Shining LIGHT to a darkened world


                                  2017 GLOBAL FORECAST UPDATE

                                                                                                               SEPTEMBER 2017

Isaiah 21:6
For this has YHWH said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees
Ezekiel 33:7
Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.

Here we are. September has taken its place on the calendar of our lives. It rolled around, like it always has on the wheel of time; like we expected it to. It’s the same as every year before this one, and yet, perhaps, it’s somehow different. For followers of our forecast, a watchful eye may be searching for some sort of major shift in the existence of humanity. Could this be that shift that will lead to a twinkling of an eye where those who were raised enough in vibration (light beings that walk amongst their brethren as revealed sons of the Most High) to assist in healing the creation (Romans 8:19)?  Will those who received a renewed awareness move about fitted with the luminescent Merkabah (light body vehicle)? Probably not. At least not yet. What if we don’t physically see anything major happen at all? Does it mean that nothing happened, or does it mean that maybe we just didn’t perceive it? 
The return that we have written about concerning this Jubilee will more than likely begin to be experienced on a subtle level by those who are attuned to perceive it. The energy that pours out covers humanity like an etheric blanket. Depending on how attuned we are, or not; we either will sense, or not sense, the changes upon our planet. 
Waking up can be a beautiful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Most have probably heard the expression: a rude awakening. Having your antenna set just right to receive the signals to give clarity may mean realizing that those whom you trusted were lying to you all along. Depending on how good you are at forgiveness, this could cause an internal rift. If people can now see clearly that many things sold to them in commerce and in ideology were not: the whole truth and nothing but the truth, there may be a bit of reckoning that goes on. As we look through the following list of events, see for yourself if any of these issues appear differently to you now than they did before. Who knows? Maybe you are among those who woke up.

  • Donald Trump doesn’t make it through a full term of his presidency
  • We continue to see an increase in the amount of record natural disasters
  • We see a dramatic rise in sea levels
  • Great scandals continue to cause great men and women to step down. Some may even get arrested
  • Terror strikes around the globe continue 
  • The human population continues to become increasingly angry 
  • Increases in diseases continue, and “cures” are touted to be found to eradicate them
  • Disruptions in travel continue
  • Food shortages spread, before there is a so-called solution
  • Global financial unrest leads to a global currency reset
  • There is an extraterrestrial disclosure by major governments or undeniable sightings of our alien neighbors

Hosea 4:1-3 reads: Hear the word of YHWH, O children of Israel, for YHWH has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of YHWH in the land; there is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery. They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. That is why your land dries up, and all who live therein waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens and even the fish of the sea are taken away.
Peruse around the globe on Google Earth and we may drool a little at the awe inspiring sights that Mother Earth still has to offer. The green lush Engadine Valley of Switzerland, the breath taking waterfalls in Geiranger Fjorge, Norway, or the majestic Sagano bamboo forests of Japan, just to name a few. There is much beauty to share with the inhabitants of the earth, but sadly the greed and violence which has been perpetrated upon the world (Isaiah 25:7), and that also darkens the human heart, has depleted and dried up much of that beauty. Below we see the very real struggle that our animal companions are facing as the land struggles to maintain integrity and nourishment for all. (To read the articles copy and paste link into your browser):

                                                                        ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH ARE DYING 
Sept. 1st Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Coimbra, Portugal

Sept. 1st Thousands of dead fish found, 'causing shock' in a billabong near Darwin, Australia

Sept. 2nd Mass die off of fish in a river in Xinmin, China

Sept. 4th 3 tons of dead fish wash up in the waters of Fai Chi Kei, Macau

Sept. 5th Thousands of dead fish found in a lagoon in Hellin, Spain

Sept. 5th Thousands of ducks dead due to avian flu in Cape Town, South Africa

Sept. 5th Mass die off of livestock due to storm in Baja California, Mexico

Sept. 8th Thousands of fish dead due to pollution in the River Seiche, France

Sept. 9th Hundreds, possibly thousands of cattle dead from storm in Texas, America

Sept. 10th More than 31 dead sea lions, more than 41 dead sea birds and 2 dead turtles found on beaches in Talara, Peru

Sept. 11th More than 100 dead sea birds found on a beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Sept. 12th 34 dolphins and 27 turtles found dead on beaches this year in Almeria, Spain

Sept. 12th 42 Hippos dead due to outbreak of disease in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Sept. 12th Thousands of dead fish found in a lagoon in Mexicali, Mexico

Sept. 12th More than 800 dead sea birds found on islands in the Bering Sea, America

Sept. 13th Hundreds of Pink Flamingos dead from Hurricane Irma in Cuba

Sept. 14th Mass die off of fish, 'dead fish everywhere' in the Baltic Sea, Germany

Sept. 14th More than 15 dead turtles found on beaches in Carazo, Nicaragua

Sept. 14th First Eastern Cape case of Bird Flu detected on Uitenhage farm - 5 000 birds culled

Sept. 15th 201 whales and dolphins have washed up this year, 'record breaking number', in Ireland

Sept. 18th Scores of dead fish washing ashore on beaches of Bermuda

Sept. 18th Hundreds of dead fish found in the waters of Livorno, Italy

Sept. 18th Mass die off of fish in the Sakarya River, Turkey

Sept. 18th Hundreds of fish have died in a lake in Ohio, America

Sept. 19th Hundreds of dead birds found at Fort Hills oilsands in Alberta, Canada

Sept. 20th 5 dead dolphins found washed up along a beach in Kinburn Spit, Ukraine

Sept. 20th Thousands of dead fish found in a canal in Florida, America

Sept. 20th 30,000 fish die in a fish farm in Finistere, France

Sept. 21st 47 dead dolphins washed up this year, 'scientists concerned', along Gulf Coast, America

Sept. 22nd 1,000 deer dead due to outbreak of disease in Pennsylvania, America

Sept. 24th 14 dead dolphins have washed up in the past 10 days in Marbella, Spain

Sept. 25th Tens of thousands of chickens dead due to hurricane Maria in Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Sept. 26th Thousands of birds suddenly drop dead in Bali, Indonesia

