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                                                  2017 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE

                                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2017
Isaiah 21:6
"For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees"
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me."

As we prepare for winter, reflecting back on our forecast update from March 2016, we stated that Great scandals would emerge that cause powerful men and women to step down from their positions. If no one have noticed, such scandals have exploded this month of November. This explosion of scandals is due to the unseen war that we have been writing about for more than a year now. It’s time to hold on to our seats and just observe as this plays out. The New Year is just around the corner and we will likely see major problems surfacing in governments globally in 2018 as this war creates a pivotal power shift from the United States and their allies to the Kings of the East (Russia & China)
Those who have been following the updates have been informed of the secret war. As we see the news events that have presented themselves thus far, this fall, once again we say: “it would be prudent to plan for challenging times ahead.” We don’t know if or when a crippling blow will take place, as we have the collective power to change the global situation. However, we are heading that way and fast. This year we have seen a greater increase in human anger manifesting in protests against authorities. We have seen unprecedented damage done by storms, and we have had thousands of quakes more than we had at this time last year. We can expect an increase in destructive earthquakes, and also in volcanic eruptions around the world as we move into a period of stronger earth changes. As the earth’s heartbeat increases we will continue to see great upheavals in people resisting their current governments and breakdown in regimes around the world. 
This is the time period after the final Jubilee of this age. We now enter the changeover period for the next seven years, as everything returns to its rightful state (Leviticus 25:13), however, not before a shift toward awakening, and not without resistance to your awakening. This will be a great time to boost the immune system as disease may very well be on the increase due to resistance against the awakening. The spiritual awakening of many is upon us along with that, there may very well arise spiritual leaders. Some will be false, who, being used by negative forces, unknowingly rise to confound the natural awakening of the planet. Remember that that which is not against the spirit that loves the brethren is not against his Source. Love does not create confusion and does no harm, therefore it does not fail.
During the changeover we will likely see the destruction of the current comfortable lifestyle of many. Look for floods and devastating earthquakes, bankrupt corporations and the current banking system failing – all this awaits before the ultimate deception and entrapment comes in to make everything seem OK. 
In each update, we list the trouble spots that we believe need some attention. These have not all come to pass yet, and they all may not due to the fact that covert, overt, seen and unseen factions are at war. However many have come to pass and we believe they all will. Here they are once more:

  • Donald Trump doesn’t make it through a full term of his presidency
  • We continue to see an increase in the amount of record natural disasters
  • We see a dramatic rise in sea levels
  • Great scandals continue to cause great men and women to step down. Some may even get arrested
  • Terror strikes around the globe continue for a while
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry for a while
  • Increases in diseases continue, and “cures” are touted to be found to eradicate them
  • disruptions in travel continue
  • food shortages spread, before there is a so-called solution
  • Global financial unrest leads to a global currency reset
  • There is an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.”
If we are paying attention it’s hard to deny that the inhabitants of the land commit all sorts of atrocities in addition to the unethical behavior sited in the above scriptural quote. This is the result of the negative programming that we have been fed for generations. It should be no big surprise that the beasts of the field, birds of the air, and fish of the deep are disappearing at record levels. The following headlines are just part of the result (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                                      ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 
Nov. 2nd Thousands of fish have died in Dubasipalya Lake, Bengaluru, India
Nov. 2nd 400 dead turtles found floating off the coast of Usulutan, 'reason unknown' Dead Turtles in El Salvadorin El Salvador
Nov. 3rd Mass die off of Alligators, cattle, lizards and fish due to drought in Bananal Island, Brazil.
Nov. 5th Massive die off of fish washes ashore in Ensenada, Mexico
Nov. 5th 30 ducks found dead on Woodbine Beach, Canada
Nov. 5th 8,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in Yambol, Bulgaria
Nov. 5th Massive die off of fish washes ashore in Ensenada, Mexico
Nov. 5th Thousands of dead fish wash up in Dubaki lake, Bengaluru, India
Nov. 13th Four dead dolphins wash ashore in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nov. 15th Tons of dead fish wash up on a beach in Liepaja, Latvia
Nov. 17th Thousands of dead fish found in the Carcarana River in Argentina
Nov. 17th Hundreds of cattle found dead in Ganjam, India
Nov. 18th 12,300 birds killed due to avian flu in South Korea
Nov. 19th Thousands of fish and other sea life wash up in Toubacouta, Senegal
Nov. 22nd Hundreds of dead fish wash up 'due to pollution' in a river in Etrelles, France
Nov. 23rd Mass die off of fish in a lake in Guangxi, China
Nov. 24th Thousands of dead fish wash up in Kapiti Coast River, New Zealand
Nov. 27th Another 50 dead turtles wash up on the coast of El Salvador
Nov. 27th More than 100 reindeer dead in Norway after getting hit by freight trains
Nov. 28th 40+ dolphins stranded, 8 dead in Tuticorin, India
Nov. 28th Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Bethel, Alaska, America
Nov. 28th Thousands of dead starfish wash up on the coast of Sakhalin, Russia
Nov. 29th Thousands of dead fish wash up in Chennai, India
Nov. 29th Mass die off of fish due to red tide in Sanibel, Florida, America
Nov. 29th Suspected African swine fever kills over 1,000 pigs in Luapula, Zambia

                                                       EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE
There is no doubt about it. Earthquakes are increasing at an alarming rate. The USGS recorded 7,775 earthquakes last year for the month of November 2016. In the month of November 2017 the USGS recorded 8,932 earthquakes. There were 1,157 more earthquakes this year than there were last year at the same time. This has been the trend. Eight hundred and thirty four of these quakes were above a magnitude 4.0.  The overwhelming majority of the following 45 did not make the mainstream news in November however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Nov. 1st    Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 1st    Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 1st    Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 2nd    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 3rd      Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike SW of Tomatlan, Mexico
Nov. 4th    Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strike NE of Hihifo, Tonga
Nov. 4th Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 4th Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 4th    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike NNE of Hihifo, Tonga
Nov. 5th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji
Nov. 5th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike SE of Saint David's, Grenada
Nov. 7th    Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 7th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike ESE of Lambasa, Fiji
Nov. 7th    Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strike WSW of Angoram, Papua New Guinea
Nov. 8th    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike SSW of Ndoi Island, Fiji
Nov. 9th    Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike ESE of Hachijo-jima, Japan
Nov. 10th    Magnitude 5.8earthquake strike West Chile Rise
Nov. 11th Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strike Ascension Island region
Nov. 12th At least 135 killed as strong 7.3 quake rocks Iran-Iraq border
Nov. 12th Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike ESE of Kamaishi, Japan
Nov. 13th 6.5 magnitude quake hits Costa Rica, no reports of major damage
Nov. 14th Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji
Nov. 15th Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike East of the South Sandwich Islands
Nov. 15th Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike WSW of Merizo Village, Guam
Nov. 16th Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 16th Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 16th Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike SE of Hachijo-jima, Japan
Nov. 16th Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
Nov. 17th Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strike NNW of Motuo, China
Nov. 18th Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strike NNE of Tobelo, Indonesia
Nov. 18th Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike N of Tobelo, Indonesia
Nov. 18th Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike ESE of Balao, Ecuador
Nov. 19th Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 19th Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 19th Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strike ENE of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 19th Magnitude 7.0 earthquake strike ENE of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 20th Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Nov. 20th Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike SE of Mata-Utu, Wallis and Futuna
Nov. 23rd Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike SSE of Naze, Japan
Nov. 25th Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike NNE of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia
Nov. 27th Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike SE of Taron, Papua New Guinea
Nov. 28th Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike Norwegian Sea
Nov. 29th Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike S of Paracas, Peru
Nov. 29th Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike NW of Saumlaki, Indonesia
Nov. 30th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike SW of Angoram, Papua New Guinea
Nov. 30th  Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strike Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

