Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                  2017 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE MARCH 2017


                                                                                  MARCH 31, 2017
Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me."

Darkness is dispelled by shining light. This is what we want to do. We do not want to add to the dark by remaining asleep and allowing our energy to be absorbed into the collective energy of slumber. This is how people remain unaware of the prison they’re bound to. We ogle at the stars of the Oscars and the Emmys; we cheer, or yell and curse during the sports event; we gripe about everything: our spouses, our children, our jobs, our lives. We watch the nightly news and gripe a bit more. We’ve been conditioned this way; and so sadly we remain asleep in the dark. Shining light is not necessarily sharing feel good stories and joining hands in a hearty round of Kumbaya around the crackling campfire. Shining light is using and sharing the tools, by which, darkness can be banished. In Malachi 4:1-2 we read: “For indeed, the day is coming, burning like a furnace, when all the arrogant and everyone who commits wickedness will become stubble. The coming day will consume them, says Yahweh, not leaving them root or branches. But for you who honor My name, the light of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings, and you will go out and playfully jump like calves from the stall.”
    Before we dismiss ourselves from the group of arrogant and wicked people referenced in the above scripture, we need to look a bit more deeply at ourselves. It didn’t say the extremely arrogant and wicked would be burned. Just how arrogant and wicked does one need to be to be found lacking? We might pose another question: just how arrogant and wicked can we be and still squeak by? Let’s not take any chances. It behooves us to learn the ways that will draw us close to Yahweh to reverence and honor His name, and then practice those ways and help others to do the same. Then we can effectively be used to dispel the darkness in ourselves first, then our neighbors, and finally our world.
    In the month of March we enter a period that we find our planet steadily progressing deeper into change for the better. However, it will not look like it’s getting better as chaos  comes before creation and correction. Those who find themselves awakening to be born of the woman (Gen. 3:20; Rev. 12:1-6), as sons of the Most High, need to reflect on the source of their inner impulses. Taking the position to control and redirect any lower passions, by first reviewing, reassessing, and reanalyzing patterns, habits, and behaviors that tend to run contrary to truth of the conscience. In this manner we may revisit our thought patterns, reorganize them and renew the mind that we may be redeemed.
In February’s forecast we made the distinction between the physical state of Israel and the figurative Israel. This was an important point as Israel is central to the underpinnings of this entire matrix we find ourselves experiencing. Scriptural evidence was provided to support the information shared as we know a lot was laid out on the table. Information is shared with our readers as we understand it, but it will always be a good idea to do your own research. That way you can prove for yourself what you wish to receive and act upon, what you might want to shelve for the moment, and want you might want to discard (unless, later you understand it to be true). If the point about the physical and spiritual Israel seemed to slip by in the text with little significance, it may be worthwhile to revisit February’s forecast. 

    Now, we will continue with the happenings reported in March. As always, we will review the following areas of interest and look at the news headlines we came across this month affecting these areas:

  • Donald Trump doesn’t make it through a full term of his presidency
  • We continue to see an increase in the amount of record natural disasters
  • We see a dramatic rise in sea levels
  • Great scandals continue to cause great men and women to step down. Some may even get arrested
  • Terror strikes around the globe continue for a while
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry for a while
  • Increases in diseases continue, and “cures” are touted to be found to eradicate them
  • disruptions in travel continue
  • food shortages spread, before there is a so-called solution
  • Global financial unrest leads to a global currency reset
  • There is an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.”

If we turn from universal truths that cause our neighbors in the earth not to make it, we won’t either. By neighbors we’re not only speaking about Ms. Jones next door, or Ali Habib that lives around the corner in Pakistan. Every living creature is our neighbor and we will do well to show them a lot more honor and respect. Greedy men chop down trees and strip their bark to build bigger houses and bank accounts. Careless corporations pollute our waters with toxic chemicals from their money making machines. Animals are hunted, slaughtered, and eradicated because some hunting enthusiast thinks their heads look good on a wall, or as a decorative floor piece. Even our insects are endangered because we’ve polluted the skies with all sorts of offensive pesticides and toxins. We just don’t seem to get it. We do not occupy this earth space alone - we cannot. In Psalm 95: 4-6 we see: “The depths of the earth are in His hand, and the mountain peaks are His. The sea is His; He made it. His hands formed the dry land. Come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before Yahweh our Maker.”  We are not our own, in the same manner that each cell in the human vessel is not its own but makes up a much greater body. When we learn to yield ourselves to our Father’s will in loving humility then the respect we will show to one another will cause us all to flourish. Until then we continue to see more of what we will read about in the headlines below. (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                                 ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 

Mar. 1st    Vikings' beautiful glass stadium is killing birds at an alarming rate
Mar. 2nd    69,000 Chickens to be culled in Nonsan in bird flu outbreak
Mar. 2nd    More than 59,000 chickens culled in Nonsan, S. Korea in bird flu outbreak
Mar. 3rd    Botulism Kills Over 30 Seagulls, in Olympia, WA
Mar. 3rd    New bird flu outbreak as 55,000 ducks to be destroyed at farm, UK
Mar. 3rd    Massive die off of fish found in a lagoon in Cordoba, Spain
Mar. 4th    A total of 1,456 ducks were culled on a farm in Pingtung County, Taiwan on Saturday
Mar. 4th    Glanders outbreak in Gwalior, India, 7 horses dead , several test positive
Mar. 6th    73,500 birds in Lincoln County will be destroyed due to bird flu in Tennessee
Mar. 6th    33 sheep found dead from Anthrax in north-west Victoria leads to quarantine
Mar. 7th    3 more dead dolphins found washed up on beaches in Southern England
Mar. 8th    23,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Quang Ngai, Vietnam
Mar. 8th    Several dead leopard sharks found washed ashore on a beach in California, America
Mar. 8th    10,000 dead fish found in dried up stream in Senftenberg, Germany
Mar. 8th    Hundreds of cattle dead from wildfires on the plains of Colorado, America
Mar. 8th    Anthrax outbreak kills 80 heads of cattle on Queensland grazing property
Mar. 9th    Thousands of cattle dead due to wildfires in Kansas, America
Mar. 9th    650,000 birds killed since January, due to avian flu in Taiwan
Mar. 11th    40 dead turtles found since January along the coast of Uruguay
Mar. 13th    4,000+ chickens killed due to avian flu in Cao Bang, Vietnam
Mar. 13th    Severe outbreak of H5N8 bird flu killed 3,650 hens, with 2,550 culled on Nepal farm
Mar. 14th    Thousands of dead fish found in a canal in Tainan, Taiwan
Mar. 14th    Thousands of dead fish appear 'due to winter ice' in a lake in Sivas, Turkey
Mar. 14th    5,000 goldfish found dead in a lagoon in Western Australia
Mar. 15th    25,000 birds dead due to avian flu in Kelantan, Malaysia
Mar. 16th    55,000 birds to be killed due to another avian flu outbreak in Tennessee, America
Mar. 16th    1,277 ducks were culled on farm in Changhua County, Taiwan due to bird flu
Mar. 17th    Mass die off of fish found washed up on the shores of Los Santos, Panama
Mar. 17th    Thousands of dead fish wash up in the waters of Thirthahalli, India
Mar. 17th    Millions of dead shellfish wash up in Waihi Beach, New Zealand
Mar. 17th    Croatia reports outbreak of severe H5N5 bird flu, 65 birds died or were culled
Mar. 17th    H5N1 detected in two more locations in Pasir Mas, Malaysia, 554 birds and 415 eggs destroyed
Mar. 18th    Kaohsiung, Taiwan duck farm infected with highly pathogenic H5N2 bird flu leading to culling of 4,457 birds
Mar. 18th    Masses of dead cockles, dead fish and a dolphin washed ashore in Miri, Malaysia
Mar. 18th    7 tons of fish die in fish farms in Bao Thang, Vietnam
Mar. 18th    766,000+ birds killed since January, due to avian flu in Taiwan
Mar. 20th    Thousands of dead fish found washed up along a river in West Sumatra, Indonesia
Mar. 20th    Vietnam detects deadly bird flu outbreak in central province, and are preparing to cull hundreds of chickens
Mar. 22nd    Vietnam reports new bird flu outbreak, nearly 400 ducks dead or sick
Mar. 22nd    22,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Kentucky, America
Mar. 22nd    Thousands of monkeys dead from disease is 'unprecedented' in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Mar. 24th    Chiba Prefecture - Culling of 300,000 chickens begins in Japan after bird flu detected
Mar. 24th    China confirms outbreak of H7N9 bird flu on Hunan egg farms in Yongzhou, infecting 29,760 birds, killing around 18,500
Mar. 25th    Tainan, Taiwan reports new outbreak of bird flu, more than 8,000 chicken slaughtered
Mar. 26th    Pingdong County - Taiwan reports new outbreak of bird flu, more than 6,000 culled
Mar. 26th    270,000 chickens killed due to avian flu in Miyagi and Chiba, Japan
Mar. 27th    Massive die off of fish in fish farm in Hengxian, China
Mar. 27th    70+ dead turtles found in a lagoon in Managua, Nicaragua
Mar. 27th    Thousands of dead fish found in a reservoir in Chiclayo, Peru
Mar. 27th    18,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Georgia, America
Mar. 27th    More than 1 million birds killed since January, due to avian flu in Taiwan
Mar. 27th    Bird flu hits Chiayi poultry farm in Liujiao, Taiwan, leading to the culling of 13,349 birds
Mar. 30th    Tons of dead fish washing up everyday along a river in Preah Vihear, Cambodia
Mar. 31st    Thousands of fish and shrimp dead in the waters of Dewantara, Indonesia