Sept. 26th Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Viseu, Portugal

Sept. 30th Thousands of dead fish washing ashore in a creek in Maryland, America

                                                                      EARTHQUAKES IN PLACE AFTER PLACE
Isaiah 13:13 …the earth will shake from its foundations at the wrath of YHWH on the day of His burning anger.
For many people, September life was business as usual: complaining about the commute to work; frustrated with our spouses, and, or kids for not cleaning up the messes they make; or maybe just grateful that we got the closest parking spot outside the local Wal-Mart. For others it was waking up to their walls cracking, or the floor dropping out from underneath their feet. Those of us who have faced the fury of a strong earthquake know what it was like for many in Juchitan De Zaragoza, Mexico on September 8. As a whopping 8.2 magnitude the earthquake donned the title of the most powerful to rock the country in a century. The loss of life in Juchitan De Zaragoza, and the surrounding areas affected by the quake, is a sobering reminder of how quickly we can lose what is so dear to us.
Sadly, not every earthquake is natural. In the pride and arrogance of a few children of darkness we now experience many induced quakes. These have led the overwhelming majority of humanity to forget who we are and to be ungrateful for the so called little things. This has already begun to change in the shift that we are experiencing. We are seeing signs in the heavens and earth, we are also seeing the perplexity in mankind. The USGS recorded 8,835 earthquakes during September 2016. In September 2017 the USGS recorded 10,213 earthquakes. There were 1,378 more earthquakes this year than there were last year at the same time. One thousand, three hundred and fifty four of these quakes were above a magnitude 4.0.  The following 39 did not make the mainstream news in September however they did register above a magnitude 5.5:

Sept. 1st    Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake strikes Reykjanes Ridge

Sept. 2nd Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake strikes SE of JP Tinian Town pre-WW2, Northern Mariana Islands

Sept. 3rd Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake strikes ENE of Sungjibaegam, North Korea

Sept. 4th Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake strikes NNE of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands

Sept. 5th Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake strikes ESE of Lakatoro, Vanuatu

Sept. 7th Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake strikes WNW of Chichi-shima, Japan

Sept. 8th Magnitude-8.1, Mexico's strongest earthquake in a century kills at least 32 dead, over 200 injured

Sept. 8th Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake strikes SSW of Paredon, Mexico

Sept. 10th Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake strikes SW of Paredon, Mexico

Sept. 10th Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake strikes Reykjanes Ridge

Sept. 11th Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake strikes SE of Iwo Jima, Japan

Sept. 14th Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake strikes SSE of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands

Sept. 15th Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake strikes NNW of Visokoi Island, S. Georgia & the S. Sandwich Islands

Sept. 17th Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake strikes W of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea

Sept. 18th Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Sept. 18th Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike WSW of Illapel, Chile

Sept. 18th Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike S of San Francisco del Mar, Mexico

Sept. 19th Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike SW of Tres Picos, Mexico

Sept. 19th Magnitude 7.1 earthquake strike ESE of Ayutla, Mexico killing at least 44 as buildings collapse

Sept. 20th Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strike W of Auckland Island, New Zealand

Sept. 20th Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strike ESE of Kamaishi, Japan

Sept. 20th Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strike NNW of Isangel, Vanuatu

Sept. 20th Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strike N of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

Sept. 20th Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike NNE of Kemeduran, Indonesia

Sept. 22nd Magnitude 5.5 quake hits ENE of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Sept. 22nd Magnitude 5.7 quake hits off northern California, W of Ferndale

Sept. 23rd Magnitude 5.8 earthquake shakes SW of Paredon in jittery, Mexico

Sept. 23rd Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strike SSE of Matias Romero, Mexico

Sept. 23rd Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike NW of Kadingilan, Philippines

Sept. 24th Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strike SSW of Paredon, Mexico

Sept. 25th Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strike S of Taron, Papua New Guinea

Sept. 26th Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strike South of the Fiji Islands

Sept. 26th Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strike ESE of Hachinohe, Japan

Sept. 29th Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strike SSW of Tres Picos, Mexico

Sept. 30th Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike WSW of Magong, China

Sept. 30th Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strike NNE of Tobelo, Indonesia

                                                                         NATURAL WEATHER EMERGENCIES
In September we saw some significant weather events that devastated many lives. While those of us here in the United States were paying attention to the mayhem left by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma there were neighbors around the globe struggling to survive their own weather catastrophes. In past publications we have made it clear that the weather as we know it today has been weaponized through bio-engineering technology. The fact that Hurricane Jose looped several times in March toward East should tell us something. If ever there was a time for the Good Samaritan mentality, this would be it. Giving what we can to help those in need whether near, or far. The human spirit does contain the Divine Spark of the Supreme Father, and it seems that in times of calamity that spark quickens. As we review the next section let’s remember that although the dates for these events passed, the need for assistance remains. Supplies, money, people power to rebuild, prayers; whatever we’re willing and able to give would be a welcome relief for those in need. Below, we read of several natural weather emergencies that took place in September:

Sept. 1st Hurricane Harvey Leaves 7,000 Homes Destroyed, 35,000 in Shelters
Sept. 1st Flood wreaks havoc in Nigeria’s Benue
Sept. 5th Floods Displace Dozens of Families in Singa, Sennar in Sudan
Sept. 5th Flash Floods and Heavy Rain Leave 20 Dead in Sindh and Punjab Provinces, Pakistan
Sept. 5th Emergency Rescues After Flash Floods in South West England
Sept. 6th Deadly Storms in Brakna and Assaba Regions, Mauritania
Sept. 7th Island of Barbuda 'literally under water' after Hurricane Irma
Sept. 7th Richard Branson says Hurricane Irma 'utterly devastated' his private island
Sept. 7th Hurricane Irma Skirts Puerto Rico, Leaves 1 Million Without Power
Sept. 7th Powerful Hurricane Irma devastates island of St Martin
Sept. 10th Heavy rain, floods lash Italy; at least 5 dead in Tuscany
Sept. 10th Irma Weakens After Making Second Landfall in Fla.; 3.3 Million Without Power
Sept. 11th Deadly Floods in Livorno, Italy After 250mm of Rain in 2 Hours
Sept. 11th Heavy Rain From Hurricane Katia Triggers Deadly Landslides in Veracruz State, Mexico
Sept. 12th Floods in Zadar, Croatia After 280mm of Rain in 24 Hours
Sept. 13th Floods in 3 Regions of Philippines After Tropical Storm Dumps 500mm of Rain in 24 Hours
Sept. 14th Tropical Storm Jose's path shifts west toward US
Sept. 14th Thousands Displaced by Floods in Kogi State, Nigeria
Sept. 15th Typhoon Doksuri batters central Vietnam, more than 100,000 homes damaged
Sept. 17th Typhoon Talim Triggers Evacuations in Japan Amid Record Rainfall
Sept. 18th Typhoon Talim Causes Flooding and Landslides, Oita, Japan Sees 180mm Rain in 5 Hours
Sept. 19th Hurricane Maria Does ‘Mind-Boggling’ Damage to Dominica
Sept. 19th Death Toll Rises in Vietnam, After Flooding From Typhoon Doksuri Hits Northern Thailand
Sept. 20th Hurricane Maria unleashes fury on Puerto Rico. ‘The winds are like out of a horror movie’
Sept. 20th Rivers Overflow After 2 Days of Heavy Rain in Guatemala
Sept. 20th 12 dead, 92 missing in eastern DR Congo floods
Sept. 21st Deadly Floods in North Kivu Province Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sept. 21st Hurricane Maria Causes Damaging Floods in Haiti and Dominican Republic
Sept. 21st Floods in Elblag, Poland After 80mm of Rain in 24 Hours
Sept. 27th 8 Dead, 4 Missing After Floods in Hubei, Chongqing and Shaanxi, China
Sept. 27th Flash Floods Destroy Dozens of Homes in Western Visayas, Philippines
Sept. 28th 15 Dead After Heavy Rain Triggers Landslide in Rubanda, Uganda
Sept. 28th Floods in Samothraki, Greece After 270mm of Rain in 3 Hours
Sept. 29th Flooding in South and East Iceland After Rivers Overflow

                                                                   ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRESS AND DISEASE
Deuteronomy 28:58-62 says: “If you do not carefully observe and do all the words of the law, that are written in this book, in order that you may reverence this glorious and reverent Name: YHWH your Father, then YHWH will bring upon you and your descendants fearful plagues, harsh and prolong disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. He will also bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt which you were afraid of, and they will cling to you; Every other sickness and every other disaster, which is not written in this book of the law, YHWH will also bring upon you, until you are destroyed. You will then be left few in number…”
We are interconnected beings. Our thoughts, words, and actions stream forth and ripple throughout time and space affecting the other beings around us whether we realize it, or not. Those who have usurped ruler ship over our planet don’t want us to know who we are. They deceived us by taking advantage of our own lower passions and have imprisoned us in the very vehicles we identify with as our own bodies. Being imprisoned due to our lack of cooperation with the Supreme Creator (Gen. 3:6; Rom. 11:32), we are today program to follow our own passions and desires by the same force that deceived us. Collectively, we have caused much of the distress upon the environment, and upon our own bodies. It’s not always easy to see, but if we refuse to look deeply within ourselves to see what changes need to be made to help our environment, how can we honestly expect others to do so? It’s not a blame game. It’s a matter of realizing that the energy that we are programmed to emanate does not only affect us, but our entire planet, even other cosmic bodies. We must control the lower passions and desires that have been programmed in our DNA (Col. 3:5; Gal. 5:24) thus making the needed changes to put forth the most positive and productive energy we can at any given time.
In this next section we will read a plethora of distress upon the environment and upon humans. We may say after reading the section: I didn’t do anything to cause those bad events. Consider this: what thoughts, words, and actions do we entertain, and how might they affect the well-being of the environment and our neighbors that live within it?

Sept. 1st Over 500 people blocked by mudslide in southwestern Russia
Sept. 1st Rainfall Extremes Cause Widespread Socio-Economic Impacts
Sept. 2nd Food scarcity imminent in Nigeria following Benue floods
Sept. 3rd Hurricane “Harvey” flooded, damaged 13 toxic waste sites in Texas
Sept. 4th La Tuna brush fire prompts state of emergency in Los Angeles
Sept. 5th Ash covers Oregon cities, wildfire smoke chokes West
Sept. 5th Portland air quality unhealthy as smoke, ash blow over area
Sept. 5th Central WA wildfires shroud Seattle in ash, smoke
Sept. 12th Monster solar flare marks 7th powerful sun storm in 7 days
Sept. 13th Grower groups Irma caused 50% Citrus Loss in parts of FL
Sept. 14th Malaysia School Fire Kills At Least 25
Sept. 14th North Korea food shortage looms after drought hits
Sept. 14th Biggest Earthquake to Hit Mexico in Over a Century Killed 58 and Moved Fault by 32 Feet
Sept. 15th World hunger worsens amid war, climate issues
Sept. 19th Magnitude 3.6 earthquake hits Los Angeles
Sept. 22nd Puerto Rico evacuates 70,000 after dam fails in Hurricane Maria's wake
Sept. 27th Huge rock fall leaves one dead on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park
Sept. 29th Second Rock Fall Reported at Yosemite's El Capitan
Sept. 29th Mighty Mississippi River Going Dry!
Sept. 2nd Dengue infects 344 more people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Sept. 3rd San Diego County declares emergency amid hepatitis outbreak
Sept. 3rd 13 cholera dead in South Darfur capital
Sept. 3rd More than 147,000 Dengue cases in Sri Lanka
Sept. 4th More than 90 police officers hit by cholera in Nairobi, Kenya
Sept. 4th 21 people test positive for cholera in Tana River, Nigeria
Sept. 4th Over 600 dead in Sudanese cholera eruption
Sept. 4th Borno IDP camp in Nigeria records 18 new cases of cholera
Sept. 5th Yemen's cholera epidemic hits 600,000, confounding expectations
Sept. 5th Dengue sting gets sharper, 457 cases reported in Punjab, India
Sept. 5th Dengue fever claims 17 lives in NW Pakistan since June
Sept. 6th Five more succumb to swine flu in Gujarat, India
Sept. 7th Dengue fever in Yangon, Myanmar claims 37 lives
Sept. 7th Borno, Nigeria records 530 cholera cases
Sept. 7th Madhya Pradesh, India swine flu death toll rise to 45
Sept. 8th San Diego begins sanitary street washing after 15 die in hepatitis outbreak,
Sept. 10th Lucknow, India crosses2000th swine flu positive case tally
Sept. 11th Number of swine flu deaths in two months rise to 48, Chandigarh, India Health Dept. alarmed
Sept. 12th Cholera outbreak kills 500 in Congo
Sept. 12th US job openings hit record high in July indicating strong labor market
Sept. 13th Death toll due to dengue in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan rise to 23
Sept. 14th Four deaths in Kagwema, Burubdi due to cholera
Sept. 14th Dengue claims4th life in KMC area, India
Sept. 15th Pneumonic plague in Madagascar
Sept. 15th Cholera Outbreak in Kebbi, Nigeria
Sept. 16th Rome blood donations suspended due to chikungunya fever outbreak
Sept. 18th Cholera Kills 44 in Abuja, Nigeria
Sept. 20th 42 test positive for swine flu in Mohali, India
Sept. 21st Over 50 people have died in Chad cholera outbreak
Sept. 21st Khartoum State Closes School With Cholera Cases in Sudan
Sept. 24th More succumb to deadly dengue fever in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Sept. 25th Exhibits at Maryland fairs shut down after swine flu cases
Sept. 27th California's hepatitis A outbreaks: Why is the virus spreading?
Sept. 27th Elderly woman dies from flesh-eating bacterial infection after falling into Harvey floodwaters
Sept. 30th Peshawar, Pakistan Dengue death toll reaches 40

