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                                                             2017 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE 


                                                                                                          AUGUST 31, 2017

Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me."

We are at the threshold of great change, transformation, and awakening in the earth. August is a preparatory time. We’re in the thick of the smoldering summer heat, but we know the relief of cooler autumn temperatures is just around the corner. If ever there was a time to prepare for the colder darker months ahead, now is the time. While each moment can be lived from a place of gratitude and appreciation, we still keep a watchful eye on the challenges that lie ahead for us as individuals and as a global society. Let’s not get lost in the revelry of the last hurrah of summer, nor become bedraggled by depressing news events. It is our time to shine whatever light we have received to bring balance and healing to our planet. Expect anything this fall. Prepare for everything as best you can. At the same time give thanks for all things believing in the unseen power that is working all things out for the benefit of those who open their hearts to true love. So don’t despair. The following, is our ever present list of topics that we have asked our readers to keep a close eye on:

  • Donald Trump doesn’t make it through a full term of his presidency
  • We continue to see an increase in the amount of record natural disasters
  • We see a dramatic rise in sea levels
  • Great scandals continue to cause great men and women to step down. Some may even get arrested
  • Terror strikes around the globe continue for a while
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry for a while
  • Increases in diseases continue, and “cures” are touted to be found to eradicate them
  • Disruptions in travel continue
  • Food shortages spread, before there is a so-called solution
  • Global financial unrest leads to a global currency reset
  • There is an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.”
The following headlines give testimony to the devastation that has befallen our land and animals. Because we do not hear of these events on a daily basis, we miss the signs that show us that a shift is near. The end as we know it is not a bad thing, but for those who are not prepared it will seem to be very bad indeed. (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                                         ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 

Aug. 1st 2 whales dead after stranding in Queensland, Australia
Aug. 1st 66,500 chickens killed due to avian flu in Inner Mongolia, China
Aug. 2nd 150 pigs killed in Brong Ahafo region, Ghana
Aug. 3rd Thousands of dead fish found in the waters of Western Lake Estates, Texas, America
Aug. 3rd Mass die off of fish in a lake in California, America
Aug. 6th Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Dover, England
Aug. 6th 140 dead dolphins have washed up this summer along coast of Romania
Aug. 7th Many hundreds of dead fish wash up in Orange Beach, Alabama, America,51814
Aug. 8th 1,100 cows die suddenly on a farm in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Aug. 8th 1 million chickens killed due to avian flu in Zimbabwe and South Africa
Aug. 9th Mass die off of fish in the waters of Cherkasy, Ukraine
Aug. 9th Dozens of sea lions washing up, 31 dead since June, in California, America
Aug. 9th 12th right whale found dead, this time in Massachusetts, America
Aug. 9th Hundreds dead Shearwater birds found washed up on Long Island beaches in Dead Shearwaters NY, America
Aug. 10th 90 tons of fish have died in fish farms in Vung Tau, Vietnam
Aug. 11th Philippines to cull 400,000 fouls after bird flu outbreak
Aug. 13th 2 million cattle dead due to 'devastating drought' in Ethiopia
Aug. 15th Tens of tons of dead fish found in a fish farm in Cianjur, Indonesia
Aug. 17th Thousands of dead fish washing ashore along Tampa Bay coast, America
Aug. 18th Dozens of dead dolphins and turtles are washing up on the Gulf Coast, America
Aug. 18th 13,103 birds infected, 9,752, killed and culled in bird flu outbreak at quail farms in Luodian, China
Aug. 20th 2,474 cattle have died, 'reason unknown' in Chuquisaca, Bolivia
Aug. 21st 4,000 birds killed due to disease in Kalmar County, Sweden
Aug. 22nd 200,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Pampanga, Philippines
Aug. 23rd Hundreds of dead fish found washed up in Guaymas, Mexico
Aug. 23rd Hundreds, maybe thousands of dead Snow Geese found washed up in Cambridge Bay, Canada
Aug. 23rd Anthrax outbreak kills several cattle in Bajaur, Pakistan
Aug. 25th Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Batang, Indonesia
Aug. 29th 2,600 birds must be culled due to bird flu outbreak found at a Vietnamese farm
Aug. 29th Hundreds of thousands of dead fish found washed up on a beach in Cornwall, England
Aug. 30th Thousands of dead fish found in a nature reserve in Lampertheim, Germany
Aug. 30th Massive amounts of dead fish wash up in the Keelung River, Taiwan

                                                           EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Isaiah 13:11-13“… Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will shake from its foundations at the wrath of Yahweh on the day of His burning anger.” 
So, it’s one thing if fireworks cause the sky to rumble. Pretty much everyone can enjoy the sky all ablaze with a myriad of lights to offset the darkness. It’s quite a different story if the rumbling one hears is due to the earth cracking around their feet, or the walls toppling upon them and their loved ones. In the shift that we are at the threshold of we are seeing great earth changes. We are seeing signs in the heavens and we are seeing the perplexity in mankind. The USGS recorded 8,522 earthquakes during August 2016. In August 2017 the USGS recorded 11,386 earthquakes. There were 2,864 more earthquakes this year than there were last year at the same time. Nine hundred and thirteen of these quakes were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following 27 did not make the mainstream news in August however, they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Aug. 1st        Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake strikes WNW of Vinchina, Argentina
Aug. 2nd        Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake strikes ENE of Lampa, Chile
Aug. 5th    Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake strikes NE of Suyan, Philippines
Aug. 6th    Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake strikes WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Aug. 6th    Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake strikes Southeast Indian Ridge
Aug. 6th    Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake strikes SW of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
Aug. 8th    Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake strikes WSW of Yongle, China
Aug. 8th    Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake strikes SSE of Dostyq, Kazakhstan
Aug. 11th    Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake strikes E of Prinza, Philippines
Aug. 11th    Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake strikes WNW of Camana, Peru
Aug. 12th    Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake strikes WSW of Coquimbo, Chile
Aug. 13th    Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake strikes W of Bengkulu, Indonesia
Aug. 13th    Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake strikes N of Satipo, Peru
Aug. 14th    Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake strikes Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
Aug. 14th    Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake strikes SSW of Abepura, Indonesia
Aug. 16th    Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake strikes WNW of Naze, Japan
Aug. 18th    Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake strikes North of Ascension Island
Aug. 18th    Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake strikes S of Amahusu, Indonesia
Aug. 19th    Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake strikes SE of Lambasa, Fiji
Aug. 27th    Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake strikes S of Ngulung Wetan, Indonesia
Aug. 27th    Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake strikes NE of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea
Aug. 30th    Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake strikes ENE of Santa Cruz das Flores, Portugal
Aug. 30th    Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake strikes ENE of Santa Cruz das Flores, Portugal
Aug. 31st    Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake strikes ENE of Santa Cruz das Flores, Portugal

                                                              NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES

Eccl 3:18 says: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot,a time to kill and a time to heal. Now is the time to prepare as we see the days approaching. In the days of Noah, the overwhelming majority did not prepare as Noah preached for 600 years, when time expired they couldn’t. Certainly, we don’t want to be caught off guard with so many warnings over the last 2000 years. Below, we read of several natural weather emergencies that took place in August.

