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      Ginger: The Little Root with Lots of Power


We all know the feeling of the rumbly, queasy, not quite right feel that sometimes invades the belly. Maybe we’ve eaten left overs that should have been long gone by the time it hits our palette. Perhaps, it’s just that time of the year when all sorts of nasty pathogens are taking up lodge in the unsuspecting intestines of any passer by who catches the germ from the fellow who failed to cover up his cough, or sneeze. Whatever the case may be, many stomach sufferers, remembering the well tried remedies of the past will reach for a can of ginger ale to assuage their tummy woes. While the sugar couched within the can of ale does more harm than good, there is a great deal of validity in the relieving power of ginger; the real ginger, that is. What’s more, ginger, or the more formal Zingiber officinale touts a host of other healing benefits that our predecessors have enjoyed for thousands of years.


Ancient Roman, Greek, Chinese, and Sanskrit writings have all chronicled the healing properties of the potent little rhizome and its abilities to soothe the human body; but what does that mean to the common folk who aren’t necessarily history buffs? A lot, considering that today ginger continues to be a must have remedy in the healing cabinet of those who opt to avoid pharmaceuticals and other over the counter meds in place of a more wholistic and natural approach to well being. Not that the human body needs scientific data to tell it when it feels better, but research has done its part to document that the ancients were right in their assessment of the healing properties of ginger.


Here we will name a few conditions for which ginger may offer its healing benefits. We encourage our readers to ask their own questions as they search to find practical and wholesome ways to enjoy well-being with what nature has to offer.


Ginger is a spicy little treasure which comes from a flowering perennial plant. The root, or rhizome is the part that comes in handy when brewing healing tonics and teas, preparing compresses, and even making tasty candies. The compound gingerol has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may offer a host of healing benefits. Assuaging nausea, easing menstrual discomfort, lowering cholesterol, aiding in proper digestion, and relieving pain in the joints and muscles are just some of the benefits that ginger offers. Whats more, ginger’s anti inflammatory properties coupled with a host of antioxidants makes it a great ally for brain health.  


The news on ginger is plenteous and may well be worth looking into for anyone who prefers not to take a short trip to the medicine cabinet to reach for antacids, or other quick fixes to their health issues. Remember, quick fixes aren’t always best for our bodies. Many come along with a host of gnarly side effects that can wreak havoc on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Luckily, Mother Nature has provided help for her children to soothe the maladies that we face day to day. 


Here’s a simple way to enjoy the healing properties of ginger. Choose a fresh piece of ginger (preferably organic). The amount used will depend on how much potency of that spicy little root you wish to enjoy. Peel the skin off the desired amount, a knob, or two, might do. Grate the ginger and place inside a stainless steel mesh infuser. The infuser may come as part of a teapot or stand alone. If it is not part of a teapot, place the infuser in a tea cup that it fits neatly into. Add boiling water, and letter the ginger infusion sit for a while.  The longer the sit, the stronger the brew. When the temperature is right for you, start sipping. Adding freshly squeezed lemon offers an extra cleansing benefit. For those who appreciate a bit of sweetness a tad of local raw honey will satisfy the palette.