                                                                                  SIGNS OF THE TIMES 
There are many signs that we are changing very rapidly as a people and a planet. Those who have rule over our planet are steadily losing their grip and must put more and more deceptive policies in order to control the masses. There are more frequent sightings of unidentified flying objects that are becoming harder to explain away. Private industries like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have positioned themselves to censor alternative news that report truth as fake news. We also see the Petrodollar coming under immense pressure as an increasing number of nations abandon it. China has recently opted to buy oil with gold-backed currency effectively assisting in drying up the evil system of increase that has ruled this earth for thousands of years, by bypassing the Petrodollar and setting up the way for China and Russia - the Kings of the East (Rev. 16:12).
Sep. 1st Strange signals were just spotted coming from a distant galaxy
Sept. 2nd Tech Reporter Claims Google Uses Its Power To Censor The Internet
Sept. 28th Australian ‘De-radicalization’ hotline receives only 5 calls in over 2 months
Sept. 29th Twitter blocks over 200 accounts citing possible Russian involvement in 2016 US election
Sept. 15th British reporter killed in crocodile attack in Sri Lanka
Sept. 9th China to Ban Sale of Fossil Fuel Cars in Electric Vehicle Push
Sept. 10th Record crowd at pro-gay marriage rally in Australia
Sept. 11th Spanish Security Forces conducts raids ahead of Catalina’s independence referendum
Sept. 12th Australia begins non-binding postal ballot vote over whether to legalize same-sex marriage
Sept. 13th Study confirms Flu Shots linked to Spontaneous Abortions
Sept. 13th Hurricane Jose path odd, looping in March toward East
Sept. 14th Scary Mystery fanged sea creature washes up on a Texas beach after hurricane Harvey
Sept. 15th China to Buy Oil with Gold-Backed Currency Bypassing the Petrodollar
Sept. 25th Conservative Catholics accuse pope of spreading heresy
Sept. 26th Puerto Rico’s governor warns of mass exodus to US after Maria
Sept. 26th US to collect social media information on all immigrants heading to America

                                                                                GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNREST
Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of YHWH and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.
When we truly seek the kingdom of YHWH, we base our decisions, (including financial ones) on His principles of peace. It’s not about attaining more for ourselves. It’s not about fancier clothes, faster cars, smarter phones, or luxurious homes. We’re not saying it’s bad to have those things, but we don’t go seeking them, and if they are given to us we are not controlled by them. Rather, we live a life of service to humanity and the environment. We give generously to those in need just as our Father gives to all. The byproduct of a giving spirit is that we open up the channels to receive. Not that we give to receive because that convolutes the intention, and we cannot fool the Spirit as it searches the deepest intent of the heart. Below we see unrest in the economic sector, but with the Spirit of YHWH as our guide we can receive peace and stability even amidst financial turmoil. This doesn’t mean that everything will go well in our eyes, but it does mean that everything will work out for our best interest, whether we realize it or not. When peace of mind is attained those who acknowledge Source in all that they do can feel a sense of security knowing that heaven is looking out for them regardless of what the economic climate may look like. Below we see a hint of financial unrest. 

Sept. 16th The city of Trenton to lay off 64 Firefighters
Sept. 20th Possible Layoffs at Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office
Sept. 14th The Alpine School District is proposing closing two elementary schools in Orem
Sept. 21st Averett University to lay off 12
Sept. 26th University of Phoenix phasing out around 20 Campuses
Sept. 30th Plymouth CT - Teacher Layoffs Coming
Sept. 1st Prompt Ambulance to lay off 140
Sept. 1st Humana At Home division to lay off 180
Sept. 8th Peck Day Memorial Hospital in Lebanon, N.H to lay off 17
Sept. 13th Alexion Pharmaceuticals, will be closing its Smithfield, Rhode Island manufacturing facility
Sept. 14th P&G Health Care Division in Greater Cincinnati cuts jobs
Sept. 16th SOVAH Health to lay off more than 150
Sept. 19th Mercy Hospital in Iowa City cutting 115 Positions, up to 65 Layoffs
Sept. 20th Centegra Health System to lay off 131 Positions
Sept. 24th Charleston Area Medical Center to lay off 40
Sept. 27th Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center to lay off 55
Sept. 29th Willis-Knighton Health System to lay off 55
Sept. 30th Shiel Medical Laboratory to lay off 538

