Shining LIGHT to a darkened world

Pray Three Times Daily (Daniel 6:10, Matt 6:5-15): Prayer should be done every day. Praying three times daily is even better, and is not exclusive to challenges of awesomeness. Prayer is our number one mode of connection and communication with to the powers that be. Try to pray when you wake up in the morning (about the time that the sun is coming up), again around noon (right before your lunch), and again at around the time that the sun sets. What you pray for is entirely up to you, but you should probably pray with a spirit of gratitude, repentance (we all need to do lots of repenting) healing of yourself or loved ones, and the mental strength to be forgiving and to be successful in overcome personal flaws and challenges. A healthy prayer life will lead to a healthy spiritual life, and a stronger relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Meditate Three Times Daily: This is very much like prayer and can be done around the same time as your prayers. In fact prayer is a type of meditation. The difference here is that you don't actually have to say anything. You may just try to clear your mind. This could be a monumental task in today's society, but it will be all the better for you when you succeed. There are many different ways to meditate. One of the most common techniques is to simply focus on your breath. Take three slow deep breaths, relax and focus on every breath afterwards while ignoring every thought that attempts to enter your mind to distract you.