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                                           2017 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE

                                                                                         OCTOBER 2017
Isaiah 21:6
For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees
Ezekiel 33:7
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me."

One of the beautiful experiences of being alive is change. Sometimes it can be a scary thing, but it’s necessary for spiritual and soul growth and development. The infant doesn’t remain so forever. It learns to toddle, fall down, and get back up. Learning to crawl, walk, and run. Even into adulthood we experience growth and changes; some pleasant and others, not so much, but they’re all part of our soul’s development. When we gaze upon the changing of the seasons (if we’re lucky enough to live in a location that receives the physical beauty that can be in all four) we see Mother Nature in all her glory. The shift we’ve been writing about in previous forecasts did take place in September. The changes were subtle for some, but undeniably they did occur. Do you feel somewhat more patient? Are you smiling for no apparent reason? Are you seeing things, or people in a different, more positive, light? Then perhaps you’ve become aware of some of the subtle changes of this shift. What does all this mean for us now? Well, that’s only the first part of the shift. We will continue wake up to the fact that things are a bit different with us until we come to the magnetic shift that will make our change undeniable. In the mean time we will continue to see turbulence a while longer while the transition continues. By no means will it be a cake walk, as the heating up of energies to create transformation do tend to sting a little, or a lot, depending on where we are in awareness and consciousness. Below, we revisit the areas that we have been, and continue to, watch closely as the changes in heaven and earth continue to take place. 

  • Donald Trump doesn’t make it through a full term of his presidency
  • We continue to see an increase in the amount of record natural disasters
  • We see a dramatic rise in sea levels
  • Great scandals continue to cause great men and women to step down. Some may even get arrested
  • Terror strikes around the globe continue for a while
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry for a while
  • Increases in diseases continue, and “cures” are touted to be found to eradicate them
  • disruptions in travel continue
  • food shortages spread, before there is a so-called solution
  • Global financial unrest leads to a global currency reset
  • There is an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: “Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.”
Make no mistake about it: Mother Earth will heal herself. As bleak as the prognosis may seem at times, she will weather the storms, droughts, cataclysmic events to rise like the victorious phoenix out of the ashes of mayhem. Humanity however, is another story physically, emotionally, and mentally. We are not altogether immune to disaster when it comes to shaking it off, and become stronger than we were. It’s not that we don’t have the potential; it’s that we lack the insight to transform to something greater than what we think we are. This too, will change. It starts with the changing of our minds in the direction of higher things. Things that’s greater than our conceived selves, to encompass love for all the inhabitants of the earth. When we practice love, gratitude, and respect for every living being then we will no longer experience headlines like the ones we will read about below. Of course it will take a while, and great effort on everyone’s part, but it has already begun, and it will be done.  (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                                    ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 

Oct. 2nd Sumatra: Unknown Disease Causes Cattle Deaths in Siguntur, West Sumatra
Oct. 2nd Thousands of dead fish washing ashore in a creek in Maryland, America
Oct. 4th 2 million birds dead from avian flu in Cape Town, South Africa
Oct. 4th Thousands of dead fish and marine animals washing up along the coast of Dead Stingray India Maharashtra, India
Oct. 4th Joburg City Parks confirms outbreak of bird flu as 598 bird carcasses recovered
Oct. 5th Thousands of sharks and other marine life 'mysteriously' dying in San Francisco Bay, America
Oct. 6th Millions of fish die 'due to pollution' in Telangana Lake, India
Oct. 6th Hundreds of seagulls dying on the coast of Galicia, Spain
Oct. 9th More than 100 Hippos dead from outbreak of disease in a national park in Namibia
Oct. 10th Hundreds of dead fish found along the shores of the river Simeto, Italy
Oct. 10th 3 dead dolphins and 2 dead whales found washed ashore in New Jersey, America
Oct. 11th Thousands of dead fish found in the Lakhish River, Israel
Oct. 12th 4,000 pigs drown after flooding in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam
Oct. 12th More than 800,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Central and Northern Italy
Oct. 12th 12 dead dolphins have washed up along the coast of Provence, France
Oct. 13th Thousands of dead fish found in the river Tagus, Portugal
Oct. 13th Thousands of dead fish found in a dam in Palmar, Uruguay
Oct. 13th 40,000 penguin chicks starved to death in Antarctica this year
Oct. 14th Tens of thousands of jellyfish wash up, 'unusual', in Southern New Zealand
Oct. 14th Large die off of fish in the mangroves of Darwin City, Australia
Oct. 14th 5 pilot whales dead after stranding on Hawaii, America
Oct. 15th 103 dead whales have washed up this year, 'never been so many before', in Brazil
Oct. 16th Hundreds of cattle dead due to wild fires in Portugal
Oct. 17th 80 tons of fish have died 'due to flooding' in Thai Binh, Vietnam
Oct. 17th Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Paraguay
Oct. 17th 41,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Zeeland, Netherlands
Oct. 17th 5,000 dead fish found in a lake in Mahbubnagar, India
Oct. 17th 30,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Anhui, China
Oct. 17th Tons of dead fish wash up on a beach in Hua Hin, Thailand
Oct. 17th Thousands of Penguin chicks die of starvation, 'scientists alarmed' in East Dead Penguin Chicks Antarctica
Oct. 17th China government culled 30,196 fowl after bird flu outbreak at poultry farms in central province
Oct. 20th Scientists Warn of Insect ‘Armageddon’ After Dramatic Drop in Populations
Oct. 20th 125,000 salmon die from disease in salmon farms in Scotland
Oct. 20th More than 80 sea birds wash up dead along beaches in Albany, Australia
Oct. 23rd Thousands of dead fish wash up in a river in Jhelum, Pakistan
Oct. 23rd More than 10,000 birds killed in two outbreaks of H5 bird flu in Bulgaria
Oct. 24th Schools of dead fish wash up in Malabar Bay, Sydney, Australia
Out. 26th Thousands of dead fish appear in a river in Murcia, Spain
Oct. 30th Large die off of fish in Athalassa Lake, Cyprus
Oct.  31st 70,000 fish have died in a lake, 'due to pollution' in Telangana, India
Oct. 31st 132 dead seals wash up on the shores of Lake Baikal in Russia