                                                    EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Isaiah 13:11-13 drives the point home of what lies in store for the earth because of the arrogance of those who are trying to harm the earth. “I will bring disaster on the world, and their own iniquity, on the wicked. I will put an end to the pride of the arrogant and humiliate the insolence of tyrants. I will make man scarcer than gold, and mankind more rare than the gold of Ophir. Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will shake from its foundations at the wrath of Yahweh on the day of His burning anger.” The good news is that today if we hear His voice, the message of peace, we can turn from the darkness of this matrix. It’s not as if we have no choice but to continue to cause wrath to come upon us. Think about it: if a parent is in his, or her, right mind they would not continue to be displeased with a child who turns from a foul attitude to one of loving respect. Below we see the devastating effects of an earth being shaken from its foundation. If we choose to believe the words written by the wise of old, then we clearly have more than an inkling of what is causing earthquakes to happen in place after place.
In March 2017 the USGS recorded 8,160 earthquakes. Six hundred, eighty one were a magnitude 4.0 or above.  The following 27 did not make the mainstream news in March however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Mar. 1st    Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits NW of Saumlaki, Indonesia
Mar. 1st    Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits E of Atka, Alaska
Mar. 2nd     Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits WSW of Anchor Point, Alaska
Mar. 2nd     Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits W of Samsat, Turkey
Mar. 4th       Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits SSE of Panguna, Papua New Guinea
Mar. 5th       Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits ENE of Surigao, Philippines
Mar. 5th       Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits NW of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea
Mar. 7th       Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits ENE of Mutsu, Japan
Mar. 7th       Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits E of Port-Olry, Vanuatu
Mar. 8th       Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits NE of Tobelo, Indonesia
Mar. 9th       Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits West of Macquarie Island
Mar. 10th       Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits N of La Vela de Coro, Venezuela
Mar. 11th       Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits SSE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
Mar. 13th       Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits N of Rota, Northern Mariana Islands
Mar. 14th       Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits SSW of Mohean, India
Mar. 14th       Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits WNW of Lemito, Indonesia
Mar. 14th       Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits SSE of Isangel, Vanuatu
Mar. 14th       Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits SSW of Meulaboh, Indonesia
Mar. 15th       Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits SSE of Little Sitkin Island, Alaska
Mar. 16th       Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits South of Bali, Indonesia
Mar. 17th       Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits South of the Fiji Islands
Mar. 19th       Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits NNE of Auki, Solomon Islands
Mar. 21st       Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits NE of Banjar Pasekan, Indonesia
Mar. 25th         Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits NNE of Enarotali, Indonesia
Mar. 27th         Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake Hits W of Attu Station, Alaska
Mar. 29th         Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Hits NNE of Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia
Mar. 29th         Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits W of Higuera de Zaragoza, Mexico
Mar. 31st          Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits SSE of Tinabogan, Indonesia

                                                       OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS

In this next section we read of other earth shaking events that took place in March, showing that this is truly a troublous time for the inhabitants of the earth. We are now seeing an increase in buildings exploding, structures collapsing, and volcanic activity among other earth shaking events. The following are just a few earth shaking events that took place in March:

Mar. 7th    Ogden home explodes, man taken to hospital
Mar. 7th    Ski disaster narrowly averted after avalanche on popular blue run in Tignes
Mar. 8th    Azure Window of Malta Collapses Into the Sea After Storm
Mar. 12th    17 miners found dead after coal mine accident four days ago in northeast China
Mar. 16th    Mount Etna Eruption Triggers ‘Violent Explosion’, 10 Injured
Mar. 17th    Catastrophic’: Explosion levels Montgomery County home; 1 person unaccounted for
Mar. 18th    Death toll rises to 72 in Peru rains, flooding, mudslides
Mar. 27th    6 killed, 12 injured in church building collapse in Burundi
Mar. 27th    A small explosion occurred at the Cleveland volcano on Aleutian Islands, Alaska

                                                            NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES

If we’re inclined to do a little bit of digging, we will see for ourselves that there are those who have learned how to manipulate and harness the forces of nature. This knowledge has been used in times of conflict to subdue or thwart the efforts of the “enemy.” Whether, or not, some of the following natural weather emergencies were conjured up in a lab to cause some specific plan, we cannot say for sure. One thing we can say is that: the time is here to identify the true enemy within, and vanquish it through the power of love. Below we see some of the devastating weather emergencies that happened in March:

Mar. 1st    Parts of Midwest hit by severe storms, tornadoes and large hail, at least 3 dead
Mar. 2nd    Hundreds Displaced as Flood Threat Continues in Zimbabwe
Mar. 2nd    Floods Force Evacuations in San Diego, CA After 120 mm of Rain in 24 Hours
Mar. 2nd    Streets of Rabat, Morocco Flooded After 100 mm of Rain in a Few Hours
Mar. 3rd    Floods Leave 246 Dead as Zimbabwe Government Appeals for Assistance
Mar. 6th    6 Killed in Floods and Landslides in West Sumatra, Indonesia
Mar. 7th    Cyclone Enawo batters Madagascar as most powerful storm in 13 years
Mar. 7th    Roads Closed, Campers Evacuated After Floods in Auckland and Coromandel, New Zealand
Mar. 7th    Homes Destroyed, Deaths Reported as Cyclone Enawo Makes Landfall in Madagascar
Mar. 9th    Cyclone kills at least 5 as it slams into Madagascar
Mar. 9th    Floods in Sarangani Province, Philippines Leave 1 Dead, 100s Evacuated
Mar. 10th    State of Emergency Declared After Floods in Amazonas, Brazil
Mar. 11th    Over 300 Homes Damaged as More Flooding Hits North Island, New Zealand
Mar. 14th    Blizzard blows into northeast US; flights canceled, schools shut
Mar. 15th    Floods Affect 2,000 After Rivers Overflow in Urabá, Antioquia, Colombia
Mar. 15th    Alicante hit by six months' worth of rain in 24 hours, Spain
Mar. 16th    Record Rainfall Causes Flooding in Alicante, Spain
Mar. 19th    Peru faces more rain as floods and landslides make thousands homeless
Mar. 19th    Burundi Floods and Landslides Leave 6 Dead, 160 Homes Destroyed
Mar. 20th    Floods in New South Wales, Australia After 500 mm of Rain in 1 Week
Mar. 22nd    Homes Destroyed as Rain and Snowmelt Cause Flooding in Idaho, USA
Mar 23rd    Heavy rains wash away Zimbabwe’s roads, leaving crops stranded
Mar. 24th    11 Dead, Widespread Destruction After Floods and Heavy Rain in Luanda Province, Angola
Mar. 24th    Peru’s Deadly Floods Ring Alarm Bell for Latin America Cities
Mar. 27th    Cyclone Debbie hits northeastern Australia with wind gust up to 260 kmph
Mar. 29th    11 Departments Hit by Heavy Rain, Floods and Landslides in Columbia
Mar. 29th    Floods Leave 1,700 Displaced, 3 Missing in Dominican Republic
Mar. 29th    Cyclone Debbie Brings Flooding Rain to Queensland, Australia
Mar. 31st    Deadly Floods Hit 2 Australian States in Wake of Cyclone Debbie

                                                    ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62 says: “If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
March has had its share of environmental challenges. Much of it, we as a race have brought upon ourselves. There are those who are very aware that their activities are harming the earth and its inhabitants. These same entities program the people to follow their example. Because of this lack of respect and care for our environment, we have driven air and water pollution to a staggering extent. The action of the collective consciousness of the earth has also triggered specific corrective actions in order to create balance to successfully advance the earth into a new era. Below we see a snapshot of the environment that we have created collectively because we have failed to follow the universal principles that maintain balance:

Mar. 1st    Highest temperatures recorded for Antarctic region
Mar. 2nd    Scientists confirm worst fears about pee in pools
Mar. 3rd    Air pollution in Asia is wafting into US, increasing smog in West
Mar. 3rd    Massive sewage spill shuts down California beaches
Mar. 9th    UN Chief calls on urgent action against famine in Somolia
Mar. 9th    Newly identified fault line in California could unleash monster earthquake
Mar. 9th    High winds cut power to record-setting 1M in Michigan
Mar. 10th    No Flush, No Shower: Mississippi Capital City in Water Pinch
Mar. 11th    More than 20 MILLION face starvation in Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan in worst humanitarian crisis since WWII
Mar. 12th    Incredible Huge Tsunami-Like Waves Roll into Durban Beachfront, South Africa
Mar. 13th    Great Barrier Reef fall victim to coral bleaching again
Mar. 13th    Winter storm leaves upstate NY house completely frozen
Mar. 14th    Seismograms across North America noticed something unusual today
Mar. 18th    Death toll rises to 72 in Peru rains, flooding, mudslides
Mar. 18th    Several areas of Panama in Blackout for more than 12 Hours after Explosion
Mar. 19th    Tsunami Kills 1 in Southern Iran, 5 Go Missing
Mar. 19th    Some Fast Food Co. using Cancer causing Packaging
Mar. 20th    The Unnamed Phenomenon behind Peru’s Extraordinary Flooding
Mar. 21st    ‘Totally surreal’: Blackouts hit LA, New York and San Francisco
Mar. 25th    N. Dakota oil spill 3 times larger than first estimated
Mar. 27th    Japan avalanche kills 7 high school students, teacher
Mar. 30th    I-85 fire: Section of Atlanta highway collapses under huge fire

