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                                    2017 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE MAY 2017


                                                                                   MAY 31, 2017
Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me."

Showing the dirt on the face of humanity is not necessarily an easy task. One doesn’t always make friends that way. The above mentioned scripture in Ezekiel plainly shows the seriousness of just such a task. To see trouble coming and remain silent is to take great responsibility in the punishment that is unleashed. That is not a responsibility that we wish to assume. We do not claim to be the ultimate authority on the events we post; we merely see the reports and then share with our audience what we have found. It is up to each individual to decide what to do, if anything, with the information they read. Hopefully, for those who are inclined to believe the prophecies written in the holy books they will search their scriptures, as well as the headlines, to see if things are adding up in such a way that making preparations would be a sound idea.
As we venture toward the end of this jubilee year we are likely to see fear increase as violence and anger heats up for the upcoming summer. Our sense of security may very well be threatened in a much greater way. With the invisible war, which is the root of all the earth’s conflicts today, we need to prepare for more staged and controlled terror attacks by angry individuals, some controlled against their very will through Project MKUltra. Those who have held the earth captive for centuries have just about lost their grip of control and they are acting out of desperation. Donald Trump is in the middle of the whirlwind and will be hard pressed to survive it. However, truth will prevail on many fronts during and after the rough ride that we, as a planet, have begun to embark on. 
As we review the following highlighted areas, see how they may affect us, our loved ones, our community, our nation, and our world. Then we can search the holy writings on active ways that we may be able to make a change. We’d like to share a quote with you: “Think and act with determination as if what you intend to do makes a constructive difference. It does.” The Following, is our ever present list of topics that we have asked our readers to keep a close eye on:

  • Donald Trump doesn’t make it through a full term of his presidency
  • We continue to see an increase in the amount of record natural disasters
  • We see a dramatic rise in sea levels
  • Great scandals continue to cause great men and women to step down. Some may even get arrested
  • Terror strikes around the globe continue for a while
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry for a while
  • Increases in diseases continue, and “cures” are touted to be found to eradicate them
  • Disruptions in travel continue
  • Food shortages spread, before there is a so-called solution
  • Global financial unrest leads to a global currency reset
  • There is an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.”
In our next section we see scores of cattle, birds, fish, and other wildlife struggling to exist in an environment that has been thrown out of balance. We wonder, if we as humans understand the magnitude of how this loss of life impacts us all. Friends, if the beasts of the field, and birds of the heavens, and fish of the sea die off, eventually it will be our turn as well.
We can return to the wisdom and knowledge of our Source to practice truth, compassion, and mercy. We can change our minds from deception and selfish ambitions, to a mindset that looks out for the well-being of all. It starts with a single thought by a single individual and grows to a collective consciousness of many. We can start with thoughts of love and care for our environment and our animal companions that live within it. Reading the next section we will see that there is not a moment to waste. To “have dominion over” does not mean to rule over, but rather to work creatively with, as a species that houses greater consciousness. Let us determine to learn and practice the life giving principles of Our Creator so that all the inhabitants upon the land may reap the benefits. (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                             ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 

May 1st    Thousands of dead fish found in the waters of Dunkerque, France
May 1st    Mass die off of fish along 3km of river in Quang Nam, Vietnam
May 1st    100 tons of fish die in lake Kunashak in Russia.
May 2nd   Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Bengaluru, India
May 3rd  Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Navesink River in New Jersey, America

May 4th   Hundreds of migratory birds found dead in Galveston, Texas, America
May 4th    10,000 cattle dead due to 'rare spring snow storm' in Colorado, America
May 6th     18,000 cattle dead after flash flooding in Samburu, Kenya
May 6th     Hundreds of leopard sharks washing up dead in San Francisco Bay, America
May 8th      2,200 reindeer to be killed due to disease in Nordfjella, Norway
May 9th      Large die off of fish in a lake in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada
May 9th     6 dead dolphins have washed up along the coast of Alagoas, Brazil
May 10th     Thousands of dead fish appear in the waters of Chaguaramas, Trinidad
May 11th      Thousands of fish dead in a lake in Polk County, Florida, Wales
May 11th       'Mega-swarm' of jellyfish wash up, 'never seen this big before', on beaches in Wales
May 11th     Thousands of animals and birds dead due to a storm in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
May 12th      400 cattle have died due to drought in Campeche, Mexico
May 14th     Massive die off of clams, fish, oysters and shrimp in Kien Giang Province, Dead clams in Vietnam
May 14th    Unknown disease kills 25 cattle in Thanchi, Bangladesh
May 16th     Thousands of dead sardines wash up on the coast of Muscat, Oman
May 16th     103 dead dolphins washed up along Black Sea coast since April, in Russia
May 18th     Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Kondalampatti, India
May 18th      Die off of sea birds along the coast of Florida, America
May 19th      Thousands of chickens, ducks die as bird flu hits DRC
May 19th     Dozens of dead sea birds found washed up on a beach in San Pedro de la Paz, Chile
May 21st      Tens of thousands of fish die 'suddenly' in Guangxi, China
May 21st      50,000 cattle dead due to flooding in Corrientes, Argentina
May 22nd     3 dead whales have washed ashore in East Anglia, England
May 25th       US beekeepers lost 33 percent of bees in 2016-17
May 25th       5,000+ dead fish found in a river in Sabana de Torres, Colombia
May 25th       Hundreds, maybe thousands, of dead fish found in a river in Jinotega Nicaragua
May 29th        Thousands of lobsters are dying in Phu Yen Province, Vietnam
May 30th        Large numbers of dead sardines found 'due to red tide' in port El Agallito, Panama
May 30th         18,000 dead fish found in a river in Friborg, France
May 31st       20,000 Chickens Die From Bird Flu Outbreak In China
May 31st       12,000 birds dead due to avian flu in Ituri, Congo
May 31st      20,000 Chickens killed due to bird flu in Shaanxi, China
May 31st     Large amounts of dead fish washing ashore in La Brea, Trinidad and Tobago
May 31st      Tens of thousands of fish are dying in lakes in Hyderabad, India
May 31st     Hundreds of dead sea birds and sea lions washing up on beaches in California, America

                                                EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Isaiah 13:11-13“I will bring disaster on the world, and their own iniquity, on the wicked. I will put an end to the pride of the arrogant and humiliate the insolence of tyrants. I will make man scarcer than gold and mankind more rare than the pure gold of Ophir. Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will shake from its foundations at the wrath of YHWH on the day of His burning anger.” 
In the above scripture the prophet Isayah wrote that YHWH would put an end to the pride of the arrogant by making the heavens tremble and the earth shake from its foundation. In the following headlines we see many places across the globe where the earth is shaking, cracking, and causing massive destruction. How about this? What if each person set his or her own mind to end the pride and arrogance that lives within himself, or herself? What if each one decided to end the iniquity and wickedness in their thoughts and actions? What if we all chose to humble ourselves to our Source of life by showing love through patience, compassion, mercy, selflessness, and kindness one to another? Would there be any reason for us to attract the corrective measures of our Source? We think not. As you read the next section featuring earthshaking events over a magnitude 5.5, think about how the attitudes we display today may turn our very lives upside tomorrow. 
In May 2017 the USGS recorded 10,589 earthquakes. Eight hundred and two were a magnitude 4.0 or above. Not all the following 35 made the mainstream news this month; however, they did register above a magnitude 5.5:


May 1st     Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits WNW of Skagway, Alaska
May 1st     Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits WNW of Skagway, Alaska
May 1st     Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits WNW of Skagway, Alaska
May 2nd     Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits Ascension Island region
May 3rd     Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits NNW of Karakenja, Tajikistan
May 5th       Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits NNW of Karakenja, Taji
May 6th       Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits Scotia Sea
May 8th       Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits SSW of Adak, Alaska
May 8th       Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits SSW of Adak, Alaska
May 8th       Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits WSW of Tanaga Volcano, Alaska
May 9th       Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits ESE of Hirara, Japan
May 9th       Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits SSW of Adak, Alaska
May 9th       Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Hits NE of Port-Olry, Vanuatu
May 10th       Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits SW of Tanaga Volcano, Alaska
May 10th       Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Hits ENE of Visokoi Island, S. Georgia and the S. Sandwich Islands
May 11th       Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits ENE of Visokoi Island, S. Georgia and the S. Sandwich Islands
May 11th       Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits E of Visokoi Island, S. Georgia and the S. Sandwich Islands
May 11th       Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits E of Visokoi Island, S. Georgia and the S. Sandwich Islands
May 12th       Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits NE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
May 12th Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits SSW of Acajutla, El Salvador
May 13th Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits N of Bojnurd, Iran
May 14th Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits ESE of Iquique, Chile
May 15th Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits SSE of Naze, Japan
May 15th Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits S of Namatanai, Papua New Guinea
May 16th Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits SE of Inarajan Village, Guam
May 20th Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits S of Loay, Philippines
May 20th Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits SSW of San Patricio, Mexico
May 20th Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits NW of Cintalapa de Figueroa, Mexico
May 22nd Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits E of Shikotan, Russia
May 24th Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits E of Malili, Indonesia
May 24th Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits N of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
May 24th Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits ESE of Nikolski, Alaska
May 28th Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Hits E of Adak, Alaska
May 29th Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Hits WNW of Kasiguncu, Indonesia
May 29th Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits ENE of Los Angeles, Chile
May 30th Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits NNE of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands

                                                      OTHER EARTH SHAKING EVENTS

Following, we read of other earthshaking events in the form of explosions, avalanches, sinkholes, landslides, and volcano eruptions. These events have devastated the lives of our neighbors around the world. Something is happening on our planet, and if we can remain still in mind for just a moment, we will begin to feel that something is wrong. We can all do our part in taking small conscious and thoughtful steps in making it right, first with ourselves and then others will react to our energy. If nothing else, after reading this section start by offering an earnest prayer for the lives lost or maimed, this would be an indication that the collective consciousness of humanity can unite regardless of time and space. What do we have to lose, but our very humanity? The following are just a few earth shaking events that took place in May:
May 4th Death toll rises to 35 in Iran coal mine explosion
May 9th Avalanche in French Alps leaves 3 dead
May 10th Emergency alert after tunnel collapses at nuclear site in Washington State
May 11th 24 Indian Wedding Guests Are Killed When Wall Collapses in Storm
May 17th 2 dead after tornadoes hit Oklahoma, Wisconsin
May 18th Mount St Helens is RECHARGING: Swarm of earthquakes detected
May 23rd Sinkhole in one? Mysterious pit appears outside Trump's Mar-a-Lago club
May 25th Landslide Threats and Rising Rivers Prompt Evacuations, Sri Lanka
May 25th Unrest continues at Piton de la Fournaise volcano, new inflation, eruption warning
May 29th Alaska Volcano Erupts Again; triggers highest aviation warning

                                                   NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES

It may not be Zeus hurling thunderbolts out of the sky; nor Poseidon swelling the waters till they engulf our streets and homes, but when you read the next section you will get a snapshot of how weather events are seemingly getting a bit out of hand. Much like Hollywood may illustrate angry gods throwing major tantrums. Events that take place outside of us appear to be out of our control. We surely don’t make the waters swell, or the winds mix houses, trees and debris indiscriminately to land in a crumpled pile of rubble. We do however, control our inner environment and how we choose to relate to those things outside ourselves. When we as a race learn how to temper our inner environment to move in equanimity regardless of conditions around us, we will each have our part in effecting the environment that appears to be outside of us also. Yes we can see a decrease in all of the following disasters:

May 2nd Deadly Floods in Magelang, Central Java Province, Indonesia
May 2nd 11 killed by storms and flooding in South and Midwest
May 4th Major Flooding in North Eastern Arkansas After Black River Levees Fail, USA
May 5th 100s Evacuate Floods in Quebec, Canada as More Heavy Rain Forecast
May 8th 4 Missing, 300 Evacuated After Floods and Mudslides in British Colombia, Canada
May 8th Thousands Evacuate Floods in Guangzhou, China
May 10th Deadly Floods in Mombasa After 235 mm of Rain, Thousands Displaced in Taveta, Kenya
May 12th Over 4,400 Homes Flooded in Quebec, Canada
May 15th Deaths and Evacuations After Floods in Atacama and Coquimbo, Chile
May 16th Floods Affect 6 Provinces Leaving 4 Dead and 1,600 Displaced, China
May 16th Hundreds Evacuated, 1 Feared Dead After Floods in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
May 17th Homes Destroyed, 7 Dead After Floods and Landslides in Sulawesi, Borneo and Sumatra, Indonesia
May 19th Homes and Infrastructure Damaged After Floods in Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic
May 19th Evacuations After Floods in Northern Provinces, Thailand
May 20th Floods wreak havoc on roads, prompt water rescues in central US
May 20th Severe weather creates havoc across Germany
May 22nd Flooding Prompts Emergency Rescues in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee
May 22nd Houses Destroyed After Severe Floods Hit Two Regions, Guyana
May 22nd Deadly Floods in Sukhothai Province, Thailand
May 23rd Hundreds Affected by Floods in Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia
May 26th At least 91 dead, over 100 missing as floods and landslides besiege Sri Lanka
May 26th Missouri Governor Requests Federal Disaster Declaration for Historic Flooding
May 28th Over 40 Houses Destroyed by Ishim River Floods in Tyumen, Russia
May 30th Death toll rises to 16 from powerful thunderstorm in Moscow
May 30th At least 3 dead, destroys thousands of homes as tropical storm Mora makes landfall in Bangladesh
May 30th 7 Dead, Thousands Displaced After Floods and Landslides in North East Brazil
May 31st Sri Lanka Battles to Get Relief to Stranded Flood-Hit Villages

                                               ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Deuteronomy 28: 58-62 says: “If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you. Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
Reading the above passage it would be easy to conclude that when people do not obey the laws written in the Holy Scriptures they exact the wrath of an angry god who dishes out punishments like greasy fast food orders. What we may fail to understand is that it is our own defiance to universal principles, which are relatively set, that disrupts the spiritual equilibrium and causes negative reactions to manifest in our surroundings. The following news headlines show an environment in distress. A curse (corrective measure) causeless does not come (Proverbs 26:2). So let’s take a look at the curses (corrective measures) and consider how our behavior may have contributed to the causes.

