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Written By: KOYOE

Published: March 9th, 2020

Almost everyone has a phone these days, and if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you have a phone AND a child. Like many parents, you probably let your kid play with or hold your phone from time to time. It keeps them quiet and gives them something to do without bothering you. If you have older children, they probably have their own phones and likely spend so much time on them that they don’t have the time or energy to bother you anyway.

If you have let your child use your phone, or own their own, you’re not alone. Roughly 12% of children first use a phone between the ages of 1-2. Forty percent of US parents let their kids have their own phone by the age of 10, 53% by the age of 11, and 84% of teenagers now have their own phones.

Everyone’s doing it, but few are asking if they should.


               “knowledge is power”


Nearly 5 billion people around the world own mobile devices today. But not many of us know how they really work? How do our gadgets keep us connected whether we’re at home, or on the go?

Cell phones use radio waves to communicate. Radio waves transport digitized voice or data in the form of electric and magnetic fields, called the electromagnetic field (EMF). Cell phones transmit radio waves in all directions. The waves can be absorbed and reflected by surrounding objects before they reach the nearest cell tower.


For example, when the phone is placed next to your head during a call, a significant portion (over half in many cases) of the emitted energy is absorbed into your head and body. This EMF energy is a form of
radiation, and science is finding out that it’s not very good for us.



How does this effect children? Recent studies show that continued exposure to EMFs can be very damaging to the brain, bone marrow, and even our DNA. This is especially concerning when it comes to children as their developing brains and bones are much more vulnerable than those of adults. In fact, some countries including: France, Japan, and Brazil, have made it illegal to advertise mobile devices to children.

Research is showing that frequent use of phones, tablets, laptops, and other wi-fi devices is strongly connected to medical and mental conditions that are becoming more prevalent in children. Among these are…

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Tumors (especially in the brain)
  • Increased aggression
  • Trouble focusing
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Early addictions
  • Cancer

Children who use mobile devices regularly are also more likely to experience trouble with memory, vision, hyperactivity, and academic performance. Even if you only let your child play and watch educational games and programs, the damage is still done because the majority of the damage is coming from the EMF radiation not the game or program.

It may be time to consider more traditional means of entertaining our children. Cellphones and tablets may be great at keeping kids quiet and preoccupied, but they’re not great at keeping them healthy, mentally or physically.



So, mobile devices aren’t great for our kids. What about us? How harmful can EMF radiation be to a full-grown adult? Science says “very”. While adults are not at as great a risk as children, they are still at risk.

There are many studies showing women who carry their phones in their bras are more likely to develop breast cancer, even if they’re young and it doesn’t run in their family. Men who carry their phones in their front pants pocket are found to have damaged sperm cells, reduced sperm counts, and even damaged testicles.

There are many scientific reviews showing that mobile devices are not safe to use as frequently or closely as most of us do. If you don’t believe the science, take at look at the fine print in your owners’ manual. You’ll find that most mobile companies warn you to keep your phone about an inch away from your body at all times and they encourage the use of hands-free accessories. If you own an iPhone you can find this information by following these steps…

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • About
  • Scroll down to Legal

Remember, this isn’t just about your phone. This is about ALL mobile devices that can interact with wi-fi or cellphone towers. The bigger the device, the more radiation it will emit. If your phone should be an inch away from you, your tablet and PC should probably be further.


So, what can you do to keep yourself and your children safe in this rapidly evolving, EMF saturated environment? Maintain distance between yourself and your devices whenever you can. The further away from your body, and your child's body, the better. Limit the amount of exposure you and your children receive from mobile devices and wi-fi routers. You can do this by reducing the amount of time you spend on your phone. When you do use it, try to use it on speaker. When you’re not using it, set it to airplane mode as this should prevent it from sending signals to nearby towers (it sends pulse signals whether you’re using it or not). Try to find a place for your wi-fi router that is away from bedrooms and areas where your family spends a lot of time (or switch to ethernet cables).

But, the most important and effective thing you can do right now is spread the word! The more people know about the risks of wireless devices the sooner we’ll see changes in the industry.

Tell your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Links to this article, scientific reports, and video presentations can be found on the right. They provide further information about the risks of wireless devices and how we can try to protect ourselves. Send the link to this article to your friends, post it on social media, and let’s make the future of technology a safer one together!




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