Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                   2017 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE FEBRUARY 2017


                                                                                                                   FEBRUARY 28, 2017
Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me."

It is said that time flies when we are having fun! These days, time flies even if we are not having much fun, as many of us are being taken for a dark ride. In our forecast we speak about the days cast about in darkness so that many people may see the light and not fall to the darkness that is about (Revelation 11:3). The state of Israel will soon be playing a big role as we move further into this transformation. Zechariah 12:3-4, 9; 14:2-3 tells us that all nations will be gathered against Israel, but this time the table will turn after limited success. The passage of UNSC Resolution 2334 adopted on December 23, 2016 could very well lead to the fulfillment of this prophecy. Haaretz news called it a “hit and run” campaign in the UN to denigrate the Jewish State and leave it to a fate where only conflict and hate loom.” 
YHWH promised that He would “plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them, says YHWH your Father.” (Amos 9:14-15). We can look at this as the physical state of Israel and we can also look at this as the figurative Israel.

The Physical Israel
In World War I the British and Commonwealth forces captured Palestine, including Jerusalem, from the Ottoman Empire. Before the war was totally over The United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur James Balfour sent what is now known as “The Balfour Declaration” (dated 2 November 1917) to Lord Walter Rothschild, and Lord Baron Rothschild, the earthly leaders of the privately owned international non-governmental organizations, the League of Nations. The declaration was for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” WWII was then orchestrated and there was another great sacrifice made to the god of war 1939-1945 (Dan. 11:38). In 1947 the League of Nations, now cloaked as the United Nations, decreed by mandate the re-establishment of Israel as a state in Palestine. The decree was recognized one year later. Those who were behind the world wars were also used in the establishment of the modern day Israel. They are descendants of an ancient people called the Khazars (Khazarians) that settled in the Ukraine, whose nobles converted to Judaism in the 8th century. These nobles are the very ones who Daniyl referred to as “the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall” (Dan. 11:14), and that who Yahchanan referred to as being “of the Synagogue of Satan” (Rev. 3:9). The overwhelming majority of people who are called Jews today are descendants of the Khazars. Their nobles have run many governments and nations throughout the world for centuries and are now losing their power in the invisible war that is being waged against them from heaven.  

One Jubilee (50 years) after WWI the Arab–Israeli War, or Third Arab–Israeli War, was instigated and fought between June 5 and 10, 1967, by Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. In it the Israelis recaptured the city of Jerusalem for the first time since 70 AD. This would seem to fulfill Joel 4:1 and does in one sense. However the Khazarian leaders who, in the opinion of some, are “of the Synagogue of Satan” are behind it and are also attempting to “establish the vision”, by fulfilling aspects of the scripture, however their deceptive efforts will fail.

The Figurative Israel
The Figurative Israel are the first born sons of the earth unto YHWH (Exodus 4:22). They are not necessarily Jews, Christians, or any other religion. Their return to Israel and Jerusalem is to return to what Adam fell from. This is the true return. The fathers of the faith traveled to Israel, but they never found the true Jerusalem in the earth (Heb. 11:9-10, 16; 12:22), because it is a heavenly city which is to come (Heb. 13:14; Rev. 21:2), when the fallen sons return to YHWH.

One more Jubilee (50 years) after the Arab–Israeli War we come to 2017. This is the final Jubilee in the 120 cycles of Jubilees that YHWH decreed that His Spirit will not abide in man (120 x 50 jubilees = 6000 years; Genesis 6:3). This was a 120 jubilee cycle which quarantined man from the express connection of his higher self (Gen. 3:22-24) until a certain time was fulfilled (Dan. 9:24; Luke 21:24; II Pet. 1:19). After this quarantine is up many sons will wake up from the dust of ignorance to understand who they truly are (Dan. 12:2). They will return to Whom they belong and to their possessions as Mosheh showed in his pattern of the heavenly plan (Leviticus 25:13; 27:24). Those principalities and powers in heaven, and men and women who serve them in the earth know that the quarantine is being lifted and the sons of YHWH are soon to be revealed (Rom. 8:9). They are losing the unseen war (Re. 12:7) that we have been writing about and are in the process of losing their offices both in the heavens and the earth to the sons (Psalm 37:11; Matt. 5:3, 5, 9, 10, Dan.7:18). However, those who are in the process of losing their authority are fighting to keep it, and how will they keep it? They can keep the possessions if no one is available to claim them, or there is no one to give it to. Therefore, this unseen war will soon morph into the greatest time of trouble that humanity has ever seen (Dan. 12:1), as the dragon will do everything to destroy those who will inherit its office (Dan. 7:18; Matt. 24:22; Rev. 12:13-17). This is a fact and spiritual and physical preparations need to be made for the time that we are heading into.
Follow along with us as we review the symptomatic areas that reveal a planet in need of great healing:

  • Donald Trump doesn’t make it through a full term of his presidency
  • We continue to see an increase in the amount of record natural disasters
  • We see a dramatic rise in sea levels
  • Great scandals continue to cause great men and women to step down. Some may even get arrested
  • Terror strikes around the globe continue for a while
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry for a while
  • Increases in diseases continue, and “cures” are touted to be found to eradicate them
  • Disruptions in travel continue
  • Food shortages spread, before there is a so-called solution
  • Global financial unrest leads to a global currency reset
  • There is an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.”

The activities of those who are about to lose their offices have caused great harm in the earth and YHWH promises to destroy the works of those who destroy the earth (Ps. 110:5; Rev. 11:18). He will use His Sons to destroy evil deeds by having them participate in just deeds. Let’s therefore be proactive in turning this mess around that has been created around us. If, Isaiah 24:5 is accurate in saying: “The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant” then, by doing the opposite of what caused the land to become polluted, we can slowly but surely, give our planet a chance to repair herself. This will require a great deal of work on everyone’s part; but after reading the following headlines decide for yourself if you believe it’s worth the effort. Below we see one of the results of living outside of the everlasting covenant (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                                       ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 

Feb. 3rd    Thousands of dead fish wash up in Porthcawl Harbour, Wales.
Feb. 3rd    1,300 TONS of fish have died suddenly in lake Sebu, Philippines
Feb. 3rd    Thousands of dead jellyfish, 'never seen this many before', wash ashore in Queensland, Australia
Feb. 3rd    Hundreds of baby turtles dying due to heat on a beach in Queensland, Australia
Feb. 6th    Czechs cull up to 20,000 poultry as bird flu outbreak spreads
Feb. 6th    Thousands of ducks dying from disease in Washington, America
Feb. 6th    71,000 chickens killed due to avian flu in Saga, Japan
Feb. 6th    Hundreds of dead sea birds found washed up on the coast of Huanchaco, Peru
Feb. 7th    About 10,000 pigs to be culled on Latvian farm hit by African swine fever
Feb. 8th    Hundreds of dead fish found washed up on beach in Piura, Peru
Feb. 8th    20,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in southern Czech Republic
Feb. 8th    2,500 Saiga Antelopes have died due to disease in Mongolia
Feb. 10th    Hundreds of whales dead after mass stranding in New Zealand
Feb. 13th    130,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Taiwan
Feb. 13th    700+ bats dead 'due to heat' in New South Wales, Australia
Feb. 13th    1,102 birds of various species died in 12 bird flu outbreaks in Romania
Feb. 13th    Bird flu kills 11,000 birds in 6 Plateau farms in Nigeria
Feb. 13th    Thousands of dead fish turn up in a river in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Feb. 13th    Dozens of dead owls found along a road in Idaho, America
Feb. 14th    Mass culling of fowl begins at Angul, India after bird flu confirmed
Feb. 15th    Ninth bird flu case confirmed in Ireland as 23,000 birds culled in the UK
Feb. 15th    Tens of thousands of fish suddenly die in fish farms in Purwakarta, Indonesia
Feb. 15th    17 TONS of dead fish found in a dam in Piaui, Brazil
Feb. 15th    Masses of dead birds appearing in Magnitogorsk, Russia
Feb. 15th    6 dead dolphins found washed ashore in San Felipe, Mexico
Feb. 16th    Hundreds of cattle dying due to drought in Bacalar, Mexico
Feb. 16th    46,000+ livestock dead from 'extreme cold' in Northern Mongolia
Feb. 16th    100 cattle dead due to drought in Lamu, Kenya
Feb. 16th    86 turtles found dead, 'due to red tide' in La Paz and Los Cabos, Mexico
Feb. 16th    30 TONS of dead fish washe ashore in Nicoya Gulf, Costa Rica
Feb. 17th    Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up along the Cooloola coast in Australia
Feb. 20th    2 Vietnamese provinces report bird flu outbreaks killing or leading to the culling of 2,800 fowls
Feb. 21st    600,000 ducks to be killed due to avian flu in Landes, France
Feb. 21st    500 waterbirds found dead in Idaho, America
Feb. 22nd    90,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Chungcheong Province, South Korea
Feb. 22nd    6 TONS of fish die in a lake in South Cotabato, Philippines
Feb. 22nd    56 dead whales and dolphins wash up this year, 'worst on record', in Ireland
Feb. 22nd    100 dead dolphins washed up during past 8 weeks, 'it's a massacre', in Cornwall, England
Feb. 22nd    Asia's fourth largest economy has culled a record number of more than 33 million farm birds
Feb. 23rd     Massive die off of fish in a river in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam
Feb. 25th    1,000+ cattle dead due to drought in Tehuantepec, Mexico
Feb. 25th    Hundreds of dead fish wash up on beaches in Montevideo, Uruguay
Feb. 27th    27,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in Sant Gregori, Spain
Feb. 27th    42,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Plateau, Nigeria
Feb. 27th    Thousands of fish have died in the Magdalena River in Colombia
Feb. 28th     4 dead whales have washed ashore during the past month in Virginia, America
Feb. 28th     State wildlife officials in Idaho report 4,200 waterfowl deaths caused by avian cholera
Feb. 28th     Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in New South Wales, Australia