May 2nd 'Significant change' in Antarctic ice shelf could lead to formation of iceberg the size of Rhode Island
May 4th Beijing cancels, delays flights as sandstorm creates hazardous air
May 4th Death toll rises to 35 in Iran coal mine explosion
May 9th Avalanche in French Alps leaves 3 dead
May 10th Emergency alert after tunnel collapses at nuclear site in Washington State
May 11th Dakota Access Pipeline Confirms Fears, Leaks 84 Gallons Of Oil On Sacred Land
May 16th Azure Organic Farm in Oregon about to be forcibly mass poisoned with glyphosate by the county government
May 17th Massive swarm of bees descends on rush hour traffic in London
May 17th Tense moments at Kelowna airport, Canada after small fire discovered
May 19th Moss is turning Antarctica's icy landscape green
May 19th Deadly Flash Floods Set to Worsen Poverty and Hunger in Kenya, Experts Say
May 25th Landslide Threats and Rising Rivers Prompt Evacuations, Sri Lanka
May 30th US coral reefs on course to disappear within decades
May 31st Climate Change and Flooding Threaten 4.2 Million People on Caribbean and Pacific Islands

May 1st H1N1 influenza on rise in Kerala, India
May 1st Caution against outbreak of dengue, H1N1 in Kozhikode, India
May 2nd More die as mysterious illness spreads to Liberia capital
May 2nd 18-month-old becomes Mumbai's first swine flu casualty in two years
May 2nd More die as severe Lassa fever outbreak grips Nigeria,
May 2nd Central China reports one H7N9 death
May 3rd Plague reported in Boulder County, Colorado cat
May 3rd Dengue fever on the rise in Peru
May 4th Cholera outbreak kills many in Somalia since January
May 5th Cholera outbreak hits Yemeni capital
May 5th Mystery disease kills at least 13 people in Liberia
May 5th Zika Virus Affects 400 Pregnant Women in Ecuador 
May 7th Cholera Outbreak is Affecting 13 of Somalia's 18 Regions
May 7th Three People Die of Cholera in Yemen
May 8th China Reports 24 More H7N9 Avian Flu Cases, 9 Fatal
May 8th Over 1,600 cholera cases detected in Yemen
May 9th Minnesota experiencing worst measles outbreak in nearly 30 years
May 9th 34 dead, 2,000 sick with suspected cholera in Yemen,-2,000-sick-with-suspected-cholera-in-Yemen-WHO
May 9th Cholera epidemic claims a girl in Siraha, Nepal
May 10th Swine Flu Claimed 185 Lives In Maharashtra, India This Year
May 11th Study finds painkillers can raise heart attack risk quickly
May 11th 6 people hospitalized following outbreak of Anthrax in Thika, Kenya
May 11th 62 deaths in Kerala in four months Kerala, India
May 11th Chikungunya cases soar in Kedah, Malaysia
May 12th Hepatitis C infections tripled in five years
May 12th WHO declares Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo
May 12th Swine flu claims fourth victim in Alipore, India
May 14th Ebola kills 3 in DRC, WHO says; scores more linked to deaths
May 14th 115 dead as Yemen cholera outbreak spreads
May 16th Spike in malaria cases in Ahmedabad, India
May 16th Monkey fever claims 11 lives in Maharashtra, India
May 16th Rare superbug strain found in Houston
May 16th At least 20 new Cholera cases in Sudan's White Nile
May 16th Swine flu claims second life in Mumbai, India
May 16th 4 confirmed swine flu deaths in India’s capital this year
May 17th 2 more succumb to swine flu, eight critical in Pune, India
May 17th UCC Hospital records 3rd suspected cholera case
May 17th Dengue claims another life in New Caledonia
May 19th WHO reports nearly 23,500 cases, 242 deaths in Yemen in 3 weeks
May 19th Cholera kills 1 in Vihiga, Kenya as toll rises to 4
May 19th Suspected Ebola cases in Congo rise
May 21st 315 dead as cholera outbreak continues in Yemen
May 22nd Dengue fever kills two in Rakhine State, Myanmar
May 24th Cholera outbreak kills four, 146 cases reported in Kenya
May 24th Angola and Tanzania are bearing the brunt in current cholera outbreak with 20 and 15 deaths respectively
May 24th More Than 20 Die Of Cholera In Tonj State
May 25th Dengue kills 12-year-old, Philippines
May 26th Death rate from Alzheimer's disease in the US has risen by 55%, says CDC
May 26th Dengue claims girl in Karnataka girls hostel inmates blame warden, India
May 27th Swine Flu Claims 221 Lives In Maharashtra, India Since January
May 27th Thailand reports 19 dengue-related deaths to date
May 28th 3 die from swine flu in Rajasthan, India
May 28th Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever kills 1 in Iran
May 28th Cholera kills 248 in Khartoum, South Sudan
May 29th At least 473 Yemenis have succumbed to cholera this month rises
May 30th Dog flu in Florida: Health officials confirm 7 cases of potentially deadly virus
May 30th Health office records dengue deaths
May 30th Outbreak of dengue deaths rise in Peru in 2017
May 30th 20,000 Chickens Die From Bird Flu Outbreak In China
May 31st Cholera cases rise by 10,000 in past 72 hrs in Yemen
May 31st Cholera outbreak kills 532 in Yemen

                                                                SIGNS OF THE TIMES 

Just as road signs direct the driver on how to travel down any given road, so do the signs in the earth and heavens guide us on our navigation through life. YHWH,in His magnificence placed all sorts of signs within the heavens, the earth, and within our very bodies. However, we must learn to see, hear, and read them. If we become still and observant, He will reveal to us how to order our steps to find safety underneath the canopy of His wings. We must become still so that we will hear. To ignore the signs is to risk being swept away in a torrent of destructive life lessons. The next couple of sections may be signs well worth paying attention to.

May 3rd Bizarre Double Sunset looks just like the Scene over Luke Skywalker's Home in Star Wars
May 20th Confirmed by NASA: Planet Nibiru is Heading towards Earth and Will End all Life
May 25th In Speech, Senator by RR Announces Planet Collision with Earth

May 25th Obama era NSA admits years of illegal searches on Citizens

May 5th Scientists claim breakthrough by 3D printing human cartilage
May 22nd Robots could wipe out another 6 million retail jobs
May 25th The World's First Robot Police Officer Just Debuted in Dubai
May 25th Google's AlphaGo clinches series win over Chinese Go master
May 25th Hackers Hide Computer Viruses In Film Subtitles

May 11th Parked BMW's bursting into Flames
May 12th Global cyber-attack: NHS services among victims – live updates
May 15th Tens of thousands of Chinese companies & institutions paralyzed by global cyber attack
May 16th Outage Hits Starbucks Stores in US and Canada
May 16th Fire breaks out at Changi Airport Terminal 2 departure hall
May 16th Fire at Mumbai, India domestic terminal, four engines on the spot
May 20th Airport briefly evacuated after control-tower fire, Missouri

May 6th Minnesota town to install first public Satanic Temple monument in US
May 9th Indonesian capital’s first Christian governor sentenced to two years in prison for blasphemy against Islam
May 16th Chechnya accused of 'gay genocide' in ICC filing
May 17th Indonesian court sentences gay couple to public caning
May 19th Bangladesh police arrest 27 youths in gay crackdown
May 22nd Alipay launches cashless services in more than 2,000 Malaysian 7-Eleven stores
May 22nd Over 100 arrested in raid on Jakarta gay sauna in Indonesia
May 23rd Two Men Were Publicly Caned For Having Gay Sex In Indonesia
May 24th New England Patriots announce they will sponsor LGBT 'Gay Bowl'
May 24th Taiwan becomes first country in Asia to recognize same-sex marriage
May 24th President Trump and Pope Francis meet at the Vatican

                                                         GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

When people feel like their security is threatened they may either want to run away from the situation, or fight for what they think is at stake. Often, in this society, we equate our stability and security with our financial status. If this was the case it would stand to reason that if our finances are at risk, so are we. In reality, this could not be farther from the truth. It is our Source who is our security and stability. In Psalm 91:1-2 we read: The one who lives under the protection of the Most High dwells in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to YHWH, My refuge and my fortress, My Father, in whom I trust. The dark powers around and about us want to keep us in the dark as to where the Almighty dwell and where our true power lies. They have set up an elaborate illusion that money is our source of strength, and sadly, many have fallen for it - hook, line, and sinker. In doing so, when this false god crumbles and falls, our sense of security crumbles with it. Then we truly have desperate people, communities, states, and nations ready to do whatever it takes to regain the strength of this god. This anxiety feeds the dark forces, and in stress and warring we unknowingly sacrifice our children and ourselves (on so many levels). In the next section we see unrest in the financial sector which undoubtedly leads to unrest in the minds of any affected by these conditions, those who have not yet truly made the Almighty their refuge, in which they trust.

