that shook the entire planet for the first time in our recorded history. 
On the 29th the strongest recorded earthquake in decades occurred under Katla volcano in Southern Iceland. Two days later a Magnitude 3.8 quake was followed by dozens of aftershocks at the Bardarbunga volcano in Central Iceland. Something is happening and this is a call to actively set our minds to our Father and prepare. Noah prepared a sanctuary during his day and we are to prepare our sanctuaries today (Is. 26:20-21). Not just a physical one, but spiritually as well, knowing that we are the Sanctuary of YHWH if we serve Him.

Aug. 1st    5 killed, 1 injured after wall collapses in South China’s Guangxi
Aug. 1st    Durham dad injured when SUV falls into sinkhole
Aug. 1st    Huge sinkhole opens up on busy road in China
Aug. 2nd    Driver escapes as sinkhole swallows car in China
Aug. 2nd    Sinkhole swallows police car in Denver, Colorado
Aug. 2nd    Giant sinkhole! Ispwich residents shocked to find Giant sinkhole forming in backyard
Aug. 2nd    SUV falls into sinkhole in Durham North Carolina
Aug. 3rd    Bridge collapses in India, 22 missing
Aug. 3rd    The continent of Australia has shifted
Aug. 4th    2 dead in building collapse in Hanoi, Vietnam
Aug. 4th    Sinkhole swallows SUV in Albany, NY
Aug. 5th    One missing in mud and rock flows in SW China
Aug. 5th    Connecticut house explosion injures 7, sends debris flying
Aug. 6th    At least 2 killed, six trapped after building collapses near Mumbai, India
Aug. 7th    At least 39 killed in Mexico landslides triggered by tropical storm
Aug. 7th    Landslide kills 35 in north-west China following heavy rains, extreme weather
Aug. 10th    Ash emissions have been intense Dukono volcano in Halmahera, Indonesia
Aug. 10th    The eruption of Klyuchevskoy volcano Kamchatka continues with little changes
Aug. 11th    2 Dozen Injured in Apartment Complex Explosion in Maryland
Aug. 13th    2 dead, 15 injured as wall collapses in Manila slum
Aug. 13th    1 dead, 22 injured as landslide buries bus in China’s Fujian Province
Aug. 14th    East China landslides kill one
Aug. 15th    Terrifying moment couple swallowed by giant sinkhole as onlookers rush to help
Aug. 16th    Strong vulcanian explosion occurred at the Caliente lava dome Santiaguito, Guatemala
Aug. 17th    Activity more intermittent over past days at Suwanose-jima volcano Tokara Islands, Japan
Aug. 19th    The Kilauea Volcano Puts on a Spectacular Show
Aug. 21st    3 killed in east China bridge collapse
Aug. 23rd    Terrifying moment giant sinkhole opens a busy pedestrian street swallowing passers in China
Aug. 23rd    Sabancaya volcano remains restless
Aug. 24th    Villarrica volcano in Central Chile has increased its activity during the past two weeks
Aug. 26th    The rare, deep-Earth tremor shook the planet for first time
Aug. 26th    Phoenix City Bus Gets Stuck in Sinkhole
Aug. 29th    Japan scientists detect rare, deep-Earth tremor
Aug. 29th    Strongest recorded earthquake in decades occurred this morning under Katla volcano in Southern Iceland
Aug.31st    Magnitude 3.8 earthquake followed by dozens of aftershocks yesterday at the Bardarbunga volcano in Central Iceland

                                                                                       NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES

Imagine a warm breeze strokes your cheek as you lay peacefully on the picnic blanket gazing at cotton clouds rolling across the blue sky. The smell of geraniums and lilacs tickles your nose, and your belly begins to grumble just a bit as the smell of chicken wings, potato salad, hot biscuits, and apple pie sneak from under the wicker picnic basket’s lid. Pretty picture Huh. Perhaps your summer was full of imagery such as this. For many, both here and abroad, the month of August brought anything but warm breezes and the smell of geraniums. It wasn’t bellies grumbling, but rather dark skies over Florida, New Orleans, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, China, and many other places, bringing torrential rains, flooding, tornadoes, and other fatal weather conditions. While some may have been planning that perfect summer picnic, others were scrambling for their very lives in order to not be counted among those killed by storm related disasters. 

This may be hard to believe, but most of these disasters are bio-engineered through the technology that has been given to us. The HAARP program has been used to manipulate the natural elementals of the heavens as CERN has been used to disturb the natural elementals in the earth. We can now create great storms where we choose and we have seen just that happening in increased fashion this year. During the latter days of this month we have seen flash floods push cars from the California desert highway on August 24th. A day later rivers in Northern Iowa rose to record levels after 214 mm of rain fell in only 24 Hours. A similar fate struck India that very day as floods in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh affected some 4 million people, as the Ganges River rose to record levels. On the 28th flash floods left cars stuck in tunnels in Ankara, Turkey and on the 29th 2 ft. of hail pummeled Colorado Springs in the middle of summer. On the 31st we saw 100s of homes damaged after floods and Landslides in Honduras and Typhoon Lionrock caused flooding in northern Japan. This is not the norm, by now we should know that something is going on worldwide and we would do well to pay closer attention. 

In the bible, James 4:9 says it plainly for those of us who are enjoying ourselves without the balance of reverence to our Source. “…let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to heaviness…” Verse 10 holds the key to our escape from these plagues that are only beginning to assault us on all fronts, “…Humble yourselves in the sight of YHWH (not in our own sight).” Let’s take a look at the following headlines and keep in mind what has been reported on so far in this update: 

Aug. 1st    China initiates emergency response ahead of Typhoon Nida making landfall
Aug. 2nd    Tropical storm Earl heads for Belize after killing 6 in Dominican Republic
Aug. 3rd    Bihar Floods Worsen Leaving 60 Dead and 380,000 Displaced in India
Aug. 3rd    Floods Hit Maharashtra and Gujarat, Dozens Feared Dead After Bridge Collapses in India
Aug. 3rd    Monsoon rainfall hits Phoenix Arizona with flooding
Aug. 3rd    Flash flood in Arizona
Aug. 4th    Typhoon forces 7,000 from homes in China’s Guizhuo Province
Aug. 4th    ‘We woke up to disaster’: Torrential rain swamps Tampa, worst flooding in 65 years
Aug. 4th    Further Flooding Displaces Thousands in Myanmar
Aug. 4th    42 Dead After Floods in 16 Districts in Bangladesh
Aug. 4th    Downgraded Earl lashes Belize, Mexico
Aug. 5th    Tornado hits New Orleans
Aug. 5th    Floods and Twisters Reported as More Than 24 Hours of Storms Hit Several States
Aug. 5th    Tornado flattens houses, downs power lines in New Orleans
Aug. 5th    Floods Leave Over 70 Dead and 16,000 Homes Destroyed in Sudan
Aug. 6th    Tropical storm Earl kills six in eastern Mexico
Aug. 7th    Macedonia declares state of emergency after 21 die in Historic flash floods
Aug. 7th    Over 20 Dead and 50 Injured After Floods in Skopje, Macedonia
Aug. 7th    At least 38 killed as Hurricane Earl triggers mudslides in eastern Mexico
Aug. 8th    At least 29 people killed, many missing in Pakistan rains
Aug. 8th    Floods and Landslides in North Leave 5 Dead and 7 Missing in Vietnam
Aug. 8th    Deadly Floods Hit Sindh and Balochistan Provinces, Pakistan
Aug. 8th    12 Dead in Nashik Floods; Mahad Bridge Collapse Death Toll Reaches 25 in Maharashtra, India
Aug. 8th    India Bihar Floods Force 650,000 From Their Homes, Death Toll Rises to 95
Aug. 8th    Storm in Macedonia kills at least 21 and state of emergency declared
Aug. 8th    Tropical Storm Earl kills 45 in Mexican landslides, storm Javier looms
Aug. 9th    Tornado touches down in Manitoba, Canada
Aug. 9th    Hundreds Evacuated in Guatemala After Flooding Brought by Tropical Storm Earl
Aug. 9th    40 Dead as Tropical Storm Earl Triggers Floods and Landslides in Mexico
Aug. 10th    Federal Disaster Declaration for Wisconsin Floods
Aug. 10th    Food Insecurity Follows Floods in Sri Lanka
Aug. 10th    Flood Warnings for 11 States, Thousands of Homes Destroyed in Kano, Nigeria
Aug. 10th    A 19,000-ton oil rig has blown ashore in Scotland during severe storm
Aug. 11th    Deadly Floods Hit Rajasthan, India
Aug. 11th    480 People Killed in Floods Since June in India
Aug. 12th    Deadly Floods in Mali and Burkina Faso, West Africa
Aug. 12th    Louisiana governor declares state of emergency over flooding
Aug. 12th    Torrential rain floods hundreds of homes in Louisiana
Aug. 14th    EF-1 tornado touched down in York Region: Environment Canada
Aug. 14th    Three dead, 7,000 rescued from Louisiana flooding
Aug. 14th    Historic, deadly Louisiana floods will worsen as waters rise
Aug. 14th    China Shaanxi flash floods
Aug. 15th    Multiple tornadoes hit Central Indiana
Aug. 15th    Louisiana Rivers at Record Levels
Aug. 15th    5 Dead and 50,000 Displaced After Floods in Manila, Central Luzon and Calabarzon, Philippines
Aug. 16th    Hundreds Evacuate Floods in Moscow After Average 
Monthly Rain Falls in a Day
Aug. 16th    Senegal Floods Expose Need for Community Warning, Preparation
Aug. 16th    Torrential rain, and flooding in Midwest
Aug. 17th    114 Killed in Floods, Over 100,000 Affected in Sudan
Aug. 17th    Warnings Issued as Floods Hit Northern Provinces, Thailand
Aug.17th    40,000 people evacuated in Louisiana
Aug. 18th    Floods in Vietnam and Laos Leave at Least 6 Dead
Aug. 18th    Floods Affect Almost Half a Million People in Myanmar
Aug. 19th    Rain Bombs and Thousand Year Floods Catch America’s Attention
Aug. 19th    Typhoon Dianmu hits northern Vietnam Terrible winds in Hanoi
Aug. 20th    Typhoon Dianmu Causes Flooding in South China
Aug. 20th    Tornado tears through Michigan town
Aug. 20th    Cities, counties flooded as typhoon hits Hainan
Aug. 20th    Torrential rain and tornadoes in western Michigan
Aug. 21st    Torrential Rains Trigger 'Unprecedented' Flooding in Kansas
Aug. 21st    Whole Village in Fiji Relocated After Landslide and Cyclone Disasters
Aug. 21st    Dozens dead, over 600,000 evacuated in India flooding
Aug. 22nd    7 die in N Vietnam due to typhoon Dianmu
Aug. 22nd    Hundreds of flights grounded as strong typhoon Mindulle nears Japan
Aug. 22nd    UK underwater AGAIN: Torrential rain submerges cars and homes in North West
Aug. 22nd    Floods in 5 States Leave At Least 35 Dead and Thousands Displaced, in India
Aug. 22nd    Flood-Hit Bangladesh Plans to Keep Food Safe in Home Silos
Aug. 23rd    Tornado touched down in central Alberta Sunday Environment Canada
Aug. 24th    Flash floods push cars from California desert highway
Aug. 24th    Tornadoes demolish homes and businesses in Indiana
Aug. 25th    Floods in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh Affect 4 Million, Ganges at Record Levels in India
Aug. 25th    Rivers in Northern Iowa at Record Levels After 214 mm of Rain in 24 Hours
Aug. 26th    Flash floods submerge village in northern India
Aug. 27th    Flash floods in Kansas City Missouri
Aug. 28th    Severe storms swamp Cincinnati
Aug. 29th    Typhoon Lionrock forces cancellation of more than 100 flights in Japan
Aug. 30th    These hurricanes are a dual threat to Hawaii
Aug. 31st    Typhoon Lionrock kills 11 in northern Japan
Aug. 31st    Storm floods street in Englewood Florida
Aug. 31st    Wave of Flash Floods Hits Cities Across USA