                                                           EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

In the month of February there was a sharp drop in earthquakes. However, they are likely to increase in the months and years ahead. We have stated that there is a cosmic body in our solar system that has, is, and will have a tremendous impact on the earth. One of the ways that it is impacting the earth is through earthquakes. Yes, man now has the technology to create earthquakes and they do use it today. However, the cosmic body that we speak of is also causing many quakes and they will continue to intensify until a climactic peak (Isaiah 24:19-20). Haggai 2:6 reads: For Yahweh says this: “Once more, in a little while, I am going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. Jerusalem may very well see a destructive precursor to the quake to come of Ezekiel 38:19. Many will seek shelter in bunkers to protect themselves (Isaiah 2:21; 2:19; Luke 23:30; Rev. 6:5) from the carnage of a pole shift (Isaiah 13:13), and its after effects (Isaiah 24:18-19). But those who prepare spiritually and physically will have no need to fear whether they leave the physical vessel or remain therein (Psalm 46:1-2). King David saw this time while he was meditating and wrote of what must be done before this time comes (Ps. 18: 6-24). If the last section made an impression that the time is now, to renew and uphold the everlasting covenant with our Heavenly Father, then we know that we have work to do. Remember, it was the transgressing of the universal principles which caused the dark issues that we face collectively as inhabitants of the earth, and it will be the returning to our Father in spirit and truth which will cause His wrath to turn from us. This wrath does not mean that there is an angry vengeful God, who is spewing out His fury because we upset Him. In fact His laws are set and won’t change. What is being conveyed in wrath is this: when we fail to uphold the principles that are designed to bring peace - we incur the opposite of peace in our hearts, minds, and actions. Our mental, emotional, and physical behavior affects our surroundings, and our circumstances.  In any event, earthquakes are just another means by which the symptoms of our earth’s ailing condition manifest itself, by cosmic bodies or reasons closer to home. In February 2017 the USGS recorded 6,900 earthquakes. Six hundred, five were a magnitude 4.0 or above.  The following 16 did not make the mainstream news in December however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Feb. 3rd    Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits ENE of Sainte-Marie, Martinique
Feb. 6th    Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits NW of Pipalkoti, India
Feb. 6th    Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
Feb. 7th    Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits WSW of Pasni, Pakistan
Feb. 11th    6 dead, dozens injured in powerful 6.7 earthquake in southern Philippines
Feb. 15th    Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits WNW of Reuleuet, Indonesia
Feb. 18th    Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits NW of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina
Feb. 19th    Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits SSW of Hasaki, Japan
Feb. 21st     Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Hits E of Padilla, Bolivia
Feb. 23rd      Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits NNW of Lae, Papua New Guinea
Feb. 24th       Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits E of Kaputa, Zambia
Feb. 24th       Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Hits S of Ndoi Island, Fiji
Feb. 24th       Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits SE of Lambasa, Fiji
Feb. 26th       Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits N of Isangel, Vanuatu
Feb. 28th       Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits ENE of Namie, Japan
Feb. 28th       Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits Off the coast of Aisen, Chile

                                                                OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS

We are now seeing an increase in volcanic activity, cracks in the earth, and sinkholes among other earth shaking events. The great increase is partially a result of the effects of the same cosmic system. They will continue until the transformation that we are moving through is complete. Heaven is not lacking in ways to get our attention that we need to change our ego driven behavior to one of looking out for the needs of others, as well as, for the environment. Earthquakes, especially as prophecy shows, are one sure way to shake things up, but there is an arsenal of other earth shaking events that can devastate the human soul to the point of remorse. The following are just a few earth shaking events that took place in February:

Feb. 3rd    Cliffs collapse stops 'firehose' flow from Kilauea Volcano
Feb. 6th    Colombia earthquake rocks capital city forcing airport to close
Feb. 6th    Global map of more than 80 volcanoes currently erupting
Feb. 9th    New lava flow on the upper NE flank of the flanks of the Mackenney cone of Pacaya volcano in Guatemala
Feb. 10th    The eruption continues with little variation at Piton de la Fournaise volcano
Feb. 11th    Surigao Airport, Philippines closed due to earthquake damage
Feb. 11th    Gigantic earth crack several hundred miles opens up in Pakistan sparking fears among locals
Feb. 15th    Huge explosion rips through coal mine in central China
Feb. 15th    Dual eruption at Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, continues with no significant changes
Feb. 19th    Strong thermal signal at Krakatau volcano in Sunda Strait, Indonesia could suggest new eruptive activity
Feb. 19th    Explosive eruption at Anak Krakatau yesterday night
Feb. 20th    Explosive eruption at Bogoslof volcano, Alaska
Feb. 20th    A new eruption is occurring at the remote Barren Island volcano, Indian Ocean

​Feb. 28th    Dramatic Eruptions From Mount Etna, Europe's Largest Volcano

                                                                 NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES

Not all natural disasters are solely an act of nature. The unseen war is yielding a result that we can read of in Rev. 12:12. The extreme weather and devastating storms that we are now seeing in addition to the increase in earthquakes, sinkholes, and volcanic activities are the result of the fury that those forces who are now losing their high offices is unleashing upon the earth. It is the end of the 120 cycles of jubilees and the quarantine on the planet is up. The sons are waking up and understanding what has truly befallen them and humanity - they are being born. Therefore, what we are seeing take place in the earth has much to do with an attempt to destroy the sons (Rev. 12:4, 12-13). We have clearly seen the intensification in uncharacteristic patterns in nature. It will get much worse. Here are a few cases:

Feb. 2nd    Thousands Still Displaced After Second Wave of Flooding in Weeks in Malaysia
Feb. 2nd    Floods in South Leave 96 Dead, 3 Provinces Still Affected in Thailand
Feb. 2nd    Floods in 4 Provinces Damage Crops and Houses, 7 Reported Dead in Gokwe, Zimbabwe
Feb. 3rd    25,000 Hit by Floods as 8 Rivers Overflow in Nariño, Columbia
Feb. 5th    Dozens Killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan Avalanches After Heavy Snowfall
Feb. 5th    Floods Affect 60,000 in Lambayeque, 1,800 Homes Destroyed
Feb. 6th    178,000 Remain Displaced by Floods in Mindanao
Feb. 6th    Rare snow shuts Seattle area schools, cuts power for 100,000
Feb. 7th    Damaging hail, tornadoes wreak havoc in Louisiana
Feb. 8th    USA – Floods in Northern California Prompt Rescues and Evacuations
Feb. 9th    Floods in Piura Region Leave 2 Dead and 2,545 Displaced in Peru
Feb. 9th    Nation's tallest dam, Lake Oroville, damaged amid storms
Feb. 9th    Snowstorm slams Northeast: Schools closed, flights canceled
Feb. 13th    New storm wallops Northeast, where 'Stay home' is message
Feb. 13th    1 Dead, 1 Missing, Crops Destroyed After Floods in Western Australia
Feb. 13th    Tens of Thousands Evacuate in Northern California as Authorities Warn of Dam Spillway Failure
Feb. 13th    Thousands homeless after torrential flooding and landslides kill 13 in Indonesia
Feb. 13th    Hundreds Displaced, 2 Missing as Floods Hit Lilongwe, Malawi
Feb. 15th    1 Dead, Hundreds Rescued After Floods in Asir Region, Saudi Arabia
Feb. 15th    NASA Sees Tropical Cyclone Dineo Dump 132 mm Rain per Hour at Mozambique coast
Feb. 15th    Tropical Cyclone Dineo Leaves 4 Dead in Mozambique
Feb. 15th    Evacuations in South France as Rivers Overflow France
Feb. 16th    Syria's Tabqa Dam at Risk of Catastrophic Flooding, Warns UN
Feb. 18th    2 dead as torrents of rain slam SoCal
Feb. 20th    Soaked Northern California braces for more storms, flooding
Feb. 20th    Storm leaves nearly 40k w/o power in San Antonio
Feb. 20th    Deadly Storm Dumps 250 mm of Rain in Southern California, Warnings For North
Feb. 20th    Flash Floods in Malaga, Spain After 130 mm of Rain in 6 Hours
Feb. 21st    More Record Rain in California, 1000s Evacuate Floods in San Jose
Feb. 21st    Deadly Flooding in Jakarta After 180 mm Rain in 24 Hours
Feb. 24th    Floods in Cundinamarca and Huila, Colombia Leave 1 Dead and 2,000 Displaced
Feb. 24th    Floods in North and East South Africa Leave 3 Dead, 2 Missing
Feb. 27th    Rare tornado hits Massachusetts
Feb. 28th    3 Dead, 19 Missing After Floods and Landslides in North and Central Regions of Chile

                                                       ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Those who are in the process of being displaced have greatly deceived humanity. They have deceived us through education, religion, science, food, and with technology. Through their policies we have turned away from our Source, to serving the image that they have created for us worship. Their reign is just about over (Luke 21:24) and great changes are soon to be realized, however the trying of the sons patience must first take place. Herein we find the tribulation that must come upon the whole world (Rev. 3:10), which the sons will escape (Rev. 12:6). The tribulation is a direct result of humanity falling prey to the will of the forces of darkness which leads us contrary to the way that brings life.
Deuteronomy 28: 58-62 says: “If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolong disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”