May 2nd Venezuela Hyperinflation Approaching 2000% as Economic Collapse Escalates!
May 2nd Chester PA expecting more police layoffs
May 3rd Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health to lay off 650 Positions
May 4th Veterans Affairs considering closing 1,100 facilities
May 5th Global Collapse: Children Are Literally Starving To Death In Venezuela And Yemen
May 5th Puerto Rico to close 184 public schools amid crisis
May 10th Postal Service, Citing Losses, Seek Higher Stamp Prices
May 6th Yemenis face ‘Life & Death Choice’ of Treating Sick Children or feeding Healthy Ones
May 6th Puerto Ricans Face ‘Sacrifice Everywhere’ on an Insolvent Island
May 18th Greek austerity bill may result in belt tightening for retirees
May 18th Mississippi Forestry Commission to lay off 75
May 30th UN aid chief warn of total social-economic and institutional collapse in Yeman

May 1st Penns Grove to lay off 53 school aids
May 2nd Wright State University - 170 Layoffs Possible
May 2nd The University of Wyoming - Expecting Layoffs
May 2nd Our Lady of Assumption Catholic School closing in El Paso Texas
May 4th Lakewood school district to lay off 140
May 5th North Hills Catholic school consolidation to lay off 36 in May
May 5th Eastern Gateway Community College closing in Warren Ohio
May 6th Education Management Corp Pittsburgh HQ to lay off up to 75
May 9th The Santa Fe University of Art and Design to lay off 15
May 10th Warwick Public Schools RI may have 31 possible layoffs
May 10th Lakewood High School in Lakewood, New Jersey to lay off 130
May 11th Brockton School Department Handing Out 344 Layoff Notices
May 11th The Immaculate Conception School closing in Ithaca NY
May 13th Colonial School District in New Castle Del receive 134 notices
May 13th Anchorage School District Alaska to lay off up to 200
May 13th Baltimore City Public Schools proposes up to 300 layoffs
May 13th The Camden School District NJ to lay off 100+
May 16th Paterson public school district NJ gets 85 layoff notices
May 16th Jefferson County Public Schools KY gets 142 layoff notices
May 16th University of Missouri-Columbia Cutting 400 Positions
May 16th University of Wyoming to lay off 27 in IT
May 20th Wright State University to lay off 178
May 22nd Livingston Parish School LA Layoffs Possible
May 23rd Lincoln University in Jefferson City MO to lay off 48
May 23rd Anchorage School District hands out 220 pink Slips
May 23rd Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Birmingham AL Possibly Closing
May 24th Warren Wilson College to lay off 20 Positions
May 25th Imagine School closing at Evening Rose
May 26th Creighton University to cut 60 positions
May 30th 10 NJ Schools Districts that may layoff next year
May 30th Saint John’s Episcopal School closing in Chula Vista CA 
May 30th Imagine School at Evening Rose closing in Tallahassee FL
May 30th The Quaker Memorial Preschool closing in Lynchburg VA
May 31st Northeastern Illinois University to lay off 180

May 3rd Stringfellow Memorial Hospital to lay off 19
May 4th Stamford Health to lay off 20
May 4th KentuckyOne Health layoffs now hit Doctors
May 4th Longmont United Hospital is closing its Centura Health Physician Group Primary Care
May 9th Molina Healthcare of New Mexico to lay off 81
May 9th St. Mary's General Hospital in Passaic to lay off 20
May 11th Surgical Specialty Hospital, to lay off 14
May 16th Woodland Heights Medical Center to lay off 6
May 19th South Shore Health System to lay off 27
May 19th Planned Parenthood to close four Iowa health centers: Quad Cities, Burlington, Keokuk, and Sioux City
May 24th Southeast Alabama Medical Center - Layoffs
May 24th Harrington HealthCare is closing its birthing center
May 25th Lehigh Valley Hospital-Hazleton Report Layoffs
May 25th Southeast Alabama Medical Center to lay off 80
May 25th Invacare to lay off 50
May 26th University of Miami Hospital layoffs amid restructuring
May 31st St. Louis University School of Medicine to lay off 21
May 31st New York Hospitals Brace for Pink Slips
May 17th Pacific Pulmonary Services to lay off 170

May 5th Investors Group (International) to lay off 80
May 7th Guaranty Bank closing 107 Branches
May 12th Home Capital its Future is Uncertain amid run on Deposits
May 13th Wells Fargo closing 450 Branches by 2019
May 16th Huntington Bancshares Inc. to lay off 129
May 23rd LeEco Global Holding to lay off 400

May 1st Russell Stover Chocolates store closing in Utica Square Tulsa Ok.
May 3rd Kellogg to lay off total of 278
May 5th The Kmart store close at 950 Ridge Road in Webster, NY
May 5th Ford to lay off 130 in Ohio
May 5th State Farm closing 11 facilities
May 6th Keurig Green Mountain Coffee plant closing in Monterey County, 200 Jobs Lost
May 8th Kelloggs Co. to lay off 200 Twin-Cities Workers
May 9th Kmart store closing at 1801 Hydraulic Road in Charlottesville VA
May 12th Hyundai and Kia Will Recall 240,000 Vehicles After Whistleblower Complaint
May 12th Fiat Chrysler to recall one million Ram trucks to fix deadly software error
May 15th Sears closing several more stores than it said it would
May 16th Ford to lay off 20,000 in N. American / Asia
May 16th Ford to lay off Roughly 10% of Global Workforce
May 17th Dick's Sporting Goods to lay off 100 mostly from Corp HQ
May 17th Ford to lay off 1,400 through early retirement/separation
May 17th Ford considers thousands of Salaried Buyouts
May 17th LA Fitness closing Hyde Park Village location
May 17th Cisco to lay off 1,100,100-more-jobs.html
May 17th Kellogg Co. will permanently close a distribution center in Weston to lay off 246
May 18th GM will cut operations in India, South Africa
May 19th Carrier layoffs to start in July
May 19th Kellogg's Florida to lay off 246
May 19th Xerox in Webster to lay off 177
May 20th Sears quietly closing 30 more stores
May 21st Kellogg's Kansas City to lay off 185
May 22nd Kmart will close its Street Road store in Lower Southampton PA
May 26th Banana Republic closing at the Walden Galleria in Cheektowaga NY
May 30th Kellogg Co. to lay off 483 in Charlotte, Greensboro
May 30th Target to lay off 40 at Corporate HQ
May 30th Payless plans to lay off 400+ Store closing in the coming weeks
May 30th Kellogg to close Houston Distribution Center
May 30th Procter & Gamble closing Brockville, Ont. plant International
May 31st New York Times - Offers buyouts to Newsroom Editors
May 31st Cisco Systems in San Jose to lay off 250
May 31st Caterpillar set to begin closing Morganton plant in July