Mar. 1st    Cholera outbreak declared in Bohol Sitio, island in Cebu, Philippines
Mar. 1st    Cholera infections growing among children in Sudan
Mar. 2nd     Luapula, Zambia records cholera cases
Mar. 3rd    155 Dengue cases now, in Suva, Fiji
Mar. 3rd    110 Die In Somalia Cholera Outbreak
Mar. 3rd    Penang, Malaysia records 324 dengue cases as of Feb 25 according to State Health
Mar. 3rd    Lassa fever kills 4 in NE Nigeria
Mar. 5th    Swine flu in Kolar, Shivamogga, Chikkamagaluru and Mysuru, takes death toll to seven in Karnataka, India
Mar. 7th    7 Deaths and Over 750 Cases of Swine Flu in Bangalore, India
mar. 9th    More than 300 People Killed by Cholera Within Three Days, Ethiopia
Mar. 9th    H1N1 claims fifth victim in Rajkot, India
Mar. 10th    Romania minister: Measles outbreak causes 17 deaths
Mar. 10th    Deadly fungal infection that doctors have been fearing now reported in U.S.
Mar. 11th    3 die of dengue in Negros Occidental, Philippines
Mar. 12th    46-year-old dies of swine flu in Nagpur, India
Mar. 13th    China in worst outbreak of bird flu outbreak since 2009
Mar. 13th    Anthrax kills sheep at second farm in north-west Victoria
Mar. 14th    Two dead amid cholera outbreak in Mozambique
Mar. 14th    Cholera kills 80 in Zamfara, Nigeria
Mar. 14th    Schools closed after H1N1 cases reach 51, fatality identified
Mar. 14th    Swine flu claims 16 in Maharashtra, India this month
Mar. 14th    12 Die of Dengue in Kinniya, Sri Lanka
Mar. 15th    Second anthrax outbreak Swan Hill, Australia
Mar. 15th    15 new malaria deaths reported in Namibia
Mar. 15th    120 test H1N1 flu positive in one branch of private lab in Nungambakkam, India
Mar. 15th    Maldives woman dies in second H1N1 fatality as cases rise above 100
Mar. 16th    Zimbabwe Govt. on high alert after two die from Cholera
Mar. 16th    Swine flu claims 1 more life in Jaipur, India
Mar. 17th    Central China province reports two H7N9 deaths in the past week
Mar. 17th    HCM City, Vietnam records three dengue fever deaths in 2017
Mar. 17th    Another two people die of dengue in New Caledonia
Mar. 18th    Nsanje, Malawi registers new cases of Cholera
Mar. 18th    H7N9 Fatalities Hit 13 in East China's Jiangxi
Mar. 19th    Over 700 families move to higher ground due to cholera outbreak in Yirol East County, Sudan
Mar. 19th        14 die of swine flu in state in a week in Maharashtra, India
Mar. 20th        H1N1 deaths in Udupi and Dakshina Kannada, India
Mar. 20th        Unknown Disease Kills 13 Cattle in Odisha State, India
Mar. 21st        Cholera breaks out in 2 district of northern Zambia, 70 people hospitalized
Mar. 21st        FDA: Breast implants can cause rare cancer
Mar, 22nd    Cholera Breaks Out In Chiengi, Zambia, 54 Cases Recorded
Mar. 23rd        One dead, more infected with cholera in El Gedaref, Sudan
Mar. 24th    Cholera cases increase in Jonglei, Sudan
Mar. 28th    WHO warns of measles outbreak across Europe
Mar. 29th    Four more swine flu deaths, 16 on ventilator support in Pune, India
Mar. 30th    Meningitis outbreak in Nigeria kills 269 people
Mar. 30th         Health Ministry Reports 1 Typhoid Death and 86 infected in Harare, Zimbabwe
Mar. 30th         8 die of suspected Lassa fever in Kano, Nigeria
Mar. 31st    Typhoid claims another victim in Zimbabwe
Mar. 31st    So far 160 deaths due to swine flu in New Delhi, India in 2017

                                                                      SIGNS OF THE TIMES 

As we wrote in the February update: The Saga is in The Constellations. In April we find that the constellations are broadcasting that the influence that will be befalling mankind will be heating up even more over the months ahead. In the heavens we find five planets that will be in retrograde during April. Pluto goes into retrograde on April 20, 2017. Kokhav (Mercury) goes into retrograde on April 9, 2017. Shabbatai (Saturn) goes into retrograde on April 6, 2017 Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Tzedeq (Jupiter) will already be in retrograde and ends on June 9, 2017. Kokhevet (Venus) will already be in retrograde and ends on April 15, 2017. So what does this very rare happening mean? We must prepare ourselves, friends. It's about to get very tumultuous both spiritually and physically. Each planet represents a different aspect of life. When each planet goes retrograde it appears to be going backwards.  Therefore the element of that aspect of life that the planet represents is affected through influential energies in a reverse manner. As it is written: “as above so below.” This will be a time that moods go out-of-whack in the earth, but this does not have to be a bad thing. If we practice managing these off color moods and become the observer, they often help us gain new perspectives on situations in life that can lead to enlightenment in areas of our lives. This is a sign of the times that is telling us that we should not think that life will continue as normal. At some point we will see things heating up further. The following signs of the times point to the countdown that life is going to drastically change as we know it.

Jan. 1st     Glowing orbs hovering over Jerusalem then sonic boom explosion 
Jan. 1st        Two strange lights hovering in the sky
Jan. 6th        Is Planet Nine a Rogue Planet?
Feb. 6th    UFO Sightings In United States of America
Jan. 8th        The Solar System's Mysterious, Undiscovered Planet Nine
Jan. 10th    Mysterious Planet Nine May Be a Captured 'Rogue' World
Jan. 11th    Planet Nine could be a 'Rogue World' Captured from another Solar System
Jan. 28th    Strange UFO Fleet Seen In Brisbane Australia
Feb. 18th    Dwarf planet Ceres boasts organic compounds, raising prospect of life
Feb. 21st    Giant UFO Almost Collides With Air Force Jet At Aerobatics Show

Mar. 21st         The Power Outages are Electrostatic Bursts caused by Nibiru

Fact, on so many levels, has become what those who are fighting for control of the planet want us to believe. The powers that be make it their business to cause the masses to believe the “facts” they spin for us; whether they’re true, or not. The following headlines may show an attempt to shape the beliefs of the populace. Read on and do your own research.

Mar. 6th    Facebook begins fighting fake news with ‘disputed’ tag
Mar. 14th    Germany proposes law to fine social networks over dissemination of fake news
Mar. 29th    Anti-abortion activists charged in filming of secret Planned Parenthood videos

Mar. 1st    New Shape-Shifting Robot Is Amazingly Agile--and Super-Creepy
Mar. 1st    Roborace reveals design for ground-breaking AI 'Robocar'
Mar. 1st    Virginia 1st state to allow robots to deliver straight to door
Mar. 6th    Record-breaking robot solves a Rubik's cube in just 0.637 SECONDS
Mar. 15th    Robot Actor Stars Alongside Human Actors In This New Play
Mar. 20th    Watch Jeff Bezos Pilot a Giant Mech in Real Life
Mar. 23rd    You can withdraw money using only your smartphone
Mar. 27th    Elon Musk's latest startup: Brains linked to computers
Mar. 28th    FDA approves vaccine, 1st drug for moderate & severe eczema cases
Mar. 29th    Breakthrough drug to treat multiple sclerosis

Mar. 3rd    Climate Change Losses in Europe’s Coastal Cities Could Reach $1.2 Billion Per Year by 2030 Says Study
Mar. 14th    Louisiana Wetlands Struggling With Sea-Level Rise 4 Times the Global Average
Mar. 22nd    Faced With Rising Seas, French Polynesia Ponders Floating Islands

Mar. 3rd    Historic burials of children found in St. Augustine
Mar. 3rd    Mass grave of babies and children found at Tuam care home in Ireland
Mar. 27th    A child goes missing every five hours in South Africa - Missing Children SA

Mar. 1st    'Beauty and the Beast' will introduce world to first gay Disney
Mar. 3rd    The world’s first ‘smart’ condom
Mar. 6th    China bank system overtakes Eurozone as world’s largest by assets
Mar. 7th    Hungary Approves Detention of Asylum Seekers in Guarded Camps
Mar. 7th    Belgium Denies Syrian Refugee Visas In Move Backed By Top EU Court
Mar. 7th    WikiLeaks: CIA can hack into phones, TVs — everything
Mar. 8th    NYC School dump Kellogg"Junk"Cereals Replace w Organic
Mar. 9th    S. Africa asked to appear at International Criminal Court in April over Sudan’s Bashir
Mar. 9th    FBI Director says absolute privacy no longer exists in America
Mar. 11th    140 Chinese UN peacekeepers depart Bejing for year long UN mission in Liberia
Mar. 14th    EU court rules workplace headscarf ban legal
Mar. 30th    Putin says Climate Change not Caused by Emissions