Aug. 5th New Orleans floods as downpour overwhelms city pump stations
Aug. 6th Flooding shuts down Interstate 35 in Kansas City
Aug. 6th Rare August Tulsa tornado injures nearly 30, knocks out power to thousands
Aug. 6th Flash Floods and Landslides in Veneto Region Leave 1 Dead in Italy
Aug. 7th Flash Floods in New Orleans, Kansas City and Las Vegas
Aug. 8th Flooding and landslides in China’s Sichuan Province killed dozens, at least 17 missing
Aug. 8th Floods Affect Thousands as Major Rivers Overflow, Venezuela
Aug. 9th Flash Floods Prompt Dozens of Flood Rescues in Houston
Aug. 10th Summer Storm Brings Flooding to Eastern and Southern England, UK
Aug. 13th Hundreds Displaced as Floods in Far East Damage Homes and Roads, Russia
Aug. 13th 12 Killed in Flash Floods in North Iran
Aug. 14th 180,000 Evacuated After Floods in Bihar, India
Aug. 14th Dozens Dead After Torrential Rain Triggers Floods and Landslides in Nepal
Aug. 14th Third Wave of Flooding Hits Assam, India 2 Million Affected
Aug. 15th Over 300 Dead After Mudslide and Floods in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Aug. 16th Rivers at Record High, Floods Affect 1.3 Million in Bangladesh
Aug, 20th At least 700 killed in South Asia floods
Aug. 21st Flash Floods in Sudak, Crimea Prompt Evacuations, Dozens of Cars Damaged
Aug. 21st Floods Worsen as Death Toll Rises in Bangladesh
Aug. 21st Bihar, India Floods Death Toll Rises to 253, Almost 700,000 Displaced
Aug. 23rd Kansas City Flash Floods Leave 1 Dead, Dozens Rescued
Aug. 23rd Floods Affect 2 Million in Uttar Pradesh, India as West Rapti River Reaches Record High
Aug. 23rd Typhoon Hato kills 12 in Macau and southern China
Aug. 24th 100 People Rescued From Flash Floods, Roads and Bridges Destroyed in Ireland and UK
Aug. 25th Flood Havoc in 5 States, Sudan
Aug. 25th 2,000 Displaced by Floods in Northern Region, Deadly Landslide in Western Region, Uganda
Aug. 26th Hurricane Harvey causes ‘widespread devastation' as it continues to hammer southern Texas
Aug. 28th Houston flooding after Harvey may be worst ever
Aug. 29th Hurricane Harvey wreaks more havoc, makes second landfall in Louisiana
Aug. 29th Rain Destroys Over 100 Homes in El Gezira, Sudan
Aug. 30th Deadly Floods in Maharashtra, India Mumbai Streets Under Water
Aug. 30th Louisiana races to evacuate amid flooding
Aug. 30th South Asia floods kill 1,200 and shut 1.8 million children out of school
Aug. 31st Deadly Floods in Niamey, Niger 200 Homes Destroyed

                                                         ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28:58-62 says: If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…
Our land is a beautiful one. The Earth has offered us a rich canvas of colors, scents, and sounds to make our sensory experience a good one. Consider innumerable flowers and plants dressed in magnificent hues of every color on the spectrum. Many of our plant friends offer us not only their beauty, but their healing properties as well. Mountains invite us to reach new heights where we can breathe fresher, crisper air. Rivers, lakes, springs, and other bodies of water, sustain the organisms on this wondrous planet. With all the blessings the earth provides we should not overlook the fact that when our environment is in distress, we are too. Below we see an array of headlines showing how the earth is stressing. Some stresses are necessary for growth and renewal, but others are just downright dangerous to the immediate physical existence. We are approaching a critical time period in which the old elementals of the earth are passing away and a new spiritually rich period is dawning. During this period a new creation will be raised out of the destruction and chaos of the old and fallen one.

Aug. 1st Mysterious craters in Russia could spell trouble for the planet
Aug. 3rd Deadly explosion collapses Minneapolis school building
Aug. 4th Fire Engulfs World's Tallest Residential Tower in Dubai
Aug. 10th Asia Records $10bn Economic Loss After July Floods
Aug. 10th 2 San Jose airport workers hospitalized after exposure to carbon monoxide
Aug. 11th Fire breaks out inside Air India office at Bangladesh airport
Aug. 11th US govt. report shows 2016 as hottest year globally in 137 years of recorded weather data
Aug. 14th At least 300 Hundred people feared dead as mudslides hit near Sierra Leone Capital
Aug. 15th Oceans in Opposition: Giant Pacific Waves Crash in Chile while another Historical Atlantic Ocean Receding is reported in Brazil
Aug. 15th Over 40 Killed in Himachal Pradesh, India Landslide
Aug. 15th Sea Recedes Mysteriously from Beaches in Uruguay and Brazil
Aug. 19th Western Wildfires Trigger Evacuations in California, Oregon
Aug. 24th 8 missing after mudslide near Italian border
Aug. 25th New mudslide hits Swiss Alpine village with people still missing
Aug. 27th More than 100 people treated after mystery 'chemical haze' hits UK coast
Aug. 29th Sinkhole Swallows Man's Leg As He Crosses New York City Street
Aug. 30th Harvey releases millions of pounds of pollutants
Aug. 31st Explosions Rock Flooded Houston-Area Chemical Plant

