Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                         2017 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE

                                                                                             DECEMBER 2017
Isaiah 21:6
For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees
Isaiah 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.
Two thousand seventeen has come to an end. We have seen many things in the headlines and shared this information with the readers of our report. However, we must remember that not everything written in headlines is always all true. Many times headlines are used to herd the unsuspecting masses through confusion and fear. Our forecast was not created to ignite confusion or fear. It was compiled because of a sense of duty. The entire teaching of the universal law can be summed up as: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Clearly, anyone who has the inkling to want to protect their life (physical and spirit) would want to be warned of issues that pose dangers. Whether the danger is ready to strike within the next 5 minutes, or if it is rolling around the corner ready to strike within the next couple of months, or years we want to know. Danger is danger. Preparation will make the difference between how severely one may be impacted by the eminent danger that looms around our planet. If only one percent of our readers who have followed this forecast have taken a spiritual inventory of what changes need to be made in order to draw closer to the only Source of life and have actually taken steps to make those changes – then we have succeeded. If only one percent of our readers have begun making physical preparations for a rough road ahead, to ensure that they, and their families, will continue to have the necessities in life, then we have succeeded. If, instead of believing everything the powers that be want us to believe, our readers begin to question and search out the answers for themselves, then we have succeeded. The object was never to draw attention to ourselves. Additionally, it would never be our position, or intention to demonize any person, country, culture, or government. Part of our mission is to watch for world signs and events, and then, to point others to the sources so that each one can judge for themselves in order to wake up to the times we are living in. 
So here it is, one final time for 2017 the trouble areas that we said to pay close attention to in our 2017 Global Forecast since January 2017. We have said, and you have seen much of it come to pass:

  • Donald Trump doesn’t make it through a full term of his presidency
  • We continue to see an increase in the amount of record natural disasters
  • We see a dramatic rise in sea levels
  • Great scandals continue to cause great men and women to step down. Some may even get arrested
  • Terror strikes around the globe continue for a while
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry for a while
  • Increases in diseases continue, and “cures” are touted to be found to eradicate them
  • disruptions in travel continue
  • food shortages spread, before there is a so-called solution
  • Global financial unrest leads to a global currency reset
  • There is an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.” It seems a bit sad that the animals suffer because humanity has been programed to now be unwilling to observe universal principles. If we were in the practice of following the universal teachings of love your neighbor as yourself and see the creation as our neighbor things would be a lot different. For example: the land would get her well needed rest every 7 years in terms of agricultural practices, rather than being stripped and depleted of her vital strength. Today, we as a people have thrown natures dynamic out of balance through our selfish and inconsiderate activities, and all who dwell upon the earth, air and seas suffer because of it. The time that those who keep the people in ignorance is almost over and we will see very clearly that we hurt ourselves when we hurt our neighbor. Below we see one of the results of a generation that has been programmed to be selfish and inconsiderate. (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                              ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 
Dec. 4th 100 tons of fish have died in Lake Maninjau, West Sum
Dec. 5th Hundreds of TONS of fish have died in 2 lakes in West Java, Indonesia
Dec. 6th Millions of fish have died in a river in Morales, Colombia
Dec. 7th Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Vila Bela da Santissima Trindade, Brazil
Dec. 7th Hundreds of elite thoroughbred race horses burned to death in California fires
Dec. 11th 16,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
Dec. 12th 76,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in South Korea
Dec. 14th Hundreds of dead birds found in the countryside of Northern Sweden
Dec. 16th Hundreds of pigeons fall dead near Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Dec. 19th Thousands of dead fish without eyes wash up in Castel Volturno, Italy
Dec. 20th Thousands of dead fish found in a reservoir in Escaba, Argentina
Dec. 20th Hundreds of thousands of fish die in Jumeirah Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dec. 22nd 16,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dec. 23rd Hundreds of dead fish found in the waters of Lee County, Florida, America
Dec. 27th Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Haderslev, Denmark
Dec. 27th Mass die off of fish in Porto de Pedras, Brazil
Dec. 27th Iraq reports outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu that killed 7,250 birds
Dec. 28th Infectious H5N8 bird flu spreads to two more governorates in Riyadh & Mazahmiya killing 86,859 birds
Dec. 29th 660,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Kostroma Oblast, Russia
Dec. 30th Egypt slaughters 17.5K poultry after bird flu outbreak reported
Dec. 31st Hundreds of dead fish, seagulls and a dolphin wash up in Cornwall, England
Dec. 31st Vandals destroy 50 beehives, killing 500,000 bees

                                               EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE
We have documented that earthquakes are increasing in magnitude and frequency today. Many holy books inform their readers that because of the actions of the people, the earth will be shaken and tremble. She is doing this in order to remove those elements that are destroying her. The problem is not with the common people, but rather those who are versed in dark understanding, those who cast darkness upon the earth by keeping the populous ignorant. Where there is darkness, it is hard to see evil deeds. However it is now coming to light. Upon seeing this trend that earthquakes are increasing in magnitude and frequency as we have published it would be wise to consider how a natural disaster may affect us in the regions of our countries, neighborhoods of our cities and homes that we live in and prepare accordingly. In December 2017 the USGS recorded 9,128 earthquakes. 969 were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following 34 did not all make the mainstream news in December, however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Dec. 1st    Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strike NNE of Kerman, Iran
Dec. 1st  Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike NNW of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea
Dec. 1st  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike Southeast Indian Ridge
Dec. 3rd    Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike NE of Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador
Dec. 4th  Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike S of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand
Dec. 4th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike Vanuatu region
Dec. 6th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike ENE of Luwuk, Indonesia
Dec. 8th  Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strike NW of Fais, Micronesia
Dec. 8th  Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strike NNE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand
Dec. 8th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike WNW of Fais, Micronesia
Dec. 8th  Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strike WNW of Fais, Micronesia
Dec. 8th  Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike SW of Hihifo, Tonga
Dec. 9th  Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strike NW of Fais, Micronesia
Dec. 10th  Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike SE of Pangai, Tonga
Dec. 11th  Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike S of Sola, Vanuatu
Dec. 11th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike WNW of Iquique, Chile
Dec. 12th  Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strike NNE of Kerman, Iran
Dec. 12th  Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike NNE of Kerman, Iran
Dec. 13th  Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strike WNW of Bouvet Island, Bouvet Island
Dec. 14th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Dec. 15th  Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strike ESE of Cipatujah, Indonesia
Dec. 16th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike Fiji region
Dec. 16th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
Dec. 17th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike NW of Fais, Micronesia
Dec. 19th  Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike Southern East Pacific Rise
Dec. 20th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike E of Nishinoomote, Japan
Dec. 21st    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike NNE of Chichi-shima, Japan
Dec. 22nd    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike NE of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia
Dec. 24th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike NE of Hihifo, Tonga
Dec. 27th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike SSW of Merizo Village, Guam
Dec. 28th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike NNE of Taltal, Chile
Dec. 28th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike SSE of Sarangani, Philippines
Dec. 29th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike Southern East Pacific Rise
Dec. 29th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake E of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