                                                            NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES
We see a great deal of natural disasters all over the world. We have stated in past Forecast Updates that some are natural and some bio-engineered. Despite our many technological advancements, financial acquisitions, and intellectual accomplishments, it is safe to say that our rigid, stubborn and savvy tendencies will not protect us from the wrath of nature or from our bio-engineered storms. In every manner, when we act against the very principles of nature we are sure to lose, it’s just a matter of time. It is by yielding to our Source that we will find the protection much like any loving parent would offer to his or her children. We see the intensification in the amounts and severity of storms that struck the West and the world this year. Something is happening and Spiritual, mental, and physical preparations are in order for the times ahead. The following is just a glimpse of what has continued this month:

Nov. 1st Germany, Poland and Czech Republic See Deaths and Damage Caused by Storm Herwart
Nov. 2nd 17 Provinces Still Affected After Three Weeks of Flooding, Thailand
Nov. 3rd Torrential Rain Causes Deadly Flooding in Tamil Nadu, India
Nov. 4th Typhoon Damrey hits Vietnam with deadly force
Nov. 4th Typhoon Damrey hits Vietnam, leaving 1 dead, 5 missing
Nov. 6th Severe Storm and Floods Leave 7 Dead, 10,000 Displaced in Malaysia
Nov. 6th Over 40 Dead as Typhoon Damrey Dumps Over 1 Metre of Rain in Vietnam
Nov. 9th Deadly Floods in Central and Northern Areas of Kenya
Nov. 9th 4 Dead, 18 Missing After Floods and Mudslide in Cauca Department in Colombia
Nov. 10th 9 Dead as Heavy Rain Causes Floods and Landslides Indonesia
Nov. 13th Over 1,700 Displaced by Floods in Northern Province, Sri Lanka
Nov. 14th Floods in North West Greece Leave 1 Dead
Nov. 15th Deadly Floods in Attica Region, Greece
Nov. 15th Flash floods on Athens outskirts leave at least 14 dead
Nov. 19th Flooding Leaves 5 Dead and 10,000 Homes Damaged in Haiti
Nov. 21st 2 Dead, Hundreds of Homes Damaged in Flash Floods in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Nov. 22nd 2 Dead, 1 Missing After Floods in Central Areas of Vietnam
Nov. 22nd Hundreds Rescued as Floods Hit Western Areas of Saudi Arabia
Nov. 25th Dozens Evacuated After Heavy Rain Causes Rivers to Overflow in UK and Ireland
Nov. 27th Houses Damaged After Storm Dumps Flooding Rain in Central Otago New Zealand
Nov. 28th Jamaica PM Calls for Change in Response to Extreme Weather After Montego Bay Floods
Nov. 29th Thousands Displaced by Floods in Kelantan and Terengganu Malaysia
Nov. 29th Floods and Landslides in East Java Leave 11 Dead, 4,000 Displaced
Nov. 30th Heavy Rain Floods Parts of Andalusia, Spain
Nov. 30th Around 400,000 Hit by Floods in South Thailand

                                                   ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE
Deuteronomy 28: 58-62 says: “If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolong disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
Karma is real. What we do unto others truly comes back to bite us in the rump. There are those who hold our world hostage in great ignorance. Because of this, many people, thankfully not all, have the habit of acting in a way that excludes the benefit of others. This includes their natural surroundings as well. How often do we see drivers throwing trash out their car windows? People who litter our streets and parks? We also have those mega corporations that dispose of toxic wastes with little or no regard for our air, waters, land and trees. Just how long can we reasonably expect to abuse our environment and not pay the price for it? This beautiful planet has been given to us to share with the other inhabitants upon it, but sadly, many have been blinded by selfishness, greed, apathy, or just down right ignorance. At some point, we will reap the benefits of our actions. 
Below, we see a snapshot of the effects that befall us all when we prove not to be good stewards of the land. The good news is: we can change it. We can, collectively, as a people turn from greed, apathy, and selfishness and start giving back to the land as she has faithfully given to us. It is critical that each individual do their part as each is given the ability.

Nov. 1st Officials say California shoreline hit by Tijuana sewage
Nov. 6th At least 9 tornadoes confirmed in Ohio, Indiana storms
Nov. 8th Delhi, blanketed in toxic haze, ‘has become a gas chamber’; schools shut, construction stop
Nov. 9th Groundwater contamination found at Fairbanks Airport, Alaska
Nov. 10th Over 70 flights delayed at Lahore airport, Pakistan due to smog
Nov. 10th 3 killed as apartment building collapses in Russia
Nov. 10th New Delhi’s pollution is off the charts — and it’s making residents ill
Nov. 12th Cold in Boston breaks low-temp records
Nov. 13th Fossil Fuels Use at Record High in 2017
Nov. 13th Thousands of scientists issue bleak 'second warning' to humanity
Nov. 15th South Korea postpones university exams after rare quake
Nov. 16th Conflict and climate change push 224 million Africans into hunger
Nov. 21st Melting polar ice poses a serious global risk
Nov. 21st Russia Confirms Spike in Radioactivity, Denies Nuclear Accident
Nov. 21st Russian Radiation Leak: Everything you Need to Know