Aug. 2nd A Strange Type of Anthrax Is Killing Chimpanzees in Taï National Park, Ivory Coast
Aug. 4th 14 dead in West Darfur camp, Sudan
Aug. 4th Over 5,000 infected with dengue virus in Laos
Aug. 4th 235 dengue cases in Kalaburagi district, India
Aug. 5th 2 more succumb to H1N1 in Ahmedabad; toll rises to 24
Aug. 5th Swine flu death toll reaches 16 in Rangoon, Myanmar
Aug. 8th 13 deaths due to swine flu in Uttar Pradesh, India
Aug. 8th Fleas test positive for plague in Red Lake, Arizona
Aug. 9th 10 cholera cases, five deaths recorded in Eastern Lakes state, Sudan
Aug. 10th Deadly dengue fever outbreak in northern Pakistan
Aug. 10th Japanese encephalitis kills seven in Manipur, India
Aug. 10th Viral fever kills 2 in LUTH, staff critically ill in Lagos, Nigeria
Aug. 11th Fleas in Two Arizona Counties Tested Positive for the Plague
Aug. 11th Plague-carrying fleas found again in northern Arizona
Aug. 11th Almost 500 000 people caught cholera in Yemen
Aug. 11th 17 people die of cholera in Vertet County, Sudan
Aug. 11th Nearly 5,000 new dengue cases in Hanoi, Vietnam
Aug. 13th Fleas in Arizona test positive for the Bubonic Plague
Aug. 13th Mysterious death of pigs, dogs creates panic in Malkangiri, India
Aug. 14th Six cholera patients die, 48 new cases recorded in Khartoum, Sudan
Aug. 14th 11 deaths in one day, toll crosses 200 mark in Gujarat, India
Aug. 15th 19 people die of cholera in Kapoeta state, Sudan
Aug. 16th Death toll from swine flu reaches 25 in Myanmar
Aug. 17th Three deaths reported and highest cases of swine flu in a day in Lucknow, India
Aug. 17th Swine flu claimed 15 lives in Punjab, India this summer
Aug. 17th Ten more succumb to swine flu in Ahmedabad, India
Aug. 17th Mysterious Illness Kills 62 In Kogi, Nigeria
Aug. 18th Fifteen cholera dead in West Darfur camp, Sudan
Aug. 19th 11 dead as Dengue becomes alarming in Peshawar
Aug. 21st Chikwawa, Malawi Hit By Cholera Outbreak
Aug. 21st FMD Outbreaks in Masvingo, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe Lead to Death of Cattle
Aug. 21st Number of dengue patients crosses 1,000 in Peshawar, India
Aug. 22nd Delhi's central govt hospitals report rise in swine flu deaths
Aug. 22nd More than 1,500 dengue cases reported in Peshawar, Pakistan
Aug. 24th Swine Flu Claims Lives in Madhya Pradesh, India
Aug. 25th Swine flu toll reaches 316 in Gujarat, India
Aug. 26th Swine flu death toll reaches 26 in Odisha, India
Aug. 26th Dengue fever claims another life in Peshawar, Pakistan
Aug. 27th Two die of Congo virus in Loralai, Pakistan
Aug. 28th Swine flu kills seven more in state, Gujarat, India
Aug. 29th Dengue cases in Tamil Nadu, India cross 7,000 mark
Aug. 29th 14 dead in San Diego hepatitis A outbreak
Aug. 31st H1N1 claims lives of 3 residents in City Kurukshetra, India

                                                                           SIGNS OF THE TIMES 

Signs are very useful in helping us plan our direction. When we know what to look for we have a better idea of what steps to take. Wise fishers familiar with the signs of an impending tsunami know when it’s time to ditch the boat and head for higher ground. Those who see the signs but fail to take necessary precautions may find themselves swept away with the current. Here, also, if we see the signs of potential danger and fail to prepare, we may find ourselves swept away with the troubles of the times. We have been seeing signs over the past 30 years. In 2012 we entered a new period and in September 2015 the effects of the new period accelerated. We are seeing a last minute ditch effort to resist the coming changes through deceptive signs and wonders, but it will be to no avail. Our monthly updates have documented the acceleration since 2015. Below we can see some of the signs for this month.

Aug. 7th Strange Sea Creatures Chewed Up This Teen Boy's Legs
Aug. 14th Shark Bites Boy Swimming Off Hilton Head Island In South Carolina
Aug. 15th Hunter trampled and killed by elephant in Namibia

Aug. 3rd Gene editing fixes harmful mutation in human embryos for first time
Aug. 4th US scientists now able to alter genes of human embryo
Aug. 7th New device can heal with a single touch, and even repair brain injuries
Aug. 9th Salmon becomes world’s first genetically-modified animal to enter food supply

Aug. 1st Power Restored to more than 14,000 Homes in Perth after Fire at Power Substation
Aug. 4th Transformer Fire in Piti, Feeder Line Trouble in Yigo
Aug. 5th Fire hits Power Substation in Makati City
Aug. 5th Hot Wheels: UAE Temperatures so High Cars are Bursting into Flames

Aug. 1st Facebook shuts down robots after they invent their own language
Aug. 4th Planned Parenthood Teach "Genitals don't determine their Gender"
Aug. 9th Unarmed Russian Air Force jet flies over Pentagon, Capitol, CIA, White House
Aug. 10th “Black Sky Event”: Feds Preparing for Widespread Power Outages across U.S.
Aug. 17th CA Bill: 1 Year in Jail for using Wrong Transgender Pronoun
Aug. 20th President Maduro strips Venezuela’s parliament of power
Aug. 25th Canada introduces third 'unspecified' gender for passports
Aug. 31st The Biggest Asteroid to Pass Earth Since Records Began

                                                                GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

We see bankruptcies, municipalities failing, companies laying off, employees, and more. Undoubtedly these circumstances have caused unrest in the minds of some who may have been affected by job layoffs and company closings. There is a lesson to be learned here: true peace and security is not found in anything as transient as a job that can be here today and gone tomorrow. The global economy seems to be slowly getting worked into a position of collapse. True peace is cultivated by a mind that has grown to trust safely in the only Source of Power in the Universe. When peace of mind is attained those who acknowledge Source in all that they do can feel a sense of security knowing that heaven is looking out for them regardless of what the economic climate may look like. 