                                                   NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES
The energy of water is somewhat paradoxical. It has the power to take lives, yet we cannot live without it. It is refreshing and is a liquid crystal. Yet, when amassed it can ravage the land and everything in its path with its fury.  In the book of Matthew, one of the greatest teachers of all time had so aligned Himself with the omnipotent principles of the universe that He was able to control, and subdue winds and water. This very same Teacher told His students that those who followed the path would perform works even greater than that. Imagine that. If you believe the promise of the Word, powers to subdue the wind and water could rightly belong to you. What would you do with such power? Certainly, it could be used to save many that perish in floods and other natural weather disasters such as we’re about to look at. There are forces who have not followed the right path of loving their neighbor as themselves and who have amassed the secret to manipulate many elements. Through these technologies, and the natural process, we have seen the intensification in uncharacteristic patterns in nature. Here are a few cases:

Dec. 1st Evacuations and Rescues After Torrential Rain Causes Flooding in Albania
Dec. 3rd Floods, Rain and Strong Winds Leave 13 Dead and 5,000 Displaced in Sri Lanka
Dec. 4th Homes Flooded in North Eastern Victoria After Record Rain in Australia
Dec. 6th Calls for International Help After Floods Damage Homes and Infrastructure in Albania
Dec. 7th Hundreds Forced to Evacuate as Rivers Overflow on Solomon Islands
Dec. 8th Snow slows or shuts down much of normally sunny Deep South
Dec. 9th 80K Georgians w/o Power Due to Snow Storm
Dec. 13th Hundreds Evacuated as Rivers Reach Record Levels in North Italy
Dec. 16th Mudslide in southern Chile kills five, at least 15 missing
Dec. 17th More Than 30 Dead After Tropical Storm Kai-Tak Brings Flooding In The Philippines
Dec. 17th Urduja unloads over 1,000 mm of rain on Philippines; Life-threatening flood risk continues into Monday
Dec. 18th 6 killed, 1,000 displaced in Malawi floods
Dec. 18th Floods in Sarawak Leave 1 Dead, 100s Displaced in Malaysia
Dec. 18th Heavy Rain Causes Deadly Landslide in Los Lagos Region, Chile
Dec. 18th Dozens Killed or Missing as Tropical Storm Kai-Tak Causes Floods and Landslides, Philippines
Dec. 19th Deadly Floods Hit After Torrential Rain IN Oman and UAE
Dec. 21st Floods in Sarawak Leave 1 Dead, 100s Displaced, Malaysia
Dec. 23rd Philippines storm death toll tops 200, tens of thousands displaced
Dec. 26th Record-setting Christmas storm buries Pennsylvania's fourth largest city under more than 4 feet of snow

                                           ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE
Deuteronomy 28: 58-62: 
“If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolong disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
A great teacher named Yahshua command the wind and water. He also healed the sick from their maladies. What would you do with power to calm the torrent water? Likewise, imagine that you have so purified yourself that you are able to tap into the infinite powers of the universe. These powers would undoubtedly include the power to assist the earth, as well as, heal the human body. In the next section we will see an array of illnesses that our neighbors are suffering from, some of which pronouncing the name alone is enough to make one sick. Diseases such as Chikungunya, Dengue, and Cholera are doing their part to damage the well - being of many. If cleansing our thoughts, words, and actions would bestow upon us the power to heal many from their afflictions, would we do the work to cleanse the thoughts? In December we see a snapshot of an environment that needs to be healed:

Dec. 5th California declares state of emergency in face of major wildfires
Dec. 6th Southern California wildfires threaten thousands of homes, force evacuations
Dec. 7th Study: Extreme Cyclones in Arabian Sea Result of Global Warming, Will Increase in Frequency
Dec. 13th Explosion at Austrian gas hub leaves one dead, at least 18 injured
Dec. 13th Russian plant admits it emits nuclear isotope behind leak
Dec. 13th Global warming boosted Hurricane Harvey's rainfall by at least 15 percent
Dec. 16th California wildfire is now the state's 3rd-largest ever
Dec. 17th Heavy air pollution shuts schools in Iran
Dec. 18th 8 killed in Indonesia’s central Java landslide
Dec. 22nd Smoke Causes Evacuation At Dallas Texas Love Field Airport
Dec. 28th Temporary power outage at Burlington Airport because power line caught fire

Dec. 1st Cholera spreading in Nampula, Mozambique
Dec. 1st Dengue cases in Pangasinan, India up
Dec. 2nd Vasco, India records sharp rise in dengue cases
Dec. 3rd Dengue death sparks tension in India’s Kolkata hospital
Dec. 3rd 12 000 ducks to be slaughtered due to strain of H5N3
Dec. 3rd Dengue vaccine program halted in Philippines after study shows it could worsen outbreak
Dec. 4th Dengue cases doubled in Cagayan, Philippines
Dec. 4th More dengue cases surface in Karachi, Pakistan
Dec. 4th Rise in dengue cases reported in Delhi last week
Dec. 4th Dengue cases in Pangasinan, Philippines up
Dec. 6th Study: Birth control pills still raise breast cancer risk
Dec. 6th Cholera claims seven People in Mombasa, Kenya
Dec. 6th More cholera cases recorded in Zambian capital
Dec. 7th Persons hospitalized as cholera hits Anambra, Nigeria
Dec. 7th Eight die of cholera in Songea, Tanzania
Dec. 8th Worker from Assam dies of dengue in Coimbatore, India
Dec. 9th Dengue has claimed more lives in KP, Pakistan so far
Dec. 9th Dozens sickened in norovirus outbreak at NC State
Dec. 11th More than 24,000 dengue fever cases confirmed in KP, Pakistan
Dec. 11th Dengue deaths in Kolkata, India
Dec. 12th Cholera kills 76 in Kenya since January
Dec. 12th Dengue toll in New Delhi, India rises above 9000
Dec. 14th Foot and Mouth Outbreak Hits Mvuma, Zimbabwe
Dec. 15th Cholera kills 462 and affected 21,571 others in South Sudan since mid-2016
Dec. Dengue kills 13-year-old in Salt Lake, Kolkata, India
Dec. 17th Cholera claim 20 lives in Zambia capital as infected cases reach 760
Dec. 18th Cholera Kills Two in Karonga, Malawi
Dec. 18th 35 deaths due to diphtheria recorded in Yemen
Dec. 20th      Number of dead in cholera outbreak rises in Zambian capital
Dec. 20th      Four killed in fresh Cholera outbreak in Nasarawa, Nigeria
Dec. 21st Dengue Fever Spike Prompts Auckland, New Zealand Health Warning
Dec. 22nd The World's Worst Cholera Outbreak Has Now Infected 1 Million People in Yemen
Dec. 24th Swine flu claims 3 lives within a week in Multan, Pakistan
Dec. 26th Cholera outbreak claims lives in Busia, Kenya
Dec. 26th Swine flu claims one more life in Multan, Pakistan
Dec. 29th Widespread flu outbreaks reported in 36 US states
Dec. 29th      Cholera outbreak kills 3 in Tigania, Meru County, Kenya
Dec. 31st      Two workers die of cholera, 30 hospitalized in Varthur, India

                                                                    SIGNS OF THE TIMES 
The following section highlights other signs of our times. One of the things we wrote of for our readers to look out for this year was that an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors. In this section we see the Department of Defense release a video of a UFO. This is most definitely a disclosure by a major government. We also see that on the same day a former Navy pilot describes seeing an object 'not from the Earth'. This is only the beginning of the disclosure that we said would be coming beginning this year.  We will soon have full disclosure that will affect all of our lives in one way or another in the very near future. There are other things in this section that will be affecting our lives as well such as the so called “new technology”.  This will likely be used to cast a false sense of advancement for the good, but will later show itself to be diabolical, at least in part.