                                                       EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE

Isaiah 13:11-13“… Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will shake from its foundations at the wrath of Yahweh on the day of His burning anger.” 
Many of us have read or heard that in the last days there will be earthquakes in place after place. Once again the holy scriptures do not leave us in the dark as to what to pay attention to in preparation of the last days. We are seeing signs in the heavens and we are seeing the perplexity in mankind. The USGS recorded 8,522 earthquakes for the month of August 2016. In the month of August 2017 the USGS recorded 9,041 earthquakes. There were 519 more earthquakes this year than there were last year at the same time. Seven hundred and forty of these quakes were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following 30 did not all make the mainstream news in October however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Oct. 3rd Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike North Atlantic Ocean
Oct. 6th  Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan
Oct. 6th  Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike ENE of Iwaki, Japan
Oct. 6th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike Tristan da Cunha region
Oct. 8th  Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strike NW of Pangai, Tonga
Oct. 8th  Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strike Balleny Islands region
Oct. 8th  Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strike E of Buldir Island, Alaska
Oct. 10th  Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strike SSW of Putre, Chile
Oct. 10th  Magnitude 6.7 earthquake strike Bouvet Island region
Oct. 11th  Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike Bouvet Island region
Oct. 12th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike SSW of Serrezuela, Argentina
Oct. 14th  Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike SSW of San Dionisio del Mar, Mexico
Oct. 18th  Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike SSE of Pangai, Tonga
Oct. 18th  Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike N of Lae, Papua New Guinea
Oct. 19th  Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike E of Naze, Japan
Oct. 23rd    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strike Southwest of Africa
Oct. 24th  Magnitude 6.7 earthquake strike NNE of Palue, Indonesia
Oct. 28th  Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strike North of Franz Josef Land
Oct. 28th  Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike North of Franz Josef Land
Oct. 28th  Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike North of Franz Josef Land
Oct. 30th  Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike N of Satipo, Peru
Oct. 31st    Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Oct. 31st    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strike E of Tadine, New Caledonia
Oct. 31st    Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike NE of Hihifo, Tonga
Oct. 31st    Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strike WSW of Hila, Indonesia
Oct. 31st    Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike WSW of Amahusu, Indonesia

                                                         NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES

Today we see a great deal of natural disasters. Some are natural and some bio-engineered. Despite our many technological advancements, financial acquisitions, and intellectual accomplishments, it is safe to say that mankind’s rigid, stubborn and savvy tendencies will not protect us from the wrath of nature or from our bio-engineered storms. In every manner, when we act against the very principles of nature we are sure to lose, it’s just a matter of time. It is by yielding to our Source that we will find the protection from our Heavenly Father much like any loving parent would offer to his or her children. We see the intensification in the amounts and severity of storms that struck the west and the world last month.. The following is just a glimpse of what has continued this month:

Oct. 4th Bundaberg, Australia Floods After 300mm of Rain in 24 Hours
Oct. 5th Deadly Floods n Tamaulipas, Mexico Further Warnings for Severe Storms
Oct. 7th Storm Nate Causes Deadly Floods in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras
Oct. 8th Tropical Depression Nate thousands without power
Oct. 10th Typhoon Lan reaches Japan, bringing ferocious winds
Oct. 11th Storm Leaves 8 Dead, Record Rain in Durban, South Africa
Oct. 11th 23 Dead, 5,000 Homes Destroyed After Days of Heavy Rain in China
Oct. 12th Dozens Killed as Tropical Depression Causes Floods and Landslides in Vietnam
Oct. 12th Floods in Cumbria, UK After 211mm of Rain in 24 Hours
Oct. 16th Over 70 Killed in Floods, Further Warnings as Cyclone Khanun Approaches Vietnam
Oct. 17th Deadly Floods in Queensland, Australia After 218mm of Rain in 6 Hours
Oct. 17th Storm Ophelia Brings Damaging Winds and Storm Surge to Ireland and UK
Oct. 18th 12,000 Displaced by Floods in Zamboanga, Philippines
Oct. 19th Severe Floods in Cadiz, Spain After Torrential Rain
Oct. 23rd Storm Brian Causes Flooding in Ireland and UK
Oct. 23rd Evacuations as Typhoon Lan Causes Floods and Landslides in Japan
Oct. 27th Deadly Floods in Burgas, Bulgaria After Torrential Rain
Oct. 27th Flood Emergencies in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala
Oct. 30th 1.1 million still without power in Northeast after fierce storm hits northeast

                                                 ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE

Activities of those playing god have effectively caused sicknesses and diseases, mental and physical alike to cling to the citizens of the earth. There are orders who have worked in secret by getting their operatives into positions of authority through any means necessary. If we had the opportunity to investigate we would find their agents in high positions in the military, banking, government, business, medicine, education, science, media, entertainment, agriculture and religion. The network of actors is loyal to their dark initiation and is behind a plot to depopulate the earth, which would effectively fulfill the scripture (Deuteronomy 28:61-62): “Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
Through secret laboratories, scientists are funded, and laws are passed by governments to secretly infect certain classes of the population with all sorts of plagues, viruses, and diseases (biological weapons). Their activities have also triggered a natural effect that is being manifested in an increase in meteors, in our planet being heated up from its core, which is causing an increase in volcanic activity. These effects have also caused a disturbance in the earth’s poles that cause an increase in earthquakes and sinkholes, and will prove to be devastating for the entire planet if it continues. Below we can see some of the issues that we face today:

Oct. 1st Mississippi River going Dry above New Madrid Fault - Crack in Ground?
Oct. 3rd    Miles of Algae Covering Lake Erie
Oct. 6th Winds, floods and fire: US ties record for costly weather
Oct. 9th California wildfires force evacuations near San Francisco
Oct. 15th 'A horror no one could have imagined': California wildfires kill 40
Oct. 16th Portugal wildfires kill at least 32; 4 dead in Spain
Oct. 18th 5,000-mile long 'river in the sky' to deliver heavy rain, feet of snow to Northwest
Oct. 20th Pollution killing more people every year than wars
Oct. 23rd China shuts down tens of thousands of factories in pollution crackdown
Oct. 25th Record heat, strong winds bake Southern California
Oct. 30th Meteorologists: Carbon dioxide levels grow at record pace

Oct. 1st Dengue claims 11 lives in two weeks in Chennai, India
Oct. 2nd Three Dead, 81 hospitalized as Cholera hits Kasese, Uganda
Oct. 2nd Plague in Madagascar hits urban areas, kills 2 dozen people
Oct. 5th New Disease Claims 12 Lives in North Darfur Capital, Nyala, Sudan
Oct. 5th Dengue count mounts in Chandigarh, India
Oct. 5th Dengue fever claims another life in Peshawar, India toll mounts to 44
Oct. 8th How San Diego hepatitis A outbreak became the worst in decades
Oct. 10th Cholera kills people in eight states in Nigeria
Oct. 10th Cholera Cases Rises in Lusaka, Zambia
Oct. 11th Seychelles Reports Pneumonic Plague
Oct. 11th Washoe County resident dies after contracting hantavirus
Oct. 12th Over 820,000 suspected cases of cholera in Yemen
Oct. 12th 2 more die of dengue, death toll rises in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Oct. 13th Cholera claims lives in the first 10 months of the year in Maputo, Mozambique
Oct. 13th Dengue cases reported in Punjab, Pakistan
Oct. 13th Dengue fever hits sportsmen at Kanteerava stadium hostel in India
Oct. 14th Woman succumbs to dengue virus as death-toll climbs in Peshawar, Pakistan
Oct. 15th CDC confirms a cluster of indigenous dengue cases in Taiwan
Oct. 15th Dengue cases rise in Gurgaon, India this season
Oct. 16th Over 400 tested positive in 41 dengue screening camps in KP, Pakistan
Oct. 16th Foot and mouth disease hits four districts in Bugisu region
Oct. 16th In Madagascar, plague outbreak now threatens largest cities
Oct. 17th 22-yr-old Zirakpur woman dies of dengue symptoms, India
Oct. 17th Highly contagious Bubonic & pneumonic plague claim 74 lives in Madagascar over past two months
Oct. 18th Cholera, measles kill 56 in Borno, Kano, Nigeria
Oct. 18th Monkey Pox cases increase to 74 in Abuja, Nigeria
Oct. 18th 31 dead, confirmed dengue cases rise in Bengal, India
Oct. 19th Dengue cases from Ludh dist, India rise
Oct. 19th Six-year-old girl dies of dengue in Coimbatore government hospital
Oct. 20th Dengue claims two more lives in Peshawar, Pakistan
Oct. 20th 7-year-old girl dies of dengue at ICH, Chennai, India
Oct. 21st 10-year-old boy dies of dengue in Jadavpur, India
Oct. 22nd Vietnam records over 148,000 cases of dengue fever
Oct. 23rd Dengue fever spreads tentacles in Doraha, India
Oct. 23rd Dengue claims one life in Jhap, Nepal
Oct. 23rd Disease claims 66-yr-old in Bally, India
Oct. 23rd Two die of dengue fever in Combatore, India
Oct. 23rd Dengue cases mount in Delhi, India
Oct. 24th Death toll reaches rises as two more die of dengue
Oct. 25th Plague in Madagascar, death toll climbs
Oct. 25th Second death due to flesh-eating bacteria after Hurricane Harvey
Oct. 25th Legionnaires' disease infects 12 people in NYC
Oct. 26th Vietnam dengue tally tops 150,000
Oct 28th World leaders rehearse for a pandemic that will come ‘sooner than we expect’
Out. 31st Hundreds of recruits get sick at Marine boot camp
Oct. 31st Head of Rospotrebnadzor reported on the detection of a new strain of bird flu in humans, Russia

                                                                    SIGNS OF THE TIMES 

In these final days we are promised to see many signs and wonders, so much that if it were possible it would fool the very elects (Matt. 24:24). Much of what we see and hear from our various media outlets is designed to manipulate the collective thought processes of the masses who have been captivated through fear and lower passions and desires. Through a multitude of false information the entire planet has been deceived on one level or another to fall into pockets of a created matrix filled with thickets to hitch the unsuspecting. There are signs in the heavens and the earth, sun, moon, planets and stars that are hardly noticed. There is increasing persecution for certain classes of people. There are more electronic and power grid issues than ever before and strange creatures are being documented as seen. Before long we will be forced to re-think some of the things we thought were myths and legends. Much of what we thought was true we will soon find to be false and vise- versa. Below is only a small example of the signs that are subtly creeping in: 

Oct. 4th The Super-Earth that Came Home for Dinner
Oct. 7th Planet X 'Cover-up'
Oct. 13th Is there another World on the Edge of our Solar System? NASA says it is likely mysterious Planet Nine Does Exist
Oct. 16th Miami politician says aliens took her on a spaceship

Oct. 26th New gene-editing technique could drive out mosquito
Oct. 27th Arabia's newest citizen is a robot

Oct. 4th Michigan mother who refused to vaccinate son thrown in jail
Oct. 11th Massive Energy Pulse above both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans!
Oct. 15th California Recognizes Non-binary As 3rd Gender
Oct. 18th Quebec passes law banning facial coverings in public
Oct. 19th Meteor Lights Up New England Sky Mid-Afternoon
Oct. 19th 84 children rescued in nationwide human trafficking sweep, 120 traffickers arrested
Oct. 20th Trans woman sexually assaulted girl, 10, in bathroom

