Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                                 LIGHT 2016 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE FOR JULY 2016


                                                                                                              JULY 31, 2016
Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me".

    It’s the end of July and time for the July 2016 update to our 2016 Global Forecast. At this point anyone who spends any amount of time watching the news should be well convinced that we are experiencing perilous times. As if last month wasn’t challenging enough, July has brought with it a host of other eye opening events. The truth is: we shouldn’t be surprised by the turmoil that is raging worldwide. In our May Update our readers were alerted that: “late June will lead us into the beginning of another contraction in the series of labor pains in the earth”. Last month we documented the contraction that intensified and became noticeable with an unprecedented 90 plus people killed by lightning on June 22nd. We found symptoms of the same labor pains in the behavior of the people with attacks all over the world. The economic sector saw the Brexit trigger. We also saw disruptions and unrest in travel, weather, and the environment. 
These labor pains will noticeably intensify as we near the end of the Jewish feast circuit of Trumpets through Tabernacles (Oct. 2nd through Oct. 23rd), before a slight relief to be followed by yet another contraction. These contractions will continue to manifest themselves with greater force in the symptomatic form of great unrest in the areas of economic distress, cataclysmic events in heaven and earth, negative social activities, induced famine, and manipulated diseases. The situation is not hopeless however. Relief is over the horizon. First we will have the pseudo relief. A relief that will benefit some while targeting as prey a certain class. Afterwards the last contraction, that leads us into a totally new way of life on earth. The Jewish festivals communicate a secret narrative that we should turn from our worldly behavior and gather unto our Heavenly Source for spiritual safety. Not just for a time, but as a way of life. We must return to a cooperative way of living with nature, turn our attention to positive spiritual, mental and physical conditioning, and value our fellow man as we value ourselves. 
We can make the change. We don’t have to be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Wiccan, or any other religion for that matter. The only religion one needs to be of is abundant life in the cusp of his or her Father’s hands. When we follow the life giving principles of our Source regardless of how He chooses to reveal them to us – we receive life. Doing what we want to do, when we want to do it, how we want to do it, and with whom we want to do it with has not worked too well for us as a civilization. Now is the time to quit indulging in ego-based practices, and seek guidance from our Father on high. 
In past updates we outlined the following areas as possible trouble spots for our civilization. Month by month we’ve definitely seen trouble come to pass in these places:

An election cycle that has certainly not been the norm, and is unlikely to become so
Increases in the amount of record natural disasters
Escalating oil prices sometime this year
Great scandals emerge that cause great men and women to step down
Great companies and nations of renown may topple 
Terror strikes in USA and other nations
The human population becoming increasingly angry
Increases in diseases
Global financial unrest
Possible food shortages
And disruptions in travel (sea, road, air and rail)

The following scripture referenced shows clearly, beyond a shadow of a doubt just why we’re in the predicament we’re in. When reading the following section, imagine a world where the opposite is done. Imagine a world where our political leaders are truthful in all their practices; putting the needs of the people before their own ego based agendas. Imagine a world where financial institutions and other successful companies show mercy and compassion to the consumers. Rather than over-pricing, they charge only what is necessary to make a reasonable profit for a product, or service. What’s more, for the consumer who cannot pay, they are assisted according to their need. Imagine a world where groups with differing ideologies exhibit tolerance and respect for those outside of their group’s way of thinking. We don’t have to agree, but to live in a world of peace - The Golden Rule is a must. Imagine a world where the land and all of its inhabitants are treated with love, honor, and respect. All of this is possible. As you read the following forecast, imagine what you can personally do to make a difference. Whatever we choose to do, we must remember that our Heavenly Father is in control. Below we can see evidence of the times we are living in. Please share these most important updates with your friends and family: 

                                                          ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING AT RECORD PACE

The Book of Hosea 4:1-3: “Hear the word of Yahweh, O children of Israel, for Yahweh has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of Yahweh in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.”
The following July headlines are proof that the words inspired to be written in Hosea 4:1-3 are unfolding before our very eyes. (To read the articles press and hold ctrl + click, or copy and paste link into your browser):

Jul. 1st        Mass fish die off in a river in Sumy Region, Ukraine
Jul. 2nd        Thousands of dead fish found, 'a mystery' in the coastal waters of Catanzaro, Italy
Jul. 3rd        Several tons of dead fish found in a river in Deventer, Netherlands
Jul. 4th        Tens of thousands of dead fish found in a river in Quebec, Canada
Jul. 5th        1,000+ geese killed due to avian flu in Tainan, Taiwan
Jul. 5th        Thousands of dead fish wash up on beaches in Virginia, America
Jul 6th        Large die off of fish in a river in Luoyang, China
Jul 6th        Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Hongze County, China
Jul. 7th        Thousands of dead fish found in a canal in Florida, America
Jul. 8th        14,000 ducks to be killed due to avian flu in Ontario, Canada
Jul. 9th        100 bull sharks found washed up dead on beaches in Mobile Bay, America
Jul 13th        40,000 birds to be killed due to avian flu in Friesland, Netherlands
Jul. 14th    Large number of sea birds washing up dead is 'alarming' in Victoria, Canada.
Jul. 14th    200,000+ dead fish have washed up in Craven County, North Carolina, America
Jul. 15th    Manatees Dying In Indian River Lagoon From Pollution And Algae Bloom
Jul. 15th    3,500 ducks found dead along the river Palar in India
Jul. 16th    Thousands of dead fish litter a beach on Okaloosa Island, Florida, America
Jul. 17th    Large fish kills in the waters of Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombia
Jul. 18th    Masses of dead fish found floating in the waters of Kamensk, Russia
Jul. 18th    Millions of poultry dying from avian flu across Central Africa
Jul. 19th    Fish die en masse in fish farms in Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
Jul. 20th    Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Mosquito Creek, Trinidad and Tobago
Jul. 20th    70 dead whales found washed up on a beach in southern Chile
Jul. 22nd    Mass die off of fish in the waters of Kien Giang Province, Vietnam
Jul. 23rd    17 dead dolphins found on a beach in Mira, Portugal
Jul. 25th    Thousands of dead fish wash up on the coast of Mersin, Turkey
Jul. 26th    11 dead turtles found washed up on beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico
Jul. 26th    Hundreds of dead fish wash up along the Guadalupe River in Colombia
Jul. 26th    Thousands of fish wash up dead, 'a mystery' in a river in Gloucestershire, England
Jul. 26th    Hundreds of thousands of chickens dying from avian flu across Iraq
Jul. 27th    Tons of fish die due to heat in Dazhou, China
Jul. 27th    Thousands of fish die in a pond in Amritsar, India
Jul. 27th    91 dead dolphins found washed up this summer on beaches in Bulgaria
Jul. 28th    300 sea birds have washed up dead since May in Washington State, America
Jul. 28th    3,000 chicks to be killed due to avian flu in Funen, Denmark
Jul. 29th    Avian Flu Outbreaks Killing Millions of Birds, Iraq
Jul. 29th    Massive die off of fish in a lake in Indiana, America
Jul. 30th    Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in South Dakota, America
Jul. 31st    Hundreds of dead fish found in lake, 'unprecedented' in Oklahoma, America

                                                                    EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

“There will be earthquakes in various places.” (Mark 13:8) This particular writing brings attention to the fact that in the last days the frequency of earthquakes will increase. Most places in the United States have not yet been impacted by earth shaking activity; but we do not want to be lulled into the; “it happened somewhere else” mentality. The San Andreas and New Madrid faults should no doubt be of major concern as we transition through this time. Great disturbances that are already affecting human activity on all levels are intensifying. The warning signs are becoming more blatant all over the world, and we would be prudent to heed the signs. We are drawing attention to earthquakes and other earth shaking events such as sinkholes, landslides, etc. as some of the various signs of the end of this age of transition. The USGS recorded 8,112 earthquakes during July 2016. 733 were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following 30 did not make the mainstream news in July, however, they did register above a magnitude 5.5 in July:

Jul. 4th        5.6 Magnitude earthquake strike W of Lata, Solomon Islands
Jul. 6th        5.9 Magnitude earthquake strike Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
Jul. 6th        5.9 Magnitude earthquake strike E of Neiafu, Tonga
Jul. 7th        5.6 Magnitude earthquake strike ENE of Dili, East Timor
Jul. 10th    6.0 Magnitude earthquake strike NE of Hihifo, Tonga
Jul. 10th    5.8 Magnitude earthquake strike NNE of Hihifo, Tonga
Jul. 11th    5.8 Magnitude earthquake strike NW of Rosa Zarate, Ecuador
Jul. 11th    6.3 Magnitude earthquake strike NW of Rosa Zarate, Ecuador
Jul. 12th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strike Southwest Indian Ridge
Jul. 12th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strike WNW of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea
Jul. 13th    5.7 Magnitude earthquake strike NE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
Jul. 13th    6.3 Magnitude earthquake strike NE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
Jul. 13th    5.7 Magnitude earthquake strike NE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
Jul. 13th    5.7 Magnitude earthquake strike NE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
Jul. 17th    5.5 Magnitude earthquake strike NNW of Neiafu, Tonga
Jul. 18th    Spring tides trigger tremors deep on California’s San Andreas Fault
Jul. 20th    6.0 Magnitude earthquake strike NNW of Isangel, Vanuatu
Jul. 20th    18 earthquakes hit California in the past 24hrs
Jul. 23rd    5.7 Magnitude earthquake strike SW of Vostok, Russia
Jul. 23rd    5.7 Magnitude earthquake strike N of Hihifo, Tonga
Jul. 25th    5.9 Magnitude earthquake strike Western Indian-Antarctic Ridge
Jul. 25th    Magnitude 6.2 quake strikes NW of Diego de Almagro, Chile
Jul. 25th    6.4 Magnitude earthquake strike SE of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea
Jul. 26th    5.8 Magnitude earthquake strike NE of Norsup, Vanuatu
Jul. 27th    6.0 Magnitude earthquake strike Off the coast of Aisen, Chile
Jul. 27th    5.6 Magnitude earthquake strike SSE of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Jul. 29th    7.7 magnitude earthquake strikes SSW of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands
Jul. 30th    5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes SSE of Panguna, Papua New Guinea
Jul. 31st    5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes NNW of Visokoi Island, S. Georgia & S. Sandwich Islands
Jul. 31st    5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes SSE of Labuhankananga, Indonesia

