2016 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE FOR JANUARY 2016


                                                                                                                          Jan. 31, 2016

 Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me."


This letter is the January update to the 2016 forecast. As stated previously we believe that 2016 continuing into 2017 will be a momentous year for humanity.

We stated in the Dec. 31, 2015 letter that the elites, as well as, everyone else will be influenced by the spirit of fear. Let’s review the following events that we believe were either induced by fear or produced fear in some capacity:

Jan. 1st             Stocks close out the worst Year for Market Since 08

Jan. 1st             Putin cites NATO as Threat to Russia

Jan. 3rd            ISIS threatens to invade the UK

Jan. 4th            Saudi Arabia rallies Arab countries to cut ties with Iran, heightens tension

Jan. 5th             Security tightened in Cologne, Germany after mass assault on women,

Jan. 6th             Migrant attack in Germany: "Its Like a Civil War"

Jan. 6th North Korea says it conducted successful hydrogen bomb test

Jan. 7th             Iran says Saudi Arabia hit its embassy with rocket

Jan. 9th             Historic Week: Dow Plunges 1,079 Points

Jan. 11th           Green, yellow or red color code to determine law enforcement threat

Jan. 12th           Oil Plunge Sparks Bankruptcy Concerns

Jan. 12th           Sell everything warns global bank

Jan. 14th           Canadian Dollar now worth less, hit by crude oil prices

Jan. 17th           Big Banks Brace for Oil Loans to Implode

Jan. 17th           Muslim, shih US citizens kicked off American Airlines flight

Jan. 19th           Hollande says France in state of economic emergency

Jan. 19th           Yahoo - Staffers Fear 20-25% Layoff of its Workforce

Jan. 22nd          World leaders in Davos Switzerland amid fears of looming economic collapse

Jan. 27th           UN health chief: Zika virus is 'spreading explosively'

Jan. 29th           National Institute of Health: Zika virus officially a ‘pandemic’

As we predicted last year, September, 13th    2015 would begin an increase of tensions in humanity’s global activities. We cited after this date, in that very month, the following events came to pass:

  1. Russia reportedly began building up military weaponry in Syria, and launched their first air strikes in the region, effectively beginning a proxy war with the west.
  2. Kim Davis was jailed after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, bringing this issue to the global forefront.
  3. The Bubonic Plague was reported in Marquette County, Michigan and Santa Fe County, New Mexico and flesh eating bacteria in Chula Vista, California.
  4. A stampede of religious worshippers during Hajj killed more than 700 pilgrims in Mecca.
  5. There were no less than one hundred and forty eight 5.0 magnitude earthquakes and above striking the earth.
  6. Unicredit (International) reported a plan to lay off 10,000;
  7. Deutsche Bank Reduced Staff by 25%; 
  8. IberiaBank closed 8 branches,
  9. Bank of America announced layoffs,
  10. Citigroup Inc. announced that it will close its remaining 17 branches in its Massachusetts’s retail bank market in January.
  11. HP announced layoffs of up to 30,000 from enterprise unit,
  12. Caterpillar reported it will lay off up to 10,000 jobs.

For January we are citing the following as further signs of the HUGE impending global economic collapse that we believe is looming that will easily rival the great depression:

1.     Jan. 1st             TrustCo Bank closing one of two branches upper Union Schenectady in Jan.

2.    Jan. 6th             Macy's - up to 40 Store Closings - Check Here for List

3.     Jan. 7th             Yahoo - 10% of Workforce Layoffs Coming?

4.     Jan. 7th             Finish Line to close up to 25% / 150 Stores over next 4 Years

5.     Jan. 9th             Historic Week: Dow Plunges 1,079 Points

6.     Jan. 12th           Sell everything warns global bank

7.     Jan. 12th           BP cuts 4000 jobs as oil prices fall

8.    Jan. 13th           GE (Europe) to lay off 6,500

9.    Jan. 13th           JCPenney closing 7 Smaller Stores on or about April 8 - Click here for list

10.    Jan. 13th           Al Jazeera America is shutting down

11.    Jan. 14th           $3.17T Wiped off Global Stocks so far this Year

12.    Jan.14th            Trader Horn closing all 7 Stores

13.   Jan. 14th           Canadian Dollar now worth less, hit by crude oil prices

14.   Jan. 15th           Stocks plunge globally as oil slide.

15.     Jan. 16th           Regions Bank to lay off 260

16.     Jan. 16th           Retail Sales in US Decrease Weakest Year Since 2009

17.      Jan. 17th           Puerto Rico says Shortfall to Increase to $23.9B

18.       Jan. 17th           Big Banks Brace for Oil Loans to Implode

19.      Jan. 18th           Tata Steel (Britain) to lay off 1,050

20.     Jan. 19th           Hollande says France in state of economic emergency

21.     Jan. 20th           UnitedHealth Losing Nearly $1B on O.Care

22.     Jan. 20th           Turmoil as Global Markets Plunge on Oil, China Fears

23.    Jan. 20th           Pinecrest Schools will be closing all five of their campuses

24.     Jan. 21st           Union Pacific Profits Falls on Weak Freight Volume  

25.     Jan, 21st           Southwestern Energy Co. to lay off 1,100

26.     Jan, 21st           Pearson Plc (International) to lay off 4,000

27.    Jan, 21st           Barclays to lay off 1,000 Investment Bank Jobs Worldwide

28.     Jan, 21st           The Ameris Bank branch located on 2nd Ave. in Jasper is closing

29.      Jan, 21st           SF Yellow Cab files for bankruptcy

30.      Jan. 22nd          World leaders in Davos Switzerland amid fears of looming economic collapse

29        Jan. 22nd          Boeing - Slows Production of 747-8 may = Layoffs

30.       Jan. 22nd          Schlumberger Ltd to lay off 10,000

31.        Jan. 25th           Sprint - said to cut 2,500 Jobs

32.        Jan. 25th           Russian economy shrank 3.7%

33.        Jan. 26th           Chinese Stocks Fall Sharply, Leading Asian Markets Lower

34.        Jan. 27th           US Net Worth Declines by $1.2 Trillion

35.       Jan. 27th           Staples - Reports of 100's of Layoffs at HQ

36.       Jan. 28th           Chrysler 200 Plant to Shut 6 Week on Slack Demand

37.        Jan. 28th           Yahoo Inc. plans to close its offices in Argentina and Mexico

38.       Jan. 28th              Japan’s industry output falls 1.4% in December 2015

39.       Jan. 28th           Chase Bank Milwaukee Office to lay off 135

40.       Jan. 29th           Caterpillar closing 5 Plants - Cutting 670 Jobs

41.        Jan. 29th           Bank of Japan moves to Negative Interest Rates

42.        Jan. 31st           RCS Capital Corp files for bankruptcy


During the month of September 2015, sometime after September 13th we saw some destructive forces of nature:

 1.       Hurricane Joaqin struck the Caribbean and US

2.       Typhoon Dujaun struck Asia with devastating consequences.

3.       A disastrous flood hit a town in Bodrum Turkey causing massive devastation. 

4.        Numerous mudslides, landslides, tornadoes, and flash floods caused a torrent of mayhem around the globe.

In January alone we observed the following as further signs that the forces in nature continue to intensify:
Jan. 1st             Hundreds evacuated as cyclone slams into Tonga

Jan. 6th             Deluge of needed rain in California

Jan. 7th             Johannesburg temperature hits record high as S. Africa drought persists

Jan. 14th           Rare storm forms in the Atlantic Ocean

Jan. 14th           Hurricane Alex, earliest hurricane in 78 years to develop in the Atlantic

Jan. 14th           Severe storms strike Sydney Australia

Jan. 19th           Sinkhole swallows truck in Southeast China

Jan. 21st           China hit by coldest temperature in decades

Jan. 23rd          China issues second highest cold alert due to cold wave

Jan. 23rd          Man rescued from sinkhole near Sedona

Jan. 23rd          Crippling historic storm hits Washington

Jan. 23rd          Jonas prompts NY governor to declare a state of emergency for NY

Jan. 23rd          Extreme storm surge in Delaware caused by Jonas

Jan. 23rd          11 states declared state of emergency due to Jonas, 9,500 flights cancelled