Sept. 11th New Round of Layoffs coming to Wells Fargo in Charlotte Area
Sept. 12th BB&T Bank to lay off 56 Positions in Charleston
Sept. 13th Chemical Financial Corporation to lay off 230
Sept. 16th ERP Environmental Fund to lay off 59
Sept. 21st Peoples National Bank closing Central Ohio Mortgage Office
Sept. 22nd BB&T Bank is closing two of its branches in Berks County
Sept. 23rd Some Layoffs at Wells Fargo in Charlotte
Sept. 26th JPMorgan loses $4 billion verdict to widow in damages

Sept. 1st Cherry Growers Incorporated files for bankruptcy
Sept. 5th PenAir files for bankruptcy
Sept. 8th Vitamin World preparing for Bankruptcy
Sept. 10th Ironclad Performance Wear Corp. files for bankruptcy
Sept. 11th Prestige Appliance files for bankruptcy
Sept. 11th Portrait Innovations files for bankruptcy
Sept. 12th Seadrill files for bankruptcy
Sept. 12th Data Cooling Technologies files for bankruptcy
Sept. 14th Kairos, LLC files for bankruptcy
Sept. 15th Aerosoles Group files for bankruptcy
Sept. 18th Toys R Us files for bankruptcy
Sept. 21st Fabulous Fern’s files for bankruptcy
Sept. 22nd Zetta Jet Pte Ltd files for bankruptcy
Sept. 24th Alton Bean Trucking files for bankruptcy
Sept. 29th Southworth Paper files for bankruptcy

Sept. 1st Some Layoffs coming to Carrier Corp. in Dewitt NY
Sept. 1st Glen Beck’s The Blaze layoff up to 20% of staff
Sept. 1st SolarCity in Roseville Office to lay off 141
Sept. 3rd Nike - 2nd Round of Layoffs Planned
Sept. 3rd Lego to lay off 1,400
Sept. 5th Oracle to lay off 900 Santa Clara Jobs
Sept. 5th Lego slashes 1,400 jobs as sales slump
Sept. 6th Oracle is shutting down SPARC and Solaris
Sept. 6th Gap to close 200 Stores,
Sept. 6th Nike in Oregon to lay off 745
Sept. 7th Wal-Mart closing in Blue Earth MN
Sept. 7th Lilly to lay off 3,500 worldwide
Sept. 8th Panasonic Corp. is shutting down its Salem solar energy operation, 92 Jobs Lost
Sept. 8th Angie's List to lay off 230
Sept. 8th Busch High End Division to lay off about 400
Sept. 10th New England discount retailing icon Benny’s, closing all of its 31 stores in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut
Sept. 11th Best Buy Co. Inc. will close its store at Inver Grove Heights and one of its Blaine locations
Sept. 12th Neiman Marcus is closing 10 Last Call stores
Sept. 12th Del Monte Closing Indiana Plant, Shifting Work to California
Sept. 12th Alexion to lay off 620
Sept. 13th Pirch - the Chain Cited as a Retail Savior, Will Shut Most Stores
Sept. 14th Best Buy location closing at 10017 Fremont Pike in Perrysburg Ohio
Sept. 14th Caterpillar closing of Dyersburg plant
Sept. 15th AT&T to close East El Paso call center by year's end
Sept. 15th Kroger closing location at University City near Ohio State's campus
Sept. 17th Ford Motor Ohio Assembly Plant Extended Layoffs
Sept. 20th Xerox to lay off 100
Sept. 20th Best Buy closing Alabaster, Fultondale stores Alabama
Sept. 21st Del Monte Foods will close its plant in Siloam Springs
Sept. 22nd Hewlett Packard Enterprise to lay off 5,000
Sept. 24th General Motors furlough 3rd Shift at Tenn. Plant
Sept. 24th Westinghouse to lay off 1,500 as part of Reorganization
Sept. 26th Sam Club's to lay off 700 Back Office Positions
Sept. 27th GM Strike in Canada could mean layoffs in Flint
Sept. 27th Layoffs Possible at Humana Voluntary Early Retirement,
Sept. 27th Cisco Systems Inc. San Jose HQ to lay off 310
Sept. 29th Nestlé USA, Inc Bakersfield - More Temporary Layoffs
Sept. 29th OfficeMax closing store in Batavia

Sept. 2nd The Big Boy restaurant closing on Groesbeck Highway north of Cass Avenue in Mount Clemens MI
Sept. 3rd Archer's Meats and Catering, closing at 8655 E. 116th St. in Fishers IN
Sept. 3rd Juicer startup 'Juicero closing
Sept. 5th Positano Specialty Foods close in Latham NY
Sept. 5th J Austin’s Riverbank Café closing in Hamilton Ohio
Sept. 6th By-Th'-Bucket restaurant is closing in Santa Clara Ca.
Sept. 7th Palms Steak & Seafood, closing at 3500 E. Sunrise Drive in Tuscan AZ
Sept. 10th Abundant Life Natural Foods closing at Marketplace Mall in Winston Salem NC
Sept. 10th The Cantina Marina Cafe, closing at 600 Water St SW Washington DC
Sept. 13th Doughboy’s Bakery near Academy and Osuna in Albuquerque NM is closing
Sept. 13th Tops Friendly Markets is closing its supermarket in Jordan NY
Sept. 13th The Save-A-Lot supermarket closing in Elizabeth City NC
Sept. 13th Virginia Originals and Chesapeake Grill along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel VA closing
Sept. 13th The Nojaim Market closing on Syracuse's West Side NY
Sept. 13th Cool Springs Puffy Muffin to close location
Sept. 17th Pollo Tropical restaurants in San Antonio and South Texas- Closing all Remaining Locations
Sept. 17th Bagel Brothers closing in Olympia
Sept. 19th Mark's Carts closing Ann Arbor food truck court
Sept. 19th St. Clair Broiler Restaurant closing in St. Paul, MN
Sept. 23rd Gordy’s Market closing at 1031 W. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire
Sept. 24th Mama’s Pizza closing on W. Round Grove Road Lewisville Texas
Sept. 25th Snappers Seafood & Chicken closing at 11500 S. Western Ave. in Morgan Park, Chicago IL
Sept. 25th The Golden Corral closing at 733 Harbor Blvd. in Destin FL
Sept. 26th Burger Time will close its 2320 S. Locust St. in Las Cruces NM
Sept. 26th Patrick’s Market closing in Downtown Omaha Nebraska
Sept. 27th The Knightsville Piggly Wiggly in SC is closing
Sept. 27th Pines Seafood House Raymond NH is closing
Sept. 27th Gourmet House of Hong Kong closing in Phoenix AZ
Sept. 29th Circus Café closing in Saratoga Springs NY
Sept. 30th The Daily Grill closing in North Fresno CA

