2017 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE JUNE 2017


                                                                            JUNE 30, 2017
Isaiah 21:6
For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees
Ezekiel 33:7
Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.

This is the year of release (Jubilee) as we stated, and proclaimed it to be in our November 30, 2016 Update. We wrote:

“As we move close to the end of the proclaimed year of man we can look back to see that we have had quite a bit of problems this year so far. Taking a magnified viewpoint of what has befallen us in the earth and why it would be wise to consider that it’s simply time for us to enter into a new phase of existence. According to the Hebrew culture there is a civil year, or new cycle that, begins on Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement). This day began on the 11th of October at sunset in 2016, which also began the 10th day of Tishri, the 7th Hebrew moon (Leviticus 23:26). It is the most sacred of all days in the Jewish (Yahudim) year and this year’s Yom Kippur began the Jubilee year. This is not just any Jubilee year it is the final Jubilee year of this age. Great changes are being set up in order to return many of us to an awareness that we lost many lifetimes ago. It is a heavenly command, that in the Year of Jubilee each child of YHWH shall return to his possession (Leviticus 25:8-13). Therefore, this final Jubilee begins a new era where many will find what is commonly called redemption. This will not happen overnight as we must enter into our possession through a period of great tribulation (Acts 14:22). That means that globally we are at the threshold of the greatest time of trouble of this age (Matthew 24:21).” 
This time that many sons will be returning to our possessions is just around the corner. This possession is not necessarily an earthly possession, but rather an awareness that we lost, or sold, to put it more clearly. It was for this reason that Yahshua was revealed. It was to kick start the process. Luke 4:18-19 He said: “The Spirit of the Lord is on Me, because He has anointed Me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim deliverance to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of Yahweh’s accepted.”
The prophet Isayah prophesied of what Yahshua spoke in Isaiah 61:1-3, saying: “The Spirit of  Yahweh is upon me, Because Yahweh has anointed me To bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners; To proclaim the acceptable year of Yahweh  And the day of vengeance of our Father; To comfort all who mourn, to grant those who mourn in Zion, Giving them a garland instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting. So they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of Yahweh, that He may be glorified.”
Those who follow Yahshua’s will abide in the example that He died leaving for mankind to follow. They, among others, will wake up, but they will be the ones used, as His body, to accomplish healing the nations that will eventually lead to the healing of the whole earth mentally, physically, and spiritually. Those who view their brothers in the earth who need mental, physical, and spiritual healing and has means to assist them must freely do so. 
Deuteronomy 15: 8-10, speaking of the regular seventh year of release states: “but you shall freely open your hand to him, and shall generously lend him sufficient for his need in whatever he lacks. Beware that there is no base thought in your heart, saying, The seventh year, the year of remission, is near,' and your eye is hostile toward your poor brother, and you give him nothing; then he may cry to Yahweh  against you, and it will be a sin in you. You shall generously give to him, and your heart shall not be grieved when you give to him, because for this thing Yahweh your Father will bless you in all your work and in all your undertakings.” How much more should we have a pure intent of heart to help humanity in the fiftieth year Jubilee. We will need to have such a heart to do this most important job and as we get into the month of September when the year of Jubilee end, we will likely find ourselves moving further through the threshold of great changes just about everywhere and we will notice it.  
The media is being used to control the mind of the masses, to lull the people through entertainment and feed information so the people do not awaken to think for themselves. Under this spell the masses think according to the bad information that is suggested through the air waves. Most of those who escape that aspect of the matrix, find themselves caught up in material engagement or survival of it.
Summer days are notorious for fun times filled with rest and relaxation. Many of us hope to venture to lavish vacation spots like white sandy beach resorts and luxury cruises (whether we get to, or not, is another story). For those of us who stay home, we may still find ways to enjoy the hot days of summer. It may be running through a sprinkler, or even chasing down the local ice cream truck to buy a flavored snow cone. This summer, may not be the same for everyone, but collectively things are heating up to the point that there will not be enough snow cones to quench the heat of summer or the heated tension. Things tend to heat up slowly, if not careful, we can find ourselves, as the old proverbial frog boiling away in the pot, clueless that our next moment is to be sprawled out and helpless. To assist everyone keep focused on the heated issues around the globe that can keep us alert, once again, as usual, we have listed them below.

  • Donald Trump doesn’t make it through a full term of his presidency
  • We continue to see an increase in the amount of record natural disasters
  • We see a dramatic rise in sea levels
  • Great scandals continue to cause great men and women to step down. Some may even get arrested
  • Terror strikes around the globe continue for a while
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry for a while
  • Increases in diseases continue, and “cures” are touted to be found to eradicate them
  • disruptions in travel continue
  • food shortages spread, before there is a so-called solution
  • Global financial unrest leads to a global currency reset
  • There is an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.”
We see them in shows and movies that are meant to entertain. We read about them in the newspapers and on the internet. We watch them on the world news. Some even experience them in their everyday lives. Just because deception, stealing, adultery, and bloodshed are a part of our human experience, doesn’t mean that things are supposed to be that way. Sadly, our senses have been dulled (in large part due to media programming) to the point that many fail to realize that when we behave negatively we create a chain of negative energy that has far reaching consequences. We’re willing to bet, that many who are deceptive in their day to day dealings with others, or those who steal (and there are many ways to do that) have not a clue that they are contributing to the degradation of the planet that we all call home.
One of the awesome things about the Creator of the Universe is that: He just doesn’t inspire His prophets to tell us about all the bad things that we do, without showing us the way to make right our wrongs. In the next section, we will see that we are at a pivotal point of our existence and individuals need to actively work to change themselves in order to replenish our planet. (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                      ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 

Jun. 1st Tens of thousands of fish suddenly die in a river near Mandurah, Australia
Jun. 1st 243 dead seals have washed up during the past 2 months in Mangystau, Kazakhstan
Jun 2nd Zimbabwe reports bird flu at poultry farm, 7,845 killed birds, 75,155 culled
Jun. 5th Hundreds of dead fish found along the coast of Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka
Jun. 5th Massive die off of fish in Puget Sound in Washington, America
Jun. 5th Thousands of dead fish found in the Concho River in Texas, America
Jun. 6th 40,000 lbs of fish die in a reservoir in Fujian, China
Jun. 6th Large number of baby turtles found dead in Cancun, Mexico
Jun. 6th 140,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Zimbabwe
Jun. 7th 600+ cattle have died due to drought in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Jun. 7th 190,000 birds killed due to avian flu in South Korea
Jun. 8th Thousands of dead fish found in the river Elsa, Italy
Jun. 8th Dozens of cattle killed by 'mysterious disease' in Kurram, Pakistan
Jun. 10th 100 dead gannets have washed up the past couple of months in Massachusetts, America
Jun. 10th 23,000 turtles, sea birds and dolphins have been found dead during past two years along coast of Santa Catarina and Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jun. 11th Massive die off of fish in a fish farm in Lingshui, China
Jun. 14th Dead seagulls litter streets in mystery die-off near water treatment plant, Michigan
Jun. 14th Massive amounts of fish 'mysteriously' washing up dead along the coast in Dead fish in Texas, America.
Jun. 15th African swine fever detected on pig farm in Pärnu County resulting in 3,400 pigs to be killed
Jun. 15th Hundreds of dead fish wash up in a lake in Ohio, America
Jun. 16th Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Bologna, Italy
Jun. 16th Hundreds of dead seagulls found along a road in Detroit, America
Jun. 16th Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal
Jun. 18th Thousands of dead fish found washed up in Brunswick Bays, America
Jun. 18th Hundreds of dead fish wash up in the waters of Porto Empedocle, Italy
Jun. 20th Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Jun. 21st Massive fish kill in the waters of Nootdorp, Netherlands
Jun. 21st Thousands of various fish found dead in a lake in Cleder, France
Jun. 22nd Massive die off of cattle due to snowfall in the Plateau, Argentina
Jun. 22nd 5,000 birds dead, 24,000 being culled in South Africa outbreak of H5N8 bird flu
Jun. 23rd Tainan, Taiwan reports new outbreaks of bird flu leading to slaughter of more than 34,000 chicken
Jun. 23rd Pingtung County, Taiwan reports new outbreaks of bird flu which led to 2,400 being culled
Jun. 24th Hundreds of dead water rodents (Nutria) washed ashore in Mississippi, America
Jun. 24th 9 dead turtles found along the coast, north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jun. 25th 6 right whales found dead, is 'unprecedented' in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Canada
Jun. 25th Several dead dolphins wash ashore in Anapa, Russia
Jun. 26th Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Saone-et-Loire, France
Jun. 26th Hundreds of ducks and fish found dead in Quang Nam, Vietnam
Jun. 26th Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in Radazul, Tenerife, Spain
Jun. 26th Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Bursa, Turkey
Jun. 27th 4.5 TONS of fish dead due to pollution in the Guadalquivir river in Spain
Jun. 27th 150,000 birds killed due to avian flu in South Africa
Jun. 27th Dozens of dead seaguls found washed up on a beach in Buffalo, America
Jun. 28th Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Copan, Honduras
Jun. 28th Large number of dead fish wash up in Ganjam, India
Jun. 29th 167 dead dolphins have washed up during past 4 months in Black Sea coast, Russia
Jun. 29th 76 dead Shearwater birds found washed up on Long Island beaches in New York, Dead Shearwaters America