Jan. 23rd          Baltimore all-time single snow storm record

Jan. 23rd          Jonas cause flooding in New Jersey

Jan. 24th           Philadelphia received a season worth of snow in 2 days

Jan. 24th           Winter storm Jonas

Jan. 24th           Blizzard's storm surge 'worse than Sandy'

Jan. 24th           Record snow in Maryland from Jonas

Jan. 24th           Record snow in Pennsylvania from Jonas

Jan. 24th           Record snow in New York JFK from Jonas

Jan. 24th           West Wildwood NJ sees worst flood ever, now an Island

Jan. 24th           Turkey faces extreme weather from snow and heavy rain

Jan. 24th           Hong Kong sees coldest weather in 60 years

Jan. 24th           Strange red-orange clouds over Istanbul, Turkey

Jan. 25th           Hikers barely miss landslide in Argentina

Jan. 25th           Dozens of deaths blamed on rare cold snap in Taiwan

Jan. 25th           Crumbling cliff threaten California homes

Jan. 25th           Major disruptions as freezing temperatures hits East Asia

Jan. 26th           Streets in Gaza flooded due to heavy downpour

Jan. 29th           Rare, massive sinkhole closes part of Oregon highway

Jan. 31st           More than 38,000 without power in San Diego after heavy storms

Jan. 31st           Footage of huge sinkhole wipes of highway in Oregon

“There will be earthquakes in various places” Mark 13:8. According to the USGS, there were 9,061 earthquakes recorded during January 2016. 1,122 were above a magnitude 4.0. The following are the 26 that were above a magnitude 5.7

Jan. 1st             6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Western Indian-Antarctic Rise

Jan. 1st             5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Raoul Island, New Zealand

Jan. 2nd                        5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Chaihe, China

Jan. 3rd            6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes WNW of Imphal, India

Jan. 5th             5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes E of Nishinoomote, Japan

Jan. 5th             5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes NW of Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands

Jan. 11th           6.5 magnitude earthquake hits SE of Sarangani, Philippines

Jan. 11th           6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes NW of Rumoi, Japan

Jan. 12th           5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Southwest Indian Ridge

Jan. 13th           5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes NW of Hihifo, Tonga

Jan. 14th           6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes WSW of Charagua, Bolivia

Jan. 14th           6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes SE of Shizunai, Japan

Jan. 18th           6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes E of Ceva-i-Ra, Fiji

Jan. 20th           5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes ESE Hongu, China

Jan. 21th           6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes SW of Tomatian, Mexico

Jan. 24th           7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes E of Old Iliamna. Alaska

Jan. 24th           No reports of casualties, major damage after 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Spain

Jan. 24th           6.8 magnitude earthquake hits S Alaska coast

Jan. 25th           5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Pangai, Tonga

Jan. 25th           6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes NNE of Al Hoceima, Morocco

Jan. 25th           5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes NNE of Tobelo, Indonesia

Jan. 26th           5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes S of Taron, Papua New Guinea

Jan. 27th           5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Jan. 30th           7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes N of Yelizovo, Russia

Jan. 31st           6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Balleny Islands Region

We stated that we should expect things to get pretty intense as there is a transformation on the way. We will feel the squeeze of pressure tighten on a much greater scale in 2016. 2016 into 2017 will be even more eventful than the previous year. This year carries with it a host of heavenly influences that have the potential to bring some of the biggest changes that we'll ever experience in our lifetime. Negative human emotions such as: hurt, distrust, anger etc. will come to the forefront, and be greatly magnified.

We stated that on the rise will be events causing greater anxiety, uncertainty, and even chaos in many places. Tensions, on various levels of the human experience: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental.

The scriptures warn of such times in Matthew 24:10: “And then shall many be offended, and shall betray on another, and shall hate one another”. In II Timothy 3:1-3: “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of righteousness, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of YHWH. ”

The following headlines give a pretty good example of the increase in negativity: “for nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.”