Below we see a snapshot of the environment that humanity has been led into creating:

Feb. 1st        Air pollution raises the risk of dementia by 92% because toxic particles cause the brain to swell (and women are most at risk)
Feb. 1st        The surprising link between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease
Feb. 1st    Port-Vila Malaysia reports more than 8,000 dengue cases in January
Feb. 1st    N. Sembilan, Malaysia records dengue cases during first three weeks of 2017
Feb. 2nd     Cholera Deaths in Sudan's Red Sea
Feb. 3rd    1,121 dengue cases in Manila, Philippines in January 2017
Feb. 5th    Grade 7 student dies of dengue in GenSan, Philippines
Feb. 6th    Lassa Fever Kills 2 in Nimba, Iberia
Feb. 6th    Four dead, dozens others infected in Mahaday, Somalia after cholera outbreak
Feb. 7th    Two more swine flu deaths reported in Coimbatore, India
Feb. 7th    Six die of anthrax in Zambia
Feb. 9th    Central China Hunan province reports 24 H7N9 cases in 2017
Feb. 9th    Yunnan Province, China reports one H7N9 fatality
Feb. 9th    Explosion at nuclear power plant in NW France
Feb. 9th    Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Invests $50 Million To Find Cure For All Diseases
Feb. 10th    The eruption continues with little variation at Piton de la Fournaise volcano
Feb. 10th    Swine Flu claims lives in Telangana, India
Feb. 10th    35 bird flu fatalities reported in Jiangsu Province, China in January
Feb. 10th    Five infected with HIV at China traditional medicine hospital
Feb. 11th    One-third of live poultry markets in China\'s Guangzhou city infected with bird flu
Feb. 12th    One person dies of suspected H1N1 at Mangaluru, India
Feb. 12th     Hamburg airport evacuated after unknown toxin affects 50 passengers
Feb. 13th    Chinese authorities launce probe of Hangzhou hospital after 5 patients infected HIV
Feb. 13th    New Subtype of Bird Flu Confirmed in Czech Republic
Feb. 14th    Lassa fever claims 8 lives in Nasarawa state, Nigeria

Feb. 14th    Cholera Kills 14 in Sudan
Feb. 14th    Rat-borne Seoul virus diagnosed in Utah County resident
Feb. 15th    192 H7N9 infection reported, 79 fatalities in China in January
Feb. 15th    Leptospirosis kills one and strikes two others in New York
Feb. 15th    Dengue claims life in New Caledonia
Feb. 16th    Pet rat confirmed to have Seoul virus in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Feb. 16th    Poultry markets in China closed to control spread of H7N9
Feb. 16th    105 people tested positive for H1N1 since January in India
Feb. 17th    Over 200 cases of cholera in Nampula, Matola, Maputo, Mozambique
Feb. 17th    Over 1500 Egyptian Livestock Infected with FMD Since January
Feb. 17th    Dengue claims another life in New Caledonia
Feb. 18th    2 Negrenses die of dengue, in Philippines
Feb. 20th    Chiengi cholera cases rise in Zambia
Feb. 20th    Mutation of H7N9 bird flu strain found in Guangdong, China patients
Feb. 20th    First swine flu death in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Feb. 20th    Famine declared in parts of South Sudan affecting 100K+ people
Feb. 21st    Bee decline in US threatens US crops
Feb. 21st    Fracking caused 6,648 spills in four states alone
Feb. 21st    3 more die of swine flu in Coimbatore, India
Feb. 22nd    Kerala man dies of swine flu, India
Feb. 24th    Fresh Lassa fever outbreak claims lives in Bauchi, Nigeria

                                                                           SIGNS OF THE TIMES 

The Saga is in The Constellations 
In the beginning of the physical universe, the sons of YHWH created the physical universe according to YHWH’s direction. In the Book of Genesis chapter one the creation, history, and future of the heavens, and the earth are revealed simultaneously. According to this revelation, the Book of Genesis chapter 1:3-5 and 14-18 documented the creation, setting, and purpose of various celestial and cosmic bodies that may be seen in the immediate heaven from the earth’s vantage point.  Genesis 1:14-17 tells us that there were lights, which were celestial and cosmic bodies, set in place to show signs, to set feasts, keep track of days, and the beginning of years to those in the earth. These celestial and cosmic bodies were set up to communicate a message to those who could understand it.

In the Book of Romans chapter 1:18 it is written (paraphrase) that the wrath of YHWH is revealed from heaven. It is revealed from heaven through the cosmic bodies that He set up to communicate that message to man. In verse 19 it is said (paraphrase) that that which is known about YHWH is shown to those who understand the communication. We further see in verse 20 (paraphrase) that since the creation of the world, the invisible things, or that which is unknown of Him, are clearly seen. It is clearly seen because it is communicated through the cosmic bodies to those who it's given to see.

Yahweh prohibits the worship of celestial bodies. In other words He wants us to live by His every word and not just by the influences of the cosmic bodies. In Deuteronomy 4:19 Mosheh said: “When you look up to the sky and you see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, do not be drawn away and worship them and serve things, which Yahweh your Father has allotted to all the nations under the whole heaven”. Some may look at a scripture such as this and use it to say that YHWH commands us not to study the celestial bodies, but that could not be further from the truth. YHWH warns us not to allow ourselves to be drawn away from Him to serving celestial bodies. He did not command us to not study it to understand the message. If we consider carefully, YHWH does not want us to be drawn away by money and riches, but He does not prohibit us from having money or from being rich. He does not want us to be drawn away by friends and family, but He does not prohibit us from having friends and family. 

In his writings 'The Antiquities of the Jews, Book I':1–3 Josephus says: “Seth and his offspring preserved ancient astronomical knowledge in pillars of stone.” If this is true, that means Seth studied the stars and wrote about them. In the Book of Job 37:14: Iyyob was told to consider the wonderful works of YHWH’s hand by his friend Elihu. He was telling Iyyob to contemplate the wonderful works of YHWH’s hand; contemplate in order to become mentally familiar and informed concerning it, enough to teach it if necessary. The wonderful works of YHWH’s hand consist of all of His creation, including all of the heavenly, cosmic and celestial bodies. So it is clear to see that YHWH does not prohibit the study of His creation, He just doesn’t want us to be led away from Him by anything; money, people, TV, music, books, etc. 

Psalm 19:1 says: “The heavens declare the glory of YHWH, and the expanse of the sky declares the works of his hands.” The glory of YHWH is His characteristics, His name, His authority, His works, His reputation, etc. 

Psalm 50:6 says: “The heavens will declare Your righteousness, O YHWH, for you are The Judge!” The righteousness of YHWH is His Law. Contrary to some belief systems, the law of Mosheh is not the law of YHWH. The law of Mosheh is simply a pattern, of the pattern, that was shown to Mosheh (Exodus 25:40). It was not from the beginning (Matthew 19:8), it is passing away (Heb. 7:22; 8:13), neither will aspects of it have need to continue after they are accomplished in YHWH’s time (Matthew 5:18). Therefore the law of Mosheh will not remain in its fullness after the restoration of all things (Matthew 22:24-30). We must remember, YHWH’s law is everlasting and cannot be changed, nor will it pass away (Ps. 111:8; Is. 40:8; Mal. 3:6; Matt. 24:35). It was in the beginning and has no end. It works on every planet, in every world, and in every realm. 

Psalm 97:6 says: “The heavens will declare His righteousness and all the nations will see His glory.” King David saw YHWH’s laws from the heavenly standpoint. 

As Psalm 147:4 tell us, YHWH determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names.

It is plain to see that in the constellation one may find the declarations or announcements of YHWH, because according to the scriptures, it’s transcribed there. There is a most important message that is revealed from the heavenly constellations for these last days that will affect every man woman and child on the earth in one way shape or form in the very near future. Many of these events were shown to the apostle Yahchanan in Revelations. There are parts that he did not write down, because he was commanded not to (Rev. 10:4), however, YHWH reveals to whom He pleases that they may warn His people.

In Revelation 12:1-2 the great sign of the woman in heaven is described as: “a woman clothed in the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.” 

During this time, those who know what to look for will see the constellation Virgo (The virgin woman) in the heavens. She is clothed with the sun, which is a representation of the Light (Yahshua’s examples; John 1:4; 8:12; 9:5; 12:46; I Pet 2:21) which she lives by and is pure (a virgin) through. The sun at the time of this formation that Yahchanan saw is about at her shoulders, and its light, shining down upon her body, is her clothing (her covering, her protection). The moon is at her feet, which represents YHWH governing and guiding her through dark times by His light that governs the night (darkness, tribulation; Gen. 1:16). Above the constellation Virgo (the woman), is the constellation Leo. It is commonly believed that her crown of 12 stars represents the 12 tribes of Israel. However, the constellation reveals what the stars are. The constellation Leo is made up of 9 main stars. Their names are Regulus, Denebola, Algieba, Zosma, Adhafera, Lota Leonis, Tau Leonis, Mu Leonis, and Rasalas. At a specific time this year Kokheve (Venus), Ma'adim (Mars), and Kokhav (Mercury) venture into the area of the constellation Leo, which is above the head of the woman, and at that time they account for the crown of twelve stars on her head.