                                                                  GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

Money isn’t the problem; it is the love of it that causes the root of evil to spring up like an out of control weed. Once this vine of greed has wrapped itself tightly around people and the industries they are enslaved to, economic unrest is sure to reveal itself. Brexit is now officially on track, which will likely lead to others leaving the EU and likely put tremendous pressure on the Euro and EU. Look for drastic changes in the months and years to come, as traditional industries struggle to survive, while industries that fit well with artificial intelligence thrive. However, don’t be lulled or deceived. Below we see some of the economic distress experienced in March:

Mar. 1st    Venezuela is down to its last $10 Billion
Mar. 8th    Danville, IL Mayor Proposes 16 Fire Dept Layoffs
Mar. 15th    Are Collapsing Pension "About to Bring Hell to America"?
Mar. 22nd    Illinois prisons gives 100+ nurses layoff notices
Mar. 23rd    Oregon Department of Environmental Quality facing layoffs due to federal budget cuts
Mar. 27th    Venezuela runs out of Gasoline

Mar. 29th    St Louis stands to lose 1k jobs over Min. Wage Increase

Mar. 1st    University of Oregon planning 75 layoffs
Mar. 1st    San Diego Unified School District to lay off 850
Mar. 2nd    Aurora University – Layoffs Coming
Mar. 3rd    Baker College will be closing its downtown Reading campus PA
Mar 4th        St. Louis University to lay off 120
Mar. 8th    McHenry County College, Layoffs Possible
Mar. 10th    The School of Piano Technology for the Blind Closing
Mar. 10th    The McHenry County College - Approve Staff Cuts
Mar. 11th    Community Unit School Division 308 get layoff notices
Mar. 12th    Azusa School District Ca. - Approves Layoffs
Mar. 13th    Idaho State University - Layoffs Possible
Mar. 14th    Los Angeles Unified School District Issues 1,600 Layoff Notices
Mar. 15th    Central Michigan University - Layoff Likely
Mar. 15th    Aquinas College slashes staff
Mar. 16th    Khepera Charter School in North Philadelphia to lay off 9 to 11
Mar. 17th    Wayne County Schools W. Va. - Layoffs Possible
Mar. 19th    Portland Public Schools - Layoffs Possible for 2017-2018
Mar. 22nd    Portland Public Schools Ore. Looking to Layoff
Mar. 22nd    Millington and Worton elementary schools closing in MD
Mar. 22nd    American Flyers is closing its Santa Monica Airport flight school on April 15
Mar. 23rd    Crystal Lake based Community High School District 155 to lay off 5
Mar. 23rd    Mansfield University Announces Possible Layoffs
Mar. 23rd    The Rim of the World Unified school to lay off 10 Teachers
Mar. 24th    Norwin School District considers layoffs
Mar. 28th    Hampden-Wilbraham schools Mass. to lay off up to 18
Mar. 28th    Fairport Central School District to lay off up to 30 Teaching Positions
Mar. 29th    Liberty University Announce Staff Layoffs
Mar. 31st    Richland Community College to lay off 18

Mar. 2nd    Humana - Layoffs in Louisville and other Area
Mar. 2nd    HealthStream to close Laurel office - 134 Layoffs
Mar. 3rd    Care New England - Some Manager Layoffs
Mar. 6th    BroadBand Interactive to lay off 129
Mar. 6th    Pharmaceutical, marketing firms to lay off 136 workers statewide
Mar. 6th    CVS Pharmacy office in Chestnut Ridge to lay off 99
Mar. 7th    BCFS Health and Human Service - 95 Layoffs Possible
Mar. 9th    Saint John Health Systems Some Layoffs reported
Mar. 10th    Shenandoah Medical Center IA to lay off 14
Mar. 14th    ZirMed to lay off 60
Mar. 15th    Alexion Pharmaceuticals in New Haven The Martin Agency to lay off 210
Mar. 15th    Roche Diabetes Care, Inc. The Martin Agency to lay off 157
Mar. 15th    Bel-Loc Diner MD closing
Mar. 16th    Baptist Health Kentucky - Layoffs up to 288
Mar. 16th    Affinity Medical Center - Confirms Layoffs
Mar. 17th     Univ. of Mississippi Medical Center - to lay off 195 Jobs, 85 Vacant

Mar. 18th    Cleveland Clinic closing labor and delivery services at Medina Hospital birthing center end of June 
Mar. 21st    Rideout Health to lay off 106
Mar. 21st    Walgreens will close its distribution center in Logan Township
Mar. 22nd    Walgreens in Logan Township to lay off 130
Mar. 23rd    Teva Pharmaceutical to lay off up to 6,000
Mar. 23rd    Gila Regional Medical Center to lay off 12
Mar. 23rd    Highmark Health Solutions to lay off 52
Mar. 24th    Hoy's Drugs closing in Cheyenne Wyoming
Mar. 29th    PeaceHealth Oregon to lay off 85 More

Mar. 1st    Fidelity Offers Buyouts to 3,000 Older Workers
Mar. 23rd    RBS (International) Closing 180 UK and Irish Branches, 700 Jobs Lost
Mar. 24th    Thompson Investment Casting in Rochester to lay off 53

Mar. 1st    Hershey to lay off 15% of its workers in wake of overhaul
Mar. 1st    Office Depot - Expects to close another 75 Locations in 2017
Mar. 1st    Crocs Inc. to close 160 Retail Stores
Mar. 2nd    Boeing - Seeks 1,500 Voluntary Job Cuts
Mar. 2nd    HHGregg plans to close 88 Stores
Mar. 2nd    The RadioShack on Maple Road in west Ann Arbor MI closing
Mar. 7th    CSX - Layoffs have Begun
Mar. 7th    Radio Shack - closing 200 Stores
Mar. 8th    RadioShack closing stores, laying off workers as it heads for second bankruptcy
Mar. 8th    Marriott International/Starwood Scottsdale Office to lay off 56
Mar. 8th    United Airlines at Chicago HQ to lay off 300 Management
Mar. 8th    Liberty Mutual to lay off up to 360 IT workers mostly in NH
Mar. 8th    JCPenney is closing 140 stores — see if your store could be one of them
Mar. 9th    Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is closing all 15 ShopHouse Asian Kitchen chain
Mar. 9th    RadioShack closing 187 Stores
Mar. 9th    Staples Plans 70 Store Closures in 2017,+Sales+Miss;+Comps+Fell+0.9%25/12648796.html
Mar. 14th    Saran Industries plans to close its facility on the east side of Indianapolis - 110 Layoffs
Mar. 14th    Gordmans is closing all stores,
Mar. 15th    Hyundai to recall 980,000 Sonata Sedan, Hybrids in US
Mar. 15th    The Kmart store closing at Millbrook Plaza in Mill Hall PA.
Mar. 16th    Kmart is closing its Kahului store, located at 424 Dairy Road HI
Mar. 17th     JCPenney List of 138 Store closings
Mar. 18th    Boeing Commercial Jet Factories - Layoffs planned for May
Mar. 18th    Remington Layoffs at Director Level
Mar. 18th    Caterpillar announced plans to close its Elkader plant Iowa
Mar. 19th    RadioShack is closing 552 Stores - Full List
Mar. 23rd    Layoffs at The Guardian US
Mar. 24th    Kraft Heinz to lay off 200
Mar. 24th    Boeing - Plans another 245 Layoffs
Mar. 24th    The Bed Bath & Beyond closing store in Antioch CA
Mar. 24th    GameStop - Closing at least 150 Stores
Mar. 25th    GE in Schenectady NY cutting percentage of workforce
Mar. 25th    GE in Salem VA will have some layoffs
Mar. 25th    Us Weekly to lay off 40

Mar. 1st    The Diocese of New Ulm files for bankruptcy
Mar. 3rd    General Wireless Operations, RadioShack successor - Preparing for Bankruptcy
Mar. 6th    Gordmans Stores is said to prepare for Bankruptcy Filing
Mar. 6th    Answers Corp. Files for bankruptcy
Mar. 7th    HHGregg - Chapter 11, Finds Buyers
Mar. 8th    Aquion Energy Inc. files bankruptcy
Mar. 10th    Gander Mountain files for bankruptcy
Mar. 12th    Gordmans files for bankruptcy
Mar. 14th    West Baton Rouge Credit Inc files for bankruptcy
Mar. 14th    Bostwick Laboratories files for bankruptcy
Mar. 15th    Ethos Offshore US Inc. files for bankruptcy
Mar. 18th    Ezra Holdings Ltd files for bankruptcy
Mar. 22nd    Payless is said to be Filing for Bankruptcy next week
Mar. 22nd    KCST USA files for bankruptcy
Mar. 24th    Manhattan Eatery Le Cirque files for bankruptcy
Mar. 27th    Toshiba may File Bankruptcy for its Westinghouse Unit
Mar. 27th    Raleigh’s Barbecue Lodge files for bankruptcy
Mar. 29th    Toshiba's US nuclear unit Westinghouse files for bankruptcy
Mar. 30th    Mad Catz files for bankruptcy
Mar. 31st    The Diocese of Great Falls-Billings files for bankruptcy