Sept. 17th Harman Professional in Elkhart to lay off 115
Sept. 19th Fluor Enterprises to lay off 274
Sept. 22nd Pacific Crest Transformers to lay off 110
Sept. 23rd Waco’s L3 Aerospace Systems to lay off 124
Sept. 23rd The YMCA of Tyler TX closing
Sept. 26th Dura-Bond Industries to lay off 180 at its Steelton Plant
Sept. 27th Binder & Binder Hauppauge NY to lay off 100 Positions
Sept. 27th ArcelorMittal Conshohocken rolling mill to lay off 150
Sept. 29th TomTom to lay off 136

                                                                               GLOBAL SOCIAL UNREST
Proverbs 22:24: Don’t make friends with an angry man, and don’t be a companion of a hot - tempered man, or you will learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare. 
“Choose your friends carefully” was always good advice from mom or dad. We tend to pick up the habits of those we hang out with regularly. So it stands to reason that if we’re hanging out with an angry mob, or a group of friends with unreasonable dispositions, we’re may be at risk of picking up some dark attitudes. Positivity breeds more positivity, and conversely, negativity does the same. Sadly, today there seems to be much negativity brewing. It’s not that people may not have a reason to be concerned by their life circumstances, or the state of their country, but anger, hatred, and violence only spawn more of the same. This month we saw anger, hatred, and violence displayed in the continuation of protests, terror attacks, and nations facing off against nations. Below we look at examples of social unrest that was undoubtedly fuel by the poison of anger and hate. Whether anger and hate from someone that genuinely cares little about their fellow man or whether it’s from individuals that are controlled by a handle, at the root of the problem it the demons of anger, hatred, and violence:

Sept. 12th Thousands protest new labor laws in France
Sept. 12th Around 4,000 separate strikes, 200 protest events underway across France
Sept. 12th Germany’s Air Berlin cancels 100 flights after numerous pilot call in sick during labor dispute
Sept. 15th St. Louis protests as judge acquits Jason Stockley
Sept. 16th Protests over Confederate statue in Richmond, Virginia
Sept. 16th St. Louis protests turn violent; several officers injured
Sept. 17th GM workers go on strike at Canadian SUV factory
Sept. 20th Protest as police detain Catalan officials in referendum crisis
Sept. 24th Thousands rally across Catalonia for independence
Sept. 1st Al Shabaab bomb kills 12 in Somalia’s Puntland
Sep. 1st FBI, Homeland Security warn of more ‘antifa’ attacks
Sept. 14th Suicide attacks on restaurants, checkpoint kill 60 in southern Iraq
Sept. 15th Improvised 'terrorist' bomb torches packed London commuter train
Sept. 17th Acid Attack In Marseille Injures 4 American Women
Sept. 23rd Roadside Bomb Kills 4, Injures 6 in Thailand
Sept. 23rd Six injured in acid attacks at East London shopping center
Sept. 24th Three UN peacekeepers killed, five injured in Mali blast
Sept. 29th 22 killed in suicide bombing near Shite mosque in Kabul
Sept. 29th US reportedly orders 60% of embassy staff in Havana to leave due to specific attack
Sept. 3rd With Powerful Nuclear Bomb, Kim Dares Trump and Xi to Stop Him
Sept. 3rd US Secretary of defense threatens massive military response on N. Korea
Sept. 4th S. Korea conducts military drills in response to N. Korean bomb test
Sept. 8th Israeli attacks possible chemical weapons production site in Syria
Sept. 14th North Korea Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapon to ‘Sink’ Japan and reduce the US to "ashes and darkness"
Sept. 18th US Flies Warplanes Over North Korea To Show Force
Sept. 23rd Iran tests new ballistic missile hours after showing it off
Sept. 23rd Israel says Iran missile test a 'provocation'
Sept. 23rd N. Korea says rockets to U.S. 'inevitable'
Sept. 23rd U.S. warplanes stage show of force off North Korean coast
Sept. 27th Mattis arrives in Afghanistan as rockets hit Kabul airport
Sept. 4th Up to 70,000 Muslims flee Myanmar because of government oppression
Sept. 8th Tensions rise in Kenya as opposition plans more poll protest
Sept. 11th Eight killed, including gunman, in shooting at Texas home: reports
Sept. 14th Antifa Activists say violence is necessary
Sept. 15th UK increases threat level to highest after subway blast
Sept. 16th Narcos Location Scout Found Shot Dead In Mexico
Sept. 24th Shooter kills one, wounds 7 at Tennessee church
Sept. 26th Fistfights erupt in Uganda's parliament amid move to extend leader's rule
Sept. 27th Stabbing at New York City school leaves 1 teen dead, another critical
Sept. 29th UN Secretary General describes situation in Myanmar as “nightmare”
Sept. 29th Putin foe Alexei Navalny reportedly detained again

