Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                                     LIGHT 2016 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE FOR JUNE 2016

                                                                                          JUNE 30, 2016
Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me".

Here we are at the end of June and it is time for the June 2016 update to our 2016 Global Forecast. In our book “The Life Times and Teachings of a Savior” we stated that starting September 13, 2015 we would see growing intensity in the forces of nature among other disturbances troubling humanity. Our December 2015 forecast documented the enormous increase and intensity in disturbances that took place from September 13, 2015 to September 30, 2015.  In our March update we alerted our readers to look out for an increase in disruptions in travel by sea, road, air and rail. If you’ve been following along, we documented that disturbances in those very areas of transportation had dramatically increased. In our May Update our readers were alerted that “late June will lead us into the beginning of another contraction in the series of labor pains in the earth.”  In late June we saw extreme weather disasters around the world in the UK, China, India, Pakistan, Washington DC, W. Virginia, and Illinois to name a few. An unprecedented 90 plus people were killed by lightning on the 22nd. On June 24th it was reported that strange noises were coming from the depth of the Caribbean Sea. On the same day we saw the UK vote themselves out of the EU in the “Brexit”, shaking financial markets and emboldening other nations to look to the same direction. We saw President Obama designate Stonewall National Monument to LGBT rights, and gay pride parades in many cities across the world. On June 25th there was an Al-Shabab militants attack on a hotel in Somalia’s capital, killing 15, and wounding dozens. We saw opposing protester groups rally turned into multiple stabbings, and 10 hospitalized. On the 27th it was reported that hate crimes spiked in the UK after the Brexit vote. Fuego volcano in Guatemala exploded 13 times in past 24 hours. On the 28th a suicide attack on the Istanbul airport killed and wounded hundreds.  On the 30th dozens were killed in a Taliban Suicide blast in Afghanistan’s capital.  Florida declared a state of emergency due to algae blooms. In transportation late June brought us reports of a family mysteriously missing at sea off Florida’s coast, a bus going up in flames while being operated in China. On rails we saw train derailment in Taiwan, train crashes in Colorado and Texas, roller coaster derailment in Scotland and malfunction in Oklahoma City. We saw many plane wrecks and more the 25 emergency landings due to flight equipment failure. We saw mystery, or rare diseases in Tanzania and North Carolina, flesh eating bacteria in Texas, and reports of Bubonic plague in California squirrels. These conditions are labor pains. These and others have, and will continue to manifest themselves with greater intensity that will manifest as symptoms of great unrest in the areas of economical distress, cataclysmic events in heaven and earth, negative social activities, induced famine, and manipulated diseases. This pain will continue to sharpen over the upcoming years. Those who have been asleep to these changes will begin to know that something out of the ordinary and life changing is happening. By the time late August/early September 2016 rolls around many may very well experience a rude awakening. As in the days of Noah, so is it today: people are continuing with their everyday lives, complacent in or oblivious to the fact that a great disruption is about to erupt. As in the days of the liberation of the Children of Israel by Mosheh from the hand of the Pharaoh, so it is today: Many of our problems come at the hands of those who understand dark sentences (Daniel 8:23), who are among us to express purposes of great unrest (Jude 4, Revelations 6:8). 

In December 2015 we raised the alert in the 2016 Global Forecast telling those who would listen, to look out for:

An election cycle that has certainly not been the norm, and is unlikely to become so
Increases in the amount of record natural disasters
Escalating oil prices sometime this year
Great scandals emerge that cause great men and women to step down
Great companies and nations of renown may topple 
Terror strikes in USA and other nations
The human population becoming increasingly angry
Increases in diseases
Global financial unrest
Possible food shortages
And March's latest alert: disruptions in travel (sea, road, air and rail)

The feeling of utter helplessness may soon become the outlook for most. However, it is especially important to keep in mind that your Father in Heaven is in control. He is allowing us to receive the cosmic spanking we deserve in order to help us recognize that our self-serving activities is our only demise. These plagues can, and will be removed from the earth if our focus in life will change from self-serving to serving others through the universal principles, and not according to what seems right in our own eyes. The alarm clock has rung! It’s time to prepare to be independent from the arm of man and to become co-dependent on the arm of our Source. Shaking ourselves free of worldly dependencies and moving toward self-sufficiency may prove to be most comforting in the months and years to come. As it is said in Jeremiah 17:5: “This is what Yahweh says: Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from Yahweh.” Spiritual preparation is a key to attaining a sound mind. Training our minds through meditation and/or prayer to be peaceful and content in all things can make the difference between mental unrest, and maintaining sanity in disastrous situations. Great life changing events are ahead of us. 2016 is the year that will point us in a new direction. Our adaptability to these changes will depend, in large part to our perception of our role upon the earth. Understanding that we are here to serve, rather than to be served positions us to adopt an attitude of gratitude.   Please share these most important updates with your friends and family and remember that the true children of the Most High are here to serve, not to be served. 

                                                    ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING AT RECORD PACE

These words were inspired to be written in the Book of Hosea 4:1-3: “Hear the word of Yahweh, O children of Israel, for Yahweh has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of Yahweh in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.”
The scriptures explain why certain problems have befallen the inhabitants of the earth. It is because we have lost the desire to pursue truth, be merciful, and seek the knowledge of our Source. Instead we indulge in activities which conceive and bring forth self-interest. These activities cause the Spirit of One to be void from our minds, hearts, words, activities, and ultimately our environment. In order to correct the situation, balance must be employed on the spiritual scale to create stability in our physical world. We didn’t get to this point overnight and we certainly won’t get out of it overnight. We see that: “the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away” to get our attention and change our mental focus. This in effect changes our hearts, which will in turn change our words and activities, ultimately changing our environment.  The following June headlines are only a sample of the fact that Hosea 4:1-3 is coming to pass before our very eyes. (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

Jun. 1st    Hundreds of dead fish found washed up on Prince Edward Island in Canada
June 1st    40 dead tiger cubs found in Thai temple amid trafficking fears
Jun. 2nd    More than 10,000 chickens killed due to avian flu in Yunlin County, Taiwan
Jun. 2nd    Large number of dead birds being found in Martins Ferry, Ohio, USA
Jun. 3rd        86,000 birds killed from avian flu in Niger
Jun. 3rd        90 tons of fish die in West Java, Indonesia
Jun. 6th        10,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Landes, France
Jun. 6th        Tens of thousands of dead crabs wash up on South Texas Beach, North Padre
Jun. 6th        Massive die off of fish along 15km of coast of Tabasco, Mexico
Jun. 7th        4,500 birds killed due to avian flu in central Hong Kong
Jun. 7th        20 turtles and other marine animals wash up dead in Santa Rosalia, Mexico
Jun. 7th        86,000 layers killed in Niger bird flu
Jun. 7th        Hong Kong culls thousands of birds over avian flu scare
Jun. 8th        Hundreds of dead fish wash up in a lake Kananaskis, Canada
Jun. 8th        Mass die off of fish in a river in East Kazakhstan
Jun. 9th        6 Tons of fish die in a lake in Hanoi, Vietnam
Jun. 9th        Thousands of dead tuna crabs wash up in Mission Bay, California, America.
Jun. 9th        Nigeria bird flu outbreak continue to kill thousands of layers
Jun. 10th    African swine fever kills 300 pigs in South Africa
Jun. 10th    Masses of dead fish wash up along the marshes of Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombia
Jun. 10th    48,000 chickens killed due to avian flu in Dongeradeel, Netherlands
Jun. 12th    Thousands of dead fish found in Gohira dam in India
Jun. 12th    Thousands of cattle dead due to flooding in Tasmania, Australia
Jun. 12th    Masses of dead fish wash up on a beach in Lianyungang, China
Jun. 12th    Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Zwolle, Netherlands
Jun. 13th    20,000 fish die in a pond in St Josephs, Missouri, America
Jun. 14th    Tens of thousands of fish have died in a lake in Santa Lucia, Peru
Jun. 15th    Masses of dead fish washing up on beaches in Lake Michigan, America
Jun. 16th    Hundreds of dead fish found washed up in a lake in Kolkata, India
Jun. 16th    More than 30 whales stranded 10 dead on Java Island in Indonesia
Jun. 16th    Thousands of Birds Destroyed After Low Path Bird Flu Hits Netherlands
Jun. 16th    11 dead turtles and dolphins found washed up in Escuinapa, Mexico.
Jun. 16th    35 dead turtles found in Santa Rosalia, Mexico.
Jun. 16th    Large die off of various fish & crabs along the Neuse River is 'unusual', N. Carolina, America.
Jun. 17th    Dozens of tons of fish die suddenly in Kuningan, Indonesia. Link
Jun. 17th    Mass die off of salmon in fish farms, due to 'toxic algae' in British Columbia, Canada
Jun. 17th    Masses of dead crabs and starfish washing up in Port Aransas, Texas, America
Jun. 18th    60 tons of fish have died in the waters of Maine-et-Loire, France
Jun. 20th    Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Oklahoma, America
Jun. 20th    Hundreds of exotic fish found dead in the waters of Portalegre District,
Jun. 20th    120,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Al Biqa, Lebanon
Jun. 21st    Massive fish kill in Green Lake, Wisconsin, America
Jun. 21st    300 sheep dead due to lightning in Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan
Jun. 23rd    Thousands of fish died in a park lake in Santa Catarina, Brazil
Jun. 23rd    Hundreds of dead birds found in fields 'due to pesticides' in Chandrapur, India
Jun. 23rd    Death of B.C. sea stars reveals ecological domino effect
Jun. 24th    Hundreds of dead fish found floating in a lake in Quang Nam, Vietnam
Jun. 24th    Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Bernardo de Irigoyen, Argentina
Jun. 24th    9,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Macau, China
Jun. 24th    40 tons of fish 'suddenly die' in a fish farm in Hau Giang, Vietnam
Jun. 24th    Dozens of alligators & hundreds of fish dying daily due to drought, Pilcomayo river, Paraguay
Jun. 25th    Tons of fish found dead in the waters of Nalgonda, India
Jun. 25th    45,000 cattle have died this year due to drought in Tabasco, Mexico
Jun. 25th    48 dead turtles found on beaches in Sinaloa, Mexico
Jun. 26th    Huge number of dead fish found in a river in Nanjing, China
Jun. 27th    3 tons of fish found dead in a lake in Viamao, Brazil
Jun. 27th    3,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Yunlin County, Taiwan
Jun. 28th    Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Lancashire, England.
Jun. 28th    Hundreds of dead birds washing up along lake Erie in New York, America
Jun. 28th    Hundreds of dead starfish wash up on beaches in Tekirdag, Turkey
Jun. 29th    Mass fish die off in a river in Stavropol, Russia