The woman is pregnant “and crying out in the pain and agony of giving birth.” Her pain, due to the delay of a late term pregnancy (Ezekiel 12:22; Matthew 24:48; 25:5), is an allegory of the travail of the saints to overcome the world that they may also ascend to the Father’s right hand as their ruler, the first to be re-born from the dead among them (Rom. 8:29). Her celestial pregnancy however, is due to the fact that the king planet Jupiter, which represents the Messiah, entered the womb of the constellation Virgo on November 20, 2016 and does a retrograde loop that caused it to remain in her celestial womb for 42 weeks. Forty two weeks is the perfect ‘late’ gestation period for the birth of a human child that would make the mother very uncomfortable. Jupiter begins exiting Virgo’s womb via the birth canal on September 9, 2017, fourteen days later the Revelation 12:1-2 saga is declared in the heavens.
According to computer generated astronomical models, this formation has never occurred before in human history. It will occur once on September 23, 2017 – after the Jewish Feast Rosh Hashanah (Trumpets) in the seventh moon Tishrei, lasting for just a few hours and it will never occur again according to the computer generated astronomical models. This is a sign that YHWH has established for His sons to see what is to come (John 16:13; Ps. 19:1; Rev. 4:1; Jer. 33:3, Is. 41:23) that they may warn His people (Is. 21:6; Ez 33:7). This formation in heaven is a precursor to the greatest time of trouble in mankind’s history that will likely not happen again in this earth age (Dan.12:1; Matt. 24:21). According to Joel 2:2: “there has never been anything like it, nor will there be again after it to the years of many generations (ages).” 
Revelation 12:3 says: “Then another sign appeared in heaven: a huge red dragon with seven heads, ten horns, and seven royal crowns on his heads.” Below Virgo’s legs is the constellation Serpens and Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus depicts a man wrestling with Serpens the serpent. It represents Michael’s war in heaven with the dragon, which is during a dark time, or during a time of trouble (Rev. 12:7). The dragon’s horns and crowns represent its activities in the earth since before the fall of Adam. The dragon has used its servants in the earth to project this “seven heads, ten horns, and seven royal crowns on his heads” as its work in the earth. This can be seen in the world powers, and secular and religious governments that have come and gone in the earth since the flood of Noah’s days and is once again forming for its final time. The large cosmic body that we have been writing about for some time now is scheduled to be between the celestial Serpens and the legs of the woman this year. This cosmic body comes through our solar system every few thousand years, much like the touted planet nine that we have recently heard about. However, this body is not planet nine. It is scheduled to appear right after Jupiter exits her womb September 23, 2017. This is a sign, a heavenly announcement, which is scheduled to come together for a few hours on September 23, for the first time that may never happen again.

Rev. 12: 4 says: “…And the dragon stood before the woman as she was about to give birth, ready to devour her child as soon as He was born.”

This sign in heaven is telling us what is about to befall those who live on the earth, including those who serve YHWH. The woman represents a virgin body which was used to bring forth a Son that would save her (I Tim. 2:15; Gen. 3:16). He was caught up to His throne and is in the position to save His body (the virgin woman). She also represents the collective virgin body of saints who are to bring forth the Savior through their thoughts, words, deeds, and examples in the earth today. This virgin body of saints is not necessarily Christian, nor of any particular religion. They are simply individuals who have awoken from the matrix to heal the world through following and applying their Husband’s examples (II Cor. 11:2; Rev. 14:3-4; I John 2:6). Let us pay attention to the signs of the time so the day does not catch us off guard.

Feb. 18th    Dwarf planet Ceres boasts organic compounds, raising prospect of life
Feb. 21st    Giant UFO Almost Collides With Air Force Jet At Aerobatics Show

Fake news has been cooked up for a long time and was spoken about by Facebook back in January 2015. However, now is the time for it to take the stage. Therefore, the media bombardment has begun in hopes of censoring truths as many awake to much of what was being done in the dark to deceive the people.

Feb. 6th    Facebook And Google Take Their Fight Against Fake News to France
Feb. 6th    Facebook, Google to help fight fake news ahead of French elections
Feb. 11th    Pope Francis Targeted by ‘Fake News’ Amid Tensions With Conservative Catholics
Feb. 18th    University of Michigan to offer class helping students fight fake news

Feb. 16th    'Real breakthrough' discovered in early diagnosis of autism
Feb. 17th    Tiny robots may bring big change to cancer care
Feb. 17th     Scientist say genome sequencing may bring back to life a 4,000 year old mammoth

Feb. 17th    Canadian Glaciers Now Major Contributor to Sea Level Change Says Study
Feb. 18th    Extent of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice at record low in January

Feb. 2nd    PIZZAGATE: 474 arrested in California human trafficking sting, in LA County
Feb. 2nd    Amsterdam's Schiphol airport hit by major computer outage
Feb. 6th    32 kids rescued and 8 traffickers arrested in raid on Jeffery Epstein Caribbean
Feb. 8th    Fire breaks out in Chinese plant that produce Samsung Note-7 batteries
Feb. 8th    China police rescue 32 women trafficked from Vietnam, bust human smuggling ring
Feb. 9th    Disneyland Parking Garage Fire Damages 9 Cars
Feb. 9th    Meteor noises somehow defy the laws of physics
Feb. 12th     Salt marsh study warning of decline should serve as wake-up call
Feb. 14th    WMO Gears Up for Extreme Weather, Climate Change in Asia
Feb. 15th    Severe erosion triggered by El Niño detected along California coast
Feb. 22nd    Internet outage causes American Airlines ground stop at Philadelphia airport
Feb. 24th    An Alarmingly Early Spring is Sweeping Across the Southern United States
Feb. 28th    Blaze in tunnel under Manchester Airport runway
Feb. 28th    Chicago recorded no snow in January and February for first time

                                                                     GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

The economic unrest that we saw last year is likely to get better, but only for a time. This is part of the great deception that Yahshua warned us about at the end of this age. Problems are deliberately created, and those who create the policies that cause the problems, also create the policies that fix the problems. When they fix the problems, the unsuspecting put their trust in them and are further led into more deception. It’s the stage of the game for the problems to get fixed; therefore, we may very well see less and less financial unrest as we see a global economic recovery. Below we see some of the economic distress still being experienced:

Feb. 9th    US Postal Service says it lost $200M over Holiday Seas
Feb. 19th    Mongolia agrees $5.5 billion economic bailout plan with IMF

Feb. 2nd    Dallas County Schools - Plan to lay off up to 100
Feb. 3rd    Excel and Brighton high schools Boston to lay off 90
Feb. 5th    St. Joseph’s College closing in Rensselaer Indiana
Feb. 6th    Consolidated School of Business closing Lancaster Campus
Feb. 7th    The Anchorage School District to lay off 99
Feb. 9th    Layoffs Possible at San Diego Unified School District
Feb. 12th    Iowa Western Community College - laying off 22
Feb. 14th    Ainsworth elementary, Bernard Elementary School closing in Cedar Rapids Iowa
Feb. 14th    University of Phoenix to lay off up to 170
Feb. 15th    St. Charles County Catholic School Mo. closing
Feb. 16th    The University of Richmond is closing its Center for Culinary Arts
Feb. 17th    Montebello Unified School District to lay off 468
Feb. 17th    Student debt in America hits another record high
Feb. 18th     San Diego Unified School District - Layoffs Coming
Feb. 18th     Menlo Park City School District to lay off 30
Feb. 22nd    San Diego Unified School District Proposes 850 Job Cuts
Feb. 24th    Rock Valley College - Considers Layoffs Again
Feb. 25th    Some PA State Colleges in danger of Closing
Feb. 25th    University of Mississippi Medical Center - Possible Layoffs
Feb. 28th    Penn State University - 600 take Vol. Retirement Package

Feb. 1st        Walgreens closing on the intersection of Monroe and Tennessee Streets
Feb. 3rd    Central Maine Medical Center to lay off 28
Feb. 4th    Manchester Memorial and Rockville General Hospitals to lay off 20
Feb. 9th    Humana Ohio/Florida Home Care Workers to lay off 500
Feb. 9th    The Walgreens closing location in Sabraton Morgantown WV
Feb. 14th    Humana plans to pull out of O. Care Insurance Exchange
Feb. 14th    CHI St. Luke’s Health to lay off 89
Feb. 14th    Crawford County Care Center PA - to lay off up to 81
Feb. 16th    PeaceHealth - 500 Layoffs Expected
Feb. 18th     CHI St. Alexius Health to lay off 19
Feb. 21st    Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Minnesota to lay off 50
Feb. 23rd    Hennepin County Medical Center to lay off 131
Feb. 23rd    The Walgreens on Chili Avenue in Chili closing
Feb. 24th    11 CVS in Chicago are closing
Feb. 28th    Mallatt's Pharmacy and Costumes off Monroe Street in Madison closing

Feb. 3rd    Deutsche Bank - up to 9,000 Layoffs
Feb. 4th    Regions Bank is closing 27 branches nationwide
Feb. 8th    UAP Old Mutual to lay off 100
Feb. 8th    Bank of America will close its Sixth Street Bremerton branch in November
Feb. 14th    Credit Suisse to lay off up to 6,500
Feb. 14th    Fidelity Investments Grapevine Office to lay off 98
Feb. 22nd    Forex Capital Markets Plano Office to lay off 56