We’ve been keeping a close watch on those in the public spotlight and how this shift seems to be affecting some of them. Throughout the publishing of our forecasts we have seen scandals emerge that could fill the script of tawdry daytime soap opera. As we have stated in our forecast for some time now; scandals of powerful people will become an epidemic as the ruling factions over the planet convolute each other’s purpose in the months ahead (Dan. 2:41-43). Below we continue to see the drama unfold:
Sept. 5th Italy announces arrest of ‘cocaine king of Milan’ mafia boss in Uruguay
Sept. 5th ‘Fox & Friends’ Host Clayton Morris Announces Retirement
Sept. 5th Sen. Bob Menendez Corruption Trial Begins
Sept. 6th Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer resigns - Business Insider
Sept. 8th Sara Netanyahu, Wife of Israeli Prime Minister, to Face Fraud Charges
Sept. 8th Fox News host Eric Bolling out following sexual harassment accusations
Sept. 9th Ousted FOX News host Eric Bolling’s 19-year-old son found dead
Sept. 12th Seattle mayor says he’ll resign after 5th molestation claim
Sept. 12th Beijing court sentences architect of $9 billion Ezubao financial scam and 26 others to life
Sept. 13th Craig Carton resigns from WFAN show amid Ponzi scheme charges
Sept. 15th Meghan McCain leaves Fox News
Sept. 15th Brazil's Michel Temer faces new corruption charges
Sept. 15th Key Equifax executives departing after huge data breach
Sept. 15th Vatican diplomat recalled amid child porn investigation
Sept. 19th Lady Gaga's tour-busting fibromyalgia diagnosis
Sept. 20th Government seeks prison time for Weiner in sexting case
Sept. 20th Spanish police arrest top aide to Catalan vice-president
Sept. 26th Equifax CEO Richard Smith is out after stunning data breech
Sept. 27th Chuck Rosenberg Resigning as Acting DEA Chief
Sept. 27th Steven Tyler Cancels Aerosmith Tour to 'Immediately' Deal With Medical Issue
Sept. 27th Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra sentenced in absentia to five years in prison

                                                                         DISRUPTIONS IN TRANSPORTATION
Travel is something that affects almost all of us in one way, or another. Our skies are filled with planes. Our roads are filled with cars, trucks, buses, and other land moving vehicles, and our waters with boats, ferries, and ocean liners. We enjoy the convenience and speed of modern travel, but disruptions in the system can make life itself unbearable. If we pay special attention, we will see that there are more and more problems with aircrafts. They are catching on fire more often and have mechanical issues in the same manner. There is a natural phenomenon that is occurring with many of these instances as we stated the last two month: A Washington Post article on July 13th headlined “Climate change could make flying even more hellish”. It is being blamed on climate change, which is being blamed on human activity, but there has always been climate change outside of human activity. Below we read headlines showing the nightmares of travel gone wrong, many due to the natural phenomenon: 