                                        EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Isaiah 13:11-13“I will bring disaster on the world, and their own iniquity, on the wicked. I will put an end to the pride of the arrogant and humiliate the insolence of tyrants. I will make man scarcer than gold and mankind more rare than the pure gold of Ophir. Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will shake from its foundations at the wrath of YHWH on the day of His burning anger.” 

For those who may have never experienced the ground shaking underneath their feet, or the walls cracking and tumbling upon them, the notion of an earthquake may seem like a distant calamity that others, in other geographical regions have to deal with on occasion. It is important to consider that when YHWH inspired the prophet Isaiah to write that disaster will be brought upon the world, no one place was mentioned as being exempt from His wrath. We have mentioned before, that we are not insinuating that people, who meet with disastrous events, are by any means more arrogant or evil than the rest of us. Obviously this is not the case.  The point we are trying to drive home is that - what we do individually, is contributing to the planetary energy grid that will affect what we will experience collectively as a planet (sooner, or later).
As we read about the devastating earthquakes that have changed the lives of so many of our global neighbors, let’s consider what kind of changes we can make within ourselves to make the world a safer place for all. If we can do this, would there be any reason for us to attract the corrective measures of our Source? We think not. As you read the next section featuring earthshaking events over a magnitude 5.5, think about how the attitudes we display today may turn our very lives upside tomorrow. 
In June 2017 the USGS recorded 8,346 earthquakes. Six hundred and twenty seven were a magnitude 4.0 or above.  The following 28 did not make the mainstream news this month however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

                                        EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Jun. 2nd   Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Hits NW of Attu Station, Alaska
Jun. 2nd   Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits NW of Madang, Papua New Guinea
Jun. 3rd   Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits Balleny Islands region
Jun. 5th     Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits E of Papayal, Peru
Jun. 8th     Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits ENE of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands
Jun. 10th     Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
Jun. 10th     Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits SW of Puerto Madero, Mexico
Jun. 11th     Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits SSW of Cibungur, Indonesia
Jun. 12th 6.2-magnitude earthquake shakes Turkey, Greece; 10 injured
Jun. 12th     Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits WNW of Illapel, Chile
Jun. 14th     Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits SSE of Port-Vila, Vanuatu
Jun. 14th     Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits SW of Puerto Madero, Mexico
Jun. 14th     Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Hits NNE of San Pablo, Guatemala
Jun. 14th     Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits S of Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Jun. 15th     Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits NE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand
Jun. 15th     Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits Southern East Pacific Rise
Jun. 16th     Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
Jun. 17th     Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake Hits South of the Fiji Islands
Jun. 19th     Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits WNW of Havelu, Tonga
Jun. 21st     6.8-magnitude earthquake shakes Guatemala, El Salvador
Jun. 24th Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits NW of Dondo, Mozambique
Jun. 24th Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits SE of Coracora, Peru
Jun. 25th Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits Southeast of Easter Island
Jun. 25th Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits NW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga
Jun. 28th Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits SSE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
Jun. 29th Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits WNW of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand
Jun. 30th Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits NNW of Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

                                              OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS

People often ask: Why do bad things happen to good people? In the true supreme plan nothing bad happens. Whatever takes place is for learning, progress, and creation. However, in our reality, bad things happen to all people. We have collectively created a pseudo-reality where the accumulation of negative energy has manifested itself in negative events that reach forth its tentacles and latch on to those who may be within its grasp in any given time to teach their soul. This may include the thug, the politician, the elderly widow, as well as, the child riding in the school bus just a mile away from where a landslide is about to occur. There are steps we can take, and practices we can engage in that have the potential to create a protective barrier around ourselves and our loved ones. Even so, sometimes forces beyond our scope of reasoning and reality can create circumstances that we are destined to meet, to test our resolve and further the development of our souls. Below we will read of earth shaking events that were designed either as a result of humanities’ collective karmic debt, or possibly to test the resolve of the souls who had to endure these trials.

Jun. 1st 1 dead, 2 missing, at least 12 injured, after ethanol milling plant explosion in Wisconsin
Jun. 8th Father and son killed after being sucked into flaming sink hole
Jun. 11th Ocala sinkhole almost completely swallows car
Jun. 12th Huge sinkhole swallows minivan in southern China
Jun. 12th Sinkhole reported in St. Johns County
Jun. 17th Sinkholes after Muscatine June Storm
Jun. 19th Sinkhole forms on Olin Terrace walkway leading to Monona Terrace
Jun. 19th 6 dead, 1 missing in rain triggered landslide in mountains west of Beijing
Jun. 22nd Seismic activity under the large ice-covered Katla volcano has increased in Southern Iceland
Jun. 23rd Strombolian-type eruptions continue to occur at the summit on Klyuchevskoy volcano
Jun. 25th At least 15 dead, over 100 missing in Sichuan, China landslide
Jun. 25th Human chain rescues woman from being swallowed by sinkhole
Jun. 29th Car Swallowed Up In St. Louis Sinkhole
Jun. 30th A sinkhole has opened up in Wanneroo and swallowed a car in the middle of the road.

                                             NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES

Nature has always had a way of interacting with those who live upon the earth. If we pay attention, we may see the warnings it gives when a major weather event is on the horizon which has the potential to change the landscape of our lives. Just as a person goes through changes within his, or her lifetime which sometimes cause turbulence within, affecting those who live around the person, so does the earth experience changes that have the potential to wreak havoc in the lives of those who live upon it. The following section features natural weather emergencies that have affected many around the globe. Even though, by the time this forecast is read these events will have passed, we may still offer a supplication of peace for those who have been affected. After all, the healing process for those who have endured these events may last a lifetime. At this point we will likely see increasing disasters in the earth. However, when we display true compassion and caring actions, we receive the same. We never know if or when we may be faced with the disturbed forces of nature as we see in this section.