Feb. 1st        The Gap store closing at 35 N. State St. Chicago IL
Feb. 2nd    Penske to reduce Lordstown operations
Feb. 6th    AT&T Call Center in Richardson to lay off 54
Feb. 6th    Unisys Corp. shut down a client services center on Kenneth Drive in Henrietta, Move to Augusta GA
Feb. 6th    Unisys Corporation will be shutting the doors to its call center in Henrietta NY
Feb. 7th    Penske Automotive to lay off 160
Feb. 7th    The Archdiocese of New York announced Monday the closing of six Catholic schools - List at Link
Feb. 7th    GE Manufacturing Solutions in Fort Worth to lay off 250
Feb. 9th    Kellogg’s closing 39 Distribution Centers
Feb. 9th    RadioShack closing on Main Street in Bucksport ME
Feb. 10th    Payless in talks to close 1,000 Stores
Feb. 15th    Rite Aid Corp. is closing five of its six Shreveport LA locations
Feb. 21st    Toys R Us to lay off about 250 Corporate Staff
Feb. 21st    True Value Hardware closing in Gloversville NY
Feb. 21st    Barnes & Nobles will close its store at Towson Circle
Feb. 21st    CSX to lay off 1,000 Management Level Positions
Feb. 22nd    Macy's still plans to close down 100 Stores
Feb. 23rd    Sears - cutting 130 Corporate Jobs
Feb. 23rd    Kraft Heinz employees notified of possible layoffs
Feb. 23rd    Polo Ralph Lauren at The Bellevue at Broad and Walnut Streets PA closing
Feb. 24th    JC Penney Closing 140 Stores in Early 2017
Feb. 28th    Gap Inc to lay off 216

Feb. 1st         Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC files for bankruptcy
Feb. 5th    Stemtech International files for bankruptcy
Feb. 5th    Eastern Outfitters LLC files for bankruptcy
Feb. 7th    Marbles: The Brain Store files for bankruptcy
Feb. 8th    Pure Foods in Kingsport files for bankruptcy
Feb. 9th    Revolution Physical Therapy files for bankruptcy
Feb. 14th    MC Sports - will Liquidate Assets files for bankruptcy
Feb. 16th    United Road Towing, Inc files for bankruptcy
Feb. 17th    Folts Home and Folts Adult Home files for bankruptcy
Feb. 17th    South Korea's Hanjin Shipping declared bankrupt
Feb. 19th    Unique Ventures Group LLC files for bankruptcy
Feb. 22nd     Maple Leaf Treatment Center files for bankruptcy
Feb. 24th    The Humble Surgical Hospital files for bankruptcy
Feb. 25th    HHGregg said to Prepare for Bankruptcy Next Month
Feb. 28th    BCBG Max Azria Group LLC files for bankruptcy

Feb. 1st       Tim Tam Tavern closing in Louisville KY
Feb. 1st        Auntie Em’s Kitchen closing in Los Angeles CA
Feb. 3rd    Phat Burrito closing in Charlotte NC
Feb. 3rd     The Swedish Bakery closing in Andersonville
Feb. 4th    The Cypress Restaurant closing on South Main Street in Middletown CT
Feb. 8th    The Whole Foods store closing in Davis on First Street CA
Feb. 8th    Augusta’s Whole Foods Market is closing
Feb. 8th    Pizzology closing on Mass Ave. in Indianapolis IN
Feb. 8th    Du-Par's Restaurant & Bakery closing in the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas
Feb. 9th    French’s Food Co. Springfield Plant to lay off 140
Feb. 9th    Whole Foods Market to close 9 Stores
Feb. 10th    Senior Wong Craft Bar closing in Saint Paul MN
Feb. 10th    Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop closing in Vista
Feb. 13th    Noodles & Co. to close 55 Stores Nationwide
Feb. 13th    My Fit Foods closing all stores
Feb. 14th    Three Aces restaurant closing in Little Italy Chicago IL
Feb. 14th    TGI Friday’s closing location on Main Street & Transit Road intersection in Amherst NY
Feb. 15th    Prego Ristorante closing in Irvine CA
Feb. 15th    Marana Hooters closing in AZ
Feb. 16th    Rex Restaurant closing on Montana Avenue in downtown Billings MT
Feb. 16th    Louie’s restaurant in Oak Park closing
Feb. 16th    Ray's Supermarket closing in Factoryville PA
Feb. 16th    International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. to lay off 370 over 2 Years
Feb. 17th    Chen’s Cantonese Chef closing in Loves Park Ill
Feb. 17th    Tandoori’s Royal Indian Cuisine, closing at 7740 Transit Road in Amherst NY
Feb. 18th     Tandoori's Restaurant and Palm's Banquets closing in Amherst NY
Feb. 18th     Patton’s Restaurant closing on East Grand Ave. Des Moines IL
Feb. 18th     Outback Steakhouse's parent closing 43 restaurants nationwide
Feb. 19th    BBQ This! Closing in Cedar Rapids Iowa
Feb. 21st    Benny’s closing in Waterford Conn.
Feb. 21st    Wintzell's Oyster House is shuttering its Huntsville store AL
Feb. 23rd    United Natural Foods, Inc - Reports of Layoffs
Feb. 23rd    Dicky's Bar on Meigs Street in Rochester NY closing
Feb. 23rd    The Flowers Bakery Company of Lynchburg bakery thrift store closing on Hollins Mill Road VA.
Feb. 24th    Moon Garden Restaurant closing in Fairfield Ohio
Feb. 24th    Monty's Sandwich Co. at 200 North Broadway in St Louis MO closing
Feb. 24th    Luv Me Tenders at 4400 Yale Houston TX closing
Feb. 25th    Will Foods, located on William Street near the main Post Office, will cease operations in March

Feb. 1st        Conduent Inc South Charlotte to lay off 143
Feb. 1st        Shutterfly to lay off 13% of Workforce
Feb. 3rd    Staples Inc. to lay off 200
Feb. 4th    GE Transportation in Fort Worth TX to lay off 250
Feb. 4th    Manitoba Hydro (International) to lay off 900
Feb. 7th    Chicago-based puzzle and game seller Marbles: The Brain Store to close its 37 stores, 333 jobs lost
Feb. 7th    Transocean and Atwood Oceanics to lay off 200
Feb. 8th    CNX Coal Resources PA to lay off 200
Feb. 8th    BCBG Max Azria Group Inc. closing 120 Stores
Feb. 9th    Zenefits to lay off 430
Feb. 9th    Reckitt Benckiser in Springfield Miss. to lay off 140
Feb. 10th    B.F. Rich Windows & Doors in Del. to Lay Off 130
Feb. 10th    Activision Publishing to lay off 5% of Workforce
Feb. 10th    ESI will close facilities in Montreal, Canada, and Napa, California - Job Cuts Possible
Feb. 10th    Titan Machinery closing stores in Minnesota, Dakotas
Feb. 11th    Anderson Inc - 920 Layoffs Start in April
Feb. 15th    Toledo's Jeep plant to lay off 3,200
Feb. 16th    MarkerBot to lay off 30% of its Staff
Feb. 16th    CBI Services LLC to lay off 150
Feb. 17th    CB&I Facility in East Chicago to lay off 149
Feb. 17th    Winnebago Industries – Layoffs and Reduced Hours
Feb. 17th    Michigan-based MC Sports closing all 66 Stores
Feb. 18th     Quality Park Products to close in Orchard Park - 111 Job Cuts
Feb. 18th     Beaulieu America in Bridgeport to shutter extrusion, cabling and heat set operations - 359 Layoffs
Feb. 18th     Delivery Agent Holdings Corp. to lay off 134
Feb. 22nd    Cenveo Corp. Orchard Park NY to lay off 111
Feb. 23rd    Family Christian Stores closing all 240 Locations
Feb. 23rd    Express Scripts closing a Call Center in Pueblo Colorado - 300 Layoffs

                                                               GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY

A global economic recovery is on the horizon. We mentioned in the last forecast, that the engineers of this created matrix that we experience as reality, will use a purported global economic recovery plan to continue to herd and control the minds of the people. Below we see a continued unfolding of their plan.