                                                                            OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS

Jul. 2nd        23 people killed, 7 injured in Southeast China landslide 
Jul. 2nd        23 people killed, 7 injured in Southeast China landslide 
Jul. 4th        Explosions from Sinabung volcano in Sumatra, Indonesia of small to moderate size continue to be relatively frequent lately
Jul. 4th        New lava flow from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has advanced in the flatter coastal plain towards the ocean
Jul. 4th        Pavlof Volcano: USGS issues alert after eruption of Pavlof Volcano in Alaska
Jul. 7th        Fatal landslide cut off road, power in Xinjiang Village, China
Jul. 18th    A new eruptive phase has begun at the Suwanose-jima volcano, Ryukyu Islands, Japan
Jul. 19th    Strombolian-type explosions at Fuego volcano in Guatemala have increased in size and frequency in past days
Jul. 21st    Massive sinkhole threatens homes in Tampa Florida
Jul. 23rd    China discovers largest underwater sinkhole in South China Sea
Jul. 24th    Yellowstone being evacuated due to volcanic activity
Jul. 28th    Lava from Hawaiian volcano flows 10 km into the Pacific Ocean

                                                                             NATURAL WEATHER DISASTERS

Earthquakes are not the only weather events to pack a powerful punch on those within its reach. Heavy rains, floods, tornadoes, landslides, and avalanches have all made their way on the scene, and ravaged the many who stood in their path. Here again, we hear of these stories and shake our heads saying: “aww that’s too bad.” Let’s stop shaking our heads and start meditating and praying collectively, on a daily basis, that the eyes of humanity will be opened. That peace and comfort will be delivered to those in need; and that we will gain the courage to make the necessary changes in our lives in order to direct us safely through the effects of our deeds upon our planet. We have seen that the tenacity with which Nature has unleashed her fury is unprecedented in modern times. Bio-engineering is just one reason why the severity of weather and natural disasters has become increasingly destructive. The following is some of the evidence of disturbances in the elemental forces:

Jul. 1st        Over 30 killed in torrential rains in Northern India
Jul. 1st        Floods in Rostov-on-Don Leave 1 Dead, 11 Injured, Russia
Jul. 1st        Cambria Flood Action Plan to Protect 4,000 Homes, UK
Jul. 1st        Floods Destroy 1,000 Houses in Sennar State, Sudan
Jul. 1st        Floods and Swift Water Rescues After Las Vegas Storm, USA
Jul. 2nd    30 killed as flash flood hits NW Pakistan
Jul. 2nd        Heavy rain breeches dike in China’s Hubei province
Jul. 2nd        Three days of heavy rain in China leave 50 dead, 12 missing
Jul. 2nd        China on high alert for heavy rain across country
Jul. 2nd        43 killed 40 injured in Pakistan flash floods
Jul. 2nd        Chinese people still suffer from apocalyptic, never ending floods in SW China's Yunan Province 
Jul. 2nd        Heavy flooding cut off Liberia's main airport in Monrovia
Jul. 2nd        More than 1000 homes damaged by egg sized hail in Castle Rock, Denver
Jul. 2nd    12 trapped in flooded mine in north China’s Shanxi province
Jul. 3rd    A cloudburst triggers flash flooding in Pakistan, leaving 29 dead
Jul. 3rd    Yangtze River reports first flood peak
 Jul. 4th        Strong winds, heavy downpour hits Korea as tropical Typhoon approaches
Jul. 4th        Multiple waterspouts in Cuba injure more than 38 people
Jul. 5th    Typhoon Nepartak is poised to become 2016's first Category 5 storm
Jul. 5th    Evening storms knocked out power, downed trees, flood, and tornado in western Minnesota
Jul. 5th    Louisa, Kentucky, Tornado Rated EF2
Jul. 5th        7 Days of Flooding Leaves Over 100 Dead and 40 Missing, China
Jul. 5th        Heavy rain cause Texas and Arkansas River to overflow
Jul. 6th        At Least 120 Die in Floods Along China's Yangtze River
Jul. 6th        Power and water supplies cut by rains in China’s Hubei Province
Jul. 6th        Hundreds evacuate due to flooding along China-Nepal Border
Jul. 6th        Rare downpour, floods affect 40,000 people in SW China
Jul. 7th        Super Typhoon Nepartak slams into Taiwan with wind gusts of almost 300KM/H
Jul.7th        State of emergency after severe storm in Tennessee
Jul. 7th        5,000 residents in Yixing moved to temporary sites due to flood in Jiangsu 
Jul. 7th        China issues disaster warning for approaching typhoon Nepartak
Jul. 7th        Emergency declared in Tennessee; flash floods destroy homes
Jul. 7th        Twin Tornadoes captured in Eureka, Kansas
Jul. 7th        Floods cascade through streets washing cars away in Zhaotong City in South West China
Jul. 7th        Deadly Floods in Ordu Province, Turkey 
Jul. 8th        Emergencies Declared After Floods in Kentucky and Tennessee, USA
Jul. 8th        Tornado mangles homes, nursing center in Eureka
Jul. 8th        Darkness falls on Typhoon Nepartak, the strongest storm on Earth
Jul. 9th        3 buried after mudflow hits subway construction site in E. China’s Hangzhou
Jul. 9th        Time-lapse video shows flood waters submerge Fujian County in China
Jul. 9th        Extreme weather turns house into heaps of rubble in Fujian, China
Jul. 9th        Typhoon Nepartak forces evacuations in East China
Jul. 10th    Flood collapses dike in central China’s Hunan province
Jul. 11th    Tornado touches down in Litchfield, Minnesota
Jul. 11th    Typhoon Nepartak Kills 6 In China; 8 Missing
Jul. 12th    Multiple tornadoes rip through Minnesota
Jul. 12th    Dangerous landslide near miss in Southwest China
Jul. 12th    Violent storms rumble through Poland
Jul. 12th    Over 20 Killed in Madhya Pradesh Floods, India
Jul. 12th    Over 120,000 Affected by Floods in Assam, India
Jul. 12th    Damaging Floods in Saskatchewan After 127 mm of Rain in 3 Hours, Canada
Jul. 13th    Emergencies Declared After Further Floods Hit Saskatchewan Communities, Canada
Jul. 13th    Deadly Floods in Wisconsin and Minnesota After 254 mm of Rain in 24 Hours, USA
Jul. 13th    Hailstorm in North Dakota
Jul. 13th    Storm Derecho leaves 200,000 without power in Midwest USA
Jul.13th        Severe storm leaves 135,000 people without power in St. Louis
Jul.13th        Typhoon Nepartak leaves 21 dead in east China’s Fujian Province 
Jul.13th        At least 2 people have died in flooding caused by powerful storms in northern Wisconsin
Jul. 14th    China on high alert as 230 + die in heavy flooding, 93 missing
Jul. 14th    Thousands in dark after St. Louis storms
Jul. 14th    Time-lapse storms rolling into New York City
Jul. 14th     Over 5,000 Displaced by Floods After 360 mm of Rain in 24 Hours in Nicaragua and Guatemala
Jul. 14th    Thousands Displaced by Floods in Rakhine and Sagaing, Myanmar
Jul. 15th    Evacuations in Tasmania as Huon River Overflows, Australia
Jul. 16th    Floods in Edmonton and Calgary as Elbow River Rises, Canada
Jul. 16th    Flash flood emergency, building blown away in North Carolina
Jul. 17th    Typhoon Nepartak leaves 83 dead 19 missing
Jul. 17th    Dike breach forces thousands to evacuate in central China
Jul. 17th    Avalanche buries 9 in Tibet region
Jul. 17th    Landslide destroys homes in China amid flooding
Jul. 18th    $200 Million for Flood Recovery and Resilience Projects, Myanmar
Jul. 18th    Coping Strategies for Landslide and Flood Disasters in Mount Elgon Region, Uganda
Jul. 18th    Floods Displace Thousands in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
Jul. 18th    Floods in 3 States Leave Several Dead and Hundreds Homeless, Sudan
Jul. 18th    Heavy rains bring Indian capital to standstill
Jul. 19th    Hundreds Evacuated After Floods in Penang and Kedah, Malaysia
Jul. 20th    At least six dead, 34 missing in heavy rains in China
Jul. 20th    Over 120 Dead After Monsoon Rains Cause Floods and Landslides in 8 States in India
Jul. 20th    Beijing raises storm alert as heavy rains continues
Jul. 21st    Whole Village Relocated After Landslide and Cyclone Disasters, Fiji
Jul. 21st    42 dead, 74 missing in central and north China Storms
Jul. 21st    Deadly Flash Floods in Khost Province, Afghanistan
Jul 22nd    UK Floods – Over 200,000 Homes at Risk of Flooding in Wales
Jul 22nd    Floods Hit Northern Provinces, Over 100 Dead or Missing
Jul. 23th    Rain and floods in Hebei Province leaves 114 dead, 111 missing
Jul. 25th    Massive flooding from tropical storm Darby on Oahu
Jul. 25th    Floods Worsen in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, India
Jul. 25th    Death toll from Severe rain in North China tops 160
Jul. 26th    Floods in India kills at least 58, displace more than a million
Jul. 26th    Over 50,000 Affected by Floods in West Bengal, India
Jul. 27th    Dozens Dead After Floods and Landslides Across the Country, Nepal
Jul. 28th    Heavy rain from Vietnam’s first Typhoon of season kills 2, 1 missing
Jul. 28th    Nepal, India floods leave more than 90 dead
Jul. 28th    India floods force rhinos, wildlife to seek dry land
Jul. 28th    7 Dead, Thousands Affected by Floods in Cape Town and Durban, S. Africa
Jul. 28th    1,500 Villages Flooded in Bihar, India 17 Dead

