Shining LIGHT to a darkened world

Journal Dreams: Despite what some psychologists may think, dreams are a lot more than random images from brain activity, or mental re-enactments of your past. Some dreams are from such things, but dreams are not limited to the mundane. Dreams can act as a messaging network between you and your spirit guides. If you don't write your dreams down it is possible to forget them within the hour. If this takes place you would've missed out on potentially critical information. When journaling your dreams, don't expect to understand their meanings right away; your dreams may not make sense for years, but if you set your mind to understanding them you WILL find answers. However, the first step is obviously writing the dream down. Here are a few scriptural references concerning our subject of journaling dreams Matt 2:13, Matt 6: 16-18 Revelation 1:11, Daniel 2:1-9. Don't be a Nebuchadnezzar.