Aug. 10th The City of Amarillo to lay off 8 in IT Dept.
Aug. 10th USPS Financial woes swell w $2.1B net loss last quarter

Aug. 5th Middletown CT Schools to lay off 11 teachers
Aug. 8th Chicago Public Schools plans to payoff 1,000
Aug. 10th Central Texas School for the Performing Arts Closing in Temple TX
Aug. 10th St. Helen’s School in Southeast Fresno
Aug. 16th Charlotte School of Law closing in Charlotte NC

Aug. 2nd Ocular Therapeutix to lay off 26
Aug. 4th Teva Pharmaceutical to lay off 7,000
Aug. 8th Oak Ridge National Laboratory to lay off up to 350
Aug. 8th Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. to lay off 58
Aug. 9th Brookhaven National Laboratory to lay off 175 using Buyouts
Aug. 9th Kindred Healthcare plans to close its long-term care hospital in Detroit by Sept. 30.
Aug. 12th NantHealth Inc. to lay off 300
Aug. 16th Edward-Elmhurst Health - Some Layoffs
Aug. 19th St. Joseph’s Health Syracuse NY - 300 Vol. Buyouts
Aug. 23rd Providence Health & Services to lay off 210
Aug. 24th Cascade Opticians closing in Great Falls MT
Aug. 24th The Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center closing in VA
Aug. 24th The Everett Clinic to lay off 24
Aug. 26th Lutz Wing Nursing Home closing operations in Fairmont, MN
Aug. 29th Layoffs Possible at St. Charles Health System
Aug. 30th Eagle Crest nursing home closing at 8336 Fair Oaks Blvd CA - 72 Layoffs
Aug. 30th Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale to lay off 23
Aug. 31st Humana Home Based Care Division to lay off 180

Aug. 1st First Potomac Realty Trust to possibly lay off 50
Aug. 10th Capital One Rolling Meadows Office to lay off 400
Aug. 18th SunTrust Bank plans to close three Macon branches — a trend seen across the country
Aug. 21st High street banks shutting more than TEN branches every week
Aug. 22nd Fortis Management Group LLC in Milwaukee to lay off 250

Aug. 1st Under Armour slashing hundreds of jobs
Aug. 1st Under Armour to lay off 280
Aug. 2nd Some Layoffs coming to PayPal Chandler Office
Aug. 2nd Kearney’s Wilke True Value closing in NE
Aug. 4th Bed Bath Beyond to lay off 880 Assistant / Dept. Store Managers
Aug. 5th Lowes Layoff Delivery Drivers
Aug. 9th Lexmark to lay off 700 Worldwide
Aug. 9th General Electric plans to close its manufacturing facility on Science Parkway in Rochester
Aug. 9th Sam’s Club is closing a Manchester New Hampshire Store
Aug. 10th Allstate to lay off 500 this year
Aug. 10th General Electric Lighting plant closing in Mattoon IL closing Friday
Aug. 11th Cascades Inc. plans to close its packaging plant in New York City - 148 Layoffs
Aug. 11th Westinghouse to Furlough 870 Employees
Aug. 16th Union Pacific to cut 750 jobs
Aug. 16th CSX Avon Indiana - Job Cuts Expected
Aug. 19th Siemens Wind Energy Hutchinson Kan. to lay off 140
Aug. 19th Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy to lay off 140
Aug. 21st Macy's Inc Merchandising Operations to lay off 100
Aug. 22nd Westinghouse Electric in Rock Hill to furlough off 100
Aug. 24th Groupon to lay off 130 in Customer Service
Aug. 24th Kmart to close an additional 28 Stores this year
Aug. 25th The Books-A-Million closing location in Madison
Aug. 26th Possible Layoffs at Intel
Aug. 26th Best Buy closing in Auburn CA
Aug. 29th Dillard’s closing store at Central Mall
Aug. 30th Comcast at Oak Brook Sales Center to lay off 200
Aug. 31st GE's new CEO preparing job cuts in bid to reduce costs
Aug. 31st Layoffs at Disney's ABC Television Group

Aug. 1st Boeing offers more Buyout at North Charleston Campus
Aug. 1st American Red Cross will close its blood services call center in Omaha - 135 Jobs Lost
Aug. 1st Wilke's True Value closing in Kearney NE
Aug. 1st New England Orthotic and Prosthetic Systems files for bankruptcy
Aug. 3rd Chariots of Palm Beach files for bankruptcy
Aug. 6th PenAir files for bankruptcy
Aug. 7th Armstrong to Consolidate Hardwood Production into 6 Plants, Closing 2
Aug. 7th Interstate Label Company files for bankruptcy
Aug. 7th Knight Energy Holdings LLC files for bankruptcy
Aug. 7th Suarez Corporation Industries files for bankruptcy
Aug. 10th Peekay Boutiques of Auburn Files For Bankruptcy
Aug. 11th Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Division to lay off 40
Aug. 11th Goodwill of Southern Nevada Files For Bankruptcy
Aug. 13th The Alaska Dispatch News Files For Bankruptcy
Aug. 15th Air Berlin files for bankruptcy protection
Aug. 15th Los Angeles’s Shepherd University files for bankruptcy
Aug. 16th Flo’s Restaurants Inc. files for bankruptcy
Aug. 18th Alevo USA and Alevo Manufacturing files for bankruptcy
Aug. 24th GraceWood Rehabilitation and Nursing Care files bankruptcy, closing
Aug. 27th Perfumania files for bankruptcy
Aug. 28th El Ideal Foods files for bankruptcy
Aug. 29th Xtreme Xcavating files for bankruptcy
Aug. 30th Raleigh’s Bella Monica Flatbread Company files for bankruptcy