Jun 1st Floods Displace 2,600 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Jun. 2nd Major Floods After 600 mm of Rain in 12 Hours – 4,000 Evacuated, 1 Dead, 2 Missing, Taiwan
Jun. 2nd Flooding Uruguay River Displaces 1,700
Jun. 3rd Emergency Declared in Oaxaca, Mexico After Floods From Tropical Storm Beatriz
Jun. 4th Thousands Affected by Floods in Sulawesi, Indonesia,uk.html/Thousands-of-Tolitoli-Residents-Displaced-Due-to-Flash-Floods
Jun. 5th 60,000 Affected in First Wave of Assam Flooding This Year in India
Jun. 8th Evacuations After Flooding in North East Scotland, UK
Jun. 9th Arkansas Governor Submits Federal Disaster Declaration for 31 Counties
Jun. 10th Evacuations After Floods in Vrsac, Serbia
Jun. 13th Rain-triggered landslides kill at least 110 in Bangladesh
Jun. 13th Floods Affect Thousands in Maguindanao and Cotabato, Philippines
Jun. 13th Deadly Floods in Choluteca, Honduras After 190 mm Rain in 24 Hours
Jun. 14th Deadly Floods in Haute-Loire, France After 123 mm of Rain in 1 Hour
Jun. 19th Floods in Niamey and Tillabéri, Niger Leave 14 Dead, Hundreds of Homes Destroyed
Jun. 19th Storms and Floods in Maule, Biobío, Araucanía and Metropolitan Regions in Chile
Jun. 23rd Heavy rain cancels 470 flights at Beijing International Airport
Jun. 23rd Storm blows out power at Metro Airport, Michigan
Jun. 24th Deadly Floods and Landslides in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, Central America
Jun. 26th 34 people have been killed in floods triggered by incessant rains in southwest China
Jun. 29th 190 Villages Affected as Flooding Continues in Assam, India
Jun. 30th Deaths Reported After Heavy Rains and Floods in 4 Provinces in Pakistan
Jun. 30th 10 dead 4 missing in flooding in southwestern China’s Guizhou Province

                                        ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62 says: “If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
People have stressed and misused the earth, along with the natural resources within it, for far too long.  Now, those of us living in this day and age are experiencing the repercussions of that misuse. We may not be directly responsible for volcanoes spewing ash across a region, but the man-made disasters and degradation of the land is well within our realm of accountability. The proliferation of diseases, too, is something that humans have played a major role in. For some reason, many seem to think they know better than Mother Nature. Obviously this is not the case. YHWH has placed in earth all we need to live in harmony with our environment and in harmony with our bodies. It behooves us to stop stressing the land - this includes the leaves and the trees. It is amazing how, with all that people have done to compromise the well-being of the earth, the land still puts forth its fruit and leaves in an attempt to keep us well. Like children, filled with ingratitude, we think, speak, and act destructively without care continually. Reading the next section we see how our relationship with the environment around us has sorely been strained leading to environmental distress and diseases which ravage the human body. The earth will certainly replenish herself, the question is: will we, if our doings are as those who destroy it (Revelation 11:18)?

Jun. 7th Japan Nuclear Lab Accident Exposes 5 to Deadly Plutonium
Jun. 9th Faster Ice Melt Puts Polar Bears Under More Stress
Jun. 14th Fire engulfs London tower block, at least 12 dead, more than 70 injured
Jun. 15th Bosphorus Changes Color due to Phytoplanktons
Jun. 17th Heat waves fuel dangerous wildfire conditions in Southwest
Jun. 18th Heat wave creates health hazard in parts of US
Jun. 18th Big power outages accompany record-breaking Bay Area heat
Jun. 19th "It's more like a heat attack": Temps rise toward record as heat wave hits southwest
Jun. 20th Phoenix flights cancelled because it's too hot for planes
Jun. 20th Oppressive heat causes delays at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas
Jun. 20th Extreme heat forces flight cancellations in Southwest. Mercury expected to hit 120 in Phoenix
Jun. 21st California sees some of highest temperatures ever recorded
Jun. 23rd Thousands on the brink of starvation in S. Africa
Jun. 25th Quarter of England’s rivers at risk of running dry
Jun. 27th California lists Monsanto's Roundup ingredient as a chemical linked to cancer
Jun. 28th A new island appears off coast of North Carolina's Outer Banks
Jun. 28th Delaware-sized Antarctic Iceberg break 'imminent,' likely in 'hours, days or weeks'
Jun. 28th Researchers say we have three years to act on climate change before it's too late
Jun. 29th Gas line ruptured at Finleyville Airport, Pennsylvania

Jun. 1st Cholera Kills 2 SNA Soldiers in Balidoogle, 50 Hospitalised
Jun. 1st Sri Lanka’s Flood Survivors Threatened by Dengue, Disease – Aid Workers
Jun. 2nd FG alerts on birdflu outbreak of in 7 states
Jun. 3rd 73,700 suspected cholera cases, death toll of cholera in Yemen rise to 605
Jun. 3rd 17-year-old girl succumbs to dengue, India
Jun. 6th Death toll in Sanaa, Yemen cholera outbreak hits nearly 700
Jun. 6th Sudan cholera cases swell Khartoum Bahri hospitals
Jun. 8th First human case of pneumonic plague this year is reported in New Mexico
Jun. 9th Dengue claims 11 lives, affects 11,402 in this year's first five months
Jun. 9th Two deaths reported as dengue cases spike in Penang, Malaysia
Jun. 9th Central Visayas, Philippines dengue deaths climb to 62
Jun. 9th 6 more farms in Jeolla, S. Korea shut down to curb bird flu crisis
Jun. 10th 33 Farms Test Positive for Bird Flu in Seoul, S. Korea
Jun. 11th Nine dengue deaths reported in Yangon, Myanmar
Jun. 14th WHO confirms Congo polio outbreaks in new eradication setback
Jun. 14th Pet cat near Larimer-Weld county line contracts plague, Colorado
Jun. 15th Philippines' dengue cases near 36,000
Jun. 16th 3 senior citizens die of swine flu in last 1 week in Mumbai, India
Jun. 16th Two more die of dengue fever in Thiruvananthapuram, India
Jun. 17th Dengue fever claims eight more lives in Kerala, India
Jun. 18th One more person succumbs to dengue Mysuru, India
Jun. 19th Lassa fever claims one, 65 under surveillance in Anambra, Nigeria
Jun. 20th More counties and states report mosquitoes that can carry diseases, including Zika
Jun. 20th Cholera death toll rises to over 1,000 in war-torn Sanaa, Yemen
Jun. 20th More malaria cases in 17 days of June in Ahmedabad, India
Jun. 20th Polio paralyses 17 children in Mayadin and Raqqa, Syria
Jun. 20th 50-yr-old man dies of swine flu, death toll rises to eight in Mulund, India
Jun. 21st Kindergarten closed after boy, 2, dies from foot-and-mouth disease in Thailand
Jun. 22nd Dengue cases in Bengaluru, India shoot up by nearly 1,000 over a month
Jun. 23rd Girl dies of dengue, Woman of Swine flu in Coimbatore district, India
Jun. 24th Three die of H1N1 in a week, cases cross 350 in Mumbai, India
Jun. 24th Two dengue deaths in Kozhikode, India
Jun. 24th Number of Dengue Patients Exceed 69,380 in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Jun. 25th Cholera outbreak kills 1,310 Yemenis since April
Jun. 26th 8,648 Swine Flu Cases And 345 Deaths Reported in new Delhi, India
Jun. 27th Two more human PLAGUE cases reported in New Mexico's Santa Fe County
Jun. 28th Cholera outbreak kills 795 in Mogadishu, Somalia since January
Jun. 28th Nigeria Lassa fever outbreak tops 500 cases, still active in 9 states
Jun. 29th Cholera infected 218,798 in war-torn Yemen in two months

                                                                  SIGNS OF THE TIMES 

Those of us who have learned to be in tune with our body pay attention to the signs it gives us. Signs or symptoms are not to be ignored. They’re given so we can take action to relieve a system that may be stressed or lacking in some area. Even those who are not quite so aware know that when the plumbing in the stomach growls it may be time to put food in it. In this section we bring to the remembrance of our readers that certain signs may be a foreboding of things to come. Keep them in mind now, as they may prove useful in putting together the pieces of a cosmic puzzle later.