Jan. 1st             Putin cites NATO as Threat to Russia

Jan. 2nd                            Mayor of Mexican city killed only one day after taking office

Jan. 2nd                        Anti-Government protestors march through Burns, Oregon

Jan. 2nd                        Iranians protesters storm and set ablaze Saudi embassy after Nimr execution

Jan. 3rd            Militia group takes over Federal Building in Eastern Oregon

Jan. 13th           Explosions and gunfire in shopping complex near UN facility in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jan. 18th           Bombing outside of Russian embassy in Kabul Afghanistan kill 5

Jan.19th            Bomb blast near Egypt’s Giza pyramids kills at least 4, wounds 13

Jan. 19th           Hundreds of anti-refugee protest in Dutch town attack police

Jan. 19th           Thousands of professionals rally against planned pension cuts

Jan. 22nd          Standoff in Moldova parliament stormed after new government approved

Jan. 22nd          People protest in Brazil over transportation fare hikes

Jan. 26th           Chaos in Paris amid massive union strike

Jan. 26th           Anti-Uber protest: streets on fire, tear gas used by police and arrests made in France

Jan. 26th          Lavrov: No more business as usual with West imposing its interest

Jan. 31st           Mob calls for assaults on migrants in Sweden

We said in the 2016 forecast that: “Situations in the Middle East are quickly spinning out of control on a course to explode, as the people of the nations are increasingly getting angry. Keep your eyes peeled on Turkey and Iran as these are primed as fuses to burn into a global explosion.”

To catch us up to speed on the rising tensions in regards to Turkey, and Iran as well, let us look at the headlines from September 13th to December 31st 2015:

Oct. 1st             Iran to join Russia in Syria with ground troops

Oct. 5th            Turkey claims Russia violated their air space. NATO says: That is unacceptable

Oct. 14th          Iran broadcasts footage of underground missile base

Oct. 21st              Iranian naval ships visits Russian port

Oct. 24th          Turkey’s allies concerned over its defense plans

Nov. 3rd           Turkey hits Kurdish targets in Northern Iraq

Nov. 9th           Russia agrees to deliver S-300 missile systems to Iran

Nov. 13th         Thousands flee Silvan Turkey where government forces clash with militants

Nov. 24th         Russian military jets is shot down by Turkey jet

Nov. 24th         Putin accuse Turkey of aiding terrorist and stabbing Russia in the back

Nov. 24th         Russian foreign minister cancel visit to Turkey

Nov. 26th         Russia plan to slap sanctions on Turkey over downed jet

Nov. 27th         847 guns en route from Turkey to Belgium

Nov. 28th         Prominent Kurdish lawyer shot after media appearance in Turkey sparking violence in Istanbul

Nov. 28th         Kremlin impose restriction on Turkish imports, companies, and hiring of Turkish workers

Dec. 3rd           Russia to hand evidence of Turkey’s oil trade with ISIS to the UN

Dec. 3rd           Turkey says it is RUSSIA that is involved in illegal oil trade with ISIS

Dec. 7th           Turkey seizes 4 Russian ships in Black Sea.

Dec. 8th           UN: Iran missile test breaches UN council resolutions

Dec. 8th           Iraqi PM accuses Turkey of being main destination of ISIS oil

Dec. 8th           Turkey refuses to remove troops and tanks from Iraq

Dec. 8th           Turkey PM says sanctions will be imposed on Russia if necessary

Dec. 8th           Iraq urges UN to force Turkey to withdraw troops

Dec. 8th           Turkey threatens to respond to Russia’s provoking rocket launcher action

Dec.12th          Iraq ask UNSC to demand Turkey to leave its territory

Dec. 12th         Thousands of Iraqis protest against Turkey’s troop deployment in Iraq

Dec. 14th         Sarin gas was smuggled from Turkey to ISIS

Dec. 16th         Turkey MP under investigation after disclosing that Turkey helped ISIS get Saran gas

Dec. 17th         US vice president call on Turkey to withdraw troops from Iraq

Dec. 24th         Arab League demands that Turkey withdraw troops from Iraq immediately

Dec. 25th         Turkey under cyber attack

Dec. 25th            Russia to begin delivery of S-300 missile system to Iran

Dec. 30th         US, Iran have close call in Straits of Hormuz

Dec. 31st          Iraq warns of military actions if Turkey does not pull out

Now let us take a look at some headlines that included both Iran and Turkey in January 2016:

Jan. 2nd                        Iranians protesters storm and set ablaze Saudi embassy after Nimr execution

Jan. 3rd            Iran and Saudi Arabia exchange heated words after execution of Shiite cleric