                                                               GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST

Jeremiah 17:5:
This is what YHWH says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from YHWH.”
We have written about the unseen war that is being waged in the unseen world that is being manifested in the earth as global unrest in many forms. One of these forms is economical. There is a shift in economic power taking place and we will soon see the full effect of this change. There will be a false relief that the unsuspecting will welcome, but until then we see financial pressure on various sectors. As we look below we see nations, cities and organizations that are being forced into drastic changes. These changes trickle down to people to create financial instability, so when it gets real bad and relief is offered there will be only one choice for most: 

Oct. 2nd City of Pearl Mississippi to lay off up to 16
Oct. 9th Saginaw’s Fire Department Considers Layoffs
Oct. 12th Winnebago County Sheriff Issue 80 Layoff Notices
Oct. 27th Oklahoma State Department of Health to lay off 250

Oct. 5th Grace University closing in Omaha
Oct. 11th The Regional Public School District CT to lay off 18+
Oct. 12th Haven school district considers closing Partridge Grade School
Oct. 25th Memphis College of Art Overton Park institution, will close by May of 2020
Oct. 27th Northeast State Community College will close its Bristol campus on Dec. 19

Oct. 3rd Boone Hospital Center to lay off 50
Oct. 4th Independence Blue Cross offer 900 Vol. Severance Program
Oct. 4th Olean General Hospital Confirms some Layoffs
Oct. 5th Lifetime Health Medical Group closing 3 Buffalo Centers
Oct. 6th Lahey Health to lay off 75
Oct. 6th Northwest Texas Hospital to lay off 23
Oct. 6th Edward-Elmhurst Health to lay off 84
Oct. 6th Boone Hospital Center closing in Columbia plans to close its inpatient pediatric unit - 50 Jobs Lost,55809
Oct. 6th The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills FL is closing
Oct. 6th Sentara Albemarle Medical Center Closing in Kitty Hawk, NC
Oct. 7th J&J to close its Animas Corp. diabetes-care business in Chesterbrook
Oct. 8th Miami Jewish Health Systems to lay off 72
Oct. 10th Tulare Regional Medical Center files for bankruptcy
Oct. 10th 300 Layoffs coming to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s PGBA
Oct. 14th PeaceHealth to lay off 100
Oct. 16th Cardiac Connection Home Health Care Nursing Services files for bankruptcy
Oct. 17th Simi Valley hospital and health system to lay off 31
Oct. 18th St. Charles Health System to lay off 102 Positions
Oct. 18th Northwell Health to lay off 107
Oct. 19th Athenahealth to lay off more than 400
Oct. 19th Abrazo Community Health Network will close its Maryvale hospital in December
Oct. 21st University of Mississippi Medical Center to Lay Off 120
Oct. 23rd Brookside Health and Rehabilitation Center closing in White River Junction
Oct. 24th Layoffs at Braking Point Recovery Center Ohio
Oct. 24th Davidson's Health Home Market Davidson NC is Closing
Oct. 24th Massena Memorial Hospital will close the Norfolk Family Health Center
Oct. 25th Medicines Co to lay off more than 300
Oct. 26th Jefferson Health to lay off about 200
Oct. 27th Tenet Healthcare to lay off 1,300

Oct. 4th BB&T closes former Susquehanna HQ, lays off 82
Oct. 7th Bombardier to close Macon Facility - 89 Jobs Lost
Oct. 14th Los Alamos National Bank to lay off 26
Oct. 17th Wells Fargo closing Lehigh Valley call center
Oct. 18th Central Bank branch at Columbia Mall is closing

Oct. 4th The Goodyear Auto Service closing on Henry Street in Binghamton closed
Oct. 6th The Kroger located at 5025 Gratiot Road in Saginaw Township Michigan is closing
Oct. 6th Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market closing in Little Rock
Oct. 7th The Best Buy store on Two Notch Road near Columbia Mall closing
Oct. 7th FedEx Closing Office at 6 S. Ludlow St. Dayton, Ohio
Oct. 7th Ferguson True Value hardware store in MO closing
Oct. 8th Sears closing store at Oxmoor Center in Louisville
Oct. 9th BAE Systems UK to lay off 1,000
Oct. 10th Battle Creek's MI OfficeMax is closing
Oct. 10th Sears Canada to Liquidate with loss of 12,000 Jobs
Oct. 10th Sears closing in St Cloud
Oct. 10th Nokia to lay off up to 310, Halt VR Camera Development
Oct. 11th Owens Corning will close its Brunswick Factory, 60 Jobs Lost
Oct. 13th Disney/ABC Television Group to lay off 100 to 200
Oct. 13th Wal-Mart is closing its Bristol Borough store
Oct. 14th 400 to 700 Layoffs Reported Tesla HQ, Factory
Oct. 17th Kmart store in Whitehall Township PA is closing
Oct. 18th Ethan Allen to close its doors on Staten Island NY
Oct. 18th SeaWorld to lay off 350 Positions
Oct. 18th 200 expected layoffs at Time Inc.
Oct. 18th Nestle in Waverly to lay off 50
Oct. 19th General Dynamics’ IT services division will close an office in Alexandria, VA - 92 Layoffs
Oct. 19th Layoffs coming in Finance Group at Intel
Oct. 19th Lenovo Confirms Some Layoffs
Oct. 19th Layoffs coming to Chevron in Bakersfield California
Oct. 19th Blue Apron to lay off more than 300
Oct. 20th Technicolor Inc. says it will close its office on the north side of Indianapolis - 95 Layoffs
Oct. 21st Siemens - Plans Thousands of Job Cuts
Oct. 21st Merck & Co. to lay off 840
Oct. 21st Oak Hill True Value closing in St Louis MO
Oct. 23rd Time Inc. to lay off up to 200
Oct. 25th Walgreens to close 600 stores
Oct. 25th More Layoffs Reported at SolarCity
Oct. 25th Ritz-Carlton South Beach to lay off 281
Oct. 26th Pilgrim's Pride Corp. will close a Minnesota poultry processing facility - 200 Jobs Lost
Oct. 26th Nationwide to lay off 400
Oct. 27th Fiat Chrysler intend to permanently close a Toledo transportation terminal
Oct. 27th More Layoffs Coming to ESPN

