Shining LIGHT to a darkened world

Recent environmental related events not classified as earthquakes, storms, or volcanoes. 

January 2018

Jan. 10th           Mudslides in California Kill 13; Thousands Evacuated

Jan. 14th           Papua New Guinea volcano: Islanders flee worsening eruption

Jan. 14th           Philippines raises Mayon volcano threat level to 'critical'

Jan. 14th           Lava flowing from Philippine volcano; thousands evacuated

Jan. 15th           Scores injured as floor collapses at Jakarta stock exchange

Jan. 15th           Jakarta Stock Exchange Ceiling Collapse

Jan. 22nd          Five missing in Oklahoma gas well explosion

Jan. 23rd          Tsunami headed for Alaska after 8.2 magnitude earthquake

Jan. 24th           Panic, blame rampant as Cape Town braces for water shut-off due to drought  

February 2018

​Feb. 1st            Where’s the Water Gon-dola? Venice's iconic Canals run Dry after Weeks without Rain

Feb. 5th            Receding of Sea Creates Panic

Feb. 8th            Bangkok air pollution warning, children asked to stay indoors 

Feb. 12th          Satellites show warming is accelerating sea level rise

Feb. 13th          Homes Evacuated as Mud Volcano Erupts in Trinidad

Feb. 14th          Ring of Fire Activity Returns as a Series of Earthquakes Shakes the Pacific Plate

Feb. 15th          Huge sinkhole on Rome street swallows half-dozen cars 

Feb. 23rd          7 Dead, 13 Missing After Landslide in Central Java

Feb. 25th          UK hit by 21 earthquakes in 50 says including largest in 10 years

Feb. 26th          Upside Down Weather!

March 2018

Mar. 2nd          Water Disappears in the Pamlico and Neuse Rivers in North Carolina!

Mar. 3rd           Potomac River Disappears in ‘Blowout’ Tide

Mar. 18th         Fire Rips Through North Beach Building, Pumps Smoke Over San Francisco

Mar. 18th         Fire at Manila hotel and casino kills at least 3 workers

Mar. 22nd        6 dead, 2 hurt in Czech chemical factory explosion

Mar. 26th         Larry Nassar's boss at Michigan State hit with sex charges

Mar. 27th         CDC warns of second wave of flu virus

April 2018

Apr. 3rd           Giant 3-km-long crack cuts off heavy traffic road in Kenya

Apr. 3rd           Oil spill fire chokes Indonesian port city; 4 dead 

Apr. 4th            Wind gusts cause hangar collapse at Hobby Airport in Houston

Apr. 7th            Keystone Pipeline spill in South Dakota twice as big as first thought 

Apr. 26th          Explosion at Wisconsin oil refinery injures at least 11, forces evacuation

May 2018

May 1st            Multiple sinkholes open in Florida neighborhood 

May 3rd           Wave of tornadoes hits central US

May 4th            Fire breaks out at chemical plant in Louisiana, forcing evacuations

May 4th            Spectacular 6-story-deep sinkhole opens on New Zealand

May 9th            After volcanic eruption, Hawaii faces smog, acid rain

May 10th          Toxic gas alert for Hawaii eruption; new areas at risk

May 10th          Massive wave near New Zealand 'sets hemisphere record' 

May 16th          Ozone-destroying emissions are on the rise and scientists don't know why

May 17th          Earth just had its 400th straight warmer-than-average month

May 19th          22 injured in explosion at Texas chemical plant 

May 20th          80 percent of public pools fail health inspection, CDC says

May 26th          CDC: Public pools are ground zero for bacteria

May 26th          Thunderstorms deliver more than 60,000 lightning strikes across UK  

May 30th          Salem-area residents warned not to drink tap water

June 2018

Jun. 4th            Whale Dies in Thailand After Swallowing 80 Plastic Bags 

Jun. 4th            Whale Dies in Thailand After Swallowing 80 Plastic Bags

Jun. 12th          Landslides kill at least 11 in Bangladesh

Jun. 16th          Five-alarm Staten Island blaze injures 20, takes out several homes — including one bel…

Jun. 17th          Major fire ravages celebrated Glasgow School of Art for second time

Jun. 26th          State of emergency declared as California wildfires rage on 

July 2018

Jul. 3rd             Azerbaijan hit by massive blackout, worst in decades

Jul. 5th             Death toll hits 33 in Canadian heat wave

Jul. 6th             Southern California heat wave breaks records

Jul. 13th           Iceberg 4 miles wide breaks off from glacier in Greenland

Jul. 19th           Steam pipe explosion rocks Manhattan's Flatiron District

Jul. 24th           Europe Is Broiling Under a Record-Breaking Heat Wave

August 2018

Aug. 2nd          Record 'red tide' of toxic algae is killing wildlife in Florida  

September 2018

Sept. 15th         Geological Failures Prey on Settlers in the West of the Country

Sept. 21st         Mexico: The Cracking and Landslide that Occurs in the Municipality of San Marcos Arteaga

Sept. 21st         Mexico: The Land Opens in the Town of Milpillas

Sept. 24th         Panama: The Road Sinks and Cracks in Breñón

Sept. 24th         Colombia: Geological Fault Threatens to Disappear from the Map to the Municipality of San Eduardo in Boyacá

Sept. 28th         5ft Tsunami Unleashes Terrifying Waves that tear through Indonesian city after 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes

Sept. 29th         At least 384 People Killed after Quake & Massive Tsunami ravage Indonesian Island

October 2018

Oct. 13th          27 dead in floods, landslides on Indonesia's Sumatra island