                                                                   ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62: 
“If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolong disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
The above scripture could not be more on point if it was written after reading the headlines from the past several months. YHWH doesn’t leave us wondering why all these calamities are befalling the human race. It stands to reason that if we are cursed with plagues, prolonged disasters, lingering illnesses, diseases, and so forth, because of our stubbornness and ignorance to His word, then we can cure our woes by learning of YHWH’s life giving principles, and then being careful to observe them. Plagues manifest themselves as problems in our world, many of which are outlined in this report. The sicknesses that are documented as environmental distress and disease in the following headlines are all plagues of our time: 

Jul. 1st        DOH reports over 50,000 dengue cases, Philippines
Jul. 1st        First case of sexually transmitted Zika virus reported in Spain
Jul. 1st        Dengue death toll rises, Peru
Jul. 1st        First case of Zika virus diagnosed in Cincinnati, OH
Jul. 2nd        Dengue claims over 30 lives in Sri Lanka
Jul. 2nd        First death by dengue fever reported in Karachi, Pakistan
Jul. 2nd        Johor, Malaysia records 12 deaths due to dengue as of July 2 this year
Jul. 3rd        West Maui brush fire prompts evacuations, road closures
Jul. 4th        Dengue cases cross 9,000 mark in Singapore as weekly figure rises for third straight week
Jul. 5th        1,100 fever cases reported in Kochi district, India on Tuesday alone
Jul. 5th        1st case of Zika virus confirmed in Riverside County, California
Jul. 5th    'Super bacteria' discovered in Rio's waters as Olympics near
Jul. 5th        Cattle Disease Hits Buliisa, Uganda
Jul. 6th        Tattoo Ink Loaded with Harmful Heavy Metals
Jul. 6th    City on high alert after reports of 3 cholera cases in Aurangabad, India
Jul. 7th        74 die from swine flu in Ecuador so far in 2016
Jul. 7th        Nearly 22,000 Dengue Cases Reported in Sri Lanka
Jul. 7th        Rabbit Fever death confirmed in Coconino County, Arizona
Jul. 7th        First dengue case in Salepur, India;-patient-shifted-to-SCB-dengue-caseSalepurOdisha.htm
Jul. 7th        DuPont ordered to pay $5.1 million over Teflon-making chemical dumped in the Ohio River
Jul. 7th        First dengue related death in Barbil, India
Jul. 7th        CIA director John Brennan admits SAI "chemtrailing" to be used for bioengineering
Jul. 8th        Bolts Securing Subsea Oil Wells are Failing, Say Regulator
Jul. 8th        Utah woman dies after becoming infected with Zika virus
Jul. 8th        First dengue death of this season in Dehradun, India
Jul. 9th        Four cases of cholera reported in Hyderabad, India
Jul. 9th        13 villages declared as cholera-infected in Bidar, India
Jul. 11th    Dengue claims third life in Odisha, India
Jul. 11th    US Senate Passes GMO Anti Labeling Bill
Jul. 11th    Dengue cases rise after monsoon in Karnataka, India 1,187 test positive in a month
Jul. 11th    Superbug precursor found in US again
Jul. 11th    General Mills Recalls Betty Crocker Cake Mixes Over E. Coli Fears
Jul. 12th    Three more cholera cases detected in Hyderabad, India
Jul. 12th    Man tests positive for Ebola in Delhi, India
Jul. 12th    13 die of cholera in Karonga, Malawi as the disease affects 235 others
Jul. 12th    Two cases of tularemia confirmed in Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Jul. 12th    Confirmed Zika Cases In Brooklyn, NY Schumer Urges Congress To Pass Emergency Bill
Jul. 12th    China notes new H7N9 avian flu case, 3 new deaths
Jul. 12th    Romania Reports First Case Of Zika Virus
Jul. 12th    Second case of EEE (Encephalitis) virus found in Suffolk, Virginia horse
Jul. 13th    Peru Declares Zika Emergency In 11 States
Jul. 13th    Dengue Claims One More Life in Odisha, India
Jul. 13th    Anthrax has affected a total of 61 people in the Upazila since May this year.
Jul. 13th    Ecuador Dengue Now Reaches 10,000 Cases
Jul. 13th    Cholera outbreak hits 98 students at Nyang'ori High School in Kenya
Jul. 13th    Siberian boy contracts bubonic plague
Jul. 14th    Dengue Claims Another Life In The Odisha, India
Jul. 14th    19-year-old boy is city’s first dengue victim in Govandi, India
Jul. 14th    Cholera outbreak reported in Malappuram, India
Jul. 14th    Cholera outbreak in Bhosari, India 15 in hospital
Jul. 14th    Cholera confirmed in one patient in Nepal
Jul. 14th    CHO confirms first case of Japanese encephalitis in Davao, Philippines
Jul.15th        New York sees first documented case of a woman spreading Zika via sex
Jul.15th        Horse With EEE (encephalitis) Confirmed in Jackson County, Florida
Jul. 16th    Singapore reports 6th dengue death of 2016
Jul. 17th    Case of cholera in Palakkad, India
Jul. 17th    5-yr-old boy succumbs to Dengue in Chikiti India
Jul. 17th    3,000 dengue cases recorded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia since beginning of 2016
Jul. 18th    US health officials investigating mysterious case of Zika virus
 Jul. 19th    New HIV vaccine to be tested in South Africa
Jul. 19th    Cholera outbreak kills 11 in South Sudan
Jul. 19th    Three die in fresh cholera outbreak in Namayingo, Uganda
Jul. 19th    Cholera outbreak in Kerala, India health officials advise caution
Jul. 19th    Cholera cases also at Duk Island and Terekeka, South Sudan
Jul. 19th    One More Dengu Death In Odisha, India
Jul. 19th    Study: 2.5 million infected with HIV per year
Jul. 19th    1 more dengue death in Cuttack, India
Jul. 20th    Norovirus strikes the Republican National Convention
Jul. 20th    USF Researchers Find Dangerous Bacteria After Sewer Spills
Jul. 20th    More than 372,000 pounds of hot dogs and corn dogs recalled over listeria
Jul. 20th    L.L. Bean Children Water Bottles Recalled
Jul. 20th    Florida Zika Case Could Be First Local Transmission In U.S. 
Jul. 21st    THC found in the water in Hugo, Colorado
Jul. 21st    Cholera Outbreak in Pyay District, Myanmar
Jul. 21st    New Forest Fires Ignite in Western Wyoming
Jul. 21st    Four animals die of anthrax in NE Bulgaria
Jul. 21st    Guantanamo Base Confirms First Travel-related Zika Case, Cuba
Jul. 22nd    Knox County Health Dept. reports first Zika case in the county
Jul. 23rd    Dengue soaring in Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka 
Jul. 23rd    RMRC confirms 2 cholera cases in Rayagada, India
Jul. 24th    China confirms first imported Rift Valley Fever case
Jul. 24th    Cholera kills 13, over 190 hospitalized in South Sudan
Jul. 24th    Death from dengue fever confirmed in Japan
Jul. 24th    Toxic algae bloom closes Utah lake, sickens more than 100 people
Jul. 24th    First cholera case surfaces in Kozhikode, India
Jul. 25th    Cholera death toll rises to five; Minister visits Rayagada, India;-Minister-visits-Rayagada.htm
Jul. 25th    Karnataka, India Reports 6 Dengue Deaths In 20 Days
Jul. 26th    Two more die in dengue in Odisha, India
Jul. 26th    11 Test Positive For Dengue - 2nd Death In Ganjam, India
Jul. 26th    One dies as cholera breaks out in Okollo in Uganda
Jul. 26th    Cholera grips Jeypore, India area too; 30 affected;-30-affected-Cholera-gripsJayporeOdisha.htm
Jul. 27th    Confirmed cases of cholera in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Jul. 27th    Two die of dengue fever in Highland province, Vietnam
Jul. 27th    Brazos County Texas Health Department confirms first case of Zika virus
Jul. 28th    Anthrax Outbreak In Siberia Sends 13 Victims To Hospital Amid Heat Wave
Jul. 28th    Dengue fever up significantly in Vietnam
Jul. 28th    Nigeria reports increase in Lassa fever cases in first six months of 2016
Jul. 28th    First Case Of Zika Virus in NCW, Washington
Jul. 29th    Japanese Encephalitis Claims 3 Lives In Manipur - State, India On Alert
Jul. 29th    4 cases of Zika transmitted by local mosquito in Florida
Jul. 29th    28-year-old woman dies of dengue, India
Jul. 29th    Yet Another Person Dies Of Dengue In Ganjam, India
Jul. 29th    Another dengue death in Girishola, Ahmedabad, India
Jul. 30th    Congo fever cases emerge in Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Jul. 30th    GMO wheat found in Washington field