Oct. 1st Paper maker Appvion Inc. files for bankruptcy
Oct. 4th GST Autoleather files for bankruptcy
Oct. 9th South Dakota’s Bettor Racing Inc. files for bankruptcy
Oct. 10th DuraFiber Technologies files for bankruptcy
Oct. 11th Point.360 files for bankruptcy
Oct. 11th Marsh files for bankruptcy
Oct. 16th Honolulu-based Island Air files for bankruptcy
Oct. 17th Romano’s Macaroni Grill files for bankruptcy
Oct. 18th VidAngel files for bankruptcy
Oct. 22nd Bomber Industries Inc. files for bankruptcy
Oct. 23rd M&G Polymers USA files for bankruptcy
Oct. 25th West Coast Transport Services files for bankruptcy

Oct. 1st Renee Kelly’s Harvest Restaurant closing in Shawnee KS
Oct. 3rd Lucia's Restaurant to close in uptown Minneapolis
Oct. 3rd Flippin’s Orscheln Farm and Home store AR is closing
Oct. 3rd Las Islas Del Mar closing in Monona WI
Oct. 3rd Rainforest Café closing in San Francisco
Oct. 5th Bijou Fine Chocolate in Shelburne VT Closed
Oct. 6th Gene’s Fine Foods closing in Saratoga California
Oct. 11th Bella's Restaurant and Lounge closing in Newport News VA
Oct. 11th Pepitos Mexican Restaurant closing in south Minneapolis
Oct. 12th 2South Food + Wine Bar in Old Colorado City CO is closing.
Oct. 12th Granny Schmidt’s Bake Shop closing in Whitehall Township PA
Oct. 13th The Gold Coast Bistro and Bar in Alameda CA is closing
Oct. 13th Austin Java Is Closing North Lamar Cafe Austin TX
Oct. 18th Café Racer closing in North Seattle
Oct. 19th Ric’s Food Center closing in Grand Traverse County Michigan
Oct. 19th The Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant in the Orange Plaza Town of Wallkill is closing
Oct. 19th The Commons Brewery closing in Portland OR
Oct. 21st The Park Central Deli closing at the Park Central Mall in Phoenix
Oct. 21st Vowell’s Marketplace closing in Meridian MS
Oct. 21st Thali Too and Oaxaca Kitchen closing in New Haven CN
Oct. 21st Willow Street Bakery closing in Green Bay Wisconsin
Oct. 22nd Catch on Seafood closing in Charlotte NC
Oct. 23rd Save-A-Lot closing at 111 Mill St., Grove City PA
Oct. 23rd Healthy Home Market closing in Davidson NC
Oct. 23rd White Rose Coffeehouse closing in Lynn MA
Oct. 25th Bank Street Coffee House closing in New Milford
Oct. 25th Alice Cooper'stown restaurant closing in downtown Phoenix
Oct. 25th Z'Tejas Southwestern Grill closing 3 Locations in Tempe, Scottsdale and central Phoenix AZ
Oct. 25th Häagen-Dazs Bakersfield / Tulare to lay off 817

Oct. 3rd M&G Resins USA in Corpus Christi to lay off 100
Oct. 3rd Ryder Supply Chain Solutions to lay off 361
Oct. 4th Layoffs Reported at Citrix
Oct. 6th Meijer - Major IT Restructuring
Oct. 9th Daniel Defense to lay off 100
Oct. 11th Dura-Bond in Steelton P to lay off to lay off 180
Oct. 12th Binder & Binder to lay off 190
Oct. 12th 200+ Layoffs Likely at Dematic
Oct. 13th The Gainesville Job Corps Center FL is Closing 125 Layoffs
Oct. 15th Vistra Energy closing 2 more Texas Coal Plants - 600 Layoffs
Oct. 18th Novartis division closing Broomfield operations - 450 Jobs affected
Oct. 24th Rockwell Collins to lay off 130
Oct. 24th Hawks Cay Resort to lay off 260
Oct. 26th 400 Layoffs Possible at Convergys
Oct. 27th Luxottica Hickory Hill Facility to lay off 208

                                                                 GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST

Revelation 11:18: "The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small- and for destroying those who destroy the earth."
As we stated at the beginning of our 2016 forecast, the inhabitants of the earth are becoming angrier and angrier and it will get worse. Unsatisfied, because they have separated from the peace that comes from their source we see the manifestation in protest and bloodshed across the globe.  The nations are angry and YHWH’s wrath has now drawn upon us. Clearly the Spirit which administers the fruits of peace is not prevalent in our world today. As people awake they are realizing that they have been lied to by the very ones they have entrusted their lives to. As it is said: “the earth opened its mouth” (Revelation 12:16). As we look at the following headlines it is clear to see that something is happening with the inhabitants of the earth:

Oct. 3rd University of Nairobi closed as anger rises over police brutality
Oct. 3rd State crackdown fuels independence push in Anglophone Cameroon
Oct. 3rd Tens of thousands of Catalans take to streets to protest police action
Oct. 3rd Barcelona transport system paralyzed by hundreds of thousands of protesters
Oct. 7th Opposition rally on Vladimir Putin's birthday
Oct. 8th Brazil's south holds independence poll
Oct. 8th Protesting Mexican Teachers Attack Helicopter in Presidential Convoy
Oct. 12th Kenya police shoot and kill 2 opposition protesters
Oct. 12th Kenya bans protests, setting up showdown
Oct. 14th White nationalists from Charlottesville rally chased by protesters
Oct. 14th 5 arrested after latest St. Louis-area protests