Feb. 1st        Nestlé USA is bringing 321 jobs to Solon
Feb. 1st        Amazon will add 2,700 jobs at new $1.5B Kentucky location
Feb. 1st        Valeo to grow in Auburn Hills, Troy, add 290 jobs
Feb. 1st        Premier to host downtown job fair, has +500 open jobs
Feb. 1st        ADP: Businesses added 246k Jobs in Jan
Feb. 1st        Amgen Chief tells Trump will add 1,600 Jobs
Feb. 2nd    Japan's Abe to propose Job Creating Plan to Trump
Feb. 2nd    Hard Hats hopeful under Trump to add jobs
Feb. 2nd    Kingfa investing $60M, adding 150 jobs in Canton
Feb. 2nd    Black Rifle Coffee Company Takes on Starbucks: We're Hiring 10,000 Veterans
Feb. 2nd    La-Z-Boy to add 115 jobs in expansion of Dayton plant
Feb. 3rd    KaTom Restaurant Supply will create 100 jobs in Sevier County
Feb. 3rd    Tampa Bay’s Suncoast credit union plans hundreds of new jobs
Feb. 3rd    Dollar General to add 10,000 new jobs and 1,000 new stores in 2017
Feb. 3rd    ABQ-based solar company announces $10M expansion, more than 100 jobs
Feb. 3rd    Japan to create 700,000 jobs in America
Feb. 6th    Triad manufacturer plans to hire up to 100
Feb. 6th    Hyland to expand headquarters in Westlake, adding 300-plus jobs
Feb. 7th    idX takes former Fredericksburg GM plant, plans 150 jobs
Feb. 7th    Trucking bed and body company to add 250 jobs in Quincy
Feb. 7th    Trump meeting with airline CEOs to focus on jobs
Feb. 7th    SmileDirectClub adds 440 Tennessee jobs
Feb. 7th    ReliaQuest adds 150 new jobs
Feb. 7th    China to create 50 million jobs by 2020
Feb. 8th    Care 24/7 to add 80 jobs
Feb. 8th    Ernst & Young is bringing 125 new jobs to Tucson
Feb. 9th    Clearwater Paper announces expansion, 180 jobs in Shelby
Feb. 9th    Wal-Mart to invest in 442 textile jobs at Renfro Corp. in Fort Payne
Feb. 9th    Chicago Mayor Emanuel - Create 40,000 Jobs
Feb. 9th    Intel chief says firm will invest $7 billion in Arizona factory
Feb. 9th    Iomaxis expansion could create 555 Jobs in VA.
Feb. 10th    JobsOhio Project Lists 600 new Jobs
Feb. 10th    Delta Air Lines to add +25,000 jobs over 5 Years
Feb. 10th    Moog plans $32M Expansion of Elma Plant
Feb. 10th    Fed’s Tarullo to step down nearly 5 years early, strengthening Trump’s hand to shape bank policy
Feb. 10th    AutoAlert in Kansas City to add +300 jobs
Feb. 11th    Martinrea Jonesville LLC project to bring +123 new jobs
Feb. 13th    IBM to add more than 100 jobs in Columbia
Feb. 13th    Lighting and decor manufacturer ELK creating 100 jobs in Sylvania 
Feb. 13th    More than 200 jobs coming to Tucson's South Side for Dave & Buster's
Feb. 13th    US Farathane to add 155 jobs
Feb. 13th    Sendik's plans to add 500 jobs in 2017
Feb. 14th    Dublin call center to add 560 full-time jobs
Feb. 14th    Pratt & Whitney adding 500 jobs at Columbus plant
Feb. 14th    Greater Cincinnati manufacturing firm to add 125 jobs
Feb. 14th    GKN Aerospace bringing 170 jobs to Bay County
Feb. 15th    Lowe's to hire more than 1,700 full-time workers
Feb. 15th    R.I. based United Natural Foods Inc. to add 150 jobs
Feb. 15th    Spotify adding more than 1,000 jobs in New York
Feb. 16th    600 Plus New Jobs Coming To Lowe's In Wilkesboro, NC
Feb. 16th    Pet food retailer Chewy to add 600 jobs in Marion County
Feb. 16th    StarTek Hamilton holding online career fair for 100 new jobs
Feb. 16th    Owens and Minor brings 300 new jobs to downtown Richmond
Feb. 16th    Renfro Corp. is adding 442 jobs in Alabama
Feb. 17th    Newport News Shipyard to add 3,000 jobs
Feb. 17th    Seaboard Triumph Foods to ad +1,000 jobs in Sioux City, Iowa
Feb. 17th    Accenture to add 15,000 jobs in US
Feb. 20th    Corning to create 410 jobs in North Carolina
Feb. 20th    Sedgwick Claims Management adding 150 jobs in Memphis
Feb. 21st    Transamerica to add 200 jobs to Denver operations
Feb. 21st    Hallmark is hiring +155 in Liberty and Lawrence
Feb. 21st    GlobalFoundries looks to fill 200 jobs
Feb. 21st    Alorica to add 600 jobs to Guilford County workforce
Feb. 21st    Evapco will expand, add 125 jobs at Taneytown refrigeration factory
Feb. 22nd    Conduit Global adding 240 jobs to Triad call center
Feb. 22nd    Alevo Energy eyes $250M expansion, 202 new jobs
Feb. 22nd    Tech firm Levementum planning to add 175 high-wage jobs
Feb. 23rd    DHL adding 900 jobs at CVG
Feb. 23rd    Home cleaning company to hire 470 Maryland employees this year
Feb. 23rd    KPMG plans to add 500 more Chicago jobs
Feb. 23rd    Fast-growing jobs-app startup plans to add 161 central Indiana jobs
Feb. 23rd    Goodwill to add up to 150 jobs in Mount Pleasant
Feb. 23rd    Kettering Parks and Recreation to add 350 jobs
Feb. 24th     Nemak Alabama to add up to 100 jobs
Feb. 25th    Kings Island needs to fill 4,200 seasonal jobs
Feb. 27th    Vallourec Star to add 130 jobs
Feb. 27th    LG Electronics to build in TN and adding 500 jobs
Feb. 27th    Huron Inc. adding 181 new jobs
Feb. 28th    Credit Acceptance Corp. to add 532 jobs in $33 million expansion in Southfield

                                                                         GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

In these last days we see the love of many people in the earth growing cold (Matt. 24:12), and we see angry nations (Rev. 11:18). This is all due to the influence of transgression that is being broadcast to the people. We are not encouraged to be patient. We are told to hurry. We are not encouraged to look out for the next person, but are told to get ours. Contentment is the key to a peaceful existence with one’s neighbor. However, we are programmed by stress, competition, and division. In the book of Philippians the apostle Shaul (Paul) said that he learned the secret of contentment. We would do well to pay attention to what our passions and desires are, and practice self-control to develop the power of will. Whether we perceive that we have a little, or a lot, if we, as a race, learn to embrace a spirit of gratitude, trusting that all things go according to a well-orchestrated plan (a super plan) then we can trust that our best interests are accounted for. Then, likewise we can share what we have learned with others, so they too may come to the place of peace. Below we see the symptoms of the absence of the spirit of contentment.

Feb. 2nd    76 'Rogue' Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Arrested After Refusing to Vacate Camp
Feb. 4th    Thousands of London protesters call for UK to withdraw Trump invitation
Feb. 5th    President Donald Trump's visit to Mar-A-Lago sparks protests
Feb. 6th    Senate Dems 'hold the floor' to protest DeVos'hold-floor'-protest-devos/97569438/
Feb. 6th    Protests Outside Calif. Representative’s Town Hall Leads to Hasty Exit
Feb. 9th    Clashes break out during ultra-orthodox anti-IDF protest in Israel
Feb. 9th    South African lawmakers brawl during protest of President Zuma
Feb. 10th    Protesters swarm Rep. Jason Chaffetz's town hall in Utah
Feb. 10th    Protesters block DeVos from entering D.C. public school
Feb. 10th    "Death to America" Hundreds of Iranians Rally
Feb. 10th    Weeklong police strike in Brazil leaves 120 dead amid increasing anarchy
Feb. 11th    Dueling protests drawing fans and foes of Planned Parenthood erupts at PP offices across U.S.
Feb. 12th    Rioters shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ during violent Paris protests
Feb. 13th    At least 13 killed as suicide bomber targets protest rally in Lahore
Feb. 13th    Suicide bombing at Pakistan protest kills at least 13
Feb. 13th    About 20,000 protesters march in Mexico City to send message to Trump administration
Feb. 16th    Businesses close as immigrants stay home to protest Trump
Feb. 16th    Anti-police protests spread to streets of central Paris
Feb. 19th    Scientists hold rally in Boston to protest threat to science
Feb. 20th    Presidents’ Day holiday in US: Thousands rally opposing President Trump
Feb. 24th    Police fire stun grenades, rubber bullets and water cannons as protesters clash with migrants in South Africa
Feb. 25th    Philippines protesters gather on anniversary of political uprising

Feb. 25th    Protesters Clash With Police in Anti-Le Pen Demonstration
Feb. 26th    Clashes erupt in Nantes during anti-Le Pen protest
Feb. 26th    Thousands march in Moscow in opposition to Putin
Feb. 28th    Paris students block schools, clash with officers at anti-police brutality protest

Feb. 3rd    French soldier shoots machete attacker outside Louvre Museum
Feb. 7th    20 dead in suicide blast outside Afghan Supreme Court in Kabul
Feb. 10th    Nigeria issues terrorist alert for potential attacks on banks, arms depot, and prisons
Feb. 10th    More than a dozen wounded in firebomb attack on Hong Kong commuter train
Feb. 10th    France thwarts suspected new terror attack
Feb. 10th    Hong Kong subway bomber sets train, and self on fire, injures 17
Feb. 15th    Suicide car bomb kills 15 injures 50 in Baghdad suburb
Feb. 15th    5 people killed, 3 attackers shot dead by police in Xinjiang Province, China
Feb. 16th    Suicide bombing in Pakistan, country’s fourth attack in one day, kills 6
Feb. 16th    Third car bomb in three days kill 16 in Baghdad
Feb. 16th    Bombing in southwest Pakistan kills three security personnel
Feb. 16th    Roadside bomb kills 12 in eastern Afghanistan
Feb. 17th    Baghdad car bomb kills 51 as ISIS escalates insurgency
Feb. 17th    ISIS claims responsibility for Pakistan shrine attack
Feb. 22nd    Suicide bomber identified as Brit handed 1 million pound compensation after Gitmo release
Feb. 25th    Syria security buildings attacked by suicide bombers in Homs leaves at least 42 dead
Feb. 25th    Man in Germany hits 3 pedestrians in town square and flees