May 1st Italy's National Carrier Alitalia files for bankruptcy
May 2nd Mesa Oil files for bankruptcy
May 2nd Dutch Girl Brewery MI files for bankruptcy
May 3rd Puerto Rico files biggest US Municipal Bankruptcy
May 4th Central Grocers files for bankruptcy
May 7th Nice Car Inc. files for bankruptcy
May 9th Illinois Star Center Mall files for bankruptcy
May 10th Campbellton-Graceville Hospital files for bankruptcy
May 11th Marsh Supermarkets files for bankruptcy
May 11th Panda Temple Power files for bankruptcy
May 14th Katy Industries files for bankruptcy
May 14th Tidewater Inc. files for bankruptcy
May 15th Rue21 files for bankruptcy
May 15th Bleacher Creatures files for bankruptcy
May 16th SoyNut Butter files for bankruptcy
May 16th Mountain Creek Resort, Inc. files for bankruptcy
May 16th GulfMark Offshore Inc. files for bankruptcy
May 19th Breitburn Energy Partners files for bankruptcy
May 22nd Auburn Armature files for bankruptcy
May 24th Delaware Sports Complex LLC files for bankruptcy
May 25th 21st Century Oncology Inc. files for bankruptcy
May 29th Pittsburgh Athletic Association files for bankruptcy

May 1st 4 & 20 Bakery & Cafe in 305 N 4th St, Madison, WI
May 1st Schaller's Pump bar at 3714 S. Halsted St. Chicago IL
May 1st Masa restaurant closing in Mercato
May 2nd The Bi-Lo grocery on S.C. 160 in Fort Mill SC
May 2nd Amazing Grains closing in Downtown Grand Forks ND
May 2nd Donna's Italian Restaurant closing in Troy NY
May 2nd The Taco Truck announced the closing of the Princeton, Morristown and King of Prussia locations NJ
May 9th The Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar closing in Rancho Mirage
May 10th El Palacio Mexican Restaurant closing in Huntsville AL
May 10th Marsh Hometown market Supermarket May Close
May 10th Molina’s Midway Restaurant closing in Tucson AZ
May 10th The Scarlet Rabbit eatery closing in Round Rock TX
May 10th Winn-Dixie closing 2 Store in Florida and Georgia
May 11th Marsh Supermarkets files for bankruptcy
May 12th The Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant close on N. Main Street Ashland Ore.
May 12th The Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese will close its Egg Harbor store WI
May 12th JL Beers close location in downtown St. Cloud Minn.
May 13th Hotch Restaurant, closing location at 813 E. Kenilworth Pl. Milwaukee WI
May 14th Coffee Corner close in Montpelier VT
May 16th St. John Knits International to lay off 130
May 16th Ingram Micro Mobility in Fort Worth to lay off 140
May 16th Turley's Kitchen closing in Boulder, CO
May 16th Schiller’s Liquor Bar closing in NY, NY
May 17th Henderson's Restaurant, located at 11885 Highway 36 in Covington, GA
May 19th Butterball will close its Gusto meatpacking plant in Montgomery
May 19th LongBranch restaurant closing in Indianapolis Indiana
May 20th Julian restaurant closing at 6227 Brookside Plaza Kansas City, MO
May 24th Ashby Food Pantry is closing
May 24th Pick 'n Save supermarket closing in Shawano, WI
May 24th The Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market closing in Boulder, CO
May 24th Pizza Patrol closing in eastern Sioux Falls, SD
May 25th The Egg Platter Diner closing in Paterson, NJ
May 26th Hannaford Supermarkets’ closing its Hudson store
May 27th Heichelbech's Restaurant and Bar closing in Jasper, IN.
May 27th Annabel Lee Tavern in Baltimore, MD closing
May 27th San Francisco’s Meal-delivery service Sprig shuts down
May 29th Little Pete’s In Center City Serves Final Meals After 4 Decades
May 31st The Eagle Family Foods Group plans to close its plant in Seneca, Mo.
May 31st Delectables Restaurant & Catering closing in Tucson, AZ
May 31st Busalacchi’s A Modo Mio Restaurant closing in San Diego, CA
May 31st Cost Plus World Market closing in San Diego, CA.
May 31st Four Lafayette restaurants have announced their decision to close

May 3rd Gander Mountain closing up to 160 Stores could close
May 5th Express Stores closing all its 17 Canadian Stores
May 7th G&K Services closing Minnetonka headquarters to lay off 232
May 9th Standard Life plans to lay off 800
May 9th Nippon Sharyon to lay off 110
May 9th Celadon Trucking Services is closing its Nash County facility - 127 Layoffs
May 9th World Wide Technology to lay off 156
May 9th Parexel closing up to 1,200 Worldwide
May 9th Schuylkill Mall closes in Frackville, PA
May 10th SureID to lay off up to 160
May 10th Davis Vision to close Plainview Facility, NY to lay off 151 Layoffs
May 11th BT to shed 4,000 jobs in new overhaul
May 12th Convergys call center to lay off 160
May 13th Highmark to lay off 118
May 13th First Transit to lay off 538
May 16th St. John Knits International to lay off 130
May 16th Ingram Micro Mobility in Fort Worth to lay off 140
May 17th Anabella Hotel in Anaheim to lay off 120
May 17th Dick's Sporting Goods to lay off 100 mostly from Corp HQ
May 19th Southwest Key Programs announces 100 + layoffs
May 19th Alamac American Knits is shutting down its Lumberton facility - 154 Job Lost
May 20th 44% of Adults have less than $400 in Cash
May 27th LSC Communications to close Virginia Book Printing Plant - 140 layoffs
May 27th Yellow Cab Company of Cleveland closing
May 31st Continental Structural Plastics of Huntington, Ind to lay off 164
May 31st Michael Kors closing up to 125 stores as sales plummet