Jan. 3rd            Saudi Arabia cutting ties with Iran

Jan. 4th            Saudi Arabia rallies Arab countries to cut ties with Iran, heightens tension

Jan. 4th            Bahrain cutting ties with Iran

Jan. 4th            UAE downgrades relationship with Iran

Jan. 5th             Sudan cutting ties with Iran

Jan. 6th             Djibouti joins Saudi Arabia in cutting ties with Iran

Jan. 6th             Qatar joins Saudi Arabia in cutting ties with Iran

Jan. 7th             Iran says Saudi Arabia hit its embassy with rocket

Jan. 7th             Somalia cuts ties with Iran

Jan. 7th             Iran bans imports from Saudi Arabia

Jan. 12th           Germany issue warning to their nationals in Turkey

Jan. 12th           Denmark issue warning to their nationals in Turkey

Jan. 13th           Turkey detains 3 Russian suspected of ISIS links

Jan. 26th           Iran warns US vessel to leave drill area

Jan. 26th           Israeli Defense Minister: ISIS militants are funded by Turkish money

Jan. 31st           Turkey said Saturday that a Russian warplane has again violated its airspace

We said that “Europe will have its share of problems, especially connected to their refugee situation. Pay close attention to Germany; their government and elements of their refugee situation have the potential to evolve into possible attacks.  The refugee problem will prove to add to the other major elements that are set up to greatly destabilize the west this year. “ Let’s look at the following:

Jan. 5th             Security tightened in Cologne, Germany after mass assault on women,

Jan. 6th             Migrant attack in Germany: "Its Like a Civil War"

Jan. 6th             Record asylum seekers in Germany in 2015

Jan. 15th           German official send bus load of refugees to Merkel’s office in Berlin

Jan. 19th           Hundreds of anti-refugee protest in Dutch town attack police

Jan. 22nd          Germany admits it lost track of 600,000 of 1.1 million refugees

Jan. 23rd          Anti-immigration rally held in Germany city of Potsdam, massive police presence

Jan. 25th           Sweden: woman stabbed to death at center for young refugees in Germany

Jan. 26th           Denmark approves law on seizing refugees’ valuables and delaying family reunions

Jan. 27th           Sweden to expel up to 80,000 migrants

Jan. 30th           Protesters clash at anti-immigration rally in Great Britain

Jan. 31st           Mob calls for assaults on migrants in Sweden

In the 2016 forecast we mentioned that we should not “…be surprised if oil prices escalate quickly sometime this year.” The following forecast may just be a start:

Jan. 6th             Saudi Arabia Hikes Gas Prices 50%

In the 2016 forecast we mentioned that we should: prepare for: possible terror strikes, or some kind of an attack on the USA and/or other nations that will be of mass destruction proportions (possibly nuclear). The following headlines should not be taken lightly:

Jan. 2nd                        Trump: Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama

Jan. 3rd            ISIS threatens to invade the UK

Jan. 9th             New Isis weapon could cause mass casualties in west

Jan. 25th           Europol: ISIS plans for large scale attacks on Europe

Jan. 26th           CIA provided visa to would-be terrorists

Jan. 29th           30,000 ISIS militants in India ready to wage war

In the 2016 forecast we mentioned not to be surprised if great scandals emerge that cause great men and women of renown to step down, be forced out of office, or totally disappear from the public scene.  Also, great companies and nations of renown may topple to the ground. The following headlines are updates:


1.                              Jan. 6th             Macy's - up to 40 Store Closings - Check Here for List

2.                              Jan. 7th             Finish Line to close up to 25% / 150 Stores over next 4 Years

3.                              Jan. 11th           Princess Catherine in court for corruption

4.                              Jan. 22nd          Michigan’s EPA administrator quits amid water catastrophe         

5.                              Jan. 26th           French justice minister quits over anti-terror measure

6.                             Jan. 29th           Princess Cristina of Spain loses legal battle to avoid tax fraud trial

All this may come about as a shift in powers is taking place in the heavens. Some of you may be familiar with the expression: as it is above, so it is below; that expression is quite fitting here.