                                                              EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Part of the unrest that we can expect will be in the area of earthquakes and other earth shaking events. Many prophetic poets spoke of this time in their writings. The prophet Isayah was one of them. He was inspired to write in the Book of Isaiah13:13 that the earth will move out of her place, effectively telling us that there will be a drastic pole shift. This will not just take place out of the blue. We will be warned as the intensity and frequency of earthquakes and similar events take place. In Mark 13:8, we are warned that as the days of redemption approach “There will be earthquakes in various places.” Today we are also drawing attention to earthquakes and other earth shaking events such as sinkholes, landslides, etc. as some of the various signs of the events that we are meeting at this current end of the age of transition. The San Andreas Fault should no doubt be a major concern as we transition through this time. To spite the warning signs becoming more blatant, many will not heed the signs. In any event, we must alert everyone who we can reach that according to the USGS, there were 9187 earthquakes recorded during June 2016. 927 were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following are the quakes that were above a magnitude 5.5 in June:

Jun. 1st        6.5 Magnitude earthquake strikes  W of Sungaipenuh, Indonesia
Jun. 2nd    5.8 Magnitude earthquake strikes  SW of San Patricio, Mexico
Jun. 5th        5.7 Magnitude earthquake strikes NW of Coquimbo, Chile
Jun. 5th        6.3 Magnitude earthquake strikes SW of Leksula, Indonesia
Jun. 6th        6.1 Magnitude earthquake strikes S of Raoul Island, New Zealand
Jun. 7th        5.5 Magnitude earthquake strikes South of the Fiji Islands
Jun. 7th        6.2 Magnitude earthquake strikes SSW of San Patricio Mexico
Jun. 7th        5.5 Magnitude earthquake strikes SSW of San Patricio Mexico
Jun. 7th        6.3 Magnitude earthquake strikes WNW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia
Jun. 9th        6.2 Magnitude earthquake strike S of Kute, Indonesia
Jun. 10th    6.1 Magnitude earthquake strikes E of Puerto Morazan, Nicaragua
Jun. 10th    6.2 Magnitude earthquake strikes WNW of Auki, Solomon Islands
Jun. 10th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strikes ENE of Georgetown, Saint Helena
Jun. 10th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strikes SSE of Sigave, Wallis and Futuna
Jun. 13th    5.7 Magnitude earthquake strikes SSE of Naze, Japan
Jun. 14th    6.2 Magnitude earthquake strikes NNW of Isangel, Vanuatu
Jun. 14th    5.6 Magnitude earthquake strikes SSE of Isangel, Vanuatu
Jun. 14th    5.6 Magnitude earthquake strikes ESE of Enarotali, Indonesia
Jun. 15th    5.6 Magnitude earthquake strikes Belleny Island Region
Jun. 15th    5.7 Magnitude earthquake strikes SW of Pueblo Nuevo Tiquisate, Guatemala
Jun 18th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strike W of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina
Jun 18th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strike WNW of Bengkulu, Indonesia
Jun. 19th    6.3 Magnitude earthquake strike SSW of Isangel, Vanuatu
Jun 20th    6.0 Magnitude earthquake strike SW of Isangel, Vanuatu
Jun. 21st    6.1 Magnitude earthquake strike Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Jun. 21st    6.3 Magnitude earthquake strike WNW of Namatanai, Papua New Guinea
Jun. 23rd    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strike Scotia Sea
Jun. 23rd    5.9 Magnitude earthquake strike SSE of Yonakuni, Japan
Jun. 24th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strike NE of Diego de Almagro, Chile
Jun. 26th    6.4 Magnitude earthquake strike SSE of Sary-Tash, Kyrgyzstan
Jun. 26th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strike SW of Merizo Village, Guam
Jun. 26th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strike E of Iwaki, Japan
Jun. 27th    5.7 Magnitude earthquake strike NNE of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Mexico
Jun. 28th    5.8 Magnitude earthquake strike WNW of Port-Olry, Vanuatu
Jun. 30th    5.8 Magnitude earthquake strike N of Lakatoro, Vanuatu

                                                                  OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS

Jun. 2nd    Sinkholes and landslides follow flooding in France and Germany
Jun. 8th        Giant sinkhole opens in downtown Ottawa
Jun. 9th        Mystery giant crater in Siberia is growing
Jun. 10th    The pacific northwest kicks off a massive earthquake and tsunami drill
Jun. 17th    Two massive and mysterious Texas sinkholes on the verge of creating one colossal lake
Jun. 18th    8 villagers buried in landslide in Tibet
Jun. 22nd    Movement on a vast scale detected near San Andreas Fault
Jun. 22nd    San Andreas Fault is showing increased activity
Jun. 22nd    Lake in Russia disappears overnight
Jun. 23rd    Beijing sinking by up to 11cm each year, new report says

Jun. 24th    Strange noises coming from the depth of the Caribbean Sea
Jun. 25th    Great Utah Salt Lake shrinks by almost half

                                                                           NATURAL WEATHER DISASTERS

In our book “The Life Times and Teachings of a Savior” we stated that starting September 13, 2015 we would see growing intensity in the forces of nature among other disturbances. Since that time we have seen just that. The tenacity with which Nature has unleashed her fury is unprecedented in modern times. Bio-engineering is part of this war and one of the reasons why the severity of the weather has become increasingly destructive. It will get worse before it gets better, as the great purge has begun. As things get better a new chapter will be ushered in for mankind, as well as for the new powers that will displace the current powers and rule this planet from high places. The following is evidence of the disturbances in the natural elemental forces:

Jun. 1st        Deadly Europe floods: France and Germany are affected
June 1st    Texas' Brazos River hits century high, Houston braces for floods
Jun. 2nd    Europe flooding: Five dead as waters rise in Germany and France
Jun.2nd        Cows struggle to stay afloat in Texas flood
Jun. 2nd    31 counties in Texas under state of emergency due to flooding
Jun.2nd        Floods all over the world
Jun. 3rd        5 Fort Hood soldiers killed in Texas flood
Jun. 3rd        World floods: USA, Mexico, Russia, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania
Jun. 3rd        Heavy rain leads to floods across China
Jun. 4th        Heavy rain believed to be the cause of a hotel collapse in Thailand
Jun. 4th        Seine River causes flooding, 4 people killed after heavy rain in France
Jun. 4th        Flooding in Belgium
Jun. 5th        Severe storm cause nationwide power outages to vital services in Australia
Jun. 6th        Atlantic Coast Braces as Severe Storms Move East
Jun. 6th        At least 3 dead in severe Australian storms and tidal waves
Jun. 6th        Rare twin tornados touch down in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Jun. 6th        Huge tornado rips across southern China kills at least one, injures several others
Jun. 6th        Freak Frankenstein Tropical Storm Colin hits Florida, another begins to Form
Jun. 6th        Tropical storm Colin takes aim at Florida’s Gulf Coast
Jun. 6th        Florida’s governor declares state of emergency due to tropical storm Colin
Jun. 6th        Tidal storm surge sweeps visitors off their feet in Hangzhou
Jun. 6th        72 people injured by lightning strike in Germany
Jun. 7th        Surveillance footage captures tornado in Hainan Province, China
Jun. 7th        Tornado captured over Hamburg, Germany
Jun. 7th        Hailstones the size of eggs smash Yuncheng, China
Jun. 7th        3 dead in fierce storm on Australia’s east coast
Jun.7th        Heavy Rains from Colin Hit Florida, Georgia
Jun. 7th        Thousands delayed as flash flooding causes power outage at Luton Airport, UK
Jun. 10th    Three missing in SW China floods
Jun. 11th    Cloud seeding flight approved for day before fatal Tasmania flooding
Jun. 13th    Twelve killed in severe flooding in Myanmar
Jun. 13th    Apocalyptic HAIL and Rain STORM Hits Northeast China
Jun. 13th    Heavy rain and hail turn streets into rivers in NE China
Jun. 14th    Unusual snow in June covers Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Jun. 14th    Ferocious hail and rainstorm lashed Changzhi City of north China's Shanxi Province
Jun. 14th    At least 10 dead 13 missing in South China floods and landslides
Jun. 16th    Floods swept away hundreds of cars in Southern China
Jun. 19th    Floods, landslides kill at least 35 in Indonesia
Jun. 19th    13 children and 1 adult killed after boats capsize in lake-storm in northwestern Russia
Jun 21st    Home swept away as flash floods hit Qichun in central China
Jun. 22nd    Severe Weather Turns Washington DC Metro Station Into a Waterfall
Jun. 22nd    Lightning kills at least 90 in India
Jun. 22nd    Millions under violent storm threat
Jun. 22nd    Multiple tornadoes in Illinois; homes, gas station damaged
Jun. 22nd    Tornado Confirmed In Howard County, Maryland
Jun. 23rd    Tornado kills 51 in China's Jiangsu province
Jun. 23rd     1 child dead, another missing following severe West Virginia flooding
Jun. 23rd    State of emergency in 2 West Virginia counties due to flooding
Jun. 23rd    Southeast U.K. hit by flashfloods
Jun. 23rd    Northern Illinois hit by at least 4 tornadoes, homes and businesses damaged
Jun. 23rd    98 killed, about 800 injured by tornado in east China
Jun. 24th    20 dead in Historic flood disaster in West Virginia
Jun. 26th    Lightning strike kills one injures two at Daytona Beach
Jun. 27th    US state of Virginia faces more rain after 23 people die in floods

                                                                   ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62: 
“If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolong disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”

What we see coming upon our globe is a plague. Many attribute plague with diseases of the physical body. However plagues are manifested in many forms which include spiritual, mental, and physical sicknesses, disasters, circumstances and situations of our person and our planet. These plagues manifest themselves as problems in our world, many of which are outlined in this report. Today we see tragic events of which many are staged in order to enact laws that will morally wear out and desensitize the people. The population is more dependent upon the arm of man more so than the word of their Father in heaven. This spell was subtly cast upon the citizens of this planet over many years, as the serpent is “more subtle” that any other beast of the field. Therefore the above average individual is no match for this wisdom. To not fall prey to this beast it becomes of paramount importance to not depend upon her services (Revelations 18:4). This will no doubt take great denying of self in many of the luxuries invented in the last 50 years that has made man less in tuned with his Source and more dependent upon this beast. The sicknesses that are documented as environmental distress and disease in the following headlines are all plagues of our time: 