Dec. 19th Former Navy pilot describes seeing object 'not from the Earth'
Dec. 19th Department of Defense Releases Video of UFO Off California's Coast in 2004

Dec. 14th US ruling allows internet providers to alter service speeds for sites
Dec. 18th Twitter suspended Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen in a massive hate purge

Dec. 4th An American Tourist Was Killed By a Shark While Scuba Diving in Costa Rica
Dec. 17th Woman viciously mauled to death by her own pit bulls
Dec. 22nd Raccoon 'dragged US baby across room' in Philadelphia attack

Dec. 6th China pushed global patent filings to record high in 2016: UN
Dec. 12th UN General Assembly President Miroslav Lajcak heralds bigger Chinese role in global affairs
Dec. 12th EU leaders reject Israeli Prime Minister plea for recognition of Jerusalem as capital
Dec. 12th 25 EU countries to form new defense bloc, duplicating NATO functions
Dec. 12th Following partial withdrawal from Syria, Russia will keep naval and air bases
Dec. 13th China top vegetable grower
Dec. 12th Hamas calls for third intifada against Israeli occupation
Dec. 13th Palestinian president says no role for US in peace process 
Dec. 24th World's largest amphibious aircraft takes off in China

Dec. 1st First baby from a uterus transplant in the US born in Dallas
Dec. 5th AI to Create Indistinguishable "False Reality"
Dec. 5th US military agency spends $100mn on controversial gene-editing tech
Dec. 6th China Launches World’s First All-Electric Cargo Ship
Dec. 6th Google's 'superhuman' DeepMind AI claims chess crown
Dec. 7th Winter Olympics 2018 will see 85 robot volunteers, and one will carry the Olympic flame
Dec. 12th ‘HUBO’ becomes first robotic Olympic torchbearer
Dec. 15th AI reveals first distant solar system rivaling our own in planet numbers
Dec. 19th Gene therapy for rare form of blindness wins US approval
Dec. 19th A Federal Ban on Making Lethal Viruses Is Lifted
Dec. 19th Newly discovered polymer could make shattered screens a thing of the past
Dec. 19th White House calls 5G network rollout a national security priority
Dec. 20th Study suggests an electric pulse to the brain may recharge your memory
Dec. 20th Wal-Mart is developing a shopping service with no cashiers
Dec. 28th The FCC just approved a device that charges your phone through thin air

Dec. 4th Garth Brooks fans in the dark when power goes out at NJ show
Dec. 17th Atlanta airport power outage: More than 600 flights canceled
Dec. 22nd Ohio Gas Explosion Latest in Series of Recent Gas Explosions
Dec. 22nd Catastrophic fire engulfs 140 buildings in Japan
Dec. 23rd Philippines mall fire: Dozens feared dead
Dec. 27th Fuel truck fire at Trail airport, Canada
Dec. 28th Temporary power outage at Burlington Airport, Vermont as power line caught fire
Dec. 28th Part of Newark Airport Evacuated for Transformer Fire
Dec. 29th IndiGo passenger bus catches fire at Chennai airport

Dec. 4th Venezuela Pres. Maduro announces crypto-currency backed by oil, gas, gold, and diamond reserve

Dec. 3rd Full Cold Moon Tonight Heralds December's Super moon: What to Expect
Dec. 4th Australian politician Tim Wilson proposes to boyfriend in parliament as they debates gay marriage bill
Dec. 5th Austria's constitutional court legalizes same-sex marriage
Dec. 5th Scary ransomware attacks IT systems in famous North Carolina county
Dec. 6th Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
Dec. 6th Brain abnormalities found in victims of US embassy attack in Cuba
Dec. 6th Largest Crypto Mining Exchange Confirms it was Hacked
Dec. 11th Philippines’ Duterte asks Congress to extend material law in Mindanao for another year
Dec. 14th Turkey to open embassy in Jerusalem in response to Trump
Dec. 15th Cellphones driving Modern Humans to the Brink of Insanity?
Dec. 16th 2017's onslaught of disasters stretched FEMA to its limits
Dec. 18th U.S. vetoes U.N. call for withdrawal of Trump Jerusalem decision
Dec. 27th Jim Carrey: Hollywood Elites ‘Eat Whole Babies’ For Christmas
Dec. 28th Court rules against Oregon bakers in wedding-cake case
Dec. 31st UN chief issues 'red alert' for the world

Dec. 4th Why Facebook launched a Messenger app for kids
Dec. 18th FDA plans crackdown on homeopathic remedies

Dec. 1st Drug seized in Turkey reach all-time record
Dec. 10th Vessel intercepted smuggling over 3,800 pounds of cocaine near Texas

                                                             GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST
Jeremiah 17:5:
This is what YHWH says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from YHWH.”
History has seen its share of economic changes. The one economic currency that remains constant is the universal fruits of the Spirit. Putting our trust in the riches of men is like building a house on the sand. All it takes is a few high tides and the whole thing comes crashing down along with hopes and dreams. Developing the fruits of the Spirit guides us safely to peace in life and true prosperity even during troublous times. A high paying job on Wall Street can’t grant peace and security. When the wave of economic instability hits and that high paying job is lost, if the heart and soul have not been aligned with the principles of peace – peace of mind is washed away with the job. After an economic meltdown, we saw Venezuela’s President Maduro announce crypto-currency backed by oil, gas, gold, and diamond reserve. This is to cast the façade that he wants to remove his country from a global banking cartel that is fighting for control the world. Very soon we will see more nations in economic problems than we currently see. Afterwards all the problems being created will be put to rest to deceive the people into trusting in a system that is soon to be revealed. Below we see the bite of an economy that is being worked to fail in order to set up new global system:

Dec. 5th 12 Layoffs Possible at Newburgh's Fire Department

Dec. 1st Chicago Public Schools closing and Consolidation Plan
Dec. 2nd Dallas ISD proposes Closing 4 Schools
Dec. 2nd Vatterott College closing St. Joseph campus
Dec. 9th University of Baltimore Rolls Out Furlough Plan
Dec. 12th Possible Layoffs coming to School District 308 IL
Dec. 12th Ladywood High School, an all-girls Catholic school in Livonia is closing
Dec. 13th Layoff Notification Wednesday at St. Louis Community College
Dec. 13th Up to 40 layoffs possible at Stratford School District CT
Dec. 14th Western New England University, Offers Voluntary Layoffs
Dec. 15th Scranton School District PA to lay off 89
Dec. 15th McNally Smith College of Music closing in St Paul Minneapolis
Dec. 16th State Recommends closing 3 New Orleans Charter Schools
Dec. 16th L’Academie de Cuisine Professional Campus closing in Gaithersburg MD
Dec. 18th Voluntary Layoffs at Western New England University
Dec. 19th NYC Dept. of Education plan to close 14 Public Schools