Feb. 1st    Nigeria police inspector killed in suspected Boko Haram ambush
Feb. 20th    1 officer dead in shootout in Southern California
Feb. 24th    Two officers are injured in a shootout with a suspect in Washington DC

Feb. 1st    Israel Approves Another Wave of West Bank Settlement Construction
Feb. 1st    Israeli forces begin long-delayed evacuation of West Bank outpost
Feb. 1st    Greece reports multiple incursions by Turkish planes amid mounting tensions between the neighboring countries
Feb. 4th    Iran tests missile and radar systems, defying US sanctions
Feb. 6th    Israel passes law legalizing thousands of settlement homes
Feb. 6th    Standoff with PM heats up as house speaker strongly opposed to Trump’s visit
Feb. 7th    Palestinians Ask World to Punish Israel for Settlement Law
Feb. 7th    Riots In France After Black Man Is Beaten And Raped By French Police
Feb. 8th    Putin orders his troops to prepare for a time of war
Feb. 9th    Brawl in South Africa's parliament as opposition EFF lawmakers ejected
Feb. 10th    Chinese aircraft passes within a 1,000 feet of Navy anti-submarine plane in ‘unsafe’ encounter over South China Sea
Feb. 12th    3 killed in inter-militia fighting at Yemen's Aden airport
Feb. 13th    Pakistan says 3 soldiers killed by Indian forces in firing across Line of Control
Feb. 14th    Russia Deploys Missile, Violating Treaty and Challenging Trump
Feb. 14th    Russian spy ship patrolling off US east coast
Feb. 15th    China warns US not to challenge sovereignty with new patrols in S. China Sea
Feb. 15th    Russian planes buzzed U.S. warship in Black Sea, defense official says
Feb. 17th    Germany warns US against threatening EU cohesion
Feb. 22nd    Cambodia warns US to stop interfering in its internal affairs
Feb. 22nd    US commander: 'Perhaps' more troops will be sent to Syria
Feb. 25th    Israel denies work permit to Human Right Watch researcher

Feb. 1st        Boulder Jewish Community Center, others nationwide targeted by wave of bomb threats
Feb. 3rd    2 Fort Campbell soldiers killed, suspect in custody
Feb. 4th    Leftists Riot At UC Berkeley, Violently Assault Trump Supporters Attending Milo Speech
Feb. 5th    Turkey detains some 400 IS suspects in nationwide raids
Feb. 16th    Number of anti-Muslim hate groups on the rise
Feb. 16th    48 Jewish centers received bomb threats in January
Feb. 21st    Rioting breaks out in Sweden
Feb. 21st    US troops in Iraq operating closer to front lines
Feb. 22nd    Pakistan launches nationwide crackdown on militant groups
Feb. 24th    UMich students demand No-White allowed spaces


Some used to think that the rich and powerful could get away with almost anything, and that did seem to be the case. At this time however, as the war in heaven continues, we see a shift in the powers that be. Those in power are continuing to be showcased. There is a day of reckoning for all, and money, fame, and power are no longer a viable veil to hide behind. Each one is held accountable for his or her own actions. Not all scandals are a result of deserved retribution, however. Some are victims of others who pawn them off to shame, arrest, and even death. Donald Trump will be extremely lucky to survive the first year of his presidency with his office intact. The setup of a Russian scandal may be the Trump silver bullet. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been loosely connected to Russia. It has been reported that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has ties to illicit Russian finance. There have been reports of a lucrative Trump deal in Russia. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn meanwhile, resigned after it was revealed that he did not disclose the full contents of a discussion he had with a Russia ambassador. CEO Rex Tillerson — who was awarded Russia's Order of Friendship by President Vladimir Putin — as secretary of state. This all, of course, follows the intelligence community assessing that Russia carried out hacks of the Democratic National Committee in order to help Trump get elected. It has also been reported that the Trump campaign was in regular contact with Russian officials throughout the election. Trump has not been critical of Russia in fact he calls Russia an asset. The rug may be moving under Trump’s feet and it may be just what was planned for Trump after setting up the kings of the East. As we read on we see how some powerful people are being called to the task of accounting for their alleged wrongdoing. 

Feb. 1st        Russia arrests FSB cybersecurity experts in 'US-linked' treason case: lawyer
Feb. 1st        Retired Air Force general Gen. Arthur Lichte accused of 'inappropriate acts' demoted two ranks
Feb. 5th    Tiffany & Co. CEO steps down amid company's financial concerns
Feb. 7th    Nicolas Sarkozy, former French President, to face campaign fraud trial
Feb. 8th    Submarine Scandal Case Is Haunting Netanyahu at a Critical Time
Feb 9th        Former Major General Demoted in Retirement for Using Credit Card at Strip Clubs
Feb. 10th    Fed's Daniel Tarullo, who has guided regulation of banks, will resign
Feb. 13th    US sanctions Venezuela VP over Drug Trafficking
Feb. 14th    Prosecutors seek another arrest warrant for Samsung heir
Feb. 14th    Toshiba chairman resigns after nuclear unit write down
Feb. 14th    Secret Service director Joseph Clancy to step down
Feb. 15th    US media: Trump aids had contact with Russian intelligence in election Campaign
Feb. 15th    Standard Chartered Botwana chief executive resigns
Feb. 15th    Former Communist Party chief of China’s Hebei Province sentenced to 15 years for corruption
Feb. 15th    Andrew Puzder withdraws nomination for labor secretary
Feb. 16th    Bridge case complaint against Chris Christie can proceed
Feb. 16th    Kim Jong Nam assassinated in Malaysia
Feb. 16th    Former VP of China Supreme People’s Court given life sentence for corruption
Feb. 16th    Dominican Republic radio hosts assassinated during Facebook Live broadcast
Feb. 17th    Samsung chief arrested in South Korea on bribery charges
Feb. 17th    Brad Grey in Talks to Leave as Paramount Pictures Chairman
Feb. 17th    Former SAR chief executive Donald Tsang found guilty of misconduct
Feb. 17th    FBI, IRS raid state Sen. Carlos Uresti's San Antonio law office
Feb. 20th    Former Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang in custody ahead of sentencing
Feb. 20th    Former Beijing CPC deputy chief Lyu Xiwen gets 13 year sentence for taking bribe
Feb. 20th    Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin dies suddenly after falling ill in New York
Feb. 21st    Wells Fargo fires 4 retail executives over fraudulent customer account scandal
Feb. 21st    Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart
Feb. 22nd    Senior Yemeni general killed in Houthi missile attack
Feb. 22nd    Former Hong Kong chief Donald Tsang sentenced to 20 months in jail for misconduct in office
Feb. 23rd    Fox News contributor Alan Colmes, 66, dead after ‘brief illness’
Feb. 23rd    Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato gets 4.5 years in jail for embezzlement
Feb. 24th    New York mayor Bill de Blasio faces grilling over alleged fundraising scandal
Feb. 24th    Turkish diplomats seek asylum in Germany after failed coup
Feb. 24th    Queen of MySpace 'ForBiddeN'Dead at 35 From Liver Failure
Feb. 25th    Magician Daryl Easton Commits Suicide, Found Dead at 61 in Hollywood's Magic Castle
Feb. 26th    Brazilian police arrest suspects linked to ruling party for bribery
Feb. 26th    South Korean rally to demand president’s impeachment ahead of court decision
Feb. 27th    Former IMF Chief Sent To Jail As Spain Prosecutes 65 Elite Bankers In Enormous Corruption Scandal
Feb. 28th    New secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross has ties to illicit Russian finance
Feb. 28th    Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong indicted in corruption scandal

Feb. 7th    Merkel to visit euro-skeptic Poland in struggle to save EU
Feb. 24th    Capital One eyed in anti-money-laundering probe

                                                           DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

The cosmic shake-up that we highlighted in the “Signs of the Times” section has much to do with many of our climate change concerns. Let’s face it. Climate change has been a part of the history of the earth since its inception. It is because of climate change that one group of life forms die off and another is seeded just for the cycle to take place again. We are heading for the same thing at the end of this age. When Earth’s magnetic field is in equilibrium our modern modes of transportation are a plus, but when things are out of balance we run into all sorts of problems like we will read about in this next section. Today we are having disruptions in our planet’s magnetosphere which is now causing problems with our electronic controlled mechanical equipment. We are not having planes fall out the sky, trains accelerating, derailing, and crashing through terminals, lithium-ion batteries exploding, cars accelerating with no explanation, and explosions rocking city blocks because it just happens. This is a real problem that will get worse as Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) activity increases, because of the cosmic body that’s in our solar system. In the following headlines we are seeing a trend.