Jun. 1st        Air pollution tied to high blood pressure risk
Jun. 1st        American death rate goes up in 2015 due to diseases, of mind and body
Jun. 1st        Case of dengue fever found in Key West, Florida, USA
Jun. 2nd    First case of Zika confirmed in Hancock County, Ohio, USA
Jun. 2nd    Plague found in Delta County, Colorado
Jun. 2nd    Woman hospitalized for suspected Congo Fever
Jun. 2nd    Locust swarm invades southern Russia
Jun. 2nd    1200 active gas leaks in Massachusetts will take 20 years to fix
Jun. 3rd        Another recall: Clif Bar recalls three products due to listeria risk
Jun. 3rd        Death toll from swine flu rises to 60 in Ecuador
Jun. 3rd        Niger confirms outbreak of bird flu
Jun. 3rd        Saudi Arabia reports first new MERS case since May 2015
Jun. 5th        Sri Lanka dengue fever cases near 18,000 for 1st five months
Jun. 5th        Cholera kills four in Budaka, Uganda
Jun. 6th        Another low path bird flu outbreak found in France
Jun. 6th        Omani dies after contracting Congo fever from livestock
Jun. 6th        First case of Zika confirmed in Columbus, Ohio, USA
Jun. 6th        State health officials confirm May hantavirus death
Jun. 6th        First case of Zika confirmed in Luxembourg
Jun. 6th        More plague found near prairie dog colonies south of Foxglenn Park, Arizona
Jun. 6th         15 Zika Cases Confirmed in Jamaica
Jun. 6th        Northern California wildfire grows to 3,500, threatens homes
Jun. 7th        Death toll from swine flu grows to 764 in Brazil
Jun. 7th        86,000 layers killed in Niger bird flu
Jun. 7th        Sea lice outbreaks on the rise in beaches
Jun. 7th        H7N9 bird flu virus triggers health scare in Hong Kong
Jun. 8th        Flea test positive for Bubonic plague in South Lake Tahoe
Jun. 8th        Climate group warns congress about TPP
Jun. 9th        Hundreds Evacuated as Wildfire Rages Near Arizona Town
Jun. 9th        41 swine flu cases confirmed in Thailand
Jun. 9th        Dengue infections on the rise in Mala, India two deaths reported
Jun. 9th        Nigeria bird flu outbreak continue to kill thousands of layers
Jun. 10th    Woman contracted Zika after being pricked by a needle in a lab
Jun. 10th    Anthrax claims two in Rayagada, India
Jun. 10th    African swine fever kills 300 pigs in South Africa
Jun. 11th    Dengue claims seven lives in Ambon
Jun. 11th    Antibiotic-resistant ‘super bacteria’ found in Rio Olympic venues, main beaches – report
Jun. 11th    125 cases of anthrax reported in Sirajganj, Bangladesh
Jun. 11th    5 more test positive for anthrax in Taladheska, India
Jun. 12th    Cholera kills 2, 60 admitted in Nebbi, Uganda
Jun. 13th    More layers dead in Nigerian bird flu outbreak
Jun. 14th    Bubonic plague confirmed in cats and dogs in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Jun. 14th    25-year-old McKinley County man is third fatal Hantavirus case in NEW MEXICO ::
Jun. 14th    Creative Snacks Recalls More Sunflower Seed Products for Listeria
Jun. 14th    Dengue Up Dramatically In Negros Occidental, Philippines
Jun. 15th    Girl Dies Of Suspected Dengue Fever in Kasaragod, India
Jun. 15th    Cases Of Viral Fever Rising In Chikkamagaluru District, India
Jun. 15th    Cholera Outbreak Confirmed In Humnabad Taluk in India
Jun. 15th    Lassa Fever Claims 149 Lives In Nigeria
Jun. 15th    Polio virus resurfaces in Hyderabad, India govt. launches preventive measures
Jun. 16th    Encephalitis, dengue claim six lives, affect 200 in Assam in Morigaon, India
Jun. 16th    Civilians in ISIS held Fallujah at risk of disease
Jun. 16th    Dengue outbreak in Pakistan
Jun. 16th    First case of Zika confirmed for Duval County, Florida
Jun. 16th    Arizona fire triggers evacuation, state of emergency in New Mexico
Jun. 17th    Raging wildfires spark evacuations in Sicily, police suspect arson
Jun 17th    Larimer, Colorado reports first human case of tularemia
Jun 17th    Zika Cases Rise Sharply In New Jersey
Jun 17th    Zika cases hit 68 in Trinidad
Jun. 17th    Plague Case in Rio Arriba County Teenager
Jun. 17th    Larimer reports first human case of tularemia in Larimer County, CO
Jun. 17th    Uganda: School Closed Over Cholera Outbreak
Jun. 18th    Nine-year-old girl dies, dengue suspected in Mysore, India
Jun. 18th    Nestle’s Willy Wonka Candy Factory evacuated over chemical spill, 11 workers hospitalized
Jun. 19th    Tanzania: Thousands in Zanzibar Suffer From Cholera
Jun. 19th    Two more dengue deaths suspected in Dakshina Kannada, India
Jun. 19th    Dengue cases highest in Sibu, Malaysia, 4 deaths in state so far
Jun. 20th    Nine more infected in Riyadh MERS outbreak
Jun. 20th    Fresh Cholera Outbreak Claims One, 94 Hospitalized in Kampala, Uganda
Jun. 20th    Two cholera cases reported in Vijayapura, India
Jun. 20th    Cholera Kills One, 30 Others Admitted in Namayingo, Uganda
Jun. 20th    Three admitted at Igegania after reported Cholera outbreak in Kaibere, Kenya
Jun. 20th    Congo declares yellow fever epidemic, 1,000 suspected cases
Jun. 20th    Great Value, Bountiful Harvest among frozen veggies recalled for possible listeria
Jun. 21st    Global coral bleaching enters unprecedented third straight year

Jun. 21st    18 infected with anthrax in Bangladesh
Jun. 21st    Rates of Parkinson’s Disease Rising Among U.S. Males
Jun. 21st    Two Villagers With Anthrax Symptoms Die In Kazakhstan
Jun. 21st    Mystery disease kills 10 in Tanzania
Jun. 21st    Anthrax on the rise in Gorontalo, Indonesia
Jun. 22nd    Uganda: School Closed Over Cholera Outbreak
Jun. 22nd    Congo almost runs out of yellow fever vaccine amid epidemic
Jun. 22nd    Kazakh Officials Confirm Second Anthrax Outbreak In A Week
Jun. 22nd    Lucas County woman first Ohioian to contract Zika through sexual transmission

Jun. 23rd    More Than 1000 Swine Flu Deaths So Far This Year in Brazil
Jun. 23rd    Rare brain-eating amoeba kills Ohio teen after rafting trip in North Carolina
Jun. 23rd    Dengue Rises with Monsoon Rains: Death Toll Up to 24 in Sri Lanka
Jun. 24th    1st Sexually Transmitted Case of Zika in SC Reported
Jun. 24th    Flesh eating bacteria in Port Aransas, TX
Jun. 25th    A three-year-old girl, died from suspected dengue fever in Philippines
Jun. 25th    150 homes destroyed in central California wildfire
Jun. 25th    Coral reefs face 'unprecedented global bleaching' for third year in a row
Jun. 27th    Officials are investigating a mysterious sheen near Ontario Nuclear power plant
Jun. 27th    Pepsi to Reintroduce Aspartame Diet Pepsi
Jun. 27th    Titan founder Xerxes Desai dies of dengue in Bengaluru, India
Jun. 28th    Taiwan Reports First Indigenous Dengue Fever Case Of Summer
Jun. 28th    1st Confirmed Case Of Zika Reported In Nashville, Tennessee
Jun. 29th    5,300 U.S. water systems are in violation of lead rules
Jun. 29th    Cholera-like Outbreak In Barwani, India - 1 Dead - 12 Affected
Jun. 29th    Cholera Claims 8 Lives In Kayunga District, Uganda
Jun. 29th    Cholera outbreak in several villages in Bidar district, India 122 patients affected,
Jun. 29th    Case of tularemia prompts public health precautions
Jun. 30th    Bubonic Plague Exposure Found in San Jacinto, California Mountains Squirrels
Jun. 30th    New Mexico reports 6th hantavirus case and 4th death of 2016
Jun. 30th    First case of Zika virus in Snohomish County, Washington confirmed
Jun. 30th    Zika Virus Cases Confirmed in St. Louis County

                                                             SIGNS AND WONDERS IN NATURE OF THE TIMES

During this time there have also been many signs and wonders, as the generation of this earth age seeks signs, outside of prophetic disclosures, to believe in. Knowledge will continue to increase in these last days as Daniel 12:4 states. These signs will cause signs and wonders as new inventions are developed. Much of this knowledge has been seeded by beings not of the human existence as we know it. The activities of these among the leaders of the nations have caused great signs and wonders to be projected that if it were possible it would deceive the very elect Matthew 24:24.

Jun. 1st        Huge bolt of lightning strikes a plane on the ground in Guandong, China
Jun. 2nd    Locust swarm invades southern Russia
Jun. 2nd    Meteor lights up night sky over Arizona
Jun. 2nd    Flash of light: Did meteor break up over Arizona sky
Jun. 3rd        Fireball streaks across Arizona skies
Jun. 7th        Meteor streaks across the sky in St. Louis Missouri
Jun. 9th        Hello, Nihonium. Scientists Name 4 New Elements On The Periodic Table
Jun. 10th    Record heat Rapid city
Jun. 12th    Strange sighting over Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico
Jun. 13th    Dangerous heat wave to hit southwestern US this week end
Jun. 14th    May, 2016 warmest on record
Jun. 15th    Breathtaking shelf cloud
Jun. 15th    Rainbow appears over Orlando nightclub after mass shooting
Jun. 16th    Amazing roll clouds captured over Lake Michigan
Jun. 16th    Mysterious dark ring appearance over Disneyland in Anaheim, California
Jun. 18th    Record heat to scorch southwest as central U.S. bakes
Jun. 19th    Strange lights flying over Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano
Jun. 20th    Southwestern US gripped by deadly heat wave
Jun. 20th    Rare 'strawberry moon' glows on the summer solstice Monday
Jun. 24th    Obama Designates Stonewall National Monument to LGBT Rights 
Jun. 24th    Strange noises coming from the depth of the Caribbean Sea


                                                                                GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

Jeremiah 17:5:
This is what Yahweh says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from Yahweh".
In June, signs of an ailing economy continued with more cracks in the financial system with financial institutions closing branches. The health care and education sectors continue to be squeezed economically, as they are forced into laying off employees and closing locations. In this report we can see Brazil moving into the disastrous social and economic direction of Venezuela. We see Germany and the UK under great pressure that will likely put more weight on the EU to collapse. States and cities, such as Massachusetts, Alabama, Aurora, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa City, Iowa, Ohio, West Virginia, and Indiana seeing an outlook much like Connecticut, Puerto Rico, Atlantic City, NJ, and Hazelton, PA that are being struck by budget shortfalls. Bankruptcies, layoffs, and closings are rapidly increasing. We saw some great companies trending toward extinction or being taken over in this unrest. Macy’s, IBM, Kmart, Sears, and Intel are just a few of the casualties.  Recalls of manufactured products have skyrocketed costing these companies trillions collectively and further jeopardizing a struggling global economy. This is by design, and these manufactured problems will no doubt cause many more jobs to be lost. Brexit was a trigger point that may very well be the first domino to fall in a series of dominoes. We may very well see others, possible a Grexit, Frexit, and/or other geo-political fractures take place. The collapse of banks is also a grave possibility all over again. The Deutsche Bank collapse would be devastation to those who put their trust in the financial systems of man. We are hearing more and more that power outages are affecting electronic payment systems and some are being hacked. Don’t be surprised if electronic payment systems for some reason begin to fail.