Dec. 1st Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn to lay off up to 200
Dec. 5th Detroit Medical Center to lay off 150
Dec. 6th Avanir Pharmaceuticals to lay off 73
Dec. 6th Kindred Hospital Kansas City, located at 8701 Troost Ave in Kansas City is closing
Dec. 9th Teva Pharmacy Considers 10,000 Layoffs
Dec. 9th Dart NeuroScience to lay off 265
Dec. 9th Oklahoma State Department of Health to lay off 37
Dec. 12th Delta Dental of CA Rancho Cordova Operation Center to lay off 51
Dec. 13th Virtua health system to lay off 50
Dec. 14th Teva to lay off 14,000
Dec. 20th FamilyCare Health up to 322 Layoffs Possible
Dec. 20th Winona Health in MN to lay off 17
Dec. 20th South Shore Hospital, Forced to Layoff
Dec. 21nd FamilyCare in Portland Oregon closing
Dec. 22nd Coarsegold Medical Clinic CA. closing both the Coarsegold location and the Prather location
Dec. 23rd Layoffs Possible at Scripps Health

Dec. 2nd Liberty Mutual NH to lay off 620 IT jobs
Dec. 14th Wells Fargo & Co Mortgage Division to lay off 60
Dec. 19th Commodities trader Noble Group CT to lay off 84
Dec. 30th Harbor Community Bank To Lay off About 100

Dec. 1st Layoffs coming to Chevron in San Joaquin-
Dec. 1st General Electric in Schenectady NY to lay off about 75
Dec. 1st Topeka’s Gap Outlet closing at West Ridge Mall
Dec. 2nd GE Power confirms layoffs in Greenville
Dec. 2nd Toys r US (UK) closing 25 Stores
Dec. 5th General Electric Norwalk CT to lay off 80
Dec. 5th The Dollar Tree store closing on 7th Avenue in Beaver Falls PA
Dec. 6th Symantec to lay off 66
Dec. 6th Hometown Sears store closing in Linton IN
Dec. 7th GE to lay off 12,000 in Global Power Business
Dec. 7th Krispy Kreme NC to lay off 90
Dec. 7th Gold’s Gym closing in Westport Kansas City MO
Dec. 7th Lord & Taylor closing store in Skokie’s Westfield Old Orchard shopping center, 119 Jobs Lost
Dec. 8th Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. to lay off 80
Dec. 9th Seagate to lay off 90
Dec. 12th Chevron San Joaquin Valley Business Unit to lay off 122
Dec. 12th Seagate to lay off 500 Globally
Dec. 12th RadioShack closing in Queensbury NY
Dec. 12th Ford offers buyouts at some Michigan Plants
Dec. 13th The Gap is closing its Mall of Louisiana location
Dec. 13th Charming Charlie closing 100 Stores
Dec. 13th 3M to close Eagan plant, 150 Layoffs
Dec. 14th Comcast Chicago Area Plans Layoffs
Dec. 15th Bed Bath Beyond closing in Meridian MS
Dec. 15th The Big Lots closing on 52nd Street in Kenosha WI
Dec. 16th AT&T to lay off 245 in Michigan
Dec. 18th Toys R US may close 100 stores
Dec. 18th J. Crew clothing store will close its Destiny USA location in Syracuse NY
Dec. 19th The Gap and Gap Kids/Baby Gap stores at Valley West Mall close in West Des Moines
Dec. 20th Nationwide insurance to lay off 30 in Des Moines
Dec. 20th Old Navy close in Twin Falls ID
Dec. 20th The Gap store close in the Staten Island Mall
Dec. 20th DuPont Pioneer Iowa, Confirms Layoffs
Dec. 21st Sam’s on the Market is closing in Roanoke VA
Dec. 22nd Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.48 Million US Pickups
Dec. 22nd J.C. Penney permanently closing its St. Louis store in Hampton Village Plaza shopping center
Dec. 24th AT&T - up to 1,000 Layoffs Possible
Dec. 27th Mattress Firm closing 200 stores

Dec. 1st Spiech Farms LLC of Paw Paw, Mich files for bankruptcy
Dec. 2nd Walter Investment Management Corp files for bankruptcy
Dec. 2nd Bike manufacturer Niner files for bankruptcy
Dec. 4th Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC files for bankruptcy
Dec. 4th Coastal Staffing files for bankruptcy
Dec. 5th Level Solar files for bankruptcy
Dec. 7th Aperion Biologics files for bankruptcy
Dec. 8th Boston Herald files for bankruptcy
Dec. 9th Charming Charlie files for bankruptcy
Dec. 10th The Village of Laurel Run files for bankruptcy
Dec. 10th Seattle biotech PhaseRx files for bankruptcy
Dec. 11th J.G. Wentworth files for bankruptcy
Dec. 13th Cobalt International Energy Inc. files for bankruptcy
Dec. 15th PhaseRX files for bankruptcy
Dec. 17th Sports Zone Elite files for bankruptcy
Dec. 17th Global A&T Electronics files for bankruptcy
Dec. 18th Polara Golf files for bankruptcy
Dec. 19th Rentech files for bankruptcy
Dec. 22nd CD International Enterprises files for bankruptcy