                                                        GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY

What better way to lull people back into a false sense of security, than by creating it? In this next section we see the promise of a global recovery. If the conditions of financial unrest we read about in the last section left people feeling a bit shaky about the god in whom we trust, then this next section may reinstate their faith as we see a global economy which seems to be making a comeback. The question to consider is this: is the god in whom we trust one in the same as the only Source of power who emanates throughout the universe? 
The global economic recovery is being set up and it will fully take effect after some level of economic stress. We mentioned in the last forecast, that the engineers of this created matrix that we experience as reality, will use a purported global economic recovery plan to continue to herd and control the minds of the people. Below we see the continued manipulation of their elaborate plan:
May 1st Riskalyze to hire 120
May 1st Sheetz in Maryland to hire more than 200 workers
May 1st Allegion to expand in Carmel to add 125 High Paying Jobs
May 1st BAE Systems adding 530 new jobs
May 1st Apple plan $1B into creating US Manufacturing Jobs
May 2nd   Kohl's San Antonio Operations Center hiring 100
May 2nd   Universal Orlando hiring 2,000
May 2nd   Webstaurant Store in Durant hiring 160
May 2nd Caterpillar in Central Illinois hiring more than 200 positions
May 2nd Vology in FL to hire 200
May 2nd Sheetz to hire more than 3,000 new employees
May 2nd Infosys says it will create 10,000 US Jobs
May 3rd BorgWarner hiring 300
May 8th More than 700 New Jobs coming to Mesa
May 8th Roush in Troy Michigan to add 150 jobs
May 8th Aisin USA to add 250 new jobs
May 8th Sprint to open 105 Stores to add 550 jobs in Chicago Area
May 8th ArtsQuest hiring up to 300 Seasonal
May 9th Manufacturing Openings, Hires rise to Highest Level of the Recovery
May 9th US has 5.7 Million Job Openings, near Record High
May 9th Availity LLC adding 250 jobs
May 9th Humana Inc. in Phoenix hiring110 Telesales Positions
May 9th SCA Pharmaceuticals in Windsor adding 360 jobs
May 9th Itron to add 100 new jobs
May 9th HomeServe USA in Chattanooga to add 200 jobs
May 9th Taco Bell to add 50,000 workers
May 9th Credit Suisse to bring 1,000 jobs to Triangle
May 11th Aldi Inc. in Salisbury Warehouse to add 100 jobs
May 11th Dave & Buster's Myrtle Beach location hiring 300 new employees
May 11th 1,000 New Jobs to San Antonio TX
May 11th New Plano Toyota HQ expected to add 1,000 Jobs
May 11th Dick's Sporting Goods Miami-Dade, Broward hiring 365
May 11th Availity LLC to add 250 jobs
May 14th Amazon in Illinois hiring 2,000
May 15th Shipt hiring 750 in Ohio
May 15th Union Pacific to hire 100 people
May 15th Boeing hopes to add 2,000 Jobs if awarded Contract
May 15th Ralphs Grocery hiring 800
May 15th The del Lago Resort & Casino hiring 250 for Hotel / Spa 
May 16th AECOM plan to hire 3,000 workers
May 16th Amazon North Las Vegas hiring 500 employees
May 16th Anheuser-Busch will Invest $2 Billion in US
May 17th Dollar General Distribution Center hiring 500 people in GA
May 18th Jobless Claims Hit 44 Year Lows
May 18th James Hardie Building Products to create 200 Jobs in AL
May 19th Ford in Michigan adding 800 positions
May 20th SalesForce in Indiana adding 800 apprentices
May 20th IBM to move Thousands of Workers Back into the Office
May 21st AECOM to hire 3,000 workers
May 21st Amazon North Las Vegas hiring 500 employees
May 22nd Lockheed Martin in Orlando FL hiring 500 employees
May 22nd International Cruise & Excursions hiring 875
May 22nd Humana Inc. adding jobs 200 in Tampa Bay
May 22nd Alorica hiring 400 employees
May 24th JP Morgan Chase looking to hire 300 in Phoenix area
May 25th Knorr Brake Co. hiring 200 employees
May 26th State Farm in Tacoma / DuPont adding 100 workers
May 26th Wal-Mart in East Henrico Location Va. Hiring for 300 jobs
May 26th Moog Inc. in NY adds 200 jobs
May 29th Fulton County Sheriff's Office GA seeks to fill 120 positions
May 30th Amazon Houston Fulfillment Center hiring for 2,500 new jobs
May 30th Tiempo Development LLC hiring up to 300 employees
May 30th Wal-Mart Announces 1,579 Veteran Hires in New Mexico
May 30th Dow to bring silicones plant to Midland, hire 140
May 30th Aerotek Job Fair Sat. hiring 200 Position Volkswagen Plant in Chattanooga
May 30th DST Systems Inc - Plans to hire 415 in Kansas City

                                                               GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

Proverbs 22:24 Don’t make friends with an angry man, and don’t be a companion of a hot - tempered man , or you will learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare. We’re willing to bet that if many people followed the preceding proverb there would be a lot of friendless people around the globe, and here at home. This is not making light of the following headlines, because honestly, some of the issues are indeed quite serious. The point is this: riots, protests, arrests, attacks, and the like, do not come about because of a peaceful, long suffering, and tolerant attitude. The unrest that we will read about in this section is fueled by an underlying current of anger, fear, and desperation in some form, or fashion. We can expect to see an increase before it comes to an end.

May 1st Clashes erupt between protesters and police in central Paris
May 1st Police Declare Riot as Protesters set Fires in Downtown Portland
May 2nd Venezuelan Opposition Blocks Streets to Protest Maduro Power Shakeup
May 2nd Clashes Erupt Between Protesters and Police in Many Countries on International Workers' Day'-day
May 2nd Portland Police Arrest 25, Saying A May Day Rally Devolved Into 'Riot'
May 3rd Flames, Fatality at Venezuela Demo over leader's Crisis Maneuver
May 10th Myanmar police fires warning shots in Yangon to break up clash between Buddhist & Muslims
May 10th Protest in Jakarta after city’s governor convicted of Blasphemy & sentenced to 2 years
May 10th GOP Rep. Dave Brat faces rowdy crowd at town hall
May 17th Violent clashes between police and protesters at anti- austerity march in Athens
May 17th Bloody clash outside Turkish embassy in D.C. sends 9 to hospital
May 17th Greek in nation-wide strike, demand end to more austerity measures
May 21st AT&T Wireless Store Workers Begin Weekend Strike
May 21st Notre Dame students walk out on Mike Pence commencement speech
May 25th Beijing protests US Navy patrol through South China Sea

May 9th New arrest widens probe into right-wing extremism in German army
May 10th 18 injured in knife attack in northern China city of Changchun
May 17th UK police arrest 4 men in east London on suspicion of planning terror attacks
May 17th Six dead in ISIL attack on Jalalabad TV station
May 20th Dozens killed in wave of suicide car bomb attacks in Iraq
May 22nd Bangkok Hospital Bombing Wounds 24 on Anniversary of Thai Coup
May 23rd Suicide bombing kill 22, hurt 59 in UK Manchester attack
May 24th Suspected suicide bombs in Jakarta kills 3 policemen
May 24th 5 killed, 10 injured by twin suicide bombing in Jakarta bus station
May 25th Roadside bomb kills 5 Kenyan police officers near border with Somalia
May 26th Gunmen Attack Coptic Christian Convoy in Egypt, Killing at Least 28
May 26th Taliban Kill at Least 15 at Afghan Army Outpost in Kandahar
May 30th Teenage asylum-seeker arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning suicide attack
May 30th Bombings kill nearly 40 people across Baghdad
May 31st At least 90 killed after bomb rips through central Kabul

May 11th Arkansas police shooting: Suspect in custody after 3 dead, including officer
May 12th 4 shot dead at Ohio nursing home, including new police chief
May 25th Police shot dead by unknown militants in Egypt’s Sinai
May 27th Virginia State Police special agent dies in shooting
May 28th 8 dead, including deputy sheriff, after shootings in Mississippi

May 4th US intercepts Russian bombers and fighters near Alaska
May 12th Russian jet buzzes US Navy plane
May 19th Chinese fighter jets intercept U.S. radiation-sniffing plane
May 24th U.S. jets bomb pro-government Syria forces advancing on militant base
May 28th Angela Merkel warns US, Britain no longer reliable partners
May 28th North Korea fires Scud missile into Japanese waters in latest test
May 30th Italy backs Merkel call for stronger Europe in age of Trump

May 1st Chicago nearing 200 Homicides this Year
May 16th Oregon man apparently carried mother’s severed head into store before stabbing store employee
May 23rd Duterte declares martial law in southern Philippines
May 27th Man arrested after killing 2, injuring 1 on train in Oregon


Hebrews 13:17 Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account, so that they can do this with joy and not with grief, for that would be unprofitable for you. A very important part of that message is that our leaders are supposed to watch over our souls. This would mean that our leaders would lead in a manner which leads people closer to The Source of all souls. This is clearly not the case, and possibly why some powerful people in high places are finding themselves entangled in scandals and controversies. The time is up for those who are not their brother’s keeper and do not look out for the souls of others to be replaced by those who are willing to bear that very fruit. As we read on we see how some powerful people are being called to the task of accounting for their alleged wrongdoing, others are caught in the crossfire. 