Jun. 14th Bad Star Rising: Sun’s Twin ‘Nemesis’ could have caused Dinosaur Extinction
Jun. 14th 'Nemesis', the Evil Twin of the Sun Accused of causing Destruction on Earth, Does Exist
Jun. 21st New Wrinkles in the Search for “Planet X”
Jun. 22nd Strange Orbits of Distant Comets Hint that a Mysterious 'Planet 10' could be Hiding
Jun. 23rd Mysterious ‘Unseen Planetary Mass’ Lurking at Edge of Solar System
Jun. 23rd Alien? Body Discovered in Peru, Currently Being Investigated

Jun. 12th Man sentenced to death for ‘blasphemy’ on Facebook in Pakistan
Jun. 30th Facebook found a new way to identify spam and false news articles in your News Feed
Jun. 30th China releases new rules for online videos to curb terrorism-superstition and homosexuality

Jun. 23rd 2 US airports are testing biometric screening
Jun. 23rd McDonalds is Replacing 2,500 Human Cashier With Digital Kiosks
Jun. 25th House of Commons suffers cyber attack, user accounts targeted
Jun. 27th Ransomware virus hits computer servers across Europe
Jun. 27th Several Russian companies including oil giant Rosneft hit by cyber attacks
Jun. 27th Cyber-attacks reported globally in France, Spain, UK, and Ukraine
Jun. 28th Danish shipping company Maersk’s IT system hit by cyber attack
Jun. 28th Cyber-attacks reportedly hit at least 10 countries including France, Russia, Spain, UK, Ukraine, and US
Jun. 29th Mediktor launches first scientifically validated symptom
Jun. 30th Researchers: Global cyber-attack intent on havoc, not extortion

Jun. 5th SFO-bound flight forced to make emergency landing after a passenger's laptop started a fire
Jun. 8th Al-Jazeera media network hit by massive cyber-attack 'on all systems'
Jun. 15th Power failure paralyzes Brussels Intl airport, causing crowds & delays
Jun. 16th 45 cars burned in Bergamo airport fire
Jun. 26th Electrical Fire sees Govan Residents Evacuated as Smoke billows across Glasgow
Jun. 26th Huge Fire in middle of Cardiff City Centre as electrical Substation near Car Park goes up in Flames
Jun. 28th Back up Failure causes Blackout at Airport
Jun. 28th Massive Fire at San José Power Station leaves more than 100,000 Buildings without Electricity
Jun. 29th Part of JFK Terminal, NY Evacuated After Fire Erupts at Panda Express

Jun. 9th Catalonia pushes forward on effort for independence from Spain
Jun. 14th Ireland's first gay prime-minister Leo Varadkar formally elected
Jun. 15th Animal attacks donkeys, kills 1 in Palm City Farms; area owners urged to secure pets, livestock
Jun. 16th Oregon adds 3rd Gender Option to Driver Licenses
Jun. 16th Canadians face Hate Crime - using wrong Gender Pronoun
Jun. 20th A Big Oil-Backed GOP Proposal For A Carbon Tax Is Just As Suspect As It Sounds
Jun. 21st Rare US total solar eclipse excites Americans coast-to-coast
Jun. 21st American Airlines is changing its uniforms after thousands of workers claim the clothes made them sick
Jun. 23rd California bans state travel to Texas, 3 other states over anti-LGBT laws
Jun. 25th Pope Francis Calls For ‘One World Government’ To ‘Save Humanity’
Jun. 25th Syngenta ordered to pay $217.7 million to Kansas farmers in GMO corn case
Jun. 27th Merkel paves way for gay marriage vote
Jun. 30th German lawmakers approve same-sex marriage in landmark vote

                                                  GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

In this next section we take a look at the economic issues that many face around the globe. We see financial unrest in various sectors affecting everything from nations, states, and cities to, schools, healthcare, and more. Since a popular idea is that: “money make the world go around”, if the wealth is not flowing altogether too freely, we may find ourselves face to face with major hiccups as our planet spins around. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: our trust and security truly lies in the only True Source of Power in the Universe, not in a slogan found on a dollar bill which reads: in God we trust. As we read on it will become clear (if it wasn’t already) that putting one’s trust in man-made currency leaves one vulnerable to be tossed to and fro by the waves of a turbulent economy. There are many signs of economic unrest around us. It would be wise to pay attention to the warning signs and make preparations. 
Proverbs 6:6 says: “Go to the ant you slacker. Observe its ways and become wise. Without leader, administrator, or ruler, it prepares its provisions in summer; it gathers its food during harvest. How long will you stay in bed, you slacker? When will you get up from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the arms to rest, and your poverty will come like a robber, your need, like a bandit."
If we find ourselves in a position where we seem to be benefiting from the adding on of new jobs and services, let’s be prudent about how we manage this wealth. Often time people are lulled into a false sense of security by pay raises and the prospect of a blossoming economy. If our storehouse (so to speak) is full, now is not the time to invest in the latest version of the iphone. Rather it’s time to learn the lesson from the ant and stock up on essentials that may serve our needs and that of our family, or perhaps even a neighbor who may be in need of assistance in preparing. Something seems to be brewing:

Jun. 6th Riverside County CA employees receive more than 30 layoff notices
Jun. 8th S&P lowers Qatar’s credit rating
Jun. 14th Rating agency Moody’s downgrades S. Africa state-owned utility, Eskom
Jun. 14th Closure of Kenyan bank in the S. Sudan hurting economy
Jun. 21st Illinois Controller: "The State can no longer function"
Jun. 21st EPA plan to buyout more than 1,200 Employees
Jun. 28th Illinois Lottery warns of delayed payouts, Powerball stopped
Jun. 28th How Bad is the Crisis in Illinois? $14.6B in Unpaid Bills
Jun. 29th Illinois cancels lottery sales due to budget crisis
Jun. 30th New Jersey state government shuts down amid budget dispute
Jun. 30th Georgia Power plan to close its remaining 27 business offices GA
Jun. 30th The San Diego Superior Court to close Courtrooms Cut Staff due to budget shortfall

Jun. 1st Baltimore Schools to lay off 115
Jun. 1st Baltimore Teachers Begin Layoffs Notices Thursday
Jun. 1st St. Joseph’s School closing in Uptown Kingston NY
Jun. 3rd Civitas Learning to lay off 10% of Staff
Jun. 6th East Chicago School Board to lay off 112
Jun. 6th Jones College closing after 99 years in Jacksonville
Jun. 10th Wright State University Fairborn Ohio to lay off 50
Jun. 10th Ambassadors for Christ Academy closing in Bentonville AR
Jun. 12th College of New Rochelle to lay off 32
Jun. 12th Queen of Peace High School closing in Burbank Ill
Jun. 14th Layoffs Possible at Leominster School department
Jun. 14th Saint Anthony School closing in Fitchburg MA
Jun. 20th L.A. School District Budget to possible lay off more than 120
Jun. 20th St. Paul Public Schools - Budget = 11 teacher layoff
Jun. 22nd Philadelphia School - Contract = 3,800 Layoffs / 16% T. Hike
Jun. 26th 50 layoffs expected at Utica Community Schools
Jun. 27th Akron Board of Education - Voted to cut 93 Positions
Jun. 28th Alliance Christian Academy closing in Portsmouth VA
Jun. 30th City Colleges of Chicago lay off 120