                                                               FINANCIAL UNREST IN NATIONS, STATES AND CITIES

Jun. 2nd    Brazil Crisis: Econ. Spirals Deeper into Recession
Jun. 2nd    Massachusetts Bay Transportation Auth. - Layoffs coming
Jun. 2nd    Rural/Metro ambulance to lay off 100+
Jun. 3rd        Record 94,708,000 Americans Not in Labor Force
Jun. 7th        Alabama's Economy one of Worst in Nation
Jun. 7th        Connecticut - Total of 951 Layoff Notices so Far
Jun. 8th        Aurora Public Library to lay off 21
Jun. 9th        EBT Card Outage? Many Americans Still Waiting for Food Stamps
Jun. 9th        Mississippi State Dept. of Health - More Layoffs
Jun. 9th        Pike County KY to lay off 19
Jun. 9th        Pearson Iowa City to lay off 47
Jun. 10th    NJ Retirees won't get Pension Increases
Jun. 13th    Lorain Ohio gives 23 Firefighters Layoff Notices
Jun. 13th    Fitch cuts Japan credit rating to negative
Jun. 14th    German 10-year bond yield turns negative
Jun. 16th    West Virginia Division of Forestry to lay off 37
Jun. 18th    Carrier closing to cost Indiana Economy $108M / Yr
Jun. 18th    Rio state declares financial emergency, requests funding for Olympics
Jun. 19th    Financial crisis in Brazil ahead of Rio 2016 Olympics
Jun. 27th    S&P strips UK of last top-notch credit rating after Brexit
Jun. 27th    Pound, sterling falls to 31 year low against dollar

                                                                           FINANCIAL UNREST IN SCHOOLS

Jun. 1st        Baltimore school - 171 Position Eliminated 
Jun. 1st        St. Catharine College is closing, KY
Jun. 1st        Webster Christian School is closing in Webster NY?
Jun. 1st        Dowling College is closing in Oakdale NY
Jun. 2nd    Luna Community College to lay off 9
Jun. 2nd    Saint Xavier University plans to close a campus in Arizona
Jun. 2nd    University of Chicago - More Layoffs
Jun. 4th        Granby Schools MA - Layoff 16% of Teachers?
Jun. 4th        UMass Boston - 400 Layoffs Possible
Jun. 7th        The University of Alaska to lay off 209
Jun. 7th        PA. Schools - Layoffs, Tax Hikes Loom
Jun. 7th        Holly Springs Elementary and A.R. Lewis Elementary in Pickens SC
Jun. 7th        Conococheague Elementary School in Hagerstown MD closeing
Jun. 9th        Michigan OKs $617M Bailout for Detroit Schools
Jun. 9th        The Port Huron Schools to lay off 12
Jun. 9th        Craven County Schools NC to lay off 20+ Positions
Jun. 9th        St Paul Charter School Risks Closure due to Layoffs
Jun. 10th    Michigan OKs $617M Bailout for Detroit Schools
Jun. 11th    Brown Mackie College closing all Locations?
Jun. 11th    Univ. Texas System - Eliminated 50 Vacant Positions
Jun. 13th    The Lake Land College - 4 Layoffs Possible
Jun. 13th    University of Texas at Austin - Considers Layoffs
Jun. 14th    Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College to lay off 27
Jun. 14th    St. Mark's Catholic Church in Gary IN is closing
Jun. 15th    Muncie Community Schools to lay off 37 Positions
Jun. 15th    Benton Harbor School Michigan - 40+ Layoffs
Jun. 16th    Elgin Community College to lay off up to 20
Jun. 16th    Lake Superior State University to lay off 5
Jun. 16th    St. Florian School, 13110 South Baltimore in Hegewisch,
Jun. 16th    Notre Dame High School for Girls, 3115 N. Mason Chicago
Jun. 21st    Battle Creek Public Schools to lay off 9
Jun. 23rd    Gov. Rick Snyder Signs $617M Detroit Schools Bailout
Jun. 24th    Kansas lawmakers meet to find new school funding plan
Jun. 26th    Terra State Comm. College - 6 Positions
Jun. 28th    Durham School Services to lay off 67
Jun. 29th    Utica Community Schools to lay off 35
Jun. 30th    Five Michigan charter schools are slated to close


                                                                   FINANCIAL UNREST IN HEALTHCARE

Jun. 2nd    UnitedHealth to exit California's Obama Care Market
Jun. 4th        Blue Cross Premium Hike in Texas, Oklahoma
Jun. 7th        Med. Insurance Request Hike up to 41% in Colorado
Jun. 7th        Wyoming Medical Center to lay off 58 workers/article_1498c962-afb8-536b-a8da-a2251fa392a4.html
Jun. 8th        Gardens Regional Hospital files for bankruptcy
Jun. 11th    CVS Health to lay off 152 at Rancho Cordova Financial Ctr.
Jun. 13th    Walgreens to close all 40 Theranos Blood Test Centers in AZ
Jun. 15th    Via Christi Health in Wichita lay off up to 70 Positions
Jun. 16th    Double Digit Obama Care Premium Hikes Projected in 2017
Jun. 16th    Inspira Health Network to lay off 67
Jun. 17th    Kitsap Mental Health Services to lay off 15
Jun. 20th    Regency Hospital of Fort Worth - 152 Layoffs
Jun. 25th    Maricopa County Animal Care - 11
Jun. 28th    Kingwood Pharmacy in East Ridge TN


                                                                            UNREST IN FINANCIAL SYSTEM
In June signs of an ailing financial market continued with closures, layoffs and other warnings. Let’s take a closer look at some headlines:

Jun. 1st        Global economy slipping into low growth trap
Jun. 1st        US Central Bank: Over 50 cyber breaches between 2011 and 2015
Jun. 1st        MassMutual Financial Group - IT Layoffs
Jun. 1st        HSBC Holdings layoffs for Senior Invest. Banking Positions
Jun. 1st        OneMain Financial to lay off 116
Jun. 2nd    Bank of East Asia (International) - Plans 180 Layoffs
Jun. 2nd    Global Payments Inc. is closing its regional office in Owings Mills - 334 Layoffs
Jun. 6th        43% of Fed. Student Loans are not being Repaid
Jun. 12th    IMF Warns China of Risks of Mounting Corporate Debt
Jun. 14th    JPMorgan Chase to lay off 90 in Houston
Jun. 15th    BofA has 23% Fewer Branches than 2009
Jun. 15th    Bank of America BofA to lay off up to 8,000
Jun. 16th    Pacific Investment Management Co. to lay off 68
Jun. 16th    Northwest Community Credit Union will close its Coos Bay branch OR.
Jun. 17th    Fed's Warning: Economic Hurdles to Persist
Jun. 17th    Negative Interest Rates are Scaring People
Jun. 23rd    Goldman Sachs to lay off 100+
Jun. 25th    Bank of America at 1201 6th Ave. W. in downtown Bradenton
Jun. 27th    MBTA Pension Fund's Money Shortage Worsens
Jun. 27th    Union Bank & Trust closing 5 branches in Martin’s stores in Richmond Va.
Jun. 28th    LendingClub Corp to lay off 179 Positions
Jun. 29th    Britain’s David Cameron warns of economic troubles ahead
Jun. 29th    China’s 16 listed banks cut dividend payout on slowing profit