May 1st Fox News Co-President Bill Shine resigns amid harassment scandals
May 2nd Mexico captures protégé, turned enemy, of drug lord Chapo Guzman
May 4th Duke of Edinburg, Prince Phillip, to retire from public engagements
May 5th Former mayor of Jinan in Shandong Province, China sentenced to 14 years for corruption
May 5th White House fires chief usher Angella Reid
May 5th Former congressman Anthony Weiner pleads guilty in teen 'sexting' case
May 6th Former Trump official charged with child human trafficking
May 9th Seattle Mayor Ed Murray ends re-election campaign amid sexual abuse allegations
May 9th Judge chastises former NH lawmaker Kyle Tasker as he pleads guilty to drug, gun charges
May 10th ESPN Legend Chris Berman's Wife Katherine Killed In Car Accident
May 10th US politicians call for special prosecutor after Trump fired FBI director leading Russia Probe
May 11th Michigan lawmaker dies of apparent suicide
May 11th FBI raids office of Republican consulting firm
May 11th Former Florida lawmaker Corrine Brown found guilty of fraud
May 11th Rev. Dr. William Barber II, Legendary Civil Rights Leader, Steps Down
May 12th Joseph Ponte, NYC jails commissioner resigns, mayor says
May 12th Former LA sheriff Lee Baca gets 3 years in prison in jail corruption case
May 12th Bomb kills 25 as it hits convoy of Pakistan Senate deputy
May 12th 2 experts resign from EPA posts to protest the agency’s science committee shake-up
May 13th L.A. Reid Leaves Epic Records accused of sexual harassment
May 15th Brad Grey, former Paramount chief, is dead at 59
May 16th Award-winning journalist killed in Mexico
May 17th US Democratic Representative makes Call in Congress for Trump's Impeachment
May 17th Burundi police arrest priest over rape accusations
May 17th Kenyan official killed in roadside blast in border region
May 18th Fox News founder Roger Ailes died of complications from fall
May 18th Chris Cornell: Soundgarden star dies of 'hanging by suicide'
May 18th Reema Lagoo, who played mother to top Bollywood actors, tragically dies at 59
May 19th Japan cabinet approves bill to allow Emperor Akihito to retire
May 19th Fox News fires Bob Beckel for racially insensitive remark
May 22nd Fields out at Ford; new CEO Hackett known for turnarounds
May 24th Advertisers begin to pull ads from Fox News' 'Hannity'
May 25th Jared Kushner is under FBI scrutiny, new report alleges
May 25th Greek ex-prime minister Lucas Papademos hurt as bomb explodes inside his car
May 26th Former Inner Mongolian Region senior political advisor executed for murder
May 30th Congressional Russia probe now includes Trump's personal lawyer
May 30th Mike Dubke, White House communications director, resigns
May 30th Former Panamanian Dictator And CIA Informant Manuel Noriega Dies
May 31st Scott Pelley to leave as anchor of ‘CBS Evening News’
May 31st ESPN laying off John Clayton, face of perhaps the best-ever 'SportsCenter' ad

                                                    DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

Let’s look back at a Psalm we read earlier in this forecast. Psalm 91:9 “Because you have made YHWH - my refuge, the Most High - your dwelling place, no harm will come to you; no plague will come near your tent. For He will give His angels orders concerning you, to protect you in all your ways.” If we take this scripture at its word - all your ways would seem to include travel as well. That’s not to say that if it’s your time to go and heaven opts to take you out through a travel related incident that you were somehow cursed. What we do consider is that if it is not our time to leave this realm, YHWH’s angels will protect us. Our relationship with our only true Source of power may make the difference between an emergency landing, and an all out catastrophic air event. We are seeing more and more disruptions in electrical grid and electronically controlled mechanism. It will get worse and the true reason for it will be seen before too long.

May 1st Plane From Chicago Makes Emergency Landing at DuPage Airport, Illinois due to smoke in the cockpit
May 1st Black Hawk helicopter makes emergency landing at Chili Country Club, NY as anti-icing system began sparking
May 11th Jersey-bound plane makes emergency landing after smoke detected in cockpit
May 15th Fire breaks out on EgyptAir plane while still at Cairo Airport
May 15th Air Force Orion in trouble as engine fire indication while taxiing at Whenuapai base, New Zealand
May 16th American Airlines flight returns due to smoke in cockpit, NY
May 19th Plane makes emergency landing at BIA following fire on board
May 19th Emergency landing for WestJet flight to Chicago from Calgary after crew detected electrical smell in cabin
May 19th Emergency landing at RDU N. Carolina due to strong electrical smell, 3 sent to hospital
May 20th Coast Guard helicopter makes emergency landing at Berkeley Marina after smell of smoke and autopilot system failed
May 20th Qantas flight from Los Angeles forced to land after engine caught fire
May 22nd         Bhubaneshwar flight returns to Mumbai, India airport due to suspected smoke in cockpit
May 22nd Passengers began feeling nauseous, 3 hospitalized after emergency landing in Florida
May 23rd Pilot forced to land after PIA flight's kitchen catches fire, Pakistan
May 23rd Newark, NJ airport reopens after United Airlines engine fire
May 24th Light aircraft lands safely at Hamilton Airport, NZ after indicators shows left engine had shut off due to a fire
May 24th Engine fire on plane at Centennial Airport, Colorado
May 30th EasyJet flight to Basel makes emergency landing at Thessaloniki airport, Greece due to smoke in cockpit

May 2nd Southwest flight makes emergency landing at KCI, Missouri due to flap malfunction
May 3rd Aircraft emergency ends in safe landing at University Park Airport, Pennsylvania due to rudder issues
May 3rd No injuries in plane's emergency landing at Claremont, NH airport due to landing gear issues
May 9th Plane makes emergency landing near UGA due to engine trouble
May 10th Small jet with engine failure lands at Manassas airport, Virginia
May 12th ANA 787 with engine problem makes emergency landing in Russia
May 13th Plane makes emergency landing on Muskogee highway, Oklahoma after engine failure
May 14th Air India flight makes emergency landing at Hyderabad airport after technical snag
May 17th British Airways flight forced to return after loud bang from engine, UK
May 18th Plane diverted to Louisville for mechanical reasons
May 21st Small plane makes emergency landing on Quebec highway due to mechanical troubles
May 27th Flight Makes Emergency Landing At Branson Airport, Missouri after losing air pressure
May 28th Plane declares mid-air emergency due to hydraulic issues before landing safely at Newcastle Airport
May 28th Chopper carrying Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani makes emergency landing due to engine trouble, India
May 29th Israeli Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Slovakia due to problems with oxygen supply
May 29th US chopper makes emergency landing in Logar due to technical fault