Aug. 1st Pickwick Restaurant closing in Park Ridge IL
Aug. 1st Lucky's Market to close Ellisville Store
Aug. 2nd Gordy's Market has announced it is closing one of its stores in Chippewa Falls Wis.
Aug. 4th Taylor's Grocery Outlet, to lay off in the 1400 block of West Second Street Owensboro KY
Aug. 4th TreeHouse Food to closing 2 Factories in Minnesota and Indiana - 375 Layoffs
Aug. 5th Ryleigh's Oyster closes Mount Vernon restaurant
Aug. 5th Hudson Valley Snacks and Soda, LLC to close plant and layoff 38
Aug. 8th PDQ Food Stores Inc to lay off 313
Aug. 8th Saladworks, located at 44 Ionia Avenue SW closing in Grand Rapids Michigan
Aug. 8th Rubicon Brewing Company closing in Sacramento CA
Aug. 8th Smoke BBQ closing in Delray Beach, FL
Aug. 9th The Stumptown Coffee shop closing at 616 E. Pine St. in Seattle WA
Aug. 10th Black Forest Restaurant closing in Nederland CO
Aug. 10th Applebees may close up to 135 Restaurants
Aug. 10th Dean Foods is closing its PET Dairy fluid milk processing plant in Richmond VA - 75 Jobs Lost
Aug. 10th Joe’s Crab Shack closing its doors at its Amherst NY location
Aug. 10th Gordy's Market closes Hamilton Avenue store WI
Aug. 10th East Texas Skinner's Corner Store closing in Lakeport
Aug. 15th Snap Kitchen in Austin and Houston to lay off 150
Aug. 16th Dutch Kitchen closing restaurant in Arcola IL
Aug. 16th Glens Falls NY Food Co-Op closing
Aug. 16th Met Fresh supermarket closing in Central Nyack
Aug. 17th Dairy Fresh Brand closing in Taylor Michigan
Aug. 17th Joe's Crab Shack closes 40+ Restaurants
Aug. 18th Brick’s Market closing in Tunkhannock PA
Aug. 18th Mangiamo! Closing at 1033 Lake Dr. SE, in Grand Rapid, MI
Aug. 18th Porfirio’s Tacos  closingin Austin TX
Aug. 21st Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen to lay off 70 Corp. Workers
Aug. 21st McDonald's to shut down 169 Outlets in India amid dispute w local partner (International)
Aug. 23rd Blue Apron to lay off 14 Recruiters
Aug. 23rd Burlington VT to lay off 45
Aug. 23rd The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory closing in the Holiday Village Mall in Great Falls
Aug. 23rd Hump's Restaurant closing in Clatskanie OR
Aug. 23rd Little DeMarinis pizza restaurant Bay View closing in WI
Aug. 25th The Northern Pacific Beanery closing in Livingston MT
Aug. 25th Honey Store located on West Union Street, Athens Ohio closing
Aug. 26th Box Bar closing in downtown Plymouth MI
Aug. 26th Penzeys Spices closing in Carle Place NY
Aug. 28th Mac’s Grub Shak closing in Spring Hill TN
Aug. 28th Ringside Grill closing at 14021 NE Glisan St
Aug. 29th Hard Times Café will close its Manassas location VA
Aug. 29th Randolfi's Italian Kitchen closing at 6665 Delmar Boulevard, University City MO
Aug. 31st Kellogg Co. in Battle Creek to lay off 223
Aug. 31st Dole Food Co. to lay off 172 from Ca. Strawberry Farm
Aug. 31st That Tom Thumb grocery store closing off University Drive in Fort Worth

Aug. 1st Fisher Barton closing in Fountain Inn, 100 Jobs Lost
Aug. 2nd Deufol North America Inc. Sunman IN to lay off 250
Aug. 2nd Sabre Corp. to lay off 900
Aug. 3rd Booth Energy to lay off 217
Aug. 5th Navistar Melrose Park to lay off 170
Aug. 8th Aramark to lay off up to 175
Aug. 9th Abacus Tech. to lay off 388 Kennedy Space Center Location
Aug. 9th NRG Energy to lay off 100
Aug. 9th General Foam to close Tarboro plant - 215 Jobs Lost
Aug. 14th Cox Automotive to lay off 950
Aug. 14th PHH to lay off 600+
Aug. 15th Resolute Forest Products in Calhoun, Tenn to lay off 222
Aug. 15th AGCO to lay off 200
Aug. 15th dlhBOWLES Engineering Manufacturing and Fluid Management Plant in Carrollton Ohio- 100 Jobs Lost
Aug. 16th Jet Aviation St. Louis - 330 Layoffs Expected
Aug. 16th APTIM Services LLC - 167 in NY
Aug. 19th Frontier Communications closing call center and training support facility in Weldon Spring - 141 Layoffs
Aug. 19th Vintage Rabbit Antique Mall closing
Aug. 24th AECOM in Pennsylvania to lay off 108
Aug. 28th Pefumania plans to close 64 Stores
Aug. 29th Allergan to lay off 109 in Irvine
Aug. 31st Thyssenkrupp (International) to lay off 1,500
Aug. 31st 1,000 Layoffs Possible at Gordy's
Aug. 31st Newton Yellow Cab Newton MA closing

                                                                         GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

Revelation 11:18: The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small- and for destroying those who destroy the earth.
If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself then make a change. The late singer, songwriter Michael Jackson sang rich words of truth in that one line. With the amount of headlines featuring social unrest, clearly the world needs to become a better place. If we reflect on the energy of the world today we would have to say that the governments and people of nations are angry. The world, also, is made up of many individuals who are able to change themselves. We cannot protest others into becoming more compassionate, merciful, or patient. We cannot riot others into embracing our values. We can however, look more deeply within ourselves to see the changes that we can make. When we become committed to making those changes, then the world truly has an opportunity to become a better place.

Aug. 9th 2 shot dead in Kenya capital amid vote protests
Aug. 13th Clashes between protesters and police break out in Seattle, WA
Aug. 14th Anti-Trump, anti-racism protests across the US
Aug. 14th Protesters topple Confederate statue in North Carolina
Aug. 18th Counter-protesters rally against potential KKK march in Durham, North Carolina
Aug. 20th Evangelical students returning university diplomas to protest Trump
Aug. 25th Fatal clashes follow Indian guru's sentence
Aug. 27th Scattered Violence Erupts At Large, Left-Wing Berkeley Rally

Aug. 1st At least 20 people killed in Afghanistan mosque explosion
Aug. 3rd Taliban claims 15 soldiers killed in bomb attack on NATO convoy in Afghanistan
Aug. 7th Truck bomb injures 34 in Pakistan's Lahore: officials
Aug. 9th France soldiers hit in vehicle attack in Paris suburb
Aug. 12th 1 dead, 19 injured after car plows into protesters in downtown Charlottesville, VA
Aug. 13th At least 18 killed in restaurant terror attack, in Burkina Faso
Aug. 14th Car Bomb Kills At Least One In Center Of Somali Capital
Aug. 14th Car hits pizzeria near Paris, killing young girl and injuring twelve others
Aug. 15th Al Qaeda Publishes Blueprint for Attacks on Key U.S. Transportation Systems