Mar. 1st    Pepsi in Philadelphia to lay off 80 to 100
Mar. 1st    Hershey Co. to lay off 15% of Global Hourly Workforce
Mar 4th        Full Moon Café, closing on 411 W. Stone Wood Drive, Broken Arrow OK.
Mar. 6th    Kroger plans to close its store at 4440 Western Ave.  Knoxville TN
Mar. 6th    TGI Fridays Southridge closing restaurant in South Charleston WV
Mar. 6th    The Granite City restaurant closing in St. Louis Park
Mar. 8th    Southside Johnny's closing its doors in downtown Colorado Springs
Mar. 9th    The Vanilla Pastry Studio closing in Pittsburgh PA.
Mar. 13th    Spaghetti Warehouse in Tulsa Oklahoma closing
Mar. 13th    The Buffalo Wild Wings is closing its Cicero restaurant NY
Mar. 14th    Tranquil Bar & Bistro closing in Binghamton NY
Mar. 16th    Iconic German eatery Chicago Brauhaus may be closing
Mar. 16th    Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market on Bowles Avenue in Littleton CO closing
Mar. 16th    Splinters Sports Pub and Restaurant closing in Palatine's Rand Road IL
Mar. 17th     Chandler’s Restaurant is closing at Yankee Candle in Deerfield Mass.
Mar. 19th    GIANT Food Stores closing 2 stores at 2074 Fruitville Pike and 235 North Reservoir St.
Mar. 21st    Lhasa Cafe closing in Northampton MA
Mar. 21st    CarPool, Ballston's popular billiard hall and sports bar is closing
Mar. 22nd    Coca Cola to lay off 102 in San Diego
Mar. 22nd    Pie Five Pizza closes 8 Chicago Area Restaurants
Mar. 22nd    Andy Ricker’s Pok Pok LA Thai restaurant closing in Chinatown Los Angeles CA,amp.html
Mar. 23rd    JR’s Bratwurst El Paso Texas closing
Mar. 23rd    Double Comfort restaurant closing in Columbus Ohio
Mar. 24th    Darien Social Restaurant closing its doors
Mar. 25th    Bel-Loc Diner closing in Parkville MD
Mar. 27th    Kings Family Restaurants is closing several locations in western Pennsylvania
Mar. 27th    Jillian's Worcester location MA closing
Mar. 27th    Warehouse Market announced two of its locations in Green Country Okla.
Mar. 27th    Parke's Place restaurant in Preston CT closing
Mar. 29th    Baoery Asian Gastropub closing in Orlando FL
Mar. 29th    Food Wise Discount Grocery, located closing on Porterfield Highway in Abingdon Va.
Mar. 29th    Winn-Dixie supermarket closing on South Orange Blossom Trail Orlando FL
Mar. 29th    Leo & Jimmy's Delicatessen to close in Willington DE
Mar. 30th    The Shack Restaurant closing in Clinton IL

Mar. 1st    China to cut 500,000 steel and coal jobs this year
Mar. 1st    NY Teamsters Pension becomes 1st to run out of money
Mar. 2nd    Fargo-based Vanity - to close 140 Stores in 27 States
Mar. 2nd    St. Therese's Chapel closing at Bergen Town Center mall
Mar. 3rd    Charter Communications 4 Fl. Locations to lay off 129
Mar. 3rd    Abercrombie & Fitch closing 60 Stores
Mar 4th        Mercedes Recalling 300,000 Cars due to Fire Hazard
Mar. 6th    ESPN - Layoffs are Coming
Mar. 6th    General Motors laying off 1,100 workers at Michigan plant
Mar. 7th    Federal Cartridge to lay off 110
Mar. 7th    Eden Detention Center to lay off 470
Mar. 7th    Wilson Trucking Corporation in Fishersville Va. to lay off 100
Mar. 7th    Conde Nast to lay off 100
Mar. 8th    Inteva Products Adrian Michigan to lay off 200
Mar. 8th    Warren Distributing South Jersey to lay off 128
Mar. 8th    Remington Arms in Ilion to lay off 120
Mar. 9th    Vera Bradley Inc. closing up to 15 Stores over 2 years
Mar. 9th    Buckhorn plant in Bluffton, 100 Jobs Lost
Mar. 15th    An Increasing Number have stopped paying their Car Loans
Mar. 15th    14% of Community College Students are Homeless
Mar. 15th    Sungevity to lay off 350
Mar. 16th    GoPro to lay off 270
Mar. 17th     CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Co. to lay off up to 250
Mar. 17th     Bon-Ton Stores Inc. closing up to 6 Stores
Mar. 21st    Electricity company Dayton Power & Light shutting down two coal-fired power plants in southern Ohio next year
Mar. 22nd    Enbridge to lay off 1,000 in Houston and Canada
Mar. 22nd    Two more Marsh stores will be closing in Indianapolis
Mar. 23rd    ManpowerGroup in Milwaukee to lay off 150
Mar. 23rd    North State Aviation permanently closes facility at Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem - 345 Layoffs
Mar. 24th    United Services Children St. Charles County nonprofit to lay off 135
Mar. 24th    Alorica will close its Topeka call center on May 26 - 300 Jobs Lost
Mar. 27th    Reebok Outlet in Queensbury NY

                                                              GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY

What better way to lull the people into a sense of security and complacency than to orchestrate an economic recovery that seems to rain down currency upon our heads. Some may wonder: what will it take to make these people happy? If the economy is booming, shouldn’t we all be satisfied?” All things must be considered. If the economy is recovering, but we still haven’t learned how to treat our neighbors as ourselves, making sure that everyone’s needs are truly met, then it is only a matter of time before our recovery leads into further enslavement of the populous. Below we see a snapshot of the March recovery: 

Mar. 1st    Guaranteed Rate to add 280 Chicago jobs to support expected lending growth
Mar. 1st    Pratt Industries adding 400 jobs to Triad facility
Mar. 1st    Dow surges more than 300 points, tops 21,000 for first time ever
Mar. 2nd    Accolade Inc to add 250 jobs in Plymouth Meeting
Mar. 2nd    The Nature's Bounty Co. in Suffolk Country to add 157 jobs
Mar. 2nd    Home Depot adding 80,000 Seasonal jobs
Mar. 2nd    Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Inc PA to add 350 jobs
Mar. 2nd    2nd Watch Inc expects to add 100 jobs
Mar. 3rd    Academy Sports to open in late spring, add 100 jobs to area
Mar. 3rd    Japan-based auto supplier plans to bring 200 jobs to Anderson
Mar. 3rd     Alaska Airlines expects to Hire 2,300 in 2017
Mar. 6th    Greek PM Tsipras: economy improving & poised for exceptional high growth rates
Mar. 6th    Fry's seeks to hire 1,000 in AZ
Mar. 6th    7 Companies Hiring Thousands of NJ Workers
Mar. 6th    CareSource fill 200 new jobs at Cobb headquarters Vinings
Mar. 6th    Oscar Health hiring 150 in Tempe
Mar. 6th    TSS Technologies adding 150 new jobs
Mar. 6th    UCX MedFlight Projects to Add 300 Jobs in 2 Years
Mar. 6th    Exxon's Plan to Create 45,000 Jobs
Mar. 6th    AT&T will bring 3,000 Outsourced Jobs back to US
Mar. 7th    Chico Malo hiring 125 for new Mexican restaurant in downtown Phoenix; job fair March 9-12
Mar. 7th    Digi-Key in Thief River Falls MN to generate 1,000 jobs
Mar. 7th    Gartner, Inc. to create 600 new jobs in Lee County
Mar. 7th    Starwood Theme Parks Idaho hiring1,200 employees
Mar. 8th    Optima Health Norfolk brings 200 jobs to Norfolk VA
Mar. 8th    US Private Sector created 298k jobs vs 190k est.: ADP
Mar. 8th    Apotex plan 150 new jobs
Mar. 9th    Faurecia Clean Mobility will hire 144
Mar. 9th    Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants hiring 200
Mar. 9th    BMW supplier Gestamp North America to add 130 jobs in union
Mar. 9th    Lady's Island Wal-Mart to hire 200
Mar. 9th    NYC Citywide Ferry Service preparing to hire 200 workers
Mar. 9th    Mass Markets to hire 100 agents in Dakota Dunes in wake of Alorica shutdown
Mar. 9th    Stonewood Grill & Tavern at former Vince Carter’s in Daytona now hiring
Mar. 10th    Zimbabwe revises upward growth forecast to 3.7 pct
Mar. 10th    US jobs market shows solid gains in February,120982?print=1
Mar. 10th    Canadian PM eyes stronger economy plus environmental protection
Mar. 10th    Next Level apparel to add 75-100 new jobs
Mar. 10th    CaptureRx’s New Headquarters in SA’s Tech District to Add 200 Jobs
Mar. 10th    Sysnet Global Solutions to create 500 jobs opens in DeKalb
Mar. 12th    Rock Connections to add 500 workers this year
Mar. 13th    Two Men and a Truck  Lansing Area to hire 200
Mar. 13th    GC Services in Huntington hire 150
Mar. 13th    Crawford & Company bringing 500 new jobs to Peachtree Corners
Mar. 13th    Only one State, Alaska lost jobs in January
Mar. 13th    200+ Jobs at Tampa International Airport Job Fair
Mar. 13th    Maryland adds 6,700 Jobs in January
Mar. 13th    Lowes in Albuquerque to add 500 jobs
Mar. 15th    GM to add 220 Michigan jobs, retain 680
Mar. 15th    Wawa hiring 5,000 new employees this spring
Mar. 15th    Philly School District PA to hire 1,000 Teachers
Mar. 15th    GE Healthcare to add 170 Wisconsin jobs
Mar. 16th    Michigan's Adventure Michigan to hire 1,200
Mar. 17th    Spot Freight Inc. to hire 260
Mar. 17th    IBM to hire 2,000 Veterans
Mar. 17th    Wal-Mart Va. Beach Location to hire 300
Mar. 18th    Pratt Industries ready to open Beloit plant, adding 140 jobs
Mar. 18th    NTK Precision Axle Corp. To Add 200 Jobs In Indiana
Mar. 19th    The Point industrial park in South Point adding150 jobs
Mar. 19th    The Springfield-Greene County Park Board adding 400 jobs
Mar. 20th    Harry and David Hebron Call Center to hire 100
Mar. 21st    Dave & Buster Alpharetta GA to hire 250
Mar. 21st    STARTEK in Myrtle Beach hiring 330
Mar. 21st    Verizon hiring 120 in Virginia , Maryland
Mar. 21st    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to hire 600
Mar. 22nd    Typhoon Texas Houston to add 1,200 Jobs
Mar. 22nd    Delaware North at Niagara Fall State Park to add 175 jobs
Mar. 22nd    Kroger to build north-side Fort Wayne store, add 300 jobs
Mar. 23rd    Buffalo Niagara Area NY adds 7,000 Jobs in Feb.