May 1st Eight dead in military plane crash in Colombia
May 1st Plane crash in Pine Coulee reservoir near Stavely, Canada leaves two unharmed
May 1st Pilot killed in Southwest Alaska plane crash
May 1st At Least 3 German Nationals Killed in Crash of Small Plane in Spain
May 2nd PAF fighter jet crashes near Jhang, Pakistan
May 2nd Small plane crashes onto busy Mukilteo road, Washington
May 2nd Light aircraft crashes at Caboolture Airport, Australia with two on board
May 2nd Helicopter crashes while fighting Marion County, Florida wildfire
May 2nd Helicopter crashes into Porirua Harbour, New Zealand, pilot rescued
May 2nd Small plane crashes near U.S. 169 and 175th in Olathe, Kansas due to engine failure
May 3rd Army’s Cheetah chopper crash lands in Ladakh, India
May 3rd One Dead in Colton Plane Crash, New York
May 4th Philippines AF pilot, crew killed in helicopter crash
May 4th Three reportedly dead in helicopter crash in Russia's Bashkortostan, Russia
May 5th Pilot dies in Clearwater, Florida plane crash
May 5th Marlow airfield helicopter crash leaves one man fighting for his life and two others injured, UK
May 5th 2 killed in West Virginia cargo plane crash
May 8th 61YO Lake City, Idaho man survives plane crash at airport
May 8th Two fatalities reported in plane crash at Lake Berryessa, California
May 8th Two people walk away from small plane crash outside Weatherford, Texas
May 8th Pilot rescued after plane crashes into Cedar Lake, Michigan
May 8th Pilot unharmed in plane crash, California
May 9th Plane crashes in ocean near Myrtle Beach State Park, S. Carolina
May 10th Single-engine plane crash lands at Wyoming airport, no injuries
May 10th Fatal plane crash in Klamath Falls, Oregon
May 10th Crash of police helicopter claims two lives, Slovakia
May 10th Two dead in helicopter crash in western Austria
May 10th 2 injured in plane crash near Mifflin County Airport in Reedsville, Pennsylvania
May 10th Boater Rescues Pilot After Crash into St. Mary's River, Michigan
May 10th Helicopter crashed into the sea in Bergen
May 12th 3 passengers okay after crash landing at Victoria, Canada airport due to landing gear failure
May 12th Man suffers injuries after plane engine shut off and crashed in Orangeville, Illinois
May 12th At least 1 killed in plane crash near Hopkinsville, Kentucky
May 13th 5 believed dead as small plane crashes and burns, Bosnia and Herzegovina
May 13th Plane crash-lands at Redding Airport, California after landing gear malfunction
May 14th Pilot Killed In Oxford County, Canada Plane Crash
May 14th Light aircraft crashes at Retford Gamston Airport
May 14th Stunt pilot is rushed to hospital after light plane crash-lands
May 15th Japan Reconnaissance Plane Crashes on Hokkaido Island
May 15th Plane crashes near New Jersey airport
May 15th Coast Guard Searching For Missing Plane
May 16th Police search for missing aircraft and pilot in Murwillumbah, Australia
May 16th Small Plane Crashes Near Eagles Nest Airport, NJ
May 19th Fatal plane crash outside Mexico City kills all on board
May 19th Single-engine plane crashes near runway at Carson City airport, Nevada
May 19th Two killed, two injured in Heilbron helicopter crash, S. Africa
May 21st Pilot killed in Ekurhuleni, S. Africa plane crash
May 21st Virginia State police investigating Catlett plane crash
May 21st Small plane crashes near Coeur d’Alene Airport, Idaho due to landing gear issues
May 21st Plane crashes in Colton, NY two passengers escape without injury
May 21st Helicopter crashes at Linden Airport, New Jersey
May 22nd Helicopter crash at Flying Cloud Airport, Minnesota

May 24th Plane crash south of Chetek, Wisconsin
May 25th Medical Helicopter Crashes Near New Castle Airport, Delaware
May 25th Two die in plane crash off Arran, Scotland
May 26th 3 hurt when small plane crash-lands near wash in El Monte California
May 26th One person hurt after small plane crashes in Concord, CA due to mechanical problems
May 26th No survivors after plane crash in field near Sheboygan County Memorial Airport, Wisconsin
May 26th Plane crashes on US-131 near Plainwell airport, Michigan
May 26th Pilot killed in small plane crash in Ukraine
May 27th 1 Dead In Cargo Plane Crash Near Mount Everest, Nepal
May 27th 70-Year-Old Pilot Hospitalized After Crash-Landing Small Plane In Macomb County, Michigan
May 27th 2 dead, 1 critical in plane crash near Haines, Alaska
May 27th Iconic Royal Navy jet crash-land, burst into flames at UK airfield
May 28th Small plane crashes in Lakeway, Texas neighborhood, no one hurt
May 28th Reports of a plane crash at the Mojave Airport, California
May 30th Russian military transport plane training flight crashes, 1 soldier killed, 5 injured
May 30th Colonel Gurung dead as Nepal Army plane overshoots runway in Bajura, Nepal
May 30th A plane carrying western officials crashes in Mogadishu, Somalia
May 30th Pilot walks away after crash west of Rogers Pass Summit, Canada
May 30th Three people killed in light plane crash in South Australia
May 30th Plane crash at Payette airport, Idaho
May 31st Plane crash-lands upside down at Boonville airport, Missouri due to engine failure
May 31st 13 soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Turkey

May 2nd Brawl on airplane as man yells ‘America’ on way out
May 25th Man arrested after trying to bite flight attendant, jumping off plane, N. Carolina
May 31st Malaysian Airlines plane turns back after cockpit entry bid in Australia

May 2nd Jet2 Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Schiphol, Netherlands
May 4th Plane plummets 18,000 ft. before making emergency landing, Greece
May 5th Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing at La Cumbre Country Club, California
May 16th Helicopter in emergency landing on Moreton Island, Australia
May 19th Plane makes emergency landing in Rowan County, N. Carolina
May 26th Helicopter used in rescue after light aircraft makes emergency landing
May 27th Mi-8 helicopter makes emergency landing on Chilov Island, Azerbaijan
May 29th Sri Lanka Air Force Mi-17 transport helicopter makes forced landing in Baddegama

May 4th Oklahoma fire crews remove riders on stuck roller coaster
May 19th Three people fall from Ferris wheel ride in Washington

May 8th Plane makes hard landing at North Las Vegas Airport due to landing gear collapse
May 10th Plane lands safely at Detroit Metro after reported nose gear issue
May 25th Plane with engine problems lands at Perth Airport, Australia
May 28th Light aircraft comes down in field in Apperknowle, UK
May 29th Two people escape death after plane plummeted into Irish forest
May 31st Flight Management System malfunctions at Islamabad Airport, Pakistan

As we close this May forecast we prepare for the summer ahead. We don’t know exactly what we have to look forward to, but we do believe by making ourselves ready in spirit, mind, and body we can be of some use to those who may come round and about us. Preparing in this manner entails taming the ego so that we may be used as instruments of our Heavenly Father. The ego sneaks up in many ways. We can tame this driver of our personality by replacing selfish thoughts, attitudes, and practices with those of loving-kindness. The task before humanity is to become like their Creator: long - suffering, patient, merciful, slow to anger, abounding in faithful love, forgiving wrongdoing, and the like. When we as a people determine to practice the attributes of these universal principles then we can all look forward to the days filled with LIGHT. 
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