Aug. 17th Multiple deaths as van rams Barcelona crowd; ISIS claims responsibility
Aug. 18th 2 dead, 8 injured in Finland stabbing attack
Aug. 18th 3 dead in stabbing attacks in Finland, Germany
Aug. 23rd Suicide bomber targeting Afghan police and soldiers kills 7
Aug. 24th Car drives through protesters in St. Louis
Aug. 25th At least 89 dead in militant attacks on police, border posts
Aug. 25th Man, 30, shot dead in Brussels after knife attack on two soldiers

Aug. 3rd Police officer killed as Al-Shabaab raids camp in Kenya’s border
Aug. 7th Manhunt underway after rookie officer in Missouri killed during traffic stop
Aug. 19th Total of 6 officers shot in Florida, Pennsylvania

Aug. 3rd U.S. Tests Another Intercontinental Missile Amid Tensions With North Korea
Aug. 8th N. Korea says its ready to take physical actions after labeling UNSC sanctions a US terrorist act
Aug. 10th North Korea forms plans to target Guam within days as it dismisses Donald Trump's threats as 'nonsense'
Aug. 14th Iran drone flies close to US carrier in Gulf
Aug. 20th North Korea threatens ‘merciless strike’ on US
Aug. 24th Russia sends 'nuclear bombers' over Pacific Ocean forcing S. Korea & Japan to scramble jets

Aug. 1st 3 killed, 4 injured in shootout at courthouse outside Moscow
Aug. 4th Gunman opens fire at San Francisco park packed with families
Aug. 4th Suspicious package at IRS building leaves 10 sick
Aug. 7th Specter of Coup, Surge in Violence haunt Venezuela
Aug. 21st Ohio judge ambushed and shot outside courthouse
Aug. 21st One killed in Marseille after car crashes into bus shelters
Aug. 24th One dead, suspect shot by police following hostage situation
Aug. 24th Agitated Trump Lashes Out At McConnell, Ryan, Clapper, Media 


As we peer into the activities pertaining to scandals involving powerful people we see governments fighting to keep control of the systems that they are losing influence over. Some have already lost control of their positions in the part of the system that they partook of in sewing corruption and have resigned, while others fled. We see others losing their jobs, some even their physical lives. The earth is beginning to open its mouth (Revelation 12:16). There is a time when things done in darkness are drawn to the light, and during the time that they come to light, many are seen for who they truly are while others are caught in the cross hairs. Expect to see an increased crack down on drug running and human trafficking in the coming months as these behaviors are covertly behind the system that is now about to come crashing down like the walls of Yericho. 

Aug. 1st Venezuela security agents seize opposition leaders from homes
Aug. 13th Israel is collapsing: Anti-Bibi protesters
Aug. 15th Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace, to be charged with assault in S. Africa
Aug. 18th Steve Cohen to file articles of impeachment against Trump
Aug. 20th Sonic attacks in Cuba hit more diplomats than earlier thought
Aug. 24th Russian ambassador Mirgayas Shirinskiy is seventh Russian diplomat to die since November
Aug. 24th Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong jailed for corruption
Aug. 25th Sebastian Gorka resigns from White House
Aug. 25th VW engineer in diesel scandal gets three years in prison
Aug. 25th Former Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra 'flees' to Dubai ahead of verdict
Aug. 31st Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke resigns
Aug. 31st RNC chief of staff resigns amid rash of departures
Aug. 31st Ex-Pakistan leader Musharraf declared fugitive in Bhutto murder trial

                                                                        DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

Disruptions in transportation are proving to be an increasing problem. As we cited last month: A Washington Post article on July 13th headlined “Climate change could make flying even more hellish”. In reference to what we have been seeing this report should not be taken lightly. We are seeing more crashes and emergency landings than ever before in the history of aviation. We see the same increase in the sea and on rails as well. The cosmic body that we have spoken of, which is in our solar system, is not even being mentioned. However, it is part of the balancing mechanism being used by higher beings to disrupt the plans of those who have taken charge of the planet unlawfully and whose actions are causing climate change. Climate change is not a result of the average human person who has been enslaved in the matrix it is the responsibility of those who propagate evil and injustice upon humanity. The headlines below are very telling:

Aug. 1st Passenger plane makes emergency landing in Bulgaria due to an indication of fire on board
Aug. 2nd Military plane makes emergency landing at GAIA, Barbados after engines caught fire shortly after takeoff
Aug. 4th Egypt Air plane makes emergency landing due to smoke in cockpit
Aug. 7th Egyptian plane makes emergency landing in Madinah, Saudi Arabia due to smoke in cabin
Aug. 11th Fire breaks out inside Air India office at Bangladesh airport
Aug. 14th Aircraft makes emergency landing due to smoke in its avionics compartment, Bermuda
Aug. 22nd Helicopter catches fire at Glendale, Arizona airport, no injuries

Aug. 2nd United flight makes emergency landing at ORF, Virginia due to a hydraulics issues
Aug. 4th Flight bound for Vancouver return to Pearson shortly after takeoff because of mechanical issues
Aug. 4th Pilot lands single-engine plane safely on 15 Freeway after experiencing engine difficulties
Aug. 7th Plane makes emergency landing in southwest Iran after pilot noticed one engine stopped working
Aug. 8th Police unhurt as chopper makes emergency landing due to mechanical problem, Kenya
Aug. 10th Two Blue Air planes return to Bacau airport shortly after takeoff due to malfunctions
Aug. 11th Saudi-led alliance helicopter in Yemen suffered a technical defect that forced it to land
Aug. 11th American Eagle flight makes emergency landing at RDU from apparent engine issues
Aug. 11th Hawaiian Airlines flight to Los Angeles makes emergency landing in Hilo, due to a mechanical issue
Aug. 12th US fighter pilot ejects on emergency landing at Bahrain international after engine malfunction
Aug. 14th EasyJet flight from Edinburgh to Venice forced to land in Manchester, UK due to technical issue
Aug. 14th Commuter Flight Makes Emergency Water Landing Outside Juneau, Alaska Following an Engine Failure
Aug. 14th Small plane makes emergency landing at Idaho Falls, Idaho Airport after engine failure
Aug. 14th Flight drama as plane forced to return to Birmingham Airport, UK due to mechanical issue
Aug. 15th Small plane makes emergency landing on Georgia highway due to engine failure
Aug. 15th Light aircraft makes emergency landing in Pretoria, S. Africa due to engine problems shortly after take-off
Aug. 18th Pilot forced to make emergency landing in Montgomery, TX pasture after plane went into a spin
Aug. 18th Plane at Capital Region International Airport, MI lands safely after a mechanical glitch
Aug. 21st Florida-bound plane makes emergency landing at RDU, N. Carolina after experiencing mechanical issues
Aug. 24th Plane makes emergency landing at Lake Clear airport, NY due to smoke in the cabin
Aug. 25th JetBlue plane makes emergency landing due to smoke coming from the rear of the plane
Aug. 26th Technical Snag Forces Air India Flight To Return To Srinagar
Aug. 27th Israel-bound flight makes emergency landing in Croatia due to burning smell
Aug. 28th Private plane forced to make emergency landing in field after experiencing difficulties in air, Parbold, UK
Aug. 29th Military plane diverts safely to TRI, Tennessee due to engine problem
Aug. 29th Wheel malfunction causes emergency landing in Cairo, Egypt
Aug. 29th Osprey makes emergency landing at Oita Prefecture airport in Japan due to engine trouble
Aug. 29th Close call at Lakeland Airport, Wisconsin on Tuesday with a mechanical issue involving the landing gear
Aug. 30th VietJet flight from Kaohsiung makes emergency landing in Hong Kong after warning light flashed
Aug. 31st Cessna pilot makes emergency landing in field after plane lost power, West Lafayette, IN
Aug. 31st Snag-hit Hong Kong flight diverted to Myanmar, India