Mar. 24th    Colt Manufacturing Co. hiring 100 jobs
Mar. 24th    Charter Communications to hire 20,000
Mar. 25th    UPS Arlington Dist. Center will add 1,000 Jobs
Mar. 25th    Lippert Components Manufacturing Inc. adding 140 Jobs
Mar. 25th    Revision Military plans to add 100 jobs
Mar. 25th    Grand Hotel Marriott in Point Clear adding 100 jobs
Mar. 25th    Huntsville AL - Hiring Event Tuesday, 4,000 Jobs
Mar. 27th    UPS Arlington Dist. Center - +1,000
Mar. 27th    Dominion plans to hire 200 in Jasper County VA
Mar. 27th    Colt Manufacturing Co. adding 100 jobs
Mar. 27th    Charter Communications to hire 20,000 workers over 4 years
Mar. 27th    Revision Military plans to add 100 jobs
Mar. 27th    Buffalo Niagara Area NY adds 7,000 Jobs in Feb.
Mar. 28th     Dave Buster Hiring 250 in Downtown New Orleans
Mar. 28th     Akoustis Technologies add 200 jobs in N. Carolina
Mar. 29th    Sprouts in Denver Metro Area hiring 100
Mar. 29th    Express Script in Whitestown Indiana to add 160 employees
Mar. 29th    Amazon in Frederick County Virginia hiring 1,000
Mar. 29th    Tesla's Fremont Plant May add 3,000 jobs
Mar. 29th    Las Vegas Metro PD Plans to add 600 Officers
Mar. 30th    88% of Florida Construction Firms looking to Hire
Mar. 30th    Toledo Molding & Die adding 250 to 400 new jobs
Mar. 30th    Cedar Point Ohio adding 5,000 Seasonal Positions

                                                               GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

By now we can probably detect that every part of our lives is interrelated. We do not live in isolated cells separated by the names and functions that we assign to them. If our environment is polluted, and our health is ailing, and our economy is failing, it stands to reason that unrest will manifest itself in other areas as well. It is easy to see that there is global unrest. However, if we are paying attention to these forecasts, we will be preparing for unrest to progressively get worse. Below we see such unrest on the global scene.

Mar. 2nd    Sen. Rubio booted from Florida office building over rowdy protests
Mar. 5th    Pro-Trump rally in Berkeley turns violent as protesters clash with the president’s supporters
Mar. 8th    International Women's Day draws strikes, protests, arrests
Mar. 10th    Native Americans Bring Dakota Pipeline Protest To Trump's Doorstep
Mar. 10th    Strike paralyzes Berlin air traffic, over 600 flights cancelled
Mar. 10th    2 die in demonstrations over former S. Korean president’s impeachment
Mar. 11th    Italy riot cops curb violence at protest of anti-immigrant leader
Mar. 12th    Police clash with protesters over deadly raid in Ramallah, Palestine
Mar. 15th    Fireworks fly at anti-police brutality demonstration in Montreal, Canada
Mar. 26th    Hundreds arrested as anti-corruption protests sweep Russia
Mar. 26th    Pro-Trump rally in Calif. turns violent
Mar. 27th    Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny jailed for 15 days over protests
Mar. 30th    Tear gas, bottles fly as Paris police & anti-brutality protesters clash for 3rd night

Mar. 1st    Taliban Fighters Kill 12 Police Officers At Afghan Checkpoint
Mar. 7th    New bomb threats made against Jewish centers across U.S., Canada
Mar. 8th    Over 30 killed as gunmen dressed as medics attack Afghan military hospital
Mar. 10th    Axe attacker wounds nine in German train station rampage
Mar. 10th    Second attack in Germany hours after nine wounded in axe assault                                                           
Mar. 10th    Somali bandits kill 5 in northern Kenya
Mar. 11th    Twin bombings kill 46 in Old City of Damascus
Mar. 11th    German police shut large shopping mall over fears of attack
Mar. 13th    Several killed, others injured after suicide bombing targets mini-bus in Afghan capital Kabul
Mar. 13th    Palestinian attacker killed by Israeli police in Jerusalem
Mar. 13th    2 civilians, 2 soldiers killed in attack blamed jihadists in northern Mali
Mar. 15th    Four suicide bombers kill 2 in northeast Nigeria’s Maiduguri
Mar. 15th    At least 25 killed in Damascus suicide blasts at courthouse, restaurant
Mar. 16th    Letter bomb explodes at France office of IMF, injuring 1
Mar. 18th    Paris Orly Airport: Attacker: "I'm here to die in the name of Allah
Mar. 20th    23 people killed, dozens injured in car bomb explosion in Bagdad
Mar. 21st    Heightened Risk Of Terrorist Attack Against Aviation in Turkey
Mar. 21st    Heightened Risk Of Terrorist Attack Against Aviation in Tunisia
Mar. 21st    Heightened Risk Of Terrorist Attack Against Aviation in Egypt
Mar. 21st    Heightened Risk Of Terrorist Attack Against Aviation in Lebanon
Mar. 21st    Heightened Risk Of Terrorist Attack Against Aviation in Jordan
Mar. 22nd    Four dead, at least 20 injured in London attack
Mar. 22nd    Suspected terror bid foiled at Lahore airport, Pakistan
Mar. 23rd    Belgian police arrest man trying to drive into crowd in Antwerp
Mar. 24th    Suicide attack foiled at India's Dhaka international airport, bomber killed

Mar. 19th    Louisiana sheriff's deputy shot, killed while on-duty
Mar. 27th    Police Officer Shot, Killed At Tecumseh Traffic Stop In Oklahoma

Mar. 2nd    Sweden reintroduces conscription as tensions rise over Russia
Mar. 4th    Malaysia expels North Korea ambassador over Kim murder
Mar. 6th     North Korea fires 4 ballistic missiles into ocean
Mar. 8th    China Warns US, North Korea Heading for Collision
Mar. 8th    Mexico cancels Sugar Export Permits to US in Trade Dispute
Mar. 9th    Israel moves to mute mosques' call to prayer over loudspeakers
Mar. 7th    North Korea, Malaysia ban each other's citizens from leaving
Mar. 12th    Tensions rising between Turkey, Netherlands before Dutch elections
Mar. 13th    Japan plans to send largest warship to S. China Sea
Mar. 13th    Scottish leader seeks new independence referendum
Mar. 14th    U.K. Parliament Gives Theresa May Permission to Start Brexit
Mar. 14th    Turkey suspends high level diplomatic ties with Netherlands
Mar. 14th    Turkey’s Erdogan calls Germany, Netherlands ‘bandit states’
Mar. 15th    Ethiopian officials say S. Sudan gunmen kill 28, kidnap 43
Mar. 16th    China vows response to any threats as reports say japan will deploy warship to S. China Sea
Mar. 16th    Yemeni forces down Saudi helicopter in Hudaydah province
Mar. 17th    Syrian army says it shot down Israeli jet
Mar. 19th    Israel threatens to 'destroy' Syrian air defense systems
Mar. 19th    White House Meeting with Trump was Catastrophic for Merkel
Mar. 20th    Merkel: Berlin can ban Turkey campaign events inside Germany
Mar. 21st    North Korea Threatens US With "First-Strike" Nuclear ICBM
Mar. 24th    Venezuelan troops briefly invaded Colombia this week
Mar. 26th    Iran sanctions 15 U.S. firms, citing human rights abuses and Israel ties
Mar. 26th    Point-blank killing of senior Hamas operative deepens tensions between Israel, Gaza
Mar. 27th    German state minister accuses Turkey of 'intolerable' spying
Mar. 30th     Israel approves first West Bank settlement in two decades