Dec. 1st B's Po Boy restaurant closing in Fountain Square Indianapolis IN
Dec. 2nd Amici restaurant in Carytown closing in Richmond VA
Dec. 2nd Papago Brewing Co. closing in Scottsdale AZ
Dec. 2nd Pegasus Restaurant closing in Chicago's Greektown Neighborhood
Dec. 5th The All-American Rathskeller and Spats Cafe closing in State College Centre County PA
Dec. 5th Mark's Pizzeria closing 2 location in NY - village of Liverpool and the town of Cicero
Dec. 5th Dixie Cafe closing all locations
Dec. 6th The Traveled Farmer closing in Greensboro NC
Dec. 6th Chinese Lantern closing at 965 Main St. in Hamilton
Dec. 6th John's Tavern closing in Winfield IL
Dec. 6th Landis Cafe’ closing in Wayne PA
Dec. 7th Ric's Food Center closing in Hemlock MI
Dec. 7th Maurizio’s Ristorante Italiano closing at 364 Hanover Street in Boston MA
Dec. 7th Bakeman’s Restaurant closing in Seattle WA
Dec. 7th The Peanut Shoppe closing at 4305 Summer Ave in Memphis TN
Dec. 7th Bernardston Farmers Supply closing in MA
Dec. 8th Rossi's Pizza and Pasta closing on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando FL
Dec. 8th Bread&cup closing in Lincoln NE
Dec. 9th San Jose Tofu Company is closing
Dec. 10th Fun House Pizza & Pub closing on Highway 350 in Raytown MO
Dec. 12th MyWebGrocer to lay off 18 in Vermont
Dec. 12th Konefals Restaurant and Catering closing in Edwardsville PA
Dec. 12th Northern Waters Restaurant closing in Duluth MN
Dec. 12th NoRA Cupcake Company will close its West Hartford CT location
Dec. 12th Coastal Cookies closing at Sunset Mall TX
Dec. 13th John's Space Age Donuts closing at 8124 Floyd St. Overland Park KS
Dec. 13th Old Point Tavern closing on Mass. Ave in Indianapolis IN
Dec. 13th Du-par's restaurant closing in Studio City Los Angeles
Dec. 16th Kitchenworks closing in University Place in Chapel Hill NC
Dec. 16th Muscadine restaurant closing at 1465 NE Prescott St. in Portland Oregon
Dec. 16th Kroger closing Clarksdale Mississippi store
Dec. 16th Greer BBQ barbecue restaurant close off Main Street in Greer SC
Dec. 16th King Cash Saver closing in Mount Vernon MO
Dec. 18th Monterrey Mexican Grill close at 5905 W. Kellogg in Wichita KS
Dec. 18th Las Margaritas close on Grant Rd. in Tucson AZ
Dec. 18th Bakeman's Restaurant close in downtown Seattle
Dec. 20th Village Inn restaurant in Massena NY
Dec. 20th Metropolitan Coffeehouse & Wine Bar close in MD
Dec. 22nd Angelo's on Main closing in West Hartford CT
Dec. 22nd Las Margaritas losing on Grant Road in Tucson AZ
Dec. 22nd WP Kitchen + Bar closing in Greensboro
Dec. 23rd Johnsons Bakery closing in Lawton OK
Dec. 27th Rebecca's Coffee House South Park closing in San Diego CA
Dec. 27th Goldman’s Kosher Bakery closing in Baltimore
Dec. 27th Kay’s Ice Cream closing at 6200 Chapman Highway Knoxville TN
Dec. 29th St. Paul’s Summit Brewing layoffs first in company’s history
Dec. 29th Swanson’s Fish Market closing in Fairfield CT
Dec. 29th Glazed and Infused doughnuts closing all 5 shops
Dec. 29th Guy's American Kitchen and Bar NY, NY
Dec. 30th 12 Mark’s Pizzeria locations closing in NY
Dec. 31st Linguine's Italian restaurant closing in Bowmansville, NY

Dec. 4th Pacific Crest Transformers closing in White City Oregon - 110 Jobs Lost
Dec. 5th AmesburyTruth, Inc. is closing its Henrietta plant - 142 Layoffs
Dec. 6th Molded Fiber Glass closing wind turbine plant in Aberdeen, South Dakota - 400 Jobs Lost
Dec. 6th Visalia bare root nursery closing, 278 Jobs Lost
Dec. 7th ComScore Inc. to lay off 175
Dec. 9th Sanmina's Owego plant to lay off 161
Dec. 13th Two of Jacksonville’s four Casey’s General Stores to close
Dec. 16th Xceligent's Blue Springs, Mo., headquarters closed, 300 Jobs Lost
Dec. 20th Union Metal close in Canton Ohio, more than 300 layoffs
Dec. 28th Bookstore chains, long in decline, are undergoing a final shakeout
Dec. 29th Depomed to lay off 300 in Newark

                                                              GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST
With all the anger being expressed by people today it seems as though the people as well as their governments of the world have gone mad. People want to break free from what they feel are oppressive government’s control and governments are trying to figure out how to keep the people under their control. This will likely boil to many heads as the wrath of YHWH is at hand (Revelation 11:18), in which the governments of this world are taken away and given to those who will bring forth the fruit to replenish the earth (Daniel 7:26-27; Revelation 11:15). This doesn’t take place overnight. In fact, before it is set up there will be a false flag savior (Revelation 6:2), who is currently on the scene (2 Thessalonians 2:3) and working through a global overseeing organization who will soon seem to deliver hope to all humanity. We tend to call this YHWH’s enemy but YHWH has commissioned the spirits who are leading the nations to His judgment (Zachariah 6:1-5, 8; Revelation 16:13-14). In any event the headlines below show a part of the chaos that will be quieted in order to establish this global agenda: 

Dec. 2nd Police use water cannon to disperse anti-AfD protesters
Dec. 4th Protest in Honduras over allegations of rigged presidential election
Dec. 6th Police foiled a terror plot to assassinate UK Prime Minister Theresa May
Dec. 6th Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrate in Gaza against US change in status of Jerusalem
Dec. 7th Clashes break out in West Bank over Trump’s Jerusalem move
Dec. 8th 14 UN peacekeepers killed 53 injured in DR Congo
Dec. 8th Protests in Indonesia, Malaysia over US' Jerusalem move
Dec. 8th 2 Palestinians killed, hundreds injured in clashes with Israeli’s
Dec. 8th Jordan calls for protests over Trump’s Jerusalem decision
Dec. 9th Israeli forces use tear gas, rubber bullets, Palestinian protesters stones in clash across West Bank and Gaza
Dec. 10th Anti-Trump Protests Flare In Beirut Near The US Embassy
Dec. 10th From Syria to Indonesia: Protests over Jerusalem spread
Dec. 10th Palestinian Protesters Attack US Embassy in Lebanon
Dec. 10th 150 injured in West Bank, Gaza riots over US decision on Jerusalem status
Dec. 11th Palestinian stabs Israeli in fourth day of street protests over Trump’s decision on Jerusalem
Dec. 14th Israel arrests 77 Palestinians involved in protest
Dec. 15th Honduran opposition protest outcome of recent presidential elections in Tegucigalpa
Dec. 31st Two protesters killed in Iran anti-government rallies

Dec. 1st Israeli soldier stabbed to death in terror attack
Dec. 9th China warns its nationals in Pakistan of potential terrorist attacks
Dec. 11th 4 people hurt in Manhattan terror attack explosion
Dec. 14th Suicide bomber kill at least 18 at police academy in Mogadishu
Dec. 16th Car bomb blasts hits NATO convoy in southern Afghanistan, at least 1 killed
Dec. 17th Pre-Christmas suicide bombing of Pakistan church, 8 dead
Dec. 18th Boko Haram militants kill 4 in attack on UN food aid convoy in Nigeria
Dec. 21st 14 injured as car rams into pedestrians in Melbourne
Dec. 23rd Homeland Security: chain migration let terrorism-related suspects into US
Dec. 27th Blast rocks supermarket in St. Petersburg, Russia
Dec. 31st Suicide bomber strikes Afghan funeral, killing 12