Nov. 1st Deadly plague infects 1,300 people in Madagascar
Nov. 1st Fastest growing cholera epidemic ever recorded brings number of cases to 895,000 in Yemen
Nov. 1st Bed bugs found in benches at Sky Harbor Airport
Nov. 2nd Listeria Found at Catering Facility for Los Angeles Airport, CA
Nov. 2nd 'Godzilla' El Niño is to Blame for Deadly Airborne Plague in Madagascar
Nov. 2nd Borno, Nigeria Cholera outbreak: Death toll rises
Nov. 2nd Deadly Airborne Plague in Madagascar is now at Crisis' Point and the 'Worst Outbreak in 50 Years'
Nov. 3rd Three dengue deaths in Mumbai, India in Oct
Nov. 3rd Polyclinic received above 100 dengue patients
Nov. 3rd ‘Unusually Severe’ Plague Strikes 1,800 in Madagascar
Nov. 4th 127 dead in Madagascar’s plague outbreak, 61 deaths and 5,281
Nov. 5th Dengue claims one more life in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Nov. 5th 23-yr-old trainee doc dies of dengue in Dehradun, India
Nov. 6th Political feud breaks out as dengue claims more lives in KolKata, India
Nov. 6th Cholera killed over 700 in last 3 months in Democratic Republic of Congo
Nov. 6th 11-year-old boy dies in Gurugram after contracting dengue
Nov. 8th Dengue, ‘mystery fever’ claim five in Kolkata, India
Nov. 8th More Viral Meningitis Cases Reported in Washoe County, Nevada
Nov. 9th Five swine flu deaths at SKIMS, college warden becomes latest victim
Nov. 9th Woman dies of dengue in Doraha, India
Nov. 9th Dengue death in Behala, India
Nov. 11th 9 people contract Legionnaire's Disease after visiting Disneyland
Nov. 11th Tanzanian cholera outbreak death toll increases
Nov. 12th 45 Dengue patients reported in one day in Puttalam, Sri Lanka
Nov. 13th Madagascar plague death toll rises
Nov. 13th 9 deaths related to Dengue Fever so far this year in Fiji
Nov. 14th 2,200 cholera deaths recorded in Yemen since April
Nov. 14th Dengue death toll in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, India soars
Nov. 14th New dengue deaths in Madurai, India
Nov. 14th Dengue death toll reaches 46 in Yangon, Myanmar
Nov. 14th More dengue deaths reported from Kolkata, India hospitals
Nov. 15th New black death plague strain can kill ‘in just 3 hours’
Nov. 16th Death toll in West Bengal dengue outbreak rises
Nov. 16th Dengue Claims BSF Jawan's Life in West Bengal
Nov. 16th Surgeons find parasite unlike any they've seen in body of North Korean defector
Nov. 17th Over 800 Dead in Democratic Republic of Congo Cholera Outbreak
Nov. 17th Passengers "quarantined" on plane at John Lennon Airport, UK due to concerns of “infectious disease”
Nov. 18th Kashmir, India records swine flu deaths, expect increase in H1N1 cases
Nov. 18th Two more dead in adjoining district, North 24-Parganas, India
Nov. 18th Dengue kills mom in coma in Kolkata, India
Nov. 20th Dengue cases climb to 8549 in New Delhi, India
Nov. 20th More dengue patients die in Karachi, Pakistan
Nov. 21st Madagascar plague death toll rises and cases have jumped nearly 3% in just three days
Nov. 22nd Terminix fined $9.2M for pesticide poisoning of family
Nov. 22nd Cholera Claim 3 Lives in Lusaka, Zambia
Nov. 22nd Mother and baby die of cholera in Mombasa County, Kenya
Nov. 23rd Vietnam vets test positive for deadly parasite in VA study
Nov. 23rd Over 1 000 Angolans dead in worst malaria outbreak
Nov. 23rd 3 dead in latest cholera outbreak in Kenya
Nov. 24th Rift Valley fever outbreak kills two in central Uganda
Nov. 26th Lusaka, Zambia Records 4 Cholera Deaths
Nov. 27th Cholera hits district in SW Tanzania
Nov. 27th Dengue death in Baguiati, India
Nov. 27th Dengue Claims One More Live in Siliguri, India
Nov. 27th Lassa fever cases increased in Monrovia, Liberia
Nov. 28th UMass Amherst preparing to vaccinate students after meningitis outbreak declared

                                                                         SIGNS OF THE TIMES 
There are many signs about us that something is going on. Whether you track the news events, gaze into the sky at those unusual clouds that now sit in the atmosphere, or just take note of the people around you, as well as yourself, if you pay close attention you may notice the signs that something is not right. 
In the final days of this age it is said that we will see many signs and wonders, so much that if it were possible it would fool the very elects (Matt. 24:24). Much of what we see and hear from our various media outlets is designed to manipulate the collective thought processes of the masses who have been captivated through fear, lower passions, and desires. Through a multitude of false information the entire planet has been deceived on one level or another to fall into pockets of a created matrix filled with thickets to hitch the unsuspecting. There are signs in the heavens and the earth, sun, moon, planets and stars that are hardly noticed. There are more electronic and power grid issues than ever before and strange creatures are being documented as seen. Before long we will be forced to re-think some of the things we thought were myths and legends. Much of what we thought was true we will soon find to be false and vise-versa. Below is only a small example of the signs that are subtly creeping in: 

Nov. 20th First-known interstellar visitor is a bizarre, cigar-shaped asteroid

Nov. 21st Google collects data on Android users' locations when location services are turned off
Nov. 27th Congress to Jam through Reauthorization of Surveillance

Nov. 6th Lifelong Protection Against Flu? New Vaccine Shows Promise
Nov. 14th FDA approves digital pill that tracks when patients take it
Nov. 14th The Apple Watch Can Accurately Detect Hypertension and Sleep Apnea
Nov. 15th Scientists make first attempt at gene editing inside a human patient
Nov. 25th Hillary Clinton: 'We are totally unprepared' for the rise of artificial intelligence

Nov. 14th China's supercomputers race past US to world dominance
Nov. 14th Nearly 2 dozen European nations agree to extend EU’s military power reducing US dependence

Nov. 6th Major internet outage hits Comcast users across the US
Nov. 6th Comcast's Xfinity Internet Service is reportedly Down across the US
Nov. 21st Malfunction in air traffic control systems at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport canceled dozens of flights
Nov. 24th Macy's suffers credit card payment glitch at the worst possible time: Black Friday
Nov. 27th Beijing: Fire on Nov. 18 in which 19 died was caused by electrical circuit failure
Nov. 29th Second time in 2 weeks London City Airport is evacuated due to fire alarm
Nov. 29th Tow tug caught fire at Changi International airport as it was towing airplane

Nov. 7th First openly transgender state legislator elected in Virginia
Nov. 8th German court tells lawmakers to recognize third gender
Nov. 8th All LGBT city council elected in Palm Springs
Nov. 9th Tons of Cocaine Seized in Biggest Drug Bust in Colombia
Nov. 12th Army lifts ban on recruits with mental health history
Nov. 12th Teacher suspended for praising pupil using wrong gender
Nov. 14th Australia says yes to same-sex marriage
Nov. 22nd 50 employees fired for refusing to get flu shots
Nov. 23rd Mysterious booms are being recorded all over the world
Nov. 24th The police can search your email without telling you. That’s nuts.
Nov. 26th People driving while playing Pokémon Go caused millions in damages in 148 days

                                                                 GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST
Matthew 6:33 "But seek first the kingdom of Yahweh and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you."
How is it that every other species upon the earth, besides humans, have their needs provided for without punching a time card, drawing a salary, playing the stock market, filling out papers to receive public assistance,  or stealing from every unsuspecting victim who passes by? Well, actually, there are several species of animals who are not at all opposed to taking that which did not originally belong to them. In any case, the heavens and the earth have a way of providing for their own.  Our friends in nature, both great and small rely on nature to take care of their needs, and so they are met. 
We’re not suggesting, nor recommending that you give up your 9 to 5, or however long you work for, to provide for your needs and wants; we are simply offering a slightly different view. When we learn to put our trust in our Source we develop a peace that surpasses human comprehension. Within this peace there is rest; a rest that protects the mind against the instability of any economy whether it is soaring high, or crashing to an all-time low. Below, we’ll read about unrest in several financial sectors. One thing we can bet on: those who have made the Most High their refuge will not suffer unrest in their minds regardless of what the economy shows. 
Jeremiah 17:5:
This is what YHWH says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from YHWH.”
We have written about the unseen war that is being waged in the unseen world that is being manifested in the earth as global unrest in many forms. One of these forms is economical. There is a shift in economic power taking place and we will soon see the full effect of this change. There will be a false relief that the unsuspecting will welcome, but until then we see financial pressure on various sectors. As we look below we see nations, cities and organizations that are being forced into drastic changes. These changes trickle down to people to create financial instability, so when it gets real bad and relief is offered there will be only one choice for most: 