Mar. 1st    Migrant children face abuse, abduction and detention on route from Africa to Europe, report says
Mar. 1st    Gunfire at speech by French President Francois Hollande leaves two injured
Mar. 2nd    Muslim Teen Hanged: FBI Investigates Possible Lynching In Seattle
Mar. 3rd    Two inmates killed in Nebraska prison riot
Mar. 4th    Trump supporters gather for rallies across US, intend to show unity
Mar. 6th     Tens of Thousands Join Exodus From Mosul as Iraq Renews Offensive
Mar. 16th    At least three injured in French school shooting, one arrested
Mar. 19th    Three US troops wounded after Afghan soldier opens fire
Mar. 19th    Clashes in Syria's capital after surprise rebel assault
Mar. 20th    10 killed in latest Kenya drought clash
Mar. 20th    Assad: Oscar-feted White Helmets are part of Al-Qaeda
Mar. 26th    15 people shot, 1 killed at Cincinnati nightclub
Mar. 29th    Erratic and aggressive driver in custody after striking police vehicle near US Capitol
Mar. 30th    Chicago violence: 7 killed in one neighborhood in 12 hours
Mar. 30th    Ethiopia state of emergency extended by four months


March continued to feature scandals and investigations from some of our top leaders, and global power players, as there are arrests, resignations and even deaths as the unseen war continues. We turn our eyes to our nation’s leaders for direction, but in some of the following cases it might be better to look the other way. Look for arrests to ramp up as we go further into the Jubilee year. As for the children of Light, the gaze should be set on our Source to see the example of how those in power should behave. Truth, mercy, compassion, patience, kindness are just a few of the characteristics that we receive from that Spring of living waters. We’re willing to bet that if our leaders expressed the attributes of Yahweh our next section might not even have a place in this forecast; but because many don’t, following are the scandals reported in March:

Mar. 1st    French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon to be summoned for questioning over jobs scandal
Mar. 1st    7 Baltimore officers arrested, accused of robbing victims
Mar. 2nd    Marine Le Pen loses immunity from prosecution over IS images
Mar. 3rd    Marine Le Pen aide charged over alleged fake EU job
Mar. 3rd    France's Le Pen refused to be questioned by judges in EU jobs affair:
Mar. 3rd    Carter Page, Adviser Once Linked to Trump Campaign, Met With Russian Ambassador
Mar. 4th    Trump: Obama wiretapped Trump Tower in run-up to election
Mar. 4th    Singer and former Billboard publisher Tommy Page Dead of Apparent Suicide at 46
Mar. 6th    S. Korean prosecutor: Pres. Park Geun-hye colluded with confidante to receive bribes from Samsung
Mar. 6th    Retired Philippine police officer: Rodrigo Duterte linked to death squads when he was city mayor
Mar. 7th    Alabama lawmakers to discuss possible impeachment of Gov. Bentley
Mar. 10th    Marines nude photo scandal expands to all branches of military
Mar. 10th    Judge who asked woman why she couldn't keep knees together resigns
Mar. 10th    South Korea president Park Geun-hye ousted by court
Mar. 10th    AG Sessions asks remaining 46 US attorneys to resign
Mar. 10th    Ex-California mayor jailed, facing corruption charges
Mar. 11th    Preet Bharara Is Fired After Refusing to Step Down as U.S. Attorney
Mar. 11th    Roger Stone, Trump's Former Campaign Adviser, Had Contacts With Hacker
Mar. 13th    Ex-cop, confessed killer, ready to testify against Duterte Davao death squads
Mar. 14th    François Fillon placed under formal investigation over 'fake jobs'
Mar. 14th    Ex-Taiwan president Ma Ying-jeou indicted over secrets leak
Mar. 14th    Former child welfare official arrested in Guatemala after fire kill 40 girls
Mar. 14th    Bank of England newly appointed deputy resigns over conflict of interest allegation
Mar. 14th    Congo government: American and Swedish UN officials kidnapped
Mar. 14th    Navy admiral, 8 others charged with corruption in 'Fat Leonard' bribery case
Mar. 14th    ‘Never Trump’ Republicans join call for select committee to investigate Russia and Trump
Mar. 16th    Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca found guilty on obstruction of justice and other charges
Mar. 16th    Stayzilla CEO Arrested For Fraud, Founders Allege Foul Play
Mar. 16th    Trump adviser Flynn paid by multiple Russia-related entities, new records show
Mar. 16th    USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny resigns amid sexual abuse scandal
Mar. 17th    Japan PM Abe battles scandal on two fronts as questions swirl
Mar. 18th    Brazile admits she shared debate questions w Clinton Camp
Mar. 19th    Uber's president Jeff Jones resigns amid company turmoil
Mar. 20th    FBI director confirms agency investigation into possible Russian links with Trump team
Mar. 20th    UK Prime Minister Theresa May to trigger Brexit on March 29th
Mar. 20th    Philippine house speaker weighs impeaching VP for criticizing war on drugs
Mar. 20th    Abe School Scandal Set For Major Escalation After Donation Receipt Emerges
Mar. 22nd    Le Pen visits Russia weeks before French presidential vote
Mar. 22nd    AP: Ex-Trump campaign chair secretly tried to benefit Putin in the past
Mar. 23rd    Ex-Russian Lawmaker Who Fled to Ukraine Is Shot and Killed
Mar. 24th     Argentine Ex-President Faces Trial in $3.5 Billion Fraud Case
Mar. 26th    Trump TV surrogate Boris Epshteyn leaving White House
Mar. 26th    Ted Poe resigns, first casualty for House Freedom Caucus after health care meltdown
Mar. 27th    South Korean court to hold hearing on Thursday on arrest warrant for former president
Mar. 27th    US Senate panel to question Trump’s son in law on meeting with Russia
Mar. 27th    United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) official goes missing in South Africa
Mar. 29th    Former Congressman Steve Stockman, aide indicted on federal corruption charges
Mar. 29th    All DNC employees asked to submit their resignations
Mar. 29th    Former Christie Ally Bill Baroni Sentenced To 2 Years for Bridgegate
Mar. 29th    Ex-Tianjin police chief Wu Changshun pleads guilty to massive graft
Mar. 29th    Candace Claiborne State Dept employee charged for collaborating with Chinese intelligence
Mar. 30th    Senior White House Aide Katie Walsh Steps Down
Mar. 30th    South Korean ex-president Park arrested
Mar. 31st    Justice Department Files Formal Charges Against The Clinton Foundation!


Mar. 2nd    Fed. Agents Searching Caterpillar Offices in Illinois
Mar. 8th    65% of Docs are getting cash "kickbacks" from Big Pharma
Mar. 8th    Caterpillar Is Accused in Report to Federal Investigators of Tax Fraud
Mar. 10th    VW pleads guilty to criminal charges for emissions cheating
Mar. 14th    Monsanto loses cancer label lawsuit, accused of ghostwriting study
Mar. 16th    NovaStar, Banks Agree to $165 Million Subprime Mortgage Settlement
Mar. 27th    Nordstrom to lay off 106
Mar. 28th    Amgen Inc in Thousand Oaks - 500 Layoffs/Relocated
Mar. 28th    Finish Line closing 20 Stores, 10 Location in Alabama
Mar. 29th    Ford recalls 570K vehicles for fire risk, door latch trouble
Mar. 29th    Blackrock Inc to cut jobs
Mar. 29th    Brexit begins: UK triggers Article 50 to begin EU divorce
Mar. 29th    U.S. Senator Launches Probe Into 5 Top Opioid Drug Makers
Mar. 29th    Wells Fargo agrees to $110 million settlement over fake accounts
Mar. 30th    Drug-Lab Scandal May Overturn 23,000 Convictions
Mar. 30th    Mike Pence breaks a tie vote to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood
Mar. 30th    Toyota recalls nearly 3 million vehicles globally over airbags

                                              DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

Transportation mishaps continued to plague us in March. If we are paying attention we can see anomalies in Manchester, UK and the Straits of Gibraltar. This is due to disruptions in our planet’s magnetosphere which is now causing problems with our electronic controlled mechanical equipment. On March 1st we saw a huge fire, as a bus went up in flames while in operation in the middle of Manchester Street. The same day there was a van explosion under Manchester Airport's Runway.  Ships are also becoming more vulnerable one lost power on the 3rd and three more lost power on the 20th. There was also another train derailment in NJ this month. These problems will increase in frequency before the whole earth is struck. Below we see evidence that the problem is steadily increasing:
Mar. 8th    Airplane Engine Bursts into Flames after Making Emergency Landing, Singapore
Mar. 14th    Plane Catches Fire on Runway
Mar. 18th    Southwest flight from Sky Harbor, Arizona makes emergency landing due to pressure loss
Mar. 21st    Cockpit of aircraft caught fire at the Clarence E. Page Municipal Airport, OK
Mar. 27th    Cathay Dragon flight makes emergency landing after smoke alarm triggered, Hong Kong
Mar. 27th    Hawaiian Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Kahului, due to smell of smoke in cabin
Mar. 28th    NC Air National Guard C-130 makes emergency landing in Charlotte after fire indication light went off
Mar. 29th    Peruvian Airlines plane bursts into flames midair and skids off the runway
Mar. 29th    Plane makes emergency landing at Hyannis airport, Massachusetts after smoke fills cockpit
Mar. 31st    Plane catches fire as it was taxiing at Addison Airport, Texas