                                                           SIGNS AND WONDERS OF THE TIMES IN NATURE 

As if all the run of the mill severe weather events coupled with diseases and festering plagues were not enough, Mother Nature has thrown quite a curve ball with some unusual signs and wonders. The activities of many leaders of the nations, in an attempt to deceive the public, have also caused great signs and wonders. Know however that our leaders have unseen handles who call the shots. The results are all signs of the times that we are living in: 

Jul. 3rd    Bear attack in Alaska's Denali National Park
Jul. 4th        Huge camouflaged UFO Mother ship cloud appears above Cartagena, Colombia
Jul. 8th        Couple Taking Selfie Almost Get Struck By Lightning
Jul. 9th        Gator Killed After Biting Woman On Arm While Swimming
Jul. 12th    Connecticut woman dies after being hit by lightning
Jul. 14th    Has the ISS captured footage of a UFO? NASA cuts live feed from space station as mysterious object appears
Jul. 16th    Couple struck by lightning in Connecticut
Jul. 18th    Heat dome will have tens of millions sweating from Minneapolis to Mississippi
Jul. 18th    Monsoon re-awakens; lightning sparks Mesa house fire
Jul. 18th    Dangerous heat alert for millions
Jul. 19th    Lightning strike injures 2 people on sand key
Jul. 19th    June 2016 was the hottest ever recorded, marking 14 straight months of record breaking heat.
Jul. 20th    Heat wave still scorching millions
Jul. 20th    Hiker struck by lightning has died
Jul. 21st    Heat alert in 25 states
Jul. 21st    World Meteorological Association: 2016 on track to be hottest year
Jul. 21st    Lemur attacked a woman
Jul. 23rd    Los Angeles-area wildfire prompts evacuations
Jul. 23th    Alligator attacked man in Costa Rica
Jul. 24th    Tiger attacks woman at safari park in China
Jul. 24th    China’s Guangxi Region issues alert for 37c+ temperatures
Jul. 27th    Deadly heat wave scorches central and eastern U.S.
Jul. 27th    Billboard topples onto big crowd of people in strong wind in Chinese park
Jul. 27th    Teenager struck by lightning on the Jersey Shore
Jul. 27th    Shanghai issues heat alert for 40c temperature
Jul. 28th    Warren Sapp bitten on arm by shark
Jul. 28th    Surfaces dangerously hot outside
Jul. 28th    Lava from Hawaiian volcano flows 10 km into the Pacific Ocean 
Jul. 28th    Deadly heat wave in Europe
Jul. 28th    Orange alert issued for heat wave that killed 19 in South China
Jul. 30th    Temperature at Lake Tahoe warming at astounding rate
Jul. 31st    Copper King wildfire burning near Thompson Falls in Montana

                                                                           GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

Jeremiah 17:5:
This is what Yahweh says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from Yahweh.”
We see that putting our trust in man is a great mistake, to say the least. We are told to work hard, get a good job, and make money. If the job we land doesn’t give us the amount of money we want, then quit that one in search of a better one – better meaning more money of course. The prophets of YHWH paint more than a slightly different picture.  Zephaniah 1:18 tells us: Their silver and their gold will not be able to rescue them on the day of Yahweh’s wrath. The whole earth will be consumed. If we’ve been paying attention, then we probably understand that wrath comes upon the earth because of the uncooperative disposition of man. Having that high paying job, or launching that successful company will not save us if we have not followed our Father’s principles for life. Following are a list of headlines showing the economic unrest, which undoubtedly leads to mental unrest for those who have their minds in that direction. We are warned not to store up treasures upon the earth, but rather in the heavenly abode. The true treasure is a pure heart which comes when we cleanse our inner vessels through the principles of our Source. In July we see financial unrest continuing in nations, states, and cities. We see unrest in school and healthcare budgets. Signs of an ailing economy continue with further cracks in the financial system. We see unrest in the financial sector. A hedge against the financial systems of man is well needed; it is another domino that is set to fall, as Brexit, and likely between the last weeks of August and October. 


Jul. 1st        Puerto Rico makes historic default
Jul. 1st        UK Finance minister says 2020 budget surplus target will be missed due to Brexit
Jul. 1st        Arizona Department of Revenue to lay off 52
Jul. 4th        City of Lorain to lay off 22 Firefighters, Closing Station
Jul. 6th        Pound skids to new 31-year low
Jul. 11th    The Pointe Coupee Parish Police Jury to lay off 9
Jul. 12th    Spain and Portugal face Eurozone fines for not controlling deficit budgets
Jul. 15th     Connecticut State Employees Layoffs Continue
Jul. 22nd    Georgia Power to lay off 270
Jul. 22nd    After vote, UK economy shrinking at fastest pace since '09
Jul. 23rd    California’s unemployment rate rises for first time since 2010
Jul. 27th    Nigerian naira hits all-time low of 334.50 per dollar
Jul. 27th    Japan plans $265 billion stimulus at ailing economy


Jul. 3rd        La Cañada Unified School District to lay off 16
Jul. 10th    Luther Memorial School in Richmond Va.
Jul. 13th    Utica Community Schools to lay off 35
Jul 19th        Holland Public Schools to lay off 9
Jul 22nd    Elizabeth City State University to lay off 7
Jul. 26th    Cambria-Rowe Business College Pa closing
Jul. 26th    Blue Spoon Market, Cafe & Cooking School in Greensboro NC Closing


Jul. 1st        Genesis Health Clubs plans to close two -three locations in the Kansas
Jul. 1st        Peak Wellness Center to lay off 16 Positions
Jul. 2nd        Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. to lay off 73% of Workforce
Jul. 7th        Pernix Therapeutics Holdings to lay off 60 Positions
Jul. 7th        Biogenic Reagents MI to have 35 Temp Layoffs
Jul. 7th        The Mercy Family Clinic closing at Charles City
Jul. 14th    St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, Mont to lay off 84
Jul. 15th    Planned Parenthood closing 6 Indiana Health Centers
Jul. 15th    Norman Specialty Hospital in Oklahoma closing
Jul. 15th    West Alabama Emergency Services, based in Woodstock Bibbs County, AL close
Jul 19th        United Health overcomes another $200M in Obama Care losses
Jul 19th        Ozarks Community Hospital in Springfield, Mo to lay off 200
Jul. 26th    Michigan State University is permanently closing its Women's Healthcare clinic in Lansing
Jul. 27th    Univ. of Arizona Health Plan to lay off up to 58 Positions
Jul. 30th    Rocky Mountain Health Plans - 30+ Layoff Notices


In July signs of an ailing financial market continued with closures, layoffs and other warnings. Let’s take a closer look at some headlines:

Jul. 6th        SunTrust Bank is closing its Nashville client contact center
Jul. 7th        Genworth Financial in Richmond/Lynchburg to lay off 42
Jul. 11th    KeyBank - Limits Layoffs to 250 - First Niagara Deal
Jul. 12th    Bank of America BofA to lay off 102 in Hillsboro Office
Jul. 12th    Goldman Sachs to lay off 55 in NY
Jul. 13th    KeyBank to close 18 KeyBank, and Niagara Bank in C. NY Branches
Jul. 18th    Bank of America to lay off 2,600+ in 2nd Quarter
Jul 19th        Goldman Sachs 1,700 layoffs in Past 3 Months
Jul 19th        Comerica Bank to lay off about 790
Jul 19th         Ameris Bank is closing in downtown Hawthorne Fla.
Jul. 20th    Comerica bank to close 40 Branches
Jul. 22nd    NovaStar Financial Inc. files for bankruptcy
Jul. 26th    Italy seeking a private bailout for Monte Paschi Bank
Jul. 27th    Deutsche Bank threatens deeper cost cuts as profits dive
Jul. 27th    Deutsche Bank Q2 profit falls 98%
Jul. 28th    Llyods to lay off 3,000 and Closing 200 Branches
Jul. 30th    Capital One Seattle Brokerage Arm to lay off 187