                                                                                   ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62: 
“If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolong disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
We have become so accustomed to the nightly news riddled with one bad story after another that it has become our sad norm.  Even so, people try to go about their daily lives enjoying as much of it as they can, or at least pretending that they are. However, as the threat of the bio-engineered diseases such as the Zika Virus roam around it will become very un-nerving to the population. Solutions will be sought which will include spraying the mosquitos with neurotoxins that will only prove to give the public more diseases. Yahshua knew that this deception would be in the last days, just as He warned His apostles in Matthew 24:7. The following headlines will help us to see that there are diseases rampant all around the world, many of which are genetically engineered viruses and bacteria from a lab:

Aug. 1st    High lead levels in Portland public schools water
Aug. 1st    Dengue kills four in Vietnam
Aug. 1st    First Travel-related Zika Case Reported In Monterey County, California
Aug. 1st    Merced County Reports First Cases Of Human Zika Virus, California
Aug. 1st    Stay Out Of Miami's Wynwood Area - CDC Warns Pregnant Women
Aug. 1st    Florida Gov. says 14 Zika cases likely caused by local mosquitos, seeks emergency response
Aug. 1st    Pentagon - 33 American Service Members Have Contracted Zika Overseas, Washington DC
Aug. 1st    Urgent Humanitarian crisis in north eastern Nigeria
Aug. 2nd     NIH receives four suspected CCHF samples from Punjab, Pakistan
Aug. 2nd     1 dead as Russian medics fight deadly anthrax outbreak in Siberia
Aug. 2nd     Nearly 90 People Hospitalized in Russia's Siberia Amid Anthrax Outbreak
Aug. 2nd     Eight anthrax cases confirmed in Yamal — Russian authorities
Aug. 2nd     Dengue Kills 3 Tots In Bacolod, Philippines
Aug. 2nd     Cholera spreads in Chaparia village, India;-20-affected-Cholera-spreadsOdisha.htm
Aug. 2nd     22-yr-old Howrah resident succumbs to Dengue, India
Aug. 3rd    Dengue Claims 7 Lives In Bengal, India
Aug. 3rd    First case of Zika virus confirmed in Hamilton County, Tennessee
Aug. 3rd    First case of Zika reported in Yellowstone County, Montana
Aug. 3rd.    Suspected Dengue Death In Mysuru, India
Aug. 4th     Yuma County, Arizona Confirms First Case Of Zika Virus
Aug. 4th    First case of Zika virus reported in Middle Georgia
Aug. 4th    79-year-old Man Dies Of Dengue, Singapore
Aug. 4th    Dengue Death Toll Rises To 10 In Bengal, India
Aug. 4th    Epidemic of swine flu sweeps prison, Thailand
Aug. 4th    Mutant 'Super Lice' Outbreak Has Now Spread to Nearly Every State
Aug. 5th    Mutant Mosquitoes Approved by FDA
Aug. 5th    Mysterious Disease Kills 39 in Remote Northwest Myanmar
Aug. 6th    30 cholera cases reported in Kathmandu Valley in a week
Aug. 6th    One dead, 152 new dengue cases in West Bengal
Aug. 7th    13 dead, 112 new dengue cases in West Bengal, India
Aug. 7th    Anthrax kills 19 cattle in northeast France
Aug. 7th    Haryana govt. issues advisory for Glanders disease in India
Aug. 8th    Brain-eating amoeba kills 11-year-old girl after swimming in river
Aug. 8th    Spread of cholera unabated in Lalitpur, Nepal
Aug. 8th    70-yr-old Bhigwan Man Dies Of Dengue, in India
Aug. 9th    Deadly toxic chemicals found in drinking water for at least 6 MILLION Americans
Aug. 9th    Genetically Engineered Coconuts now invading US 
Aug. 9th     First Zika Case Confirmed In The Bahamas
Aug. 9th    Utah Health Dept confirms hantavirus death in Utah County
Aug. 9th    2 More Dengue Deaths Reported In NegOcc, Philippines
Aug. 9th    The Latest: Big Sur fire grows to more than 100 square miles
Aug. 10th    3 dead in Madeira Islands as wild fire spreads into Capital
Aug. 10th    Portugal besieged by wildfire, 4 dead, 1,000s flee
Aug. 10th    Turmeric Recall Expanded To Include Major Brands For Excessive Lead
Aug. 10th    Crypto bacteria outbreak confirmed in Arizona pools
Aug. 10th    Great concern' over US deaths in pregnancy, childbirth
Aug. 10th    Alarm Bells Raised by Pregnant Zika Victim in Florida
Aug. 10th    First Zika Case Reported In The Coachella Valley, California
Aug. 10th    One More Dengue Death Reported In Highlands Province,
Aug. 10th    Dengue in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the rise
Aug. 10th    Philippines dengue fever cases continue to rise, death toll tops 300
Aug. 11th    Congo fever claims another life within a fortnight, Pakistan
Aug. 11th    One Confirmed Dead In Edon, Nigeria of Lassa
Aug. 11th    Rome's garbage crisis poses serious health threats
Aug. 12th    Coimbatore Reports First Dengue Death Of This Season In Tamil Nadu
Aug. 12th    U.S. rowers battle stomach illness at 2016 Olympics test event
Aug. 12th    Cholera kills at least 12 people in Central African Republic
Aug. 12th    Hantavirus case confirmed in Colorado
Aug. 12th    One more dies of dengue New Delhi, India
Aug. 12th    Ohio officials: 2 children get new flu from swine at county fair
Aug. 12th    51 cholera cases reported in Valley in one month, Nepal
Aug. 13th    First dengue death in Steel City, 28-year-old pregnant woman dies in India
Aug. 13th    Dengue claims life of a sub inspector in Lucknow, India
Aug. 13th    Rio Athletes compete in sewage
Aug. 13th    Public Health Emergency is declared for Puerto Rico
Aug. 14th    Anthrax outbreak in Kaziranga following floods in Assam, India
Aug. 14th    Cholera outbreak kills 16 in Central African Republic
Aug. 14th    AIIMS records 241 cases of chikungunya this year, New Delhi, India
Aug. 14th    Dengue takes another life in Odisha, India
Aug. 15th    Zika Case Reported in Marlborough, Massachusetts
Aug. 16th    EDCD confirms 68 cholera cases in Napal Valley
Aug. 16th    Cholera Outbreak in Adjumani, Uganda
Aug. 16th    Argentina facing worst dengue epidemic in history
Aug. 16th    One more dies of dengue in Odisha, India
Aug. 17th    Cholera cases increase in Burundi
Aug. 17th    Chikungunya deaths in Pernambuco State, Brazil
Aug.17th    Southern California Fire Flared Up at 5 Acres. A Day Later, It Covered 30,000.
Aug.17th    Fire in California, 80,000 evacuated
Aug. 17th    First case of Zika reported in Clark County, Washington
Aug. 17th    Cholera Outbreak in Central African Republic Rises
Aug. 17th    2 die of dengue in Kidapawan City, Philippines
Aug. 18th    458 cases of dengue have been reported this season in Assam, India
Aug. 18th    Spurt In Dengue Cases In Mumbai - 321 Suspected Cases At Govt Hospitals And Dispensaries
Aug. 18th    Lassa fever kills doctor, three others in Anambra, Nigeria
Aug. 18th    4th brain-eating amoeba case this year now in Florida
Aug. 19th    Florida governor confirms Zika transmission in Miami Beach
Aug. 19th    People urged to stay out of Lake Tapps after dozen people sickened, toxic algae found
Aug. 19th    Detroit boy loses leg after contracting flesh-eating bacteria
Aug. 19th    333 people test positive for dengue in Dehradun, India
Aug. 19th    Yamunanagar man dies of dengue, India
Aug. 19th    Another patient dies Congo fever in Karachi, Pakistan
Aug. 19th    13 more infected with Anthrax in Sirajganj, Bangladesh
Aug. 19th    Eight Human Cases Of Swine Flu Confirmed In Michigan
Aug. 19th    1st Zika case found in Ventura County, California
Aug. 21st    Tick-borne Congo virus claims 19 lives in Pakistan
Aug. 21st    Swimming pool parasite spreads across Phoenix area
Aug. 22nd    Scallops recalled after hundreds of people contract hepatitis
Aug. 22nd    2 More Deaths - Total Cases Rise To 311 In Delhi, India
Aug. 22nd    First Zika virus case reported in East Texas, USA
Aug. 22nd    First Case Of Zika Virus Reported In South Dakota, USA
Aug. 22nd    South 24 Parganas - 2 More Dengue Deaths - 300 Fresh Cases In Bengal
Aug. 22nd    Boulder, Colorado investigates first resident with tularemia in 2016
Aug. 22nd    Delta Records New Case Of Lassa Fever in Nigeria
Aug. 22nd    Wildfires Spread in Washington State
Aug. 23rd    Another dengue death in Kolkata, India
Aug. 23rd    2 more dengue related deaths, Jalandhar, India
Aug. 23rd    Non-travel Zika virus case reported in Pinellas County, Florida
Aug. 23rd    S. Korea confirms first cholera case in 15 years
Aug. 24th    FDA: Jeni's Ice Cream Still Fighting Bacteria Problems From Listeria
Aug. 24th    4,164 dengue cases, 16 deaths reported in Caraga, Philippines
Aug. 24th    Dengue kills 6 in Maguindanao, Philippines
Aug. 24th    Western Wildfires: More Than 100 Fires Burning Across 8 States
Aug. 25th    S. Korea confirms 2nd cholera infection
Aug. 25th    First Zika Infection in Santa Barbara County, California
Aug. 25th    Hong Kong confirms first case of Zika virus
Aug. 25th    Ventura County, California Confirms First Zika Case
Aug. 25th    Civic woman staffer dies of dengue in Maharashtra, India
Aug. 26th    Mysterious fever in Noida village claims 12 lives in 15 days
Aug. 26th    9-year-old dies of dengue in Hyderabad, India
Aug. 26th    First Zika pregnancy confirmed in Washoe County, Nevada
Aug. 26th    Dengue claims another life in La Trinidad, Philippines
Aug. 27th    Govt. confirms first case of chikungunya in Gurgaon, India
Aug. 27th    First case of locally-transmitted Zika virus infection, Singapore
Aug. 28th    Fifth dengue death reported in New Delhi, India
Aug. 29th    Wildfire closes Yellowstone south entrance
Aug. 29th    Three More People Contracted Anthrax in Central Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Aug. 29th    Congo virus claims another life in Pakistan
Aug. 29th    Seven people die of cholera in Kalyansinghpur, concerned villagers quit village, India
Aug. 29th    First cases of Zika reported in Nash County
Aug. 30th    Scary long-term damages of tattoo ink on your body
Aug. 30th    51-Year-Old Woman Dies Of Swine Flu In Coimbatore, India
Aug. 30th    Lawmakers Call For Modified Mosquitoes To Fight Zika
Aug. 30th    Benin register 129 cholera cases, 6 dead
Aug. 30th    Vigilance urged in Taiwan as cholera cases on rise: CDC
Aug. 30th    Surging Seas Spell Trouble for Coastal Wildlife and Nature-Loving Humans
Aug. 31st    40 cases of Hepatitis A have been linked to smoothies
Aug. 31st    S. Korea confirms 3rd cholera infection
Aug. 31st    Delta quarantines 55 over Lassa fever death, Nigeria