Sept. 1st S. Korean plane makes emergency landing in Hokkaido, Japan after alarm indicated a fire
Sept. 15th Plane makes emergency landing Tuxedo, NY after pilot saw smoke coming from nose of plane
Sept. 22nd Mi-2 helicopter burns down in Kazakhstan, technician injured
Sept. 1st Aer Lingus jet makes emergency landing in Dublin, Ireland after suffering hydraulic problems
Sept. 1st Plane makes emergency landing after landing gear malfunction in Broomfield, Colorado
Sept. 1st Embry-Riddle plane makes emergency landing near Crescent Beach Park, FL due to engine failure
Sept. 5th Small plane makes emergency landing in Gulfport, Mississippi due to engine trouble
Sept. 8th Emergency services called as plane with engine trouble makes emergency landing, UK 
Sept. 11th Small plane lands safely on I-77 in Jackson County, WV after losing power
Sept. 13th Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Allegheny County Airport, PA Due To Mechanical Issues
Sept. 13th Engine failure force emergency landing after leaving Columbia Regional Airport, MO
Sept. 15th Malfunction forces emergency landing at Crystal River Airport, FL after power and landing gear malfunctioned
Sept. 16th Plane makes emergency landing in Port Hope, Canada field due to mechanical difficulties
Sept. 18th Small plane made emergency landing after experiencing difficulties in the air
Sept. 19th AWACS plane makes emergency landing in Oklahoma due to a hydraulic control failure
Sept. 19th Pilot, passenger walk away after light plane makes emergency landing after experiencing engine trouble
Sept. 21st Plane makes emergency landing at Canada's Abbotsford Airport due to landing gear problems
Sept. 22nd Chopper used by Philippines Bataan gov. mayor makes emergency landing due to engine trouble
Sept. 23rd Tehran-Najaf makes emergency landing at Kermanshah Airport, Iran due to technical problems
Sept. 24th Flight circles back to Philadelphia airport after malfunction
Sept. 24th Emergency Landing At California's John Wayne Airport Due To Engine Trouble
Sept. 25th Flight Diverted to Little Rock, Arkansas Due Mechanical Issue
Sept. 26th Small plane makes emergency landing at Barnstable, Massachusetts Airport due to landing gear issues
Sept. 26th Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Georgetown-Scott County Airport, KY After Mechanical Issue
Sept. 27th Aircraft forced to land near Piqua, Ohio Airport after losing power
Sept. 28th Westchester Police helicopter makes emergency landing in Alpine, NJ due to smoke in the cockpit
Sept. 29th Mechanical problem forced U.S. Osprey plane makes emergency landing at airport on Ishigaki Island, Japan
Sept. 29th Small plane makes emergency landing in desert southwest of Phoenix, Arizona
Sept. 30th Air France plane makes emergency landing in Goose Bay, Canada after engine blowout
Sept. 10th Small plane makes emergency landing in Louisa County, VA
Sept. 24th Light aircraft emergency in Northumberland, UK
Sept. 1st Gwinnett County police helicopter crashes at airport
Sept. 2nd Private helicopter loses power, crashes south of Burnet, Texas
Sept. 2nd An-2 plane crashes outside Moscow in front of spectators
Sept. 5th Pilot killed in F-16 fighter crash in Arizona
Sept. 5th Myanmar military fighter jet goes missing on training mission
Sept. 5th Small Plane With Five On Board Crashes In Pavas, Costa Rica
Sept. 5th Iraqi pilot killed in training crash near Fort Thomas
Sept. 5th Civil Air Patrol confirms no survivors in Wetzel County, WV plane crash
Sept. 5th Army helicopter crashes in Eastern Ladakh, India
Sept. 6th 2 pilots ejected after plane crash at Nevada Test site
Sept. 6th Plane crashes at Wales airport, UK
Sept. 6th Small plane crashes near Fairfield, Montana
Sept. 7th Plane crash closes highway north of Winnipeg, Canada
Sept. 8th Pilot Found Dead In Wreckage Of Plane Crash In Point Reyes, CA
Sept. 8th Light plane crash near Port Macquarie, Australia
Sept. 8th 4 people dead after a Duke Life Flight helicopter crashes in N. Carolina
Sept. 8th Helicopter Crash Reported In South Jersey
Sept. 8th 4 killed in medical helicopter crash in North Carolina
Sept. 8th Country artist Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry dies in helicopter crash
Sept. 9th Plane crashes in Haliburton, Canada after it lost power
Sept. 9th Plane crashes next to M62 moments after take-off in UK
Sept. 9th 2 Dead In Solano County, CA Plane Crash
Sept. 10th 4 walk away from plane crash in Bonner County, Idaho
Sept. 10th Man, 9-year-old killed in plane crash in Gillespie County, TX
Sept. 11th Emirati pilot killed in plane crash in Saudi Arabia
Sept. 11th Small plane crashes in Plainville, CT
Sept. 11th Wolferton plane crash leaves pilot and passenger dead in UK
Sept. 12th Swiss army plane crashes in the Alps, fate of pilot unknown
Sept. 12th 2 escape injury after single-engine plane crashes in Roy, UT
Sept. 12th Tourist plane crash in French island Corse kills four
Sept. 12th Deadly plane crash in Winnebago County, Wisconsin
Sept. 12th Fort Riley soldier dies in helicopter crash in Texas
Sept 12th Plane hits tree, crashes into parking lot
Sept. 13th Saudi-led coalition announces pilot death after aircraft crashed in Yemen
Sept. 13th Two survive plane crash in Elbert County, CO
Sept. 14th Huge Russian bomber jet crashes into trees after overshooting runway
Sept. 14th Man Injured in Experimental Plane Crash at Mississippi River, IL
Sept. 14th Plane crash-lands at airport in Perth, Australia
Sept. 15th Plane crashes in field south of McAlester, OK airport
Sept. 16th Small plane crash in Garfield County, CO kills family of four
Sept. 16th Yak-130 Trainer Jet Crashes Near Airfield in Central Russia
Sept. 16th Popular Race Driver Among Two Killed In Plane Crash In North Branford, CT
Sept. 16th Helicopter pilot dies in Lincoln County, N. Mexico crash
Sept. 17th Small plane crash lands on El Cajon street, CA
Sept. 18th Helicopter crash in lake in Åkersberg, Sweden
Sept. 20th Man killed in Telfair County, GA plane crash
Sept. 20th 1 person dead, 1 missing after plane crash near Goderich, Canada
Sept. 20th Pilot Suffers Minor Injuries After Crashing Helicopter in Long Beach Airport, CA
Sept. 21st Turkey's Largest Airport Closed After Private Jet Crash on Runway
Sept. 21st Plane crash-lands in Leesburg, VA
Sept. 21st Helicopter aborts takeoff, crash lands at Fayetteville Regional Airport
Sept. 22nd Two Chino Valley Teens Dead After A Plane Crash East Of Paulden, Arizona
Sept. 22nd Two Ukrainians die in plane crash in Greece
Sept. 22nd No major injuries reported in Glendale, CA plane crash
Sept. 23rd No one hurt when plane crash lands at Brown Field, CA
Sept. 23rd Plane crash fatality near Ainsworth, Nebraska
Sept. 23rd 3 killed in plane crash in Thief River Falls, MN
Sept. 24th Italian Air Force pilot dies after plane crashes into sea at airshow
Sept. 24th Small Plane Crash At Pennsylvania's Montgomery County Residence
Sept. 24th 2 People Reportedly Injured in Helicopter Crash, Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, CA
Sept. 25th Airshow drama as planes collide during vintage display in UK
Sept. 25th Plane crash fatal at Arkansas airport
Sept. 25th Pilot seriously injured in plane crash near Summerstown, Canada
Sept. 25th Private plane crashes in Romblon sea, Philippines
Sept. 26th Two men dead in light plane crash south-west of Brisbane, Australia
Sept. 26th No injuries in small plane crash at Barrow County airport, GA
Sept. 27th Pilot and 2 passengers walk away from Cessna crash in, San. Diego CA
Sept. 28th Lucky escape for 15 migrant workers in Ankireddypalli, India after plane crash
Sept. 28th USS Wasp rescues two from civilian plane crash off the coast of Dominica
Sept. 28th One dead in helicopter crash near Cape Town, S. Africa
Sept. 28th 1 killed, 2 injured in army helicopter crash in NW Iran
Sept. 29th Two pilots killed in Ukraine military plane crash
Sept. 29th U.S. military aircraft crashes in Syria
Sept. 29th Man who crashed plane in Hill County, Texas is unharmed
Sept. 29th Plane crash near Quilcene, Washington kills one
Sept. 30th DR Congo army plane crashes 12 dead
Sept. 14th 15 Marines injured in vehicle fire on California base
Sept. 1st 2 people rescued, 2 swim to shore after plane lands in Tampa Bay, Florida

Did you feel it? Even amidst the chaos of the ordinary day to day grind and business as usual. Is something in our awareness a bit clearer? Has our antennae extended to new heights? For some of us yes; maybe you feel slightly different; more aware, more in tune with the natural world around you. Don’t worry, if you didn’t feel it yet there’s still time. The shift is still taking place. It’s time to wake up. If you find even the smallest bit of this report helpful, please visit and email a note stating: “I want to subscribe,” tell your friends and family, and join us next month as we bring you headlines from October 2017.