Jun. 3rd NYC Health + Hospital to lay off 396 Managers
Jun. 5th East Texas Medical Center-Trinity to lay off 60
Jun. 7th MedStar Washington Hospital Center to lay off 100
Jun. 9th Cardinal Health closing Halfmoon NY Facility - 37 Jobs Lost
Jun. 14th Rush Health Systems to lay off 112
Jun. 19th Sutter Health is closing St. Luke’s skilled nursing and sub-acute units - 72 Layoffs
Jun. 23rd Omada Health to lay off 20
Jun. 27th The Memorial Hermann Health System Texas to lay off 350
Jun. 27th Drugmaker Roche to cease manufacturing in Marlborough
Jun. 28th Summa Health to lay off 300
Jun. 30th Liberty Medical Supply Inc. in Port St Lucie to lay off 263

Jun. 9th Wells Fargo to lay off 70
Jun. 16th Some Layoffs Coming to Bank Of America in Charlotte
Jun. 25th Italy Is Prepared to Spend Billions in Shutdown of Two Banks

Jun. 1st GM warren Michigan Plant to lay off up to 300
Jun. 1st Kellogg Co. Horsham distribution center to lay off 292
Jun. 1st Payless ShoeSource to close about 800 stores
Jun. 1st RadioShack suddenly closes more than 1,000 stores, only 70 left
Jun. 2nd   General Dynamics Mission Systems closing Fort Gordon operations - 122 Jobs Lost
Jun. 2nd   The West Haven ShopRite closing at 1131 Campbell Ave in West Haven CT
Jun. 3rd BAE Systems Norfolk to lay off 130
Jun. 3rd Barnes & Noble to close on Towson Circle MD
Jun. 5th Staples store close in Boardman Ohio
Jun. 6th Sears is closing 72 Stores
Jun. 8th PetSmart Phoenix HQ to lay off about 5% of Corp. Positions
Jun. 8th AOL and Yahoo to lay off up to 1,000 employees
Jun. 9th Ford offering buyout Packages to about 15k Workers
Jun. 9th Yahoo to lay off up to 2,100
Jun. 9th Hudson Bay Company (International) to lay off 2,000
Jun. 12th Gymboree to lay off 375 to 450
Jun. 12th Imax to lay off 100
Jun. 12th Rue 21 closing in Waynesboro VA
Jun. 13th Sears to lay off 400 mostly at Corporate Office
Jun. 13th Rue21 is closing its location at the Premium Outlets in Pismo Beach
Jun. 14th Time Inc to lay off 300
Jun. 15th Fiat Chrysler recalls 297,000 minivans for air bag trouble
Jun. 16th Nike to lay off 1,400 Worldwide
Jun. 16th Keurig Green Mountain to lay off 130
Jun. 16th HuffPost to lay off 39
Jun. 16th Kellogg will close its Roseville office - 230 Layoffs
Jun. 16th List of 18 Marsh Stores Closing
Jun. 17th Layoffs Expected at General Motors plant in Kansas -
Jun. 21st Sears Canada is said to Prepare to seek Creditor Protection
Jun. 22nd Sears Canada - Closing 59 Stores, 2,900 Layoffs
Jun. 22nd Boeing in North Charleston SC - Some Layoffs
Jun. 23rd Possible Layoffs at NY Times
Jun. 23rd Sears closing another 20 Stores
Jun. 23rd Store closings have tripled so far this year
Jun. 26th Fox Sports - Several Writing / Editing Positions
Jun. 27th Advance Auto to lay off 475
Jun. 27th Boys Town is closing facilities in three states - New York, Texas and California
Jun. 28th UPS to Freeze Pension Plans for Nonunion Staffers
Jun. 30th Mazda recalls 228,000 cars over dangerous parking brakes

Jun. 1st The Crosier Fathers and Brothers files for bankruptcy
Jun. 2nd   German Shipping Firm Rickmers files for bankruptcy
Jun. 5th Ignite Restaurant Group Inc. Files for Bankruptcy
Jun. 6th Vision Construction Co. Inc. files for bankruptcy
Jun. 7th Walnut Hill Medical Center files for bankruptcy
Jun. 7th Jim's Place files for bankruptcy
Jun. 7th Lowes to lay off 120 Tech Workers sends Jobs to India
Jun. 11th Children's retailer Gymboree files for bankruptcy
Jun. 12th Square 1 Burgers files for bankruptcy
Jun. 12th Zone 5 files for bankruptcy
Jun. 13th Earth Pride Organics files for bankruptcy
Jun. 13th Sunset Partners Inc. files for bankruptcy
Jun. 14th Company based on Seinfeld's 'Soup Nazi' files for bankruptcy
Jun. 14th Italy’s Alitalia SpA airline files for bankruptcy
Jun. 15th Papaya Clothing files for bankruptcy
Jun. 16th Could Illinois be the 1st State to files for Bankruptcy?
Jun. 16th A.M. Castle & Co. files for bankruptcy
Jun. 19th Premier Marine files for bankruptcy
Jun. 19th Ristorante Piccolo in Georgetown DC files for bankruptcy
Jun. 21st ReCARnation Total Automotive Solutions files for bankruptcy
Jun. 22nd Sears Canada Announces Bankruptcy
Jun. 25th Takata expected to file for bankruptcy in Japan and the U.S.
Jun. 28th Wash.-based Trios Health files for bankruptcy
Jun. 29th Wordsworth Academy files for bankruptcy

Jun. 1st The Monte Carlo Restaurant closing on Memorial Avenue in West Springfield Mass.
Jun. 1st TechShop closing in Bakery Square Pittsburgh PA
Jun. 2nd   Langermann's has closed in Canton Baltimore MD
Jun. 3rd BZ's Pizza Co. closing on Tucson's east side Tucson AZ
Jun. 3rd Kostas Pizza Italian Restaurant closing in Jacksonville FL
Jun. 6th Fledgling Farmers Market restaurant closes in Petersburg
Jun. 9th Wing's Chinese Restaurant closing at 131 E. Jackson St. Location San Jose Ca
Jun. 10th Planters Rice Mill in Abbeville LA to lay off 26
Jun. 10th V&N Burger Bar closing in Arcata CA
Jun. 10th Kostas’ Pizza Italian closing in Jacksonville FL
Jun. 12th Barney’s Restaurant in Spring Mills WV
Jun. 14th Timbos restaurant closing in San Antonio
Jun. 16th Cozy Tea closing in Jacksonville FL
Jun. 17th Nick & Johnnie’s restaurant closing in Palm Beach FL
Jun. 18th Red Robin at the Tucson Mall AZ
Jun. 18th The Food Lion store at 9035 W. Broad St. in the West Broad Commons shopping center Va.
Jun. 18th Jacks Deli in Bustleton Ave Philadelphia PA
Jun. 19th Fox Valley Restaurant closing in Maylene AL
Jun. 19th Rembrandt's restaurant closing in Fairmount
Jun. 20th Schuette’s Market close in Highland IL
Jun. 23rd Barbacoa Ardmore restaurant closing PA
Jun. 23rd Nick's Grocery closing in Port Arthur Texas
Jun. 23rd Angelo's Pizza closing in Redding California
Jun 25th Umami restaurant in downtown Great Falls MT
Jun 25th Save-A-Lot on Nakoma Drive in Jackson Miss
Jun. 26th Texas Roadhouse Inc. is closing its location on Dutchmans Parkway Louisville KY
Jun. 26th Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que in Annapolis
Jun. 27th Peerless Potato Chips
Jun. 27th Blue Restaurant & Bar in Charlotte NC
Jun. 27th Rue Franklin in Buffalo NY
Jun. 28th Joe's Crab Shack Corp. Office up to 87 Layoffs Expected
Jun. 28th Azul Restaurant closing in Miami
Jun. 28th Erin Pub and Maloney’s Pub closing in PA
Jun. 28th The Flying Chicken closing in Troy NY
Jun. 28th Akin’s Natural Foods closing in Topeka KS
Jun. 28th Suzie’s Farm, an organic farm closing in San Diego’s Tijuana River Valley
Jun. 29th GruJo's German Restaurant closing in Powell
Jun. 29th Ahart's Market closing in Phillipsburg
Jun. 29th The Chelsea Pub & Inn closing in Atlantic City NJ
Jun. 29th Bavaro’s Napoletana & Pastaria closing in Winter Spring FL
Jun. 30th Zeggz Amazing Eggs store closing at 4600 Chamberlain Lane Louisville