                                                                                  SIGNS AND WONDERS OF THE TIMES 

August also brought with it more than a few out of the ordinary, run of the mill events. The apostle Shaul also knew of the deception that would befall us today and wrote about it in II Thessalonians 2:9 as the works of darkness would be working with all sorts of signs and lying wonders. We have seen everything from a skull shaped asteroid to mysterious lights streaking across the skies, to an enormous increase in people being struck by lightning. In fact on August 29th 322 reindeer were killed by an apparent lightning strike in Hardangervidda, Norway. All the diabolical manipulation is actually causing some real problems. On August 25th we saw that hours of radar equipment outage caused flights to halt at South Florida's airports. This is a real problem and we will be seeing more of this in the upcoming months and years. Five days later there was a report by scientists that a new geological epoch called the Anthropocene is here. It may be easy to overlook these unusual events, but it would be prudent to take notice of the seemingly little things for they usually lead to something much greater. This month we saw many signs and real natural problems that are slowly but surely increasing upon us:

Aug. 1st    Meteor lights in the sky
Aug. 2nd    2015 — the warmest year on record
Aug. 3rd    Bitcoin Sinks After Exchange Reports Hack
Aug. 5th    Caterpillars rain down from the sky in SW China
Aug.5th        Mysterious light in sky over East St. Louis
Aug. 6th    Delta Airlines says worldwide system power outage may cause flight cancellation
Aug. 10th    Germany to propose ban on full face veil
Aug. 11th    2 people found dead of apparent lightning strike in cemetery in New York
Aug. 11th    Perseids to ignite across skies this week
Aug. 11th    2 people found dead of apparent lightning strike in cemetery in New York
Aug. 12th    New York mayor warns people of extreme heat
Aug. 13th    5 injured in apparent lightning strike in Poughkeepsie park, New York
Aug. 13th    Nancy Pelosi: DCCC hacking brought on 'obscene and sick calls'
Aug. 13th    China reviews alert for heat wave in C & S regions
Aug. 14th    New York Cockroaches Flying Everywhere During Strong Heat Wave On East Coast
Aug. 14th    Stingray invasion In Marina Del Rey
Aug. 15th    UFO sighted outside of a plane?
Aug. 15th    Australia’s GPS Navigation Is Off By Five Feet after continent shifts
Aug. 16th    NASA: July was Earth's hottest month in recorded history
Aug. 16th    Amazing lightning show in Treasure Island, Florida
Aug. 16th    Power outage at JFK Airport's Terminal 8 causing delays, inconveniences in NY
Aug. 16th    Amazing lightning show in Treasure Island, Florida
Aug. 17th    Hacker group claims to have stolen NSA 'cyber weapons'
Aug. 18th    Facing rising seas due to climate change Alaskan village to relocate
Aug. 18th    86,000 people file for federal aid after deadly flooding in Louisiana
Aug. 19th    Nice becomes latest French city to ban burkini
Aug. 19th    Teachers at school directed to stop addressing students as boys and girls
Aug. 19th    German interior minister introduces plan to ban face veils in public places in bid to boost security
Aug. 20th    Typhoon Dianmu brings stunning lightning to China
Aug. 22nd    Village in Alaska Votes to Relocate Due to Threat of Rising Seas
Aug. 23rd    Decline 'New Normal' for Long-term Arctic Ice Melt, Says NASA
Aug. 24th    French police make woman remove burkini on Nice beach
Aug. 26th    American pika vanishing from western US as 'habitat lost to climate change'
Aug. 27th    French Mayors vows to keep burkini ban despite court ruling it illegal
Aug. 27th    Venus and Jupiter draws near, rare
Aug. 30th    Lightning strike kills 323 wild reindeer in Norway
Aug. 30th    Scientists Say a New Geological Epoch Called the Anthropocene Is Here
Aug. 30th    Coffee shortage looming thanks to climate change
Aug. 31st    Dropbox hack leaks 2012 info from 60 million accounts

                                                                                      GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

Jeremiah 17:5:    
This is what YHWH says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from YHWH.”
Here in the West we have been conditioned to put our trust in a capitalistic society. Work hard – for money of course, and our efforts will pay off with security; A secure home, a secure job, a secure insurance policy, a secure retirement plan, and of course (for the well deserving) that dreamy summer vacation. There is only one problem. This unsustainable ideal was used to detach the people from the sustainable natural sources, just to later deliberately pull the rug from under the people. Without the knowledge to work the land that the earth will yield its fruits to us, we will be at the mercy of the fascinating system of government that is being manipulated to fail. The ‘American Dream’ is over and we need to get out of the bed that has been made for us and realize that the dream has turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. We entered a new contraction in late August/early September economically as well. We are seeing recalls in record numbers. On August 23rd Mitsubishi recalls 82,426 vehicles for CVT hesitation issues. On the 25th Ford recalls 113K vehicles for fuel and window issues and Whirlpool recalls 15,200 microwaves over fire hazard. A day later Mazda recalls 190,000 vehicles for steering hazard and Anheuser-Busch announces that they may have to lay off up to 5,500 employees. As if that is not unprecedented on its own, on the 27th GM said they are recalling 368,000 vehicles over windshield wipers issues and on the 31st Abercrombie & Fitch Co. say they are closing about 60 stores. This is no doubt putting great stress on the US economy. If and when the US economy fails nothing will be able to hold up that fat lady something will replace or rebuild her. We see that Africa's biggest economy officially entered recession on the 31st of August. This will cause a few nations to make some adjustments. However, when the world’s biggest economy officially falls, that will cause the world to make adjustments. A silver lining comes after this fall, but we need to survive the fall. Man’s way will not help us and we will see this very clearly, very soon. If we’re looking for security and peace we must turn our attention to the only Source that can deliver the same. As you read on a sobering question to ask is this: where have I placed my trust? In man’s system that can crumble at any time, or in the author of all life, abundance and peace? Let’s take a look at what the headlines say:

Aug. 1st    US factory activity and construction spending fall
Aug. 1st    UK factory activity contracts at fastest pace for 3 years
Aug. 2nd    Cibola county correctional center in Milan near Grants, New Mexico is closing
Aug. 10th    Town of Oyster Bay laying off up to 150
Aug. 11th    US Registers $113B Budget Deficit in July
Aug. 12th    Italy’s economy flat April-June as banking sector struggles,d.cGc 
Aug. 15th    Japan’s economic growth weaker than forecast
Aug. 16th    Paterson NJ - Budget may = 250 Layoffs
Aug. 17th    $6T Pension hole, we're all going to have to pay for
Aug. 17th    S. Africa’s June retail sales slows as economy flirts with recession
Aug. 17th    200,000 refugees in Uganda face aid reduction due to lack of funds
Aug. 19th    Brevard County Clerk of Courts Office laying off 12
Aug. 25th    Montcalm County Michigan - Layoffs Possible
Aug. 28th    German Vice Chancellor: Brexit may send EU down the drain
Aug. 30th    Swiss Re-Estimates Natural Catastrophes Caused $31 Billion Insured Losses for First-Half 2016
Aug. 30th    US Faces Rising Hurricane Bill
Aug. 31st    Africa's Biggest Economy Officially Enters Recession