Feb. 2nd    WestJet flight forced to make an emergency landing in Calgary due to smoke in plane
Feb. 3rd     WestJet plane makes emergency landing for second day in a row due to smoke in air conditioning system
Feb. 8th    Small plane forced to land on street near Cordes Lakes, Arizona because cockpit began to fill with smoke
Feb. 9th    Firefighters respond to municipal airport for emergency landing in Beaumont, Texas, due to smoke in cockpit
Feb. 9th    GoAir aircraft disaster averted after Indian locals spot fire in flight engine
Feb. 10th    Plane Bound for Buenos Aires Suffers Engine Fire at JFK Airport, NY
Feb. 10th    EasyJet plane flying over Manchester, UK declares fire related emergency
Feb. 10th    Flight leaving Boston makes emergency landing for smoky odor
Feb. 14th    Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing at IAH, Texas after reports of smoke in the cockpit
Feb. 15th    Small jet makes emergency landing at RDU, N. Carolina after pilot smells smoke
Feb. 17th    British Airways flight forced into emergency landing at London City airport due to smell of smoke on board
Feb. 22nd    Pilot forced to crash land light aircraft due to smoke coming out of the engine department, S. Africa
Feb. 22nd    Virgin Australia flight makes emergency landing after pilots noticed smoke  in cockpit
Feb. 23rd    MiG-29 aircraft catches fire during routine flights in Belarus
Feb. 25th    Air Berlin plane makes emergency landing at DIA, Florida when smoke-filled cockpit
Feb. 26th     Flight to Tel Aviv forced to land in Texas due to unusual smell of smoke in aircraft,7340,L-4927650,00.html
Feb. 28th    Korean Air plane from Singapore forced to land in Manila, Philippines after smoke fills cabin

Feb. 1st    Plane Makes Belly Landing At Muskogee Airport Oklahoma due to landing gear issues
Feb. 1st    Swiss Air flight makes emergency landing with one engine in Iqaluit, Canada
Feb. 3rd     Plane forced to make emergency landing in Nanneella, Australia due to engine failure
Feb. 4th    Light aircraft makes emergency landing in field near A1 due to engine problems
Feb. 6th    Dubai-Melbourne flight diverted to Singapore due to mechanical fault
Feb. 6th    Two people save pilot just before plane bursts into flames after engine problems caused crash, N. Carolina
Feb. 7th    Western Air Plane Crash-Lands At Grand Bahama International Airport after experiencing technical challenges
Feb. 8th    Sterling pilot injured in crash due to mechanical problems on bank of Kenai River, Alaska
Feb. 8th    Bengaluru GoAir flight makes emergency landing at IGI airport, India due to technical issues
Feb. 9th    Private jet makes emergency landing at Manchester Airport, UK after losing altitude
Feb. 10th    Plane suffers engine issues on approach to Southampton Airport

Feb. 11th    Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Dallas Field, TX Due to Engine Trouble
Feb. 12th    Transatlantic jet diverted to Shannon Airport after engine problem
Feb. 14th    Airplane lands without landing gear at Aleutians airport, Alaska
Feb. 14th    British Airways flight from Chicago to London diverted to Logan Airport because of a technical issue
Feb. 14th    GoAir flight with 180 on-board makes emergency landing at IGIA India due to engine trouble
Feb. 14th    Daallo Plane Carrying Somali MPs and Ministers Makes Emergency Landing in Nairobi after engine failed
Feb. 15th    Plane makes emergency landing on Pomona Fairplex racetrack after engine failure
Feb. 15th    Plane crash near Chichen Itza, Mexico due to engine failure, pilot seriously injures
Feb. 15th    London-Shanghai passenger plane makes emergency landing in Krasnoyarsk, Russia due to engine issues
Feb. 16th    Flybe flight in emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport over a suspected technical fault
Feb. 17th    EgyptAir aircraft makes emergency landing due to technical malfunction in Luxor, Egypt
Feb. 19th    Jet flight makes emergency landing, due to technical problem
Feb. 19th    Chopper makes emergency landing in Bengaluru, India after developing a technical snag
Feb. 20th    Delhi-bound flight with 168 on board makes emergency landing at Goa airport due to technical problem
Feb. 20th    IDF helicopter makes emergency landing on Israeli beach due to dangerous technical problem,7340,L-4925156,00.html
Feb. 21st    Small plane's landing gear collapses at Scottsdale, Arizona Airport
Feb. 22nd   Plane makes emergency landing at BR Airport, Louisiana after hydraulic issue
Feb. 23rd    Flybe flight in emergency landing after engine shut down, Scotland
Feb. 24th    Azam Khan's chopper makes emergency landing safely in India due to technical snag
Feb. 26th     Gyrocopter makes emergency landing in field near Terry, Mississippi due to engine failure
Feb. 27th    Plane lands safely at Chattanooga Airport after reporting engine troubles
Feb. 27th    Passengers Scramble To Get Home After Flight Bound For LAX Lands In Tijuana due to a mechanical issue
Feb. 27th    Air India flight makes emergency landing at Mangalore airport due to technical problem
Feb. 28th    Mid-air emergency declared on Flybe plane after it developed a technical problem, Scotland
Feb. 28th    Flight from Cancun to JFK makes emergency landing at JAX, Florida due to mechanical failure

Feb. 1st    No injuries in helicopter crash at Carson City airport, Nevada
Feb. 1st    Plane lands safely at Columbia Regional Airport, Missouri after gear issues
Feb. 2nd    Small plane crash reported near Ellendale, Minnesota
Feb. 4th    Man survives plane crash Saturday night in Mississippi
Feb. 6th    Helicopter crash at north county airport, Florida
Feb. 6th    Fire Crews Search for Small Plane After Hard Crash Landing in Maryland
Feb. 7th    Three survive helicopter crash in Lee County
Feb. 7th    Four Die in Helicopter Crash in Guatemala
Feb. 7th    Small plane crash in Argentina kills 5 people
Feb. 8th    Two killed in plane crash near Toledo in Spain
Feb. 10th    Plane crash near Brunkild, Man.Canada kills 2 people
Feb. 10th    Helicopter Crashes off Hwy 25 West of Archer City, Texas
Feb. 11th    Pilot hurt in Punta Gorda, FL lightweight plane crash
Feb. 12th    1 Dead After Small Plane Crashes in Remote Area of Ramona, California
Feb. 12th    Small plane crashed in a blueberry field in Surrey, B.C. on Sunday
Feb. 13th    Helicopter crashes at Jandakot Airport in Perth, Australia pilot and passenger walk away
Feb. 13th    2 dead as plane owned by Mount Royal University crashes west of Calgary
Feb. 14th    Helicopter crashed, pilot dies while fighting Christchurch wild fires, New Zealand
Feb. 15th    DeSoto Parish authorities locate helicopter crash site at Wallace Lake, Louisiana
Feb. 16th    2 dead in Barrow County, Georgia plane crash
Feb. 16th    Officials identify victim in Decatur County, Georgia plane crash
Feb. 18th    Two hurt in small plane crash in Stone County, Missouri
Feb. 19th    Plane crashes into Bayonne neighborhood, narrowly avoiding disaster
Feb. 19th    Plane crashes on golf fairway in Pennsylvania, splits in half
Feb. 19th    Small plane crashes in Dawsonville, Georgia, pilot released from hospital
Feb. 19th    One dead after small plane crash in Clark County, Ohio
Feb. 19th    Bee pilot injured in helicopter crash in New Zealand
Feb. 20th    Light plane crashes near Melbourne in Australia
Feb. 22nd    1 dead, 1 seriously hurt in plane crash in East Haven, Connecticut
Feb. 23rd    Plane crash lands near Princes Highway, Australia
Feb. 24th    Man, woman survive plane crash near Port Orange, FL
Feb. 24th    Two killed as training aircraft crashes in Faisalabad, Pakistan
Feb. 25th    Man killed in Eastern Cape, S. Africa chopper crash
Feb. 26th     2 dead, 1 injured in Gabreski Airport small plane crash
Feb. 26th     Pilots escape unhurt as Cessna crash lands at golf course in Hong Kong
Feb. 27th    4 Dead, 2 Injured After Plane Crashes "unknown circumstances" Into California's Riverside Neighborhood
Feb. 27th    Two dead people pulled from wreckage of plane that crashed into Culver Reservoir, Colorado
Feb. 27th    Pilot dies after helicopter crashes into Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana
Feb. 28th    Small Plane Crashes Into Methuen Apartment Building, Massachusetts

Feb. 15th    Tel Aviv-bound flight diverted to London over disruptive passenger, UK

Feb. 14th    Plane makes emergency landing in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma field
Feb. 17th    Mumbai-bound Air India flight from London makes emergency landing at Ankara airport, Turkey
Feb. 17th    American flight returns to ABIA, Texas after odor in cabin
Feb. 23rd    Afghan army helicopter makes emergency landing
Feb. 24th    Helicopter makes hard landing near Main Street in Chatham, NJ

Feb. 1st    USS Antietam guided-missile cruiser runs aground, leaks oil
Feb. 12th    Bus collision kills at least 11 in Bangladesh
Feb. 13th    32 killed when tour bus carrying Taiwanese tourist overturned near Taipei
Feb. 14th    Tour bus crashes in Taiwan, killing at least 32
Feb. 15th    Cargo ship with 23 Chinese crew members catches fire in Vietnam
Feb. 15th    U.S. Traffic Deaths Rise for a Second Straight Year
Feb. 15th    Traffic deaths expected to have hit troubling milestone
Feb. 25th    13 missing after boat sinks in East China Sea

Feb. 12th    Plane carrying 3 people vanishes during flight from Brooksville to Cedar Key
Feb. 26th     Officials search for plane that went down near Panguitch, Utah
Feb. 27th    People hurt after turbulence diverts San Diego-flight to Colorado

This is an exciting time! That statement may sound contradictory after reviewing the above headlines, but if we understand what lies ahead, we will understand that we are on the cusp of great changes - Changes that will displace the darkness and restore us to an enlightened period. Remember the saying: it’s always darkest before the dawn. So, as we navigate through these dark times it behooves us to seek our Father consciously with pure intentions. When we do this, we will find our way. Then we will rejoice as we are touched by the healing wings of light .If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” tell your friends and family, and join us next month as we bring you headlines from March 2017.