Aug. 2nd Plane makes emergency landing at Hamilton Airport, New Zealand
Aug. 2nd Two Killed on Packed Beach During Emergency Landing
Aug. 3rd One engine aircraft made an emergency landing on Golden Circle by Þingvallavatn lake
Aug. 15th Man suffers minor injuries after aircraft emergency brings small plane down in Maine
Aug. 17th Tunisair plane prepares to take off after forced landing in Nice, France
Aug. 18th Plane makes emergency landing at GFK, N Dakota shortly after takeoff
Aug. 18th Qantas flight diverted for emergency in US
Aug. 19th Khursheed Shah's helicopter makes emergency landing in Balakot, Pakistan
Aug. 26th Flight makes emergency landing at RGIA, India
Aug. 27th Helicopter makes emergency landing in central Georgia, no casualty
Aug. 28th Pilot, five passengers are injured when plane makes emergency landing after difficulties in air, Seasalter, UK
Aug. 29th Star Marianas aircraft makes emergency landing at Saipan International Airport, Mariana Islands
Aug. 29th Kochi-Mumbai GoAir flight makes emergency landing in Goa, India
Aug. 29th Emergency Landing in Vancouver, Canada for Flight Headed to Hong Kong
Aug. 31st Turkish plane makes emergency landing in Cairo enroute to Saudi
Aug. 31st Perth-bound Air New Zealand flight forced to land in Adelaide, Australia