Aug. 2nd    Albany State University to lay off 80 Positions
Aug. 2nd    Darton State 30 Unfilled Positions
Aug. 4th    Paine College in Augusta GA - Layoffs Possible
Aug. 5th    Chicago P. Schools to lay off 1,000,
Aug. 5th    Notre Dame of Maryland University to lay off 12
Aug. 9th    Benito Juarez Community Academy to lay off 10 Positions
Aug. 9th    Iowa State University’s IT to lay off 7+ Positions
Aug. 17th    California University of Penn. - Layoffs Coming 
Aug. 19th    Crossroads College is closing in Rochester MN
Aug. 27th    Elgin Community College - 15 Layoff Notices
Aug. 28th    Elizabeth City State University - Some Layoffs
Aug. 30th    ISU Science / Engineering Complex to lay off 34
Aug. 31st    ITT Tech to Students: We may be Closing Soon


Aug. 3rd    Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems to lay off 35
Aug. 8th    Skyland Behavioral Health Associates Asheville NC is closing
Aug. 12th    Baystate Health laying off 300
Aug. 12th    Bayer HealthCare Pharm. Mission Bay - Some Layoffs
Aug. 15th    Merck to layoff 148 Montco Jobs 
Aug. 16th    Waltham biotech Chiasma laying off 20
Aug. 16th    Aetna to cut back 70 percent on Obamacare plans in 2017
Aug. 17th    Obama Care in Trouble as Insurers tired of Losing Money
Aug. 18th    Pfizer to close 4 Hospira Distribution Centers - 104 Layoffs
Aug. 26th    States start to approve Increase in Health Premiums
Aug. 29th    Obama Care Marketplaces are in Trouble
Aug. 30th    Teva Pharmaceuticals closing Pomona Plant
Aug. 31st    St. Francis Hospital Milwaukee - Fears of Layoffs


Aug. 1st    Banks get Tougher on Business Loans, due global financial risk
Aug. 4th    Bank of England Cuts Interest Rate to Historic Low, Citing Economic Pressures
Aug 13th    M&F Bank laying off 7
Aug. 17th    Ditech Financial Georgia to lay off 80
Aug. 23rd    Bank of America Charlotte to lay off about 30 Tech Jobs
Aug. 24th    9 Nigeria banks suspended from foreign currency trading
Aug. 27th    Bombardier - Begin Effort to cut 7,000 Jobs


Aug. 1st    Fireforge files for bankruptcy
Aug. 2nd    Revolve Solar Inc files for bankruptcy
Aug. 7th    Logan's Roadhouse files for bankruptcy; 18 restaurants closing
Aug. 8th    Owner of Idle California Oil Island Files for Bankruptcy Protection
Aug. 9th    Precision Environmental Solutions files for bankruptcy
Aug. 24th    Coralia Leets Jewelry Design files for bankruptcy
Aug. 27th    Jensen Industries Inc. files for bankruptcy 
Aug. 31st    Shipping giant Hanjin, majority owner of biggest Long Beach terminal, files for bankruptcy


Aug. 1st    Air France warns of flight cancellations due to strike
Aug. 1st    Pilots' strike hits Easy-Jet flights from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug. 1st    Dow Corning Corp Michigan lay off 348
Aug. 1st    NewLink Genetics lay off 100
Aug. 2nd    South Korea Bars Volkswagen From Selling 80 Models in Country
Aug. 2nd    Rockford Products LLC to lay off 171
Aug. 2nd    Ruby Tuesday close all 11 Locations in Illinois
Aug. 2nd    Kellogg's Snacks will be closing its Seelyville plant in 2017
Aug. 2nd    Freightliner's Gastonia NC to lay off 115
Aug. 2nd    Kennametal Inc. to lay off 1,000
Aug. 3rd    Flanders Electric to lay off 100
Aug. 3rd    Altice USA to lay off 100
Aug. 3rd    Ben Moss Jewelers (International) - Closing all 54 Locations
Aug. 3rd    Elmhurst Dairy Iconic Queens NY Dairy - 273 Layoffs
Aug. 3rd    Office Depot Inc. - 300 Additional Store closings
Aug. 3rd    Martinrea Hot Stampings plans to close its Detroit plant - 122 Layoffs
Aug. 3rd    Daimler Trucks North America NC to lay off 115
Aug. 3rd    Time Inc. to lay off 110
Aug. 4th    FireEye Inc. to lay off 300 to 400
Aug. 4th    JPS Composite Materials to lay off 103
Aug. 4th    Cliffs Natural Resources to lay off 200 More in August
Aug. 5th    Dollar Tree to lay off 370 Family Dollar Jobs in Matthews
Aug. 5th    The Dow Chemical Plant is closing in Hanging Rock Ohio
Aug. 8th    Logan's Roadhouse closing 18 Locations
Aug. 8th    Kmart closing store in Hasting
Aug. 8th    Kenmore Freeze closing in Akron Ohio
Aug. 9th    Cablevision and its Optimum service closing call center & customer support operations in Shelton and Stratford
Aug. 9th    Safelite windshield plant in Enfield to close - up to 210 Jobs Lost
Aug. 9th    Hhgregg closing 5 Wisconsin stores
Aug. 10th    SunPower laying off 1,200
Aug. 10th    Sears closing Orlando Fashion Square Store
Aug. 11th    Sign of the times, Macy's closing another 100 stores
Aug. 11th    More Adult Americans live w Parents / Grandparents
Aug. 11th    1 in 7 US Households has a Negative Net Worth
Aug. 11th    Manitowoc Beverage Systems in Sellersburg laying off 84
Aug. 11th    ConocoPhillips laying off 900 from Global Workforce
Aug. 11th    Ruby Tuesday Inc. closing 95 Stores by Next Month
Aug. 12th    QuoteWizard laying off 10% of Staff
Aug. 12th    GE Lighting plans to close it's Lexington Lamp Plant KY and Somerset Glass Plant - 210 Layoffs
Aug 13th    Gordon Food Service’s Pottsville Distribution Center closing at Highridge Business Park - 120 Jobs Lost
Aug 13th    Radio Shack closing Wilson store,71131
Aug 13th    Qualcomm Incorporated will be closing its Red Bank Office - 76 Could lose jobs 
Aug. 16th    Tudor Investment Corp to lay off 15% of Workforce
Aug. 16th    GE Appliances plant in Bloomington will end Production on August 25
Aug. 17th    Cisco to lay off 5,500
Aug. 17th     Global Economic Bellwether Cisco Reportedly to Fires 20% Of Workforce, 14,000 workers
Aug. 17th    Staples Closing Store at 4601 First Ave. SE in Cedar Rapids
Aug. 17th    Best Buy to close store in Lawrence NY
Aug. 18th    Sikorsky Aircraft - up to 85 Layoffs Possible
Aug. 19th    Boeing in Washington State laying off 100
Aug. 19th    Caterpillar laying off 155
Aug. 19th    Lowe's Express is closing on Route 35 in Wall NJ
Aug. 21st    Caterpillar - Consider closing Wash. Plant
Aug. 22nd    Menzies Aviation to lay off 186
Aug. 22nd    DeepWell Energy Services in Buckhannon to lay off up to 177
Aug. 22nd    Deere - 145 More Layoffs
Aug. 22nd    Goodgame Studios (International) to lay off 200 to 600
Aug. 22nd    Bed Bath & Beyond is closing at 1600 Douglas Road in Oswego
Aug. 23rd    Mitsubishi recalls 82,426 vehicles for CVT hesitation issues
Aug. 23rd    SolarCity to lay off 108 in San Mateo, San Francisco
Aug. 24th     UPS in Richmond VA to lay off 150+
Aug. 24th    Inner Mongolia to close 65 coal-mines
Aug. 25th    Ford Recalls 113K Vehicles for Fuel, Window Fixes
Aug. 25th    Erickson Air Crane Inc. to lay off 100 this Quarter
Aug. 25th    Roundup: ATI plant shutdown to result in 140 layoffs; more
Aug. 25th    Walgreens closing on West St. Louis Avenue in East Alton IL
Aug. 25th    Whirlpool recalls 15,200 microwaves over fire hazard
Aug. 26th    Anheuser-Busch - up to 5,500 Layoffs Possible
Aug. 26th    Kmart closing Thomasville Store
Aug. 26th    Mazda recalls 190,000 vehicles for steering hazard
Aug. 27th    GM recalling 368,000 vehicles over windshield wipers
Aug. 27th    Ashley Furn. HomeStore factory in Colton to lay off 840
Aug. 28th    China’s top 500 firms report first revenue decline in 15 years 
Aug. 29th    Swissport at Denver Int. Airport - 187
Aug. 29th    RadioShack closing at 736 W. Main St. in Lexington SC
Aug. 29th    Two Baltimore-area Best Buy stores closing in October
Aug. 30th    Apple must pay up to 13 billion Euros in back taxes
Aug. 30th    Record Number of College Grads working Min. Wage Jobs
Aug. 30th    MillerCoors in NC to lay off 90
Aug. 30th    Macy - 100 Stores to close - to be announced in Jan. 2017
Aug. 31st    Harley Davidson to lay off 200
Aug. 31st    Chico to lay off About 200
Aug. 31st    Lockheed Martin to lay off 150 at Sikorsky Aircraft 
Aug. 31st    Best Buy close store in Topsham ME
Aug. 31st    Dialog Direct closes its Grand Rapids call center - 100 Layoffs
Aug. 31st    Family Meal restaurants Closing 4 Locations in Maryland and Virginia
Aug. 31st    Baskin-Robbins ice cream closing in Bozeman MT
Aug. 31st    Abercrombie & Fitch Co. to close up to 60 Stores
Aug. 31st    Wal-Mart will close its store in the West Plaza Shopping Center in Aurora