Dec. 4th Officer Kenneth Copeland Of San Marcos, Texas, Fatally Shot While Serving Warrant
Dec. 13th Saudi-led airstrikes hit Sanaa police camp, killing at least 35
Dec. 14th At least 15 police killed by Somalia’s al-Shabaab in academy bombing
Dec. 16th At least 14 policemen killed in Taliban attack in southern Afghanistan
Dec. 17th 2 Washington state police officers shot
Dec. 30th LAPD Officer Shot in 'Ambush-Style Attack'
Dec. 31st 2 Las Vegas security guards fatally shot in hotel-casino
Dec. 31st Sheriff’s deputy killed, others wounded in Colorado shootout
Dec. 31st 5 Colorado deputies shot, 1 fatally, in 'ambush' attack

Dec. 2nd North Korea: Donald Trump is 'begging for nuclear war'
Dec. 3rd US stealth jets arrive in S. Korea as rhetoric with N. Korea heats up
Dec. 5th Saudi air strikes rock Yemen's capital after ex-president slain
Dec. 7th Middle East on edge after Trump’s move in Jerusalem
Dec. 7th N. Korea says US threats make war unavoidable
Dec. 8th 25 people killed in IDF airstrikes in Gaza
Dec. 8th Israel strikes Gaza Hamas sites after rocket attacks
Dec. 8th North Korea says war is near as the US doubles down with back-to-back bomber runs
Dec. 9th UNSC holds emergency meeting on US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
Dec. 13th 57 Muslim leaders call for recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestine capital
Dec. 13th Israel intercepts 2 rockets fired from Gaza amid Jerusalem tensions
Dec. 14th Greek Anti-Christs vandalize Saudi embassy
Dec. 19th Kim Jong-Un Is Testing New Warheads Loaded With Anthrax
Dec. 19th Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi missile fired toward Riyadh
Dec. 23rd 'There's a war coming,' Marine Corps general warns US troops
Dec. 31st U.S., North Korea closer than ever to nuclear war: retired Admiral Mike Mullen

Dec. 2nd Theresa May faces new crisis after mass walkout over social policy
Dec. 2nd Gunman opens fire at California hospital
Dec. 3rd One dead after hit-and-run driver strikes six in New York
Dec. 7th New Mexico school shooting leaves 2 students, suspect dead
Dec. 8th Black congressmen skip civil rights museum opening over Trump attendance
Dec. 10th 1 adult, 2 children dead in apparent murder-suicide in Texas
Dec. 16th Pacoima shooting: 5 shot, including 10-year-old girl

Leading from the aspect of taking the roll of a servant is a marvelous term used to delineate a leader who doesn’t lord over others, sitting behind a desk and barking orders, but rather, leads through service to others. There have been servant leaders in the earth before. There was at least one that told his followers that he did not come to be served, but to serve. This same servant leader told His followers that the greatest among them will be the one who is able to serve others best. He also left that example for them to follow, and this attitude is most beneficial for us too. If the powerful people of this world were willing to lead from a leadership positions led in a spirit of: patience, being forgiving, honesty, and humility there would be little, or, no reason for them to fall, save it was part of the plan for their further spiritual development. Spiritually speaking pride comes before the fall. Today we are seeing many people who for one reason or another, directly or indirectly, find themselves influenced by a judgment of balance that is being manifested as a result of an unseen war. This war is no doubt displacing many world leaders and they are in turn sacrificing their pawns and other who may be able to implicate them in various ways. Many are resigning as a better choice than jail. Below we see the evidence of this:

Dec. 1st Japan's emperor to become 1st to resign in 200 years
Dec. 1st Michael Flynn charged with making false statements to the FBI: Documents
Dec. 1st Mel Gibson: Hollywood Elites ‘Kill Innocent Children
Dec. 2nd ABC Suspends Brian Ross Over False Trump Report
Dec. 2nd Mueller removed top F.B.I. agent over possible anti-Trump texts
Dec. 3rd N.Y. Metropolitan Opera suspends conductor after sexual abuse claims
Dec. 4th Report: Yemen's ex-president killed in Sanaa
Dec. 4th Ex-Rep. Corrine Brown expected to be sentenced for fraud
Dec. 5th Lebanese PM Hariri officially revokes resignation
Dec. 5th Suspended ABC reporter Brian Ross will no longer cover stories involving Trump
Dec. 5th Danny Masterson fired from Netflix series amid rape allegation
Dec. 5th Supporters free ex-Georgian president detained in Ukraine
Dec. 5th Nevada Democrat accused of sexual misconduct says he won't resign
Dec. 5th Steinhoff CEO resigns amid accounting probe
Dec. 5th Pathologist of 'Concussion' fame accuses sheriff of mutilating corpses
Dec. 6th Rio de Janeiro police capture one of Brazil’s most wanted drug boses
Dec. 7th Arrest warrant issued for former Argentina Pres. Cristina Kirchner for treason
Dec. 7th Franken resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations
Dec. 7th MSNBC Contributor Harold Ford Jr. Accused of Misconduct, Fired by Morgan Stanley
Dec. 7th Michigan doctor who assaulted gymnasts gets 60 years in prison
Dec. 7th Bryan Singer, X-Men’ director accused of raping 17-year-old boy in 2003
Dec. 7th Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice Department over sale of fetal tissue
Dec. 8th Deputy national security adviser Dina Powell resigning
Dec. 8th Former priest John Feit found guilty in Irene Garza murder
Dec. 8th Ex-aide: Rep. Trent Franks offered $5 million to carry his child
Dec. 8th Ethics committee to investigate Farenthold over sexual harassment claim
Dec. 8th Federal Judge Alex Kozinski Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Dec. 10th Ex-Toshiba President Nishida, dies of acute cardiac infarction at age 73
Dec. 11th Mario Batali out as co-Host of ‘The Chew’ amid sexual harassment claims
Dec. 11th New Yorker cuts ties with Ryan Lizza over 'improper sexual conduct'
Dec. 12th NFL Network suspends Faulk, others amid sexual harassment claims
Dec. 12th San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee dead suddenly at 65
Dec. 12th NFL Network suspends Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, Heath Evans over sexual harassment claims
Dec. 12th German military officer charged in plot to kill prominent political figure & blame refugees
Dec. 13th Record high 262 journalists imprisoned in 2017
Dec. 13th Pat DiNizio, The Smithereens lead singer, dies at 62, no cause of death revealed
Dec. 13th Omarosa resigns from Trump administration job
Dec. 13th South African Court Rejects Zuma’s Bid to Block Corruption Inquiry
Dec. 15th 8 women have come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against Dustin Hoffman
Dec. 14th Female employees detail experiences with sexism at ESPN
Dec. 15th Mario Batali fired from 'The Chew' amid harassment allegations
Dec. 15th Rep. Ruben Kihuen facing new ethics investigation
Dec. 15th Peru’s President Pedro Kuczynski faces impeachment  for receiving illegal payment
Dec. 15th PBS Suspends 'Tavis Smiley' Show After Host Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct
Dec. 15th Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson Investigated Over Workplace Misconduct Accusations
Dec. 15th Former Russian Economy Minister sentenced to 8 years in prison for bribery
Dec. 15th Ex-Minister Aleksey Ulyukaev found guilty of taking $2mil bribe
Dec. 15th Canadian pharma billionaire and wife found dead in Toronto mansion
Nov. 16th Sylvester Stallone Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A 16 Year old Girl’
Dec. 17th Hunter Harrison, CEO of railroad company CSX, dead at 73 of "unexpected severe complications"
Dec. 17th South Africa's ANC votes to elect leader to replace scandal-ridden Zuma
Dec. 18th Glee’ alum Mark Salling pleads guilty in child pornography case
Dec. 18th Mystery, controversy surround Toronto billionaire's death
Dec. 18th Lead singer of South Korean K-pop boy band Shinee dies at 27
Dec. 18th Judge Alex Kozinski steps down after accusations of sexual misconduct
Dec. 18th ESPN president John Skipper abruptly steps down
Dec. 19th New data released on House harassment, sex discrimination claim settlements
Dec. 19th ‘Silicon Valley’ star T.J. Miller accused of sexual assault
Dec. 20th Former cardinal disgraced in Boston clergy sex scandal dies at 86
Dec. 21st Famous conductor Charles Dutoit accused of sexual misconduct
Dec. 21st Papa John's CEO John Schnatter steps down
Dec. 21st Eric Schmidt stepping down from AlphabetChairman
Dec. 22nd Longtime sportscaster Dick Enberg found dead at home
Dec. 27th Prosecutor Alberto Nisman's 2015 death was murder - not suicide
Dec. 27th S. Korean prosecutors seek extension of prison term for Samsung's Lee Jse-Yong from 5 to 12 years
Dec. 28th Amanda Davis, Veteran Morning News Anchor, Dies Suddenly Of a Stroke at 62
Dec. 31st Erica Garner, Activist Daughter Of Eric Garner, Dies Suddenly Of Heart Attack At 27
Dec. 31st Morsi, 19 others gets 3 years in jail for 'insulting judiciary'