Jul. 1st        Micron to lay off 2,400 Positions Globally
Jul. 1st        Red Lobster closing its last Toronto Location
Jul. 2nd        Caterpillar Work Tools closing Facility in Jacksonville Fla. - 63 Jobs Lost
Jul. 2nd        GE's Latham locomotive turbocharger plant NY is closing
Jul. 3rd        Caterpillar Work Tools Inc. closing Four facilitates across the country
Jul. 5th        GE Oil & Gas closing Pineville Facility - 269 Layoffs 
Jul. 5th        Tyson Foods Inc. will be closing its Jefferson plant on Saturday, July 9
Jul. 5th        IBM - More Layoffs Coming, Netherlands
Jul. 5th        Murray Energy Warns of Huge Layoffs
Jul. 6th        The Kmart close store in Artesia NM
Jul. 6th        Lockheed Martin to lay off 110 at Randolph AFB
Jul. 6th        Bing Energy files for bankruptcy
Jul. 7th        Kroger closing at Texas Avenue and Southwest Parkway College Station Location TX
Jul. 7th        Norfolk Southern to close its Roanoke Va. Office
Jul. 8th        Carrier Coach Closing Operation Hamburg NY
Jul. 8th        JP Morgan: Risk of US recession up as June auto sales fall
Jul. 9th        The 'Real' Unemployment Rate is still close to 10%
Jul. 9th        26M Americans are Now "Too Poor to Shop"
Jul. 12th    Nexen Energy (International) to lay off 350
Jul. 12th    Seagate to lay off 6,500 Worldwide
Jul. 12th    FedEx unit GENCO closing distribution center at 4500 Quality Drive in August
Jul. 13th    Merck to lay off 360 R&D Jobs
Jul. 14th    Suddenlink cable is closing its Greenville call center
Jul. 14th    Alaska closing all 4 Sport Authority Stores
Jul. 14th    All American Check Cashing Inc. closing Stores in Alabama and in Louisiana
Jul. 14th    Tustin-based Vivi Jewelry, files for bankruptcy
Jul. 18th    Economic crisis in Venezuela drives thousands to cross the border for food
Jul 19th        Yahoo Revenue Falls 15% and Profit drops 64%
Jul 19th        Building Firm Dunne Group (International) to lay off 524
Jul. 20th    In California Obama Care Premiums to Jump 13.2%
Jul. 20th    Honeywell International Aerospace Division announces layoffs
Jul. 20th    C&J Energy Services files for bankruptcy
Jul. 21st    Talen Energy to lay off 131 Positions
Jul. 21st    Adecco Staffing in Ontario - 700 Layoff Notices
Jul. 21st    General Mills - Plans Several Plant Closing - up to 1,400 Jobs at stake
Jul. 21st    General Mills Inc. to close Vineland Progresso Plant in Summer of 2017
Jul. 21st    Hasting - Plans on Closing all 123 Stores
Jul. 21st    Playboy’s Los Angeles office - Some Layoffs
Jul. 21st    Chipotle profits down 82% in wake of E. coli outbreaks
Jul 22nd    McDonald Forced to Halt Big Max Sales in Venezuela
Jul 22nd    McDonald's closing restaurant on South Oneida Street Green Bay WI
Jul. 22nd    Sony Corp of American - up to 100 Layoffs Reported
Jul 23rd        John Deere in East Moline to lay off 120 Workers
Jul 23rd        ConocoPhillips - Plans 1,000 Layoffs this year
Jul 23rd        ConocoPhillips (Canada) to lay off 250 to 300
Jul 23rd        Park Place Dealerships will close its Maserati dealership in Fort Worth
Jul. 25th    Woolworths (International) - $1B Restructure will = Store closings
Jul. 26th    New York City Electricity Price Spikes 1000%
Jul. 26th    eBay - 2,400 Layoffs
Jul. 26th    Caterpillar - More Layoffs in 2nd Half of 2016
Jul. 26th    Kleen Inc. files for bankruptcy
Jul. 28th    Fiat Chrysler Ending Car Production in US
Jul. 28th    Duracell Plant in South Carolina closing
Jul. 28th    Staples Store in Moline Ill closing
Jul. 29th    Oil giant Exxon profits crash 59% to 17-year lows
Jul. 29th    Homeownership in the US has never been lower
Jul. 29th    Microsoft to lay off 2,850 in Phones / Sales

                                                                            GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

The people of the nations are becoming increasingly angry because YHWH’s wrath is upon us (Revelations 11:18). It stands to reason that the people are angry because they have been programmed to turn a deaf ear to the principles that bring love, joy, and peace. In the book of Psalms 19:8 the reader is told that the statutes of YHWH rejoice the heart. When reading the following headlines, it will become abundantly clear that somewhere along the way the statues of YHWH are missing among the people and nations. We see protests, terror attacks, and excessive use of force on citizens by authorities. We see police shootings and other kinds of social unrest:


Jul. 7th        Protesters mass after another police shooting of black man in US
Jul. 7th        11 police officers shot, 5 dead during “Black Lives Matter” protest in Dallas, Texas
Jul. 7th        Thousands protest against NATO in Thessaloniki, Greece
Jul. 8th        Phoenix police involved in shooting 
Jul. 8th        Protesters block roads in Oakland, California
Jul. 8th        Activists in cities across US protest wave of shootings
Jul. 9th        Protesters have police on high alert
Jul. 9th        Black nationalists join protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jul. 9th        Black lives matter protesters pepper sprayed by police in Arizona
Jul. 9th        Black lives matter protesters rally in Atlanta, Georgia
Jul. 9th        Black lives matter protesters rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jul. 9th        Black lives matter protesters rally in Rochester, NY
Jul. 9th        Police use rubber bullets against protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jul. 9th        Protesters rally against police brutality in Newark, NJ
Jul. 10th    Black lives matter protesters rally in Baton Rouge, LA
Jul. 10th    Protesters rally against police brutality in Chicago, Illinois
Jul. 10th    Hundreds Arrested in Protests Over Police Shootings in St. Paul, Baton Rouge
Jul. 10th    120 police officers injured in Berlin brawl with leftist protesters
Jul. 11th    48 More Arrests Made as Protests Continue in Baton Rouge, LA.
Jul. 12th    20K sign open letter protesting S. China sea result
Jul. 13th    30 killed over 5 days in protests in India-controlled Kashmir
Jul. 13th    South China Sea dispute intensifies as Philippines wins Hague ruling
Jul. 21st    Protests in Libya over French military action
Jul. 21st    Protesters rally in S. Korea against deployment of US missiles
Jul. 28th    Protesters burn American flag during Obama’s speech at DNC


Jul. 2nd        131 killed as 2 Blasts hits north Baghdad
Jul. 2nd        26 killed in restaurant terror attack in Bangladesh
Jul. 3rd        At least 115 killed, 187 wounded in separate bombings across Baghdad
Jul. 4th        Charred bodies still being pulled from Baghdad bombing that killed 200
Jul. 4th        Suicide bomber hits near US Consulate in Saudi Arabia
Jul. 4th        Multiple projectiles exploded as Baghdad international airport is shelled
Jul. 4th        Suicide attack rocks three cities in Saudi Arabia
Jul. 4th        Bombing kills 4 security personnel in Saudi city at Medina
Jul. 4th        Suicide bomb outside US consulate Jeddah
Jul. 4th        Suicide attack on shite Muslim in Saudi Arabia
Jul. 5th        US warns about possible attacks in Lagos, Nigeria
Jul. 5th        Grenade attack wounds 16 at market on outskirts of Somali capital
Jul. 5th    10 civilians killed in terrorist suicide attack in Hasaka city
Jul. 5th    ISIS linked suicide bomber hits Indonesian police station
Jul. 5th    Nigerian military says 3 female suicide bombers Thwarted
Jul. 5th    At least 26 killed in double suicide bombings in military base in Yemen’s Aden
Jul. 5th        ISIS eyed in wave of Ramadan attacks across Muslim world
Jul. 6th        16 killed in blast in Northeastern Syria
Jul. 7th        Bangladesh blast, gun battle kill 4 during Eid al-Fitr prayers
Jul. 7th        35 killed, 60 wounded at Iraqi shrine attack, days after Baghdad blast
Jul. 8th        Rebel mortar attack kills 30, injures 140 in Aleppo
Jul. 8th        At least 40 killed as Islamic State suicide bombers attack Shiite shrine
Jul. 8th        Suicide blast kills 6 in NE Nigeria
Jul. 8th        Grenade attacks on police buildings in Venezuela kills 2, injure 25
Jul. 9th        At least 44 dead, more than 300 wounded during terrorist shelling of residential area in Aleppo, Syria
Jul. 11th    Brazil cops arrest man over planned airport attack three weeks before start of Olympics
Jul. 12th    Suicide bombing in Baghdad Shiite district kills at least 12
Jul. 12th    S. Sudan quiet after 5 days of fighting, hundreds killed
Jul. 13th    7 killed in ISIS car bomb attack in northern Baghdad
Jul. 18th    Suicide bombing hits Yemen’s Mukalla port, at least 10 soldiers killed
Jul. 20th     Islamist militants kill 17 soldiers in attack on Mali army base
Jul. 20th    French extends state of emergency, Prime Minister warns more attacks to come
Jul. 21st    Brazil arrest 10 over alleged Olympic terror plot
Jul. 22nd    Gunmen launch deadly attack on Munich shopping mall
Jul. 23rd    Suicide bomber kill at least 80 in Afghanistan’s capital, over 200 injured
Jul. 24th    Three Florida men who wanted to join ISIS talked about attacking the White House or Pentagon
Jul. 24th    21 killed in ISIS suicide bombing at checkpoint in Baghdad
Jul. 26th    Elderly priest killed in French church, attack claimed by Islamic State
Jul. 26th    Suicide car bombs kill 13 in Somalia
Jul. 26th    Explosion destroys army base in Mogadishu, Somalia
Jul. 27th    At least 44 killed in ISIS trick bomb attack in Qamishli , Northern Syria
Jul. 29th    ISIS executes 24 civilians after seizing Syrian village
Jul. 29th    Brazilian police arrest man for alleged links to terrorism
Jul. 29th    NATO representative among 3 killed in explosion at Ukraine defense enterprise