Nov. 15th Cook County - 600 layoffs Possible in lieu of Soda Tax

Nov. 1st Westminster Choir College to lay off 33
Nov. 1st Westminster Choir College Give Out Layoff Notices
Nov. 2nd AltSchool closing 1 location, scaling back expansion efforts
Nov. 9th St. Gregory’s University closing in Shawnee OK
Nov. 9th Zenith Education Group told the state of Ohio that it will shut down one of its colleges in Gahanna
Nov. 10th Zenith Education will close all but 3 Campuses
Nov. 11th Moody Global Industries its undergraduate school campus in Spokane will close
Nov. 14th Possible Layoffs Coming to St. Louis Community College
Nov. 14th University Spirit closing in West Lafayette IN
Nov. 16th Everest University to lay off 212
Nov. 16th UMass-Boston to lay off 36
Nov. 18th Layoffs Possible at East Stroudsburg University
Nov. 18th Altierus Career College parent to close Tampa office, 200 Layoffs
Nov. 20th Atlanta Metropolitan State College to lay off 18
Nov. 20th Layoffs Possible East Stroudsburg University
Nov. 25th Possible Layoffs Coming St. Louis Community College
Nov. 30th 70 Possible Layoffs St. Louis Community College

Nov. 2nd UnitedHealthcare closing in Phoenix, 381 Layoffs
Nov. 3rd AmeriHealth Caritas Iowa to lay off 400
Nov. 3rd Arriva Medical LLC closing its plant at 4252 NW 120 Ave. in Coral Springs
Nov. 3rd American Medical Supplies Inc is shuttering its store at 751 Park of Commerce Dr., Boca Raton
Nov. 4th The University of Mississippi Medical Center is closing its Madison wellness center Nov. 30
Nov. 6th Amgen and Genentech to lay off 330 Total
Nov. 10th AnMed to lay off 94
Nov. 11th Mylan Pharmaceuticals to lay off 200 to 300
Nov. 12th St. Louis-based SSM Health to lay off 300+
Nov. 16th Rite Aid closing store in Marion NC
Nov. 16th SynerMed Closing Down
Nov. 22nd More Layoffs coming to WebMD
Nov. 24th Thousands of Layoffs Possible at Teva Pharmaceutical
Nov. 24th Harrington HealthCare System to lay off 23
Nov. 27th Protalix BioTherapeutics to lay off 50,7340,L-3725939,00.html
Nov. 29th Brookhaven Medical Facility closing in MI
Nov. 29th UnitedHealth in Delaware to lay off 138

Nov. 7th Capital One in Plano to lay off 950
Nov. 29th First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. in Frederick to lay off 82

Nov. 1st Ryder Integrated Logistics offices and warehouse closing in Greenville Wis. - 159 Layoffs
Nov. 1st Dairy Queen closing 20+ Locations
Nov. 1st Book World Closing all 45 Locations
Nov. 2nd Possible Layoffs at DowDuPont
Nov. 3rd 63 Sears and Kmart Stores closing - Full List
Nov. 4th Smith & Wesson in Springfield Mass to lay off 180
Nov. 7th Humana to lay off 1,300, Another 1,150 took Buyouts
Nov. 8th Microsoft to lay off additional 50 at Wilsonville OR Facility
Nov. 8th Staples, just off Route 22 near I-78 in Greenwich Township, PA is closing
Nov. 8th Target is closing Some Stores - List here
Nov. 9th ESPN to lay off 100+
Nov. 9th EastmanKodak - Cutting More Jobs
Nov. 10th Amgen Inc. to lay off 200
Nov. 11th Polaris Industries to lay off 110
Nov. 11th General Electric Planning layoffs
Nov. 14th Layoffs Reported NBC Sports Chicago, 12+
Nov. 15th Layoffs coming to Payless ShoeSource
Nov. 16th Siemens Could cut 4,000 Jobs in Restructuring
Nov. 16th The Bon-ton is Closing 40 Stores
Nov. 16th Vitamin World seeks to close 124 Stores, Sell off the rest
Nov. 16th More Staff Layoffs AT Yahoo (UK)
Nov. 17th Disney to lay off 145
Nov. 17th Burlington Coat Factory closing in Topeka Kansas
Nov. 17th The Lord & Taylor Store in Annapolis is closing
Nov. 18th Honda Recalls 800,000 Odyssey Minivans linked to Injuries
Nov. 20th Honeywell Metropolis Plant to lay off 170
Nov. 22nd Sears Appliance & Hardware on Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton CT is closing
Nov. 24th GE San Ramon Division to lay off 148
Nov. 29th ESPN to lay off 150 in latest cuts

Nov. 3rd The Celebrity Hotel & Casino files for bankruptcy
Nov. 5th GulfCoast Surgery Center in Sarasota, FL files for bankruptcy
Nov. 6th Cantrell Drug Co. files for bankruptcy
Nov. 6th Styles For Less Inc. files for bankruptcy
Nov. 7th Exelon Corp's ExGen Texas Power LLC unit files for bankruptcy
Nov. 8th Appalachian Lighting Systems files for bankruptcy
Nov. 9th Xcor Aerospace files for bankruptcy
Nov. 14th TechShop files for bankruptcy
Nov. 18th Motorsport Aftermarket Group files for bankruptcy
Nov. 18th Diva Disposal, LLC files for bankruptcy
Nov. 27th Platinum Properties of NC files for bankruptcy
Nov. 28th Amfuel files for chapter 11 bankruptcy
Nov. 29th Radio giant Cumulus Media files for bankruptcy