                                                                                      GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

Revelation 6:4 tells of a time period when peace is taken from the earth. We can read and see that power is granted to someone to do this. This is not a single person, but rather a system of government that is described in Revelation 16:12-14 as being instructed by fallen beings. The instructions of these beings come through individuals who control world affairs from behind the scenes. These individuals express themselves to the puppet world leaders through religious, economical, scientific and political policies. The puppet world leaders enact their policies to the citizens of the earth and in this manner the whole world is enslaved. These same rulers are those who give the word to go into nations and create an environment of destabilization if the leaders don’t play by the rules that they lay out. Today we see the governments of Brazil, Venezuela, and South Africa being shaken by interior turmoil. We saw all the nations that were affected in the so called ‘Arab Spring’. These are casualties of their policies. However, those who were outwardly used to shake the nations will also lose their control of power during this period that war is being waged from heaven (Dan. 7:11). In order to succeed they must detach the inhabitants of the earth from the Spirit of their Source. This is the reason why there must be a great falling away from truth in the last days (II Thess. 2:3). Not to over-simplify matters, but as we look at the following headlines it is apparent that the one law upon which the entire law and prophets hang is sorely missing from all corners of the earth. The Golden Rule is not dependent upon the seasons, weather conditions, or our moods at any given time. If humanity simply held tightly to this one rule there would be no need to even mention this next section for it would not exist. Sadly, this is not the case. In late August the German, Finland and the Czech governments all warned their people to stock pile food and water. They did this because they know that something is about to happen. 
As we zoom in, the contraction brings us deadly suicide bomb attacks in the port city of Aden in Yemen on the 29th, another at a wedding party in southern Iraq, and yet another at the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan. One day later we see a deadly car bomb attack near the Somali president’s palace. On the 31st we see more as there are two bomb explosions in Lebanon and race riots being provoked in Australia. It is clear that someone is not treating their neighbor the way that they would want to be treated, whether it’s by provocation, or by retaliation. As we look at this month’s headlines we can clearly see that peace is being taken from the earth:


Aug.5th        Ten arrested after Black Lives Matter protesters block road to Heathrow airport in UK
Aug. 6th    Protesters confront police as Olympic game kick off
Aug. 6th    Anti-corruption rallies in Brazil against Michel Temer’s interim government
Aug. 14th    Rioters clash with police setting fire, smashing cars after shooting in Milwaukee Wisconsin
Aug. 14th    Anti-India protests persist despite strict curfew in Kashmir
Aug. 16th    Troops kill 5 civilian protestors in Indian-controlled Kashmir
Aug. 22nd    Protesters attack Pakistani TV station, 1 dead, 8 injured
Aug. 27th    Thousands protest migrant detention center in Australia
Aug. 30th    Indian police kill 2 protesters in Jharkhand state
Aug. 30th    Protests over Rousseff impeachment turns violent in Sao Paulo
Aug. 31st    Race riot being triggered in Australia


Aug. 1st    Suicide bomb attack on compound used by foreigners
Aug. 1st    ISIS calls for Jihad attacks in Russia in new video
Aug. 3rd    Suicide bomb attack in Libya’s Benghazi kills at least 22
Aug. 4th    At least 10 foreign tourist killed in W. Afghanistan attack
Aug. 5th    At least 14 people killed and 16 injured after rebels open fire in a crowded market in northeast India
Aug.5th        6 arrested in Indonesia in rocket attack plot on Singapore
Aug. 7th    At least 63 killed, dozens wounded by suicide bomber at hospital in SW Pakistan
Aug. 8th    Suicide bombing in Yemen kills 10 anti-terrorist soldiers
Aug. 8th    Rebels kill at least 8 civilians in mounting ethnic violence in DR Congo
Aug. 8th    Gunmen dressed as priest kill 3 soldiers in Nigeria’s Delta
Aug. 10th    Russia Claims It Thwarted Ukrainian-Devised Terror Attack in Crimea
Aug. 11th    Explosions at Thai resort kill 1, injure 14
Aug. 11th    Canadian police kill suspect in anti-terror operation
 Aug. 12th    Series of blasts in southern Thailand kill at least 4 persons
Aug. 12th    Blasts reported in Phuket and 4 other resorts, Thailand
Aug. 12th    At least 10 explosions in Thai resorts, several killed,d.cGc
Aug. 18th    Suicide bombers detonate cars near Lybian troops in Sirte killing 8
Aug. 18th    Al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills 4 Yemini troops
Aug. 18th    ISIS suicide bombers kill 10 pro-govt. fighters in Lybia
Aug. 19th    12 killed, 36 wounded by ISIS motor barrage in Iraq
Aug. 21st    ISIS militants execute 40 people in Mosul, Iraq
Aug. 21st    Motorcycle suicide bomber kills 3 at market in northern Cameroon
Aug. 22nd    Boy wearing suicide belt captured in Iraq city of Kirkuk 
Aug. 22nd    Bombing in Somali market ahead of US Secretary of State Kerry visit
Aug. 23rd    Bogota bombings at 3 offices of Columbian healthcare insurers
Aug. 23rd    1 killed, 30 injured in bomb blast in southern Thailand
Aug. 24th    American University of Afghanistan in Kabul attacked, gunfire, explosion, militants inside
Aug. 24th    At least 12 killed, 36 wounded in attack on American University in Afghanistan
Aug. 24th    Israeli Army: Palestinian man killed after stabbing soldier in West Bank
Aug. 24th    Police: Man shouts 'Allahu akbar' in Australian knife attack
Aug. 29th    Up to 60 killed in Suicide blast in port city of Aden, Yemen
Aug. 29th    Suicide bomber kills at least 15 at wedding party in southern Iraq
Aug. 30th    Suicide bomber killed, 5 staff wounded at Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan
Aug. 30th    Al-Shabaab car bomb kills at least 10 people near Somali president’s palace
Aug. 30th    US Agriculture Department closes offices in 5 states after threats
Aug. 31st    2 killed, 7 injured in roadside bomb explosion in Lebanon
Aug. 31st    Bomb blast in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley kills 1, wounds 11


Aug. 12th    New Mexico cop shot during traffic stop  
Aug. 14th    Police shot and killed in Georgia
Aug. 14th    Another Georgia police officer shot, wounded at apartment complex; suspects arrested
Aug. 14th    Police investigate police attacks in Georgia and New York
Aug. 15th    2nd night rioting, 1 person shot, 4 police injured in protest in Milwaukie, Wisconsin 
Aug. 17th    3 killed, 40 injured in PKK attacks on police HQ in eastern Turkey
Aug. 31st    Militants gun down 2 police officers in southern Afghanistan


Aug. 1st    9 killed in fresh clashes in South Sudan
Aug. 1st    3 Dead, Toddler Hospitalized in SW Miami-Dade Quadruple Shooting
Aug. 2nd    Korryn Gaines Is The Ninth Black Woman Shot And Killed By Police This Year
Aug. 3rd    N. Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles into eastern waters
Aug. 3rd    Fulani herdsmen kill at least 5 villagers in Northern Nigeria’s, Kaduna state over land
Aug. 4th    Obama administration commutes sentences of 214 criminals
Aug. 6th    Chicago officials release footage of police killing unarmed teenager
Aug. 7th    11 killed as troops and gunmen clash in Nigeria
Aug. 8th    Family of 5 killed in Saudi led airstrikes in Yemen’s capital
Aug. 8th    Man killed while playing 'Pokemon Go' in San Francisco
Aug. 8th    Suspect in custody after allegedly firing shots at helicopter and injuring deputy
Aug. 9th    Japan warns China of worsening ties over East China Sea dispute
Aug. 11th    U.S.-Backed Militias in Libya Claim to Retake ISIS Stronghold of Surt
Aug. 11th    Ukraine troops on high alert amid growing tension with Russia
Aug. 12th    UN Call on Russia, Ukraine to reduce tension in Crimea
Aug. 12th    Ukrainian President order forces on border with Crimea on highest alert
Aug. 12th    Protesters clash with Indian forces in India-controlled Kashmir
Aug. 12th    Violent road rage incidents involving guns caught on tape in Florida
Aug. 13th    Airstrike on Yemen School Kills at Least 10 Children, Wounds Dozens
Aug. 13th    Muslim cleric and associate shot to death on NY streets
Aug. 14th    Suspected rebels kill at least 36 in eastern Congo
Aug. 15th    Palestinian Homes built by European aid money being demolished in Israel
Aug. 16th    Israeli raid on Palestinian refugee camp leaves 1 dead
Aug. 17th    Food ration cut as South Sudan refugee influx to Uganda overwhelms agencies
Aug. 17th    Student killed a couple and was found eating the man’s face
Aug. 17th    Over 37,000 sheltering in UN site in Sudan capital
Aug. 19th    Racism on the rise in UK after Brexit
Aug. 21st    Azerbaijan detains opposition figure for owning books by Erdogan foe, Fethullah Gulen
Aug. 21st    5 people killed at home in US’ Alabama City,
Aug. 21st    20 killed in twin explosions in northern Somalia
Aug. 21st    Top US commander warns Russia, Syria
Aug. 21st    Gaza militant rocket hits Israel, Israel responds with air strikes, shells
Aug. 22nd    Armed white supremacists surround Texas NAACP with 'White Lives Matter' signs
Aug. 23rd    US VP Biden: NATO will defend Baltic States from Russia
Aug. 23rd    N. Korea launches ballistic missile from Submarine into Japan’s air defense zone
Aug. 23rd    Japanese PM: N. Korea missile launch unforgivable
Aug. 25th    Rouseff’s impeachment trial suspended due to shouting
Aug. 25th    Defense official says US ship fired warning shots at Iranian vessel
Aug. 25th    2 nuns found slain in Mississippi home, their vehicle gone
Aug. 25th    3 Killed in Toronto Crossbow Attack
Aug. 25th    Bolivia Deputy Interior Minister killed by miners after being kidnapped
Aug. 27th    Up to 17 migrants dead, 4 injured after massive fire in Moscow
Aug. 29th    Abu Sayyaf militants kill 12 Philippine soldiers in Sulu Province
Aug. 29th    ISIS militants kill 3 Tunisian soldiers in ambush near Algerian border
Aug. 29th    Rocket hit Saudi border town as Yemen war flares
Aug. 29th    Human rights group call on Ukrainian Authorities to investigate torture in secret prisons
Aug. 30th    August is the most violent month in Chicago in 20 years