Mar. 2nd    Airplane found on side of road after losing power west of the Oskaloosa Airport, Iowa
Mar. 4th    Two men extremely lucky to be alive after emergency landing due to lost of power
Mar. 4th    Plane makes emergency landing at Hendersonville, NC country club due to engine trouble
Mar. 5th    Single-engine plane makes successful emergency landing after apparent engine failure
Mar. 6th    Light plane makes emergency landing at New Zealand’s Tauranga airport after problems with landing gear.
Mar. 6th    Product Tanker Chrisopigi Lady Disabled after Engine Failure in Gibraltar Strait
Mar. 7th    Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing at San Jose International Airport due to landing gear issues
Mar. 7th    Аir Astana investigates engine problem that caused plane's emergency landing in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Mar. 8th    Aeroplane makes safe emergency landing after an engine failed on plane
Mar. 8th    Emergency landing at India's Vijayawada airport after the plane developed a technical snag
Mar. 9th    Small Plane Crash Lands in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe after developing mechanical issues
Mar. 10th    Single-engine plane lands without front landing gear in Woods Cross, Utah
Mar. 12th     Emirates A380 airliner from Manchester forced to diver due to landing gear malfunction
Mar. 12th    Distressed plane lands at Gulfport airport, Mississippi due to loss of flight control
Mar. 15th    IAF helicopter crashes due to a technical snag in Uttarakhand, India, no casualties
Mar. 15th    IAF Chopper Topples While Making Emergency Landing Near Allahabad, India Due to Technical Issues
Mar. 16th    UK's Stansted Airport emergency landing due to technical issue
Mar. 16th    2 uninjured in crash landing in Willcox pecan orchard, Arizona due to engine failure
Mar. 18th    Ethiopian plane makes emergency landing in Lahore, Pakistan due to passenger brawl during flight
Mar. 18th    Cougar helicopter with landing gear issue makes emergency landing at St. John’s airport, Canada
Mar. 19th    Flight from Stanstead makes emergency landing in Amsterdam after cabin depressurized
Mar. 21st    Small plane lands hard on belly at MacArthur Airport, NY, landing gear collapsed
Mar. 21st    Pilot injured after plane experienced engine trouble and crash in Hekpoort, S. Africa
Mar 23rd    Safe after landing gear issue scare at YLW, Canada
Mar 23rd    Rex plane in emergency landing following a reported engine failure
Mar 23rd    IAF chopper makes an emergency landing in Telangana, India due to technical snag
Mar. 23rd    Pilot describes York County, PA emergency landing, due to loss of power
Mar. 24th    Nebraska Flight makes emergency landing at Eppley after problem with landing gear
Mar. 24th    SAS Boeing 737 flight makes emergency landing after engines stopped functioning
Mar. 24th    US Air Force plane makes emergency landing in Aceh Indonesia, after it developed an engine problem
Mar. 25th    Flight leaving Montreal forced to make emergency landing because of engine problems
Mar. 25th    Sharjah flight from Kathmandu makes emergency landing in Lucknow, India due to engine trouble
Mar. 27th    Kazakh football team's plane makes emergency landing in Yerevan, Armenia, due to landing gear malfunction
Mar. 28th    Pilots escape injury after forced landing due to landing-gear malfunctioned, Australia
Mar. 29th    Plane makes emergency landing northeast of airport in Baton Rouge, LA, due to oil pressure issues
Mar. 29th    Engine Problems Force Plane To Use I-75 in Florida To Land
Mar. 30th    Small plane makes successful emergency landing at Daytona Beach. FL due to landing gear issues
Mar. 31st    Plane makes emergency landing at Atlanta airport after reporting possible nose gear problems

Mar. 1st    Nevada's Carson airport closed after crash of small plane
Mar. 1st    Light aircraft crash in Midrand, 3 seriously injured, S. Africa
Mar. 1st    Small plane crashes at Albert Whitted Airport, Florida
Mar. 2nd    A cargo plane has crash landed at the Exuma airport, Bahamas
Mar. 4th    Plane crash reported in southern Turkey
Mar. 4th    No survivors in plane crash in Duette, Florida, wildfire ignited by impact
Mar. 4th    Police Identify Pilot Killed In Cherokee County, Georgia Plane Crash
Mar. 4th    Pilot dies in light plane crash in Tasmania's north-west, Australia
Mar. 5th    Minor injuries reported in Argyle, New York plane crash
Mar. 5th    3 killed in helicopter crash in central Japan
Mar. 6th    1 dead in plane crash near Nome, Alaska
Mar. 6th    Pilot dead, three injured after Medanta air ambulance crash-lands in Thailand
Mar. 6th    Moody Air Force Base Reports Plane Crash in Clinch County, Georgia
Mar. 8th    Plane crashes near Abbeville Airport, may be military aircraft
Mar. 8th    Pilot killed when small plane crashes in Apex airfield, N. Carolina
Mar. 9th    Plane crashes into woods near Robbinsville Airport, NJ
Mar. 11th    Pilot dead after plane crashes following landing at Oakdale Airport, California
Mar. 12th    Pilot Safe After Peter O Knight Plane Crash, Florida
Mar. 12th    Two men taken to hospital after helicopter crash near Carlingford, Ireland
Mar. 14th    Three confirmed dead after plane crashes during training flight in New Mexico
Mar. 14th    Search on for crew of rescue helicopter down off Irish coast
Mar. 14th    Pilot dies following helicopter crash in White County
Mar. 15th    Fighter plane crashes in Barmer, India, three villagers injured
Mar. 17th    One dead and another seriously as planes collide near Montreal, Canada
Mar. 17th    Two people on board airplane unhurt after crash in Mosby, Missouri
Mar. 18th    A pilot crashed his plane in California and walked off uninjured
Mar. 18th    Chopper crash survivors to be airlifted to Brisbane, Australia
Mar. 19th    Light plane crash near Bunbury Airport, Australia
Mar. 20th    Dozens feared dead after plane crashes in South Sudan
Mar. 20th    Plane crash at Wau airport, Sudan
Mar. 24th    1 dies following plane crash south of Union City, Oklahoma
Mar. 24th    1 dead after plane crashes into house in Cobb County, Georgia
Mar. 24th    Helicopter crashes in Reading as witnesses describe aircraft plummeting from sky, UK
Mar. 25th    Airplane crash reported in Blount County, Alabama
Mar. 26th    Ukraine's Military Copter Crashes in Donbass Killing at Least Five People
Mar. 27th    Man dies after light aircraft crashes into field, Ireland
Mar. 27th    Training flight crash-landed at CJI Airport, India
Mar. 27th    Plane crash kills 6 in Vumba, Zimbabwe
Mar. 27th    Fatal helicopter crash near Reefton, New Zealand
Mar. 28th    Plane crashes in woods near Dadeville in Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Mar. 28th    2 dead in Madison-bound plane crash, Mississippi
Mar. 29th    Operation Dignity’s MIG21 crashes into house in east Libya
Mar. 29th    2 hurt when small plane crashes at FWA, Indiana for an unknown reason
Mar. 30th    Two survive after plane crashes in sea at Shoreham, UK

Mar. 9th    Furious 66-year-old passenger removed from flight over reaction to blanket's price

Mar. 2nd    Small plane makes emergency landing in McPherson County, Kansas
Mar. 8th    A Royal New Zealand Air Force helicopter has made an emergency landing
Mar. 17th    Police Eagle helicopter makes emergency landing due to unusual vibrations, New Zealand
Mar. 17th    Passenger plane forced to land at Birmingham Airport, UK for undisclosed reasons
Mar. 17th    A plane was forced to emergency land in field near Ellesmere, UK
Mar. 23rd    Rural community in Ohio finds entertainment in Army chopper's emergency landing in field

Mar. 1st    Huge Fire as Bus goes up in Flames in middle of Manchester Street
Mar. 1st    Van Explosion under Manchester Airport's Runway causes Terror and Travel Chaos as Planes are Diverted
Mar. 3rd    General Cargo Ship Langeoog Disabled in Gibraltar
Mar. 20th    General Cargo Ship Riga lost Propulsion Power in English Canal
Mar. 20th    Freighter Lady Alida in Trouble off Gwennap Head, UK
Mar. 20th    13 rescued, 3 missing after oil tanker catches fire off China’s eastern coast
Mar. 24th    Amtrak derailment: Train sideswiped NJ Transit train at NY

Mar. 22nd    Private jet caught after superjumbo flipped to back, ROLL and plunging 10,000 ft before miracle recovery.
Mar. 29th    Plane makes emergency landing at Hyannis airport, Massachusetts after smoke fills cockpit

Spring is a time for renewal. What was old, can be made new. This is the perfect time to put off our old separate self-mentality and embrace a spirit that will lead us to unity. The conclusion of the whole matter is to reverence Yahweh by turning entirely away from evil (Eccl. 12:13-14). Many of us don’t start off deciding to behave in an ill-mannered way, but fall prey to evil tendencies because of errant behavior. It is such behavior that has led us to see: environmental distress, disease epidemics, economic unrest, social unrest, scandals, and the like. We have been led astray by highly initiated people who seek to control the world. They have taught us that evil is good and that good is evil, that righteousness is wrong and doing wrong is righteous. They are not able to rule over us unless they are able to control the will of the masses, which they have been allowed to do to date. However, we are awakening. It is not too late to make the necessary changes to effect a positive change. By diligently seeking the face of our Source, by learning and practicing the way of truth, with a clear conscience we will become instruments of light by which this world may be renewed. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” tell your friends and family, and join us next month as we bring you headlines from April 2017.