We said to prepare for an increase in diseases. The following are reports from January 2016

  • Jan. 4th        Oman health: Ministry confirms seventh Coronavirus case


  • Jan. 4th        MERS kill 2 in Saudi Arabia


  • Jan. 7th        MERS breakout in Oman 


  • Jan. 7th        Lassa fever claims 35 lives in Nigeria


  • Jan. 7th        Bubonic plague outbreak kills 63 in Madagascar


  • Jan. 8th        Deadly microcephaly cases increase in brazil 


  • Jan. 8th        Zika virus infection – United States of America - Puerto Rico


  • Jan. 9th        Blue bell in hot water over new listeria outbreak


  • Jan. 11th    Ecuador reports imported Zika infections via Colombia


  • Jan. 11th    Zika virus case confirmed in Texas


  • Jan. 12th    Rare infectious disease confirmed


  • Jan. 12th    Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health (MOH) today reported its first MERS-CoV case of 2016, 


  • Jan. 14th    CDC warns travelers of the Zika virus 


  • Jan. 14th    Health Authority Abu Dhabi: announced two positive cases of the MERS Coronavirus (MERS CoV).


  • Jan. 14th    Dangerous new dog flu strained


  • Jan. 15th    Haiti is reporting its first cases of Zika virus


  • Jan. 15th    Ebola confirmed in Sierra Leone hours after WHO declared it Ebola free 


  • Jan. 15th    Hantavirus death reported in north central Arizona 


  • Jan. 17th    Barbados monitors 8 suspected cases of Zika virus


  • Jan. 17th    Baby born in Hawaii with brain damage has Zika infection


  • Jan. 19th    The proliferation of the Zika virus could be linked to climate change


  • Jan. 19th    Taiwan reports first imported case of Zika via Thailand


  • Jan. 19th    Navajo Nation confirms 1st Hantavirus death of 2016


  • Jan. 19th    Two Illinois residents test positive for Zika virus


  • Jan. 19th    Three confirmed cases of Zika in Florida


  • Jan. 19th    First baby in Colombia with Zika-caused microcephaly


  • Jan. 20th    Zika virus reported in Bolivia and Guadeloupe


  • Jan. 20th    Sierra Leone reports a second new Ebola case


  • Jan. 21st    Swine fever reported in Mongolia


  • Jan. 22nd    Zika is now in Illinois


  • Jan. 22nd    CDC expands tropical virus alert; 22 destinations on list


  • Jan. 22nd    Listeria outbreak in Dole plant


  • Jan. 22nd    American Samoa investigating possible Zika cases


  • Jan. 22nd    Zika virus found in Israeli toddler


  • Jan. 23rd    New worry on mosquito-borne virus: weeks of total paralysis


  • Jan. 23rd    Thailand reports 2nd MERS case


  • Jan. 23rd    10 cases of Zika virus confirmed in Dominican Republic


  • Jan. 23rd    Three returning UK travelers diagnosed with Zika


  • Jan. 24th    Columbia reports 5,000 Zika cases in first week of 2016


  • Jan. 24th    Thailand reports MERS case 


  • Jan. 25th    Thousands of birds mysterious disease in Kampong Thom’s Stueng Saen district, Cambodia


  • Jan. 25th    Inmate dies after viral outbreak at Putnamville Correctional facility


  • Jan. 25th    Thailand quarantines 32 people after second MERS case confirmed


  • Jan. 25th    Health officials in New York reported 3 cases of Zika 


  • Jan. 25th    Zika virus set to spread across Americas, spurring vaccine hunt


  • Jan. 25th    20 Ukrainian solders have died and over 200 more are hospitalized after leak of a deadly virus 


  • Jan. 25th    Eighteen people die of flu in Ukrainian capital, says epidemiological service


  • Jan. 26th    Brazil to deploy 220,000 troops in fight against Zika virus


  • Jan. 26th    Over 100 people hospitalized in Lithuania due to flu


  • Jan. 26th    Virginia resident tests positive for Zika virus after traveling to Zika-affected country


  • Jan. 26th    First Zika virus case reported in Costa Rica


  • Jan. 26th    42 cases of Zika infection reported in N.E. Panama


  • Jan. 26th    Zika in Europe: Denmark Man tests positive for mosquito-borne virus 


  • Jan. 26th    Puerto Rico reports 19 confirmed Zika cases


  • Jan. 26th    Fears as fetus-deforming Zika virus found in Italy


  • Jan. 26th    First case of Zika virus reported in Arkansas


  • Jan. 26th    Ukraine declares flu epidemic as death toll reaches 83


  • Jan. 26th    Unvaccinated children to stay home amid chicken pox outbreak in Clearwater


  • Jan. 27th    Saudi Arabia confirms new MERS case


  • Jan. 27th    Stomach flu epidemic sweeps through Brittany


  • Jan. 27th    Zika a genetically engineered virus?