                                                                      OTHER SIGNS OF ECONOMIC UNREST

Jun. 1st        RAS Services to lay off 112
Jun. 1st        D&L Oil Tools to lay off 53
Jun. 1st        Island Oasis closing Niagara Street plant NY - 51 Jobs Lost
Jun. 1st        Southside YMCA is closing in Savannah GA
Jun. 1st        Mi Pueblo Foods is closing its grocery store in Newark
Jun. 1st        UCI International LLC files for bankruptcy
Jun. 1st        Xerox Corp. will close its Supplies Distribution Center in Webster - 48 Jobs Lost
Jun. 2nd    Boeing to lay off 211 in Washington State
Jun. 2nd    SunEdison Inc to lay off 39 at Maryland Heights HQ, 4 in Mo.
Jun. 2nd    National Oilwell Varco TX to lay off 54
Jun. 2nd    Eaton Corp. to lay off 70
Jun. 2nd    Henryville correctional facility in Clark County, Indiana closing
Jun. 2nd    Virgin Islands debt bomb, emerging markets to the wall
Jun. 2nd    Warren Resources Inc. files for bankruptcy
Jun. 3rd        The Post Bulletin Co. to lay off 11
Jun. 3rd        Western Digital to lay off 405+
Jun. 4th        McDonald's offering Corporate Employee Buyouts
Jun. 4th        The West Elk Mine in CO. to layoff - 80
Jun. 4th        Regis-Bernard Furniture closing at 1446 N. Lee Trevino Dr. & 304 S. Stanton Street, El Paso TX
Jun. 5th        Hercules Offshore files for bankruptcy
Jun. 6th        Korea's export growth rate rank falls 24 notches in one year
Jun. 6th        Daimler Trucks N. America to lay off 1,240 in US/Mexico
Jun. 6th        Freightliner - 600+ Layoffs
Jun. 7th        Shell to exit up to 10 countries in cost cutting drive after BG deal
Jun. 7th        Keurig to lay off 108 in Vermont
Jun. 7th        Ralph Lauren to close 50 Stores - 1,000 Jobs Lost
Jun. 7th        Saudis will soon be Paying Taxes on Soda/Tobacco
Jun. 7th        Seventy Seven Energy Inc. files for bankruptcy
Jun. 7th        Fujifilm Hunt Chemicals Dayton Tennessee - 84 Layoffs
Jun. 9th        Gawker Media files for bankruptcy
Jun. 9th        Turner Tree & Landscape files for bankruptcy
Jun. 9th        DST Systems Inc. to lay off 150
Jun. 9th        72andSunny Layoff 2% at L.A. Office
Jun. 9th        Pelco by Schneider Electric to lay off 43
Jun. 9th        Stanley’s Furniture at 118 E. Hines St Midland MI closing
Jun. 10th    76 Million Americans are Struggling Financially
Jun. 10th    Vertex Inc. to lay off 100 at Sarasota Office
Jun. 10th    Zurich Insurance Group - Job Cuts Coming
Jun. 10th    The Oklahoman to lay off 130
Jun. 10th    Hiji Brothers, Inc. in Oxnard CA. closing - 260 Jobs Lost
Jun. 11th    The Walnut Grove Correctional Facility Miss. is closing
Jun. 11th    Hastings may have to close all 126 Locations, if no Buyer Emerges
Jun. 13th    Hastings Entertainment Inc. files for Bankruptcy
Jun. 13th    Lufthansa Cargo Business (International) to lay off up to 800
Jun. 13th    Kimray Inc. to lay off 120
Jun. 14th    Kiewit Corp Buckskin Mine to lay off 45
Jun. 14th    Zenefits to lay off 106
Jun. 14th    Peak Hosting files bankruptcy
Jun. 14th    Mandalay Berry Farms closing - 565 Jobs Lost
Jun. 15th    New York Macy's workers threaten strike over health plan, pay
Jun. 15th    The Decline of the Summer Job in one Chart
Jun. 15th    Daily News lay off up to 22
Jun. 15th    Big 5 Sporting Goods closing 5 Store in Texas
Jun. 16th    Jobless claims rise 13,000 to 277,000
Jun. 16th    Teamsters boycott Schucks Stores in Layoff Dispute
Jun. 16th    Consumer Prices Rise, Excluding Food, Fuel
Jun. 16th    Peabody’s Mining to lay off 65 at its New Mexico Location
Jun. 16th    Wal-Mart to lay off 1,500 Back Office Jobs at US Stores
Jun. 16th    Home Shopping Network to lay off up to 350
Jun. 16th    GE Appliances plans to close its Bloomington Ind. refrigerator plant- 329 Jobs Lost
Jun. 17th    Volkswagen to recall 147,955 vehicles in China
Jun. 17th    Honda recalls 1 million cars in China over faulty air bags
Jun. 17th    Consumer Prices Rise, Excluding Food, Fuel
Jun. 17th    Bobcat plant in Gwinner, N.D to lay off 140
Jun. 17th    Synaptics Inc. to lay off 160
Jun. 17th    Coffee People closing last 5 Locations
Jun. 18th    Doosan Fuel Cell America S. Windsor to lay off 30+
Jun. 18th    Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo & Co. to lay off 650
Jun. 18th    Giant USA HQ to lay off 10
Jun. 18th    Unum - Planning to outsource 300-400 jobs
Jun. 18th    Kroger closing its store on Orchard Lake and Maple Rd West Bloomfield Michigan
Jun. 18th    Jones New York to close all 37 Stores in Canada
Jun. 19th    Oi is Largest Brazil Bankruptcy
Jun. 20th    Massive Acer security breach exposes highly sensitive data of 34,500 online shoppers
Jun. 20th    SmartEating to lay off 3
Jun. 20th    Ryder Integrated Logistics will close Charlotte facility at 11515 Granite St - 124 Jobs Lost
Jun. 20th    55,000 Pounds of GNP Chicken Recalled
Jun. 21st    Convergys Corporation to lay off 163
Jun. 21st    GE announces that they are closing down three Alstom facilities in Chattanooga
Jun. 21st    NewLink Genetics to lay off 87
Jun. 21st    Edward McKay Used Books and More in Fayetteville NC 
Jun. 21st    Patterson Companies to lay off 200+
Jun. 22nd    Tangoe to lay off 10% of Workforce
Jun. 22nd    Kellogg Waffle Plant Rossville to lay off 155 Jobs
Jun. 22nd    Joist to lay off 60
Jun. 22nd    Gov. Mead Wyo. - 700 Layoffs Possible
Jun. 22nd    NICIL - More Layoffs Coming
Jun. 22nd    OfficeMax Store is closing at 128N. Fair Ave Yakima Wash.
Jun. 22nd    East Avenue United Methodist Church is closing in Norwalk CT
Jun. 22nd    Sears closing location at 130 N. Main St. in El Dorado KS
Jun. 23rd    EDMC to lay off 41 in Pittsburgh
Jun. 23rd    Spiceworks to lay off 12% of Staff
Jun. 23rd    Cascades Inc. says it is closing Cascades Auburn Fiber - 45 Layoffs
Jun. 24th    'Brexit' shocker: UK votes to leave EU, David Cameron resigns
Jun. 24th    U.S. stocks plunge, markets take Fed rate hike off the table on Brexit,-markets-take-fed-rate-hike-off-the-table-on-brexit-410498
Jun. 24th    S. Africa’s rand slumps more than 8% at Brexit stuns market
Jun. 24th     Gold Clears $1300 to Multiyear High
Jun. 24th    Chico's in Fort Myers - Some Layoffs
Jun. 24th    MetalTek shuts down Chattanooga plant - 46 Layoffs
Jun. 22nd    Italy’s five star movement calls for the country to leave Euro Zone
Jun. 23rd    Fisher Price E. Aurora NY to lay off up to 75
Jun. 24th    VW to pay about $10.2B to settle emissions claims
Jun. 24th    Sterling, stocks in free fall as UK votes for EU exit
Jun. 26th    Caterpillar Inc. closing a Downtown Peoria building
Jun. 26th    Gulf Stock Markets Close Lower Following ‘Brexit’ Vote
Jun. 27th    US stock markets sink again following Brexit vote
Jun. 27th    Brexit has increased Global uncertainty
Jun. 28th    Dow Chemical to cut 2,500 jobs ahead of DuPont merger
Jun. 28th    Babcock & Wilcox Barberton - Layoffs to come
Jun. 28th    Weatherford International to lay off 90
Jun. 28th    Update: IntelliSource to lay off 235
Jun. 28th    CompuCom to close New Berlin Location - 16 layoffs
Jun. 29th    Toyota recalls 3.37 million cars over airbag and emissions concerns
Jun. 29th    Ingram Micro in Texas cuts 937 jobs
Jun. 29th    Canadian Pacific Railway to lay off 500 Maintenance Workers
Jun. 29th    Birchbox Inc. to lay off 20+
Jun. 29th    Xerox to lay off 95 in Orlando
Jun. 29th    Film distribution company Alchemy poised to file for bankruptcy
Jun. 29th    AstroTurf LLC files for bankruptcy
Jun. 29th    Trunk Club will be closing its Goose Island distribution center - 250 Jobs Lost
Jun. 30th    Boehringer Ingelheim’s U.S. unit to lay off 724
Jun. 30th    Hedwin division of Zacros America - Layoffs Begin
Jun. 30th    Seagate Technology to lay off 1,600
Jun. 30th    Aerospace - Offering Employees Buy-outs

                                                                                 GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

The people of the nations are becoming increasingly angry because YHWH’s wrath is upon us (Revelations 11:18).

                                                                                      PROTEST RELATED

Jun. 2nd    Nigeria’s land dispute fuel surge in herdsmen violence
Jun. 2nd    Protesters try to storm presidential offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jun. 2nd    Venezuelan police fires teargas at people protesting against food shortage
Jun. 3rd        Protesters attack Trump supporters in California
Jun. 4th        Reason Rally draws thousands of Atheists to DC
Jun. 7th        Venezuelan police scatter opposition march with tear gas
Jun. 7th        Thousands march in Macedonia capital calling on government to resign
Jun. 9th     Japan Protests to China After Spotting Chinese Warship Off Disputed islands
Jun. 9th     Neighbor vs neighbor over welcoming refugees in Montana
Jun. 11th    2 police cars set ablaze in Brussels’ mostly Muslim district of Molenbeek
Jun. 15th    Venezuelans protest over growing food shortages
Jun. 16th    408 people arrested in Venezuela after street violence over food shortage
Jun. 19th    3 dead 45 injured in labor union clash with police in Mexico
Jun. 19th    Thousands protest US bases in Okinawa after Japanese woman’s murder
Jun. 20th    At least 6 killed, more than 100 hurt in Mexico clashes between police and teachers
Jun. 22nd    54 arrested in S. Africa over violence during protests
Jun. 23rd    Delta pilots picket for better pay in wake of record airline profits
Jun. 26th    Violence at far right and counter protesters rally, multiple stabbings, 10 people hospitalized
Jun. 30th    Riot police clash with hundreds of protesting students in Cairo, Egypt

                                                                                      TERROR RELATED
Jun. 2nd        Somalia Al Shabab hotel attack leaves at least 10 dead
Jun. 2nd    Suicide bomber kills several people outside mosque in Latakia, Syria
Jun. 4th        ISIS kills at least 40 Iraqi soldiers in Fallujah 'suicide attack’
Jun. 4th        Migrants attack oil firm boat in Nigeria Delta, Killing six
Jun. 4th        Scores of Syrian soldiers killed by ISIS suicide attack in eastern Palmyra
Jun. 4th        US warns of planned terrorist attacks in South Africa
Jun. 5th        Wife of senior Bangladeshi police officer shot dead by suspected militants
Jun. 5th        British, US issues terror warning for its nationals in South Africa
Jun. 5th        32 troops killed in Niger clash with Boko Haran
Jun. 5th        6 killed in militant attack on provincial court office in Afghanistan
Jun. 5th        Taliban gunmen storm court building, 8 dead included chief prosecutor, 21 injured
Jun. 5th        5 hurt in shooting attack in S. Thailand
Jun. 5th        Hundreds killed in terrorist shelling in Syria as Al-Nusra regroups
Jun. 7th        Grenade explosion injured four in Burundian Capital
Jun. 8th        ‘Harsh terror attack’: 2 Palestinian gunmen kill 4 in Tel Aviv shopping center
Jun. 8th    Kenya bans all electoral protests after rallies turn violent
Jun. 8th        Four dead after terror attack in Tel Aviv outdoor market
Jun. 9th     Suicide bombings in and around Iraqi capital kill 31 people
Jun. 9th     4 killed in Palestinian shooting rampage
Jun. 9th     Over 30 killed, dozens injured as car bomb blasts rock Baghdad
Jun. 10th    Indonesia police thwart planned Ramadan terrorist attacks
Jun. 11th    12 killed twin blast in Syria’s capital
Jun. 12th    Anti-terrorist protest turns violent in Vienna
Jun. 12th    Austria: Anti-refugee protest leads to injuries and arrests
Jun. 12th    20 dead, dozens injured in mass shooting and hostage situation at nightclub in Orlando, Florida
Jun. 12th    Deadliest mass shooting in US history regarded as a terrorist attack by ISIS
Jun. 13th    Bangladesh arrests more than 5,000 after wave of targeted killings
Jun. 13th    ISIS claims link to Paris suburb stabber who killed police officer & his partner
Jun. 13th    Police clash with teachers in Mexico
Jun. 16th    Suicide bomber kills 10, wounds 7 at police station in Sirte, Libya
Jun. 17th    Boko Haram kills 18 women at funeral in Northern Nigeria
Jun. 19th    Suicide bomber kill 3 at Christian Massacre Memorial in NE Syria’s Qamishli
Jun. 20th    ISIS threat to U.S. air bases, South Korea intelligence agency warns
Jun. 20th    Separate bombings in Afghanistan kill more than 20
Jun. 20th    Somali militants kill 5 police officers in northern Kenya
Jun. 21st    At least 29 killed in arms depot blast I western Libya
Jun. 21st    Suicide attack kills 6 Jordanian Troops on border with Syria
Jun. 22nd    Fierce clashes, blast kill 60 in a day in Libya
Jun. 23rd    Kin Jong Un calls for terror attacks on South Koreans at restaurants
Jun. 25th    Al-Shabab militants attack hotel in Somalia capital, killing 15, wounding dozens
Jun. 25th    Chaos at Nice airport as army evacuate terminal over bomb
Jun. 27th    Suicide blast kill 6, injure near Lebanon border with Syria
Jun. 30th    At least 30 killed in Taliban Suicide blast in Afghan Capital
Jun. 30th    2 bombs hit police convoy outside Kabul 40 police dead
Jun. 30th    Lebanon says it foiled ISIS attacks
Jun. 30th    Black Lives Matter leader warns of possible DNC and RNC protests