                                                      DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION
December, well known as a festive time of travel for families and friends to reunite, saw its share of deadly crashes both in the air and on the ground. Many would hope for safe travel for themselves, as well as their loved ones, but it seems like more than hope is needed in this day and age. The Earth is going through many changes as a result of these changes many electronic devices are failing. Some of these devices control a large majority of our transportation systems. We’ve said repeatedly what we’ve seen in the holy writings, and it is no different here. In order to have any true degree of safety we must look beyond ourselves to something that is greater than ourselves. Our Source is faithful to protect those who put their trust in Him. Putting our trust in the Father of Creation is not merely praying and hoping for the best. It’s trusting in His inspired teachings to practice them with sincerity and truth. Then we can have true confidence that whether we are in the air, on the ground, or the sea, we will not put down the physical body while in our immoralities. The following headlines show some narrow misses of disaster, and some that did not miss:

Dec. 1st Smoking engine forces jet evacuation in Toledo Express Airport, Ohio
Dec. 3rd Flight from Sacramento makes emergency landing at LAX due to burning smell in cabin
Dec. 6th Small plane makes emergency landing at PBIA, Florida after a report of smoke in the cockpit
Dec. 8th Jet With 'Smoke In Cockpit' Lands At Newark Airpor, NJ
Dec. 9th Fire Crews Responding to Plane on Fire at Sacramento Executive Airport, CA
Dec. 11th British Airways aircraft makes emergency landing in Baku due to smoke in cockpit
Dec. 14th Fumes in cockpit force emergency landing at University of Illinois - Willard Airport, IL
Dec. 15th Qatar Airways Airbus A321 Catches Fire at Doha Airport, Causing Extensive Damage
Dec. 21st LA-bound plane makes emergency landing in Colorado Springs after smoke streamed from cockpit
Dec. 21st Airplane makes emergency landing at Easterwood Airport, Texas due to smoke in fuselage
Dec. 22nd Plane forced to make emergency mid-air diversion following burning reports
Dec. 27th        Distress call from FedEx cargo plane with fire on board prompts landing at Dayton airport
Dec. 28th        Flight to Doha returns safely to airport due to smoke

Dec. 1st Plane accident under investigation at Mount Airy airport
Dec. 2nd Man Escapes Unharmed in Kane County Illinois Plane Crash
Dec. 2nd Plane crash-lands at Wilson airport, Kenya
Dec. 3rd Plane reportedly crashes at Frederick Municipal Airport, MD
Dec. 3rd One dead in Portage County, Ohio plane crash
Dec. 3rd Small plane crashes at Paine Field, Washington
Dec. 4th Plane Crash at Chicago Rockford Airport
Dec. 4th Plane crashes at Sioux Lookout Airport, Canada
Dec. 4th Small plane crashes at Chesterfield, MO gas station, killing pilot
Dec. 5th No injuries in helicopter crash at Treasure Coast International Airport, FL
Dec. 5th Two killed in Robinson R-44 helicopter crash in Stavropol' region, Russia
Dec. 5th Small Plane Goes Down Near Brewton Airport, Florida
Dec. 6th Small plane crashes at Chesterfield gas station, killing pilot
Dec. 7th Plane crashes into Lake Harney
Dec. 7th Five Are Dead in Plane Crash at St. Croix Airport
Dec. 8th Plane down near Paine Field, the second crash in a week
Dec. 8th Small plane crash in Colorado causes power outage
Dec. 9th Plane crashes at Chiswell Green, near St Albans
Dec. 9th Plane crashes into Clairemont home, killing 2 passengers
Dec. 10th Emergency landing ends with plane crash in Kossuth County, Iowa ditch after engine quit
Dec. 10th Plane crash into San Diego home kills two passengers
Dec. 10th Plane Crashes After Declaring Mid-Air Emergency Near Miami Executive Airport
Dec. 10th 2 Dead in Moloka‘i Cessna Plane Crash
Dec. 10th SAAF helicopter crashes near Cape Town, S. Africa
Dec. 12th Three injured after aircraft crashes near Centurion, S. Africa
Dec. 12th Aurora pilot escapes injury in helicopter crash at airport, Ohio
Dec. 13th Small plane crashes into lake in Oakland Park, FL
Dec. 14th Small plane with 25 on board crashes in Canada, several injured
Dec. 14th Man Missing At Sea, Woman Rescued After Plane Crash, Bahamas
Dec. 14th Plane Crash In Calaveras County, CA
Dec. 14th 3 dead in business plane crash in Ravensburg, Germany
Dec. 14th Four Hydro One employees killed in helicopter crash near Tweed, Canada
Dec. 15th Helicopter crashes near Adidjan Int’l Airport in Cote d’Ivoire
Dec. 15th Airplane accident reported at Hemet-Ryan Airport, CA
Dec. 15th Two students, flight instructor killed in plane crash in Fayoum, Egypt,-flight-instructor-killed-in-plane-cr.aspx
Dec. 15th 60-year-old pilot dies in plane crash in rural Manitoba, Canada
Dec. 15th Helicopter crash kills sister of President Hernandez, five others
Dec. 16th 3 dead in SE Indiana plane crash
Dec. 16th Pilot listed as critical after plane crashes in Franklin County, NC near Louisburg
Dec. 17th Single-Engine Plane Crashes Near Gillespie Field, CA
Dec. 17th 2 fatalities confirmed in small aircraft crash near Reeds Spring, Missouri
Dec. 19th Plane crash reported near South Knoxville, TN bridge
Dec. 19th Small plane crashes at Marco Island airport, FL
Dec. 19th No injuries reported after plane crash at Ridgeland, SC airport
Dec. 19th Plane crash in northern Russia kills at least 2
Dec. 19th Plane crashes in Botha’s Pass, S. Africa
Dec. 20th Canadian killed in plane crash at Panama airport
Dec. 21st Small Plane Crashes On Runway At Monroe’s Custer Airport
Dec. 21st Pilot killed when small plane crashes in Williamson County, TN
Dec. 21st Three people uninjured in Custer Airport crash in Michigan
Dec. 21st Pilot escapes without injuries after plane flips over in crash at Fort McMurray, Canada
Dec. 21st Helicopter crashes during training exercise
Dec. 22nd Missing pilot from Guntersville plane crash found dead north of Cross City, Alabama
Dec. 22nd Plane breaks in half as it crashes into remote jungle in Mexico with British family inside
Dec. 22nd 72-year-old killed in plane crash in northern Israel
Dec. 23rd Pilot dies in small plane crash south-central Iowa
Dec. 23rd Two Killed in Plane Crash in Turks and Caicos Islands
Dec. 23rd Morobe Papua New Guinea Plane Crash Pilot Found Dead 3 Days After Crash
Dec. 24th Polk County Florida deputies identify 5 killed in Bartow plane crash
Dec. 24th 4 Dead After Small Plane Crashes at Florida Airport
Dec. 25th   Pilot, passenger walk away after small plane crash in California
Dec. 25th One dead, two injured after military helicopter crash lands
Dec. 26th Syria says military jet downed in northern Hama, pilot killed
Dec. 27th        2 Bangladesh Air Force training planes crash after collision
Dec. 31st        Plane carrying 10 tourists crashes and explodes into fireball in Costa Rica on New Year’s Eve
Dec. 31st        Britons feared among the dead in seaplane crash tragedy in Jerusalem Bay, Australia
Dec. 31st        Ultralight plane and helicopter collide in Spain
Dec. 31st        Russia confirms helicopter crash in Syria killed 2