  • Jan. 27th    Mystery illness forces American Airlines flight to return to London


  • Jan. 27th    BIOWEAPON! Zika Virus Is Being Spread by GMO Mosquito


  • Jan. 27th    UN health chief: Zika virus is 'spreading explosively' 


  • Jan. 27th    Suspected norovirus outbreak sickens 50 at a Maggiano's in Washington


  • Jan. 28th    Swine flu death toll rises to 57 in Turkey


  • Jan. 28th    Venezuela announces 4,500 suspected cases of Zika


  • Jan. 28th    Italy registers 5 cases of Zika


  • Jan. 28th    Flu epidemic in Russia claims more than 100 lives


  • Jan. 29th    Second American Airlines flight grounded over mystery illness


  • Jan. 29th    National Institute of Health: Zika virus officially a ‘pandemic’ 


  • Jan. 29th    Zika virus confirmed among 4 Canadian travellers in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec


  • Jan. 29th    Nearly 400 people now have Norovirus says Kansas Department of Health


  • Jan. 30th    Peru announces first case of Zika virus


  • Jan. 30th    Jamaica confirms first case of Zika


  • Jan. 31st    Researchers claim Zika case found on Sumatra Island, Indonesia    


  • Jan. 31st    Nicaragua and Curacao confirms local transmission of Zika


  • Jan. 31st    Saudi Arabia reports MERS case in Riyadh


  • Jan. 31st    Two confirmed cases of Zika virus in Australia, researchers after WHO emergency declaration


We stated that “this election cycle has certainly not been the norm, and it is likely that it will not become normal without outside intervention.” There were more republican candidates running for president that ever before. There has been one candidate that seems to defy all conventional rules to the process, and yet remains un-touched. Up until this point, any other candidate who would have tried to use such tactics would have probably been pressured from the race. There have been scandals involving espionage. This election process has certainly continued to be bizarre – to say the least:


  • Jan. 27th           Trump skip GOP debate due to feud with FOX News


These are the January updates. The era of prophetic intervention is upon us, it's time to prepare. If we have the ability to prepare physically we should do our part to become self-sufficient. In becoming self-sufficient we become less detectable and non-dependent upon the entities that governs this world at this time. Nothing takes the place of spiritual preparation. Spiritual preparation cleanses us so that we do not perish (die in our errors). When we are prepared spiritually, the physical death may still come, however we have passage to our source, as we are no longer cut off. A wise man once wrote: “The wise and prudent sees trouble coming and hides (prepares) himself” (Proverbs 22:3 and 27:12). Noah was a wise and prudent man. He saw trouble coming and made preparation by building an ark to protect himself and his family (Hebrews 11:7). What is not commonly focused on is the fact that during that time he preached the message of righteousness to others that they may also make preparation and be saved (II Peter 2:5). However the message fell on deaf ears then, as it does today with many. The message has clearly established that: “as in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the son of man.” (Matthew 24:37-39). Due to misunderstanding of Holy Scriptures it is commonly thought that no one will know the day or the hour of the coming of the son of man. That is true, but only to a certain point. When YHWH was ready, He revealed the time of trouble (His day) to Noah. He promises to reveal the time of trouble (His day) to the ministers of His LIGHT (Isaiah 42:9) that they may declare His day (Psalm 9:11; 118:17; 145:6-13 Isaiah 21:6; 46:10; 66:19; Matthew 5:14-16). The only condition is that we turn from our own ways, to keeping His covenant and watch for the signs of His day, which is not a day, but rather a predetermined period of time. If we do these things He will also reveal the time of trouble to us that the day will not come upon us like a thief in the night (Revelation 3:2-3). We have declared what we see coming for 2016 and each month we are posting a monthly update for all to see what is coming according to what was seen. Please join us next month for the 2016 Global Forecast Update for February. 


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