Shining LIGHT to a darkened world

NOTE: * Can't Pick and Choose

           *  Section 15:39-15:46 of message

Abraham, Issac, and Jacob DID NOT follow the Law Mosheh received from Yahweh. They obviously lived before the time of Mosheh. However Mosheh IS one of our fathers of old and we DO need to remember the words of old that were handed to him from Yahweh himself because we have not yet reached that resting place ( Deut 12:8-9).

  • Can't Pick and Choose (1-16-16) 22:25
  • More Than You (3-30-16) 10:18
  • Building on Our Strengths6:06
  • Mirror Message.mp322:28
  • Contentment 22:39
  • Complementaries.mp38:45
  • Food of the Underworld.mp38:36
  • Jew and Gentile Reconciled.mp312:06
  • The Hydra.mp310:57

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