Dec. 1st A United plane makes emergency landing after pilots detect mechanical issue on San Diego bound flight
Dec. 1st Engine failure forced emergency plane landing near Kawasaki Motors in Nebraska
Dec. 1st 2 hurt as 6-seater aircraft makes emergency landing after developing technical snag in Dhule, India
Dec. 2nd Power failure sees plane ditch in Whanganui field, New Zealand
Dec. 2nd Plane Makes Emergency Lands On I-94 in Valley City, ND Due to Total Engine Failure
Dec. 6th British Airways flight returns to Sky Harbor, Phoenix due to engine issues
Dec. 6th Air NZ flight to Japan returned to Auckland after engine issues
Dec. 8th Technical Issue Force Indian AF MiG-21 Make Emergency Landing At Sanganer Airport, India
Dec. 10th Two Unhurt After Emergency Livermore Plane Land with Landing Gear Issues
Dec. 15th Army black hawk makes emergency landing in Wyoming County, New York due to maintenance issues
Dec. 17th Saudi plane makes emergency landing in Egypt due to a technical malfunction
Dec. 18th Flight 2645 makes emergency landing in Tehran due to technical fault
Dec. 19th Air France jet makes emergency landing due to electrical problem
Dec. 19th National Guard aircraft lands at NCWV Airport without incident after landing gear issues
Dec. 22nd Small Plane Crash Lands in Bay on Miami Beach, FL
Dec. 23rd Virginia State Police investigating emergency plane landing due to loss of power
Dec. 24th       Forced landing in Wailoaloa Bay, Fiji after plane loses altitude
Dec. 26th        Flight from Tel Aviv to Munich makes emergency landing due to burning smell
Dec. 26th        Jet returns to Binghamton airport, makes emergency landing due to mechanical issues
Dec. 27th        US Air Force air-to-air refueller is forced to make an emergency landing due to technical difficulties
Dec. 27th        Greenville police, firefighters called to scene of emergency plane landing of plane with main gear problem
Dec. 28th        A Plane Flying From Dublin Airport Has Just Made An Emergency Landing Due To Engine Failure
Dec. 28th        Plane makes emergency landing at Montana's Butte airport due to engine problem
Dec. 28th        SkyWest flight diverted to Milwaukee Airport due to mechanical issues
Dec. 29th        Plane leaving Pasco makes emergency return due to landing gear malfunction
Dec. 29th        Light plane lands safely in San Bernardino after landing gear problems
Dec. 30th        US flight lands safely at Hewanorra International Airport, St. Lucia due to landing gear issues

Dec. 1st Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver makes emergency landing in Manchester, UK
Dec. 2nd Plane lands in field near Springfield-Beckley airport, Ohio
Dec. 6th Plane makes emergency landing near Valley Center, Kansas
Dec. 6th F18 makes in flight emergency landing at Barksdale Air Force Base, LA
Dec. 6th Flight heading to Michigan makes emergency landing
Dec. 9th Another air scare for Fadnavis, chopper makes emergency landing
Dec. 18th Emergency plane landing conducted at Lincoln Airport, Nebraska
Dec. 29th        Plane requests landing due to strange smell, Cayman Islands

Dec. 8th Freight train derails in New Jersey, causing commuter delays
Dec. 8th Unruly passenger forces Air Transat flight back to Trudeau airport, Canada
Dec. 11th Southwest Airlines Passenger Caught Smoking Threatens To Kill Everyone On The Plane, CA
Dec. 12th Man Biting Passengers On JetBlue Flight Forces Plane To Turn Around
Dec. 20th Air passenger 'possessed by demon' causes plane to turn around to Beijing

Dec. 6th German trains collide near Duesseldorf, several people injured
Dec. 18th Amtrak train derails from bridge unto highway in US state of Washington, multiple fatalities
Dec. 21st Philippine ferry capsizes with 251 on board, four dead
Dec. 22nd Regional trains collide in Austria, 8 injured
Dec. 23rd Bus Plunges Off Bridge Into River Killing 32 in India

Now, with another year that has come to a close, we can look back and see what kind of planet we lived on in 2017. There were many beautiful happenings in 2017. It’s always great to remember the finer times in life, but we don’t need to be warned about the good things happening in our lives we embrace those. Each one can take stock in his or her own life for the many blessings that 2017 brought. We do well to remember those things with a spirit of gratitude and be thankful for the small and big things alike. Keep in mind as well that many suffered over the past year in the headlines that were covered. 
There is work to do as we enter into 2018. We have been given the information. It is up to us what we do with it. Seek diligently the face of our Source while it may still be found. Pray the earnest prayer of faith and as much as it is given to us shine forth the light that you have received. 2018 will not give us a break. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” tell your friends and family, and join us next month as we begin highlighting headlines that takes place in the 2018 Global Forecast Update for 2018.