Jun. 2nd   Dearden’s will close all eight of its stores
Jun. 5th Congra plant in Milton to lay off up to 150
Jun. 5th 2nd Time Around closing all 20 + Stores across US
Jun. 8th Pirate Joe’s, Maverick Distributor of Trader Joe’s Products, Shuts Down
Jun. 9th The Children's Place closing 300 Stores by 2020
Jun. 10th National Museum of American Jewish History to lay off 18
Jun. 10th Ascena Retail Group: up to 650 Stores could close
Jun. 21st Etsy to lay off 140
Jun. 21st International Automotive Components to lay off 160
Jun. 22nd Excel Industries in Hesston Kansas 100 Possible Layoffs
Jun. 26th SureID confirms 297 layoffs since May
Jun. 27th Woman’s Home in Marietta Ohio
Jun. 29th St. Stephens Catholic Church closing in San Antonio TX
Jun. 29th Dearden's is shutting all its stores in Los Angeles, Chino, Van Nuys, Huntington Park and elsewhere
Jun. 30th Bemis to cut 300 Jobs over 3 Years, Close 2 Facilities

                                                    GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

Proverbs 22:24 "Don’t make friends with an angry man, and don’t be a companion of a hot - tempered man, or you will learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare." 
Social icons like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr., modeled how to make social statements without resorting to violence. They showed humanity, or at least those who were paying attention, that poverty, social oppression, civil rights, as well as other issues could be addressed without burning buildings, smashing cars, and throwing fists. Today, people cloak their anger and riotous behavior underneath the guise of protesting to make a change. We understand the times, as the people of the earth must get in position to open their mouth in opposition to the flood of unjust laws and regulations passed by their governments to hurt the sons that are soon to be revealed (Romans 8:19; Revelation 12:16). However, after they do what they have been called to accomplish, the sons in time will show them that to change society for the better, we must search out the angry ego that lives deep within the selfish separated self and convert it to a peace giving tolerant nature - A nature that will not become entangled by the trappings of heated passions as we see below. 

Jun. 1st Anti-Maduro protests rage as OAS meets on Venezuela crisis
Jun. 3rd Venezuelans protest food shortage
Jun. 3rd 'March for Truth' calls for independent probe of Trump's alleged Russia ties
Jun. 4th Portland cops arrest 14 during free speech rally clash with counter-protesters
Jun. 10th Anti-Sharia demonstrators hold rallies across US, met with counter protests
Jun. 12th Russia Protest: opposition leader and hundreds of protesters arrested
Jun. 12th Manila: Protests condemn US military intervention in govt.- rebel clashes in Mindanao
Jun. 18th Farmers, activists march to Ben & Jerry's Vermont factory to protest slow negotiations
Jun. 21st Hundreds gather in central London in ‘Day of Rage’ protests demanding May’s resignation
Jun. 22nd Disability advocates arrested during health care protest outside Mitch McConnell's office
Jun. 26th 6 police hurt as anti-police brutality clashes in London after death of black man following arrest
Jun. 28th Garbage piling up Greek cities as sanitation workers’ protest enters 2nd week
Jun. 29th Police and protesters clash during anti-government demo in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jun. 3rd Reports of Casualties in 2 Terror Incidents in London
Jun. 7th 12 dead, more than 40 injured in attack in Tehran, Iran
Jun. 8th Explosive device goes off after being hurled at U.S. embassy in Kiev
Jun. 9th Suicide bomber kills at least 31 in crowded Iraqi market
Jun. 14th Suicide bomber targets popular restaurant in Mogadishu
Jun. 15th At least 19 killed in hotel attack in Somali capital
Jun. 15th 7 killed, 59 hurt in blast at kindergarten in eastern China
Jun. 17th Three dead and nine injured after powerful blast rocks Bogota shopping center
Jun. 18th Two dead in terrorist attack at tourist resort in Mali capital
Jun. 18th Finsbury Park Mosque: 'Several hurt' as van intentionally hits pedestrians
Jun. 19th At least 17 killed in multiple suicide attacks in northeastern Nigeria
Jun. 21st least 7 killed in blast in Mogadishu, Somalia
Jun. 22nd Dozens killed in car bomb blast in Afghanistan
Jun. 23rd Twin Bombings in Pakistan Kill Dozens, Putting Country on Edge
Jun. 23rd Al-Shabaab militants kill 3 in northeast Kenya

Jun. 6th Paris police shoot man who attacked officer outside Notre-Dame Cathedral
Jun. 13th Police officer, others injured in Munich subway shooting
Jun. 14th 2 police men, 1 republican congress man shot
Jun. 21st Police officer stabbed in back and neck at airport in Flint, Michigan

Jun. 5th Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar
Jun. 6th Russia scrambles jet fighter to intercept US bomber over Baltic Sea
Jun. 7th Germany to pull troops from Turkish base in spat with Ankara
Jun. 7th Iran blames Saudis for Islamist militants’ strike in heart of Tehran,
Jun. 7th US led coalition strikes pro government forces in Syria
Jun. 14th Saudi denies Qatar use of airspace, insists no blockade
Jun. 14th Iranian naval vessel trains laser on US Marine helicopter
Jun. 18th US shoots down Syria warplane after allies bombed
Jun. 19th Russia condemns US downing of Syrian warplane
Jun. 19th Russia suspended co-operation with US in Syria
Jun. 19th Russia warns that the US coalition aircraft will now be threatened as target
Jun. 19th Pentagon: us will not hesitate to retaliate against Russian forces in Syria if threatened
Jun. 19th Tensions rise in Syria as Russia, Iran send US warnings
Jun. 20th US military jet downed drone of pro-Syrian govt. forces
Jun. 20th US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria
Jun. 20th Armed Russian jet comes within 5 feet of US recon jet
Jun. 21st Russian SU-27 warns off NATO F-16 intercepting Defense Minister’s plane over Baltic
Jun. 25th Middle East Rapidly Heading To Another Military Conflict. Threat Of Global War Growing
Jun. 27th Kremlin Considers US' Threats Against Syrian Legitimate Leadership Unacceptable
Jun. 30th Indo China border tension: China and India each deploy 3,000 troops

Jun. 5th 5 killed by fired warehouse worker in Florida
Jun. 5th United Airlines suspends Flights to Venezuela starting July 1
May 10th London’s New Mayor Warns Trump: Let in Muslims or they will Attack America
Jun. 9th 14 killed as soldiers clash over drought food aid in Somalia
Jun. 14th Multiple people shot at San Francisco UPS facility
Jun. 14th Raqqa battle: 'Staggering' civilian toll in strikes on IS
Jun. 19th Record 65.6 million people displaced worldwide
Jun. 22nd At least 12 killed in heavy fighting in Congo
Jun. 25th Report: Susan Boyle assaulted, harassed by gang of 15 youths
Jun. 25th Lil Kim Person of Interest in BET Weekend Robbery
Jun. 28th Police in helicopter attacks a Venezuelan court in 'attempted coup'
Jun. 30th Trump sending federal help to fight Chicago crime
Jun. 30th 18-year-old fatally shot in the head during road-rage