Nov. 2nd Nova Restaurant closing in Ivanhoe Village Orlando FL
Nov. 2nd Flathead Lake Brewing Co. is closing down its Woods Bay taproom and brewing facility
Nov. 3rd Amazon is shutting down its Fresh grocery delivery service in parts of at least nine states
Nov. 6th Peppino’s Restaurant closing in Washington PA
Nov. 6th Halligan Bar and Grill closing in Henrico County VA
Nov. 7th Dan’s Giant Submarine Sandwiches closing in Farmington MI
Nov. 7th Patz's Market closing in Hebron IN
Nov. 7th Barry's Country Food Market closing in Craley
Nov. 7th Spaghetti Warehouse closing in downtown Memphis TN
Nov. 7th Aunt Millie's Bakeries says it will close its commercial bakery in Fort Wayne
Nov. 7th The Golden Restaurant closing in Fort Wayne Indiana
Nov. 8th Bootlegger Grill closing in Longview TX
Nov. 9th Kreimes Cardinal Grocery closing in Sandusky Ohio
Nov. 10th Wyebrook Farm in West Nantmeal Township PA will close its Restaurant
Nov. 10th Saputo closing Fond du Lac cheese plant WI
Nov. 10th The Outback Steakhouse closing in the Calle Real Shopping Center in Goleta CA
Nov. 10th The Farm Fresh grocery store closing at 200 Arthur Way in the Kiln Creek Newport News VA
Nov. 10th Alexander’s Market & Deli Hamilton in Ohio is closing
Nov. 11th The Olde House Cafe closing in Dallas PA
Nov. 11th Tuesday Morning closing in the Highland Grove shopping center
Nov. 11th The Righteous Pig in downtown Belleville, IL closed
Nov. 12th Cella closing in Schenectady NY
Nov. 13th James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy closing in Pittsburgh PA
Nov. 13th Not Your Average Joe's restaurant closing in Lansdowne Town Center VA
Nov. 14th Sambuca restaurant closing at 2120 McKinney Ave Dallas TX
Nov. 16th Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, closing in 2043 S Neil St. in Champaign IL
Nov. 17th Old Bay Restaurant closing in downtown New Brunswick
Nov. 20th Green Planet Grocery closing in Cicero NY
Nov. 21st Online grocer Door to Door Organics shutting down
Nov. 21st Cops & Doughnuts, 231 S. Michigan St in South Bend IN is closing
Nov. 25th P.R.O.U.D. of Illinois Marketplace is closing
Nov. 28th FoodFair closing store in the 100 block of 6th Avenue in Huntington
Nov. 28th La Fuente closing in Milwaukee WI
Nov. 28th Vista Food Market closing in Altavista VA
Nov. 28th Cullman's Piggly Wiggly, located at 4933 Alabama Highway 157 AL is closing
Nov. 29th Willowbrook Farms closing in Buffalo NY

Nov. 1st Jeffboat to lay off 278
Nov. 2nd Condé Nast will end Teen Vogue’s print magazine and slash 80 jobs
Nov. 3rd Futuris to close factory in Milan Tenn. - 140 Layoffs
Nov. 6th National Spinning Company is shutting down an eastern North Carolina plant - 152 Layoffs
Nov. 7th ABB electrical transformer plant will be closing shop in Missouri - 120 Jobs Lost
Nov. 8th Benny’s auto service center More Locations closing this week
Nov. 10th Lacrosse retailer LAX World has closed all 16 of its Stores
Nov. 11th Appvion Appleton Plant to lay off 200
Nov. 15th Belk closing 2 stores one in W. Virginia and one in Atlanta Buckhead Neighborhood
Nov. 15th The Camas Paper Mill in Washington to lay off 280+
Nov. 16th Shoemaker Aerosoles to lay off 141
Nov. 16th TechShop closing all 10 of its US Workshops
Nov. 17th Stericycle to lay off 335
Nov. 17th CenturyLink to lay off 165 companywide
Nov. 17th Kings Mountain metal fabrication plant NC is closing, 133 to Lose Jobs
Nov. 21st Luminant to lay off 600 in Texas
Nov. 22nd Baumann & Sons Buses Inc. to lay off 134
Nov. 23rd Patriot National to lay off 250
Nov. 26th Future Is Gloomy for Retailers as They Cut Jobs and Shutter Stores
Nov. 26th Sobeys (Canada) to lay off 800
Nov. 29th Kroger warehouse in Keller to lay off 690
Nov. 29th AutoDesk to lay off 1,150
Nov. 29th Bon-Ton closing at the St. Lawrence Centre in Massena
Nov. 29th BuzzFeed to lay off 100
Nov. 30th 308 Face Layoffs at Brocade Communications

                                                                    GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST
Revelation 11:18 The nations were angry, but Your wrath has come. The time has come for the dead to be judged, and to give Your reward to Your servants...
As we stated at the beginning of our 2016 forecast, the inhabitants of the earth are becoming angrier and angrier and it will get worse. There’s no doubt about it: there are many angry people around the globe, and when they meet collectively all sorts of protests, riots, and mayhem break loose. Yahweh too, is angry but not in the sense as humans get all riled up and bent out of shape. When we get angry it’s most often because we have not learned to silence the ego. Someone, in some way, has crossed us. Either physically: maybe they got the closest parking spot that we were eyeing, or possibly, their ideals conflict with our own that we so closely identify as being us. Yahweh’s wrath is quite different. When people break universal principles, natural consequences happen as a result. It’s not personal; it’s just what exists to create and/or maintain balance. In the following we see a barrage of headlines showing just how angry the nations have become.

Nov. 5th Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully vows never to watch another NFL game amid protest controversy
Nov. 12th Thousands of nationalist protesters disrupt Poland disrupted Poland's Independence Day events
Nov. 12th Anti-Trump protests erupt on the streets of Manila
Nov. 14th Scuffles erupts at anti-LGBT protest
Nov. 15th Teachers strike over working conditions in Portugal
Nov. 16th Thousands of people across France protest against Macron’s labor reforms
Nov. 17th 5 killed as Kenya police clash with Odinga supporters
Nov. 20th Kenya election: Police clash with opposition supporters, 1 killed
Nov. 28th Kenya police clash with Kenyatta protestors

Nov. 1st 28 killed in rare protests in Eritrea
Nov. 5th 2 suicide attacks kill at least 5 in Iraq’s Kirkuk
Nov. 5th Over 250 arrested for unauthorized rally in Russia
Nov. 5th Car bomb kills at least 5 Yemeni soldiers in Aden
Nov/ 7th Islamic State claims attack on TV station in Afghan capital
Nov. 10th France vehicle attack two students badly injured in vehicle attack in France
Nov. 21st 50 people killed at mosque bomb attack in Nigeria
Nov. 21st At least 23 killed, 60 wounded by truck bomb in northern Iraq
Nov. 24th More than 230 killed in attack on mosque in Egypt

Nov.4th Off-duty DC Police officer killed in double shooting in Baltimore, officials
Nov. 14th Taliban fighters kill at least 27 Afghan policemen in 15 attacks on security posts
Nov. 16th Baltimore police detective critically injured from shot in the head
Nov. 23rd Michigan deputy run down by car in police pursuit, sheriff says

Nov.4th Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over capital
Nov. 6th Saudi Arabia blames Iran for attempted missile attack on airport as 'an act of war'
Nov. 6th Strict security ordered at Punjab airports, Pakistan after 'threatening' call from India
Nov. 7th Houthis threaten to attack Saudi Arabia and UAE airports
Nov. 11th U.S., South Korea start military drills in show of force against North Korea
Nov. 20th Turkey-NATO tensions escalates after Erdogan depicted as enemy
Nov. 23rd Sudan’s president visits Russia, asks for protection from aggressive US
Nov. 25th Iran warns it will upgrade missiles so they can hit cities in Europe if threatened
Nov. 30th Israeli launches fresh airstrikes in Gaza after mortar attack