Oct. 1st Canada police probe car and knife attack as terrorism
Oct. 1st Knifeman yelling "Allahu Akbar" shot dead after killing two in France
Oct. 2nd More than 20 dead, over 100 injured in Las Vegas shooting
Oct. 6th 3 men arrested in connection with New York City terror attack plot
Oct. 6th Pentagon says fourth U.S. soldier killed in Niger ambush
Oct. 7th Car rams into crowd outside London museum
Oct. 15th Nearly 200 Killed In Mogadishu Twin Bomb Blasts
Oct. 20th 1 dead, 7 hurt after knife attack at Polish shopping mall
Oct. 20th Suicide bombers attack two Afghan mosques, at least 70 dead
Oct. 21st Knife Attacker Wounds 5 People In Munich
Oct. 27th Man drives into California immigration rally, arrested
Oct. 28th 13 dead, more than 16 wounded in Mogadishu hotel blast
Oct. 30th Truck Driver Kills Eight in Lower Manhattan Terrorist Attack

Oct. 13th North Korea Says It Will Attack U.S. Territory of Guam if Trump Keeps Tweeting Threats
Oct. 29th Kenya's disputed poll turns neighbors against each other

Oct. 3rd Tensions grip Nigerian city as separatist leader goes missing
Oct. 15th Virginia State University campus shooting leaves one injured
Oct. 20th Fort Collins shooting leaves 3 dead near Colorado State University
Oct. 23rd California Gun Injuries Spike after Nevada Gun Shows
Oct. 25th 2 people shot dead at Grambling State University
Oct. 28th Mexico’s Record Violence Is a Crisis 20 Years in the Making
Oct. 31st Parent Holds Teacher Hostage for Six Hours at California School


As the unseen war rages on individuals of renowned names will continue to be rocked by all sorts of scandals, forcing them to be removed from their offices in one way, or another. This month we saw the take down of Harvey Weinstein, Amazon’s Studios chief, Samsung Electronics’ CEO, SoFi’s CEO, Mark Halperin, Kevin Spacey, and Michael Oreskes. We saw Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif indicted. Not even former president George H.W. Bush could escape the scandals. It will only get worse and more powerful people will be forced to step aside or just simply disappear as judgment is being brought upon the children of the gods who are in high offices. We see famous people dying at a rate never before seen as many are being sacrificed to underworld forces. Below we can see further evidence of the phenomena:

Oct. 3rd Turkey to detain 254 municipal, ministry staff over alleged Gulen links
Oct. 4th Tom Petty’s death leads to coroner inquiry
Oct. 8th Harvey Weinstein fired amid sexual harassment allegations
Oct. 12th Samsung Electronics CEO Kwon announces shock resignation
Oct. 13th Amazon Studios chief on leave of absence amid sexual harassment claim
Oct. 13th South African president 'must face corruption charges'
Oct. 14th Motion Picture Academy expels Harvey Weinstein
Oct. 15th Army sacks general for sexy texts to sergeant's wife
Sept. 15th SoFi CEO steps down amid harassment investigation
Sept. 15th Saudi Arabia Detains Critics as New Crown Prince Consolidates Power
Oct. 17th Las Vegas security guard vanished just before he was to break his silence in TV interviews
Oct. 17th Catalan separatist leaders jailed by Spanish court
Oct. 18th Grassley Probes Clinton 'Conflicts of Interest' amid new Questions in Russia Uranium DealE
Oct. 19th Uranium One Scandal threatens to Bring Down the entire Democratic Party
Oct. 19th Michele Marsh, Emmy Award-winning TV news anchor, dies at 63
Oct. 19th Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif indicted on corruption charges
Oct. 19th Pat Tiberi, Ohio Republican, won't seek reelection
Oct. 23rd Chef John Besh Steps Down Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal
Oct. 24th Jeff Flake announces he won't seek re-election
Oct. 25th George HW Bush apologizes after 'sexual assault accusation
Oct. 25th Stephen Paddock’s missing hard drive deepens an already tough Las Vegas shooting case
Oct. 26th George H.W. Bush Accused of Groping by Second Woman
Oct. 26th MSNBC suspends analyst Mark Halperin after sexual harassment claims
Oct. 26th Pakistani court issues arrest warrant for Nawaz Sharif
Oct. 26th Mark Halperin leaves NBC after sexual harassment allegations
Oct. 27th Third woman says she was groped by George H.W. Bush
Oct. 27th Drug company founder indicted in US-wide opioid conspiracy
Oct. 27th Ex-senate candidate is 4th woman to accuse Bush of groping
Oct. 30th Catalan leaders facing rebellion charges 'flee to Belgium'
Oct. 30th Kurdish leader Barzani resigns after bungled independence push and violence at parliament
Oct. 30th Paul Manafort and Rick Gates surrender to FBI, indicted by federal grand jury
Oct. 30th Actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of making a sexual advance towards him
Oct. 30th John Podesta's brother just quit his lobbying firm as Mueller's probe intensifies
Oct. 31st Andy Dick fired from movie over sexual harassment claims
Oct. 31st Jeremy Piven accused of sexual assault by reality star Ariane Bellamar
Oct. 31st Michael Oreskes resigns as NPR news chief after harassment report

                                                     DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION

We’ve mentioned in the past that disruptions in the magnetic field of the earth are currently causing it to move to and fro (Is. 24:20). This is also causing the magnetosphere to become charged, which is causing malfunctions in electronic equipment. When the equipment is transportation we find accidents of all kinds. This problem is getting worse, especially in areal transportation. The following will increase as we continue into the upcoming years:

Oct. 1st Engine on Russian flight bursts into flames
Oct. 2nd Jetstar plane makes emergency landing in Chiang Mai, Thailand after smoke rose from luggage compartment
Oct. 4th Plane makes emergency landing at Shannon Airport after reports of cargo fire
Oct. 4th EasyJet flight from Glasgow makes emergency landing in Berlin after captain smell smoke in cockpit
Oct. 11th PIA plane escapes mid-air disaster after smoke was detected in cargo compartment
Oct. 11th Marine helicopter catches fire, makes emergency landing at Naha Airport, Japan
Oct. 11th National Guard Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Bradley Due To Smoke In The Cockpit
Oct. 14th Sydney-bound flight lands in Adelaide, Australia after smoke alarm went off
Oct. 16th Emergency landing at Ireland’s Dublin Airport after report of smoke in cockpit
Oct. 17th TAP plane engine catches fire on takeoff from Italian airport
Oct. 17th Plane evacuated at Sweden's Stockholm airport after smoke in cockpit
Oct. 18th Japanese fighter jet catches fire before takeoff from base
Oct. 24th Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Amarillo, TX After Smoke Detector Went Off
Oct. 24th American Airlines flight made emergency landing in Birmingham, AL after smoke was reported in cabin
Oct. 25th Emergency landing in airport in Veracruz, Mexico due to threat of fire mid flight
Oct. 25th Smoke in cockpit forces emergency landing at Carroll County airport, MD
Oct. 27th Smoke in cabin after plane arrives at Sumburgh Airport, Scotland

Oct. 1st Light plane makes emergency landing at a Australia's Melbourne airport due to landing gear issues
Oct. 1st Air France plane engine fails over Atlantic
Oct. 2nd Delta Flight From NY’s LaGuardia Makes Emergency Landing In Detroit, MI Due To Engine Problem
Oct. 3rd London to Edinburgh flight declares mid-air emergency due to ‘technical fault’, Manchester, UK
Oct. 4th Landing gear incident puts aircraft on hold at Victoria Airport, in Canada
Oct. 5th Vibration forced NBC Washington news chopper to make emergency landing in Springfield, VA
Oct. 5th Small airplane makes emergency landing in water off Locust Beach, Washington due to engine trouble
Oct. 6th Russian helicopter makes emergency landing in Syria due to malfunction
Oct. 7th 3 US F-16s made emergency landing in Japan due to engine failure
Oct. 10th Airplane makes emergency landing at restaurant west of Durango, CO due to engine failure
Oct. 12th Ryanair flight in emergency landing at Malta International Airport due to landing gear issues
Oct. 12th Plane lands safely at China airport after malfunction
Oct. 12th Plane makes emergency landing in Brisbane, Australia after experiencing engine troubles
Oct. 12th LAPD Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing At Dodger Stadium Due To Mechanical problems
Oct. 13th Technical Problems Diverted Flight That Lands Safely At Bermuda Airport
Oct. 14th Oman Air plane makes emergency landing in Goa after engine failure
Oct. 15th AirAsia flight forced back to Perth after loss of cabin pressure cause terrifying midair emergency
Oct. 16th C-130 makes safe emergency landing in Reno with its rear landing gear
Oct. 17th Helicopter makes safe emergency landing at Hawaii's Waipio soccer park due to loss of power
Oct. 17th Plane lands safely after landing gear issue coming into North Central West Virginia Airport
Oct. 17th Plane makes emergency landing at Millard Airport, NE due to landing gear issues
Oct. 19th British Airways flight from Malaga forced to make emergency landing in France after a rapid decent
Oct. 20th Pilot considered lucky after losing power and making emergency landing in Letsitele, S. Africa
Oct. 20th Police Investigate Emergency Plane Landing In Oakland County, MI Due to Engine Problems
Oct. 21st Qantas flight to San Francisco on its way back to Sydney, Australia because of technical issues
Oct. 21st Plane makes emergency landing near Gatineau airport due to mechanical issues
Oct. 22nd Delta plane bound for Cleveland makes emergency landing in Knoxville, TN after engine failure
Oct. 23rd Private plane makes a successful emergency landing after landing gear malfunctioned in Texas
Oct. 23rd Aircraft makes emergency landing in Titusville, FL due to engine problem
Oct. 24th Firefly plane turns back to Penang airport in Malaysia due to technical issues
Oct. 24th Pilot of single-engine plane makes emergency landing in Gypsum, CO after plane lost power
Oct. 24th Army helicopter makes emergency landing near Balesar, India due to technical fault
Oct. 25th Scary moment Qantas plane engine cuts off mid-air over Australia
Oct. 25th Pilot makes emergency landing in Boulder County hay field due to mechanical issues
Oct. 26th Delta flight diverted to Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada due to engine issues
Oct. 26th Airplane makes emergency landing on Highway 14 due to engine trouble
Oct. 27th Pilot makes emergency landing at Elmira-Corning Regional Airport, NY after gear indication light malfunctioned

Oct. 4th Plane makes emergency landing near Illinois' Brown County golf course
Oct. 6th Small plane makes emergency landing in corn field near Aurora Airport, Illinois
Oct. 15th EasyJet flight is forced into emergency landing due to a 'smell event'
Oct. 16th Plane declares emergency on landing at Hawarden Airport, UK due to unusual odor
Oct. 16th Two more Liverpool airport flights request emergency support due to strange smells in cockpit
Oct. 18th Pilot Makes Emergency Landing Made On Highway 97, Prince George, Canada