Aug. 1st 2 men in critical condition after plane crash south of Deer Valley, Arizona Airport
Aug. 1st 2 men injured in plane crash along Hwy 69, Texas
Aug. 1st Two injured in small plane crash near Tofino, Canada
Aug. 1st U.S. helicopter crash-lands in Nangarhar, Afghanistan due to mechanical issues, two injured
Aug. 2nd Cattle musterer dies in outback Queensland after chopper crashes
Aug. 3rd Pilot, 2 Trainees Dead in Military Plane Crash in Djibouti, S. Africa
Aug. 3rd Pilot rescued from plane crash near Ptarmigan Pass, Alaska
Aug. 3rd Pilot, Moab, Utah councilwoman injured in plane crash
Aug. 3rd Pilot killed in Sacramento County, CA plane crash identified
Aug. 3rd Mexican Navy airlifts helicopter crashed into the sea, victims
Aug. 4th Man uninjured after morning plane crash in Missouri
Aug. 4th Switzerland plane crash at summer camp kills two teenagers and the pilot
Aug. 4th Reports of minor light-plane crash in Fiordland, New Zealand
Aug. 5th Three Marines missing in coast of Australia after plane crash
Aug. 5th Plane Makes Crash Landing In Montgomery County, Kentucky, Pilot Airlifted To Hospital
Aug. 5th Small plane with 3 on board crashes in Pittstown, NJ
Aug. 6th Small plane crash in Sussex County, NJ kills pilot
Aug. 7th In Chechnya, Russia a private light-engine aircraft crashed
Aug. 7th Langlade County, Wisconsin plane crash
Aug. 7th Helicopter wildly spins out of control, crashes during rescue mission
Aug. 7th Pilot killed, co-pilot injured as IDF chopper crashes in southern Israel
Aug. 8th Pakistan Air Force pilot killed in plane crash
Aug. 8th Two feared dead as small plane crashes into Lake Constance, Germany
Aug. 9th Navy pilot rescued near Key West after plane crash
Aug. 9th Pakistani Air force pilot dies after plane crashes during routine operation
Aug. 9th Pilot dies after small plane crashed in northern Tanzania
Aug. 9th Two injured in Wellston, Ohio plane crash
Aug. 9th Plane crash reported in northern Dauphin County, PA
Aug. 9th Pilot dies in crash of crop-dusting plane in northern Alberta, Canada
Aug. 10th Two people killed in plane crash near Almaty, Kazakhstan
Aug. 10th 4 people killed in helicopter crash in Algeria
Aug. 11th 2 injured when plane's engine fails over West Jordan, Utah
Aug. 11th Emergency crews respond to Adrian, Michigan plane crash
Aug. 11th Plane crashes at the airport in New Milford, CT
Aug. 12th 2 Virginia State Police pilots die in Albemarle helicopter crash
Aug. 12th Personal plane crashes near Bowling Green, Kentucky Airport
Aug. 12th Light plane, stalls, flips and crashes at Queensland airport
Aug. 13th Plane crashes soon after leaving Lacombe, Canada Airport
Aug. 13th Police investigating plane crash near Toledo, Ohio
Aug. 13th Small Aircraft Crashes In Salisbury, Connecticut
Aug. 13th Two injured in plane crash, Ban Chamrung, Thailand
Aug. 14th Pilot located, being transported to hospital after plane crash south of Marshall, TX
Aug. 14th 2 killed in small airplane crash in Nara mountains
Aug. 14th Helicopter crash in Westby, Wisconsin
Aug. 14th Helicopter pilot lucky to survive Robinson 44 crash near Julatten, Australia
Aug. 14th Plane makes crash landing in northern Indiana after engine stalled
Aug. 15th Light plane crash at Queenstown airport, New Zealand
Aug. 15th Plane crash-lands, catches fire in Cherokee County, Georgia
Aug. 15th 5 feared dead in Army helicopter crash off Hawaii
Aug. 16th Small plane crashes in Lunenburg County, Canada with 2 on board
Aug. 17th PAF plane crashes near Sargodha, Pakistan
Aug. 17th Boy and 67-year-old pilot escape unharmed after plane crash lands after mechanical problems, UK
Aug. 17th Small plane crashes in Ascension Parish, LA field Thursday morning after losing power
Aug. 18th Pilot, passenger injured in plane crash in New Kent, Virginia
Aug. 18th Pilots Identified In Fairhope Plane Crash, Alabama
Aug. 18th Small plane crashes at Centerville, Tennessee airport; no injuries reported
Aug. 19th Plane crash near Madras Airport in Oregon
Aug. 19th 3 reported injured in Boise County plane crash, Warm Springs Creek Airport, ID
Aug. 19th Small plane crashes during takeoff in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Aug. 20th Small plane crashes at Muskoka Airport, Canada
Aug. 20th Valais, Switzerland plane crash kills three
Aug. 20th Pilot injured in South Jersey plane crash
Aug. 20th Helicopter crash-lands in Elk County, Pennsylvania
Aug. 20th Flagler County, FL plane crash after plane lose all power to engine and electronics on board mid-flight
Aug. 20th Pilot, passenger uninjured when private airplane goes down in water, St. Augustine, FL
Aug. 21st Minor plane crash reported in Perrvyille, Missouri near time of eclipse
Aug. 21st East Bay eclipse viewing trip ends in plane crash, Byron, CA
Aug. 21st Student pilot escapes plane crash unhurt in Sechelt, Canada
Aug. 21st Airplane crashes at Rexburg, Idaho airport after failed takeoff
Aug. 21st 1 killed in helicopter crash in southern Russia
Aug. 22nd 2 killed in small plane crash in Ekeberg, Norway
Aug. 23rd 1 Dead In Alaska Plane Crash
Aug. 23rd Light aircraft loses wing after miracle crash landing, UK
Aug. 23rd Pilot escapes injury in Gaines, NY plane crash
Aug. 23rd Helicopter crash-lands in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
Aug. 24th Pilot dies in Nigerian Air Force plane crash
Aug. 24th Loss of life as plane crashes shortly after takeoff from Saskatchewan airport, Canada
Aug. 24th Plane crash causes power outages in West Jordan, Utah
Aug. 24th Pilot crashes helicopter at Bremerton National Airport, Washington
Aug. 24th Two escape helicopter crash near Horowhenua, New Zealand
Aug. 24th US Black Hawk Helicopter Crashes Off Yemen, 1 Personnel Missing
Aug. 26th Two men dead after Tiger Moth bi-plane crashes near airfield in Dorset, UK
Aug. 27th 83-year-old Cody pilot uninjured in plane crash at airport in Wyoming
Aug. 27th Pilot killed in small plane crash near a railway road in Saxony, Germany
Aug. 27th Pilot dies in crash in Guyana’s jungle
Aug. 28th Cargo plane crash-lands in Maban, Sudan, crew members survive
Aug. 28th Plane crashes near Michaywé Pines golf course, Michigan
Aug. 28th Authorities on the scene of plane crash in Harvest, Alabama
Aug. 28th Sheriff confirms small plane crash in Bryan County, Georgia
Aug. 28th Plane crash near Murphysboro injures 2 people in Illinois
Aug. 28th Female pilot escapes West Hampshire, UK plane crash with no injuries
Aug. 28th Plane crash-lands in Staffordshire field, UK
Aug. 29th One injured in plane crash north of Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Aug. 29th 2 killed in plane crash near Portland, Tennessee airport
Aug. 30th 1 person injured in plane crash at Orange County Airport, New York
Aug. 30th Pilot killed in helicopter crash in western Ukraine
Aug. 31st One dead in small plane crash at Fishers airport, Indiana
Aug. 31st Plane crash near Tel Aviv, Israel leaves two injured

Aug. 3rd US teen arrested for jumping out of plane's emergency door and sliding down wing
Aug. 14th Plane forced to make emergency landing due to drunk, unruly passenger, Bulgaria
Aug. 27th Drunk passenger attacks crew members’ forcing jet to make emergency landing in Mexico
Aug. 27th Drunk passengers fight with police on runway after being kicked off flight in Bordeaux–Merignac Airport, France
Aug. 29th Rowdy plane passengers force easyJet flight to divert

Aug. 11th 2 passenger trains collide near port city of Alexandria
Aug. 19th Iraqi ship sinks after sea collision, leaving four people dead, nine missing
Aug. 19th Train derails in northern India, killing dozens
Aug. 20th U.S. warship collides with merchant vessel east of Singapore

Aug. 2nd Unknown Odor From Inbound Plane Causes Breathing Problems At WRWA, Oklahoma
Aug. 10th JetBlue Flight Bound for Barbados Returns to FLL after flight attendants complained of fumes and headaches
Aug. 13th Delta flight makes emergency landing at McGhee Tyson Airport, Tennessee due to odor circulating in cabin
Aug. 16th Pilot okay after float plane flips during hard landing in Comox Lake, Canada
Aug. 22nd Flight makes emergency landing at Lambert, Missouri due to severe turbulence
Aug. 22nd Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing at JFK, NY due to fumes from cockpit making passenger ill
Aug. 25th Plane forced to land after vapor rises from floor, UK

As we close the August forecast we want to remind our readers of a well-known children’s story - The Little Engine that Could. Amid great adversity and challenges, the Little Engine chugged and puffed till he was victorious in the end, bringing happiness to all the children who waited eagerly for the gifts in his cars. We too, as a collective body have much to overcome: greed, anger, selfishness, hatred, the list can go on and on. Obviously, our life circumstances are proving to be quite challenging, threatening to knock the very breath out of us. With a positive change in mindset and lots of determination we can chug and puff until we reach our destination. When we get there the gifts that have been inside us all along can be shared with all bringing happiness to the children of our Earth. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” tell your friends and family, and join us next month as we bring you headlines from September 2017.