Nov. 2nd Police catch 'nonchalant' gunman who killed 3 at Colorado Wal-Mart
Nov. 3rd Mom allegedly kills her two daughters and tells husband: 'Babe I just shot the kids'
Nov. 4th Café shooting in Morocco reveals links to global drug trafficking
Nov. 4th 1 dead, three injured in shooting on party bus in Santa Monica, Calif.
Nov. 4th US diplomat mission warns non-essential staff to leave Mogadishu
Nov. 4th US warns of threat to diplomatic staff in Somali capital
Nov. 5th At least 26 dead, 20 injured in shooting at Texas church, sheriff tells local media
Nov. 5th ‘She won’t be quiet!!!!’: Teacher accused of taping the mouth of a student with cerebral palsy
Nov. 12th Viable pipe bomb device found near war memorial in Omagh, Ireland
Nov. 14th Shootings at multiple sites kill 5, wound kids at school
Nov. 23rd At least 25 people killed in fresh clashes in South Sudan
Nov. 24th Thanksgiving night fights shut down Alabama’s largest mall
Nov. 25th Virginia pastor charged in Thanksgiving triple homicide
Nov. 25th Angry motorist tries to cut into Trump's motorcade in Florida
Nov. 25th Gunfire at Middletown, New York, mall leaves 2 injured
Nov. 30th Grieving Ukraine father detonates grenades at the trial of his son's alleged killer

As the unseen war rages on, it seems as though the uncovering of scandals for public figures has no hint of slowing down. If anything, the news headlines seem to be heating up with one torrid story after another of people in high places being called to task for less than honorable behavior. We’re learning to judge nothing before its time, but it’s hard not to wonder if truth and integrity have become an endangered species among the elite. Not every one of these individual are guilty of the public allegations levied against them. However, they all find themselves in situations that it is in their best interest to step down and move on. Expect more as the politicians, media, Hollywood, big pharmaceuticals, pedophilia, drug and human trafficking rings are reigned in. Below we see the effect with mind blowing frequency:

Nov. 1st Dustin Hoffman apologizes after being accused of groping teenage intern
Nov. 1st 6 women accuse prominent producer Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct
Nov. 1st New allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced against Kevin Spacey
Nov. 1st President Trump to replace Janet Yellen
Nov. 1st Brett Ratner accused of sexual misconduct
Nov. 2nd Donna Brazile Says She Has “Proof” Clinton Rigged the DNC against Bernie
Nov. 2nd Spanish judge orders custody for Catalan leaders pending trial
Nov. 2nd Ex-Trump campaign official withdraws nomination for USDA post
Nov. 2nd U.S. Rep Lamar Smith to leave Congress, office confirms
Nov. 2nd Trump names Jay Powell to replace Janet Yellen as Fed Chairman
Nov. 2nd Media Is Mum on Anthony Podesta Suddenly Quitting his lobbying firm
Nov. 2nd Jeremy Piven interview on 'The Late Show' canceled following sexual harassment allegations
Nov. 4th Arrest warrants issued for Carles Puigdemont, aides
Nov. 4th Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigns
Nov. 4th Sen. Rand Paul was assaulted in his Kentucky home and suffered a minor injury
Nov. 4th Top Saudi official ousted, princes reportedly arrested
Nov. 4th 31 sexual abuse cases against UN personnel filed in 3 months
Nov. 4th In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens of Others in Cabinet Crackdown
Nov. 5th Saudi Prince Alwaleed, former ministers detained in corruption probe
Nov. 5th Kentucky House speaker resigns post after texts with staffer
Nov. 5th Rumor that Tony Podesta was arrested
Nov. 5th Saudi Arabia arrests princes, ministers in sweeping purge
Nov. 6th Weiner starts 21-month prison sentence
Nov. 6th Paul Manafort, Rick Gates to remain on house arrest after bail hearing
Nov. 6th Robert Mugabe fires vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa
Nov. 8th Louis C.K. crossed a line into sexual misconduct, 5 women say
Nov. 8th Ex-Trump adviser Carl Icahn hit with subpoena
Nov. 10th Hope Solo Says Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter Groped Her at Awards Show
Nov. 10th Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman says team doctor sexually assaulted her
Nov. 10th Republican Senate Nominee Roy Moore Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Teen
Nov. 10th 4 Women Accused Roy Moore Of Sexual Misconduct
Nov. 10th Marine drill instructor gets 10 years for abusing recruits
Nov. 11th Growing List of Republicans Saying Goodbye to Washington
Nov. 12th Feds probing billionaire Carl Icahn's role advising the Trump administration
Nov. 13th Bush 41 apologizes for groping of 16-year-old girl
Nov. 14th Police search Lafarge in Paris as part of Syria investigation
Nov. 14th Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike resigns as leader of opposition Party of Hope
Nov. 14th Zimbabwe’s finance minister Ignatius Chombo detained by military
Nov. 15th Military seizes power in Zimbabwe and detains President Mugabe, says it’s not a coup
Nov. 15th Roy Moore faces another woman accusing him of sexual misconduct
Nov. 15th Consumer chief resigning, expected to run for Ohio governor
Nov. 16th UN diplomat falls to death from balcony in New York after 'trust game,' report says
Nov. 16th Woman accuses Sen. Al Franken of kissing, groping her
Nov. 16th Rapper Lil Peep dead at 21
Nov. 16th Old Vic theater logs 20 complaints about Kevin Spacey
Nov. 16th President Mugabe's Wife 'Flees Zimbabwe for Namibia'
Nov. 17th US congress paid out record sum in harassment settlements in 2017
Nov. 18th Ryan Seacrest Accused Of Sexual Harassment
Nov. 20th Charlie Rose Suspended After Eight Women Accuse Him of Sexual Harassment
Nov. 20th N.Y. Times reporter suspended after misconduct accusations
Nov. 20th Sexual harassment troubles mount in statehouses
Nov. 21st Zimbabwe’s Mugabe resigns, ending nearly four decades of rule
Nov. 21st Another Woman Accused Rep. John Conyers Of Sexual Harassment
Nov. 21st US threatens to sue Harvard over admissions policy probe
Nov. 21st John Lasseter takes leave of absence from Disney/Pixar, apologizes for unwanted hugs
Nov. 21st China’s former top internet regulator under investigation for corruption
Nov. 22nd US Rep. Joe Barton apologizes for nude photo he sexted to a woman online
Nov. 22nd Former Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic sentenced to life for genocide & crimes against humanity
Nov. 22nd Philippines to extradite to US a Filipino Catholic priest charged with sexual molesting two boys
Nov. 22nd Saad Hariri: Lebanon PM puts resignation on hold
Nov. 22nd Ex-USA Gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to sex charges, faces 25 years
Nov. 22nd Roy Moore's communications director resigns
Nov. 23rd Rep. John Conyers accused of sexual misconduct by another woman
Nov. 23rd 2 more women accuse Sen. Al Franken of inappropriate touching
Nov. 23rd Maurice D. Hinchey, Congressman and Environmental Advocate, Dies
Nov. 23rd Trump Revealed to Russians Details of Covert Israeli Operation in Syria
Nov. 24th Dozens of members of Saudi Arabia's elite are being held in a gilded prison
Nov. 24th Cordray resigns from U.S. consumer agency, triggers political showdown
Nov. 25th Trump revealed info on covert Israeli mission in Syria
Nov. 25th Zimbabwe detains former finance minister
Nov. 26th Israeli minister resigns over railway Sabbath 'desecration'
Nov. 26th Conyers steps aside from top spot on House Judiciary Committee
Nov. 27th Pakistan’s Law Minister Zahid Hamid resigns
Nov. 27th Former Zimbabwe finance minister Chombo to be held in custody until trial
Nov. 27th Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp is resigning
Nov. 27th Ex-priest to stand trial for 1960 murder of Texas beauty queen
Nov. 28th Senior China military commander Zhang Yang commits suicide while under investigation for corruption
Nov. 28th Turkish Gold Trader Reza Zarrab Pleads Guilty In Iran Sanctions Case
Nov. 28th Reza Zarrab agrees to testify against Turkish banker
Nov. 28th Zarrab to Testify for Prosecution in Iran-Sanctions Case
Nov. 28th Pro-migrant German mayor wounded in knife attack
Nov. 28th Another former staffer accuses Rep. John Conyers of sexual misconduct
Nov. 29th Garrison Keillor fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of improper behavior
Nov. 29th Bosnian Croat general dies after drinking poison in courtroom
Nov. 29th Court rules 'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz,' 96, fit to serve prison term
Nov. 29th Matt Lauer accused of sexual harassment by multiple women
Nov. 29th Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah reportedly freed after $1B settlement agreement
Nov. 29th Oscar legend Daniel Day-Lewis retiring from acting
Nov. 29th List of celebs accused of sexual misconduct
Nov. 30th Russell Simmons steps down from companies following sexual assault allegation
Nov. 30th Rep. John Conyers hospitalized in Detroit
Nov. 30th Venezuela arrests two officials in corruption probe of oil industry
Nov. 30th Bette Midler says Geraldo Rivera drugged and groped her
Nov. 30th Rep. Joe Barton, hit with 'sexting' revelation, bows out of 2018 race
Nov. 30th Al Franken Accused of Groping Army Veteran in 2003
Nov. 30th Ex-Trump campaign aide Manafort in $11.65 million bail deal: lawyer