                                                                          NATIONS ALERTED TO WATCH FOR SOCIAL UNREST

We’ve been keeping an especially close eye on the events in Turkey, and this summer the tensions there have definitely continued to heat up. Turkey has had a rift with NATO, and has pivoted toward Russia. Turkey is just one of many nations that are now looking to the kings of the East (China and Russia) for military and economic security. As this is taking place the US is being sacrificed and their global influence has begun to wane. However, as Yahshua said: “Make sure that no man deceives you” this is all staged for the public’s eyes. The US has been infiltrated just as Babylon was infiltrated as they grew in prestige and let their guards down. The people in the US don’t know this, but those who are behind the scenes and their pawns who have sold the US people know exactly what is happening. Turkey is very important strategically. It is the nation that connects the East and the West, and trouble in Turkey can destabilize the Middle East and Europe, threatening US interests and the interests of the kings of the East who are being set in place to counter US dominance and influence. Iran’s relationship with the US is also supposed to create distrust in the US by other Middle Eastern allies. This is all supposed to create a great messy global pot of soup, but it’s a part of the misinformation. Remember that Yahshua said: “Make sure that these things don’t trouble you for the end is not yet.”  In other words, the end will not come by these means. However, these are signs of the end days and we must be on guard in order not to be deceived by what those who are losing their ability to manipulate in the earth are doing, as their illusive acts must first come to pass. Again, in late August over a two day period we see the contraction intensify as Turkey enters into Syria, and the Syrian government condemns this action. On the same day a car bomb detonates outside a restaurant near the Turkish embassy in Mogadishu, Somali. A day later a US warship fired warning shots at an Iranian military vessel and on the 26th there was a bomb attack in SE Turkey. Yes, many will die, as the agenda of these people is to take peace from the earth and they will succeed, because YHWH has allowed this to be granted to them (Rev. 6:4). The following are more headlines from Iran and Turkey:

Aug. 1st    Turkey police force temporarily close NATO air base 
Aug. 3rd    Turkey's Erdogan accuses West of 'supporting terror, coup plotters'
Aug. 8th    Istanbul airport shut down over bomb threat, Turkey
Aug. 8th    Turkey says warplanes hit Kurdish militant targets in SE, killing 13
Aug. 9th    Turkey pivots to Russia as tensions rise with the west
Aug. 10th    Former CIA deputy director urges killing of Russians, Iranians in Syria
Aug. 12th    Turkey says 32 diplomats recalled after failed coup ‘missing’
Aug. 12th    Turkey to assist Russia in fighting ISIS
Aug. 15th    Three killed in car bomb attack in southeastern Turkey
Aug. 16th    Russia uses Iran airbase for attacks against ISIS in Syria
Aug. 16th    China military to join Russia and Iran provide aid and training to Syrian government
Aug. 18th    14 killed in attacks on police, military in Turkey; 220 hurt
Aug. 18th    11 killed, over 200 wounded in bombings in east and south of Turkey
Aug. 18th    Ankara considers military ties with Russia as NATO shies away
Aug. 18th    3 killed, 40 wounded in PKK car bomb attack in eastern Turkey
Aug. 20th    Suicide bombing targets wedding ceremony in Turkey, 50 killed, dozens injured
Aug. 21st    1 soldier killed, 3 wounded in PKK bomb attack in southeastern Turkey
Aug. 24th    Damascus condemns Turkey military incursion into Syria
Aug. 24th    Turkish military launches anti-ISIS operation in northern Syria
Aug. 24th    Turkey tanks cross border, warplanes strike ISIS in Syria
Aug. 25th    Car bomb detonates outside restaurant near Turkish embassy in Mogadishu, Somali
Aug. 26th    At least 11 police officers killed, at least 70 injured in bomb attack in SE Turkey
Aug. 27th    Suspected Kurdish militants fire rockets at Turkey’s Diyarbakir airport
Aug. 29th    Turkish troops deepen Syria incursion, draw US rebuke
Aug. 29th    Syria condemns aggression and massacres by Turkey by border

Planning a week long European trip may have been a one-time summer vacation dream, but with the current refugee crisis and other terrorist threats looming in the air, one would have been better off renting a copy of An American in Paris and enjoying a bowl of organic popcorn. The period of contraction alone has proven to be more like a nightmare for those involved. During the time that we said another level of contraction would take place there was a bomb attack at a sport center in Belgium and an explosion and fire attack at Brussels Criminology Institute. The following headlines point to the peace that is being taken from the earth:

Aug. 1st    UK top police officer warns terror attack matter of when not if
Aug. 1st    Priest in Belgium stabbed in home by man claiming to be asylum seeker
Aug. 3rd    Man stabs Woman to death, injures six people in Central London
Aug. 4th    Anti-terrorist forces strengthened in UK amid attack threat
Aug. 4th    One killed, five injured in knife attack in central London
Aug. 6th    2 Belgium officers wounded in Charleroi machete attack
Aug. 6th    Crowd of migrants clashes with police at Italy-France border
Aug. 6th    Man armed with machete causes evacuation of part of Liege, Belgium
Aug. 7th    13 dead, 6 injured as fire hits bar in French city
Aug. 8th    Pro-migrant rally brings border town to standstill in Ventimiglia, Italy
Aug. 13th    Man attacks passengers with knife on Swiss train, several hospitalized with injuries
Aug. 15th    Burkini Ban In France Continues After Beach Brawl On Corsica Beach
Aug. 15th    Refugee centers become recruitment target for Islamist radicals in Germany
Aug. 16th    Anti-Immigrant protests in French Island of Corsica following large ethnically-charged brawls
Aug. 16th    Knife attack on train wounds 2 in Austria
Aug. 22nd    German people could be asked to stock pile food and water in case of terrorism
Aug. 26th     One killed, four wounded in blast at sport center in Belgium
Aug. 29th    German army suspects over 60 Islamist infiltrated its ranks
Aug. 29th     Explosion and fire attack at Brussels Criminology Institute
Aug. 31st    Now the Czech Government Is Warning Citizens To Stockpile Food


In the 2016 Global Forecast we stated that great scandals would emerge causing disruptions in the lives of men and women of renown. You might think that summertime brings with it rest, relaxation, enjoyment, and possibly, the escape from the everyday struggles that meet us in life. Well, as you are about to read, this was not the case for some very prominent and influential people who faced this August sitting on the hot seat, rather than enjoying time on the hot beach. Not all of these people have been hit with scandals, some resign in order that the scandal is not made public and some are taken out of the way in an attempt to keep diabolical activities hidden. However, many things will be coming to light this year as the war for control of the planet continues. During this time, it is important to keep at the forefront of our minds what YHWH clearly inspired to be written that we should not put our trust in men, or women, for that matter. That is, men or women who allow themselves to be governed by the covetousness of worldly riches, rather than, by the spirit of humility and service which comes from obeying the principles of YHWH. As we see scandals continue to emerge, it would behoove us to search our holy books to look for the examples of the qualities that a true leader should possess. Take for example King Solomon. In I Kings 3:4 YHWH appeared to Solomon in a dream saying: “Ask. What should I give you?” Notice Solomon’s wise reply in verse 9: “So give Your servant an obedient heart to judge Your people and to discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of Yours?” Wow! Solomon didn’t ask for material wealth, or fame, or the next I-Phone for himself, but rather, for an obedient heart. If we continue reading in verse 10, we’ll see that YHWH was pleased with Solomon’s request. Perhaps our leaders would do well to follow the example of the man the scriptures call the wisest who was recorded to have ever lived.

Aug. 2nd    William Bratton, New York’s Influential Police Commissioner, Is Stepping Down
Aug. 2nd    Mexican mayor and 4 police men arrested over death of 10 people
Aug. 3rd    South Sudanese president fires 5 ministers close to opposition
Aug. 3rd    Former Nanjing Party chief stands trial for bribery in Beijing, China
Aug. 4th    China lawyer gets 7 years in prison for subversion
Aug.4th        Brazil’s former nuclear head gets 43 years in prison for corruption
Aug.5th        Virginia mayor arrested in meth-for-sex bust
Aug. 6th    Philippines president bares more than 150 names of government personnel linked to illegal drugs
Aug. 8th    Japan’s Emperor Akihito says health issues may affect ability to carry out official duties
Aug. 10th    ESPN’s John Saunders unexpectedly passes away at 61
Aug. 10th    Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster, Dies at the Age of 64
Aug. 10th    Brazil’s Senate Votes to Move Ahead With Dilma Rousseff’s Trial
Aug. 11th    Arianna Huffington Steps Down from HuffPo
Aug. 12th    Russia's Putin sacks chief of staff Sergei Ivanov
Aug. 15th    Nicholas Dirks Resigns as Chancellor of University of California, Berkeley
Aug. 15th    PA convicted state attorney general of perjury
Aug. 17th    Sean Stewart was found guilty on all nine counts of fraud he faced
Aug. 17th    Patrick Hickey: Olympic official arrested in Rio
Aug. 18th    Head of the IMF Christine Lagarde in court charged with embezzlement
Aug. 19th    Turkish authorities detain 29 bank regulatory inspectors
Aug. 23rd    Venezuela fires govt. workers who signed Maduro recall petition
Aug. 25th    Jacob Alexander: Comverse Founder And Ex-CEO Pleads Guilty To Fraud

                                                                                      POLITICAL UNREST

Again, we see that in the month of August more than just the temperatures were rising. The political climate of turbulence is assuredly another foreboding of the times we live in. YHWH’s system of government is designed to ensure the peace and well-being of all. The leaders of the people are to discern and judge matters according to the life giving principles of heaven, not according to their own hidden, or not so hidden, agendas. It was written in I Samuel 8:7 the people have rejected YHWH as their king. Rejecting YHWH in essence is to reject the ability to make sound judgments in governing oneself, or even other people. When we finally get it right we will collectively experience societies where equanimity and peace are the norm. Much of what we see has been staged to make the leaders look incompetent in many ways so when they cook up their relief plan the people will be more than ready to accept what they offer to replace what’s in place. We don’t believe that Trump is in the political game to win as much as he is in the game to assist the kings of the East in exposing certain political criminals that have been used to enslave and deceive the people. Their time has come and a new level of deception is arising as the way is being set for the kings of the East. Let’s look at some of the political headlines:

Aug. 1st    McCain sides with Khan family, slams Trump over comments
Aug. 2nd    Trump refuses to support Paul Ryan, John McCain in GOP primaries
Aug. 6th    Jill Stein accepts Green Party presidential nomination
Aug. 8th    Hillary Clinton’s health in question?
Aug. 9th    Republican Sen. Susan Collins: 'I Will Not Be Voting for Donald Trump'
Aug. 9th    Benghazi parents sue Hillary Clinton for wrongful death
Aug. 10th    Emails reveal close ties between Clinton Foundation, State Department
Aug. 10th    Brazil’s Senate Votes to Move Ahead With Dilma Rousseff’s Trial
Aug. 11th    Thursday's Morning Email: DNC Hack More Extensive Than First Thought
Aug. 12th    Report claims DOJ probe of Clinton Foundation, emails ongoing
Aug. 12th    Cheryl Mills assisted Clinton Foundation while serving as Clinton’s chief of staff
Aug. 13th    Nancy Pelosi: DCCC hacking brought on 'obscene and sick calls'
Aug. 16th    US Senate Committee calls for perjury charges against Hillary Clinton
Aug. 22nd    Hillary Clinton email documents found by the FBI, the scandal goes on
Aug. 22nd    State Dept. Ordered to Review 15k Clinton Emails
Aug. 29th    President Dilma Rousseff takes stand in Brazil impeachment trial
Aug. 31st    Brazil impeaches Rousseff for breaking country’s budget laws

                                                                            DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

This update may sound crazy, but we should know that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. One fact is that the magnetic field of our planet is changing and it is causing power outages and glitches in electronic systems all over the world. Some plane crashes are ordered by elite forces, but today most are due to another factor. Possibly one of the chief hallmarks of summertime is traveling to and from those vacation destinations. This August, however, was not an auspicious time for travel especially by air. The majority of mishaps this month involved aircrafts, but road transportation proved to be deadly for some as well. Let’s take a look and see if we can discern that something out of the ordinary is happening:   


Aug. 7th    Skydiving plane forced to make emergency landing at Colorado El Paso County airport due to engine fire
Aug. 9th    RAF helicopter bursts into flames in Snowdonia, UK
Aug. 11th    Airplane makes emergency landing at Albany International Airport due to reports of smoke in the cabin
Aug. 11th    Airplane makes emergency landing in New York after reports of smoke in the cabin
Aug. 12th    Spirit Airlines flight makes emergency landing due to reports of smoke in the cockpit at OIA, Florida
Aug. 12th    Smoke in the cockpit as flight makes emergency landing in Dublin, Ireland
Aug. 15th    Smoke in Cockpit Forces United Flight to Divert to Santa Barbara, California 
Aug. 18th    Qatar Airways aircraft forced to make emergency landing after one engines caught fire 
Aug. 24th    Full emergency declared at Cork Airport, Ireland as smoke reported in airplane cabin
Aug. 24th    Thomson flight forced to land after 'two loud bangs and smoke from engine, UK
Aug. 25th    Direct flight to Toronto changes 3 planes, ends with emergency landing due to smoke in plane, New York
Aug.28th    Plane take sudden turn emergency landing, smoke coming from the aircraft reported, Australia


Aug. 1st    Twin-engine plane makes incredible landing after mechanical issues left craft circling in air unable to land, Australia
Aug. 2nd    Cessna makes safe landing on U.S. 10 due to mechanical issues
Aug. 2nd    Saudi-bound Air Cairo flight makes emergency landing in Cairo due to technical defect, Egypt
Aug. 3rd    KCPD helicopter forced to make emergency landing on city street after it experienced a mechanical problem, Missouri
Aug. 4th    Plane makes emergency landing in Rankin Inlet, Canada after sensor indicated emergency
Aug. 4th    EgyptAir flight makes emergency landing in Sharm El-Sheikh airport due to technical failure
Aug. 4th    Makalu plane plunges into river after it encountered an engine failure in Simikot, Nepal
Aug. 4th    Air Force's Hawk Trainer Jet developed a snag after taking off Crashes In Bengal, India
Aug. 5th    Helicopter thought to have lost power in the air crashes near Sheffield
Aug. 5th    Small plane makes emergency landing on back wheels as nose wheel wouldn't deploy
Aug. 5th    Moscow-bound passenger jet makes emergency landing in Greece due to landing gear issues
Aug. 5th    Gulf Air flight makes emergency landing in Manila, Philippines due to engine problems
Aug. 6th    Air Algerie flight lands safely after declaring emergency due to technical failure and disappearing from radar
Aug. 6th    Pilot makes emergency landing at Orlando Executive Airport due to landing gear problems
Aug. 6th    Virgin Atlantic flight diverted to McCarran Airport in Nevada due to fire indicator
Aug. 6th    Small plane crashes in Morrow County, Ohio after losing power
Aug. 6th    Air Algerie flight lands in Algiers after disappearing from radar
Aug. 7th    Jetstar Flight Makes Emergency Landing On Pacific Island Of Guam due to oil pressure indicator
Aug. 8th    Airbus-300 makes emergency landing in Isfahan due engine trouble
Aug. 8th    Oman Air flight from Jordan diverted to Abu Dhabi due to technical issues
Aug. 8th    Uzbekistan Airways plane makes emergency landing at Russia’s Saint Petersburg Airport due to engine failure
Aug. 8th    Air Canada Flight AC84 declares emergency, diverts to London due to maintenance issues
Aug. 10th    Helicopter crashes near Howe, Texas after losing power
Aug. 10th    No injuries after pilot conducts emergency landing in Evans Mills field due to engine failure
Aug. 11th    Delta flight engines stopped working, makes emergency landing at ORF, Virginia
Aug. 11th    JetBlue Airways says 24 injured after flight hits heavy turbulence in Rapid City, South DeKota
Aug. 13th    Small plane makes landing on beach at Smith Point County Park, NY due to mechanical failure
Aug. 13th    Airplane carrying skydivers crashes near Skiatook due to lost engine power in Oklahoma
Aug. 15th    Micro-light emergency landing when they encountered engine troubles in Luxembourg
Aug. 16th    Israeli Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing in Tel Aviv due to a failure in one of the engines
Aug. 16th    HK-bound Dragonair U-turns, makes emergency landing due to technical issues in Kota Kinabalu, Malasia
Aug. 16th    Military aircraft makes emergency landing at Carlisle Airport, UK due to engine problems
Aug. 16th    Small plane forced to make emergency landing in Bay Minette Alabama due to mechanical problems
Aug. 17th    Indigo flight makes emergency landing in capital city due to mechanical issues
Aug. 18th    Light plane makes emergency landing due to engine trouble in western Indonesia
Aug. 18th    Unknown problem forced Aerial Ad plane to makes emergency landing on Assateague, Maryland
Aug. 18th    Mechanical issue forces emergency landing of British Airways flight in Gander, Canada
Aug. 18th    Air Force plane makes emergency landing in Auckland after 'overheating' in New Zealand 
Aug. 19th    Two rescued after Florida Everglades emergency landing after reported engine failure
Aug. 19th    Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Billard Airport over mechanical issues
Aug. 19th    Pilot uninjured after small plane loses all power and crashes in Littleton, Massachusetts
Aug. 19th    Plane loses power, makes emergency landing in field near Somis, California
Aug. 19th    Suspected problem on jet sparks emergency at City Airport, Northern Ireland
Aug. 19th    Emergency Landing At Shannon Airport, Ireland following indications of a fire alarm
Aug. 20th    Larnaca-bound plane makes emergency landing due to a problem with cabin pressure
Aug. 20th    Pawan Hans Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing In Ghaziabad after technical snag
Aug. 21st    Air India flight makes emergency landing after technical issues due to power outage
Aug. 22nd    Delta flight makes emergency landing due to unspecified issues in Myrtle Beach
Aug. 22nd    Manila-bound flight experienced problems, forced to turn around, Guam
Aug. 22nd    United Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Spokane after mechanical problems
Aug. 22nd    Small plane hurts biker during emergency landing due to engine failure in East region
Aug. 22nd    FAA investigating after plane lands on highway showed there was engine trouble
Aug. 23rd    Plane makes emergency landing at Nashville International Airport after its landing gear failed
Aug. 23rd    Plane makes emergency landing at Quabbin Reservoir due to engine problems
Aug. 24th    Regent Airways plane aborts take-off at Dhaka airport due to some technical glitch
Aug. 24th    Plane makes emergency landing in Fife Field in Scotland after technical failure 
Aug. 25th    After radar equipment outage lasting nearly two hours flights at South Florida's airports resuming
Aug. 25th    Newark-bound Air India flight makes emergency landing in Kazakhstan after alarm went off
Aug. 26th    Plane makes emergency landing due to loss of power in Mendenhall Wetlands
Aug. 27th    Southwest flight makes emergency landing after engine 'malfunction'
Aug. 29th    Emergency landing at Ohakea after landing gear issues, New Zealand
Aug. 29th    Sharjah-bound Shaheen Air flight makes emergency landing at Islamabad airport due to smoke in engine
Aug. 30th    United Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Ohare Airport due to maintenance issue, but would not go into detail
Aug. 30th    Czech Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Frankfurt, Germany after reporting technical problem
Aug. 31st    National Guard chopper lands in mud in Texas after emergency landing due to mechanical issues
Aug. 31st    Turbulence forces emergency landing in Ireland; 16 injured
Aug. 31st    Yet another Kenya Airways plane forced to make emergency landing after developing mechanical problems