Power that is not tempered by the loving attributes of our Source can become sorely miss-used by the one who wields such power. This has been the case for thousands of years, and more. Think about King David. He stole another man’s wife and set that man up to lose his life. If that is not considered a scandalous misuse of power, we don’t know what is. To his credit though, he did later expunged the guilt of his misdeeds and sought to serve YHWH with all his heart, soul, and might. That shows us that with great determination we can turn from dark ways to ways that embrace the light. King Shaul, is another example (in the sense of being a powerful ruler who lost not only his power, but his life as well) of a powerful person who was at one time anointed to serve as ruler for YHWH’s people. In 1 Samuel 15:26 we can read that because of his disobedience, the determination was made that at a certain time his lofty position would be snatched from him.
Perhaps, the powerful people rocked by scandals that we will read about in the following headlines are truly innocent of their alleged misdeeds. Who knows? There is an invisible war being wages from heaven and many children of unrighteousness will find themselves reaping what they have sowed. There are also those who are caught in the crossfire of speaking out, who have sold themselves, or even who know too much. We are not their judge, nor their jury. Keep in mind one thing though: often, when people are in a position of great authority, if their thoughts and actions are not tempered by the loving principles of the Creator of the Universe, they abuse the power setting them-selves up for great failure as we see below.

Jun. 1st Fox News anchor Jenna Lee to leave network
Jun. 6th US NSA contractor arrested & charged with leaking classified material to news organization
Jun. 7th The US Gov. Patent Chief has just resigned
Jun. 8th Japan's emperor will be allowed to retire, thanks to a special law
Jun. 10th Pressure in Britain builds on Theresa May to step aside as top aides resign, her party plots her possible ouster
Jun. 12th Trump gives Priebus until July 4th to clean up White House
Jun. 13th Panama's former President Ricardo Martinelli arrested in US
Jun. 14th Uber director David Bonderman resigns from board
Jun. 14th Michigan health director Nick Lyon, 4 others charged with involuntary manslaughter over Flint water 
Jun. 14th China Detains Chairman of Anbang, Which Sought Ties With Jared Kushner
Jun. 15th Beijing: State Council removes top banking official under investigation for corruption
Jun. 15th ICC calls for arrest & surrender of reportedly freed son of former Libyan leader Gaddafi
Jun. 20th Barclays, four former executives charged with fraud over Qatar capital raising
Jun. 20th Legendary Rapper Mobb Deep Who Tweeted about ‘Sex Rituals on Kids’ Has Suddenly Died
Jun. 20th Daniel Day-Lewis announces retirement from acting
Jun. 21st Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O.
Jun. 21st Church of England head says it 'colluded with' sex abuse
Jun. 21st Wall Street Journal Fires Reporter With Ties to Iranian-Born Magnate
Jun. 22nd Army demotes general for improper relationship with woman
Jun. 23rd Russian activist Alexei Navalny barred from Russia 2018 presidential run
Jun. 23rd Senate investigates whether Loretta Lynch interfered in the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton
Jun. 23rd FBI opens investigation into Loretta Lynch
Jun. 23rd F.B.I. Investigating Deals Involving Former Trump Adviser Paul Manafort and Son-in-Law
Jun. 25th Russia recalling Sergey Kislyak amid election controversy
Jun. 26th Theresa May's 10th political adviser quits Downing Street
Jun. 26th Former Brazil Finance Minister Antonio Palocci sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption
Jun. 27th 3 CNN journalists resign over inaccuracies in Trump-Russia related story
Jun. 27th Pharmacy executive tied to 2012 US meningitis outbreak gets nine years in prison
Jun. 27th Ukrainian military intelligence officer killed by car bomb in Kiev
Jun. 27th Bernie and Jane Sanders Under Investigation for Possible Bank Fraud
Jun. 27th Brazil prosecutors charge President Michel Temer with corruption
Jun. 28th Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist dies at 56
Jun. 28th 3 Chicago Officers Charged With Conspiracy in Laquan McDonald Case
Jun. 28th Project Veritas exposes CNN's Van Jones
Jun. 29th Deposed Saudi prince is said to be confined to palace
Jun. 29th Australian police charge Vatican cardinal with sex offenses
Jun. 30th Marine Le Pen charged in EU funding scandal
Jun. 30th Frye Festival founder Billy McFarland arrested, charged with wire fraud
Jun. 30th Cardinal Müller to be booted from Vatican

                                           DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

Just be careful, okay. We know that there are those who don’t fully grasp the point that’s been made about glitches in the grid and how that affects our travel in the air, and on the road, and rail. We don’t need to fully understand the science behind gravity to know that it’s not a good to walk off a tall building without a safety net. Pay attention during summer travels, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to say a sincere prayer before your next journey. 
Let’s look back at a Psalm we read earlier in this forecast. Psalm 91:9: “Because you have made YHWH - my refuge, the Most High - your dwelling place, no harm will come to you; no plague will come near your tent. For He will give His malakim orders concerning you, to protect you in all your ways.” If we take this scripture at its word - all your ways would seem to include travel as well. That’s not to say that if it’s our time to go and heaven opts to take us out through a travel related incident that we were somehow cursed. What we do consider is that if we serve our Source by serving our fellow man we will be in the right place at the right time, because the hand of heaven will cause situations and circumstances that will protect us. Our relationship with our only true Source of power may make the difference between an emergency landing, and all out catastrophic air event. We are seeing more and more disruptions in electrical grid and electronically controlled mechanism. It will get worse and the true reason for it is not being reported by our news media but we will see it before too long. Last month US Navy ship collided with a S. Korean boat. This month we see a boat capsize in Colombia killing 9, with 28 missing. This will become more frequent. We also saw a truck burst into flames on tarmac at Krabi International Airport in Thailand. This is also becoming more frequent. If that was not enough there was another subway derailment in Manhattan that injures dozens this month. A plane crashed everyday this month except for 2. Let’s take a look at the following headlines and lets ask ourselves the question: Is something happening?

Jun. 1st United Flight lands safely at Newark Airport after report of possible smoke the cockpit."
Jun. 2nd Full scale emergency called at Guernsey Airport after smoke smell, UK
Jun. 8th Mokulele flight makes emergency landing in Moloka, Hawaii after everyone on board noticed a “smoky smell”
Jun. 8th Air Canada jet evacuated at Sea-Tac after smoke was reported in the cabin
Jun. 9th Korean Air plane makes emergency landing in Japan after smoke filled the cockpit
Jun. 16th Navy plane passengers safe after emergency landing, Oregon due to smoke in cabin
Jun. 16th Hamburg airport closed to all inbound flights after a Lufthansa jet cockpit fills with smoke
Jun. 20th SAS plane forced to make emergency landing in Poland due to smoke in cabin
Jun. 21st F-16 fighter jet went up in flames taking off at an airport in Houston, TX
Jun. 23rd Incheon to Atlanta flight forced to make emergency landing at Haneda, Japan after smoke entered the cabin
Jun. 23rd Polish crew escapes uninjured in Italy before helicopter erupted in fire,Polish-crew-uninjured-in-Italy-helicopter-fire
Jun. 23rd Delta flight diverted to Tri-Cities Airport, TN after smoke filled the cockpit
Jun. 23rd JetBlue Flight From New York Makes Emergency Landing in South Carolina, due to smoke in the cockpit
Jun. 26th DPS investigating plane on fire at airport in Aransas Pass, Texas
Jun. 28th JetBlue plane forced to land in AC airport, NJ after cockpit fills with smoke
Jun. 2nd Engine trouble force helicopter to makes emergency landing at Newark Airport, NJ
Jun. 3rd Pilot forced to make emergency landing near Garfield due to mechanical problems
Jun. 4th Small plane makes emergency landing due to engine problems after taking off from Key West, Florida
Jun. 8th Dublin-bound flight forced to divert after declaring emergency because of decompression issues
Jun. 8th Plane makes emergency landing at San Antonio International due to faulty gear indicator
Jun. 9th Emergency landing for Yemeni airplane engines broke down suddenly in Aden, Yemen
Jun. 9th Thomson Dreamliner forced to make emergency landing after an engine reportedly failed in Manchester, UK
Jun. 10th Emergency services called after Air Force plane experiencing problem with landing gear, New Zealand
Jun. 10th Small plane hauling Lady Antebellum banner lands on interstate suffered engine failure, Tennessee
Jun. 15th Emergency Helicopter Landing Near Falfurrias, Texas due to mechanical problems
Jun. 17th Aircraft makes emergency landing on West Houghton, UK golf course, after losing power
Jun. 19th Plane makes emergency landing with no front landing gear, Washington
Jun. 20th AZAL aircraft returns to Beijing Airport due to a technical reason
Jun. 25th Malindo Air flight makes emergency landing in New Delhi due to engine failure
Jun. 29th Delta flight makes emergency landing in Memphis, Tennessee after reporting engine trouble