                                                           DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

We’ve mentioned in the past that disruptions in the magnetic field of the earth are currently causing it to move to and fro (Is. 24:20). This is also causing the magnetosphere to become charged, which is causing malfunctions in electronic equipment. When the equipment is transportation we find accidents of all kinds. This problem is getting worse, especially in areal transportation. This will become an epidemic as we continue into the upcoming years:

Nov. 2nd Aer Lingus flight forced to make emergency landing in Cork, Ireland after smoke filled the cockpit
Nov. 6th U.S. Navy jet makes emergency landing in Corpus Christi, TX due to engine fire
Nov. 7th Plane’s engine bursts into flames as it lands at Seattle airport
Nov. 8th Flight from Tulsa lands abruptly in Dallas as smoke, fumes affect passengers
Nov. 8th Hawaiian Airlines engine catches fire as it lands at Seattle airport
Nov. 11th Air Asia plane makes emergency landing at Ranchi airport after pilot got smoke detection alert
Nov. 11th 'Smoke, sparks' force Indigo flight to make emergency landing, India
Nov. 13th China Southern Airlines flight forced to make emergency landing after fire alarm went off
Nov. 16th Aurora aircraft makes emergency landing at Yarmouth airport, Canada after smell of smoke in the cockpit
Nov. 16th Fire reported on a Delta Airlines plane parked at Eugene Airport, Oregon
Nov. 17th SpiceJet flight catches fire while taxiing at Dhaka airport, Bangladesh
Nov. 17th Passengers stranded on the runway as London City Airport is evacuated due to fire alarm
Nov. 21st Jet flight in emergency landing after pilot spotted fire in its cargo hold, India
Nov. 29th Air NZ flight diverted to Palmerston North after electrical smell wafted through the cabin

Nov. 1st Clovis pilot makes emergency landing in Visalia, CA after plane engine began to sputter
Nov. 2nd Small plane makes emergency landing on its nose at Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport, Colombia
Nov. 5th Mechanical Problems Divert Delta Flight to Buffalo Niagara Airport
Nov. 6th Iceland Foods jet in emergency landing at Hawarden airport, UK due to landing gear issues
Nov. 7th After Engine Failure, PenAir Flight Lands Safely in Sand Point, Alaska
Nov. 8th Damaged engine leads to emergency landing of Airlink flight
Nov. 8th Everyone safe after Delta flight makes emergency landing in Eugene, Oregon due to landing gear failure
Nov. 8th Air Force Orion lands at Whenuapai, New Zealand with one engine out
Nov. 10th Belfast flight lands without nose gear
Nov. 10th Washington-bound flight makes emergency landing at JAX, FL due to landing gear issues
Nov. 11th Local Alabama pilot, fiancée forced to land after propeller of plane suddenly blew apart for no apparent reason
Nov. 11th Saudia cargo plane suffered technical problem in one engines and veered off runway at Dutch airport
Nov. 12th Small plane makes emergency landing in Las Vegas due to electrical issues
Nov. 14th Sri Lankan Airbus aborts flight to Mumbai after on-board hydraulics failure forced emergency
Nov. 15th Plane Lands Safely After Crew Reports Landing Gear Malfunction, Pennsylvania, US
Nov. 16th Cape Air plane makes emergency landing due to mechanical problems
Nov. 16th Small plane down on I-15 near California-Nevada border after reporting engine problems
Nov. 17th Plane leaving St. George returns to airport after captain declares emergency due to engine issues
Nov. 18th After experiencing a landing gear fault RMAF Hercules C130 aircraft makes belly landing in Labuan
Nov. 18th A small single-engine aircraft made an emergency landing in farm field after losing power during takeoff
Nov. 19th Sparks fly when pilot lands without gear at Daytona Airport, FL
Nov. 20th EasyJet flight from Newcastle makes emergency landing in France after a dramatic loss of altitude
Nov. 20th FlyBe flight declares emergency before landing at Manchester airport due to fault
Nov. 20th Pilot Uninjured in Emergency Landing Due to Landing Gear Issues at St. Mary’s County Airport, Maryland
Nov. 20th Small plane makes belly landing in St. Augustine, FL due to landing gear malfunctioning
Nov. 21st No injuries reported after malfunction caused pilot to steer on grassy area in order to bring stop plane
Nov. 23rd Beluga forced to land at Liverpool Airport, UK due to electrical issues
Nov. 24th SpiceJet Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Nagpur, India Due to Glitch
Nov. 26th Engine problem causes emergency landing at Oxford airport, CT
Nov. 27th Cayman Airways jet makes emergency landing after it developed problem with pressurization system
Nov. 28th Helicopter makes emergency landing in Jackson County after developing engine trouble

Nov. 2nd 2 PAF pilots survive emergency landing on a sugarcane plantation in Rosario, Batangas, Philippines
Nov. 8th Four unhurt in emergency landing in Whitsundays, Australia
Nov. 8th U.S. Air Force F-35A jet makes apparent emergency landing at Okinawa base, Japan
Nov. 9th Mi-8 helicopter makes emergency landing in northwestern Russia
Nov. 19th Two unhurt after small plane clips tree during emergency landing in Clearwater, FL
Nov. 21st Small plane makes an emergency landing in Ottawa, Canada
Nov. 23rd Airplane makes emergency landing safely at Willow Run, Michigan
Nov. 25th Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Vacant Odessa Field in Florida
Nov. 27th Cayman Airways jet makes emergency landing after it developed problem with pressurization system
Nov. 28th Fighter jet makes emergency landing at Kuching Airport, Malaysia
Nov. 29th Plane flips during emergency landing in Hanover field; pilot suffers minor injuries