                                                                                  OTHER SOCIAL UNREST
June 1st    Murder suicide on campus of UCLA
Jun. 2nd    3 children stabbed to death by mother in Phoenix
Jun. 2nd    UCLA professor killed on campus
Jun. 2nd    At least 100 bodies of immigrants wash ashore in Libya
Jun. 3rd     Police violence caught on tape released by Chicago
Jun. 5th        Memphis police killed after shooting spree
Jun. 5th        UN blacklist Saudi led coalition for killing children in Yemen
Jun. 5th        Thousands of people flee as battle for Fallujah continued
Jun. 6th        5 killed at Jordanian intelligence office near Amman
Jun. 6th        Ukraine detains man over planned attacks at Euro 2016
Jun. 6th        Venezuela's political crisis is reaching a breaking point
Jun. 6th        Russia is 'paving the way' for a major re-escalation in Syria
Jun. 6th        Kenya’s police tell protesters to stay away 'if they value their lives'
Jun. 6th        Canton County transgender teen targeted, bullied
Jun. 7th        2 killed, 13 wounded in latest E. Ukraine confrontation
Jun. 7th        Clash in senate as pentagon defends use of Russian-made rocket engines
Jun. 8th        Militants reject talks on ending pipeline attacks, in Nigeria
Jun. 8th        Global Peace Index: Rising level of conflict in Mideast
Jun. 8th        3 Dead, Many Injured in Tel Aviv Attack
Jun. 8th        Chinese jet makes 'unsafe' intercept of US spy plane over East China Sea
Jun. 9th        Israeli raids follow Tel Aviv terror attack
Jun. 9th     Justin Bieber Involved In Fist Fight
Jun. 9th        Bomb blows up Target bathroom while company faces right-wing wrath for transgender policy
Jun. 10th    Bounty war: Drug lords raise offer for Philippines leader’s head to $1,000,000
Jun. 10th    India, Japan and US begin Malabar Exercise near South China Sea
Jun. 10th    Over-run in 60 hours: Pentagon says NATO lacks force to oppose ‘Russian aggression’ in Europe
Jun. 10th    Multiple Shots Fired At Dallas Love Field
Jun. 10th    Moscow warns of response after US sends destroyer to Black Sea
Jun. 11th    Obama Approves Wider US Military Role in Afghanistan
Jun. 11th    Philadelphia Telemundo 62 reporter attacked live on air
Jun. 11th    "The Voice" Star Christina Grimmie Shot Dead While Signing Autographs
Jun. 12th    Two killed, one injured in west Phoenix shooting
Jun. 12th    Raids on Syria market kill at least 21, hundreds flee IS bastion
Jun. 12th    Explosion at Shanghai Airport Injures at Least Five People
Jun. 12th    Border Clashes Between Ethiopia and Eritrea Heighten Fears of War
Jun. 13th    Heavily armed man arrested while heading to LA gay pride event
Jun. 13th    NATO sends 4,000 troops to Baltic to boost defenses against Russia
Jun. 13th    Looters hit Caracas bakery amid increasing shortages
Jun. 14th    Swat team kills armed hostage-taker at Wal-Mart in Amarillo, Texas
Jun. 15th    'Ferguson Effect' is a plausible reason for spike in violent US crime, study says
Jun. 15th    Teen girl killed, 3 others injured in downtown Oakland shooting
Jun. 15th    Chicago police officer filmed stomping on restrained suspect’s head
Jun. 15th    Shooting in Oklahoma kills 1, injures 3
Jun. 16th    CIA director: Efforts to defeat ISIS has not put a dent into terrorist capability
Jun. 17th    2 teens shot to death outside west Orlando home
Jun. 17th    State Department officials call for U.S. military action against Assad regime
Jun. 18th    Egyptian court hands ex-president Morsi life sentence
Jun. 18th    12 girls found in man's home in Pennsylvania
Jun. 19th    Mexican version of the Voice singer shot dead in Chicago after ambush
Jun. 20th    Chicago records 300th homicide with 13 over Father's Day weekend
Jun. 20th    17 year old Chicago boy shot dead with assault rifle outside Catholic Church during Mass
Jun. 20th    UNHCR 60 million: Worldwide Refugees and Displaced Persons Reach Record 60 Million
Jun. 20th    NASCAR driver Mike Wallace, daughter brutally attacked after Charlotte concert
Jun. 20th    60 countries backing China’s stance on territorial issues
Jun. 20th    UNHCR: 24 people displaced each minute worldwide
Jun. 20th    UN Says 65 Million People Displaced in 2015, breaking all time record
Jun. 20th    UNHCR - Global forced displacement hits record high
Jun. 21st    No bill no break shouts democratic senators as house falls into chaos
Jun. 21st    Man tried to get cop/s gun and shoot Trump
Jun. 21st    8 civilians killed by Saudi led coalition in Yemen
Jun. 22nd    Rebellious Democrats Disrupt House, Stage Protest Over Gun Control
Jun. 22nd    Mine blast rocks diplomatic district in Kabul
Jun. 22nd    Kabul bomb attack kills Nepali, 6 others airlifted to New Delhi
Jun. 23rd    Mother jailed for beating her sons after catching them in a burglary, police say
Jun. 23rd    Kaiser Permanente nurses on strike over wages, staffing
Jun. 23rd    Bomb Threat Causes Downtown Miami Courthouse Evacuation
Jun. 23rd    Kin Jong Un calls for terror attacks on South Koreans at restaurants
Jun. 25th    2 killed in Fort Worth club shooting
Jun. 25th    Calls renew for Texas secession after Britain's vote to leave the EU
Jun. 26th    Florida mayor carjacked at gunpoint outside home
Jun. 27th    Hate Crimes Spike in the UK After Brexit Vote
Jun. 27th    Indonesia scrambles fighter jets to intercept Malaysian military aircraft
Jun. 27th    North Korea claims ballistic missiles can reach the USA now!
Jun. 27th    2 NASCAR drivers brawl at Gateway Motorsports Park

Jun. 28th    At least 43 killed in South Sudan clashes with armed groups
Jun. 28th    Russian harassment of US diplomats reportedly includes break-ins, dog-killing
Jun. 28th    Woman injured, gunman dead in downtown Denver shooting
Jun. 28th    Police investigating teen for threat to 'shoot up' Mall of Georgia
Jun. 28th    Death toll raised to 41 killed, 239 wounded in suicide attack at Istanbul airport
Jun. 29th    26 countries gather in Hawaii for RIMPAC war game
Jun. 29th    Some 12,000 civilians seek refuge at UN camp in South Sudan
Jun. 29th    Naked man tries to break into Houston home
Jun. 30th    Black Lives Matter leader warns of possible DNC and RNC protests


                                                       NATIONS ALERTED TO WATCH FOR SOCIAL UNREST

In the 2016 Global Forecast we alerted our readers that: “Situations in the Middle East are quickly spinning out of control on a course to explode, as the people of the nations are increasingly getting angry. Keep your eyes peeled on Turkey and Iran as these are primed as fuses to burn into a global explosion.” Iran was not featured in many headlines in March however they were named in one very provocative one. Let’s look and see how Iran and Turkey faired in June 2016:

Jun. 2nd    Turkey angry at Germany for labeling Armenian deaths Genocide
Jun. 7th        11 killed, 36 injured in blast near bus stop in Istanbul, Turkey
Jun 13th    Car bomb attack in Tunceli province, Turkey caught on camera
Jun. 19th    LGBT activists clash with police in Istanbul, Turkey
Jun. 19th    Turkish border guards kill 8 Syrians, including women and children
Jun. 20th    Iran intelligence ministry says it foiled largest-ever terror plot
Jun. 23rd    1 killed, 12 injured in car bomb attack in SE Turkey
Jun. 28th    28 killed, many wounded in suicide attack at Istanbul airport
Jun. 28th    Death toll raised to 41 killed, 239 wounded in suicide attack at Istanbul airport
Jun. 30th    July 4th travelers brace for tougher U.S. security after Turkey attack

In the 2016 Global Forecast we alerted our readers that: “Europe will have its share of problems, especially connected to their refugee situation. The refugee problem will prove to add to the other major elements that are set up to greatly destabilize the west this year.” Let’s look at the events of Europe over the past month:

Jun. 2nd    German police arrest 3 over alleged ISIS plot
Jun. 2nd    French strike cut rail services amid labor law standoff
Jun. 5th        Union strikes, riots and floods brings France to a standstill
Jun. 9th        German security forces fear drones may be used in terror attacks at major events
Jun. 9th        English fans clash with police at Euro 2016 in France
Jun. 10th    Teen shot to death at Loxahatchee party
Jun. 11th    Thousands protest against US drone wars at US air base in Germany
Jun. 11th    Marseille football violence injuries 31 people, 2 critically, 1 severely hurt
Jun. 11th    Censorship claimed in Argentina pulls RT Spanish from national free TV platform
Jun. 11th    Third day of trouble between rival English and Russian supporters at Euro 2016
Jun. 11th    Football fans trash Marseille ahead of Russia - English Euro 2016
Jun. 11th    Chairs fly as heavy clashes erupt between England and Russia fans in France
Jun. 12th    German fans clash with Ukrainian fans at Euro 2016 in Lille, France
Jun. 12th    Northern Ireland, Polish fans clash with French fans at Euro 2016 in Nice France
Jun. 12th    France struggles to control violence from Euro 2016 soccer fans
Jun. 14th    At least 40 injured, 58 arrested in Paris anti-labor reform protests – police
Jun. 14th    French police killer pledged allegiance to ISIS
Jun. 14th    Report warns of possible terror attack on schools & hospitals in Brussels during Ramadan
Jun. 14th    More clashes during labor reform protest in Paris, France

Jun. 14th    UNICEF releases report detailing abuse of refugee children trying to reach EU
Jun. 15th    Eminent terrorist attack in Brussels and Paris
Jun. 15th    More riots in Paris against French labor reforms leave 40 injured, dozens arrested
Jun. 16th    Islamophobia rising in Germany following influx of Muslim refugees – study
Jun. 16th    UK labour MP Jo Cox dies in Hospital after being shot and stabbed
Jun. 16th    Dozens arrested and injured in France during football fan violence at Euro 2016
Jun. 17th    EU extends sanctions on Russia for a year over Crimea annexation
Jun. 17th    Croatia clash with each other at Euro 2016 in Saint-Etienne, France
Jun. 18th    England football ‘fans’ stamp, spit and urinate on Russian flag at Euro 2016
Jun. 18th    Putin: "EU is Russia’s friend; NATO is the problem"
Jun. 19th    English fans clash with French fans at Euro 2016 in Marseille, France
Jun. 20th    France arrests 557 football fans since start of Euro 2016
Jun. 23rd    Attack at German cinema leaves 25 injured

                                                                   GLOBAL OIL PRICES TO RISE IN 2016

In June we saw that the price of gas stabilized somewhat, even fell some, but please don’t let it lull you into a state of complacency. There are many elements that affect global oil prices. We see:

Jun. 4th        Migrants attack oil firm boat in Nigeria Delta, Killing six
Jun. 8th        China to raise retail fuel prices June 9th,0,0,0,2.htm
Jun. 28th    Pain at pump: NJ 23-cent gas tax hike advances



In the 2016 Global Forecast we mentioned not to be surprised if great scandals emerge that cause great men and women of renown to step down, be forced out of office, or totally disappear from the public scene.  As we pointed out, some have even suddenly died under a cloud of suspicious circumstances. Whether the “official stories” are true or not does not matter. What we are seeing is a war behind the scene among ruling factions, who are yet pawns to a more powerful elite system, forcing each other out the way as they jockey for position. We must remember that YHWH is in control and that the events that we see transpiring are not outside of His scope of allowance. The following headlines are worth taking a look at as these activities are coming to the forefront:

Jun. 1st        Ex-Oklahoma reserve deputy sentenced to 4 years in killing
Jun. 1st        Staples CEO To Step Down Following Collapse Of Office Depot Merger
Jun. 2nd    Kenneth Starr to Resign as Chancellor at Baylor 
Jun. 4th    Families of UK victims of 2003 Iraq invasion wants Tony Blair tried for war crimes
Jun. 7th        Assange: Google has ties with White House and Clinton campaign
Jun. 8th        Norman Seabrook, NYC correction officers' union head, arrested on federal corruption charges
Jun. 8th    Eritrean leaders guilty of crimes against humanity: UN probe
Jun. 8th    Suzuki CEO steps down in wake of gas mileage scandal
Jun. 9th        US Navy admiral pleads guilty to lying to investigators in 'Fat Leonard' bribery case
Jun. 9th        Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent Resigns
Jun. 12th    Mexico arrests teacher’s union leader for alleged corruption
Jun. 14th    Tokyo governor to resign for funds scandal
Jun. 15th    Argentina ex-minister caught hiding cash in monastery
Jun. 15th    Interim Oakland police chief relieved of duties amid sex scandal
Jun. 16th    Croatian parliament passes no confidence vote against PM
Jun. 16th    Feds charge four in FDA-tip insider trading scheme
Jun. 17th    US probe Ericsson over alleged corruption
Jun. 18th    Former China Ambassador to France dies in Hubei road crash
Jun. 18th    Oakland loses 3rd police chief amid growing scandals
Jun. 18th    Fla. prosecutor suspended over social media post following Orlando shooting
Jun. 19th    Entire Russian track & field team scapegoated, suspended by IAAF from Olympics
Jun. 20th    Three Cops and a Businessman Arrested in Connection with NYPD Corruption Investigation
Jun. 21st    ICC sentences former Congolese VP Bemba to 18 years for war crimes
Jun. 21st    Longtime Philadelphia congressman convicted of fraud
Jun. 21st    1 Portuguese inspector, 2 police officers among 20 detained in corruption case
Jun. 21st    3 Nigerian legislators under sexual impropriety probe
Jun. 22nd    Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles restaurants raided
Jun. 22nd    Popular Pakistani Sufi singer Amjad Sabri shot dead in 'act of terror',
Jun. 22nd    Dennis Hastert reported to prison today
Jun. 23rd    Hundreds arrested in largest healthcare fraud takedown in history
Jun. 23rd    David Cameron under pressure to resign as PM after Britain votes to leave the EU
Jun. 24th    S. Africa court blocks appeal by Zuma over Corruption charges
Jun. 24th    Rio Olympic Games drug lab suspended by WADA
Jun. 28th    Takata Chief Executive to Resign as Financial Pressure Mounts
Jun. 30th    Fifteen Marine Drill Instructors Investigated for Hazing & Abuse at SC Boot Camp

                                                                              POLITICAL UNREST

We stated in December 2015 and repeated several times, that “this election cycle has certainly not been the norm, and it is likely that it will not become normal without outside intervention.” In some previous updates we documented that in February 2016 Senator Marco Rubio echoed our sentiments made about the election not being the norm. 

In the 2016 forecast we warned that a wave of turbulent emotions would disrupt many. Our headlines since January have shown this coming to pass. We said: “This year carries with it a host of heavenly influences that have the potential to bring some of the biggest changes that we'll ever experience in our lifetime. Negative human emotions such as: hurt, distrust, anger etc. will come to the forefront, and be greatly magnified… Tensions, on various levels of the human experience: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental will leave many wondering – "what’s going on?” That is exactly what we are seeing in many areas including this election year globally. The political world is set to be radically disrupted as reality, truth and great denials, are about to come to the forefront. Hidden agendas and great corruption may well come to light for the people, with actions in the Middle East as a backdrop.  Let’s take a look at a few June headlines:

Jun. 3rd        Protesters punch and throw eggs at Donald Trump supporters
Jun. 8th    Hillary Clinton Makes History, first woman nominee to major, but Bernie Sanders Isn’t Budging
Jun. 10th    Brian May to Donald Trump: Stop using 'We Are the Champions' at events
Jun. 15th    Senate democrats hold nearly 15 hour filibuster over gun laws
Jun. 18th    Dozens of GOP delegates launch new push to halt Donald Trump 
Jun. 23rd    David Cameron under pressure to resign as PM after Britain votes to leave the EU
Jun. 24th    Ireland calls for unit vote after Brexit
Jun. 24th    Financial markets plummet on referendum results
Jun. 25th    Euro-skeptics ministers want referendum
Jun. 25th    Le Pen calls for French EU referendum
Jun. 25th    Scotland new independence referendum likely
Jun. 25th    Sweden wants independence referendum likely
Jun. 25th    27 EU ministers meet without British prime minister
Jun. 25th    Brexit vote: Spain calls for co-sovereignty on Gibraltar

                                                                     DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

We mentioned in the March update that we may very well see interruptions in transportation. This problem will increase in frequency. Since then we have seen attacks on public transportation caused by the anger that is influencing the inhabitants of the earth at this time. We will see equipment malfunctions in electronic controls on all transportation that uses high tech apparatuses. The Egypt Air plane’s black box documented signs of heat, or fire on board that may have contributed to the crash. This is becoming the norm as there were at least 5 other flights in June that had to abort due to the fact that smoke was detected in the plane. In China a bus caught on fire while it was in operation killing 35. There were at least 16 flights that reported engine failure for their reason to request an emergency landing. This does not include those that crashed and killed the passengers, only those that the pilots were able to make a statement for their emergency. 

This is just the tip of the ice burg. This is more common than we may believe and will become an epidemic in the upcoming months and years. As we see an increase in earth shaking events, train and other vehicles on tracks, road, sea, and air vehicles are also being affected. It is hard to accept, but this is being caused by a change in the magnetic field of the earth. This may never be admitted as the official reason, and many explanations will be given to cast blame elsewhere. However, take a good look at the increase in travel related disruptions and know that something out of the ordinary is happening:

Jun. 1st        Allegiant flight declares emergency at St. Pete-Clearwater airport, Florida, USA
Jun. 2nd    Southwest Airline flight makes emergency landing at Eppley Airfield, Nebraska, USA
Jun. 2nd    More than 30 injured in major accident involving Houston METRO bus
Jun. 2nd    Thunderbird crashed after flying over graduation
Jun. 2nd    Blue Angel jet crashed in Tennessee while on practice run killing pilot
Jun. 2nd    Easyjet flight leaving Liverpool declares mid-air emergency, report of landing gear failure
Jun. 2nd    Aircraft landing gear collapses at Pahokee Airport in Florida, USA
Jun. 2nd    Plane makes belly landing after landing gear failed at Boeing Field in Washington, USA
Jun. 2nd    Three killed in plane crash in Nakhon Phanom
Jun. 2nd    Helicopter crash kills four in Moldova
Jun. 3rd        Training aircraft crash at Walton Airport
Jun. 3rd        Wellmont helicopter crashes in Mountain City, Tennessee
Jun. 3rd        Train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in Oregon
Jun. 3rd        Krishnagiri road accident - 17 Dead | Lorry - Bus collision
Jun. 4th        Military plane makes emergency landing in Topeka, Kansas after mechanical problem warning
Jun. 4th        4 die as helicopter crashes in Papua gold mining region in Indonesia
Jun. 4th        Pilot killed in Paniai helicopter crash
Jun. 5th        Plane makes emergency landing due to engine trouble in Maine
Jun. 5th        Plane crashes while trying to land at New Jersey airport;-no-injuries/1372428/
Jun. 5th        Air China 777 made emergency landing in Canada due to engine problems
Jun. 5th        3 remain missing after tourist boat accident in central Vietnam’s Da Nang City
Jun. 5th        17 killed, many injured in major road mishap in Mumbai, India
Jun. 5th        Six dead, 13 injured in microbus accident in Egypt
Jun. 5th        2 dead, 46 injured in Spain bus crash
Jun 5th    Deputy Minister’s body found after Malaysia helicopter crash
Jun. 5th        Capsized boat in China’s Sichuan Province located with no sign of life
Jun. 5th        4 killed, 14 injured in road accident in central China’s Henan Province
Jun. 5th        Train crash kills 3 injure 40 in Belgium
Jun. 6th        Hockley County, Texas deputies dispatched to plane crash in the street
Jun. 7th        South Dakota plane crash kills pilot, injured passenger
Jun. 7th        Plane makes emergency landing on I-180 in Illinois due to loss of oil pressure and power
Jun. 7th        17 killed, 18 injured in traffic accident in Bolivia
Jun. 8th        British warships 'breaking down in the Gulf because they cannot withstand the hot sea'
Jun. 8th        Pilot and passenger identified in fatal crash in Arkansas
Jun. 8th        Air ambulance makes emergency landing in Marquette, Kansas after emergency light went on
Jun. 8th        2 Air National Guard F-16s collide, pilots eject safely
Jun. 9th         Military SU-27 jet crashes in Moscow region, pilot killed
Jun. 9th         36 rowers fell off boat, three people are missing in China’s Dragon Boat Festival
Jun. 9th         Swiss fighter jet crashes in Netherlands
Jun. 9th         Plane fell out the sky on car in parking lot killing 3 in Houston, TX USA
Jun. 9th         Fighter pilot dies in crash outside Moscow, Russia
Jun. 9th         JetBlue flight makes emergency landing in Jacksonville, Florida due to mechanical issues
Jun. 9th         Delta Aircraft makes emergency landing at Detroit Metro Airport due to power system issues
Jun. 10th    Small plane crash kills 3 in North Dakota
Jun. 10th    Pilot dies in Town Creek plane crash in North Carolina
Jun. 10th    Plane crashes into townhome in Hawthorne, killing 2
Jun. 10th    Helicopter crash near Los Fresnos, Texas
Jun. 10th    CHC Helicopter Service chopper made emergency landing at BP’s Ula in Norway
Jun. 10th    Sea King helicopter makes emergency landing in parking lot of Nova Scotia beach
Jun. 10th    An engine failure caused a Sikorsky Chopper to crash in Subdivision, 2 pilots injured
Jun. 10th    Montenegro Military Helicopter Crash Injures Two Officers
Jun. 11th    Pilot taken to hospital after plane experiencing mechanical problems makes hard landing in OK
Jun. 11th    Plane crash near Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport, 2 Injured
Jun. 11th    2 dead, 2 injured after plane crashes at Tennessee’s Collegedale Airport
Jun. 12th    Chicago Police Department helicopter makes emergency landing in Oak Lawn, Illinois
Jun. 12th    British Airways flight makes emergency landing at Heathrow after technical issue arose
Jun. 12th    Plane made unscheduled landing after passenger tries to force way into cockpit
Jun. 12th    UAE military helicopter crash in international waters killing pilot, co-pilot
Jun. 13th    Indian fighter jet crashes in western state of India
Jun. 13th    2 dead after Cessna 150 crashed in Parke County, Indiana during take off
Jun. 13th    Budget carrier Jin Air made emergency landing due to hydraulic system malfunction, Japan
Jun. 13th    Plane making emergency landing after engine suddenly shut off hit truck on the Autobahn
Jun. 14th    UAE helicopter crash in Yemen kills 2 crew members
Jun. 14th    CSX train derails in Howard Street tunnel in Baltimore
Jun. 14th    Delta flight from Atlanta to Pensacola makes emergency landing due to engine troubles
Jun. 14th    Plane made emergency landing in Texas after experiencing engine failure
Jun. 14th    Navy helicopter crashes into James River in Virginia; Three rescued safely
Jun. 14th    3 killed in military chopper crash in S. Myanmar
Jun. 14th    Vietnamese Fighter Jet Goes Missing Along South China Sea Coast
Jun. 14th    At least 1 dead, multiple injured in US tour bus accident in DC
Jun. 15th    30 killed as bus falls into deep gorge in northeast India
Jun. 15th    Plane circles for 2 hours after technical problems
Jun. 15th    Plane Makes Emergency Landing In India Following Detection Of Smoke In Its Cabin
Jun. 15th    Turkish Airlines passenger jet declares mid-air emergency
Jun. 15th    3 killed in small plane crash in southwest Colorado identified
Jun. 16th    Pilot Confirmed Dead In Madison Plane Crash in Indiana
Jun. 16th    Plane Crashes Near University Park Airport in Pennsylvania
Jun. 16th    Plane crashes 50 yards off end of runway in Gorham, New Hampshire
Jun. 16th    Plane appears to experience mechanical problems, made Hard Lands In Oklahoma, USA
Jun. 16th    One confirmed dead following plane crash near Green Lake, B.C.
Jun. 16th    Plane searching for crash pilot goes missing with nine on board in Vietnam
Jun. 16th    Helicopter crashes on shore of Crows Pond in Chatham
Jun. 16th    Flight from Manchester makes emergency landing in London after lightning strike
Jun. 16th    Small plane makes emergency landing in Sanford due to engine failure
Jun. 17th    Civilian light plane crashes in South Korea, killing 3 in South Korea
Jun. 17th    Departing SFO Flight Forced To Land In San Jose, California due to pressurization issue
Jun. 17th    French police board flight from Spain to Glasgow after trouble erupts
Jun. 18th    Small plane makes emergency landing near Schreiver AFB, due to engine failure
Jun. 18th    Emergency landing needed in Canada, due to engine trouble
Jun. 19th    Syria war plane crash jet after taking off in central Syria
Jun. 19th    Jetstar flight met by fire trucks after turning back to Sydney Airport, due to a strange smell
Jun. 19th    19 killed in road accident in Nigeria Ogun, Province
Jun. 19th    Minibus blast in Afghan capital of Kabul, kill at least 14, 8 wounded
Jun. 19th    Two Dead In Plane Crash At South Bimini Airport, Bahamas
Jun. 19th    Small plane goes down on BART tracks, at least one dead
Jun. 19th    AA Flight From Boston to Miami Makes Emergency Landing After Smoke Reported
Jun. 20th    Georgia pilot survives Rhea County plane crash in Tennessee
Jun. 20th    Plane Crash in Wayne County, Pennsylvania
Jun. 20th    Emergency, landings at BWI airport due to cockpit indication light went off
Jun. 20th    Plane made a hard landing after landing gear failed at Republic Airport on Long Island, NY
Jun. 20th    Emergency landing at Wichita’s Eisenhower Airport, smoke in the cockpit, Kansas
Jun. 21st    Plane make emergency landing at Stornoway Airport due to engine problem in Scotland
Jun. 22nd    2 Chinese mainland tourists injured in Taiwan derailment
Jun. 22nd    Emergency responders investigating plane crash landed in northwestern Polk County, Missouri
Jun. 22nd    Family missing at sea off Florida coast
Jun. 22nd    AI flight makes emergency landing in Chennai, India due to a technical problem
Jun. 22nd    Unruly plane passenger leads to emergency landing in Tucson, Arizona
Jun. 22nd    Iraqi-Kurdish plane makes emergency landing in Istanbul when one engines stopped working
Jun. 22nd    Flight diverted to Memphis, Tennessee after cockpit flight control issues
Jun. 22nd    Pilot makes emergency landing in Long Beach CA due to landing gear and electrical power issues
Jun. 23rd    Unruly passenger forces Los Angeles-bound flight to make emergency landing
Jun. 23rd    Plane crash into Houston, TX store parking lot kills 3
Jun. 23rd    Flight Canceled, Headed back to DFW Instead of Lubbock due to cabin pressure loss
Jun. 23rd    Plane Makes Emergency Landing En Route To Swimming Olympic Trials due to oxygen issue.
Jun. 23rd    2 dead after helicopter crash near Wikieup, Arizona
Jun. 24th    Delta flight from LAX diverted to Phoenix Friday due to a landing gear issue
Jun. 24th    Saudi man killed as single-engine plane falls in swamp
Jun. 24th    One dead in plane crash near Beloeil, Canada
Jun. 24th    Landing Gear Malfunction Leads to Emergency Landing at Hot Springs Airport, Arkansas
Jun. 25th    Plane smashed into A40 road in front of horrified motorist
Jun. 25th    Plane makes emergency landing in Hyannis due to landing gear issues
Jun. 25th    9 musicians feared dead as boat capsizes in Lake Victoria accident
Jun. 26th    At least 35 dead after bus catch fire in central China.
Jun. 26th    Philippines military reports fresh kidnapping of 7 Indonesian sailors
Jun. 26th    16 feared killed in military helicopter crash in west Colombia
Jun. 26th    Passengers evacuated from Heathrow flight after smoke filled the cabin
Jun. 26th    10 hurt after roller coaster derails in Scotland
Jun. 27th    Fire engulfs Singapore Airlines plane wing after emergency landing
Jun. 27th    At least 5 killed in Amtrak crash in Colorado
Jun. 27th    Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Moscow Airport due to engine failure
Jun. 27th    Engine Trouble Causes Emergency Landing in Salt Lake City, Utah
Jun. 27th    3 missing, 1 injured in head-on train collision in Texas
Jun. 27th    Pilot, bystander hurt after plane crashes in Detroit street after engine failure
Jun. 28th    Injuries caused by fiery head on freight trains collision in Texas
Jun. 28th    Routine flight turns into emergency landing at CCIA, in Texas
Jun. 28th    Military chopper makes emergency landing in Imsil, no damages reported 
Jun. 29th    Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Williamson County
Jun. 29th    An aero-plane has landed safely at Palmerston North Airport after signaling it was in distress
Jun. 29th    Engine Problems Force Southwest Flight To Make Emergency Landing
Jun. 29th    RNZAF Hercules forced to make emergency landing at Auckland's after generator problems
Jun. 29th    Young pilot walks away from PTC plane crash experiencing mechanical problems
Jun. 30th    People Rescued From Stalled Roller Coaster 100 Feet Up in Oklahoma City
Jun. 30th    Helicopter lands in Malawi after the chopper’s GPS developed a fault."
Jun. 30th    Saudi Arabian Airline’s plane makes emergency landing at Brussels airport after on board sensors detected smoke in the cabin
Jun. 30th    Commercial air tanker makes emergency crash landing at Chico Airport due to hydraulic landing gears malfunctioned
Jun. 30th    Plane make emergency landing at Columbia Regional Airport due to problems with landing gear,

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