Jul. 1st        1 Israeli killed, 2 injured in shooting attack near Hebron
Jul. 1st        UN: Over 8,000 Sudanese refugees flee into South Sudan
Jul. 1st        2 police officers dead at least 20 injured in café attack at diplomatic quarter in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Jul. 1st        Al-Qaeda: 'Gravest consequences' if US execute Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Jul. 2nd        Tennessee mother charged in fatal stabbing of four children
Jul. 2nd        Leaked email of retired NATO general reportedly shows plot against Obama
Jul. 2nd        Zimbabwe civil servant call Tuesday for strike over unpaid wages
Jul. 2nd        5 killed 20 injured in cade shooting in Serbia
Jul. 3rd        Lakewood Country Club brawl leaves one dead and several injured
Jul. 5th        French PM uses special powers to skip parliament to push through controversial labor law
Jul. 5th        Central Africa tension rise as fresh clashes kill 10
Jul. 5th        4 killed, at least 60 wounded in July 4 weekend shootings in Chicago
Jul. 5th        Swiss warplanes escort El Al jet after bomb threat
Jul. 5th        Hundreds of women cross into Columbia from Venezuela to buy food
Jul. 6th        U.S. Justice Department will investigate Louisiana police shooting
Jul. 7th        Police officer shoots black man during traffic stop in Minnesota
Jul. 7th        9 Dead in Ghana Stampede at Festivities for End of Ramadan
Jul. 8th        US capital is on lock down, due to false alarm, police search for woman with gun
Jul. 8th        Beijing: China strong dissatisfaction by US missiles in ROK
Jul. 8th        North Korea Calls US Sanctions a Declaration of War
Jul. 8th        Police officer shot in neck during a traffic stop in Baldwin, Missouri
Jul. 9th        2 police officers fatally shot armed black man in Houston TX
Jul. 9th        More than 115 soldiers killed after clashes between rival army factions in South Sudan
Jul. 9th        White supremacists raise confederate flags in Colombia, South Carolina
Jul. 9th        US expels 2 Russian officials after US diplomat attacked in Moscow
Jul. 9th        Russia Expels 2 American Diplomats
Jul. 10th    Son of Osama bin Laden threatens revenge for father's death
Jul. 10th    South Sudan on the verge of another civil war as clashes erupt in Juba
Jul. 10th    Gunfire hits San Antonio police headquarters
Jul. 10th    Hundreds denounce Obama’s Spain state visit
Jul. 10th    Tear gas, fired on the streets of Paris as fans clash during Euro 2016 finals
Jul. 10th    40 arrested in Paris over Euro 2016 violence
Jul. 11th    US to deploy 560 more troops to Iraq to help seize Mosul
Jul. 11th    Deadly shooting at Michigan courthouse
Jul. 12th    4 countries issue travel alerts for citizens visiting US
Jul. 12th    China’s President rejects Hague Tribunal result on S. China Sea issue
Jul. 12th    China rejects any action based on Tribunal result
Jul. 12th    China military pledges to protect maritime rights
Jul. 12th    Taiwan Region rejects tribunal results on S. China Sea
Jul. 12th    China test two new S. China Sea airports
Jul. 13th    UN urges safe passage for those fleeing S. Sudan violence
Jul. 13th    Phoenix police link 7th homicide to ‘serial street shooter'
Jul. 13th    US send troops to South Sudan capital to protect citizens
Jul. 15th    Newt Gingrich Calls for Sharia Ban, Muslim Test After Nice Attack
Jul. 17th    Police ambushed 3 dead, 3 wounded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Jul. 17th    Armed opposition group take hostages in police station
Jul. 17th    Florida Man Shoots at Teens Playing Pokemon Go Outside His House
Jul. 17th    Jerusalem Bomb Scare: Police Foil Attempted Terror Attack
Jul. 17th    More than 6,000 police officers fired after attempted coup
Jul. 18th    Weapons found near Erdogan's hotel in southwest Turkey
Jul. 18th    Hostage Standoff at Baltimore Burger King Ends Peacefully,,21019054,00.html
Jul. 18th    Palestinian shot after allegedly stabbing Israeli soldiers in West Bank
Jul. 18th    Air strikes kill 16 Taliban militants in southern Afghanistan
Jul. 18th    Kazakhstan Interior Ministry: 3 policemen, 1 civilian killed in Almaty shooting 
Jul. 19th    US-led air strikes kill 56 civilians in Syrian town
Jul. 19th    North Korea Fires 3 Missiles After U.S. and South Agree to Defense System
Jul. 20th    17-year veteran Kansas police officer killed after responding to shooting
Jul. 20th    Mali extends state of emergency amid violence 
Jul. 20th    Libya unity government condemns French military presence
Jul. 20th    17 arrested in Cleveland, Ohio at flag burning near Republicans convention
Jul. 20th    US backed rebels beheaded a child in northern Syria
Jul. 21st    Unarmed Black Man Shot By Police While Lying In Street With Hands Up In North Miami
Jul. 21st    Library of Congress fights off massive 4-day cyber attack
Jul. 21st    Transgender teen sues Wisconsin school district over restroom use 
Jul. 22nd    Lee County deputies in fight with family, seize cell phone
Jul. 22nd    Violent takedown of 2nd grade teacher and disturbing comment by police
Jul. 24th    Mayor gunned down on highway in southern Mexico 2nd in 2 days
Jul. 25th    Rio 2016: New Zealander Jason Lee 'kidnapped' in Olympic Games host city
Jul. 25th    At least 2 dead, 17 wounded in Florida nightclub shooting
Jul. 25th    19 killed in knife rampage at care home for disabled in Sagamihara Japan
Jul. 25th    Police officer shot to death in Round Rock, Texas, USA
Jul. 25th    Moviegoer arrested for pulling gun after kid kicked his seat
Jul. 26th    Two Mexican mayors killed in different parts of the country Saturday
Jul. 26th    4,000 South Sudanese refugees fleeing to Uganda daily
Jul. 26th    Mother in law of Formula One chief kidnapped in Brazil
Jul. 28th    China and Russia navies to hold drill in S. China Sea in September
Jul. 29th    2 San Diego police were shot while on duty, one dead one wounded
Jul. 29th    UN warns of worsening food security in Somalia
Jul. 30th    3 killed in shooting at party in Washington
Jul. 30th    Australian Olympians robbed during fire in Olympic village 
Jul. 31st    1 dead, 3 injured in 2 shooting incident in Austin, Texas

                                                         NATIONS ALERTED TO WATCH FOR SOCIAL UNREST

We have alerted our readers to: “Keep your eyes peeled on Turkey and Iran”. These are not the only problems in the world, but we believe that they are primed as fuses to burn into a global explosion. Let’s look and see how Iran and Turkey fared in July:

Jul. 6th        Iran’s Khamenei denounces west as creator of terrorism
Jul. 12th    Iranian military boats veer dangerously close to US warship
Jul. 15th    Turkish military confront protesters on Bosphorus Bridge
Jul. 15th    Turkish military says it has taken power
Jul. 15th    Turkish military takes over CNN Turk building in Istanbul
Jul. 15th    Ankara’s presidential palace get bombed by F-16 fighter jets
Jul. 15th    Violent coup defeated in Turkey
Jul. 16th    At least 265 people killed more than 1,400 injured during failed coup in Turkey
Jul. 16th    FAA bans flights from Turkey to US after coup attempt
Jul. 16th    Macedonia to strengthens borders with Turkey after coup attempt
Jul. 16th    Pentagon: Turkey closes airspace from which ISIS strikes are launched
Jul. 16th    Turkish Army commanders detained after foiled coup attempt
Jul. 16th    7 Held as Turkey Police Search Air Base Used by U.S.
Jul. 19th    More than 15,000 Educators suspended after attempted coup
Jul. 19th    Erdogan targets more than 50,000 in purge after failed Turkish coup
Jul. 20th    Ankara sacks 21,000 teachers, bans academicians from leaving Turkey for work
Jul. 20th    Turkey suspends 900 police officers from Ankara force
Jul. 20th    Turkey’s president declares 3 month state of emergency (Marshall Law)
Jul. 21st    Syria’s president Assad says Erdogan is exploiting coup attempt
Jul. 25th    Turkish papers named US general as leader of coup in Turkey
Jul. 25th    Turkey Detains Dozens Of Journalists As EU Leaders Criticize Crackdown
Jul. 26th    Turkish opposition warns against post-coup witch hunt
Jul. 28th    Anti-American protesters gather outside US base in Incirlik, Turkey
Jul. 28th    Police deployed to protect Americans from Massive anti-US rally outside NATO airbase in Turkey
Jul. 29th    Turkish prosecutor accuses CIA and FBI of involvement in failed coup
Jul. 30th    Up to 7,000 Turkish troops surround NATO’s Incirlik Air Base

We alerted our readers that: “Europe will have its share of problems, especially connected to their refugee situation.” The turbulent refugee situation continued throughout the month of July in Europe as we can see below: 

Jul. 11th    Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve
Jul. 14th    Survivors of Paris Terror attacks sue French government over security failures
Jul. 16th    ISIS claims it inspired terror attack in Nice, France
Jul. 18th    Man injures 21 people with an axe on passenger train Wurzburg, Germany
Jul. 19th    I.S. claims responsibility for Germany ax attack 
Jul. 20th    ‘Beyond a massacre: France deliberately bombed Syrian civilians after Nice attack’
Jul. 21st    France orders security investigation in wake of Nice attack
Jul. 21st    Truck attack in Nice: No national police present, French govt. admits
Jul. 21st    French anti-terror police request footage of Massacre to be deleted
Jul. 22nd    Protests in France after black man dies in police custody
Jul. 23rd    German-Iranian opens fire in restaurant and passer byes in Munich
Jul. 24th    Syrian refugee kills 1, wound 2 in machete attack near Stuttgart Germany
Jul. 24th    Syrian refugee kills 1, wound 12 in suicide attack outside bar in Ansbach, Germany
Jul. 25th    4 attacks hit Germany in 1 week


In the 2016 Global Forecast we stated that great scandals would emerge causing disruptions in the lives of men and women of renown. Some would leave their positions under less than favorable circumstances. Interestingly enough, since we mentioned this in our initial forecast, scandals have rocked powerful people all over the world, some have stepped down from office and some powerful people have even disappeared from the public’s eye. This continues to occur almost on a daily basis as we exit the month of July:

Jul. 1st        Slovenian FM offers to resign over international border arbitration issue with Croatia
Jul. 4th        Farage quits as UKIP leader
Jul. 4th        Ling Jihua, Ex-Presidential Aide in China, Gets Life Sentence for Corruption
Jul. 5th        Iraq Interior Minister submits resignation after Baghdad bombings
Jul. 5th        Chipotle executive charged with drug possession is arrested
Jul. 6th        Shocking hospital scandal! More than 2400 doctors accused of sexual assault on Patients
Jul. 7th        US State Department to open Clinton email probe
Jul. 9th    Six more women accuse Fox News' Roger Ailes of sexual harassment
Jul. 11th    Democratic National Committee staffer killed in Washington, D.C. shooting
Jul. 14th    New Jersey 'Bridgegate' figure to plead guilty to federal charge -local media
Jul. 18th    3 sentenced to death, 5 given life sentences for Bangladesh 1971 war crimes
Jul. 18th    Christopher Correa, a Former Cardinals Executive, Sentenced to Four Years for Hacking Astros’ Database
Jul. 18th    Sri Lanka detained ex-president’s brother on suspicion over fund misappropriation
Jul. 19th    Portland school superintendent steps down amid lead scandal
Jul. 19th    Six months in prison is better than nothing for former L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca
Jul. 19th    HSBC executive busted for using insider information to score $3.5 billion profit: feds
Jul. 20th    Prominent journalist Pavel Sheremet killed in car bomb explosion in Kiev
Jul. 21st    Roger Ailes resigns as head of the Fox News channel
Jul. 21st    Former provincial official stands trial for bribery in China
Jul. 22nd    French court rules IMF chief Christine Lagarde stand trial for negligence
Jul. 22nd    US Justice Department formally charges 3 people in massive, $1 billion Medicare fraud scheme
Jul. 24th    Chinese officials suspended over slow flood response
Jul. 25th    DNC chairman resigns before Democratic convention
Jul. 25th    Former Chinese military leader sentenced to life for taking bribes
Jul. 25th    Republic of Congo opposition leader Makaya sentenced to 2 years
Jul. 27th    James Ramsey, University of Louisville president, resigns amid scandal
Jul. 28th    Alabama Supreme Court orders sheriff removed for corruption
Jul. 28th    GNC CEO step down, guidance suspended, shares plunge
Jul. 29th    Ireland jails 3 top bankers over 2008 banking meltdown
Jul. 29th    Michigan prosecutor charges six in Flint water scandal
Jul. 29th    Brazil’s former President Lula faces trial for obstruction of justice

                                                                                       POLITICAL UNREST

All areas of the human experience are being affected by turbulent energies. The political scene is certainly not immune, and in some cases may actually be a lot worse off. With negativity at an all-time high it seems unlikely that our leaders can lead us into anything but more chaos. This doesn’t have to be the case. In the days of ancient Israel leaders would be well versed in The Book of the Law of Mosheh; then they would know how to effectively lead the people. The Book of the Law was given to Mosheh based upon the pattern of the Supreme unifying principles of YHWH. The following headlines illustrate the sad truth that the unifying principles of YHWH are clearly missing from the overwhelming majority of our leaders today:

Jul. 2nd    Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI over email use
Jul. 7th        US House of Representatives grills FBI head over not recommending charges for Clinton in email case
Jul. 7th        Marco Rubio joins list of Republicans skipping GOP convention
Jul. 7th        US State Department to open Clinton email probe
Jul. 9th        Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn't want to imagine a Trump presidency
Jul. 11th    Theresa May next Prime Minister selected
Jul. 12th    Poll: Most disapprove of FBI decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton
Jul. 12th    David Cameron chairs final cabinet before Theresa May enters No 10
Jul. 12th    Loretta Lynch stonewalls Congress on Clinton email probe details
Jul. 17th    Protests against Trump at US republican convention
Jul. 18th    Trump Campaign Denounces John Kasich in Ohio, Where Convention Begins
Jul. 18th    Stephen Colbert crashes RNC stage to mock Donald Trump and Mike Pence in ‘Hungry for Power Games’
Jul. 18th    Republican convention floor erupts into chaos amid push for roll call vote
Jul. 19th    Pro- and anti-Trump forces hold dueling rallies in Cleveland
Jul. 21st    Cruz refuses to endorse Trump sparks chaos at NC convention
Jul. 25th    Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed at Chaotic Florida Delegation Breakfast
Jul. 25th    US Democratic National Convention opens amid email scandal
Jul. 26th    Bernie Sanders supporters walked out of the DNC in protest for second night
Jul. 27th    Over 50 protesters arrested at DNC convention as Obama spoke, Sanders supporters reject Clinton

                                                                      DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

We mentioned that disruptions in transportation would increase. Since that time we have seen a great spike in accidents especially by air. However as we venture into the upcoming months and years we will see equipment failures in all sectors of travel including rail, sea and road. Smoke and/or fire in airplanes and failed equipment are a glimpse into what has become a head scratching phenomena. The following headlines speak volumes: 


Jul. 1st        Pilot makes emergency landing in Jamestown believing plane to be on fire after instruments malfunctioned
Jul. 5th        EgyptAir voice recorder indicates attempt to put out fire
Jul. 5th        American Eagle jet makes emergency landing at Mason City airport in Iowa, for cockpit smoke
Jul. 5th        Dragonair plane makes emergency landing in Hong Kong after smoke and flames from engine
Jul. 6th        Two die as small plane crashes near Madrid when aircraft caught fire
Jul. 6th        Orlando-bound airliner makes emergency landing at JIA after smoke in cockpit
Jul. 8th        Mid-air flight emergency in UK airspace after smoke detected on board
Jul. 12th    Small plane makes emergency landing at Plattsburgh IA, NY due to smoke in the cockpit
Jul. 15th    Disabled Hawaiian Airlines jet lands in Hilo without incident after smoke detected in the cockpit
Jul. 18th    JetBlue flight makes emergency landing in Charleston, SC due to smoke in the cabin
Jul. 22nd    North Korea Air Koryo flight: forced to divert to Shenyang, China because the plane caught fire
Jul. 26th    Emirates flight made emergency landing after smoke was detected in cockpit, India
Jul. 26th    Medical transport plane makes emergency landing at LVIA, Washington after indicator light showed fire in the left engine.
Jul. 27th    Four dead in plane crash and fire at Columbia Airport, California
Jul. 27th    American Airlines plane makes emergency landing at DFW Airport, Texas due to fire shooting from engine
Jul. 29th    At least 2 confirmed dead in life flight plane crash, pilot declared emergency due to smoke in cockpit
Jul. 30th    Plane evacuated at Pearson due to smoke in cockpit, Canada


Jul. 1st        Syrian warplane crashes near Damascus, due to a technical fault, rebels seize pilot
Jul. 1st        Russian firefighting plane missing with 10 on board
Jul. 1st        3 soldiers dead in Mexico City helicopter crash
Jul. 1st        Plane makes emergency landing at PBIA, Florida after it's landing gear malfunctioned
Jul. 1st        3 with minor injuries after plane crash in Farmington Canyon due to loss of power
Jul. 2nd        Plane crash in cornfield after loss of power in Laurel, Delaware
Jul. 2nd        Plane damaged after emergency landing at Rhinebeck Aerodrome due to landing gear collapse
Jul. 2nd        Small plane makes emergency landing at Pitt Meadows airport in Canada due to landing gear failure
Jul. 3rd        Condor Airlines Technical Problem: Emergency Landing in Greece
Jul. 4th        Israel-bound flight makes emergency landing in Athens due to due to a technical problem
Jul. 5th        MQ-9 crashes in northern Syria when positive control of aircraft was lost
Jul. 6th        MiG-23 Fighter Crashes In Libya due to technical difficulties
Jul. 6th        Plane crash near Knox-Union line Tennessee due to engine trouble
Jul. 6th        Plane Crash Near Tanzania Border due to mechanical problems
Jul. 7th        Jet2 flight to Mallorca aborted soon after takeoff in Scotland due to problems with pitch control 
Jul. 7th        Plane makes emergency landing at Southend airport in UK after reporting technical issues 
Jul. 8th        Helicopter made emergency landing at Sumburgh Airport, UK after cockpit warning light came on
Jul. 8th        Emergency field landing near Newtownards for engine failure microlight
Jul. 9th        Plane makes emergency landing at Bradley International in Connecticut due to mechanical issue
Jul. 9th        Glitch Forces IndiGo Plane To Make Precautionary Landing in India
Jul. 9th        Plane makes emergency landing in Auckland with one engine shut down in New Zealand
Jul. 9th        Qatar Airways flight makes emergency landing in Romania due to engine trouble
Jul. 9th        Spicejet flight makes emergency landing in Dubai due to technical issues
Jul. 11th    United flight with engine issue makes emergency landing at Bush Airport
Jul. 12th    Plane makes emergency landing in Waihi due to difficulties
Jul. 12th    Emergency landing at YYC due to concerns that the aircraft’s nose landing gear had not locked into place, Canada
Jul. 13th    United Express Flight Returns To Redding After Landing-gear Malfunction
Jul. 13th    Passenger plane makes emergency landing in Ahvaz, Iran for technical failure
Jul. 13th    Plane makes emergency landing near Pictou, Canada due to engine problem
Jul. 13th    Emergency avoided at Greenwood airport trouble with its gear before landing
Jul. 14th    Pilot returns for emergency landing due to problems with nose gear at Maury Regional Airport, Tennessee, USA
Jul. 16th    Pilot maneuvers failing plane that lost power just after takeoff into open field in Longmont
Jul. 17th    Emergency Landing For Boris Johnson At Luton, UK, due to technical issue
Jul. 19th    Allegiant flight returns to Las Vegas after oil pressure indicator issue
Jul. 19th    Air India flight makes emergency landing at Kolkata, India due to technical snag in the flight
Jul. 24th    Pilot made emergency landing in Bismarck last night after landing gear failed
Jul. 24th    Sunderland plane forced to make emergency landing after engine fault in UK
Jul. 25th    Plane makes emergency landing at Spirit Airport, Missouri for mechanical issue 
Jul. 26th    Flight with mechanical issues makes emergency landing at Dulles Airport, Virginia
Jul. 27th    US Surveillance Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Siberia, due to landing gear malfunction
Jul. 27th    Hawaiian Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Japan due to oil pressure abnormality
Jul. 28th    Runway back open after private plane makes crash landing due to landing gear collapse, Texas
Jul. 28th    Electrical failure forces emergency plane landing in Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Jul. 28th    2 people escape with minor injuries as plane crashes due to engine trouble N. of Panama City Beach airport, Florida
Jul. 30th    Plane safely lands in Bouquet Canyon outside Santa Clarita due to loss of power
Jul. 31st    Pilot makes safe emergency landing south of Plano due to sudden loss of power, Illinois, USA