Aug. 1st    Plane crashes at TD airport when a wing appeared to dip and strike the ground
Aug. 1st    1 injured in small plane crash near Columbia River Gorge, Washington
Aug. 1st    One killed, four injured in plane crash, in Bangkok, Thailand
Aug. 2nd    Plane crashes into Highland field, two airlifted to hospital, Scotland
Aug. 2nd    Helicopter rolled over onto its side under unknown circumstances and crash at Prescott airport critically injures two
Aug. 2nd    At least 1 dead in plane crash near Flagstaff, Arizona
Aug. 2nd    One Person Killed in Plane Crash Near Van Nuys Airport, California
Aug. 2nd    Pilot identified in Destin, Florida plane crash
Aug. 2nd    Fighter jet crashes during training mission in Nevada
Aug. 2nd    Plane crash lands in Winnebago County on an embankment off Highway 10 in Wisconsin
Aug. 3rd    Emirates Airline flights crash-lands at Dubai International Airport 
Aug. 3rd    Four killed in helicopter crash near Port St. Johns, S. Africa
Aug. 3rd    Search underway for missing helicopter in Louisiana; at least one on board
Aug. 4th    Pakistani helicopter crash-lands in Logar, Afghanistan 6 on board captured
Aug. 4th    Small plane crash lands in Nepal’s Humla District riverbed, all safe
Aug. 5th    Plane Crash Lands In Miami-Dade Swamp in Florida
Aug. 5th    DHL cargo plane flying from Paris overshoots the runway at Italian airport before crashing on to busy road
Aug. 5th    7 killed, 8 wounded in military helicopter crash in Turkey’s Giresun
Aug. 5th    Small plane crash reported near Indianola, Iowa
Aug. 5th    Three in hospital after Dorset plane crash, UK
Aug. 7th    Plane Crashes Into Sea Off East Sussex, UK
Aug. 8th    Six survive crash-landing at Eros, Nambia
Aug. 8th    Pilot killed in crop duster crash in Arkansas
Aug. 8th    4 injured in plane crash south of Iliamna, Alaska
Aug. 8th    Small plane crashes, catches fire in Chenango County, New York
Aug. 8th    7 killed in helicopter crash in Central Nepa 
Aug. 9th    Heron drone crashes into home in North
Aug. 10th    A fire helicopter crashes in La Palma, Spain
Aug. 12th    Small plane crashes at London airport, Kentucky
Aug. 12th    Two taken to hospital after plane crash in Cornwall
Aug. 12th    2 confirmed dead in small plane crash near Shannon Airport in Fredericksburg, Virginia
Aug. 12th    Stolen plane crashes on roadway in Peterborough, pilot dead, Canada
Aug. 13th    Six reported dead after fiery plane crash in Virginia
Aug. 13th    Family survives small plane crash in Des Moines, Iowa
Aug. 13th    Pilot killed in plane crash at Birchwood Airport, Alaska
Aug. 13th    Pilot Injured In Small Plane Crash In New Jersey
Aug. 13th    Two people escape serious injury after light aircraft crash in Katherine, Australia
Aug. 14th    6 dead in Northport plane crash, authorities on the scene, Alabama
Aug. 14th    Military plane crash 5 miles north of Premont Texas
Aug. 14th    2 Unhurt Following Small Plane Crash in Lino Lakes, Minnesota
Aug. 14th    Dramatic moment plane plunges into sea captured in breath-taking video in UK
Aug. 14th    Thailand military helicopter crash kills five
Aug. 15th    Pilot hospitalized with major injuries from plane crash at Barton Aerodrome, UK
Aug. 16th    Helicopter Crashes in Western Czech Republic, Killing 2
Aug. 17th    Two die in plane crash in northwestern Turkey
Aug. 18th    Military aircraft crashes in Las Vegas near Nellis Air Force Base
Aug. 19th    1 dead in crop duster plane crash near Alamosa, Colorado
Aug. 20th    2 US Navy vessels collide with each other 
Aug. 22nd    Man walks away from plane crash on St. Simons, Georgia
Aug. 22nd    Two police officers injured after their helicopter crashes at Wilson Airport, Kenya
Aug. 23rd    Pilot injured in Gloucestershire crash-landing, UK
Aug. 25th    Helicopter made emergency crash landing in dense forest in Than, Thailand
Aug. 25th    Two die in plane blaze in south of France
Aug. 25th    Kansas man hospitalized after small plane crash in Rice County, Kansas
Aug. 25th    Plane crashed into a house near the airport Vigo County, IN
Aug. 25th    Crews respond to plane crash in Hardin County, IL
Aug. 25th    Small plane crashed - pilot dead in Speyer, Germany
Aug. 26th    Military trainer jet plunged into the ground in Vietnam killing 2
Aug. 27th    Madras air show crash kills Alaska biplane pilot
Aug. 27th    Plane crashes in Lake Pontchartrain, 1 person rescued, 2 missing
Aug. 27th    South African pilot dead in aerobatic plane crash in NW China
Aug. 28th    3 killed after plane crashes shortly after taking off in Mpumalanga, S. Africa
Aug. 28th    Two Dead After Small Plane Crash Near Rock Creek, Montana
Aug. 30th    Small plane hits Nevada RV park; no early report of injury
Aug. 30th    No injuries when small plane crash-lands near Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Aug. 30th    Two injured in small plane crash in western Indonesia
Aug. 31st    Plane crash near Shellbrook, Canada injures two
Aug. 31st    One killed in plane crash at Bentonville Municipal Airport, Arkansas
Aug. 31st    Plane Crash at Hibbing's Range Regional Airport, Minnesota


Aug. 2nd    Pilot takes down disruptive passenger
Aug. 6th    Dublin to Fuerteventura flight forced to land in Portugal to remove disruptive passenger 
Aug. 10th    Two women Aug. 4th    removed from flight and arrested at Irish airport on suspicion of endangering an aircraft
Aug. 11th    GoAir Offloads 'Unruly' Passenger From Mumbai-Lucknow Flight 
Aug. 13th    Man attacks passengers with knife on Swiss train, several hospitalized with injuries
Aug. 29th    Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger Tries to Open Door, Minnesota
Aug. 31st    Passengers help subdue unruly man on WestJet flight headed to Edmonton, Canada


Aug. 3rd    Qantas flight makes emergency landing in Sydney, Australia
Aug. 7th    Plane Crashes Into Sea Off East Sussex, UK
Aug. 8th    Small aircraft makes emergency landing on I-10 near St. John/St. James parish line, Louisiana
Aug. 8th    Pilot unhurt after being forced to make emergency landing in Otero County
Aug. 10th    British Airways passenger jet forced into priority landing at Heathrow Airport, UK
Aug. 11th    Mountain Air helicopter makes force landing in Nuwakot, Nepal
Aug. 12th    Four injured as helicopter makes emergency landing in Russia's Yamal More
Aug. 15th    Man injured as aircraft is forced to make emergency landing in a field near Belbroughton, UK
Aug. 25th    Sudanese Antonov plane makes emergency landing in Saudi Arabia
Aug. 25th    British Airways flight makes emergency landing at Gatwick Airport
Aug. 29th    JB Andrews helicopter makes emergency landing at school, Maryland


Aug. 2nd    At least five people killed in bus crash in Northern California
Aug. 2nd    At least 12 killed as passenger bus crashes into trailer in Pakistan
Aug. 5th    Bus collides into truck kills 9, injured 27 in China’s Shandong province
Aug. 5th    Taxi plunges into river in NW China’s Shaanxi province, 5 killed
Aug. 7th    19 killed in Ghana road accident
Aug. 8th    10-Year-Old Boy Dies on Kansas Water Park Ride
Aug. 8th    30 tourists from Chinese mainland injured in bus crash in Macao
Aug. 9th    3 children fall out of Ferris wheel
Aug. 11th    Boy falls off Pennsylvania roller coaster
Aug. 11th    Child falls from roller coaster at Idlewild Amusement Park
Aug. 15th    Bus en route to capital Kathmandu, rolled about 500 ft. at least 33 dead
Aug. 17th    Hundreds evacuated after fire erupts on ferry
Aug. 19th    2 Are Killed and 17 Injured After New Jersey Buses Collide in Newark
Aug. 21st    9 dead, 11 injured in coach accident in southwest China
Aug. 21st    Indonesian boat accident kills at least 10 
Aug. 26th    22 killed, 17 injured as bus plunges into river in Nepal
Aug. 28th    12 killed in southern Egypt’s road accident

As summer draws to an end, so does our August forecast. If we can say that we had a carefree, enjoyable summer we can consider ourselves fortunate, lucky, or perhaps even blessed. As has been evident through this forecast, for many, this summer was filled with devastation and calamity. We mentioned this in our last forecast and its worth repeating here: “I will say to Yahweh. My refuge and my fortress, my Father, in whom I trust.  He will deliver you from the hunter’s net, from the destructive plague...Because you have made Yahweh- your refuge the Most High- your dwelling place, no harm will come to you.” Of course it is understood that all life – as we physically know it on earth– must one day come to an end; but the manner by which it ends, and the state of the individual losing it, depends greatly on our standing with Yahweh. If you can see these events as signs of the times, then please don’t delay in taking action. Paradoxically, taking action may be something as simple as: being still and trusting in Yahweh. It is increasingly clear that the systems of man are failing, so now would be as good a time as any to turn our attention to our Father by learning of, and practicing His ways. There is a great deal that will be revealed this year. However there is a great deal that will remain hidden. On August 24th China President Xi promoted protection of ecosystem and China and US vowed implementation of the Paris climate agreement. On the surface this looks great however we urge all to look into the details. Through the touting of climate change a play is being made for the control of the people and the resources of this planet under the banner of sustainable development. The technical knowledge that has been made privy to man is proving to be destructive, as it is in the possession and control of people of compromised imaginations (Rev. 6:8). The lower passion and desire in us to rule over our fellow man is now causing a great rift among some pawns whos' desire it is to have a legacy in the earth. We are now seeing the symptoms in high profile people resigning due to scandals, leaving the public eye and even dying. The symptoms are also being manifested in great scandals for powerful companies. Not all the people and companies are guilty of what they have been publicly charged for, however someone did not play by the rules that were laid out and an example has been made. YHWH is in control as He was in the days of Ahab the king of the northern kingdom of Israel (I Kings 22:22-23) and during the days of the building of the tower of Babel (Gen. 11:4-8). He will do in like manner as He did then to deal with the haughty in spirit. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” tell your friends and family, and join us next month as we highlight headlines that takes place next month in the 2016 Global Forecast Update for September.