Nov. 2nd Small plane crashes at northwest Las Vegas golf course
Nov. 2nd 3 escape injury after small plane crashes near Redding Airport, CA
Nov. 2nd Aircraft down, pilot sustains injuries in Tinicum Twp, Vansant Airport, PA
Nov. 3rd Boise man dies in Idaho's Owyhee County plane crash
Nov. 4th One dead, one injured when small plane crashes in Alva, OK
Nov. 5th Saudi deputy governor killed in helicopter crash near Yemen
Nov. 5th Small plane crashes near New Mexico airport, 4 people killed
Nov. 5th Topeka man one of two injured in Pottawatomie County, Kansas plane crash
Nov. 6th Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash
Nov. 6th Two seriously injured in helicopter crash near West Lyon High School, Iowa
Nov. 7th 1 dead after small plane crash in Gulf of Mexico off Pasco coast
Nov. 7th 2 killed when small plane crashes in Warren County, TN
Nov. 7th Man dead and flights cancelled after helicopter crash at Hobart Airport, Australia
Nov. 8th Search on for flight instructor, student who survived plane crash, Philippines
Nov. 8th 4 killed in helicopter crash in village northwest of Tokyo
Nov. 10th 3 In Plane That Crashed Near Annapolis En Route To Lee Airport
Nov. 10th Plane Crash Shuts Down PCB Runway, Florida
Nov. 10th Officials investigating small plane crash near Alexandria VA in Pineville
Nov. 10th Plane Crash Lands at Belfast Airport in Northern Ireland
Nov. 11th Iranian pilot killed in military plane crash
Nov. 11th Small plane crashes during takeoff at Easter wood Airport, Texas
Nov. 12th Police identify four dead in Barren County, KY plane crash
Nov. 12th Small plane with engine trouble crash lands near Grayslake airport, Illinois
Nov. 12th 7 killed in crash of Iraqi helicopter in eastern Iraq
Nov. 13th Two injured in plane crash in Exumas, Bahamas
Nov. 13th Apache Helicopter Crash Causes Power Outage Near Zoelmond, Gelderland, Netherlands
Nov. 14th Three hurt in Narayanganj helicopter crash
Nov. 15th Child survives plane crash in Nelkan, Russia, six dead
Nov. 15th Eleven dead in African safari plane crash in Empakaai, Tanzania
Nov. 15th No fatalities reported in plane crash near Rock Springs, Wyoming
Nov. 16th Plane crash drama at Halfpenny Green Airport, UK
Nov. 16th Two killed in Free State helicopter crash, S. Africa
Nov. 17th "Four people feared dead after light aircraft and helicopter crashed mid-air, UK
Nov. 17th Plane, then crane, wreck at Statesville Regional Airport
Nov. 17th Belize gov’t ministers escape injury in plane crash
Nov. 18th Officials investigating plane crash in Bladenboro, NC
Nov. 18th Plane crash survivor airlifted to safety in Limpopo, South Africa
Nov. 18th No injuries in gyrocopter crash at CG airport, Arizona
Nov. 19th Plane crash in Tehachapi, CA
Nov. 19th Plane crash investigation underway at Grimes Field in Urbana
Nov. 19th 3 Injured After Small Plane Crashes Into House in San Jose
Nov. 19th 3 people killed in medical helicopter crash near Dewitt
Nov. 20th Airman killed in T-38 crash
Nov. 20th Helicopter crash near Electra, Texas
Nov. 21st Indian navy plane crashes after takeoff in Kerala state
Nov. 22nd US Navy plane crashes into Pacific
Nov. 22nd Plane crash landed in Presque Isle, Maine
Nov. 23rd Pilot Dies When Plane Headed From Mass. to Vermont Crashes
Nov. 23rd Pilot Killed in Plane Crash at Camp Blanding, Florida
Nov. 24th Military trainer aircraft crashes in southern India, pilot ejects safely
Nov. 25th Starbow suspends operations following plane crash in Ghana
Nov. 25th Plane crash at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, FL injures one person
Nov. 25th Emergency crews respond to plane crash in Lamar County
Nov. 25th Emergency crews respond to plane crash in Lamar County, Mississippi
Nov. 25th Four injured in small plane crash near Ebensburg, Pennsylvania
Nov. 25th Four-seater light aircraft crashes in a field in North Yorkshire, UK
Nov. 26th FAA investigating plane crash in Jefferson Count, WI
Nov. 27th One seriously injured after plane crash in Caledon, Canada
Nov. 27th Helicopter Crashes in Russia's Tambov Region
Nov. 25th Starbow suspends operations following plane crash in Ghana
Nov. 25th Plane crash at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, FL injures one person
Nov. 25th Emergency crews respond to plane crash in Lamar County
Nov. 25th Emergency crews respond to plane crash in Lamar County, Mississippi
Nov. 25th Four injured in small plane crash near Ebensburg, Pennsylvania
Nov. 25th Four-seater light aircraft crashes in a field in North Yorkshire, UK
Nov. 26th FAA investigating plane crash in Jefferson Count, WI
Nov. 27th One seriously injured after plane crash in Caledon, Canada
Nov. 27th Helicopter Crashes in Russia's Tambov Region
Nov. 28th Plane Crash in Nepal Injures 16 Including 13 Police Officers on Election Duty
Nov. 28th Military helicopter crashes in southern Mexico

Nov. 17th Argentina submarine goes missing with 4 crew members
Nov. 18th US warship collides with Japanese tug boat, fifth mishap for the year
Nov. 20th Missing Argentine submarine had reported electrical malfunction
Nov. 20th Owners of Chrysler’s newest minivan say engines suddenly shut off
Nov. 27th 12 missing when 2 cargo ships collide off China’s Guangdong Province
Nov. 27th Train carrying molten sulfur derails in Florida

Nov. 6th Wife discovers spouse’s affair midair, outburst forces pilot to land
Nov. 20th Unruly Passenger Forces SFO to Toronto Flight to Land in Denver
Nov. 26th United Airlines flight makes emergency diversion to London after several passengers felt lightheaded, nauseous
Nov. 30th Air Force grounds training planes after 15 pilots reported oxygen problems since Nov. 15

As we forge ahead towards the end of the year, we have much to ponder about our future. Each one is responsible for his or hers own story, and we write the script moment by moment. Circumstances do not define who we are. It is how we handle what comes before us that make the difference. Whether we look into the scary eyes of economic unrest, or the turbulent heart of an angry nation, each one of us can make a change for the better. When we learn to quiet the ego we make ourselves ready to soar into a future filled with light. If we won’t make the move for ourselves, the universe will force that change upon us. We are seeing the dismantling of the current system of government in this world. Freedom is on the way, but before we get there, an attempt to capture and control you will take place. Be On Guard!
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