Jul. 1st        Two die in plane crash in northwestern Turkey
Jul. 1st        2 dead after plane crash east of Winnipeg, Canada
Jul. 2nd        Plane crash in Iran leaves one dead in Iran
Jul. 2nd        2 dead in small plane crash in Transylvania, Romania
Jul. 2nd        Plane Crashes Into Lake Travis, Texas
Jul. 2nd        Small Plane Crash Lands on Interstate 35 in Chisago County
Jul. 3rd        Man, child victims of deadly plane crash near Frankenmuth, Michigan police say 
Jul. 3rd        Small plane crash near L.A.
Jul. 4th        One person dies in plane crash off of US 27 in Florida
Jul. 4th        One person killed in plane crash in Buena Vista, Colorado
Jul. 4th        Small plane crashes in South Florida swampland
Jul. 4th        Plane crash off Brookings coast, Oregon, search continues
Jul. 5th        7 killed, 8 wounded in military helicopter crash in Turkey’s Giresun
Jul. 5th        6 killed in military helicopter crash in northern Turkey
Jul. 6th        7 killed in helicopter crash in northern Turkey
Jul. 8th        Three dead in Indonesian military chopper crash in Indonesia
Jul. 10th    Fighter Jet Crashes, Pilots Survive
Jul. 11th    Lockheed C-130 Hercules plane crashes at Portugal military base killing three
Jul. 11th    Pilot dies in TVA helicopter crash in Hickory, Kentucky, USA
Jul. 12th    Man killed in light plane crash near SA-NT border
Jul. 13th    MI-2 helicopter crashes in Sumy region, Ukraine
Jul. 13th    Pilot dies in crash of small plane in rural area of Saskatchewan, Canada
Jul. 14th    Military helicopter crash kills two in central Tunisia
Jul. 14th    Pakistani Military Helicopter Crashes
Jul. 14th    Two pilots from missing private plane rescued off Hawaii coast
Jul. 14th    Four people die in Slovenia plane crash, Slovenia
Jul. 16th    No one around when plane crash discovered in Butler County, Kansas
Jul. 16th    Small plane with 4 people on board has crashed in Esperance, New York
Jul. 16th    2 taken to hospital after small plane crash in Westwood, Massachusetts, USA
Jul. 17th    Pilot in serious condition after light plane crash at Bridport, Australia
Jul. 17th    Three injured in SA helicopter crash north-east of Hawker, Australia
Jul. 17th    Five casualties after helicopter accident in Yorkshire, UK
Jul. 17th    Small Plane Crashes In Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
Jul. 18th    Two people die in plane crash in Michigan, USA
Jul. 18th    Pilot Killed In Cache County Plane Crash
Jul. 18th    Plane crashes at Shoreham Airport, UK
Jul. 18th    Emergency crews respond to small plane crash in Helena, Montana
Jul. 18th    Two injured in plane crash in Phelps County, Missouri
Jul. 19th    Plane crash in Parker County sends three to the hospital, Texas
Jul. 21st    Small plane crash in neighborhood streets in Plainfield, Illinois
Jul. 22nd    Married couple injured in Polk Co. plane crash in Florida
Jul. 22nd    2 dead in ‘horrific’ Clark County, Ohio plane crash
Jul. 22nd    2 die when biplane crashes during acrobatics in Oklahoma
Jul. 23rd    Two crop duster planes crashed in rural Yolo County, CA killing one of the pilots.
Jul. 23rd    Small Plane Crashes In Haddam, Pilot Injured Critically, Connecticut, USA
Jul. 24th    Small plane crashes into Cape Cod airport parking lot, Massachusetts, USA
Jul. 24th    Pilot injured in small plane crash in Wisconsin
Jul. 24th    Pilot survives plane crash into lake off Wellesley Island, New York 
Jul. 24th    2 killed in plane crash reported near Leshara, Nebraska, USA
Jul. 24th    Man in hospital after plane crash near Washago, Canada
Jul. 26th    2 Fighter Jets Crash Into Each Other While Training For Rio 2016, Brazil
Jul. 27th    Man suffers serious injuries after helicopter crash, Australia
Jul. 27th    Pilot walks away uninjured after James City County plane crash, Virginia
Jul. 28th    2 in critical condition following plane crash in Fond du Lac Co., Wisconsin
Jul. 28th    The third plane crash in Wisconsin in 24 hours on Thursday has killed the pilot
Jul. 28th    Small airplane misses runway, crash-lands at Henderson Executive Airport, Nevada
Jul. 28th    Dorchester man killed in crash of spray plane, Nebraska
Jul. 29th    FAA, NTSB to look into crop-dusting helicopter crash near Outlook, Washington
Jul. 29th    Marine Corps warplane crashes in California desert, killing pilot
Jul. 29th    Plane crash on Otis Redding ranch in Jones County, Georgia


Jul. 9th        Delta flight from Atlanta to Denver diverted due to ill passengers
Jul. 13th    Plane forced to divert to Manchester Airport after man became 'aggressive' to crew and passengers
Jul. 21st    Mid-flight brawl on Jetstar flight prompts emergency landing, Indonesia
Jul. 21st    24 passengers taken to hospital for itchy skin, difficulty breathing, and burning eyes


Jul. 12th    F-16 makes emergency landing at Changi Airport, Singapore
Jul. 13th    Plane makes second emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport, Scotland
Jul. 15th    Major tragedy averted, Air India Flight Makes An Emergency landing In Gaya, India
Jul. 19th    Small plane makes emergency landing in South Dakota field
Jul. 20th    American Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Panama City Beach
Jul. 24th    3 people unhurt after helicopter makes emergency landing in southern Alberta, Canada
Jul 25th        Plane traveling from Florida to NY makes emergency landing at RDU, North Carolina
Jul. 28th    Dubai flight makes emergency landing in Mumbai, India over ‘violent’ passenger
Jul. 31st    US surveillance plane makes emergency landing in Russia


Jul. 2nd        Bus accident kills 26 in north China: report
Jul. 2nd        26 die in bus crash in China’s Tianjin City
Jul. 2nd        5 dead, 25 hospitalized in Florida bus crash
Jul. 2nd        Road accident in Central Uganda leaves 17 dead, several injured
Jul. 4th        Caustic fracking chemical spills in San Antonio train derailment
Jul. 7th        24 injured as blast rocks passenger train in Taiwan
Jul. 19th    26 trapped and killed in tour bus blaze
Jul. 24th    8 dead, 20 missing in Malaysia boat accident
Jul. 25th    Train hits school van in northern India, kills eight children
Jul. 29th    Taiwan bus crashes blamed on drunk bus driver


Jul. 5th        El Al flight from NY lands in Israel after bomb threat
Jul. 8th        Delta plane lands at wrong airport, sparks government safety review
Jul. 11th    “Mysterious alert” South Africa Airlink says plane not hijacked - alert an 'anomaly
Jul. 21st    Light plane makes emergency landing into Liverpool Golf Club dam, Australia
Jul. 22nd    Indian Air Force's AN-32 Plane With 29 On Board Missing, Massive Search Ops On
Jul. 22nd    Southwest Airlines computer outage grounds fleet nationwide 

Coming to the close of the July forecast, we believe that it has been pretty evident that we do indeed live in precarious times. It we don’t believe it now, it will become clear that our fiat currency, silver and gold won’t protect us. Our inventions and cleverness won’t protect us. Our leaders and political system has yet to protect us. If you believe, we read in Psalm 91 where our protection comes from, and how to receive it. “I will say to Yahweh. My refuge and my fortress, my Father, in whom I trust.  He will deliver you from the hunter’s net, from the destructive plague...Because you have made Yahweh- your refuge the Most High- your dwelling place, no harm will come to you.” Being aware doesn’t mean being afraid. Choosing to be watchful and sharing what you see doesn’t mean you’re being negative. If the owner of the house knew what time he would be robbed, he would have prepared. By turning to our Father with all of our heart, soul, and might we can find safety for ourselves and those who will listen deeply to the message of light during these challenging times. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” tell your friends and family, and join us next month as we highlight headlines that takes place next month in the 2016 Global Forecast Update for August.