Oct. 1st 2 people hurt in Block Island plane crash in Rhode Island
Oct. 1st Monroe County Sheriff’s Office responds to reports of a plane crash in Tellico Plains
Oct. 1st Husband and Wife killed in plane crash in Klamath County, Oregon
Oct. 1st Helicopter crash leaves 6 injured in Pabna, Bangladesh
Oct. 1st One dead, one hurt, as helicopter crashes on Vancouver Island, Canada
Oct. 1st FAA investigating after deadly Midland County, MI helicopter crash
Oct. 2nd Plane from St. Thomas Crashes in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Oct. 3rd No injuries after small plane crash lands in Smithfield, Utah
Oct. 3rd Training plane crash-lands in Bulacan farm, Philippines
Oct. 3rd Afghan Army Plane Crash Lands In Daikundi
Oct. 3rd Plane crash near Almaty leaves five people dead in Kazakhstan
Oct. 4th Two killed in Williamsburg Co. S. Carolina plane crash
Oct. 4th Minnesota's Eden Prairie police respond to plane crash report
Oct. 4th Maldivian seaplane crash lands
Oct. 5th Small plane crashes at Hillsboro, Oregon airport
Oct. 5th 1 man dies after plane crashes in Bardstown, Kentucky
Oct. 5th Airplane crashes onto field just outside Santa Ynez, CA Airport
Oct. 6th Pilot killed in Pretoria, S. Africa plane crash
Oct. 6th Mexico military helicopter crashes in northern state of Durango, Mexico
Oct. 7th Virginia State Police have identified man killed in small plane crash
Oct. 8th One dead following plane crash in Wilbarger County, Texas
Oct. 8th 3 people survive plane crash in Middlesex, Virginia
Oct. 8th One dead, three injured in helicopter crash in Latvia
Oct. 9th 2 on board plane that went down in West Valley, Arizona
Oct. 9th Dutch Man Killed in Small Plane Crash on Majorca, Spain
Oct. 9th Plane crash during a crash memorial, Uruguay
Oct. 9th 3 killed in Brazil plane crash
Oct. 9th Rescue Helicopter Crashes In Savegre River, Costa Rica
Oct. 10th Russian supersonic Su-24 plane crashes on takeoff in Syria
Oct. 12th Pilot killed in military plane crash after taking part in Spain's national day parade
Oct. 12th No one injured in plane crash in Polk County, Georgia
Oct. 12th Authorities respond to plane crash near Las Cruces, New Mexico
Oct. 13th Seven killed in Angola plane crash
Oct. 13th Army trainer plane crashes in NW Pakistan, injuring 3
Oct. 13th Small plane crashes into field northwest of Fort Collins, CO
Oct. 14th 4 Moldovans dead die when military cargo plane plunges into sea off Ivory Coast
Oct. 14th Search Effort Continues After Mississippi River Plane Crash
Oct. 16th Coast Guard, Navy responds to downed helicopter off Molokai, HI
Oct. 16th Ashtabula County, OH father and son involved in Gustavus plane crash
Oct. 17th UAE says 2 pilots killed in military plane crash in Yemen
Oct. 17th Spanish military aircraft crashes at Torrejon Air Base, Spain
Oct. 18th Swedish woman dies in Greenpeace plane crash in Rio Negro, Brazil
Oct. 18th Plane hits two cars in St. Pete, FL crash-landing
Oct. 18th Small plane crash reported at Dare County Regional Airport, NC
Oct. 19th Small plane crashes in Sidney, NY no injuries reported
Oct. 19th At least 1 killed in small plane crash in Arizona
Oct. 19th Kerkoven Man Injured in Plane Crash in Willmar, MN
Oct. 20th Light aircraft crash-lands at Kenya's Nairobi National Park after take-off
Oct. 21st Plane crashes after gear collapsed at Centennial Airport in Colorado
Oct. 21st Small Plane Crash Sparks Brush Fire at El Capitan Reservoir in Lakeside, CA
Oct. 21st Small plane crashes in Saint-Lazare, Canada
Oct. 21st Five feared dead as helicopter crashes on Kenyan campaign trail
Oct. 22nd Small plane crashes off runway in Santa Maria, CA
Oct. 23rd 2 killed in Australian light plane crash
Oct. 23rd Troopers recover missing pilot’s body from Yukon River; plane crash under investigation
Oct. 24th Pilot survives crop duster plane crash in Lamb County, Texas
Oct. 24th Pilot dead near Albany after plane crashes in dense, inaccessible bushland, Australia
Oct. 24th Helicopter crashes into Snohomish County lake, WA
Oct. 24th No injuries in helicopter crash in Carson County, Texas
Oct. 25th Two Irishmen left seriously injured after plane crash in Czech Republic
Oct. 26th Two dead in small plane crash near Springbank airport, Canada
Oct. 26th Man injured in Nottinghamshire, UK helicopter crash
Oct. 26th No injuries reported in two-seater helicopter crash at Tri-Cities Airport, TN
Oct. 26th Russian helicopter crashes into sea off Norway's Arctic archipelago of Svalbard
Oct. 27th Emergency services deployed after plane crash at Elstree Aerodrome, UK
Oct. 27th Officials investigate plane crash at San Carlos Airport, CA
Oct. 27th Pilot Walks Away From Plane Crash After Engine Stalled
Oct. 27th US service member killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan
Oct. 28th 2 Injured in Italy When Small Plane Crashes on Train Tracks
Oct. 28th Two dead in light plane crash near Taree, Australia

Oct. 4th Unruly patient prompt helicopter to make emergency landing
Oct. 22nd Flight diverted after drunk woman attacked passenger and flight crew mid-air
Oct. 23rd WestJet flight forced to land in Canada due to unruly, drunk passenger
Oct. 26th Disruptive drunk passenger causes unplanned landing at Gander Airport, Canada

So here we have it: The October 2017 forecast update. We continue to see troubling events that should be preparing us for the challenges that our planet is moving toward. We are only messengers that have been given the commission to shine light in certain areas to spur those who hear to action. Most of the world is in the “normalcy syndrome” - if it hasn’t happened before, it won’t - is the common stance. This report is for those who believe what is clearly being presented from events that are taking place all around us, as well as, believing the holy writings that cautioned us of the same activities. After some turbulence ahead our planet will wake up to live more cooperatively with the universal principles of our Source. We can and will choose for ourselves a better way of life to create for ourselves and others on this earth. Each one of us individually, as well as collectively is responsible for the changes that are made to this world. As of October 10th 2016 the things that are to be set in place to effect great change are in place. Now moving forward over the next seven years implementation comes on the scene. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” send the message to your friends and family, and join us next month as we highlight headlines that take place next month in the 2017 Global Forecast Update for November.