Jun. 1st At Least 1 Fatality Reported in Plane Crash Near Ventura, CA
Jun. 1st Pilot dies in small plane crash near Bowling Green, Ohio
Jun. 2nd Two people survive plane crash near Interstate 10 in Riverside County, CA
Jun. 2nd Two dead in small plane crash off Highway 11 near Muskoka airport, Canada
Jun. 3rd A cargo plane carrying food aid crashes in Garbaharey, Somalia
Jun. 3rd 2 tourists injured, 1 missing after Puerto Rico plane crash
Jun. 3rd Four killed in small plane crash in Japan
Jun. 3rd Pilot walks away from plane crash, Iowa
Jun. 3rd Rexburg Man Safe After Plane Crashes in Teton River, Idaho due to engine failure
Jun. 4th Bernalillo Sheriff's office find downed plane near Double Eagle Airport, NM
Jun. 4th Trio survive Johor plane crash in Malaysia
Jun. 4th Helicopter crashes near Spirit of St. Louis Airport, Missouri
Jun. 4th Amarillo Man Dies in Helicopter Crash Sunday Morning
Jun. 6th Plane crashes at Tooele Airport, Utah
Jun. 7th Myanmar military plane goes missing with 120 people on board
Jun. 8th 2 injured in single-engine plane crash at Front Range Airport, Calorado
Jun. 9th Two injured in helicopter crash near Douglas, Wyoming
Jun. 9th One dead, 2 hurt in Bulgarian naval helicopter crash, Bulgaria
Jun. 10th Plane lost power after takeoff, crashes into fence at Miami Executive Airport
Jun. 10th Three die in helicopter crash in Taiwan
Jun. 10th Helicopter accident in Badrinath kills one, India
Jun. 11th Plane crashes on vehicle in Polk County, Florida parking lot
Jun. 11th Plane crashes on south Auckland road in New Zealand
Jun. 11th Four people survive plane crash in North Vancouver, Canada
Jun. 12th MiG 21 LanceR aircraft crashes in Romania
Jun. 12th Plane crashes in Eagleswood, NJ
Jun. 13th Small plane crashes on Stuart Highway at Dunmarra, Australia
Jun. 13th 2 killed when small plane crashes near New Mexico airport
Jun. 14th Plane Crash Site Found In Calaveras County, CA Jun. 14th Pilot uninjured after crash at Brimpton Airfield, UK
Jun. 15th Helicopter Spraying Insecticide Crashes, Pilot Able To Walk Away, Marshan, MN
Jun. 16th Pilot dies in plane crash north of Bathurst, Australia
Jun. 16th Man dies in aircraft crash near Bangalow, Australia
Jun. 16th Fruitport man among 2 people injured in plane crash, Michigan
Jun. 17th Plane crashes north of Payette, Idaho killing one person
Jun. 18th Minor injuries after plane crashes in Southeast Alaska
Jun. 19th Two injured in Notts plane crash, UK
Jun. 20th British firefighting pilot killed in plane crash in Portugal
Jun. 20th First pictures show light aircraft crash in field near Buntingford, UK
Jun. 21st Four killed in Sudanese military helicopter crash
Jun. 23rd Accident reported involving military plane at Ohio air show
Jun. 23rd Two killed in helicopter crash in Schinias, Greece
Jun. 24th Plane crashes in Callaway County, Missouri
Jun. 24th 1 dead, 1 injured in Chico's Daycare plane crash in Fort Meyers, FL
Jun. 25th Plane crash kills pilot in Russia
Jun. 26th No injuries in crash landing at Cottonwood Airport, Arizona
Jun. 26th Pilot transported to Rockport hospital following Vinalhaven plane crash
Jun. 27th 2 dead after small plane crashes near Buckeye, Arizona
Jun. 28th Light aircraft crash kills 3 in South Australia
Jun. 28th Plane Crashes in Ocean Isle Beach, N. Carolina
Jun. 29th At least one dies in Gwinner, N. Dakota plane crash
Jun. 30th Small plane crashes on California freeway, at least two hurt
Jun. 30th Eagle crews respond to plane crash near Costco, Colorado
Jun. 30th Small plane crashes on I-405 at John Wayne Airport, CA
Jun. 30th Police attend emergency crash landing at Shoreham Airport, UK

Jun. 25th Disruptive passenger forces flight to Houston be diverted
Jun. 27th Boston-bound flight diverted due to disruptive passenger

Jun. 8th Small plane makes emergency landing on Florida golf course
Jun. 16th Airbus makes emergency landing, Philippines
Jun. 17th Plane makes emergency landing on road in Washington County

Jun. 5th At least 22 killed in passenger bus accident in India
Jun. 6 7 die as bus falls from bridge in China’s Shandong province
Jun. 6 Truck burst into flames on tarmac at Krabi International Airport, Thailand
Jun. 8th 45 killed in Zimbabwe bus crash
Jun. 8th 11 children, several South Korean, die in bus crash in China
Jun. 25th 9 Dead, 28 Missing After Boat Capsize In Colombia
Jun. 27th Subway Derailment in Manhattan Injures Dozens

Jun. 3rd American Airlines flight aborted take-off for undetermined reasons then veered off Texas runway at low speed
Jun. 5th Plane makes belly landing at Treasure Coast airport, Florida
Jun. 18th 26 hurt as plane from Paris is hit by turbulence in China
Jun. 21st At least 10 injured on United Airlines flight from Panama due to turbulence
Jun. 21st Plane lands without landing gear at Oxnard Airport, CA
Jun. 23rd RAF crew stranded overnight in Hollym, UK after a technical issue on Chinook helicopter
Jun. 25th Passengers tell of terror as engine trouble cause AirAsia plane to violently shake mid-air
Jun. 30th IndiGo plane's engine fails during taxiing at Patna airport, India

Well, the summer is in full swing, with soaring temperatures and rising tempers. There is a great purging taking place and it’s not a bad thing. Things are definitely happening that we wouldn’t necessarily classify as “good,” but it’s all for a greater purpose. Consider if tainted food is eaten. The body will go through great lengths to purge it in order to make it well again. Our cosmic body too, is purging and we are all a part of the process. The best advice we can offer at this time is to consider the ways of our Heavenly Father YHWH and the individuals that have entered our reality to demonstrate His ways. Once we’ve considered this, then think, speak, and practice becoming those very ways: long suffering, merciful, compassionate, slow to anger, forgiving, kind – all components of the great love. If the body takes in that which nourishes it and gives it life, what reason would there be to throw it up, or expel it by other means. We can move this process of transformation in a peaceful manner if we hold fast to that which gives us peace. Namaste.

Shining LIGHT to a darkened world